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6733 E Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234, United States Located in: Harbor Square

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Where is Frank Theatres Towne Stadium 16?

REVIEWS OF Frank Theatres Towne Stadium 16 IN Delaware

Ellen & Katie Muller

The theatre shows good movies and I am never disappointed.

Kim Steinen

Dottie, the manager is so friendly, and the people that work for her are as well. We have food allergies and they always remember us and know what we can and can’t eat. The theaters are comfortable and picture and sound are always great.

clifford farrell

Always a great experience. Love the comfy seats(except the theater all the way in the back) love that they play movies for a while (I cant always get there week one).my popcorn bucket I get at the beginning of the year is truly a great deal. So sad that this theater is now closed, I use to go to the movies once every 4-5 months. Once I started going to this theater I went with my daughter at least once a month. Sometimes multiple times with the Tuesday deal. Wish they would have closed the one next to shore mall and kept this one.

Kylie Newbon

Its closed

Meghan Hannigan

This place is ok. It's really old except for the two theaters in the very front. They're huge and pretty new. The other theaters aren't that great. The seats are awful! They're loud, squeaky, and sooooo uncomfortable!! A lot of times the air/ heat is broken in certain theaters, but I think they might have fixed that recently. They offer a bigger movie selection then some other places, but since the blizzard last year they haven't had as many because they got damaged. Hopefully they fix this soon because this was the only place to see a lot of the smaller/limited release movies. Overall, this place is just ok. For $6 on Tuesdays it's def worth it though.

M Dee

Great theater. Typically not to crowded. Not always the cleanest place.

Christopher Miller

Seats were comfortable, price was reasonable (actually got a discount because of my military status); what more could I want.

mark post

Trying to call them they have no phone hooked up and their tickets are confusing.

Slow Motion

Frank Theatres is the best move theater to visit.

Virgina Mcmahon

Expensive and they would charge regular glass for a bigger glass of just plain water they should give it to you

Thelma Fireall Shepperson

Clean! Worth going!

Chris-Ellen Iyo

Senior Tuesday is the best bargain!

Jennifer S

Still a great theater but since Tilton remodled, they have fallen second!


use to be good for Chartertech Film Festival

Jon Buonincontra

Old time theater with creaky seats and sticky floors. I prefer to have the newer recliners to lay back on.

Joanne Zullo

The only thing I can say is shoddy. The parking lot is a disaster. The seats were sporadically broken and over all worn out. The people were nice enough but the overall appearance was worn out and old

Ellen Splaver

Popcorn wasn't fresh, bathrooms smelled & the floors in the ladies room were slippery. Basic housekeeping would go a long way.

David Allen

Very terrible customer service and facilities.

Jannie D.

I have been a customer of Towne16 for 40+ years? Sounds like a long time but it's true. Recently, I had a couple complaints and the management of Towne16 responded to me immediately and treated my friends (8 of them) and me to a movie!!! It's great to know that the customer still comes first. I don't know if I'll live another 40 years but I will remain a customer until I am unable to make it in there! LOL. Thank you Dottie and Nick for excellent customer service. We really appreciated the movie.

mark kelley

It's closed

Marta Stott

The money is not put back into the theater. The seats in some theaters are broke, carpet in the back theaters are old and smelly, the roof leaks in some theaters when it rains...popcorn is good! The 2stars are for the popcorn. ALL movies should be at matinee price until they fix up the house..

John -

Fairly dirty. I went in the summer and the AC was broken as well

Jeri Benson

The place was a wreck. Seats had caution tape on them and creaked very loudly when we sat down. Theater smelled like a boarded up summer house.

Captain Joel Fogel

Great films, friendly and attentive staff and very clean facility......good fun, the Frank Towne 16 movie theatres !

Simohamed Roudani

Love it


I love the Tuesday throw back prices! Snacks are about the same as other theaters. Parking lot is a nightmare.

william micchelli

Everyone nice but I can't understand why (all) movie theaters don't lower their price a bit on food and soda. It's a joke. Everyone just stops at Wawa before they come. Tuesday is great deal. How about regular ticket prices with half price snack bar night. (Monday's)

Adrienne Feuer

Disgusting, shabby, buckets collecting rainwater. Parking lot is full of potholes, a.c. is not working in some theaters.

