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REVIEWS OF AMC Cherry Hill 24 IN Delaware

Honest Review Guy

Management and also Jermaine the cashier are very professional accommodating and polite! Food was good fresh hot. The juice was perfect & pizza were good as well.

Bright Life Essentals llc

I treated myself to a movie during my business trip. It was a spontaneous decision at the last minute but definitely worth my time. The staff was pleasant, the bathroom was clean, and the popcorn was popping!!! #Hustler JLo did her thing as usual. She is an amazing actress❤

D.M. B.

I went to a 1pm showing of The Goldfinch on a Saturday. They had the ticket machines in front, but some were out of order or partially functioning. This resulted in a duplicate transaction & I had to see guest services for a refund, which went smoothly. The staff I interacted with were very friendly despite somewhat long lines & only one concession stand being open & one ticket register. I'm not sure if the popcorn is freshly popped because an employee refilled the popcorn case with popcorn from a giant plastic bag. It still got the job done, but it wasn't as good as popcorn I've had at other theaters. The ladies room looked clean, but the stalls smelled like urine/ the men's room. I had to make sure I was in the right place, LOL! The actual theater was clean & outdated. The seats reclined, but not mechanically, which was a let down. They're doing construction, so maybe they'll be adding the mechanical seats that make me feel like I'm watching a movie on the couch or in bed at home. I'd return if they're showing a movie at a desired time, but otherwise, I'd pass.


Staff and service is good but I can't stand going here because of the unchaperoned kids and teens that are always allowed to be talking, carrying on and goofing around regularly. Myself as well as all most of my friends avoid this theater for that reason.

Jean Cruz

Maybe I growing up in a different country where the theater was a regular thing (and reasonably priced) is making this review biased, but the experience is just not worth it. My wife and I paid $18 for a large popcorn and 2 bottles of water, which quickly became an inside joke... until now. Other than that, it's what you can expect from Cherry Hill. There's nothing exceptional about the theater, and I would heavily consider paying the high fees again. Fill yourself up before your movie trip, or be ready to drop another ticket for food. I would not recommend it.

Karla Moreira

This place is so expensive i only come on tuesdays. I can buy the same candy in the dollar store for less. I feel like this place needs to be updated

Avi Lazar

The theatre is fine, but needs to be refreshed. They are still using old style least its stadium seats. The speakers are bad. Was watching Rocketman and i commented to my wife that we would have enjoyed the sound on our home system way more

Robert Thorpe

Saw godzilla on the imax. Best way to see that film. Will definitely add this theatre to my preferred venues

frank calise

It was an awesome theater and they had plenty of snacks before the movies and the show I seen was awesome John Wick 3 was awesome

KAREN Williams

The best action movie this summer. I rate the movie 10 Stars! When I say the best, I mean the BEST!

Pat Burke

The selection and showtimes are extensive, best in the area. The seats are normal other than their best theatre, which has the best recliners and love seats I've ever seen

Syiedah Childrey-Walker

The theater is old and needs to be updated. Some of the seats work and some don't. There were also a bunch of unsupervised children/teens running around and we had to get security. Also, you can't pick/reserve your seats which you can actually do at other AMC's. Won't be going back any time soon.

-Alpha Highs-

The two things that this theater needs is a good cleaning and recliner seating. The Theater itself is fairly clean, but the soda machines and butter machines are always oily, trashy with cups and plastic wraps, etc. The recliner seating speaks for itself. It's a good theater with nice staff, which is why I'll only take off 1 star.

Wanda McClary

Chairs did not recline as my has much as I would have like for the Dolby viewing experience but huge comfortable seats and theater.

nurmess hohthree

The staff was friendly, there is plenty of well lit parking. The whoel atmosphere is good. You know to bring food because of the insane prices but that is not the actual theaters fault.

Pete M.

This used to be such a great theater. It has really gone down hill over the last few years. Everything from the lobby to the seats is completely worn and uninviting. The bathrooms are dingy and the staff seems so blah. I recommend going to Moorestown or Marlton until AMC gives this place a makeover. The Cherry Hill location is so great so it’s a shame what has happened to this once lovely theater.

Sherley Nunez

Nice but so uncomfortable seat area terrible but so spacious

kijana wright

This was one of the nastiest movie theaters I have ever been to! The concession area was filthy, popcorn and butter every where, no napkins, and no reclining seats!!! Its a NO for me!!


