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900 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd, Voorhees Township, NJ 08043, United States

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REVIEWS OF AMC Voorhees 16 IN Delaware

Julie Rittenburg

Accessible with a great selection, and with discount Tuesday pricing definitely worth going to - even with a theater closer to my house. This place has been a tradition now for a decade.

Marcus Aurelius

Very hot in there it was like watching a movie in a suana.

Curt F

Hands down the nicest theater I've ever visited. The lobby is beautiful and the layout is great. The only downside is the bizarre seats. The seats are a weird in-between of standard "ballpark" style seats and a rocking chair, and it doesn't really work out too well. Some may enjoy it, but it wasn't quite for me. Other than that, beautiful theater.

Warren French

Nice seats. Nice theater.

Terri Reyes

The only reason we went is because we had a gift card that I didn't want to waste & decided to give AMC Voorhees another chance, that was a mistake. Everything is so outdated, the staff is rude & the chairs are very uncomfortable. We'll continue to go to Cinemark.

LaTisha Knight

Love this theater. Very clean, good food, and comfortable

Tammi Haines

For me, the seats are important but if the popcorn is sub par I'm going somewhere else. Sadly, I'm going somewhere else. However, the theater was clean, lines moved quickly and seats were comfortable.

Dale Fischer

Been going to Ritz for 20 years. It has fast gone downhill since AMC took it over. Just left movie watching Equalizer 2. The projector failed 1: 20 hours into the film. They offered a free pass. Many people complained that it was not enough compensation to come back and sit thru an hour and half again to see the end. The answer was that is all we will do. This happened to me last year too. Ritz management and AMC need to upgrade this theater and restore to what it has been in the past.

Jennifer Bentsen

Most disgusting movie theater I have ever been to. The seats were damp and smelly, flies in your face and I left feeling like bugs were crawling on me. Every surface was sticky and covered in something. The bathrooms were no better, no soap, toilet paper or paper towels. I am throughly disgusted and need a shower.


Seats are very comfortable and place was clean


Too bad you now have to pick your seat. Will this get like some other theaters and at popular times unless you buy your tickets in advance online you out of luck even if get there reasonable amount of time before show. I like to decide if going to movies reasonable time to get there somewhat early and not plan many hours in advance. Used to be a favorite theater now not sure. There some theaters i no longer go to because even when get there quite early all seats taken, i dont even care about lounge seats. So dont get like the rest of them voorhees. Yeah when i went today love people who take forever to pick a seat. Oh and for those of us who pay for amc stubs premier or A list and can go in priority line, please handle the line as expected. So much to like about voorhees, their movie selection, get movies sooner often, play films not playing all over, best for great selection of films.

Avi Lazar

This theatre is old and needs to seriously be refreshed. Until it has an overhaul, i wouldnt go back. Put a restroom before giving tickets to usher

Ed Brokhoff

Many movie selections. Convenient location. Individual theaters not cleaned between showings making floors dirty and sticky. Some broken seats.

ms. believer

Chairs were not the recliners like Cinemark has....

Colleen Ehredt

The popcorn was good, they have the cool soda machine and comfy seats. The only thing I missed was the coffee shop in the lobby.


This AMC theater puts sauk valley cinema 8 to ghetto shame. This beautifully maintained theater has everything to offer and worth the price. They definitely roll out the Red carpet for their customers. Lounge chairs, great CLEAN theater rooms, polite and courestious. Chris was professional and yet personable made you feel welcomed. The bathroom was clean and gorgeous. I could see definitely holding film premieres here. I took many pictures.. Just elegant!. A+++all the way..

Gbemileke Omotoyinbo

Didn't have the food (no particular reason), ticket prices were amazingly cheaper than what I'm used to paying, movie quality is amazing but the smell is disgusting. You could smell the toilet from the viewing room. I didn't bother visiting the restroom because I could imagine what it looked and smelled like while watching the movie.

Cindy Amey

Need the new reclining chairs. Staff was friendly and the theater was very clean.

