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REVIEWS OF AMC Marple 10 IN Delaware

Nancy Caulfield

Our seat didn't recline,Im handicapped so it was am unpleasant experience

john Gormley

Nice clean place prices on food alittle high

Big-A Express

They need to do a better job of making sure there reclining chairs are in good working order my chair was broken and there was nobody there to help me

Desiree Collier

Enjoyed a movie with my son

Cheryl Williams

The real place that you can really recline and enjoy a movie

D'ahviana Reaves

The bathroom could have been cleaner. Other than that absolutely amazing

Shaun Reed

Nothing like being able to recline in their chairs and watch a good movie. Just wish they had more staff on hand for the concession lines. Having one person at the register isn't enough

DJ Raaj

Saw an early show of the Endgame movie was very good but concession stand employees were very slow very slow I mean very slow. Theater was clean and seating was ok.

LaToya Kimble-Cooper

Clean theater. Assigned seats. Reserve your seats early for popular movies. The concession stand line moves pretty fast.

Garrett Novak

It was clean and very comfortable, but the staff was less than friendly. They were also out of multiple items at the concession area.


Just an awful experience. Person sitting next to my reserved seats tells me, "I don't sit next to dudes. You need to find another seat.". Children running up and down the aisles during the movie. People talking and checking their phones the entire time. All in all exactly what I would expect from the people in Delaware County PA so in the end going to this theater was my fault. I should have known better. I won't make the mistake again.

Breanna Cameron

Last night was nothing how it use to be. The power went out and movies was delayed. Which was understanding but it's how management handle the situation. Once the power came back on, no one knew if they should stay or wait. On top of that, the manager randomly closed the concession stand without informing the people waiting in line.

Marques Speights

BBQ Chicken

Derrick Clark

AMC Marple 10 it's not a bad spot. If you're not from the West Philly or Delaware County area it's a nice creep spot if you know what I mean. Is a pretty good spot for families also. I hope you guys enjoy it.

NAe Nae.

The food is a little expensive for my taste and slow, so I wouldn’t recommend waiting till the last minutes but the bathrooms are always clean and the theater rooms as well. The chairs recline and it’s a nice experience.

Elevators G12345678

I had a nice experience here. The overall look of the building and interior was fine, and the seats in the auditorium were comfortable.

Lauren Moran

I generally do not review places but, Marple 10 was in an appalling condition when we went. The bathrooms smelled and were dirty, there was not a single snack on the shelves to choose from and the condition of the theater itself was less than enjoyable. Along with that the staff at Marple 10 should be educated in Compassion and appropriate interactions children and adults that have higher needs. The staff should be embarrassed at how they interact with their customers!

Dorlorian Dickson

Always something wrong. Food, movie, never a smooth night!

Kia Hicks

I had to ask for fresh popcorn during the afternoon hours. Seemed a bit unorganized no butter, napkins or some other stuff was missing. Movie theater is clean.


This movie theater used to be good now it's just so dirty, the workers are rude and slow at doing everything. It's amazing how terrible it's become. I try to stay away, the Regal is spotless & friendly so I go that way if possible, I truly dread coming to this theater.

Jerome Robertson

This movie theater was great when it was first renovated and while the facilities are still new, the service is starting to slip. I shouldn’t be taking my seat 10 mins before a movie and the theater is still being cleaned. This just means that your scheduling is not allowing for enough time to clean the theater in between showings. Add to that the trash cans are over flowing and the bathroom is not clean. This theater needs to get back to when things were new and improve their service. It would go a long way. They will start losing customers if they don’t.

Poorna S

Seats are good but it's a small screen.


I used to enjoy going to movies at AMC Marple 10. I like iselecting the perfect seat. Unfortunately, my last two visits were very disappointing. First they did not have any large popcorn containers and the soda machines were out of coke and coke flavored sodas and this was a Friday, the beginning of the weekend when a lot of people visit theaters to see new releases.. Recently, again the soda machine was out again out of coke and coke flavored products. I might have to start going to Plymouth Meeting AMC. I have a ticket to see Overcomer but if the concession stand isn't up to par this will be my last visit.

Russell Cotton

This AMC is favorite theatre in the area. The seats are very comfortable. The seats recline and are spacious. The bad thing is that it is easy to fall asleep because of the comfortability of the chairs. The staff is always great there. And another plus, you can refill your drink cup as much as you like.