My opinion, I think this theater can be amazing once again. It needs a little renovating starting with the seating. The seat in the theaters smells funny and rude people put bubble gum all some of them. lighting in the roofs at the entrance used to be amazing now they're just switched Off. Theater 22 the screen was a bit grainy.

Dave Huttner

So I have this 1 star because this place has really fell taken a turn for the worse, it's not kept up to well, the lines are always long and crowds of people just hang out in the parking lot. There are several other better theaters around, my personal suggestion is go there..

Carolyn Allen

Nice theater, comfortable seats, VERY helpful & nice employees, will be returning

Ray Scheffler

Nice employees. Clean bathrooms. Dated inside; there are nicer theaters.

Johnesa Smith

The staff was very polite. The movie theater was very nice & clean. The food was done quickly & was hot. I am definitely going there again.

Michelle Davis

Not overly crowded. Great selection of movies. Coke freedom machine is a plus.

Danielle Bushelle

The theater itself smells of urine, the seats are old and nasty and the over appearance is unsanitary. Then the movie played while the lights were on. By the time they finally came to turn off the lights the movie went off and they couldn't get it to work. 20 kmin later, still no movie and since it's my niece's birthday we asked for a refund and were told we should just wait for the movie, we asked for our money back and were denied saying I can't because you bought the tickets from Atom. I had to contact Atom directly and they did not even have the number. Save yourself some heartache and go to Marlton AMC. I will never make this mistake again:(


We had a great time. The intruder was what we when to see and it was on the floor good.

Vilmarie Ruiz

I watched the overcomer it was GREAT! I loved it. So not a chick flick. More of a family movie. Alot of great spiritual learning tips. Epsians 1&2 tells you what you mean to God. Yeah, I learned that in the movie. I didn't realize that until today.

Glory Cordero

The best place to go and chill with the family ❤️

Rebeca Jimenez

Been going here since I was a kid and I've never had any negative incidents with it. Still my favorite theater to go to.

Keith Herbert

A Beautiful new Dolby Style theater with comfortable seats, clear picture, and Booming Sound! New seats are leather w/separate adjustments for your head or feet! One of my new favorites.

Christopher Passamante

Great for a fun clean theater good management. Used to go there often when I lived in the Cherry Hill area, no nonsense they’re always policed well by Cherry Hill‘s finest.

Emily Cajigas

Like the theater, service was good, but women's bathroom was dirty and smell awful.

Samuel Hayes

Parking sucks. Theater was dirty. And the ticket sales employee had the nerve to card me for a rated R movie.I'm almost 40 years old. After standing in line to get tickets for ten minutes I had to go back to the car which was parked in the back of the lot on the side of the building. She said she only carded me because it was Advengers weekend? Whatever that means. The line for the popcorn literally stretches out the front door. Needs a better flowing lobby.

Stephen Phillips

love how many movies there are here. only thing holding it back from that 5th star is that it needs an upgrade. place has been looking the same for so many years. only thing they've actually added was the new fountain drinks machines.

beats by beanz

Went to watch endgame at a night screening. Only giving it 3 stars because the place was dirty. Popcorn on the floor, candy wrappers in cupholders. I expect some of that on a the weekend of a movie that was extremely packed. So that's why I decided to give it 4 stars. Place is good overall.

Saumya Srivastava

The theatre is fine but I could not get coffee here. They have several options for snacks and other aerated drinks but no coffee/tea.

Carmela Petty

It was very nice. Probably because of the time of day that my family went 2:40pm. Only one thing was strange, when you really in there was no concession areas open. So we're had to go to our sets & then send someone back so all wouldn't miss our feature film.

J. W. Piercy, III. جيرونيمو

Newly renovated theater was clean and quiet. The reclining seats were very comfortable. Snack bar had a lot of options. A nice addition to this movie theater complex.

Lakisha Maldonado

Horrible movie theater they keep going up on the prices but not up grading there seats carpet. I was so mad sitting in those disgusting seats watching the new Avenger movie. I put my hood on because I felt like I was going to get lice in my hair. Never will I ever waste money on that movie theater again.

Andre Jones

Great space and amazing quality. Pre ordered our tickets and eliminated our wait time!

J Wills

Big theatre with many screens. Seats are comfortable and place is clean. Saw Hustlers there.

Sam Poat

A really big probably the nicest AMC I have been to. They have a huge concession area and of course 24 movie screens. I found the chairs comfortable and the place relatively clean. It would have been nice to have bathrooms down each corridor rather than centrally located. There is plenty of parking and it was easy to purchase tickets.

