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REVIEWS OF Harbor Square Theatre IN Delaware

Cathy Craig

Only one hand dryer in the bathroom and no paper is terrible for 4 stalls and 2 sinks.

Betsabe Torres

Its really fun. There but that bad thing is it really cold but besides that its fun

Joseph Ferguson

Excellent well done

Matthew Frazier

Yes, this out-of-towner agrees that it is one of the most comfy theaters anywhere. Excellent movie bar and food service too.

Durna Kay

Love the idea of dinner and a movie with a glass of wine or beer, then go here ! Off season thru out the winter all movies are $8.00 per ticket any time of the day...every day. The food is good, but pricey

Paulette Hand

The new owners have turned this theatre into a great place to see top run movies. The restaurant has good food and reasonable prices. Worth the trip.

Richard Busam

Great place but the movie sucked

Thomas Kuhns

Great theatre with a classier feel than most modert theatres... Burger bar inside the theatre and the ability to purchase adult beverages to take into the movie is great too.

Tracy Halstead

Grab some food and a movie!

Kara Brehm

Great place! Nice theater, great staff. Prices can be steep, but along with new movies that also show classics some weekends!


Great place to see a film. Reasonable prices as well.

Katie Gorski

That was a great night out... you can have food, drinks, comfi chairs...

Ever Greatest

Beautiful theater and restaurant best prices

Thomas Maguire

Excellent movie theater with a restaurant attached right to it

Maura Tarantino

Beautiful theater, great place to visit on a rainy day. FYI buy tickets online at Fandago, because shows sell out fast

Brian Burke

I have heard nothing but good things about this theatre and they were all right. Comfortable seating. Great sound and picture. Being able to take a drink in from the bar next door is a big plus.

John Karavanas

Restaurant in front is great and they allow you to bring that food in. Seating is good but small, not a problem.

bri del

Clean and modern. Nice chairs. Smaller rooms then a regular theater which in my opinion makes it better.

Jennifer Davis

Love the bar & bistro, and that you can take your drink into the movie with you. Theatre and seats very clean and comfortable. Only theater I want to go to in south Jersey!

made by dash

Good movie theatre. Good and booze inside

judi novak

Beautiful, clean, comfy chairs.

Paula Garcia

Theatres great but avoid the restaurant.

sharon dailey


Jim Robinson

beautifully renovated theater, complete with full service bar/restaurant that you can purchase burgers and upscale bar food to bring in to the movie. Sweat potato fries with honey and truffle dipping sauce was great. Super comfy seats and great sound system (although our movie was very loud).

Patti Braun

Super comfy seats, decent concession prices

Bee Rimi

Man who seemed like a manager was a complete jerk. At the end of Avengers Endgame he told people there was no end credit scene and it was pointless to wait around. He was basically trying to rush people put of the theater so they could clean. Then when a few people mentioned that they saw online that there was at least an audio clip he told them that it wasnt worth the wait. One woman said to her it was and he said to each their own. Then at the end he had to announce to whoever was left waiting for the audio clip that that was 22 minutes of our lives we wont get back. He was rude and his comments were not necessary! The theater is great but people like him shouldn't work at a place like that if he wants to insult movie goers and fans.


The Theater is just great, but skip the Burger Bar. Quite expensive and verrrrry slow. Eat somewhere else if you are expecting to make a movie time.

Charles Rice

Great combination restaurant and movie. Food was good and I enjoyed the show.

Heather Sadik

You can hear the movies playing next door and the seats do not reclign

Victoria R

More theaters should be like this. A restaurant and bar attached where you can eat and then walk right into the theater for your movie. Also they give you to-go cups to finish your drink on the actual theater. Seats are comfortable and surround sound is fantastic for action movies. We have been here 5 or 6 times and haven't been let down once.

Phyllis Beck

The theatre seats are so comfortable, being able to eat and drink before or after is a plus. (drinks are a bit expensive tho) Service - ok

Sarah Leatherwood

It's kind of out of the way but an excellent theater. You get to put your own butter on your popcorn and they had a bunch of different flavoring powders. One of the mine comfortable theaters I've ever sat in.

Christine Denaro

Nice clean theater

Paulette DeCoursey

Very well done. food and snack plus movie... How could I go wrong.