Jasmine Harper

Its a nice theater just small


Comfortable movie comfortable setting love the chairs

Lamar Wynn

Love the new theatres and seating. Nice & clean restrooms and lobby very good

Christine Jackson

Great movie theater and the young staff is awesome which is rare these days! Oh, and the popcorn is always fresh just waiting for you to put butter on it and enjoy your movie.

Starr Wallace

Clean friendly good recliner chair

P. Rivera

Nice. Had some issues with seating and needed a refund. They looked out and took care of my problem in a very courteous manner. Thanks guys

Greg Neil

Consistently slow service at the concessions, dirty bathrooms & floors throughout but the new recliner seats are nice & comfortable. The security guard in full body armor/tactical gear was a little too full of herself also. Given the choice, I'll drive a bit further to another theater.

Yvonne Wade

Always love going to the movies here The sitting is good and the theatre is clean.

Jonathon Chiles

Marple is one of our favorite places to watch movies. The theaters are clean & the service is great.

Tom Dooley

Clean for a movie theater, nice seating, food priced like a five star restaurant

George Rother

It's my favorite theater. It's close to where I live. The staff is friendly. It's gotten better since the previous manager was transferred. The A-List program is awesome!

Britt Horvath

Good movies and the chairs are relaxing plus free refills on drinks and popcorns

Karen Ryan

Cool, clean, and nice seating...near higheays!

Dana McCall

Movie was great... The theater has really gone down. The auditorium, the bathroom and concessions area were all filthy. Not sure if they are under staffed or just don't care. I will be contacting corporate about the poor conditions

Kia Wallace

Went to see a great movie. Only dilemma I sat in theater 6 and heard everything going on outside of it. But other than that it was cool. Didn't get anything additional like popcorn or soda. So I cant speak on that. Maybe next time. Update 05/30/19 Soda station was disgusting on the eyes. Worker didnt help much with placing orders. Could barely see the screen of combos and when asked does that read a large she just said "yeah" maybe it was a long night and she probably was over it. Other then that the theater and movie choice was cool.

Bayonetta OuO

Nice and comfortable theater. Its spacious and and clean and the picture quality was good. Has all the normal AMC stuff you can find online.

James Cain

Great place to watch a movie. The facility is modern and technologically advanced.


This theatre is great since the renovations. Recliners are comfortable and much better than the old seats. The concession upgrades are pretty interesting, though I haven't personally tried the new items yet. I do think the ticket prices are rather steep and the online convenience fees are ridiculous (this place is preferred over Granite Run for most and the area is heavily populated so for most showings you kind of have to reserve tickets online or risk coming to a sold-out show), however.

Betty Harris

Great movie experience. I like assigned seats, very comfortable

Andrea Shuda

Absolutely disgusting. The facility was deplorable. Trash over flowing from all the trash cans, bathrooms not cleaned or stocked, seats broken in the theater as well as the seating was not cleaned from the previous movie showing. Don't waste your money go to another theater.

Dar A

Very comfortable seats made for enjoyable & comfortable individual experience

Caylan Gordon

Other than the seats being comfortable, there was popcorn and debris all over the floor in the lobby, bathrooms was dirty, the staff at the concession stand was slow as turtles, and last but not least, the person that checks your tickets is an armed security guard wearing a bullet proof vest that is also very eager to check your bags for outside food or drink. I felt that was a little bit to much. The way she was acting was as if you was going thru airport security.

Joyce Hill

Senior Tuesday's, get tickets in advance, Great seating, meet new people, clean bathrooms, courteous staff

Marshieta Walker

You can fall asleep in there. The chairs fold out like a bed. It's very comfortable

Terrell Cobb

Not bad not bad at all but kind of small in the theater

Khalimah Duncan

My Last experience at this movie theater was horrible. The theater was dirty. It smelled horrible. There was popcorn and soda spilled all over our seats. The red seats were stained black because no one cleans between films. My movie was set to start shortly, and I had to ask the manager twice to send someone in to clean my area. Finally a man came in with a wet paper towel and began to wipe the chairs. I took the paper towel from him and began to help. Then me and my daughter just sat down . They never clean the popcorn off the floor. We just prayed no roaches or critters came out once the lights went out. I really wish I could of got a refund because this place is highly overpriced, which I wouldn’t mind if the atmosphere was worth it. I was very disappointed this time around.