Sophia Coleman

This theater has deteriorated over the years. The auditoriums are filthy! However customer service is great. Please renovate.

Mike Kramer

We came as a family to see Aladdin and enjoyed the movie as well as the theatre and staff. They are always friendly and helpful and with the # of movies playing we come here from Philly when we want to see a movie.

Marcus Julian Carbo

This place has really fallen off since it first opened. In fact it looks like nothing has be upgraded or up kept since it opened. The seats are worn and stained. The snack lines are congested and in the lanes of travel into the theaters. The bathrooms are a mess. And the theater itself smelled like a bathroom. Our theater hadn't been cleaned 30 minutes before showtime and since there was no assigned seating, no one was willing to get up and allow the cleaning crew in so it was pretty disgusting. Why the second star you say? Well, the staff was friendly and helpful. They are the bright part of this place. I only went here because the special event was only playing there so it's doubtful I'll go back anytime soon given the much nicer AMC theater near me.

Andrew Max

Theater was clean and the popcorn was hot. There is a bar type lounge at the theater. Bartender was pretty good.

Barry McIntyre

Theater is poorly designed with central bathrooms and concessions before ticket collection. This creates a choke point near the entrance that is required to go past the lines for restrooms or concessions. Restrooms had multiple fixtures out of order. Theater seemed clean. Will not be visiting this AMC again.

Scott Tritten

It's an AMC, like many others. The seats are not the new recliner style ones, there's no assigned seating, and the theaters could be cleaner. Those being said, it's a fine theater, and the closest one to my house. The small gripes are not enough to make it worth driving farther to a nicer one.


AMC CHERRY HILL 24 is a fine establishment where the employees are usually first to greet you on your endeavor to observe your desired film. Service is usually quick when getting your snacks and such. Nothing can be completely be perfect, but id say this is close enough to it.

Raymond Moore

Good place to watch a movie. Think it could be cleaned better. Always feels like something is crawling on me. Men's Bathroom can be taken care of better.

j mama

A+++ this is a great movie theater. They have recently renovated some of the theaters and I imagine that they will eventually remodel the entire place. Staff is always super helpful in this location. Maybe people have forgotten this theater with all the newer ones with reclining seats. This theater is still the best in my opinion!

Nicolas Outrey

Regular theater. Concessions are a bit messy, loads of toilets out of order when I was there. Staff is super nice though.

Harold Abaidoo-Ayin

The cinema was alright. Bathrooms were super clean. However, the auditorium was not as clean and had a slighty damp smell. I enjoyed the movie anyway

Chester Ivory III

With 24 state of the art theaters and a pretty good selection of drinks and food, Loews is one of my favorite theaters to go to. With the AMC stubs premier membership, the additional benefits make it even better. Lines move quick and movie times are plentiful with many first run movies playing on multiple screens.

Larry Riley

Good place to watch a movie. The employees are fantastic and helpful. The only problem is the seats don't recline but they are working on it.

Frederick Emmett

It's just okay. While I went there to see endgame the food and lines took forever. They need to have better crew staff. Also tje seats don't recline, that is a huge negative in my opinion. Do better with this location amc.

Roxanne D'Amato

Nice setup. Nothing to complain about accept the movie hahah. Defintely liked that this location appeared to have a very inclusive staff, which I thought was really cool.

Anthony Russell

Floors were sticky when I went to see the movie "US". Staff working the food area wasn't very professional. Sitting on the counter, wearing airpods. Never again. It's worth driving to Marlton, Hamilton or even Deptford

Roberta PETRO

I ordered tickets on fandango great movie but they need to upgrade there seats

Holly Sixx

Awesome family friendly movie theater!

Angela Milano

Took my kids recently to see Creed 2 & I get its's almost done being played in theaters, but they had it playing in one of the smallest theater rooms there. You have to purchase tickets online prior without the option to choose seats, which literally caused a situation of a complete shortage of seats. People were still trying to find a place to sit well after the movie had started, parents were putting their kids on their laps to free up a couple seats for people, I even saw some people just end up leaving. Not only did this cause distractions due to people moving around, asking if people could move so they could have a place to sit, etc...but it creates a safety hazard.