Ann Eastwick

Enjoy the first run and artsy movies; could use some freshening up of theaters.

robert moyer

Terrible ,horrible, absolutely nasty. We went 2 see the new childs play movie and as soon as we walked in theater we were hit with a urine smell. The seats were old and trash everywhere. We asked for a refund and had 2 go elsewhere.

Caiti Weiser

One of few movie theaters that shows indie flicks in addition to usual premium Hollywood offerings. The next closest place to see an indie film is usually in Philly. I like that this theater has lots of screens so they usually have the film I want to see. Popular films will be playing on multiple screens so it's easy to find a start time that works. In addition to standard theater snack bar they also have a small cafe with espresso drinks and baked goods.

Norma Conley

I love this theater...

Florence Heisler

Small theatre and the kiosk did not work properly

Elton Faulkner

I just saw the movies Replicas at this theater. Nice seating. The seating at Voorhees is better than Cherry Hill's

Leon Zhang

So the popcorn was soggy, there was no butter on it, it might be because i let my dad, who has herpes, eat it before I did, but I don’t think that’s what it was. The cashier was super rude, I think I was racially profiled. I’m an asian make sometimes, if ya know what I mean

john Bellan

Recently saw Spiderman into the spider verse there with my son. Small low key theater and on Tuesdays with the AMC rewards tickets are only 5 dollars each. So it is a nice deal.

Ellen Bertman

I bought tickets on line in the am and arrived early for a 4:15 showing of The Favorite. Our phone ticket was scanned and we were directed to theatre 12 which indicated that The Favorite was at 4:15. . After watching all the ads, no previews or movie started. When i inquired, i was told that the movie had been cancelled that morning. According to the manager, their software indicated that no tickets were sold. You can only imagine how annoyed we were as the entire day was scheduled around the movie. I live in Mercer County and my guest lives in Atlantic County; we chose that theatre to see that particular film. I had even received an AMC email reminding me about the movie. So annoyed that we were scanned in and sent into the theatre where we sat for 30 min. They could easily have taken the time to think, closex the theatre door or put up a sign. Although my money was refunded and the manager gave me 2 free tickets, i am still angry that my afternoon was wasted.

Mary S

Had a great experience at AMC Voorhees. Early shows not crowded. Clean bathrooms and lots of snacks.

Ericas World

Why is this theater so old and dirty inside and out. Watching a movie is like sitting in the bathroom and watching a movie because that's what it smells like in there. Seats rip and outdated people still kick and push your seats through the movie. Trash falling over outside. I don't understand how this can be because this area is not as trashy as the theater.

Jim McHugh

Beautiful lobby with plenty of space to sit and enjoy a coffee from the cafe before a movie. I miss the original Ritz 16 but I'm glad that AMC has not changed the look of the place since taking over. I just wish AMC would also keep the tradition of Discount Wednesdays and art house films that once made this place a gem.

Salimah Jarido

My bottom still hurts from tbe seat. Other than that its cool. But tbe seat is an important part of the experience. Very uncomfortable :(

Donna Mavuro

They need to get the new reclining seats. The only amc theather in the area without them.

Rick Kulesa

Absolutely horrendous. 30 people on line right now for tickets and only one cashier. Avoid this total disaster of a theater. Who ever the manager is they are doing a horrible job!! The concession line is just as bad. Avoid this theater!!

Wade Wilson

The movie was awesome and the theater was great in just about every way except that there's a ton of advertising for their movie club thing, I mean if it was closer it would be of interest but not for me

Michael Williams

Expensive. But what movie theater is not overpriced?

Tracy Peel

My 1st time here.The Theater must have got flooded out the seats felt damp.Old seats.I will not be returning. Very disappointing.

Gregory Bain

Good seats in a clean environment with movies not available near my house.

