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Cooper Towne Center, 711 Evesham Rd, Somerdale, NJ 08083, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cinemark 16 and XD IN Delaware


We just saw Joker in the XD auditorium. The movie was excellent. Highly recommend! The lounge sits at the theater are always comfortable. Love their popcorn.

JaLisa Wilson

For recliners, the seats are actually incredibly uncomfortable. They don’t fully recline and the part where you rest you’re head is overstuffed so you have to crane your neck up to look at the screen. I only went here cause my friend chose the theater, but I was reminded this was why I stopped going to this theater. Liked it better before the recliners. Sad, it was my favorite theater.

Daniel J. Pisko III

Even with updated seating their recliners are no where near as good as the ones in AMC theaters. Movie pass makes this a place worth revisiting often.

Caitlyn Cassidy

The theater was decent. The popcorn was good, the seats were comfortable, and it was easy to navigate. Some suggestions would be to have better sanitation and more effort in some food. I took my sister to the bathroom, and there were flies everywhere, popcorn smushed into the floor, and just a generally dirty stall. My family ordered some nachos, and there was a small container of pre-packaged cheese and a bag of nacho chips. Other than, this isn't a bad place to go on a rainy day or what not.

Gerald Tench

Comfortable recliner seats and great sound. Clean floors and bathrooms.

Kristie Carter

It was comfortable, clean, and easy to get to.

Sam Tunsil

This is my favorite movie theater, has been for about 10 years now. The customer service is always great, never had an issue and the new additions I have seen throughout the building, have increased the comfort and whole experience of watching a movie. Personally I am not big on XD and 3D etc, but they offer that as well. Snacks are always hot and fresh, pretty reasonable. (I usually get popcorn, nachos or pretzel bites, the candy is priced a bit high for me)Would definitely recommend.

Paul Porch

Great theater. The seats fit the new comfort standard and the snack selection is large. The surrounding area is decent with eateries and such in walking distance.

Rashan Ball

Exactly Place of Business and the movies are $5.33 on Tuesday Every week...

Janet Guzzetti

I loved the Movie ( Godzilla) the staff are wonderful and the theater is clean. The handicapped seating excellent.

Jim Piddington

Good theater with a small but decent arcade area. Had the single style recliner seats in the theater I was in, not the ones that are pairs.

Violet Davis

Clean movie theater. pleasant employees. Interesting architecture.

Brian Sorrentino

Great theater. Almost five star if food service wasn't so slow! 20 min wait for popcorn and 2 sodas, mmm no!. Otherwise good experience tonight.

Gbemileke Omotoyinbo

Best theater I've been to in my entire life. A little bit on the expensive side but I promise you get what you pay for. Amazingly comfortable reclining seats, with enough space for two honestly (if you're into that sort of thing *winks*), amazing sound and visuals. 10/10 in my opinion.

Nick Weiss

Big nice movie theatre with yet fair prices.


Great and comfortable seats to watch the latest movies,I will be going back

Bz Nutz

This theater absolutely rocks! The seats are by far the best theater seats I've ever watched a movie in. They are all electric recliners with foot rests. The ticket prices were actually cheaper than other theaters I've been to at $11 per adult and I believe $7 for the kiddo, but they made up for it with food. A medium popcorn and a large soda with a bottle of water came to $17.25, but I fully expected to pay top dollar for that stuff. The theater was very clean. I don't get out to the theater very often, but when I do I will absolutely come back to this theater every time now.

Jeff Podwats

Clean Comfortable theater. One Free refill on large popcorn and soda. Reserved seating is the way to go. Especially if you can snag back middle. XD theater has a larger screen and better sound quality. Definitely didn't have that sticky floor feeling other movie theaters have.

Arielys Santiago

We had a great time and the employee's are friendly.

Kristen Plowman

The food area is poorly set up and pretty congested when it is busy. After you get your food you have to squeeze through the line of people waiting for their turn. Also, the reclining seats do not recline as far as other theatres I have been at with the reclining options. Other than that it is your typical theater and would return if I had to.

Shuffle Shuffle

Nice theater. Small spaces, plush reclining seats. As with all theaters, costly snacks and drinks. Reserved seating which can be a pain at times.