Desiirée Pérez

This theater is terrible starting when the machine reaches box office only 1 worked. The room was dirty and it was a heat apparently they had the heater on. The cold pop corn and the nasty Nacho sauce. I'm not going back to this place ever again. This theater is a garbage

Connie Cayon

Very nice place, great service. Clean++

Don Kearney

The movie was good... the theater was clean... the concession stand had fast nd friendly ppl working them

Mary McGBenu

It's not very clean, but they have $5 matinees on sunday mornings and the food/ snack collection is wide, including some healthier choices. The food usually costs us more than the tickets, even paying full price, but that is where theaters make their profits, so it's to be expected. They have great soda machines that I've never seen run out, a small video game assortment, and 24 theater rooms. Sadly, no recliners. Edit: select theaters do have recliners. Expect to pay more but if you have physical issues/ pain it's worth it.

Luis Cedano

Great movies but chairs and cleanliness needs to be improved.

Pamela Saunders

Professional staff, simple and quick monitors to purchase tickets, concessions lines move quickly. Great place for a Date Night.

Raj kuknoor

Must watch movie in Dolby only recliner at this location, it's better than IMAx. Apart from these two screens all the other are not reserved seating.

Peggy Hopper

Tuesdays are a great price for all.


I was in theatre one and ALL of the seats are very heavily stained with what could be urine? drink? feces? condiments? blood? (I can't tell. You tell me), and even the back of the seats and floor have caked on crust. It looked like a murder scene that was never cleaned up, or they let homeless people stay there a month, and they just relieved themselves in the seats every day. They keep it really dark, but turn on your phone light and take a look before sitting down. I had to go through 3 rows before finding a seat that only had one smaller stain, and the only reason I sat on that was because the first seat I sat in was damp, and I already had filth on me.

Daniel Ruiz

It was a nice place to be, the service is good, and I have nothing to complain. Not much to say, it is just another theater with very good quality.

Angela Pancrazio

Me and my fiance were not happy with this AMC theater. For spending over $30 on just 2 tickets and a large popcorn, it wasnt worth the price. I use to go to this theater all the time as a child and until my early 20s. I moved 30 minutes away, and im now in my 30s and usually go to Regal, which is closer. Me and my fiance decided to go to AMC because they were still playing Godzilla, and all other theaters near us are no longer playing that. Me and my fiance were disappointed and agreed management must have let the place go. We saw at least an inch of dust (look up at the concession stand signs) it was caked in dust, right over the popcorn we ordered!!!! Not to mention the popcorn concession stand sevice was very slow, he took forever, and didn't even fill up our bucket. The movie screen definition is out of date and the sound was low quality. Exterior of building looks like it needs to be power washed and landscaping looks unkempt. Very glad thats not the closest theater to us anymore..

Ehm Mulley

Movie was great. Just needs more cleaning of bathrooms and always keep refilling toilet papers. Wish there's reclining seats too just like the one in marlton 8

panda Family fam

I hate how they treat people never go there

jake nebraska

Nice theater with a wide variety but not the best in the area

Adri Animates

The experience was great no problems.

Rosemary Johnson

Good quality clean family friendly although movie food is very expensive they will give you a lot more for your money the staff the people are very friendly their bathrooms are immaculate the prep spaces are clean as well I saw them clean those spaces several times even before I even got to the front of the line there is free parking it have excellent disability and handicapped accessibility bathrooms and parking even assesable food line's I really enjoyed my time there would I recommend it yes I would.

Ava Marlowe

Me and a few friends drove up all the way from Virginia to see my friends film that was playing here and we couldn’t even get in to see it so all my money we spent to get here to watch a film that my friend worked so hard on and we couldn’t even see it. The lady that was working Friday January 18th at 10:30 pm was very rude to us. We were being very polite and understanding and she immediately came off as aggressive I’m going to make sure that people know about how the workers treat costumers here. I’m very disappointed in this place.

Bill Chambers

Average. The floor in the bathroom was being mopped after the movie. Strange. Big shout out to security for helping finding my phone.

Chinedu Opara

The chairs are upgraded to the BEST leather and design. Lots of space in the aisles and in front of the seats. Super-wide screens. If I lived nearby, I would go there all the time!

David Keil

Clean and great consessions.. up to date movies and great seating

Thatone Customer

Pretty gross and poorly managed overall. Facilities are obviously aging pretty baddly and not being updated. Bathrooms are falling apart and look awful/outdated, seats in many if the theaters have really gross stains and food squished on it, employees lounging around on floors and behind counters. Considering how popular this place is, it's really surprising that no effort is put back into making it look nice. They really need to put in some minimal time and money into cleaning/repairing/re-modeling.

