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REVIEWS OF AMC Marlton 8 IN Delaware

James Michael

Don't know what to say thats not been said already... Its a decent theater with comfy seats. Of course popcorn and the drinks are just over priced no matter which theater you go to.. Jokes on you though, I don't like to eat while watching a move !

crosa1988 .

Love the theater. I just wish there were more screens to get to watch other movies. They only have eight. I love movies. I try to watch at least 2-3 a week.

Josh Dayer

Super movie at super place around! Watch joker last weekend. it was awesome experience watching movie at leisure. Enjoy comfy seat with popcorn and coke. They really provide good customer service, actually we were late but they got us ticket somehow!

Chai Respes

The smell of mold in the theater was too much

Thom van Tijn

One of the best movie theaters in the area. All the seats are super comfortable, the theaters are all a great size.

Tom Davanzo

I have never been to anything quite like it. The large plush reclining seats were a welcome change. Larger cupholders were nice, very few fit my phone size! The theater was clean, the screen was clear, the audio was loud albeit slightly muffled. The food was solid and they deliver to your seat!

Jenn Kane

Did not even get to see the movie we got tickets for that was supposed to start 15 minutes ago. Have NEVER seen a staff SO rude as the staff and manager named BRIAN (refused to give a last name or specific job title), the ticket taker who smiled and said bye with a snotty high school attitude. I understand when certain things are out of the control of even a manager but in this case, i think you could have actually done something. You know what? I'm happy that you like your job buddy. How about you learn a thing or two about guest service from yourself AND your employees. Yeah. Bye felicia to you too. And AMC corporate, if you see this i really hope that you handle this management and staff problem.

rick wentura

Better than Regal in Moorestown. Plus, the seats recline all the way back. Very comfortable.

Stewy 4198

Clean reserved seating is nice. People stealing ur "reserved" seats is common tho and no ushers in each theater makes it hard to police

Mark Mattson

Decent theater, I like the reserved and the recliners. They were a bit narrow I thought, I'm a big guy but not huge and they were, snug. Sound was great, theater clean all and all I'd go back.

W Smith

Nothing to complain about. Nice concessions and very comfy reclining chairs that u reserve. Like enjoying a movie in your home

Kate S.

Our favorite place for movies You can buy in advance/choose nice leather recliner seats A good selection of snacks Most people, even with kids!! are very respectful and we always enjoy watching movies here

Candace Chapman

Theater has been redone and they made what was great even better!! I wont see a movie anywhere else.

Rocketships Rule

Chairs are comfy and recline and the popcorn is average.

Troy Scott

Prime theater is an experience of different kind like no other. Ordering ahead keeps me out of the lobby to get the full experience of the theater.


Clean and Comfortable reclining leather chairs, great place to see the latest and best movies AMC Theaters has to offer. Staff are very friendly and well trained! Definitely an enjoyable experience!

Orlando Perez Sr

Always a nice place to go watch a movie. Prime Movies are awesome with the great seats and features they include.

Caiti Weiser

I suppose it was only a matter of time, but the beautiful brand new reclining chairs are starting to show some wear and tear. But they still work just fine. I like this theater because of the chairs and the fact that you can order concessions to be delivered to your seat at the beginning of the movie. The chairs recline all the way back, and they still left plenty of room to walk through the aisles without disturbing other people. It's also the closest theater to me. Usually I only see movies with my kid here, because they never have any indie movies, or any other movies I want to see. They have the normal concessions-- popcorn, nachos, candy, a freestyle coke machine. They also have a few other things like fries, chicken fingers, soft pretzel. But it's not like a full restaurant menu.

Dave Donovan

Good place to see a movie. The chairs are comfortable and can recline and there's plenty of leg room.

Melissa Smith

Me and my family went to this theater to see The Lion King the movie was great and the facility was very clean and very comfortable they have the reclining chairs

Dave Huttner

Long time establishment in South Jersey had been re done looks great , reserved seating, clean and well kept

James Beecham

Its clean and the reclining seats are so comfortable..

John Ackley

Power recliners and not a huge theater. Makes you feel very comfortable.

val erie

The seats are awesome and so comfortable food was pretty nasty as expected really at any movie theater. The best part is the seats. The theater was clean and roomy. Great time.