Penney Rothmaller

Great theater and great price. They don't have the recliners but the seats are very comfortable and the theaters are clean

Barbara S

I had a seat that had no armrest cover and the void was full of disgusting crud. The place could use a deep and through cleaning

Joy Montagnaro

Still wish this was the Ritz theater with it's coffee and panini bistro! Lost all of its allure years ago. Even worse that it's an AMC now.

Maggie Medina

It was nice but for the price you expect the seats to recline. Every other AMC theater we have visited has had them so it has become expected.

Hailee Mugrauer

I love the movies that they provide and the best movie was the new and inproved "The Grinch"

Alan Lee

Best offering of films, both mainstream and for those cinephiles who hold up film as art. Excellent parking, comfortable seating, pleasant staff. What else could a moviegoer wish for? Oh, great sound and screens, too!

Valerie Carty

The whole theater is in need of renovations. The outside has rusty old hanging baskets. The ramp is steep at the entrance. The carpet needs to be replaced. The bathrooms aren’t very clean and in need of renovations. The seats aren’t comfortable and need the recliner seats like Marlton location. This theater has gone years without any improvements. I hope that sometime in the near future you will be able to make the much needed changes to this theater. Thank you

Nicole Burchell

They had no reclining chairs my back hurt me the hole time .... but to keep it a 1000 its beautiful in there it looks amazing there waiting area seems like a hotel lobby .... then you can mix your own icey yeah .... they popcorn was trash but. Everything else was great except the chairs ...

Aaron Smith

Great movie selection and ample parking. Staffing wasn't as high as I'd expect and going at an odd time resulted in trying to hunt down someone to sell me tickets. If you have a choice or aren't a teenager I would highly recommend driving there as it's a little chiller, and has a slightly older clinetle which makes the overall experience worth a bit of travel. Frankly I started going there when they showed the movies I wanted to see that other places didn't show...I continue to go because it's the best experience in South Jersey I've tried.

Edward McCarthy

Very good movie theater. Shows controversial movies few theaters show as well as Met simulcasts in addition to mainstream offerings

Elizabeth Goldman

I love this theater. No reservations but the tickets are cheaper. We went to a Monday matinee and had the whole theater to ourselves!

suzanne phillips

Clean movie theatre, they run lots of previews and they have the usual snack and refreshments.

Brian Freeman

I love the memorabilia they have decorating this theater. And the help is so friendly.

Maria Copsetta

Great theater just went to see Gone with the wind!

Gina Seashell

Very nice theater but wish they'd put in recliners.

Frederick Emmett

Good place, great customer service. But I hate the fact the chairs don't recline. They also need to do a better job cleaning up after guest leave.

dia shorty

Awesome place, clean, food good

markl ryushokan

Not the worst Theater, but definitely the worst I have been to. Theaters generally hold an air of, your about to watch an epic movie. But this was more like, grab your popcorn and sit down. The atmosphere sucked...

Lu Foley

It's conveniently close to my home. They usually are showing something I've been wanting to see. Snacks are hideously overpriced, but I guess that's how it is in most movie theaters these days.

Dominick Patricelli

I liked this theater better when it was Ritz 16

Shreyash Toro

Watched Avengers- End Game in screen 14. Everything else is great, but the dialogues are literally not audible. It’s like mumbling noise while the background music is too loud. I did not enjoy the movie as much I thought I would do due to bad sound !

Melanie Finch

Seats are comfy movies are good but you guys made a huge mistake in getting rid of your popcorn bucket. Sorry but I'm no going to attend your theater anymore. Big bust for me. But all in all it's a good location.

Clyde P Riddlesbrood

Totally great place to catch a movie especially with kids. Nice large seats and the place is very clean they also have plenty of different foods that you can choose from and bathrooms at on a hundred miles away!