Nicole DiNuova

My favorite movie theater. The seats are perfect and they make it feel like you're the only one there watching the movie.


Parking is a bear here! Sound was extremely loud which is good if your partially deaf or would like to be. Online ticket purchases a must for good seating as most of the theaters are smaller <85 people max.

Glory Cordero

Best movie theater ever and the best comfy seats I ever experienced strongly recommend

Eric Sikorski

Prices are better than most other area theaters. New seats are comfortable and I like being able to reserve ahead of time. Concessions are fairly priced (for a movie theater). Their monthly reward/movie program is well worth it, especially with no fees and a discount on concessions.

Michael Doyle

Pretty sweet overall. Most of the theater is straight out of 1994; forever stuck in time. The actual auditorium area has recently been renovated and the seats are incredible. They fully recline and you can pick and pay for your seats in advance. It definitely makes going to the movies worthwhile.

Noah Boddy

The movie we saw wasn't scary at all. Stories to tell in the dark, or something like that. A waste of $12 dollars.

Kenneth Lillis Lillis

I just wanna say WOW!! I was searching movie theaters which were expensive, so I found this theater which was very affordable, very clean, professional staff, great popcorn with fresh soft drinks.i have alot of streaming apps and still would come to this theater again. Me, my daughter and girlfriend watched the new Toy Story 4. Awesome surround sound, so good I thought they were actually talking in the theater. Lol comfortable reclining seat as well. 5 stars up!

Atlasonmyshoulders K

Great theater. Spotless. Reasonable ticket prices.

Don Smith

Nice theater, slightly cheaper concessions, plus souvenir cups. Don't like how the seats don't recline fully and leaving the concession stand when busy can be a pain and service is sometimes slow.

Michael Plum

Nice comfy seats. Lowest ticket prices in the area. Discount days and earliest show times around in the summer.


Nice experience as movie theaters go but, as with most movie theaters, it's outrageously expensive. Basically, if you have your heart set on seeing a movie in theaters, it's an excellent choice, but honestly, movie theaters in general are a scam when you can usually rent the movie for far less at home if you wait a few months.

notmy realname

Great place never had an issue. This is a very popular location so plan on circling the parking lot. Long lines at concession stands plan accordingly Very clean location with a small arcade and a worth the price photo booth.

Giovani Blancas

Great place to go watch the latest movies. The floors are always clean (as clean as a theater can be) and the reclining seats are second to none. The staff always seemed to be friendly enough. Saying hello when walking by them in a hall or checking in on theaters during films. Would recommend.

Dave Milsted

The best movie popcorn. We are here several times a month. Be early if you are going to get refreshments, there are always long slow moving lines.

Tahsha Bennett

Very nice theater. Prices are great. Prefer this theater over others far as price. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the chairs do not recline. The feet go up but the back doesn't go back. I have back problems and the angle the chair goes, does not help. It actually was very uncomfortable for me. Besides that i have been going to this movie theatre since I was a kid and will continue. Just wish the chairs fully reclines.


Theater is always clean, so are the rest rooms. Go online and pick your seats in advance, then screen shoot the bar code and you dont have to wait in line.

Mary Jessen

While the movie theater was nice the bathrooms are atrocious. All the money to redo the theaters some should be spent to sanitize the bathrooms

Lenny Fisher

Clean theater. We had a pretty small auditorium, but the quality and sound were great. Matinee prices are great. Will definitely be returning in the future

Elenabeth Howley

Nice movie theater with amazing reclining chairs, great acoustics and a concession 'store' that sells movie tshirts and bobbleheads as well as the usual popcorn, Coke and Raisinettes. Cool place to hang out, relax and enjoy a good movie.

Aaron Lin

Great price for new recliner seats and reserved seating. Screen quality, seat comfortability, and price are better than any theater around

cynthia henderson

A welcoming feeling comfortable seats. Nice and clean. Food is great even room's if you decide to have a party there.

Scott Denny

Horrible Theater in the Cinemark chain. THE place is dirty, the people working in the conssession use therir hands when there filling the popcorn to scoop it up when it falls out of the tub aand then put it back it by there hands and then when told about it get an attitude plus the popcorn is always cold not hot.there employees working inside you catch sitting up on trashcans talking and there dress attitude us HORRIBLE the one black kid his pants were down half down with his was hanging out. Doesn't the management see this and correct it.You would be best to avoid this theater and hit an AMC or a Regal. Sad because it's close but if this Cinemark won't correct it's bad points like brought up here then people don't need to give it there business.