Vilmarie Ruiz

I love the recliner chairs they were super comfortable! It was not over packed. Hence no need to race to the door after the movie.

Julia Garramone

Always go here when I want to see a movie. Workers are always nice the moment you walk in and when you walk out. Clean bathrooms and environment.

Esmeralda Acevedo

Affordable during the morning and recliner seats I love

Sameera Nizami

Usually very enjoyable to watch a movie at. Sometimes it is dirty but that's only been once. The food choices are better, so my kids enjoy it more.

Michael M

Efficient, friendly service. They do a great job of keeping the theaters clean. My only complaint is not being able to get a popcorn refill after the movie when watching a late show.

Jim Carra

The quality of the screen was terrible. It made the picture look blurry and it was obvious. This AMC should have been a Dollar Theater. Maybe then I wouldnt have felt ripped off. First and last time I'll be at this Theater. AMC should be ashamed.

Cheryl Ross

My favorite place to go. The seats are comfy. The employees are super nice and friendly.

Elizabeth Boerner

What can you say about a movie theater? A lot, when it comes to the human aspect! My granddaughter and I wanted to see a specific movie, but when we arrived, it was sold out. The cashier recommended an alternate movie, which would start in an hour. I am handicapped and handicapped seating can be an unpleasant experience at times. The cashier immediately called her manager, to which the manager worked her magic! We now had handicap seating. While waiting to go into the theater, my granddaughter and I shared soda and popcorn. While we sat in the lobby, the manager stopped to see if we were comfortable and,needed anything. While approaching the theater to view the movie, a security guard held the doors for us as we ambled in, with a smile! The people made our experience a true delight.

Gregory Bain

Better place to watch a movie. Seats reserved and fully recline. Place is surprisingly clean considering people are pigs.

Vernon R

Came in 10mins before show time and I got a good seat in the middle

Robert Griffith

I love coming here! I like the way the seats are situated in the theaters, all on one level it feels like your at home watching the movie even if your close you aren't straining your neck. The seats recline they have really good food(crazy expensive, I haven't found a theater with cheap food prices soooo) and every Tuesday they have 5 movies all day.

Sabrina Morales

Very best experience when you use the app provided to purchase everything before hand.


Me and my wife experienced a thrill ride on a comfortable reclining seat. The knocks and booms, and ground shaking earthquake flying, if I keep wrting It'll take an hour. No noise, no phones just a pure movie experience. Pick a day or better yet, treat yourself to a matinee. Try it, you'll like it.

Moon pie

They got kittle boxes to put pocirn in, also there was one employee who was super nice and gave us some extra popcorn, will be returning.

Sandra Roarty

Nice theater and great reclining seats.

Kat S

This is my favorite movie theater. They have a good selection of movies to see. They have plenty of snack options, even though they are a bit expensive. I like how you can order your tickets online to reserve a seat. The chairs recline back far and are very comfortable.

Alan Lee

Clean, comfortable, lots of parking, great seating and sound. Oh, yeah, very friendly staff. I enjoy attending this cinema.

Joshua Melendez

This place gotten a lot better since it got a make over. Been awhile now but it's still good

Mary ann DePasquale

My movie was great however, I hit a hugh pot hole in the parking lot. Due to not enough lights in parking lot. The young people were polite and helpful! Proud of them all

Frederick Ortiz

Just too far to get to compared to other theaters, but the chairs are comfortable

Rick Arrowood

The reclining chairs are awesome. $16 for a large popcorn and soda...kinda ridiculous.

john mastrobuoni

One of my favorite Theaters to enjoy a good movie and just relax on their Wonderful reclining seat

Nekoda Phillips

Clean. Smooth. Fast. Great Movie.

