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47 River Rd, Barkhamsted, CT 06063, United States

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Where is Pleasant Valley Drive-in?

REVIEWS OF Pleasant Valley Drive-in IN Connecticut

Francheska Shope

My family really enjoy this place. We actually live about an hour south and make the drive because it's worth it. The price can't be beat for movies that are currently out in theaters. My kids love taking their chairs and sit outside the car.

Gene L

Lovely little drive in! We drove specifically to this drive-in because it is dog friendly. The workers were all friendly and the concession stand had a variety of food. Movies typically begin 30 min after sun down. Be sure to check the website for what movies are screening. We will most definitely be returning.

Dean J. Thompson

Classic Family Drive-in theater that plays 2 first run movies Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights during the Summer for $10.00 per person. Don't remember what the child price is but that can be found on the Pleasant Valley Drive-in website. There is an open area in front of the screen for children to play before the movie. Also there is a classic Drive-in concession stand and protection house with Men's and Women's facilities. Thursday is carload night for $20.00 per. car. Pleasant Valley Drive-in is located in Barkhamstead, Connecticut. American Legion State Park and Campground is about a mile down the road. My wife and I usually plan on one of our evenings as movie night.

Beth Smith

Cute drive in. Snack bar needs faster help,be more organized.

Damien Mccormick

Nice place

Gil Montanez5888

Second time in my life that I've been through a drive-in movie theater enjoy every minute of it

Darlene Webb

Great price considering you get to watch 2 movies for the price. A great way to spend time with the family.

Justin Bessette

Not for family maby just a couples night out that's it

Vee Ramos

Robert Milosevic

Awesome place. Food is fantastic !! I go every year !! All the food is great !!

Nicole Marion-Harding

Great place with a vintage feel cheap and is dog friendly sop it's perfect

Trinity Gaudette

Such a fun place, amazing for dates or just with family.

Jason Whitman

One of the last of the drive in theaters. Great place for family movie night

owen piel

couldn't see the screen during the whole first movie cause it wasn't dark enough food wasnt great

Louise Delgado

Great place for families. Kids love being able to run and play before the movie

Orlando Figueroa

My boys loved it. Come a couple times a year

Vladimir Lesnik

Wish I could give this more than five stars . Have come here for many many years with my family. It is truly something special. I wish more people would visit drive-in theaters to keep them in business. Not only is the theater good but they have all wonderful concession stand as well . If you have never been definitely give this drive In a try!

Brooke N

Really fun experience for all, young and old.

kaitlyn barnes


Love it ..old time drive in ... Carload deals are great

Ron Sorensen

The best! 70 years and still going strong! We love it...

Browneyed Girl

Everyone has to go!! Its awesome, clean, fun, good food, and great view. The staff is also wonderful.

Dan Dreyer

Amazing. So happy this still exists.

Jimmy Dattel

Katherine Selander

Nice night to spend watching 2 movies!

Paula Carle

robert peterson

Fernando Lucena Gil

Very unique and nice activity to do during summers!

Scott C

Fun, relaxing place to take the family. It's not state of the art, but it is easy to get to and easy to park. Dogs are welcome!!

colin s


Colton Bernes

This is my life

Dorothy Bennett

Great fun

Lynn Whittaker

Great place for groups to meet, good family fun, although it lacks a playground for the kiddos. Best to bring your own toys to play before movie, like frisbees, etc.

Kimberly Zienka

Very nice old time feel. But bring your own snacks popcorn was horrible

Jason Mickus

Traveling back in time. Great family fun. Go early bring a blanket and bug spray.

Leighton Hund

Great ticket price, great scenery, great service but they accept cash only on ticket and concession purchases. Definitely going back again for my next outside drive-in experience. I personally love drive-ins and this really brings back great memories of the fun times I spent at the Starlight Drive-in in Wichita, KS. Great place but make sure you get good parking close to concessions/bathrooms in the middle so you have plenty of room and time to get to concessions and the restrooms. There are barely any lights so stay to the path and take a buddy with you so you won't get lost to the bathrooms/concessions (it was packed when I went to see Incredibles 2 tonight). Have fun and stay safe! (:


Micki Geffert

This is one of the best ways to enjoy a movie!! You can come here with friends, family, significant others, anyone and you will never be let down. It is such a nice little community. I love going to drive in movies, it is really all about the experience!