Carla Bocito

Cinemark 16 spoiled me. I went to see an IMAX movie in Cherry Hill, and I couldn’t stay. I had to get a refund, because of the upkeep of there theater, and the popcorn was not freshly popped like at Cinemark 16. I will never go anywhere else to watch a movies. Cinemark 16 is clean, organized, and the customer service is superb. I go there sometimes just to buy popcorn to watch TV home.

Edwin Gonzalez

Nothing much to complain about, Applebees next door is good if you arrive early and it does everything a movie theater should do. If you're a member of cinemark club its even better if you watch movies alot.

M Lpz

This was the best theater I've ever been to. The seats are super comfortable, popcorn was fresh and love the fact you can an get free refills on popcorn and drinks. I love it as well as my kids. Had a very good experience for my first time being to this theater.

Zo Wheelz

I've been going here since I was 7 years old. Love that theater always clean and prompt.


This has always been one of my favorite theaters. Popcorn is always fresh. They actually hook you up with small paper bags to share even more conveniently. They also updated the place with more comfortable seating. I absolutely loved it as a kid, and I love it as an adult.

Virginia Cliver

They have very nice sitting here

Jhon Wheaton

This is a very nice clean movie theater with cushioned reclining seats their snacks are expensive but compared to other movie theaters it's a great value if your looking for a good movie theater this is it

A Earley

Lost my wallet at the last show of the night. Came back the next day and it was still there and nothing was missing. Best prices and perks of any local theater

Louis Koble

This is the best theater on Earth. Discount Tuesday is just the same price as when I was I kid in the 90's. Reserved recliner seating now and the screens and projectors are in great shape. XD is arguably the heat way to see IMAX movies. I have loved this place for 20+ years.

Tim Dang

Seats are extremely comfortable and new, and Tuesday has great 5 dollar deals! If you want snacks on a weekday, it helps to come through a little early since there might be only one or two employees on concessions.

Karen Porter

Yay! Senior Monday is a bargain. Clean and comfortable seats. Concessions a bit slow but skip it and get a meal before or after.

Will Andersen

Just came for the first time and saw a movie in the 3D XD theater. It was incredible! The seating is insanely comfortable with lots of leg room and great views from anywhere in the theater. It was a weekday night so it wasn't very crowded and everything went super smooth. Got the tickets for $9.75 with Tuesday night discount, what an awesome deal! Large popcorn was eight bucks. I wish you could add salt and butter yourself like at AMC, but it was still great. Hats off to Cinemark.

Michael Buchanan

Been coming here since 1994 when it was Movies 10! Great establishment and clean! Very welcoming & relaxing with the luxury loungers! Recommend to anyone!!!

christine Janaitis

Comfortable, Cozy!! Must See Aladdin Will Smith is Awesome

Raj kuknoor

As good as any Cinemark. Seating could be better. Recliners are not comfortable to watch whole movie. You might get neck pain.

samantha tunsil

This is still my fave theater hands down. They have made some changes over the years (like the super comfy reclining seats) but its still the same great service and the prices are still fairly reasonable. Came with the fam to see Toy Story 4, it was adorable.

Ted Culver

I don't usually go to the movies but my bro asked me to go. Reclining chairs were great. Very clean inside

Eric Teel

Clean theater, friendly and helpful staff, great seats.

Amber K

Always my go-to movie theater. Very clean and comfortable seats. Gave it 1 less star due to the fact that the women's restroom has flooding underneath the tiles.

Michael D Underwood

A very comfortable theater; reclining seats with plenty of leg-room for the bathroom goers & popcorn munchers to pass easily.

Brian Drinks

First time to going to this theater very nice Comfortable reclining Chairs friendly staff looks to be pretty clean food expensive a 20oz bottle of water $4 eight something medium size soda $5.12 no refills.

Francis DellaVecchia

One of the better movie theaters in the area. Decent prices and comfy seating! My go to theater

Cynthia Houser

I love the seating and they have handicap seating.