MidAchiever 307

Has great movies. Great prices and deals. Would recommend which is what I am doing by writing this review.

Helene Mcintyre

I have been going to Frank's theater since I was young,I'm not so young now but it makes me nostalgic when I go there. It's still the same,courteous people,decent prices and the popcorn to die for....thx Frank's for always being there....happy Easter, see u tomorrow. ...

t.g.f. gl

It's okay because they we were gonna pay for a movie to watch and than they were close and it was supposed to be open and we already bought tickets

Liz Fuls

Tide wade Tuesday movies. Half price all day. Pop corn a bargain at $2.50 for medium. I noticed they have lobby bar now. I have never seen a bar at the movies. This could be a plus for many

david carman

Great clean movie theater

Lea Handler

Great movie theater! It has a lot of screens so they offer a wide selection of films. Plus it's the only theater in the area that has the DBOX seats! A must do at least once! It's a bit of a novelty but can really add to the movie experience! Especially for Marvel and Star Wars films.

Isis Davis

I will never come back to this movie theater again! My fiancè and I were EXTREMELY disappointed, and unsatisfied! We were pissed! We went to see the movie It. The lady who was serving us our food, and drinks, was pressuring me to get something I didn't want. I kept saying I don't want it. I had to put her in her place. As a result of that, she put one ice cube in our drinks, and barely any butter on my popcorn. The lines were long. The workers are slow. One other worker got nasty with me too, and I had to put him in his place as well. My fiancè had to put both workers in their place too, because of the disrespect. The movie theater was dark, we could not see, where to sit. We had to sit all the way in the front, and the seats are uncomfortable. We had to push our bodies back, just to see the movie. It stinks like feet, in there. We couldn't enjoy the movie, because of the smell, and the people were talking and laughing way too loud. It was a terrible experience. I do not RECOMMEND anyone, to go to this movie theater. We been to quit a few movie theaters, and we have never experienced anything like this. NEVER AGAIN!

Catherine Schaefer

We arrived a couple minutes before they opened and they let us in because it was chilly outside. It was very nice. Enjoyable experience. Would go back!

Mya Watson

I love Franks their service is good and every movie I saw there was awesome. I especially like the 6.00 special they have on Tuesdays.

Harry Williams

They closed but I miss having the movies close to our home....We will miss them...

Ashley Genz

My boyfriend and I went to see The Hate You Give.. we seen the 9:40pm movie. We were the only ones in there. There were no seats bc trash was everywhere. And then during the movie the janitor came in and cleaned up and took out the trash? Because all I heard was movement and the sound of a trash bag moving around. I would never go there again


great popcorn and seatings. employees are really nice and made me feel welcomed.

Ultimus Magus

Frank's is dead, and Square stinks.

John Sparkman


Nah'Zeer Dobson

It was super scary fun of seen Halloween (2018)

Cariann Brown

Worked there 25 years ago in high school and they have not changed a bit, maybe not such a good thing

Jus Dre'

Drove here from NY. Second time we have come here and both times the D-BOX seats have been broken. The manager refunded us our money still a huge disappointment Cinemark. This kind of thing should be advertised on your website. Also reserved seating means nothing here. Thw screen quality is terrible. People moving seats 4 and 5 times. This movie theater should be ashamed. Long way to go to get 5 stars.

CongoJack FilmS

Great place packed some days but not so crazy as the regal they also put a bar up. Honestly if you enjoy going to the movies without annoying people best place to go is here.

Glass RKB

An overall normal movie theater. Tuesdays are really nice. As of this posting, Tuesdays are only $6 and cheap popcorn. Great for when you are on a budget

Stewart Levine

This theater was always old, with leaks, broken AC, and a long list of other stuff. So guess they're closed as in bye bye

Martha Anderson

I love the $6 Tuesday movies, but when I can I go to the other Frank's. This one desperately needs some remodeling because the seats are pretty old and also kind of uncomfortable. I think they have some stuff in the works though.

david barbagallo

I never write these things, but I figured if I could save someone money by doing this, then so be it. I have never felt uneasy or unnerved by a theater itself. The room my film was to be shown in was #7. My brother and I bought some popcorn and headed down to the theater. After walking into a room that smelled like no air had circulated for the better part of a century, we found some seats, and sat down for about 10 mins. Before the show even started, we looked at each other and said that there was something dreadfully wrong with the theater. There was no one there, there was no one in the parking lot, and the only employee we saw was the clerk that sold tickets and popcorn. I was so uneasy about the place, I took my popcorn, placed it into the trash can, and walked out of the building. I didn't even want to ask for a refund. I just wanted out of there as quickly as possible.