Kyhawnia Jackson

I usually like this theater but if you don’t like the feeling of being bit by bed bugs I say don’t go. Although me getting bit up by unwelcomed guest was disgusting and upsetting the staff made it their duty to give us a full refund with free snack vouchers. But the 1 star is because the bed bugs are unacceptable & scary so fix the problem ASAP!!!!

tom McGovern


Marie Moriarty-Puggi

The seats recline, overall clean, however the prices for snacks these days are insane so we rarely get anything. It cost enough to get in add snacks that's 100 day out for 4 thank God for giftcards. The industry robs families affordable fun and you wonder why Americans use those firesticks

dennis lozado

I'm dropping it one star, due to the lack of upkeep on its recliners. Still a good place to see a movie.

Timothy Blackburn

Staff is okay, never super knowledgeable but always friendly. Seating is great, and theaters are pretty clean. They loose a star for the constantly atrocious lobby on the weekends, while the staff isn’t doing anything.

Semaria Green

Nice staff... Some theater chairs need to be replace.. pretzel bites are good...

Steven Corbin II

My last few visits to this location have been great. The fast ticket lines and the seats make it easy to get in and straight to your movie.

Ryan Thomas

Great place to relax, love the comfortable seats

Ree Cee

I usually love this theatre, but they seem to be struggling lately. I went to see a 6:15pm showing and as expected the theatre was packed on a Saturday after new Friday releases. The concession stand had more workers standing around the popcorn machine instead of helping patrons. One lady stated she received her special order concessions before popcorn because they ran out. The floor was filthy, a hazard to the employees and an eye sore. After the movie every single trash receptacle was over flowing. I would like to say maybe they are under staffed. However it looked like the staffing was adequate, the staff just operated with no sense of urgency. As an A-List member, I hope my local theatre makes a 180 degree improvement.

Susan Atkinson

I like the reclining chairs as it makes watching the movie more comfortable but on my last visit the seats I picked when I purchased tickets online were pretty beat up. Sank straight to the bottom. Once I adjusted the seat it was tolerable. The theater was clean and much smaller than they used to be prior to recliners which gave it a more intimate setting

Daniel Ebeling

This theater has made some real improvements. The seats are comfortable and are reclinable. However, the walls are thin and you can plainly see hear movies in adjacent theaters. I was also very cold during the matinee showing.

Carrie S

Usually a very good place to go for movies but we went 7/3/18 and it wasn't all that great. The room was hot with no air flowing around. I had to step out for fresh air at one point. The movie didn't play at the start, instead just a silent black screen. After 15 or 20 mins they fixed it. So, an off night I guess because usually no complaints.

Doura & Rykard family

I loved it it was clean and comfortable!and quite.

phani kuncharapu

Greasy seating, I don't think they clean their recliner seating, ever. If you want to visit this theatre keep few clorox wipes handy.

Travis G.

Popcorn was solid but one butter machine was broken and another was almost out. The movie didn't actually start until 20-25 minutes after the listed start time due to tons of trailers. The seats were comfy and functioned (which can't be said for every theater). The audio/video quality was very good. The bathroom was decently clean and functioning. Parking was also surprisingly easy for a weekend.

Amanda Taylor

Seats are falling apart.. I am afraid to let my body touch the seats. Bathrooms are horrendous. Always out of supplies near the drink station. Popcorn everywhere on the floor while you are standing in line to get food. It is very simple to keep clean, why must they let it go like that?

Robert Brown

The men's bathroom needed to be cleaned. The food is ok. But it still a nice place

deonne harrison

Popcorn was not hot or even warm

Edward Hoey III

While the seats are more comfortable they aren't really made for very big men . I still had to squeeze between the arm rests and after a two hour movie the vinyl was very hot , i.e. I was sweating. I will still go back because some movies are just better on the big screen in the theater then watching it at home.

Alexis Sekeh

It was great. I watched avengers the endgame with my boyfriend it was so nice

Tara Marrongelli

They do have recliner seating and nice employees. Their movies are super loud and me and my friend really enjoyed the movie. The consessions are expensive like any other theater. If you're looking for a "movie tavern" experience I wouldn't suggest coming to this theater but if you're looking to just see a movie it's a good spot. I would've given it 5 stars if it was cleaner and all their recliners worked.