Jeff Jay

This place is awesome.


Staff is friendly, theatres are comfortable, and you can bring adult drinks in with you (purchased onsite).

Lynn Desorbo

Fun place. You can eat and go right to the movies

Christy Montanero

A great place to eat and gobto the movies...or just go to eat or just go to the movies! The restaurant allows u to order food and bring it into the theater but allow yourself Plenty of time because it is very busy in there so you need to get your seats First then order your food. Sometimes the bartender which is who u order food from let's u give your phone number and texts you when it's ready so u don't need to stand n wait, however I have been there on occasion where I've been told he was too busy to do that. But I think they get a nice tip if u get to watch ur movie without missing any of it but a minut or two. If you go for just the movie, arrive early to pick your seats. The theaters are small and private, so if you are selective this is important. The restaurant service and food is nice. Not a huge wine selection, but various drinks. Lots of burgers. Flatbreads are amazing! And the Nachos are Giant!! All plates are rather large. The seating on the right israther squished n the hostess has to keep asking you to move if you are down the middle and Im assuming on the oppposite side where the seating is by the bar. That is why I give it 4 stars. Way too jammed and because there is ONLY 2 handicapped Parking Spots on the ENTIRE street. Not nearly enough in the summer. I'm disabled so that matters! Does that have to do with the restaurant? In my opinion yes, since it is their accessibility to their restaurant.

Anna Lonergan

As it was a rainy Friday I ordered my tickets online ahead of time. Notice that the E-mail was never received when we are headed to the theaters but but my bank account shows the transaction. Call the theater and the manager just says “oh this happens all the time, the transaction didn’t go through on our end- unfortunately now the movie is sold out and there’s nothing we can do.” If this “happens all the time” how is that an acceptable way to conduct business?

Jerry Beebe Show

Best theatre experience in South Jersey. New owners completely renovated this historic building. Most comfortable seats I've ever experienced in a movie theatre. The sound is incredible, it rocks your bones. Love the 'do your own butter' for the popcorn, and you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching a first run movie. Great experience. I will be back!

Ox Moac

Good food and comfortable seats, always a great place to see a film.

David D

Clean theater with comfortable seating and decent ticket and concession prices. We thoroughly enjoy the classic movies they show on weekends. The burger bar is a little expensive but it is nice to be able to have a burger and beer as you watch Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, or any number of new releases.

Allen Carter

Great theater seating. Owned by locals. Can order real food and a drink for the movie.

lucian sav

Great place great staff

Sean Farrell

Classy atmosphere and comfortable theaters. Love being able to bring alcohol in from the bar as well.

Raymond rich

Very nice theater in a very friendly neighborhood

Kathleen Zippilli

72 yrs old. Just went to see 'A Star Is Born'.. It was the worse movie I have ever seen!!

Al Crowley

Comfortable seats, good sound. Food and beer available. Friendly staff .

Matthew Ryan

Just saw an incredible night music from the area's many uber talented musicians. A rhythm and blues, soul, rock and roll revue with jazz thrown in for measure. Still in awe.

J.O. P.

This is a really fun theater. My son and I got delicious burgers next door and brought them in to the movie. I’d much rather spend money on lunch than the same amount on popcorn. The theater was very clean and comfortable. The seats are a little high. My 8 year old is tall and he had to sit on our coats to see over the back of the chair in front of us. So if you’re bringing little kids grab a booster, I saw that they had plenty there.

William Meyers

Very comfortable good sounds great picture and the food there was awesome

Susan Joseph Ganci

Great place to see a movie and get a bite to eat.

Barbara Amador

Good theater

Jay Farmer

This place is AWESOME! Great food at the Harbor Burger Bar and drinks you can take into the movie theater. You can fix up your own popcorn and enjoy a first rate cinema experience with a pristine theater and rocking chairs. Prices are great but parking is a little tough because of limited metered spaces but amazing experience!

Eric D

Place was great and the town is picture perfect. Great place for a date or family. Parking is a little off but the walk is a plus to be able to see the town.

kathy luna

Saw the funniest Comedy Show. .Soul Joel Productions..Great seating..Clean. PERFECT Girls Night Out!! Next show Feb. 8th!!!