Chrissy Link

No air conditioning in more then one of their theater rooms. I try to give you a second chance the next week to see a different movie. This time I asked before hand if the air was working the guy at the corner said it should be working in that one now. No it wasn't working I went back to the corner about it and I got laughed at saying the air work here ha ha like seriously.


I love all of the great movies. I've came here for years and there is always something good on. i also love Tuesdays since of the popcorn being cheaper. By the way thks for always being there to fill me up with joy! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):):):)):):)::)):::)))):::))):):):):):) Bye

Zach Krauss

This review is a couple months over due (I visited this theater in July)...This was the worst movie theater I've ever been to (see photos). The air conditioning didn't work in the theaters and it was in the middle of the summer. They didn't tell you until you bought a ticket and went into the theater. When I complained to the manager he said "so what?! what do you want me to do?" The wallpaper was falling off the walls. The lights were leaking and ceiling in the hallway. There was popcorn all over the floor. The sound was bad. The picture wasn't too great. The ticket booth was disgusting. There was no one to be found at the concession stands (or checking tickets for that matter--I think you could walk right in for free which would make the experience a little more tolerable). Not sure where those online photos are from but certainly not this theater. Overall an abominable excuse of a movie theater.

patricia korlaet

Sorry to see this theater get run down. Good movies are shown. Been there in winter months and there was no heat.

Maggie Newman

The Oscar nominated films for 2018 need to have more show times!!

Tommy Dalton

Great place to watch movies!

Lynn Lippert

very difficult to get the movie times on the internet.

Sharon Rose

I love this theatre...they have the best prices and they always have times that fit my schedule. The matinees and SS Tuesday are really great!!!

William Edson

No accommodation for deaf. (No Captiview/ captions glasses) How sad. Its violating the federal law.

Lee Lapetina

Great customer service good sound & picture quality

Steven S

Old theater. Parking lot full of craters. Tear it down and rebuild it. Forgot to add that I may have picked up a parasite infection from the dirty theater chairs!

Jean McAlister

Dirty, not enough employees, big hole from a leaky roof, caution tape and a poor man had to go to three different chairs to find one that wasn't sinking or broken. Good movie though.

Kim Lipari

Love this theater!! The staff is so kind and want u to get what u need as far as popcorn and snacks for a reasonable a price as possible. I thought that was above and beyond their job description. The Tuesday deal is GREAT!!! especially when u have a lot of kids. And it's clean and cozy and never a huge confusing mess there. It's my new movie place. I'm gonna get everyone I can to get over her.

Antoniod Card

I am torn on this one. The IMAX theater was good, but the other theaters were old and had a moldy smell. They had maybe one or two people on staff and they did everything from selling tickets, selling food, and maintenance. The bathrooms are horrible.

Dennis Brummett

Customer service horrible, snacks ok, theatre it self looks the same as when I was a teen... due for remodel

Tj Seningen

This place is wild. It's falling apart. The parking lot is straight out of war torn Dresden. Bathroom with 3 urinals only had one working. 3 sinks, 1 worked. They were playing Star Wars still tho. That earned them 2 of the 3 stars

Lisa Luke

Nice clean theater, bathrooms are usually clean and friendly staff

Mary Beth Clevenger

The ceiling was falling down and scary looking. There was no heat and we froze to death watching Murder on the Orient Express. Theater is very dirty and run by children not interested in working hard. Bad Bad experience.

jacqui tate

although they have made MANY upgrades... it still SMELLS in there

Mike F

This movie theater have the best 4k picture far better than AMC Picture. Beside that noting come close to AMC, no recliner chair.

