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REVIEWS OF AMC Broadstreet 7 IN Delaware

Alper Ozturk

Theater was decent. Only about half the seats reclined though. Kind of a shame when you’re paying so much money for a movie ticket. Why even make the seats electronic when they’re maintained this poorly?

eric jacobsen

We got a Bavarian pretzel and cheeseburger sliders. The female employees didn't want to make the food, so they loudly told the man to do it. He said he would do the pretzel. He went and got it, and cooked it. Then asked the female where the cheeseburgers were. She laughed and said she wasn't cooking them. He had to convince her to do her job....which she certainly took her time doing. Pretzel was huge and excellent. Cheeseburger sliders were ok. We went into the movie, which was sold out. Our seats were taken, so we had to ask others to move. We sit, my recliner was broken. An employee came in to check it out. Wires were hanging out the bottom, which rendered my seat and the guy next to my seat useless and uncomfortable. The movie was good, but he theater was loud (college kids from nearby Temple University), and was hard to sit through all 3 hours.

Dominick P

Pretty good movie experience. Popcorn is good. The seats recline but I'm not sure if they all do.

Angela Sweet

The movie started late which made me late for everything I needed to do after. When a customer inform the manager that the movie had not started he said he forgot to start the movie. When the movie started there were no AMC commercials just too extremely loud previews and then it went into the movie. if this is what the people in this area are accustomed to they need to go to a theater in a different area to see how it's supposed to really be.


The movie Toy Story 4 was great but the staff needs to do a much better job keeping the place clean. From the theaters to the bathrooms, the place was filthy!!


Recliner chairs, alcoholic beverages, food upgrade but concession still very expensive

The Ginger

Hard to believe this is a brand name. Prices for snacks are outrageous. The theater room is always and orlther debris is scattered all over. Bathrooms are filthy. No tp in the stalls. Just nasty. No wonder they sell liquor. If youre dont have to see the filth everywhere.

Gwendolyn Davis

Nicely done. Movies theatre

Rachelle action de grace

Love this theater in the city. I love the recliner seats love that they have a bar also to relax before your movie

Lonia Cameron

Reclined seating was comfy. Food was too expensive.

Dante Barnes

Very clean setting, well decorated, the movie was good, the concessions were good, the employees were very helpful, and despite the neighborhood we were greeted with a sense of comfort and security. I didnt try the drinks but I will be sure to do so when I go back

Stacy Williams

nice small theater public trans onsite is a plus

J Moore

Nice small theater for the area but there isn't any free parking in the area. Even the lot behind the theater requires paid parking. The theater is upstairs and requires walking up a flight of stairs or taking the escalator. My big complaint is that the chairs were quite dirty with food and the headrest had some type of hair oil or grease on them. Also, they were not very comfortable. The workers did clean the floors between the movies groups so they were swept free of food.The surround system when the movie is playing is nice and clear. I will support the neighborhood thearter but I expect better. The theater could use some work if they are going to charge the same price as the regular upgraded theaters.

Sarah Taylor

It has become a better place than it was years ago

Gregory El

Always enjoy this theater....but need to accommodate membership better popcorn too high force u to buy to much popcorn cause its only 1 dollar more to get the large bucket ...popcorn needs to drop that price

Cadillac Grand

Big boss seats go all way back clean n there environment is great ☺️☺️☺️☺️

jadzeair clark

Could be a little more cleaner but it is really good

Nesh Williams

Thoroughly enjoyed my time with my son.. Comfortable, surround sound bangin and great snacks and food

Wanda Cropper

A very laid-back audience. It was enjoyable to hear all the words.

beemom Hall



A great place to catch a moive, in the day also go with someone, and be mindful of what you bring or have on other than that it's a great place

Christopher D Crist

Today I saw an International movie in Mandarin called; More than Blue. This was the first ever International movie shown at this AMC theater. I hope they Continue showing Manderine movies & I Hope they also Add some Hindi & Indian & Malaysian movies as well. This is a nice place to See a Movie. Whether it's with Friends; Family or Students. The Employees Were Nice & it Was Clean as well. It's just Up the Street from the Subway or the Septa Bus. Across the street is a Rite Aid Pharmacy/Store & on the other side of the street is a Fresh Grocer supermarket & all around is Other Eateries & Different International Foods as well; Certain Cell Phone shops. By the End of the Year at 11th & Market St. there will be a Brand New AMC DINE-IN where You Place an Order from Your Seat. Just Don't Forget to Tip Your Server. That's how they Earn a Paycheck

Alex Bredikin

Clean theatres, good movie selections, nice staff. Easy to get to using the Broad Street Line.