David Carbucia

My showing was for 2 p.m and the trailers didn't start until 2:15. Me personally like to arrive early to watch the trailers. They had to fast forward all the trailers to make up the time for it starting late. I was very upset seeing how I paid alot of money for tickets and food. I love to get the most bang for my buck. But once the movie started I eased up and enjoyed the movie. Be prepared to spend lots of money on food and drinks. Very expensive

Richard Smith

People that work there are rude and unprofessional. Its not like the other AMC theaters I've visited.

Carolyn Cotter

Being that we just went to see Avengers End Game and it was very busy, I would hope that it would have been cleaner. The bathrooms were not in working order and trash was overflowing. I think they could have kept up better. But the theater was clean and nice.

Peter Forshtay

The theatre is maintained nicely, burnt out bulbs are all replaced uniformly, the sign is clean, posters are changed regularly, and all of that matches what's going on inside. A clean and well maintained theatre is precisely what I'm looking for. Not a fan of AMC's rewards program tiers, but other than that

Moya Rodriguez

It was okay. But it was kind of smelly today . Not sure why. Other then that, toy story 4,was great ..

April Carr

This place was disgusting! I haven't been to this theater in awhile but went as a surprise that my son had planned for me. Only 1 person was selling tickets. 2 other guys were behind the counter doing absolutely nothing. We stood in a long line for popcorn until we realized they don't use gloves. Instead we ordered nachos and icees. When we went to get our drinks Surprise! There were no lids. NONE of the drinks frozen. There are 3 icee machines. NONE were turned on. All were flashing. Popcorn was everywhere around both the drink station and where they keep the popcorn butter and napkins (napkins were empty). Entire floor was STICKY! Finally found someone to check the machines and he only turned one machine on. This theater has completely changed for the worst.

Joe Polimeni

Awesome place to watch a movie. Just wish the food there was cheaper. Spent more than what the tickets were were. Maybe do a Kramer from Seinfeld and bring them in from outside. Lol. Anyway place was nice surround sound was nice and easy to get to from any location. Will be back...

Fernando Torres

The app was not working well do to reception and I accidentally purchased tickets in philly thinking I purchased tickets in Cherry Hill. Management was very understanding and allowed me to see the movie in Cherry Hill.

Pete Tavormina

Just saw The Matrix in the Dolby theater. Awesome video and sound. Nice seats. Now all they need is some craft beer

William Gilroy

Hey, Kyle knows what the hell he his doing. Kyle is the manager and if you have a problem he takes care to resolve it then and there. Of course with the beautiful people Kyle has working with him there are rarely any problems. Go here!

Brandon Locke

AMC 24 offers good movie watching experience, but not great. The screening rooms are kept clean but it feels like the lobby and bathrooms have a funk about them that turn you off. This AMC has a Dolby cinema on site, which is a great way to experience action films or more cinematic films, so this is a huge positive. However, they insist on keeping the lights on during the trailers so you can not see what is happening on screen. Also, I wish they monitored more closely for rude customers periodically throughout films. On too many occasions people near us or a few rows in front are using their cell phone.

Sarah D

This movie theater was the most disgusting theater I’ve ever been to. I think even more disgusting than the $1 movie theater I went to as a teenager in Reading, PA. We went for discount night and I’m not sure if they were overwhelmed or it’s just always that dirty. I have a slight feeling it wouldn’t be much better if they weren’t super busy. At the drink station there were slushees everywhere, garbage everywhere, so gross! Bathroom was a nightmare. A woman was sweeping the floor when I went in but I went into 4-5 stalls without toilet paper. Then other numerous stalls either had feces or urine on the toilet seat. The trash cans were also overflowing with paper towels in the bathrooms. The theater itself had a terrible odor. It smelled awful. This place is absolutely disgusting and I don’t plan on going back.

Tanicia Triplett

For this theater to be in a upscale area it's never clean. I've been there a few times and it's always not clean. It smells and concession area not kept. I wish I had taken pics.

Alyssa W.

Classic large upscale movie theater. Onsite food menu, many movie choices and nice size viewing rooms. Plenty of parking space, nice area, all amenities. Online ticketing and joining Fandango or the AMC STRONGLY RECOMMENDED as ticket lines get very long. Otherwise always a pleasant watching experience.

Kevin Sharkey

Clean. Friendly staff. They handle huge crowds for big movie releases well. They made seeing Endgame easy.