Anivaly Sivade

Very clean nice place went twice this week to see .. Ma And Bright Burn And love the Senior Discounts will be back Thank you Cinemark 16 Somerdale

Bill Miloszenski

I have always loved coming here, now that they have assigned seating, I can enjoy it again.

Kimberly Mercer

Best popcorn, nice clean theater

John Branch

I'm not saying this because I use to work and be a manager here. But this is the best theater around. New reclining seats, better sound quality in all the theaters, and always the newest releases. Doesnt get any better

Sarah Clayton

the kids are always great here! very kind! the older lady selling tickets thooo.. she be power trippin.. but its okay i now buy my tickets online and my experience has been 1000% better

Laura Taylor

Prices are great. Seating is comfortable

Chasen Grantham

Saw end game everything was perfect basically

Shalana Carter

Great theater! Every seat has a good view and the chairs are super comfortable

John Capra

Clean theatre for a morning. Seats recline all the back. And Rocketman was awesome.

John Ojeda

Awesome place. Its clean and spacious. Love the XD theater

mustafa zivali

Would recommend 10/10. Seats are comfortable, very spacious, I go every month.

Scott D

I love this theater and Cinemark in general!! They have a friendly staff, great comfy seats and an awesome movie club. I have the monthly subscription and see all my movies here!! I love that they still sell refillable popcorn and drink containers and give you your concession discount on those as well!!

Ian Lacovara

Love this theater XD 3D is amazing I would say its better then IMAX visit today seats are amazing also for your viewing and comfort

Crafty Pham

One of my favorite theater's in the area. Ticket prices are very reasonable. Very nice parking lot with crosswalks available. The loungers are easily the best I have even sat in of any theater. Staff is friendly. The arcade selection is small, but a quick way to kill time while waiting for your showing time. With the plaza having as many stores it has, you're set as far as before/after movies food.

Rebecca Hohman

Cinemark has become my theater of choice. Not only do they have the comfy recliners in all the theaters, but their tickets and rewards programs are reasonable. Frequently they have cool swag like posters for popular movies when they premier. It doesn't hurt that there is an Applebee's right outside to for a complete date night.

Alex Coutinho

The seats are great and getting discounted tickets on Tuesday is the best part. The only downside is getting concessions takes a little while because they don't have enough workers. I'd definitely recommend this theater over others!

Mark H.

Always good at this theatre. The reclining seats are awsome especially when you dont have to sit next to anyone. However that the downside its alwaya full so the chances of getting a lone seating spot is rare. The prices are good. Tuesdays are 5 dollars per person. Awsome!

Alyssa W.

Want to see great first run movies at a great price, even if the Drive to South Jersey is a little joke? Look no further than Cinemark movies...with early showings in digital format clocking in at $7 to $8.00 tops, Cinemark Cinemas in Somerdale NJ can't be beat! Very comfortable reclining seats, organized lobby and refreshment area, good sized theater with many good choices of movies, friendly staff, and great dining in a gorgeous shopping center make Cinemark an upscale experience the whole family can enjoy. Come on down for a great time at the movies..with Cinemark Cinemas!

Kevin Jacome

The comfy recliner seats though

michele larmoore

Good freshly popped popcorn

Joshua Koerner

Great movies. Fun for the whole family

Joseph Brown

Great theater. Excellent location. Many restaurants in the area. Enjoy a dinner and a show!

joyce mitchell

Friendly employees, fabulous seats in a nice clean theater, great experience.

Ryan Hvisdas

Possibly one of the best movie theaters in South Jersey. All the seating is assigned based off of what you choose off the screen if purchased at the box office. I would recommend purchasing ahead online if it is going to be a popular movie or if it is a Friday or Saturday night for a newer movie just to ensure you sit next to your significant other. The pricing is about average with all the other movie theaters, unless you're paying premium ticket prices for the XD theater. One of the nice things that this theater does, is that it will play retro movies on certain nights and also offers live viewing for opera and Broadway shows and also streams major fights on the big screen which is actually nice.

Lakia Kelly

I really enjoy this theater although the drive is a distance from my home. They have thee absolute best movies prices thus far compared to AMC, United Artists, and Regal theaters. Not to mention, they offer recliner seating. The only complaint I have is that they prohibit small children from wearing cosplay masks of their favorite superhero.