Allen Hall

Often they will only show a movie in the new Prime theater and not the regular theater. If it's only going to be one type of theater, it should start with the regular one. Prime is a joke. The seats vibrate so loudly that you can't even concentrate on the movie you are watching. And Prime seats don't fully recline so it's very uncomfortable. I walked out of a movie 30 minutes in because they would vibrate so loudly even on the quietest rumble. It's a stupid gimmick like 3D. Typical American movie-goer can't appreciate quality movies nor pay attention for more than 5 minutes so they have to vibrate the damn seats. Other issues I have are with the unsanitary food service they have here. Employees do not use gloves while handling food and when they get the popcorn, they stick there grimy hands in the bag while they pour it in so it touches their hands.

Dracos Auron

Friendly staff and comfortable seats. And if you're looking for a date night, the arm rest on the connecting chairs raises to let you be closer to your mate.

FlyingUnicorn YT

Toy story 4 was a dark (sad) movie but the amc was comfu

Jason's Collection

Best Theater I've ever been to. Prime seating is the way to go!!!!

Joe McAdam

Comfortable, roomy recliners, very reasonable ticket prices. Great venue for families with kids to catch a matinee. AMC nailed the concept of comfortable movie viewing at this theater.

Stephanie Wilkins

Loved it. Very easy to get around with my cane. Comfy seats Prime theater adds the extra element

Dennis Hardies

Three of four hot butter machines were empty at an early evening showing. Many of the staff were standing around not doing much of anything.

Debasis Kar

This is one of the best AMC in south jersey. It has all the recliner seats and you can reserve your seat.

Craig Murchison

Best theater in the area. Plus it has reserved and receiving seats

lior tiano

Very comfortable and friendly AMC of my neighborhood

Daniel Edmonds

I'm better at this now. The 8 means there are 8 theatres.

david williams

Great seats. Polite and courteous staff. Always clean.

Alan Lee

Clean, comfortable, lots of parking, great seating and sound. Oh, yeah, very friendly staff. I enjoy attending this cinema.

Linda Hopkins

The theater auditorium is so nice. The reclining chairs make viewing the movie so awesome!!

anastasia fabian

Small and quaint drinks, popcorn, candy. Very nice for small children.

Andrew Cabezas

*possible Endgame spoiler* Great location. Never had issues, seating is great, sounds great, staff is good... that being said I gave this 3 stars and not 5 because of an employee who ruined the end scene of Avengers Endgame. Wont get into details because I dont want to spoil it but this employee kind of annoyed me with what he did. Like come on man... dont do that to people.


Great friendly service and very clean theater's

Troy Sargent

This is a great movie theater. The ability to pick your own seat beforehand is a godsend. No more rushing to get there and hoping for a good seat. They have installed the reclining chairs and have even included the premium rumble seats in one particular screen. The food options have increased. The best thing is probably the flat bread pizza. On my next visit I will give the cheeseburger sliders a whirl. You pay extra to be an AMC insider, but the perks are certainly worth the premium prices.

James Raup

You guys ever sit in a sticky recliner? I just did. Everything else was nice though.

Kristoffer Alexander

Great atmosphere, and clean. New reserved, leather, reclining seats. $5 Tuesdays.

Jennifer Thomas

Love it here! This is the only theater my family and I go to.

DoDaDooF __

Best seats and concessions move much faster than expected.

Matt Wishart

The recliner seats were great, but they have not maintained them well at all. For they price of movie tickets I shouldn't have to sit in seats with rips in them and that are dirty as these seats are.

Tony LaTorre

It's getting a little out-dated. My date's seat was ripped at the top. The seats are still very comfortable though. The overall experience wasn't bad, would just like to see some maintenance done.

Michael Edlund

Enjoyed the clean and friendly movie theater.

Daniel J Francois

It's a pretty great movie theater. Great sounds and great seating! Love every time I come here!

Natalia Andeliz

Good Movie Theatre, but if your are going to see an R-rated movie you need to be with someone 21 or older or you need to be 17 or older. If not they will not let you in. I guess its a new rule.

Joel Berenbaum

Nice lounge-style reclining seats [and rais-able hand rests for love seat.] My seat neighbors to Captain Marvel brought a heavy blanket. I think it worked for them because the movie ended and they were asleep on each other.

Charlie Moffa

Great theater, love the recliners!

Bryan Hinshillwood

Was seeing Rocket Man awesome movie

Cozmic Pyro

Nice employee's and the theater and bathrooms were clean!!