KAT'S Opiate Addiction Chronicles

I went on a Weds nite & their were hardly no food prepared.

Danielle Kinslow

Clean theaters and a variety in movies shown. I took stars away for their staff. The woman giving tickets was on her phone while I paid, didn't look up, greet us, nothing. We proceeded upstairs to get some popcorn and chicken tenders (by the way-insanely expensive!). We got our popcorn right away but stood around for TWENTY minutes for our tenders (thank God we arrived early and had time to kill). I finally went up to ask and the very stressed out and scatterbrained teenager said, "Oh sh*t I forgot. You still want them?" Um...yes!

Ruby McClellan

Five dollar tuesday, great for seniors.


I came here to watch "US" the day I went to Philly, I found very friendly stuff, cozy seats, everything was nice and clean. I had an amazing experience at this movie theater, wish parking was free though, I ended up paying $9 for 3 hours.

Cynthia Hargrove

Enjoyed hanging out with my grandson.

Donna Lee

Very Ghetto ,not clean management doesn't have a clue ,and they never show any of the good movies ,

lisa williams

Nice theatre. Newly renovated. Nice spacious reclining seats. Clean bathrooms. Fast, friendly food service

Eugene Griffin Jr

I always enjoy the movie they say free refills on a popcorn but they close the concession stand on me last night after the 10:30 movie started

Anyeah Stover

I jus read the reviews and frm the words of them Im not evn goin to the FRONT DOOR ! Ima need THE OWNER to report to this post.. You got ppm get assaulted yah staff SCARED of these non graduates teenagers all lous n whateva.. Nah miss me sis !

Betty Davis

Good food and guiet.

Nicole Anderson

Always a pleasent experience

Daniel Malick

I actually really like this theatre. Wonderful location right off the Broad Line. Comfortable theatres with reclining seats and built in tables. Even sitting in the very front row, you can still see the screen comfortably without straining your neck or struggling to see the edges of the screen.

Bryen R.

So, I enjoyed my experience, but I debate whether it only deserves 3 Stars, for the fact that there seemed like NO Urgency at the concession stand! I only imagine what it's like during a big opening. I will go here, during off-peak viewings. I would never consider any other times. Everyone was nice and professional, though. No complaints there.

Lauryn S

This place is awful, the soda machines are always broken or out of soda, there’s always low staff and not great service, and the theatre is disgusting. All other Amc I’ve been to I have never had such a horrible experience. Also, these people that go here are disrespectful and treat this theatre like it’s their home. Amc you need to get a handle on this location and it would be nice for a new location actually in center city Philadelphia .

Terrence Williams

Always some wierd creepy people there but its fine overall

Priscilla Pope

Very Nice ""I Love This Movie AMC

Fanelia Te

This will first visit and never back. This is horrible experience. All amc I always go was Free parking.this place have to pay parking. Last night I got my car was towed cause didn't pay parking.the kios pay just only at front.from the other way didn't have any gate or some thing. They should put gate from other way let the people going to see movie know it. And I get there 6:45 out 8:45 tthe car already towed plus ticket. violation $26. The parking information just have at the ticket box. I am buy my ticket by online and didnt know that information.HORRIBLE AMC.NEVER BACK.

Latasha Campbell

The seats were comfortable, and the food was good

Evan Schukis

Great movie theater w nice updates. Reclining leather seats, bar, diy soda fountains. They could be better staffed most days they run light on crew and customer service is affected. Just went to see a blockbuster and they were outta several basics, when you run outta coke you know you're doing something wrong.

Joseph Fitzke

It was the first time I have been here. I can say that is wasn't the most pleasant experience. If it wasn't for the great movie I saw (Spider-Man into the spider-verse), I would probably not have had a good time as I did. The whole place was not very clean. The common area before you got into the theaters smelled like stinky feet. The theaters themselves were covered in popcorn and there was something spilled on my seat. The popcorn I did get was cold and from the bottom of the machine, but I probably should have asked if they could have made some fresh for me (my fault I guess). If it was so convenient to go here from my girlfriend's place I don't know if I would return for another visit. My recommendation to the theater would be to take more time to thoroughly clean the theaters between showing.