Nick Peronace

This theater is AMAZING! We stopped going to the movies because of kids on phones, talking, high prices, dirty seats, sticky floors and gross people everywhere.I have a 60inch flat screen and a deluxe sofa complete with USB chargers. There was no reason to go to a theater. But tonight on spontaneity my wife and I decided to go to a movie. SO HAPPY WE DID! This theater put the fun BACK in going to see a movie! Very friendly staff who books your exact seat as you buy your ticket. Prices for all snacks were actually reasonable (but still high tbh). The theater was super clean and the seats are really comfortable. Black leather that recline! Security walks around often during the film to keep the rift raft out and there are two cops also on duty. Tonight was actually one of the best times I’ve ever had at a movie theater. 5 Stars!


Nice seats great sound

Jerry Hamber

One of the best places in S Jersey

Shakira Johnson

My favorite theater, no complaints ever and i visit at least 1 or 2 times a month. Comfortable seats, if your food take longer than the start time of your mobie they will deliver it to your seat, great affordable ticket prices, great staff, great snacks with affordable prices as well. 5 stars from me everytime


My first time here. Like the seats. could be better selection of drinks. only draw back was the ads nd the twenty minutes of previews.

Kimberly King

The hearing impaired head phones did not work twice causing my jusband to miss the first 10 minutes of the movie. The bathrooms had pee and toilet paper on the floor. 2 of the 3 soap dispensers were broken. I had this rated at 5 stars 2 years ago but they have gone down hill.

Gregg Goss

Sorry ahead of time, but I'm old and this new way of seeing movies is not my cup of tea. Don't like the reserved seating method of buying tickets. Concession prices are out of control, theaters are too small, sound was way too loud. The only plus was the seats were comfortable.

Shamyran Thomas

Only gripe I have is that volume on theater is kept minimal and it's due to the fact (that I believe) they save the loud surround sound for their ticket upgradeable experience "XD". But this is where I think they miss their opportunity to separate themselves, by not using the incredible sounds.


Until the AMC Voorhees gets their act together and installs power recliner seats, I'll continue to go to the's a nicer theater anyway. Early bird prices are nice at $7.20 each. Concession stand is decent. Use Fandango to reserve your seats and you're golden :)

Tim Shelby

Cheapest ticket with the best seats! what else do you need. Love coming here every time.

Sahil Kaneria

The theatre experience is great! The best part is the price... It's kinda unbeatable! I come here from Mt Laurel with my family since it's way cheaper to watch a movie here. The seats are super comfy, even better than regal 12. My only complaint is the popcorn... It's not as good tasting as I'd expect it to be. That's a biggie for me and I'm guessing even other moviegoers. Rest assured, please visit this place!

Mike Pulaski

Always clean. Good selection of snacks. Very worth seeing movies in 3D andn XD. Reserved seating available for most movies and recommended. The recliner chairs are fantastic. At this point, I couldn't imagine seeing movies any other way.

Stacy Walker

Good popcorn. Great sound quality. Love $5 movie day!!

John Jackson

Cinemark 16 & XD is one of the best movie theater ever

Jannah Quigley

This is the only theatre I will go to. I’ve been a movie club member here for a few months now, and it’s totally worth it! The staff are friendly, and they keep the theatre, bathrooms, everything very clean. Their luxury loungers are very comfortable and made very well. They have 12+ screens, so they can show a lot of movies with a range of movie times. Their XD cinema is worth spending the extra money for, especially if it’s a movie you really want to see! The screen is larger than a regular movie, and the sound is louder. The leg and back parts of the chair can be adjusted separately instead of together, which is nice for getting the perfect angle for your back! All around Cinemark is amazing.

Marie Wright

I really enjoy the movie here I'm just not comfortable with the seats I do not like to lay back n eat

Rosibel Labrador

The only reason I am giving them a three star and not higher rating because of the unprofessional person I spoke too. I was in requiring on a reservation and he was rude and short. The conversation ended with a hang up before saying anything. The movie theater is very clean and never had an issue until today and that was not cool at all. Specially when I had 20 ladies attending a show. Next time I will look for someone who is more professional.


Always the go to spot for seeing the new and best movies!