Caroline Hurley

Awesome seating with plenty of room to lay back in the recliners. Best movie theater open to in a long time.

Ryan Hvisdas

A little overpriced like most movie theaters. Nothing really special here. The popcorn is good and it serves to just buy the largest version since theres a dollar difference between the two. Other than that, it is basically like every other theater in the area.

Norma Ramos

Parking lot was full of pot holes. Theater was warm and muggy. Not impressed.

Blake LastName

An excellent theater, amazing seats. Friendly staff. The theater sizes are great!


Comfy environment. They have reclining chairs and let you put your own butter on the popcorn. The only down side is you can here the base from other movies playing next door. If you have sensitive ears bring ear plugs. You can bring in unopened water bottles. I recommend bringing blankets for the best cozy experience.

Lawrence Blumberg

Reclined, relaxed, and enjoyed the movie. Great viewing experience! Slight issue with the closed captioning device my father wanted to use. They needed to remind employees (in front of us..) to keep the devices charged. Had to leave movie three times to deal with it. Gave us free, next-time passes to another movie which was cool - but a simple device charge would've made the experience better. Awesome theatre otherwise.

Michael Brown

Awesome seats and sound quality

Ade' Amir

My favorite chill spot

Matt Grim

Very nice theater. The chairs in the theater we were in reclined and we had reserved seats that we bought ahead of time. Prices are high for tickets, food and drinks but you can expect that for any movie. We did go to to an earlier show so that may have saved some money. Also I had a coupon from T-Mobile that gave us a discounted ticket. But all in all, a nice experience and I recommend this theater highly. Haven't been a fan a going out to the movies for a long time but this visit helped me change my mind about movie theaters somewhat. We had water, popcorn and a medium drink that cost under $20.

Tracy Gooden

The best movie theaters around, I specially love the big recliner seats. That rumble when the good sound effects happens.

Adrienne Lewis

Love this place! The seats are so comfortable! I almost fell asleep!

carmen perez

If you are a pay stub insider you get in line for food before anyone else does and you can have your food dropped of to you at your seats. Well worth the monthly price.

Erik Vagen

Good customer service. Clean. Great location. Limited seating though in some theatres.

Jeffrey Fitzpatrick

Great time with the kids watching Avengers endgame.

Frances Gainey

Loved it! Big comfortable seating

Dennis Primeaux

Clean and good seating.

Gene Hazlett

Nice & clean theater! The reclining seats are very comfortable!


Some of the positives about this movie theater are reserved seating and relatively comfortable armchairs. I have seldom, if at all, had any neck or back issues sitting in a chair for prolonged periods of time. A couple negatives I have for AMC Marlton 8 pertain to restroom space and food variety. The women's restrooms would be better if the stalls were a bit wider, and an additional sink were added. Regarding food, it's the usual stuff found in your average movie theater, and for me that's a problem. As someone who does her best to make healthier food choices wherever she goes, it can be frustrating at times to find the only foods available which are high in protein are also high in saturated fat or sodium. It's for that reason I don't get anything to eat when I'm there. It would be great if this location offered premium options like other AMCs more dine-in in nature; maybe some could even be vegetarian or vegan.

Blake Hoot

Saw the movie in Prime 3d and it couldn't have been better. Rumbling seats and amazing sound!

Lydia Williams

I am disabled. Staff opened a door for me closer to the film I came to see. She was very kind. Overall great expetience

gigi freeman

I really don't like setup of the seats because if the people in front of you don't recline back you have a problem viewing the whole movie screen, especially for shorty like myself.