LaToyia Joyner

Every year it's my family tradition to go to the movies on Christmas day. I obviously made the mistake of selecting this theater this year. I preordered the tickets on the AMC app prior to arriving and thank goodness I did. The line to purchase tickets was unbelievable. Next, let's not even get into the line crazy amusement park like they created for the concession stand. The wait time for that made just want to walk away and say forget getting popcorn and a drink because honestly who would ever want to wait that long. Finally, let's talk about the line to get have your ticket stubs ripped. OMG! It literally was a line for everything! They have ruined our Christmas tradition my brother missed almost half the movie from having to wait in all the lines. We will ensure to select q different theater next year. Also, if this is considered an "AMC" theater why hasn't the inside been updated to a REAL AMC theater maybe then things would move a little streamlined. Just a thought AMC Voorhees. This was a real miss for me! You all have to get it together asap!

Otis Thomas

Halfway through the movie of Hobbs and Shaw all the power cut off in all theaters and there was no attendants for people to give refunds to anyone

Alissa Pisack

Clean, well staffed, courteous employees, comfortable seating, all around a great experience.

Kevin Mendez

Nice Movie Theater

Raymond Elkins

This was a clean place. Popcorn was good candy choices sweet.

Indierah Adkins

The theater was damp, smelled moldy and there was a cricket in the theater that chirped loudly the whole movie.

Reggie Dixon A.k.A Brooklyn beards

Variety of choices for food but no recliner seats you would think the reservation for the seat would high expectations. Nice to watch a movie but don't expect the red Leather recliner seats.

Karina Muniz

This was the most disgusting theater i have ever been to. I took my 2 girls there and it smelled so bad. The seats were filthy and my legs were bitten up. worst experience ever! So sad! i went there to try a new theater and did not expect this especially since it near an area we frequent. would not recommend anyone going there. now i see why there were only 5 people there.

Deena Adams

Very nice... Friendy staff and clean restrooms

Brandon Fickenscher

I go here all the time with my wife

Kevan Richter

This theater is ok. The employees are nice. The seats are ok. I am taking away stars for the theater allowing babies in R rated movies. All the baby did all movie was cry and the parents are so ignorant that they just stayed and let the baby cry. This is not the first time, it has happened at least 3 times. Every time this happens I will be removing a star from my rating. Also I just witnessed an employee taking the closest parking spot to the front entrance. Way to take up customer parking.

melissa parave

Very nice place and very clean

Frank DeAngelis

A large parking lot so no worries there. There was only one ticket cashier open which caused a delay of a few minutes but since we are early it didn't matter. As we paid for our tickets a 2nd cashier showed up so they had it under control. A well laid out lobby. Concessions on the right and seating with tables on the left. They've also got soda vending machines so you can fill up as you like. Theater 14 for our movie held about 200 or so and it was probably 60% to 70% full. A long preview of coming films, 30 minutes, was a waste of our time so we wished they had gone straight to the movie. Loud & clear sound with bright screen. This is probably the best movie theater in the area. My go to choice. I just wish the Concessions were less expensive. That's the only thing that keeps me from giving them the 5th star.

Anivaly Sivade

Great place just needs those lounge chairs that put your feet up in all the theaters otherwise great atmosphere

Ethan Zeigler

It's a clean, typical theater. Nothing particularly noteworthy, but that's not a bad thing either.

Happened Happy

Nice facilities not too crowded great place to enjoy a movie

Rose Valenzuela

Decent movie theatre. I prefer Cinemark but this place isn't too bad! The food is a little expensive but the seating and booking ahead of time system is great!

angela azcona

Never go to the last showing. They shut everything down. I ordered a soda, I got the cup, but the machines were turned off! I asked for popcorn, the cashier handed me a bucket of cold, old popcorn and charged me full price. When I asked for fresh popcorn, he told me they were closed. I then asked for a reduced rated for the stale popcorn. He laughed in my face and said he cannot change prices. Needless to say, I wasn't going to buy it anyway; I was just checking his attitude toward me and his attentiveness to customer satisfaction. I give him a big fat "0"!!!

Robert Eisner

Nice lobby. Places to sit comfortably while waiting or snacking. Comfortable seating in theater. Good slope to floor so people sitting in front don't obscure view of the screen.