Ali Basye-Featherston

Quaint theater with a really nice sound system

stephanie auletta

I smelled mold, I'm allergic to mold. Everything looked immaculate. The food was excellent....everyone was nice.

Richard Willey

another great comedy show, and a helpful friendly staff made the experience great

Douglas Williams

Top rate movie theater, and pub. The renovation is a complete success!

Chetan Bijawe

Good, comfy, and beer with movie what else

Celvin Pelaez

Great place to watch a movie while you eat

Anthony Squiccimara

Phil makes a great effort at giving you s giggle. He is the man. He does a great Quint impression. Love this place. Feel bad for the other guy Phil says is three feet shorter than him. He seems like hes average high and a good fella. The staff is funny and great and the sound is amazing. I would love to have Phils autograph.

Dorothy Mcelwee

Comfy seats

John Guirguis

Good atmosphere but weird staff

kevin scullion

Rapidly becoming favorite place to see a movie. With the tavern attached you can have a great selection of adult beverages and food you can get before, during or after a film. A must try

Sean C

Nice theater. Has an attached hamburger restaurant. All very convenient. Usual overpriced snack bar

outsider vlogs

Nice quality too much$$wise you have to pay $20.00 4 1person

Kathleen Shields

Great I remember going to this theater as a little girl

Joe Orlando

Great seats and comfortable, and easy to get to.and they serve alcohol..

Rob Winder

A theater with old world style. Right in the heart of downtown. Want a glass of wine while you watch your movie? You can here. Burger bar attached and 96th street Bar and Grill right next door. Large comfortable reclining seats and new Dolby 7.1 surround sound. Wonderful experience.

Tara Marrongelli

Very nice homey theater seats are old though they slightly recline but not that comfy.

Tim Ramsey

Great theater. Needs soundproofing between them. Noise from adjacent theater was annoying. Don't get the popcorn. Tasted like the 50 pound bag from Sams club.

Neila Santana

The accommodations weren't comfortable and they turned on the lights before the movie ended

Bob Clemens

The movie was rediculously loud, had to cover my ears for most of it. Screen is small but the chairs were comfortable. A small but decent theatre if the volume issue was a 1 time thing

Robert Abbamondi

Fun place good popcorn great burgers

Andrew Johnson

Cool theatre


Great theatre! Very nice, but it's small. The bathrooms are really trippy but i think its cool.

Joe Mattos

They have a great menu and specialty drinks. Took one in to the comedy show and had a fantastic time!

Mark Dooling

Neat setup where you buy your tickets at the concession stand. Self serv soda and butter station for your popcorn. They even have several flavor spices for the popcorn.

Ken Donohue

Comfortable Seating, minimal recline

Elizabeth Crowley

Best theater I've been to in years. Comfy seats, and bring your food and beers from the attached burger bar. Great sound. One large screen, others are smaller. Nice small town feel in stone harbor. and PJ makes a great milkshake.

Michael Cain

Very nice and comfortable theater.

Oh Yeah yeah

It was very entertaining

frank d

Awesome atmosphere..clean great movie theatre

Donna Brooks

Love the area and town where this theater is located. Small theater but perfect hometown feel. Theater was clean and best thing was they show retro movies at a huge discounted price.

Juan a miranda

Best of the best in entertainment!

Christian Hafer

Wonderful old timey theater in a quaint little town. Thought it was great.

Pauline Russ

Beautiful theater great for families

Dinah Burdukov

Very nice theatre in a nice part of town. Very busy when we saw a movie though.

Wayland Lewis

Dinner was very nice enjoyed the flat bread. But when I went to the bathroom there was in need of attention. And had no hand soap made me question the cleanliness of the kitchen.


Fantastic service, comfortable Seats, and an overall classic feel. This theater frequently has cassic movies and special events, making it stand out from the competition. Not only that but there's a restaurant attached to the theater, making "dinner and a movie" easier than ever.


The staff are soooo nice and they always show the newest movies. They also have great dining services and the food is delicious. You can order food and take it inside the theater room itself! Overall a great place


Staff is very friendly. Seats are so comfy! Delicious restaurant. Best place for date night in south Jersey. Thank you!