Megan Upham

Comfy seats ! Great service! And they are great with keeping spoilers from leaving the theater as new people are entering

rebecca johnson

Good movies good food

Teck teck

To whom it may concern, Last weekend opening weekend of the End game movie, my son and I visited your establishment where I purchased A large collectable bucket popcorn and a large drink. In the midst of one of the staff filling the popcorn. A few pieces of popcorn fell on the counter and the staff member (who was originally at the register where I stood waiting for my food) Picked up the pieces that feel out of the popcorn bucket on to the counter with his bare hand and put the popcorn pieces back into my sons popcorn bucket. When the young man attempted to hand me the bucket of popcorn I confronted him in front of another staff member, a female older woman possible a Manager. The young man initially denied putting the popcorn that fell on the counter located near the pop corn station back in the popcorn bucket, as well as with his bare hand. However, once I told the young man I seen him with my own eyes he said "oh did I do that? " and apologized and dumped the popcorn in the trash where I can see and I followed him to the other side and I watched him re fill the bucket...Again with no gloves!! The woman standing next to him seem to be of authority because once she looked at him he then decided to admit what he did. However she did not offer me a refund on the 20$ purchase I just made or on the 26$ tickets I paid for in advance. Nor did she apologize for her Staff's unsanitary handling of customers food! My son and did not feel comfortable eating the food so he had no snack during the 3 hour movie. I do not plan on returning to this establishment and I would like to discuss reimbursement of the tickets and food, Thank you.

Michael Gordon

Clean, courteous staff, great amenities and picture/sound. Saw Avengers: Endgame x5 Very comfortable seats!

Kat Carr

The first theater that spoiled me with the comfortable and reclining seating!

Cindy C

Comfortable reclining seats and great sound.

Darlene Benson

Great Matinee prices. Good service!

Roy Burton

I can only speak for the AMC Prime outfitted theaters, but I've seen two movies there and the experience is incredible! My only gripe with this location is that they don't have enough folks staffing the refreshment booth - it takes way too long to get popcorn/soda.

Frank Bradley

Just watched The Lion King in 3D with Surround Sound & IMAX size Screen. Omg Fantastic. The Seats Rumbled with the Thunder & Music. Special Effects Galore - Fantastic Atmosphere. Fun for Family & Friends

Steve Mills

Great movies, great chairs, great peace and quiet for 2 hours

James Reed

The movie theater feels like it did about 20yrs ago. It's neither good nor bad it just feels really outdated. I had gotten pretzel bites and a soda, the pretzel bites were just awful. They were very greasy and were hard.

David Bauer

I usually go to UA Washington Township for movies. Ended up here because my friend, whom I was taking with me, lives closer to Marlton. I had accidently bought tickets for AMC Deptford and the employee was able to transfer my tickets to this theater, which was awesome. But I do have a few minor complaints. The screen seemed, I dunno, dirty I guess? It was nowhere near as clear as when I saw Endgame the first time at another theater. And the reclining chairs were pretty loud. Some of the more suspenseful quiet parts of the movie weren't the same with people adjusting chairs, sounding like someone was blowing a raspberry. Not terrible by any means, but there's room for improvement is all I'm saying.

Gwenn Mitchell

Clean, comfortable seating, friendly & helpful staff, nice snack choices. I am a popcorn fan and Marlton 8 does not disappoint!

Ricky D

My favorite place to see a movie. Clean, and reserved seating!!

Louis Vargas

Great seating cozy lil theater, not too many people which is great, and concession snack service quick very recommended!

Jessica Castro

AMC Marlton 8 has the friendliest staff, the quickest concession lines, and the cleanest bathrooms I had ever seen. With their feature fare, you can also order hot food. They have mobile ordering which makes it easier to enjoy your movie experience. I can order my food before I get to the theater, and they deliver it to my seat with a smile. This is the best AMC ever!

Tay Bay

It was nice, easy to get into, not confusing. The workers were really nice and the bathrooms were incredibly clean.

Chris Shellenberger

Clean theater. Friendly staff. The concession prices are too high. Comfortable seats.

Omar Rivera

Love this theater, comfortable recliners, great screens and sound. And lot's of good food options nearby.

Rich Breimann

Nice seats at this theatre that allow you to lounge back with your feet up

Beverly Carson

The prime movie was a great experience.

Scott Gross

Best Movie Theatre in my opinion. The seats recline and are so comfortable, plus they bring the food to your seats for you. We saw the prerelease of ToyStory-4 this night. I don’t bother going to any other movie place anymore...this is the best place!

Scott Little

Comfy recliners and super friendly crew. Thanks

Keisha Sonpon

The place is big and the attendees are nice. There are reclining seats.

Meki D.