Liz Mcdevitt

Big theater with nice seats. Self serve popcorn butter and soda stands for free refills but when I was there Sunday afternoon, most of them were empty. Still better than anything in Philadelphia though.

Alyssa Angilletta

Some of the games will steal quarters but overall a good theatre

Ryan Ashley Jackson

Dolby Theater is pretty cool.

Bill Deschamps

Great theater. Always a fun.time

David Oldham

Overall really good experience. A little too cold (I brought a sweater fortunately) and volume was way too loud, but would do the weekday matinee again for sure. Also have to say the concessions were generously portioned so didn't feel ripped off like past trips to movies. Maybe it's what we ordered specifically (nachos)

Jessie Law

Wish they had recliner seats. But great theater and great selection of movies.

Andrea McFarland

The chairs are NOT big girl friendly (old seats, not the red seats) but they di have a bigger selection on snacks. I deff won't go here again because of the seats because I was super uncomfortable but other than that, it's nice

daddy hoes

I say it's ok cause I've been going here forever but they really need to figure out how to make their concession stand move a little faster and more comfortable seating

Big Reek

I can say I've never had a "bad" experience there. I recently experienced their somewhat new Dolby theater as well, and was thoroughly pleased with the experience.

Lakia Kelly

The lines at the entrance and concession stands are ridiculously long! I got to the movies early and missed the first 20mins of Captain Marvel waiting in lines. The IMAX seating is too tight. I prefer comfort over sound quality for extended movies times. Not a bad theater it just needs some adjustments.

Heather Randall

Movie was great. However there were a group of about 4 kids that did not stop talking the entire time, luckily the movie's volume was high enough to drown the out a bit. Otherwise venue was fine

Ricardo Sears

Doesn't have recliners, I couldn't get any hot food at 9:30 pm, and there are 2 sides with theaters but bathrooms on only one side. I was on the side without one.

Stephanie Ramones

Bathrooms and lobby were a complete mess. Went on a Monday night so i don’t see any reason why it should look so trashed. Popcorn was burnt and expensive. Most of the soda machines weren’t working. Staff seemed brand new and overwhelmed by all 15 ppl there. Seats all creaked very loudly (annoying af during a movie.) super disappointed

Alex Cruz

Love this theater, IMAX is great and they just opened a new Dolby cinema so excited to check it out. UPDATE: The Dolby Cinema is great! Saw the animated spider man and wow. Can't wait a real person movie to see if it's even more awesome.

Mark Tyler

It typically has a good selection of movies you can't always find in DE or PA, so that makes it worth a 45 min drive, and it seems like a newer theatre with untapped amenties. It could use a good cleaning, which then gets maintained going forward.

calix eron

this is one of my childhood playlist I love to spend time going to watch a movie every now and then and I enjoy watching movies every single day if I could

Divine Ambition

Nice and cool inside. Great food great theater

Carlton Porter

Show time at AMC theaters Cherry Hill: Avengers Infinity Series End Game Absolutely Awesome At IMAX!!!

Carol Talamini

If you can't find a movie you want to see here then it's not playing anywhere. So many theatres, Seating is comfortable, nit like those big recliners. Big screens. Good concessions. Friendly staff. Clean restrooms. Plenty parking. Good all around. Get the AMC card & get rewards too!!!

carmen perez

It would be great if they had more security guards. Too many teenagers running around making it very difficult to enjoy movies

Ruth Bekoff

The place was great!! Just be prepared to wait in line if you're getting food

Anna Leon

Employees were friendly. Place was clean. Popcorn was fresh. What’s up with the old tired seating... Really. Time for an update.

Whitney Eley

Great movie theater could be better with reclining chairs since the seats get uncomfortable and fresher popcorn other than that it’s a cool place to see a flick or two

Adam Gomberg

Staff was nice and the place was relatively clean but you can easily tell they havent put in the money to update the place much. Old style hard seats that are brutal on your back with arm rests that dont move, old out of use concession stands that hadn't been looked at for a long while, and even the "arcade" only had a few working machines. All in all it's a decent place for a quick movie but really needs updating.

erica Rln

We went to a free showing of an award winning film but we're used to the newer reserve seating theatres. The seats here are too low & uncomfortable. The staff was friendly and the theatre was clean. The popcorn was ok & they have the self-serve Coca~Cola beverage stations so you have plenty of drink options. However the bathroom could've used some attention.