Archie Linton

Accessable Theater AMC Affiliated Venue Nice Place to Just Enjoy your Self .

Pele Presbery

I go to get away nd no drama it be cool..But some of the chairs dont work thats not good cause you be want to layback nd cool other then be cooling

XxYoMeatlyx X

I love how you could adjust the seats to your liking and they have a good selection of things to eat during the movie

Austin Gwiazdowski

Excellent theatre. Its clean, it has good service, good movie selection, comfortable seating, and good food. No problems at all with it. This is definitely an above average AMC theatre. Its Lso easily accesible from the brodat street line, and next to many other stores so you can do whatever you want afterwards. Would go again.

Renee Badeau

It's a great place to go to the movies with your

Breon Wells

Need to hire people who know what they doing I was waiting so long to buy a ticket little girl working didn’t know what she was doing so I left I just wanted to see a movie

Jamie Hamilton

Okay theater if you're in the area, but patrons tend to be disruptive during movies. Snacks are hit or miss if they'll have what's on their menu. They also put in a bar about a year or so ago that I've never seen open. Kind of disappointing because I'd love to drink in the theater. But if you want a quick place to see a flick, this place will do.

Jaime Neathery

Very courteous staff. Clean environment. Reclining chairs wich are comfortable. Enjoyed my time there and will go again.

William Powell

Poor quality. Blurry movie. Spiderman

Johan Marie Garcia

It was my first time there and it took more than 30 mins for fresh popcorn but other than that it was good.

Quiana Jernigan

Kool place for late night movies

Dan Tran

God i love the pearl. It's my favorite theater in philly. Comfy seats and commentary. The best

Christal Farnsworth

I was kind of put off because I couldn't hit my vape but someone was clearly smoking a blunt behind me.

Siani Lopez

Perhaps not the cleanest of movie theaters. The staff often seem like they are irritated to serve you. However, it is a fair place to sit and watch the latest flix.

Wanda Lee

It was awesome, my son and I really enjoyed the movie and we were comfortable

Jay Bee

They jus need to payvmore attention to premiere members great service otherwise

Anthony Hudson

Seats are comfortable, veiw and sound is very good

Kas DeV

Had a bad experience at this place and not looking forward to going back.. the staff was helpful to the best of their abilities. I recommend you go when the high school kids aren't, they can be problematic

Anthony Battle

Incredible, and as far as John Wick.. I don't have the words ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Richard Davis

This is my second outing at this theater. It is a nice clean updated place. The only problem is there is always kids talking and playing through out the movie. This probably will be my last movie here.

Michael Mcallister

Reclining seats, polite and courteous employees! Saw Avengers Endgame GREAT MOVE must see!!!!!!

ShaRae Edmonds

Not the cleanest AMC theatre. Popcorn wasn't fresh and they turned off the fryers way earlier than acceptable, so hot foods were not available. Movie viewing was good.

Andrea Harris

I went to the movies to see Hobbs and Shaw. The movie was really good, the pro was this theater allows people to bring their babies to an adult movie. During the movie the baby was fussy, this took away from other movie goers experience. I have been to other movie theaters that do not allow young children in R-Rated and PG-13 movies.

Brad Perry

Unsure how this theater has 4 stars. Yes they renovated to recliners...but... extremely chaotic ticket taking area. The food line doesn't move and nothing is being done quickly back there. The only cheerful staff worker I found was at the area where I bought tickets and she was great! Unlikely to return :(.

James Burns

Place is great seating is nice and comfortable

Curtis Stokes

Very quiet peaceful I like it a lot

Truman Lucas

Nice theater cant wait to go again


When looking for parking. You have to pay for parking or you will get towed! I seen 2 cars getting towed. I'm glad I paid for parking. But overall the experience was great no complaints by me.

Loveleena Always

Waiting for tickets took forever even though it was quite empty when I was there. However, the food was alright as usual, the place was clean, the employees were very polite. So, I guess it was worth the wait.

Pamela Jackson

Loved My Favorite Movie Theater..The Recyling Seats Does It For Me

Kendra Edmunds

This place is horrible I only came here cause the movie that I came to see start at 2:30 and and I didn’t have time to drive all the way to KOP!!!! So I waited in line for 20 mins with only one cashier ringing up then when I got upstairs to get me and my son some snacks they girl tried to charge me up for some popcorn and a large drink, my total came up to 18$ on top of that the area upstairs was not clean and it just look dirty everywhere. I will NEVER COME BACK HERE I PROMISE I WONT!!!! oh and cause I didn’t have a membership with amc I had to pay 15$ for myself and 13$ for my son who is only 4. If I would of went to the white neighborhood i wouldn’t of had none these problems and it’s sad that it’s like this. Smh

Rachel Anna Torres

The staff was very nice and helpful .