Frances Williams

Always clean and neat very relaxing

Jermaine Colon

Love this theater I travel from the city to go here because it's more calm and reserved here. Not too many crowds, fresh concessions great on thirsday morning hardly anyone there and you'll have the theater practically to yourself most times

Jackson Flowers

Seats were only okay and as always food and drinks overpriced. Mostly the movie was just too loud, some better volume control would have been appreciated

Thomas DeStefano

Seats are great.. recliners with plenty of room in the isle between rows. The lobby isnt new but the coke machines are. Always had a soft spot for this place

nakia handy

I didn't know they had updated AMC in Springfield I haven't been there is years I really enjoyed myself. Nice place to take the family.

John Hennessy

Every time I’ve seen a movie here the conditions have been great and the staff is very friendly


Toooo expensive, should have senior rates on food.

Patricia Spirito

Left the movie early. Felt unsafe.

William Simon

Good movie theater with reclining seats

Mr. 1975

This use to be my first choice when I decided to go to the movies. Now only on Tuesdays if I want to go see a movie, I might make this theater one of my options if not my last. Since they put the reclining chairs in, this place has changed. The bathrooms and theaters are dirty. The price of admission has gone up dramatically. The concession stand food is overpriced and horrible. I really hope a manager or someone in a position of power sees this comment. There was trash in our seats. Not only that the seats were oily from butter. This is inexcusable.

Howard Jenkins

Great love this place. I take my nephews there all the time

FrankieJ dwm_edc

Pretty decent place been a while since I went to the movies. But watch out for seat D1 in theatre 6 its broken and wont recline its stuck straight up and down maybe even tilted forward a bit

Pearl Brown

Went to see “The Grinch on Saturday 12/29/18. We were assigned seats A1, A2, A3 also A9, A10 the whole row was filthy with popcorn and empty cups before the movie started. We pointed this out to an assistant who said that it would be cleaned up. We waited to no avail. The movie started and we had to sit thru all that filth. We we very disappointed nonetheless. At the expense of what your organization charges it should have been spotless at the time of arrival. We did take pictures, we were there for the 1:20 show Our first and last visit. The concession stand is also pretty pricey $21.00 for a tub of popcorn and 2 sodas. Very disappointed party of 5

mike iveson

Kind of an older movie theatre. Usually not super busy. Being a AMC Stubbs member and this being the closest movie theatre I've seen quite a few movies here. The concessions are usually ok. Last time we got popcorn it seemed to be the bottom of the batch and had a few extra kernels in it so it was a bit difficult to eat. We love their soda dispenser with the ability to choose different flavor options. Sometimes the staff is great and other times they don't seem to care.

Caleb Powell

Was fine, just not enough people to help at the concession area. Also the bathroom was a total mess. Over flowing trash and wet floors.

Judy Bedzela

Nice theater..... comfy seats....picture quality is good

Cameron Glen

So they redid the entire theater and now it is super comfortable. Haven't been in years but would definitely go back now. Better snacks and the infinity Coke machines are great improvements as well.

Nicole Smith

The concession gave me burnt hotdogs and tried call them well done

Monica Skinner

Awesome Movies and rewards, Love Tuesdays 5 dollars

Sherri Comp

There was a note on the door when we arrived saying the fryer was down and there was no fried food available. When we got inside, there was also no pizza of any kind and no pretzels. The bathrooms were atrocious. The only good part was the actual theater and the seats.

Anthony Bishop

Nice movie theater. Clean. Cheap. Big comfy recliner seats.

Empress Asantaawa teagle

Great recling seat. Spacious extremely area

Dawn Wilkerson

One of my favorite theaters. Reclining seats.

eSpacioShop com

Weird there was a police officer and on top of that, she did not allow me to bring my water battle inside the theater.

Monster Hunter

No bug and the seats feel great

N Walston

I would give it 5 stars but the concessions are 75 people deep with a 1hr wait with 2 employees serving. Now if you pay $20 a month you can stand in a VIP line for concessions with no wait. I know that most theaters in the US make a profit from concessions. If you go to this theater bring your own snacks. Dont miss your movie.

Black Girls Watch

This is our local theater. I feel they could be cleaner between movies. The rug has a slight order. There's never any toilet paper in the bathrooms and they are not fresh and clean.

Charles Cadwallader

Love this theater! Great seats!