Absolutely love this theatre and the service and staff are amazing!! ❤️


the movie theater is nice but outside in the parking lot is completely dark there is no light at all it is very dangerous and scary something should be done about the parking lot light but everything else service was excellent thank you Marlton New Jersey on route 73

Lauren Kott

This theater has reclining seats and a good number of theaters that I've never had an issue getting tickets for a show I want to see. Some of the seats are getting a little ratty after 6 plus years of use but they're still comfortable and I always prefer to go to this theater over any others in the area

Drew H.

The theater is still clean and comfortable but the food is soooooo expensive! A hot dog is 1 penny short of $13!! Good Lord, a ballpark hotdog isn't that expensive!! This is why a family can't take their kids to the theater as often as they would like. Some of the parking lot is not very well lit.

rich muniz

Nice clean courteous staff

Denean Faulkner

Like it alot. Love the recliners

Lawrence Nolan

Reserved in advance seating, modern theater with power recliners, shopping center parking, pervasive bass sound made the action movie I saw (Spider-Man 2 Far From Home) feel realistic. I enjoyed my time there.

Steven Evert

I had a great time here. I found the staff to be helpful and courteous. The theater was clean and the seats were extremely comfortable with plenty of room. It was like watching a movie in your recliner.

Raquel Tirado

Reclining chairs. Perfect soundtrack. Kind staff. Very clean theater. It's the perfect place to go with your family, on a date, or with your friends.

Ivette Rodriguez

$5 Tuesday Movie Night was awesome. Ordered tickets in advance and went straight to kiosk to print. The bathroom was immaculate. The concession line moved quickly and was clean. My popcorn was fresh and I liked the variety of candy available. The theater seat was clean but it was ripped. The theater was clean and there weren’t any crowd disruptions.

Ryan Wenzler

Seats didnt recline at first but girl at front desk came and fixed them in no time. Seats were comfy but popcorn was stale and over salted. Could barely eat all of it

Toni Kilroy Harrison

Clean theater, great seats, food was good

earl hyatt

Great reserved seats, plush reclining leather. Picture and sound quality is excellent. The reclining seats do put your legs at an angle that can empty your pockets as you fidget around during those 3-hour sessions, so be careful. I have to give major props to the staff here, because I realized my expensive wireless earbuds in their slippery little capsule had slithered out of my pocket while watching the latest too-long Hollywood release. I called the theater the next day and the very nice gentleman went directly to my seat and retrieved them for me! They were waiting for me with my name on them, and they even had me sign that I received them. Very thorough and professional, it shows they really care about customer service. Kudos!


Great movie theater with reclining chairs. Super friendly workers always seem happy to serve you. Self serve soda machines are a huge plus in my book. Theater is always clean and the bathrooms are always in order. The popcorn always takes the cake. This is my favorite movie theater to go too.

Debra Spinelli

Just watched Toy Story 4! Very good movie!

Tracy Cossabone

First time to this theater in YEARS. It was clean, good popcorn, and self serve Coke Freestyle machines.

Lauren Mathews

My favorite theater in the area... love to reserve seats ahead of time online and have no rush to get there to find seats for my family! Always clean, staff always friendly.

Dana Tarquini

Nice theater. Great seats.


Nice seats and price was fabulous!

Caj moto

Best time with tha love of my life. Glad our first movie together happen here. Very laidback

NicoleGarman GarmanFamily

We love going here!

Helen L

Reserved seating, comfortable leather reclining seats, friendly staff, and quick service. Standard movie ticket prices - $6 mornings, $11 afternoons, and $13 nights. $5 Tuesdays, food/drink upgrades, and waived online reservation fees with AMC Stubs program.

Joanne Engel

Love the comfy reserved seating. Always book through Fandango. My AMC Stubs membership makes Fandango free (fees waived). Pass is sent to your phone. Movie going has never been easier or more comfortable.

Kin Chau

The theater is old. The seats covers are ripped and the place also has a smell.

linda sanchez

Seating was great....not over run with loud people. Staff was pleasant. They have accommodations for handicapped as well as handicapped requiring wheelchairs or scooters

Jennifer Woody

Beautiful place but not enough restrooms


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