Jack Morgan

Great theater, safe space, regular snacks and bar upstairs!

Anthony Wright

It was awesome, and it's been a long time since I have been to a movie

nicole B

None of the bathroom toilets flushed or they were stuffed with toiket paper

Fish Aristicrat

Nice thearter if your local

Tenetta Scott

AMC Broadtreet 7 was great. On your ticket is your seat assignment. Try to pay attention to that because there are some customers that reserve seats. The seats are like a lounge chair. You have to push the button on inside of the chair for it to lounge. My son had the cheeseburger slider with curly fries. It tasted pretty good. I noticed that it has a small bar, but I didn't get a chance to try it out. I really enjoyed the movie at that theater.

Penny Davis

It's nice in there. They have different movies in there, that You can see. They have a variety of food that You can buy. On Tuesdays, you can see movies for $5.00.

John Shields

Me and my daughter went there to see shaft it was wonderful

gail mitchum

Clean quiet only food was not ready for people

Brian Elliott

The workers at the concession stands were really slow. 20 minutes in line and I was 3rd. I understand being short staffed but they had no urgency. I missed some of my movie


It was the worst Movie Theater I've Ever been to, the Mens bathroom was full of pee and my wife said the female bathrooms didn't even lock. The theater was dirty and we would not recommend going and definitely wouldn't return. A complete waste of time and money wasn't even worth 1 star if I'm begin Completely Honest!

Andrew Domocase

Went to see Spiderman. Enjoyed the movie but the sound was a little too loud. But I still like going to this theatre.

Lisa Roberts

Went there to see Adventures, but sold out. Instead saw "Little" enjoyed myself for my birthday movie. Forgot about the special they had for birthday members, maybe next year

Keith Cooper

I enjoyed my first time visit. The staff was very polite. I especially like sitting format.

Graham Prestley

I've been to this theater many times, and every time my experience has been dampened because other viewers just wont shut up. It's a huge problem at this location and staff do nothing to confront people when they're disrupting others.

Zak Webster

Great theater. Nice seats. Clean. Nice quality.


Nice theater. Only problem is they make the sound way too loud. Seemed louder than any other movie theater I've ever been too. Nevertheless it's nice and clean inside with comfortable seats.

Tim Birbeck

Seats are comfy, but it's pretty dirty in there. Probably shouldn't let people bring babies into rated R movies that start after 9pm.

Fred Waters

I am writing this in order to communicate an incident that occurred yesterday, March 22, 2019 at 7:00 PM. On this date I attended the screening of "US" at the AMC Broadstreet 7 theater and was physically assaulted by staff. During the movie I was approached by two staff members as I attempted to use the bathroom. They were aggressive and told me that " If I was not on my best behavior something would happen to me." Our brief interaction was captured on the cameras in the theaters. After I reentered the theater, the same two security staff members approached me. They told me I had to leave because I was "too loud." I listened to them and allowed them to escort me out. In the dark, on the way out, I my sweatshirt was torn and I was punched in the face. As I attempted to leave the establishment another security staff member approached me and said that I was "not going nowhere, but jail." He grabbed me, punched me, and ripped my sweatshirt. I was then surrounded by four or five officers and handcuffed. They sat me on a bench and returned my glasses and wallet. However, they refused to return my iPhone. This situation is extremely unfortunate. I am a peaceful individual and I was assaulted by your staff members. As I am writing this, I currently have a swollen jaw, busted lip, and torn sweatshirt. I am asking for a refund because I did not see the movie and for my iPhone to be returned. All of my interactions with your staff have been captured on camera. I never once attempted to resist them but they still beat me up. Return my iPhone and refund my money. Thank you

Marilyn Hall

Movie theater is nice and the chairs are lovely

Leanne M

I was pleasantly surprised at the clean and comfortable state of this theater especially compared to other AMC locations I've been to. The staff are not rude and the recliner seats always make a great movie watching experience. Especially when you don't have to share a cupholder or armrest with the person next to you. The bathrooms definitely need more upkeep but other than that I had a great time and will be back for more (cheap) matinees!