Andrea Stehman

Love this theater. Its close to home and the seats are comfortable. We saw a matinee show and were lucky enough to have the entire theater to ourselves. Love being able to scan our ticket reservations from our phone now, much faster than using the machine that was there previously.

Kat Carr

I don't go to the movies too often but when I do go, I like to be comfortable. I was happy that they upgraded the seating.

Aedan B

I was just here for Engame and as it started, the picture was shaky. I walked out to let someone know and it was fixed in less than a minute. I've never had an issue like that and I'm just really glad that the staff is hard working and really professional on top of that, the popcorn is good, and the seats are comfortable, so I guess that's all you can ask for

Sonia Galindez

This moovie theater is the best of uwant to dit back puh the button and recline.and watch movies not a big theater where is hard to b comfy the entrace fee is me this is the best movie theater. Love it go in and take sit back its great.

Betsy Velez

Since the upgrade in the recliner seats this is the only theater I go to. The prices are the best,the staff is always friendly, always clean.

Matt Penny

Excellent theaters great concession stand friendly workers

Frankie Matos

I totally dislike how close front row is even with recling seats the screen is way too high up

Matthew Mattiocco

Great theatre, good popcorn, nice layout, decent prices, and nice environment! Only complaint is that you can't put your own butter, they put it on for you.

eagles flyers

The best theater in the area. I'm a big movie goer, so when I first moved to the area I checked around at all the theaters. This was my favorite as it was consistently clean, staff is friendly and the recliners are comfy. My only complaint is that the concession stand need to move faster. Sometimes the line is so long I skip it and go sit down. I recommend buying the cinemark membership. It's worth it!!


Ive been coming here since I was little, and its still the best cinema Ive been to in my entire life. Its clean and the employees are friendly and personable.

Murad Ziyad

This movie is a last in the marvel universe. Drego the great God of the material world trys to find a way to conquer the Galaxy. This brings out all of the marvel heroes in a intergalactic shot how. On the real Iron man, Hulk and Thor did not stand up well against him.

shakira johnson

Live this theater. Comfortable seating with reclining seats. Reasonable pricing. They will deliver your food to your seat so that you don't miss your movie. My boyfriend and i visit this theater at least once a month

Hubert Rowe

Awesome place to relax and watch a movie...or 2. The place is clean, luxurious and easily the most relaxing atmosphere you could find in a theater. The patrons who visited, and yes, it was packed, or well behaved, courteous and allows you to just enjoy the movie to the fullest as if you are in your living room relaxing without any disturbance. Oh, did I mention that you have lots of legroom? Enough that you have to need to adjust yourself in any way whatsoever to allow anyone to pass by.

Joy Chilkotowsky

Nice lounge chairs while you watch a movie

Chasity Medina

I enjoy movies here all the time!!! And bathroom selfies we couldnt help it

Anderea Dobbins

It's nice to see the movie theater updated. Nice rewards program and easy to use.

Mikayla Godshall

I like the fact that this movie theater is not very popular. It is popular sometimes, but others I feel like I have the entire theater to myself. I do believe that many of the food and drink is overpriced, but movie theaters are.

PyroDash1 Gaming

I didn't love it but I DEFINITELY didn't hate it. I've been to better but, the theater does have reclining chairs and good popcorn so it's four stars for me!

tom del

Way cleaner and less crowded than the theater at the Deptford mall

Gloria Williams

Awesome place to watch movies.

Janice Penn

Comfy seats, clean theaters and bathrooms, courteous employees.

Gino Deanne

Been coming here for over 15 years and highly enjoy it. They have the reclining seats which is good the only thing that drives me crazy is that they don't go all the way back but it's not a big deal. And you can reserve your seat.

shadeed sabir

Way better than all the regals in south jersey

Kat Hunter

This place has gotten an upgrade. Seats are super comfy. My only complaint is the food is just meh. The pretzel bites just taste like bread... They don't really taste like pretzels. Weird complaint, I know, but they don't do that much food, and for the price it should be better. If you are only there for the movie,5 stars

Joanne Reilly

I like this theater a lot. The prices are a little better then the other theaters near here, the concession area is clean and the popcorn is fresh. The only drawback is that too the reclining seats don't go back as far as some of the other theaters but for $4.00 less a ticket I can deal with them for a few hours.