William Gilroy

Pretty clean and the crazy ticket taker lady is a "hoot"!(?) It needs newer seats.

Namita Ghelani

Nice Theater- Watched Lion King 3D. An extraordinary movie with stunning visual production. It is so real that you think that real live animals acted this but it's all CGI. A must see.

Billy Valentino

Let me just say my experience here at AMC Voorhees started off good but then went to a completely terrible experience. Okay so in the middle of the movie I was watching it was about 9:30 the theater was number 9. Which is right by the spot where there’s usually an employee who checks tickets. So leaving a handicap woman struggling to open a door to get out of the theater is cool. Um, I guess it is because there was no employees there to help her I got up to go help her with the door. I took a look outside the theater and welp nobody was there. Why?

Judi Gittelman

Good movies. Clean place

Howard Smith

Service was medium and food dispense was weird

marlene daniels

Movie was great and so were the employees.

Mercedez Jade

If this theater could upgrade to the recliners it would definitely be 5stars. Everything in there was great other wise and I'm just surprised this theater was overlooked for the upgraded seats. I got a triple feature which has the option of chicken and waffles sandwich with curly fries and a cookie. Also got a large ICEE and a box of cookies dough bites which cost $28 all together. The bathrooms were clean and private. Alot of stalls are really open on the bottom and you can see through the cracks of the door. These are totally black with only about maybe a foot open at the bottom of the stall. Completely inclosed while inside which is so nice to not make awkward eye contact with someone. Also pretty sure it has a little indicator stating if the stall is occupied but not 100% sure. Staff was really nice and answered my questions and concerns. There are a few places to eat outside of the theater across the parking lot if you wanted to eat a meal before or after the show. Honestly will probably drive back out to this theater just because of how nice the atmosphere is.

Charles Stippick

Found seats always available. Great people and still has the small town feel.

Rachel Boroda

Great movie theater! Being a stubs member is so worth it because I get $5 tickets on Tuesdays! Other than that, it's a pretty normal movie theater with a convenient location that I enjoy visiting often. Plays the latest movies, good quality. Sometimes if you come during a weekday, the movie theater won't be full and you will have a wide variety of seats.


Less maintained. Stinking inside

joyce mitchell

Clean theaters, comfortable seats, most employees were really friendly, good experience. Coming attractions would be more enjoyable if they were not so very, incredibly, loud, though!

Elizabeth Boucher

An update with recliners would be nice , but we like it here due to a more mature clientelle.

John Wentworth

Still has old style seats no recliners but otherwise a good theather

erik wark

Nice place, clean seats, comfortable, reasonable pricing, sound and video quality was good

Brian Johnson

Modern day technology with an old fashioned flair.

Blake LastName

Great clean movie theater. They have very comfortable seats and a large concession stand. Since this is a larger building they have a lot of theaters and more showtimes.

Ricardo Sears

They do not have the Leather Recliners like the other AMC theaters. Disappointing.

Janice Long

Friendly, clean and not too crowded. Saw Downton Abby.


The people here are nice. But the stench from the bathroom is very over powering. That's the only downside to going here.

Barbara Faulk

Nice movie theater, but being use to reclining seats and sitting in regular seats you can definitely tell the difference. A little difficult after sitting so long. Enjoyed the movie though.

Xoxo Sanchez

This theater is very nice n clean.

Jennifer Ferus

Nice theater with a great deal of $5 tickets on Tuesdays. Should have a clearer sign stating online ticket orders could be printed passed the doors in the lobby.

Alvin Pearis

They have the butter & salt for the popcorn in the hallway where the theaters are, instead of behind the concession counter where you buy the snacks. So, you can't have them layer the butter & salt. For those people that like their popcorn to taste the same for the entire bucket, instead of just the top of the bucket....and have dry, tasteless popcorn for 4/5's of the bucket. It really dampened the entire experience for me. They have alot of other snacks available but how do you mess up something as simple as popcorn?