Lucifer Morning star

Bought tickets online seating great recliners awesome can almost sleep here if you're not into the movie

James Ette'

I love this Movie Theater, it's the only one in Philadelphia close to the Subway. Rather leave my car home....

Maria Vargas

Terrible experience ever...... we been to this place more than 5 times. we parked in the back all the time. there was no signs saying that we need to pay or no signs saying that the car will be towed. When we finish the movie our car was no longer here. If you are going to have people’s car towed at least have a damn sign stating it.

Kitty Kat

I Really like it

Nyeesha Sanders

Mr. Baker and his team are Amazing. My daughter likes to have the popcorn.. However she cant have Salt.. So they will go out of their way to make a fresh batch of unsalted popcorn for my daughter!! Thanks for being Super Awesome!!

Ryan B

Theater itself is nice, but they're understaffed or something. Saw a 3 hour movie (Endgame) and not once did an usher come though. People were loud and a couple were on their smart phones. Endgame was good tho.


Nice recliner chairs but they only play 3 movie's in the building but I watched all 3 for the price of one and just went into the next movie for free it helped that one started after one ended. You can't bet that buy going early Saturday morning and only paying $12+ tax for 3 3D movie's in a row but it was packed with reserve seating and when someone came and I was in there seat it was hard to find another seat but I did. If it wasn't for them only carrying 3 movie's I would of probably gave it 5 ⭐'s

Jason M.

Not a bad place to catch a movie. Seats are updated, recline, and are comfortable.

Linda Lash

Nice atmosphere, comfortable seating and I could hear the movie! I really enjoyed myself here

Ray Crux

Very relaxing, The reclining seats made the movie that much better.

Queen Kia

Love it it but the Prices for food are a little bit high for me.


The place looks modern, the chairs are comfy (although sometimes people don't keep it clean, not places's fault). Size is small, which is good so not as many people screaming.

Dwan Chatman

The movie was good and the seats are comfortable.. The staff is another story.. The counters and floors were flithy all while the staff hung out with their friends sitting on laps kissing and cursing.. the popcorn was cold and old .

Love Sunshin

Never have anything but popcorn smh and babys crying all of move

augustus ward

Good night out tad bit expensive concession even for the movies

Brittany B

women's bathroom is DISGUSTING!! I actually wonder how the female employees are washing their hands before returning to work because there wasn't a drop of soap in the soap dispensers. The first five stalls were disgusting with presents of pee and/or poop in or on the toilets. Went to get our tickets scanned and the attendant was going to town on a box of popcorn. It was really bad imo and not worth paying so much money to enter.

Grant Gaffney

Nice theater, seats were comfortable and everything seemed well maintained. The bar area was closed but no idea what it's hours are supposed to be. Food was movie theater priced but pretty good for a theater.

RallyRuss 215

The ticket booth only had 1 person on a beautiful saturday afternoon!!! The line moved extra slow!!!

Rosetta McKinney

Went with camp to see Anabel it was great!

Mike Wall

Went into theater 4, my seat buttons would keep getting jammed and I'd be stuck laying down. The image never filled the screen(all sides) and even some images were distorted (top sides more towards inner screen, bottom corners further out.

Jewel Felder-James

The kids enjoyed it I took 32 teams with me to go see Chucky they love the movie theater everyone was able to recline and relax and get a good deal on their snacks fun place

Robert Williams

I just loved the Avengers end game movie

jamal bailey

Great seats going back ndeed 3D was awsome

Vanessa himmons

We had a ball. Spider-Man was great

Jessell X

Become more ghetto than last time I went...guest eating outside food (seafood) smelling up the place. And the reservation of seating is a joke if you gotta go get security

kashayia carter

Great place and friendly staff

Dolores Perks

I had a great laugh at Madea's funeral.It was truly hilarious. I recommend that all who like Tyler Perry see this one.

squishy and friends

I love going there. It makes you feel at home

samantha singleton

I loved it . I always come to this theatre always a pleasant experience I love the reclining chairs


Nice place small theaters finally got some leather recliner

nicole fleming

Love going to the theater. Comfortable, quiet and if you want a drink they have that as well. Popcorn expensive

Geoff Bennett

Large and comfortable leather seats with cup holders. Convenient to mass transit. Clean rest rooms. Convenient elevator for wheelchair access. Nearby mini mall.

Daja Forrest

The theater room was set up nice but the people that frequent this theater is why they only get 3 stars.


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