Bill Kinch

A little bit uncomfortable after experiencing some of the higher end theatres. But stilkon


First time there and the last. The place was filthy trash overflowing in the theater trash on the floors just after the cleaners were in there. The bathroom was just disgusting filthy and was in need of a cleaning. Toilets were gross. The check in lady was very nice.

Nem Kashanian

This is an awesome theater with great seats ... The Dolby experience is awesome and well worth the extra cost.

Paul H. Kircher III

The Bottom Line Is This You Failed Your Planet. And they set up the next guy until 2008 with no repercussions that I can see as of yet everyone Keith Kent.

Darian Jacobs

The actual theater experience was pleasant. Great sound great screen and nice seating. The service was far below acceptable. One person working the concession stand. No hot snacks available. Bathroom was filthy and not properly stocked. Three people working in the kitchen but was told the kitchen was closed at 10 but I was standing in line for 15 minutes. I won't be back because there are other theaters within 15 minutes that offer far superior customer experience.

Darlene Benson

Pleasant atmosphere... great movies.... great prices on Tuesdays...

Jason Freeland

it is really a shame how much this theater has gone down hill. Last night I took my 4 year old son to see the LEGO 2 movie in 3D. Prior to seeing the movie we used the restroom and saw poop all over the floor in one of the stalls. I’m not talking about a poop smear, but a whole pile of poop. Someone literally took a poop on the floor (I have a picture to prove this). It was beyond disgusting and it immediately set the tone for the rest of the night. After telling security about the bathroom incident my son and I entered theater 18. The theater was not packed but the seat I ended up in had gum stuck to the seat, which looked like it had been there since 2009. The whole theater just had a dingy feel and I was actually concerned about the possibility of getting some form of bedbugs from just sitting in the seats. I literally refused to place my son’s hat on the empty seat next to us. The movie was fine, but I will say the sound was very low and I could actually hear gun fire from the next theater over from us. Overall, I am glad I was able to have a night out with my son, but with the cleanliness of this theater I will never be going back. I will gladly drive to Moorestown for a smaller theater or completely out of my way to Marlton. It’s a shame because this was the theater I grew up going to.

Jeffery Lowrance

Over priced. Theater 7 has a hole in the screen and a large line just under it. About 6-7 feet from the bottom of the screen in middle. For as much money as it is to see a movie the facility should be in near perfect working order. If management doesn't know about a hole in a screen they haven't been doing their job. No excuse especially since it's the screen. Yes theater 7 is small but there is still Zero excuse. Food is grossly over priced and it's no wonder people bring in outside food and beverage. We opted to not purchase anything from the concession stand as the line was far longer than it should have been considering it was a Sunday afternoon on Father's day. Next to no one working the concession stand and making the wait far longer than it ever should have been. The men's room looked like a bomb went off. Myself and several others had to tip toe around the mess. Several employees on there phones instead of actaully working. A complete lack of professionalism. Now I remember why I stopped going to this location and the movies in general. The only positive note was the actual movie itself was enjoyable.

Michael Callahan

It is a very nice movie theater complex. The seats are comfortable and with the steep theater seating, no one in front of you blocks your view. The staff are very friendly & polite. It is also very clean. Two thumbs up!

Jennifer Foster

Still have the old non reclining seats

Miguel Mendez

Exterior and lobby look nice but the actual theaters could use an update.

Linda Frank

Cashiers were very slow, with one person ahead of me at both ticket and refreshment counter, I waited 20 minutes.

Angel Robles

the theater rooms are nice but the snack bar needs to be revived, this place needs more energy, excitement, bring the good old days

Daniella M McLaughlin

Remember when this movie theater 1st opened up it was great and everybody loved going there. I particularly don't like going that anymore you can't park in the back and the popcorn is not fresh anymore it's not as clean as it once was.

Eric H

Theater was clean. Popcorn was not quality as expected "movie theater popcorn" from the price. It was not fresh popped. Witnessed employee pouring premade popcorn from big plastic bags into popcorn machine. Huge disappointment.

Amanda Robinson

Our seats didnt recline back that far. When you moved the arm rest up, it didnt go back all the way so you were stuck with it digging into your back. The tickets were about $20/pp. I could've gotten tickets cheaper with better quality reclining seats at a different AMC, as I have before. We ordered food that was supposed to come with a cookie. We weren't told they didn't have any, they just gave us whatever they wanted. Every fry we had was basically broken or a crumb, as if we got the bottom of the bag.