This place has really gone down hill. Assigned seating for nearly empty theatres. Do your own butter now, sounds dumb but now it's all the way at the top and no more. They decreased the ice cup size. The popcorn were small kernel size and cvery clearly aged. Unfriendly staff to boot. Bigger guy, whom I believe is the manager, was playing on his phone in the lobby. I won't go back.

Carrie Anne Costello

Was a great visit. Movie start times incl. approx 20min of ads and previews. So, if your running 15 min late, you won't miss any of your movie and still have time to get snacks.

Guy Smiley

Place went downhill since AMC took over. They took away the coffee and tea bar and put in help yourself stations. It went from a warm feeling to bitter cold.

Phi Chi

I still like going here because you can find reasonably priced tickets. It's a nice area, and not as crowded as some other theaters. My biggest issue is some of their bigger theater rooms are starting to smell old and musty. Almost like they had a water leak and things never aired out properly. It's very noticeable when you first enter, but you get use to it as the movie starts. Still not a good look. . .smell? . . .for an overall nice theater. Hopefully they can resolve that issue.

Alan Fisher

Very nice place to go to the movies. Very clean and relaxing

Doug Woloshin

Seats didn't recline my lover was uncomfortable. Not Good

Clark Perks

AMC Voorhees 16 is our "go to" movie theater. It is not overcrowded, great selection of movies, and fast concession lines!

Janet Brown

Nice place friendly people.

Marcia Tanzman

If I knew why my hair was sticking to my seat, I probably would have moved.

Nick Jastrebski

Nice theater, but get reclining seats. It's 2019 every other amc I've been to has them.

Dorena Kearney

Fresh Popped Popcorn!

Gregory O'Shea

Fast service and comfortable seating. Very convenient location.

Ryan L

Big selection of films. Seats are decent.

Jeff Hazen

My child lost a hat there, and the staff was able to return it to me the next day. Clean bathrooms, good theatre, easy admission. What more do you need for going to the movies?

Suellen Hancock

Beautiful theater. Comfortable seating.. Do not like myself adding butter to popcorn.

Pinky Dots

The seats were nice and comfy, you could feel like you're in the movie. And everyone was doing their job.

Sona Barseghyan

The staff is good i like everything just wish the seats and the theater halls were cleaner

rick dicarlo

Clean comfortable seats good sound and picture

Angie Messner

I like this movie theater. The seats are really nice. They recline back so it's like your are home. The line to buy your tickets sometimes gets long and your a little late to your moive. The snacks are a tad bit over priced but that is at most moive theaters. They really don't check bags so you can sneak your snacks in. There is an Apple bees right nice store so it's a nice night out.

Marco Volpe

Great staff, always super nice and accommodating. The only downfall is that the theaters themselves have old seats and some of the screens are very old and you can see lines through them. But I am still enjoy going there but just feel that this theater has so much potential if they were to redo it and make it modern

Georgi Ekimov

Great movies. Delicious Popcorn which are not that expensive as other movie theaters. Great sound for Bohemian Rhapsody. Large screen. I am taking one star of because there are no recliners.

Venkat Kamath

This is easily the most silliest theatre I have been to. The screen is a joke for the price you pay for the movie. It’s a tad bit bigger than your home theatre. AVOID AT ANY COST! This trash needs to close down.

chris pierce

Went to see the Joker movie. We got to pick our seats, from the computer in The loft when we bought our tickets. I am a stub hub member, and that may have saved me a few dollars, because the tickets were only $8.19 plus tax $8.72 was. The movie was good. Theater was nice and clean. I didn't buy any snacks.

Jennifer Byrd

Pretty clean and not crowded at all. Very family friendly and a convenient location. Me and the kids love coming here.

Strawberry Krisslanay

Good theater. Clean. Larger chairs. However, cup holders don't go up. And it doesn't have recliner seating which really needs to be changed. It's such an out of the way theater it should get the recliner upgrade.