Jan Gibb

We had a super Bavarian pretzel while waiting to go into the movie. It was overdone, but edible. The cheese spread served with it was horrible. I ordered a soda, didn't expect such a large one, nice. We saw the new Halloween movie, very good.

wendy liberty

Nice updating to the harbor square theatre. Very clean and inviting. A few movie selections. Great option for rainy days with kids. I don't however recommend the harbor burger restaurant attached.

George Foreman

Great place, friendly staff and good prices on movie tickets. It's a great place where you can get a drink at a fair price at the bar(normal bar prices not movie theater price which is nice) and bring it into the theater with you, they dont have the largest selection of movies but that is understandable it is a small theater. The food is also very good, highly reccomend for dinner or a movie or dinner and a movie

Charles Kozak

Good restaurant in the movie theater. Has a real classic look. Also, a bar.

Jason Deckman

Awesome little theater, and reasonably priced. Also, the chairs there are VERY comfortable!

Teresa Layton

Beautiful renovation. Excellent theater sound and technology

Susan Bevilacqua

Comfortable seating. Nice venue

Monica Legerton

Small but comfortable, great seats concession is a bit pricey but well kept and clean

renee johnson

Movie theatre was very nice! Ample parking, comfy reclining seats and very clean. Got a bite to eat after at the food court pizza place. Delicious!

Ralph S Scott

We had fun. Thanks.

Carl Kane

Very nice and clean burger bar was a plus.

Cynthia Scharon-Knight

Nice hometown cinema with big screen. Comfy seats and clean floors. Friendly and helpful staff and the connected Burger Bar is a bonus.

Jarrett Langrell

The employees at the counter are very rude and I want to make it known that I will not ever spend my money there ever again.

Julia Uchniat

Very nice theater. The seats were comfortable and roomy and it was very clean. The only problem was there wasn't a handicapped stall in the restroom. We will still be returning often.

Dave Kohn

Great place! Comfy seats, superb sound, and it's attached to a restaurant. It is a better place to see a movie!

Charles Burns

I had the best coconut shrimp and the sauce tasty .

carol bruey

Vlean, atmosphere is exciting, their is a restaurant, and the theaters are spacious. A1 in my book

Rick Wittkowski

First time there, Feb 2018 - caught a midweek 1:40PM show and practically had the theatre to myself! Comfortable seats w/plenty of leg room. I had already had lunch, but next time I'll have a beer and a burger while I'm there! Keep your popcorn!

Victor Mike Golf

Really a cool atmosphere kind of old school but knew I would go there all the time Stone Harbor is great

andrew scheuermann

Great seating,sound way to loud while commercials are on

Adriana Shells

Graphics were amazing. The seats are great! The entire experience was awesome. Definitely gonna have to go again. Graphics were amazing. The seats are great! The entire experience was awesome. Definitely gonna have to go again.

Jody Ramey

What a great theatre. Saw every Doris Day movie there was ther in the 60s. They have upscaled without losing their charm. Bravo!

Collin Sproule

I loved how they played movies from the 80's, it's like watching old cartoon reruns on TV! I'm glad we went to see the movie with my whole family!

Janice Drake

This theatre was a bit old but kind of nostalgic of the older movie theaters..good amount of leg room in the seats, sound was a bit loud but we got used to it, and the harbor burger bar really had good food! Overall, it was a nice little place to go to get out of the heat and enjoy a good movie

Kathryn Thompson

You must try the new movie theater

Lynn Burke

Very nice theater and prices are not bad.

Bruce Levinthal

Being in the theater business for 37 years and retiring 18 years ago I find this theater very enjoyable they have a liquor license so you can have a drink while watching a movie they also allow you to put different toppings on your popcorn free of charge plus if you want to grab a burger and fries this is the place to do it

Dana Garner-Avis

Expensive for a movie and chairs rock so girl next to me kept rocking in her chair and pushing on my chair annoying to watch Movie ugh

Robert Rosenfeld

Overall great experience. Seating was excellent love the variety of concessions. A welcomed addition to the area.

Clark Lare

Every visit has been an enjoyable experience.