Michael Fright

ItsI just a great place to go for watching movies

Gowtham Raj's

Decent theater with good sound system

Michael Dominick

Always an excellent experience, even if it's crowded. You can still get your popcorn and sit in your comfortable seat no matter what time of the day you go

Joe Kelly

There was an infant in the theater for Avengers Endgame. HOW DO YOU ALLOW AN INFANT into a movie?!

Rich A

I've been to a lot of theaters. And this is definitely my favorite in Southern NJ.

Dave Roche

I love this theatre. Definitely one of my favorites.

Gojifan54 Gaming

I just watched Godzilla King of The Monsters, and it was awesome. The seats were perfect, I loved how they reclined, which was also perfect.

Dani Murphy

Wish they had more security measures in place. The concession lines are always crazy busy.

Sean Dougherty

I love Cinemark. Great prices and convenient location. On a recent trip, a long line at concessions had us miss the start of our movie. With only 20 mins til the next showing, the staff easily switched our tickets

Rose Marie Meyers

Clean movie theater with comfortable seats. Tuesday is bargain day which made it even nicer!

Abony Thompson Stewart

To cold in the theather but its always clean and comfortable

Sheila Kennedy

There needs to be a better arrangement of seating. I, Senior Citizen, was not able to sit with my family of eleven. We were scattered from row D, F, E, and G. Two groups here and there, a few groups of three, there and here and I was seated between two families that didn't know each other. Awkward, and I wasn't welcomed. I tried hard to enjoy the movie. Hopeful it'll be all of us together the next time at your theatre -Cinemark 16 & XD

Rick Cruz

Since we started going to this location we have not gone back to AMC locations. Plenty of early movies and prices are a lot better then AMC.

Anjoliq-Elsie Still

Best theater I’ve ever been to. Always clean and staff are always friendly. If i can’t get a ticket here.. i won’t watch a movie any where.

Mark Endres

Honestly it wasn't too bad. The theaters are clean and staff if friendly. The damn bathroom though

karen Kelly-mandl

A baby about 8 months old was crying throughout the movie and when it was quiet, the adults were playing with it. Also, the women had her phone on throughout the movie. Upon speaking to the manager, she said she apologized but her people do check. I don't think so. Also, the seats in our theater did not fully recline which hurt my neck so much. I will never go back here. Marlton 8 us better

Nelson Malave

Alright , the teller in the booth was a total knucklehead . Probably won't go there again. The guy in the booth needs to be let go.

Matt R.

It's a really nice theatre and costs less than anywhere else.

Michael Page

Great theatre. Excellent seats. Which you get to choose. When purchasing a ticket they turn the seating chart to u to let you know. What seats are available and which ones aren't. Seats are cool they lounge back at the push of a button. You can even lift the middle soda holder up to make it more like a loveseat. Can even bring in a throw blanket if u get chilly. The best movie theatre I've ever been to so far.

Jeremiah Williams

One of the best Cinemark's I've been too. Staff was super friendly and helpful. The food was fresh and drinks were refreshing. The restrooms were really clean which was nice not having to step over messes from other people. The chairs in the theater were super comfortable and plush! They leave back and will put you right to sleep. They had reserved seating which I like because you don't have to worry about getting a good spot. Definitely will be back.

Karl Hunter

Always a clean theater, and the service at the snack counter is always friendly. Sometimes the line can go slow, but I don't mind when I know I'll be getting such friendly service once I get to the counter. Tuesday nights are our movie night (For the discount tickets). I became a Cinemark Movie Club member to take advantage of the no-service fees on the app for reserving tickets in advanced (A must if you're a regular). I do wish the secondary snack bar was open on Tuesday nights. It would make refills go much quicker. Sometimes I don't want to walk all the way back to the front (And wait in those lines again) for a refill and another box of candy mid-movie. Keep it up Side note... The men's restroom color scheme is nauseating. Whoever thought Yellow and Black was a good color combination for tile is either blind, or from Pittsburgh. Gross.

Dan Kirk

Nice theater, clean, friendly staff. Reserved reclining seats. Free parking, gender specific restrooms.

Nyree Noel

I love the theater. Peaceful. Always clean. But it seems like the new chairs don't recline as far back as the older style did.

T Morano

Best theater around. Great lounge seating, good prices and friendly staff.


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