Ramesh Kadirisani

The theatre complex looks awesome and the confectionery interior looks great. However, the reality hits you the moment you enter inside the theatre. Old and gloomy. The movie trailers were shown inside a trapezoid projected on screen instead of the full size of the screen. Overall, I was greatly disappointed.

Matthew Germani

Love this theater because it doesn't have selected seating. Main theaters are huge so there are tons of good seats for the weekend opening movies. Chairs could be more comfortable but I've been to many theaters and this place is still my favorite.

Gina Devine

I had to pay 3 extra dollars for my 5 year old to wear 3d glasses for the movie at 9:45p last night.(compared to the non 3D movie that started a 1/2 later..they wanted us to wait until 10:30 (which was too late for him and his little cousin to stay up for) and my son didn't even wear them. I just think they could've waived the fee for this kids. $6 in total and was a waste!

Zinman Interactive

This poor theater has lost its luster, to put in nicely.

Hubert Rowe

Spacious. Lots of leg room. Friendly staff.

Dianette Delgado

Pleasant staff and clean theater!

Dani Trimmer

I've always enjoyed this place since it was the Ritz. Can't beat the Tuesday deals!


Hidden gem in the area. Usually not busy and sure it's the old type of seats but, they are comfortable. Easy to recommend.

Herb Semel

Really nice theater

Gary Smith

great place to go with good restaurants surrounding theater. "A List" promotion is great!! It's a shame they already targeted NJ A Listers with a price increase :(

Larry Ogintz

Good selection of current movies. Deals for frequent movie goers. concession stand is a bit pricey. Comfortable seating.

Shoe Fly 456

First time going to this AMC location and it is one of the best ones around better than cherry hill bigger stadium better service all around a very good movie experience

Drew H.

Theater was good as usual, nice and clean. If the snacks were anywhere near affordable it would be a great theater.

Terri Hubbard

Been going here for many years! Love the size of the theater and the variety of movies!


If the female would take time to put paper/towels in proper containers the floor wold be cleam.


If you love to be the youngest in the crowd this place is for you. Older, polite, happy crowd. Peaceful when you arrive between 4-6. The only thing missing is the powdered cheese for the popcorn.

Tammy Pellegrino

Great selection of movies and going during the afternoon with family and friends is a great outing at a reasonable price.

Howard Warren

Nice movie experience

Ms Chrys

Very dirty since changing from the Ritz. Also notice that they got ride of all.the over 50 y/o counter help too. Not happy with these changes. Nothing wrong with employing both older and younger workers. At least the place was clean with the predominantly older work staff.

Maureen Whitson

Great place to see movie.

Seneca Evans

Nice clean theater. Lots of snack options.

Abby Zahn

The new seats aren't very comfortable and the air conditioner needed to be abit cooler.

jim r

so we go to wait in theater, told theater was not ready, theyd inform us when its ready. no one says anything, go back twenty minutes later, they say its been ready very rudely and abrupt. i comment, well someone was going to tell us. we walk away and the ticket-takers side kick announces very loudly and rudely that they are now seating the movie. what a wimp!

Mary Parrish

Comfortable chairs great selections of movies

Larry Wawrzenski

Great seats nice sound a little pricey they offer military discounts

VB Chipper

Movie was great (spiderverse). Seats comfortable, everybody nice, price is not bad, popcorn was good but they fed us a whole ton of leftovers off the bottom of the bin.

William Ghee Jr

Went to see the intruder. Decent.

Beverly Winter

Comfy seats, popcorn was very salty.

Debbie Baker

New more comfortable chairs. Not quite as good as recliners elsewhere but very nice


Still decent but missing the former Ritz Glitz that made it the finest movie house in south Jersey.

timothy mcnulty

30 min after movie started they shut the air off.. a moldy cooler within an hour. Now I rememeber why I wait for movies to come out on netflix

Tony O'Connell

Friendly staff. Incredible seating. Very clean place.


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