Chris Chrissy

Do not bring your children here. The female security guard is very unprofessional and very aggressive. She's an armed guard so she'll definitely scare a child with all of the aggression and the gun. Not a good place for children

amanda brown

If you’re looking for a place with a realistic climate of agrabah to watch Aladdin this is the place to go! Just make sure you don’t take your chocolate candy in to see the movie because it will melt. After being in the theater for 10 minutes everyone in the row of seats I was in were complaining it was hot. There was literally sweat rolling down my face. After going out to the desk to ask them to put the air on I was told “whenever I get a minute” okay I get it. I work in a business that can get extremely busy and it takes me a minute to do something but not a whole movie length of time. Not only was the air not turned on but the chocolate candy we had was completely melted. Maybe they were aiming for a realistic temperature to imitate being in a desert but I personally would rather have not felt like that. Maybe they keep it that hot to prevent the apparent bed bug issue they had before

Jasmine Jones

Good enough movie theater, comfy reclining seats, scary armed security guard up front though. I get it. But for some reason it made me feel the opposite of secure. I know it's necessary. It's just a hard look in the mirror for America.

tat sumaru

Good service, security guard at the front always makes us feel warm and welcomed. I only knocked a star off because there is a lot of chairs that dont recline or dont recline all the way back.

e harmon

Fresh popcorn makes the movie experience better

Jen Treacy

Went tonight to see the Grinch with my daughter! First the line was very long at the concession stand that we couldn’t wait and went right to the movie , not enough people working behind the counter ! I had to come back and get popcorn in the middle of the movie. Then I finally get popcorn and drinks , there’s no frozen drinks at all, all run out ! There was no lids left for the regular cup size , had to carry drinks into theater with no lids , oh and no straws! Then there was no napkins and the girl was rude to me behind the counter when i told her there was none left!!! When i finally get back to the movie, my daughter is sitting up off the back of the chair cause she heard of the bed bugs somebody posted on fb!!!

Brian Rozarto

Everything about this location has gone down the drain. I definitely, absolutely with doubt drive 45 minutes to go to a better location. Its like the "hood" in there now..... An extension of 69th street if you can remember that fiasco!!! NO THANKS

Shan- Bam

Love the big recliner chairs so much space in between rows. Great perks with the membership card too! Love it

John M

Rocketman, one of the best movie experiences I can remember!

Sherita Baylis

They had flaming hot Cheetos popcorn Omg

Nita Marts

I love this place. Just an example of AMAZING.

James Ayala

Love this theater. Wouls be 5 stars if they would fix seats and needles that stick out of them when the arm rest is raised..... Dangerous AF.

Eileen Tengco

At first, I liked the assigned seats and recliner chairs. The theater was clean and movie was good. But my husband's chair did not recline because it was broken. The women's bathroom was disgusting since toilet paper would not come out. People made messes trying to get it to come off roll or just left a mess. My husband said the men's bathroom was fine.

Steve Mccolgan

The recliners did not go up all the way and I left there feeling itchy. Definite pass from now on.

MelBlendz Da Barber

Avengers Endgame had me in my bag

Charlotte Calloway

Had a great time with my church. We saw Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral. The movie was crazy and I got the rewards card.

Bonnie Womack

We were in theater 3 my seat was broken and very uncomfortable. But the movie was great!! My back and neck was in so much pain.

Edna Ricks

First time going there and I enjoyed myself. The screen was huge and I had a blast!! The refreshment area smelt so good. Nice place for good movies.

Dr.K Gustafson

Starting to get a bit dated. Staff is so-so.

Donna Jean Betha

Theater 4 was dirty and I had to get someone to clean our area 2nd time I have gone through this

Ryan Nicholson

New Fast & Furious movie was great

Quiana Jones

I chose this movie theatre for my kids first movie experience to see angry birds and it was horrible, the lines was packed , the cashier rushed my order and I had to wait for fresh popcorn just for it to taste burnt what a waste of money ! Not to mention it was trash in our original seats never again

Cynthia Holstein

If you going to the movies, this is the place to go. The reclining chairs are the most comfortable, it's like sitting in your own living room. The best way to go is too buy the movie membership, every Tuesday it's only 5.00 with the pass. You also get a discount on your snacks with the pass, and every 50 dollars spent you get 5 back!!!

Staisha Glenn

Trash customer service. Pretty sure I lost my wallet there but no one will pick up the phone to confirm. I’ve called 17 times.