Samantha Danko

Nice clean place. Typical overpriced snacks and I felt like the popcorn was stale. Clean restrooms. Not easy to find parking.

Tito Rodriguez

Clean theater, reclining seats

Joseph Hess II

Nice theater with a pub attached.

lynne krukosky

Nice remodel

Brendan Bargmann

The burger bar inside had some of the worst food I've ever eaten in a restaurant. If I'd gotten it at a high school concession stand I'd have been dissapointed

Jim Kolea

This is such a great little theater. I love that it is in a small town and has a great restaurant next to it. The backs of the seats are high so it is difficult for kids to see but they do offer booster seats if needed. I recommend patronizing this little place. I like the restaurant next door also and it was neat to be able to go back for dessert afterwards.

Cami Franks

I love the movies and this theater did not disappoint

Edward Szotak

Great place for a movie and a meal, the bar is not bad either

Courtney Mulgrew

Great place to go to the movies and enjoy a night out. Good food and very nice staff.

Rogner Quintela

First time here and I can't wait to go back ... movies, food, and alcohol. What else do you need U can order food and drinks and take it inside to catch a movie.

Frankie Gallagher

Nice theater, comfy seats. Great food

Steve Paolucci

Stone Harbor classic. Been coming here since I was a tot.

Monica Schelling

Beautiful!! Went there last Monday to see Sully (great movie, btw). Nice and clean, comfy seats, NOT freezing cold inside and the bar/food selection was fantastic! What a treat to sit and watch a movie with an adult beverage and a bag of popcorn!!! Only downside was the loudness of the sound system....I'll bring earplugs next time.....and there WILL be a next time....soon. :)

Darlene Asencio- Perez

Love love this movie theater!! If you are ever in stone harbor you should definitely stop by!

Claudia Mcgoldrick

Bar and restaurant areas excessively noisy. Would not go there. Movie areas , however very pleasant and comfortable.

christy Montanero

Awesome theater great food go early to get your seats

Lilia Vicol Plesca

The best theater at the shore, certainly my favorite addition to the local selection. Modern, clean with a nice ambiance, comfy seating, you can get a drink from the bar into the theater, and they also have the best popcorn that you can customize yourself! Definitely a treat to visit in the colder months at the shore, last winter they also had great dinner and show deals in the adjacent Harbor Burger Bar.

Ben-Oni Yantas

Great movie theater. Great service. I recommend this place :)

Len Carsillo

Awesome venue...reasonable prices, comfortable seats too!

Devin Maciel

Excellent movie theatre with decent pricing on tickets, drinks, and snacks. Honestly it's the best place in the county to watch a film. The movie selection is small given the size of the theatre, but all the major films are usually showing.

Laurie Laurie

Awesome Upgrade

Joseph Sweeney

This is the only movie theater that let's you take your drink in with you.

Carolyn Hallinan

They have fixed whatever was wrong to get such bad reviews! We hit the movies this afternoon and were pleasantly surprised by the new theater. Smiling, polite employees, great seats (lots of boosters for the little ones), and perfectly on time movie presentation. Next time we'll stop in for lunch - heard the burgers are great.

Glenn Hartem

Great place for movie night, or afternoon. A little pricey, check your change.

Ryan Reclaim

Great experience we attended with a handicapped senior and they gave facilities for a wheelchair chair You can have lunch at the movies or walk the shops in Stone Harbor . The movie seats are upgraded and very comfortable with the most recent sound system

Christopher Loftin

Very nice great drinks... And nice seats...

Abdul Kharouf

Nice old fashioned movie theater kind of pricey though for food

Robert LeMaire

What isn't there to like. Adult beverages fund raising like Like "Rocky Horror" classic movie nights and more.

Chris Shefler

Nice theater with very comfy seats.

Joe Williams

Great screen and sound, seats very comfortable! Small venue, excellent movie experience.

Mike Pannelli

newly renovated nice seating and attached to a bar and restaurant that you can go to while at the movies


Retro multi screens with upscale burger bar in the front. Very cool combo and always friendly and weekends crazy busy.

Nancy Wolgemuth

great place for food and a movie - saw The Post - excellent

Doug Wagner

Great movie house, very helpful with my wife in her wheelchair! Will certainly visit again x


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