Leonard Paskel

Never been here or use their services

shirlene t

Be careful! Theatre making “a mistake” and printing tickets for other movies instead of Tyler Perry’s “Acrimony “. Please check your tickets or he won’t get the credit!

C Jacob

Not a good theater to watch an action packed movie. If you want it nice a quiet for a chick flick this is your place.


It was a great theater excellent popcorn but so sad to see it shut down

Claudio Marimon

This movie theater is closed. No longer in business.

Joel Berenbaum

From the outside this mall, parking lot and theater look like something from a ghost town. The theater however is fine, nice, clean and the movie [I saw avengers] had great sound and perfect image. One theater did not have air conditioning working. The attendant needed to mention that before selling tickets to that movie. $6 for any and all movies on Tuesdays is nice as qell.

Joe Gruss

Seats were missing. Standing only

Jesse Reisner

From the ripped up unlit parking lot to the abandoned ticket booth to the long empty hallways straight out of The Shining, this place has a creepy vibe that screams, "safety is not our concern". There were initially a couple nice employees who sold us popcorn and as far as I could tell they were the only people who worked there. After leaving the concession area we literally did not see a soul. I mean nobody even collected our tickets, which is just sad. Our theater was desolate, we were surrounded by hundreds of empty seats. On the plus side, we got the best seats in the house. The place appeared clean, seats were comfy, and the air conditioner worked which earns two solid stars in my book. Thankfully, I did not have to visit the bathroom. When the movie ended we walked out and I joked that we should close up the place because all the lights were off and there was absolutely no sign of life. I was actually surprised and somewhat grateful the doors were not locked when we exited. My wife asked me repeatedly to stop joking about it as we wandered through the deserted parking lot back to the safety of our car. She was beginning to freak out, and justifiably so. We had just left the twilight zone of movie theaters. But hey, maybe that's just a normal Sunday night at the Frank 16.

Buddy Kay

Theater was too hot. We complained twice and someone else from another row also complained but we did not get any relief. We only came to this movie because of the heat outside. We won’t be back.

Charles Nicosia

And and moldy. The staff has no idea what they are doing!!

Jeffrey Potter

The seats are nice enough, but i feel the screen at rhe regal in hamilton is much better.

Erik DiTizio

Older theater. Some auditoriums were without air conditioning on the hottest July day of 2018 so far. Tightwad Tuesdays is an excellent value: $6 tickets and $2.50 popcorn. Plenty of parking and right off the Garden State Parkway.

Rulli Torres

Fun times

Bonnie Emanuel


Cynthia Marcano

Movie started very late. No previews. Run down theater.

Cal Toutan


Christine Madison

Except for the broken chair in theater #1, back row, directly under projection window, we had a nice experience.

Jaxsmommy Dear

Disgusting! The theater my son & I were supposed to stay & watch a movie in the heat was broke, smelled like mildew, parts of the ceiling exposed, dust on the walls. Luckily we were able to get a full refund. Even the popcorn sucked. Sad that this theatre is close to home but will drive to the Regal or Tilton 9 for now on! & it smelled of bathroom sewage in the hallways & your employees talked about other employees while getting my son & I's food.

jeff bell

I come here for the better prices. The theater itself is a dump as is the parking lot. Theaters sometimes have no heat in winter or air in the summer. Several theaters also leak.


This is my first time ever writing a review for anywhere, let alone a bad one. First off, the photos on google of the chairs that they have are misleading, unless it was just the specific theater we were in. They had the old outdated chairs, not the ones in the picture. That didn't bother me too much but what did was the fact that the theater had no heat. My girlfriend and I were freezing the whole movie and I wanted to go out to the car to get my coat/tell them to turn on the heat maybe but I didn't want to miss anything. After the movie ended, I went to the bathroom and there was poop all over the toilets/stalls and trashbags over most of the urinals. As I walked out of the bathroom, the custodian was just standing outside of the bathroom texting. Then the only other people that were in the movie with us came out and I asked them if they were also freezing during the movie. The gentleman agreed that it was ridiculous that there was in fact no heat when it was below freezing outside. The custodian finally looked up from his phone and so "oh sorry what theater was it in" Some other things that were off about this place was that there was no ticket checker and the parking lot was horrid(filled with bumps, dips, potholes". I wouldn't waste your time with this theater, the people running it clearly don't.