John Joerger

The popcorn tasted like it has been sitting out all weekend. I had to try three soda machines before I got coke with any syrup in it. Found our seats and there was not enough height for my wife to see over the back of the seat in front of us. The women next to us didn't shut up the whole time (not the theaters fault but still has happened every time I'm there). The best part of our experience was the wonderful woman with Down Syndrome who took our tickets, she was very sweet. I have family with Down Syndrome and I always like when businesses support them.

Geralyn St Joseph

Big beautiful screen, decent seats, $5 Tuesday. The popcorn was disappointing though. They seemed a bit understaffed. Will try again and see if they do better next time. I know this theater was once the pride and joy of AMC.

Carol S

Marple is usually our go to spot, lately they have been missing the mark. From AC issues to running out of food items. Also no supplies ( cups & lids) and bathroom OOO without any answers on how long.

Kareem G.

Satisfying, comfortable seats make this place worth recommending. Limited food, but you really shouldn't be buying theater food anyway.

Isabela Moreno

Id rate 5 stars if it wasnt for the ignorant security guard. Its one thing when you’re protecting people in the theater but theres a difference between invading someone’s space & keeping the theater safe. Ruins the whole experience. Cant even leave the theater to go to the bathroom without being questioned .

Sharon Dittus

They need to replace their seats they getting worn and some of them are broken.

Tiny Gang

Everything here is amazing except for one rude customer and it wasn’t there fault

Good boy points

Foods great I go there a ton and it never lets down

Maria Chacon

I love reserved seating & recliner seats.

Blessing Worjloh

I love the movie, and the popcorn was good .

Sadie Carfagno

Used to love this theatre and online reserving seats. My reserved seats were taken, movie had just started so I did not want to interrupt and ask them to move. Chair I ended up with was broken and stuck upright. Terrible movie experience.

yexing de

overly priced but clean. has reclining seats

Sonya Hughes

Extremely clean, friendly staff, the theater seats were recliner seats that you can control the back of the seat as well as the foot rest. I loved the self serve for soft drinks. This was my best experience at a movie theater .

Deborah Simms

Could be more kid friendly with package deals on snacks for children

Terry Halligan

What a great movie theater

Brittany Carter

Friendly staff and lots of options at the concession. Bonus: reclining seats that still left space for ppl to be able to walk pass!!!

Reginald Benson

Great location with plenty off free parking.

Annie Hasselhan

The theater is great but staff needs to monitor the movie more. There were 2 children in our auditorium who shouldn't have been there! They were too young (guess the parents were too cheap to get a sitter!) and they made noise the entire time. People kept shushing them! Parents should have taken those kids OUT! RUDE!! If a staff member had been walking around they would have picked up on it. And I could have complained without having to leave the theater!


Amazing. I watched Avengers: Endgame here and the reclining seats are amazing. Highly recommend.

1life 2live

Nice recliners in the theater. The place could use some updating. It took forever to get tickets. One cashier and the 3 electronic screens to get ure tickets were all out of use.

Tom Burgoon

The movie screens are good and the chairs are comfortable. But the building is showing signs of age and use. It could use a good cleaning and maybe some repairs. Also the concession stand is slow, not sure if it was understaffed or if they just added to many items that need to be made as they are ordered.


It's solid there, but they need to have people check during the movies once in a while. I've been there for three movies in the past month. The first movie was fine, but the second had a group of drunks screaming the entire time until I had to uncomfortably walk over and tell them to shut the hell up. Shockingly, I didn't get jumped. Stupid thing for me to even do. Second time, a man and woman brought their highly autistic child to a movie. What are you doing? My cousin is autistic. Special needs children typically have to go to different showings because of the stimulants from noise, lights, etc. This kid was going crazy. He was terrified. He ran in front of us for 75% of the showing. The theater started with 10 people. It ended with 3. My wife, myself and his father. Finally, his father screamed at the child, hit him and told the mother to take him out. I asked for a manager to complain about this and one never came. Waited 20 minutes. Missed 20 minutes of the movie we saw, so I have no idea what happened. We should have just left. I'd give it less stars, but .... I'll wait.

Sharon White

The service was good: ticket person, the person who take the ticket, and food court. The theatre is clean.

Danielise Santiago

Great theater! Nice and small and cozy!

Cheryl B

It was a small theatre but nice seat. But please check them they are starting to split. Also, they need help at the food counter..too slow. Please keep it clean.


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