Paola Ramírez

This movie theatre is fantastic. It has great sound and screens. The popcorn is so yummy. I recomend this place if you want to have fun.


12:30pm Saturday...the crowd..parked in the front.

EDU_MouZr11 0891

It was FREEZING inside the theater. The kind of cold you feel in your bones and it's painful. The seats are VERY uncomfortable, too. Overall, the place is an unorganized mess. I realize they're remodeling, but staff could still clean the sticky floors and counters!

Justin Tanksley

The staff was awesome and it was clean but them seats... Smh Jesus be a fence. Unless you got a massage appointment soon or icy hot nearby don't do it to yourself.

Sandimay Harkins

Love this people are always nice too

Joe Kelly

It used to be nicer there.

Drew Lakebrink

Overall a great theater once you enter the assigned theater room, but the entrance is a bit cramped and can be confusing. The popcorn is over salted to where it almost feels like it's burning my tongue. The theater rooms themselves are nice from my experience, and the regular seats are comfortable if your movie doesn't have reserved seating.

Mz. Opinionated

Very old theatre...Bathroom was pretty clean. But seats don't recline or the arms don't lift...The concession stand is pretty sad. Not really the best AMC

Daniel Sawyer

The new Dolby theater is such a great experience. Super sharp image, great contrast and the seats have built in shakers for those big impact moments. Definitely a new favorite theater. My only complaint is that the seats are just not comfortable at all when they recline. The leg support is short and only reclines about 45 degrees and the head rest doesn't go back very far.

Blanca Luna

Yes,i love it.I saw "Litter" good movie for all family.

E. L, Hson

Very nice place to see a movie

Dean Couch

This theater looks like it is properly maintained from the outside...but on the inside it is a mess. There is maintenance equipment laying at random places throughout the theater. The seats in the IMAX theater are filthy and have an odor. I had to put napkins under my arms because the plastic surfaces. The snack bar counters had dried food and drinks stuck all over them. The majority of soft drinks were out in the machines, and the ones working did not taste right. They were either too syrupy or too carbonated. The bathrooms were absolutely disgusting. It is not due to lack of employees because there were atleast 5 people sitting behind a non-customer counter that were playing around on their phones. I recently moved to this area and assure you...this will be my first and final trip to this theater. You work too hard for your money to PAY for this environment.

Kandyrue Daf

Seats are unhygienic, and it smelled in the theater. Dont think I'm coming back.

m .henry van nostrand

Garbage cans though the entire place overflowing. $18 a ticket and I felt like I needed to be decontaminated afterwards. If you are going to, wear your hazmat suit.

Chris Ignatius

This was the worse experience at your movie theatre. I spent 10 mins looking for a lid to my cup. Nobody cleans, I saw flies, and other bugs. They really need to clean your area. I even spoke to the female manager asking about the way the games played, what did she say?.

Lina Luv

It's a nice theater, looks good, quick service, huge bathrooms. Very crowded

cassius M

Went to see IT with my wife, not the best experience. 3 teenagers who probably shouldn't have been there giggling and laughing through the movie. Security came in once to shut them up but people behind us were also talking, very annoying.Seats were uncomfortable, place really needs renovation.

sergio agront

It was great. Servise is good too for a 2 am movie

Eva Ryan

Very nice. But seats were sticky and had popcorn particles in them.

Nicole Wilson

Food lines were horrible. There needs to be a better system to get what you ordered. Or if you go just order popcorn that will save you about a half an hour to 45 minutes in waiting.

Eleanor Amaranth Lockhart

This is one of the best movie theaters in this part of New Jersey; I saw STAR WARS - THE FORCE AWAKENS here on opening night, and they handled the crowds. If things haven't changed they have Fandango integration and reserved seating - it's basically the best you can get short of actually going to one of those restaurant theaters (the nearest of which is I believe in Philadelphia). Would recommend.

Nyasia Viera

This is an okay theatre to go to, I've only been here 3-4 times. - There is no seat selection available at this theatre, unless there is and I just haven't noticed - There's usually alot of trash, like candy wrappers and spilled drinks or popcorn through the entire building... (That's probably all theatres) - For me the setting of getting tour tickets and paying for things is a little squished, but then again it's a small theatre. - They don't do purse or bag checks whenever you come here, I've came here with my entire (stuffed, I didn't sneak in any foods or anything, just lots of books...) bookbag from school and they never bothered to check it for anything. I'm not sure if this is risky? Idk-


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