Sharon Lang

Always a nice experience.

SickRick TheCook

Needs upkeep. Love "tightwad Tuesday "!

john dipietro

Clean theater and not over priced

Alexandria Rothman

Hi I loved how nice the people are and when I watched a dogs way home it was amazing

Richard Schecher

Good prices for family movie days

Catherine Brown

Saw the last Jedi. I loved it!

Coni russo

Great movie theater, Great employees!

Meli Yet

Still out of so much candy since Tuesday ! No prep for holiday weekend. Poor planning

James E Knox Jr

We went to see a movie in theatre 15. It was not a great experience. There were 10 rows blocked off. At least 5 ceiling tiles missing. The chairs are sqeeky. It’s time for an overdue remodel job.

Cardell Greene

This was absolutely the worst theater I have ever visited. We wanted to see the black panther in the dbox theater above the system was down. We had to go into theater #12 where the theater wasn't cleaned from the previous show, the ceiling tiles were missing and some areas were taped off. It also had a very bad smell and the chairs were squeaking so it made it very hard to hear the movie. The wall curtains were hanging that made the light sconces reflect on the screen.

Matthew DiTizio

I went here to see Cars 3 and was very disapointed with my experience. Inside my theater, all of the seats, and I mean all of them, were filthy. It was horrible. The movie didn't start at the given start time but they never do anywhere else. If you go down the halls a bit, you'll see what I believe to be the old entrance. It's very dark there and it just looks like they gave up on the area. I mean, please, atleast make it look nice there. Overall, horrible experience. I would recomend going there... ...If you like sitting on somone elses spilled nacho cheese, gum, spilled mountain dew, etc.

Pamela York

Good location. Great 'Tight Wad Tuesdays' with $6.00 tickets.

George Richardson

The place is getting a little old and it shows. I love the "Tightwad Tuesday" deals! $6 movies all day Tuesday! Popcorn specials too. I go nearly every Tuesday.

Tammie Major

Good seating. Easy to find. Plenty of parking. Arcade games. Super friendly Staff. The city bus drops you off just across from the Theater. From the outside, it looks small. Once you are in there, man it's a maze. I liked it because it made the sound quality great. We didn't hear anything from the other movies! Thanks.

Lena Bean

Good movie theatre. Nothing real negative. Crazy prices on food but it's the same at all the local theatres

Layla gonzlez

It's actually awesome every time I come to see a movie it's here. I've had really fun times there

Scott Edward Nuttall

Going to this movie theater is more for convenience. It used to be the only movie theater in the area but now there are 2 other competitors. Unfortunately the owners have let the place go. The last time I was there the air conditioning wasn't working in one of the movie theaters and there was no sound for the previews (one of the employees said "oh, that's normal, it will correct itself when the movie starts"). Tip: If you go on Tuesday, "Tightwad Tuesday" movies are $6.00 and a Medium popcorn is $2.50 all day long.

Roddy Mu

It's Good Tuesdays it's only 6$

Della Myers

The theater was a bit warm. Do not order tickets from Fandango. Their system switched the tickets from Dbox to regular. The site mistakenly stated the wrong prices for regular seats and Dbox seats.

Bill Bingham

They need to get the heat fixed or offer discounted/free movies in the theaters not heated.

Allyson Moore

No longer in business

Philip Porcaro

The regular theater seats need to be replaced the cushions are shot and the chairs are not very wide or comfortable. The theater number 10 smells musty kind of like mildew

Alex Sanchez

Good place

Mark Mulligan

The Tightwad Tuesday deal cant be beat! $6 for a ticket and $2.50 for a popcorn?....a straight up bargain these days.....and they have a bar now to boot! They need to advertise this more because I guarantee not everyone knows about this. If they had all the lights in their advertising sign out by the street I'd give it 5 stars. One more light goes out on it and the whole thing will go out. I drive by it every night before work. Replace the bulbs!

Jeremy Amatuzzi

Tuesdays are cheapskate night and i try to make it out there to see movies only because tickets are $6

Stacey Bertonazzi

My sister and I had to leave halfway through our movie because it was extremely cold in the theater. It really was the coldest theater I have ever been in. When we told one of the workers about it and asked for a free movie pass, she said they couldn't do that, but they might be able to offer us a discount the next time we come. Another theater we went to a few months ago gave us free movie passes simply because my friend's descriptive audio headphones weren't working. I will not be returning here anytime soon.

Brian Brotman

i hit the button by accident

Dorian Gilmer

Decent place, very nice help, good movie selection, and the $6 Tightwad Tuesday is pretty special. For those of you who still didn't get the memo, the theater only gets 10 or 15 percent of the tickets. Let me repeat that...the theater only gets 10 or 15 percent of the tickets. The concessions are the only way they make any money! Also, if you are going to sneak food in (they DON'T allow it if they can see it) , at least have the respect to buy a large popcorn & soda! Remember that this is the grand-daddy of Frank Theaters, it is structurally pretty darn old and high-maintenance.;-)

Lynne Mass

The theater has been deteriorating all summer. Some of the theaters have no air conditioning which has been broken for a month. There are ceiling leaks in some. I am guessing it is for sale and the owners are not repairing anything. It is now often very empty of customers. NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE.

Lia Cater Allen

Okay experience. Outdated theatre but current movies


Good place

Charlene Vance

I love this theater. It's always excellent there.

Chris Corson

Tilton 9 has comfortable seats because they just updated recently!

John Karanik

Good, clean multiplex. Everything from the concession is ridiculously highly priced. Has 16 theaters.

Constance Jarrard

Used my Moviepass to see A Simple Favor. Go see it. Best movie of the summer. Great twist and turns. Theater was clean and cool.

Nahum Dyer

This movie theater is okay to me especially because i was able to experience watching 2 Dragonball Z movies in theaters which am grateful for that theater.

Emily Smykla

Employees are generally nice, but this theater is my least favorite of the ones in the area. It is very dated and run-down, the seats are uncomfortable and very squeaky, the place just feels kind of dirty and has a smell. The parking lot is full of enormous pot holes. I only go here when the movie I want to see isn't playing anywhere else.

Maxi Reynolds

I like this theater

Shelby Boggs

The managers here are incredible. I love the service.

Michael Palmisano

It's a cheap option for a movie theatre. The theatres are smaller than ones nearby.

Rosoro 1980

I went to go see Widow & I was shocked at the price I was given for me & my fiance . I I purcahse two tickets, two bags of M& M's, popcorn (large) & two lage sodas. Total was $28.00. If I went to another Theater I would have to pay more. I really enjoyed myself at Frank Theater & I will be back by Friday.

Lauren Shaw

Clean and great service! Food was a little expensive, but overall, pretty great!

Ellen m Cavilla

Good deals on Tuesday. 6$ movies all day,night

Anita Neil

Love discounted Tues. Nice popcorn package for seniors

Christine Gerbehy

Love going here...

Sheila Feer

The parking lot is dangerous, the rails to assist walking up the broken steps are busted, the theater is often too cold, and you can't move in the seats once you sit due to the squeaking. Owners should be ashamed!

dan122 go

Great place. Staff and managers are always super kind and helpful.

Justin Daniels

Old theaters in dire need of repair and a parking lot that looks like it was carpet bombed. Some theaters have closed off sections because of leaky roofs.

James Farrell

Excellent amount of choices Unfortunately it is closed for renovations

Raymond Han

Not worth going to this theater when the Commons is so close. It's much nicer there.

brother in the house

Good place nice people

Cheryl Graham

Hallways smell moldy. Employees were helpful, polite n smiled which is thumbs up in my experience.

Philip E Bellerjeau Sr.

Clean and comfortable seats plenty of screens

Kelsey Lance

This place was great! They even allowed us to secretly drink in the theatre lol

Triddle Ramp

Closed now..did a drive buy

Katherine Friedman

Nicest people good popcorn and decent prices

Michael Mclaughlin

I would have given it 5 stars, because there is a bar in the lobby, but I took off a star because the bartender didn't show up (even though it's a Friday night)

Ed Sylvia

Had fun with the grandkids seeing the Grinch


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