Sandralea C Bushey

Love this place! Family friendly :) Great variety of food at concessions stand. Reasonably priced :)

B Nguyen

A good local service. 1 downside is that old speakers and tech often aren't maintained and many house wasps.

William Gaffey

Excellent Family Oriented Drive In !!

Shari mahon

Love going to the drive in with family and friends, and Pleasant Valley is wonderful.

Karen Klimkewicz

Always had a good time

Joan Veley

This place is awesome. A truly preserved drive-in experience. Offers first run movies and the original snack bar, where foods are prepared for you. A seasonal step back in time. A definite must!


One of my favorite places, A true slice of America, Great people there and I have one idea , maybe a Weds night cruise in event with a 50's movie .

Laura R

I thought the place was great but the movie kept turning off so we only got to watch the first one

Xavier Neduveli

My first experience with drive in movie... Seen about this in many Hollywood movies, in Twister (1996).

Marc Lozier

One of the last drive inns in ct still does double features and the snack bar great food

Mercedes Perez

Ot was very awsome will be going again.

Stefan Paneczko

Nice place to go back in time.Will go there again.

Kent Bushey

Great place to see 1st run movies!!!!!

Katie King

We look forward to coming here every summer!

andre correia

Wish the parking was more inclined. All you need is one car in front of you with hatch open and your blocked from seeing movie

Mike Yablonski

Fantastic!!! Love this place!!

Traci Elliott

Charming old school family fun. Great food. Family friendly movies. Beautiful setting. Definately worth the drive!

Patrick Longhi

White Devil26

First time going with family and friends we all had a blast will definitely be going again

Alan Velez

Terrible all around experience.

William Czarneski


A. Dayton

Great, drive in--everyone is very friendly, there is plenty of parking, and the prices are beyond reasonable. Great experience! Also-located in a very scenic area!

Gore Wasacuatt

Fun times

bill bethke

Good movies and a good price. Snack bar is good to

Armando Teixeira

Great old time drive-in. Not very many places like this left.

Elaine Troche

First timer and I'm in love! Movie was loud and clear and our kids had a blast! Definitely going back!

Jonathan Wolfe

Great family fun and a fantastic value (especially if you stay for both movies). Rustic bathroom, though better then a port-a-pottie. Only negative: dont forget the bug spray.


I love this drive-in but my only complaint is that the dog leash rules are not enforced. Last time I went, I was in the last row with my tailgate up laying with my dog in the back. Someone else's German Shepard, who had been off leash the whole time, jumped right into my SUV and my dog, who isn't normally aggressive, freaked out because he thought we were being attacked. I was also 7 months pregnant at the time so this could've easily been a dangerous situation because their dog was unleashed and unsupervised. The people didn't even apologize either. I think it's great that they allow dogs but the rules need to be enforced to avoid problems and injuries.

Loni Janik

Great family place

David Sverni

Great Drive in movies. Seasonal. Try the onion rings they are scrumptious.

James Murch Eschert

This place is a 60's drive in transported intact to today. Bring your children and grandchildren to experience something that will soon be gone. Sit in your car or outside in lawn chairs - great snack bar - don't miss it!

Matthew Cocuzzo

J Gordon

Averages with Nolan

Tim Larkin

Great place to watch a movie outdoors and the projector system they have is top notch.

Kailey LaPointe

Go there every summer. Great family night out even with a dog or two!

Dennis Duprey

This was a great day at the drive-in

Shannon Lindau

The best movie experience around, especially for small children. They can move, talk, and fall asleep, without worries. We've only gotten fries and onion rings there. They were the premade variety but reasonably priced and fried perfectly.

Matthew Stromberg

Michelle Girouard

Scott Sulkazi

They have a new digital projector so the picture is better and brighter than your HD TV at home. The sound is deep and loud over the FM tuner. I assume this is because of the upgrade to the sound too. Everyone had been very friendly and accommodating. My kids love playing out in front of the screen before the movie. This has to be one of the few places in New England where you can meet total strangers and start talking right way. This place gives a great example of what "community" is suppose to represent.

Steve Wootton

Awesome driving. Was absolutely packed last night, not a space to be found. It was opening weekend for The Incredibles 2. A family ace to ho.

Suzanne Czerwinski

LOVE the Drive-in! We load up dinner and snacks. Always a fun night!

Michael Lokites

Went there for the first time last night. I haven't been to a Drive-in in years .The oldies playing before the movie brought me back in time . I think everyone should experience this at least once. I will definitely be going back!!!

Drake Strong

Had a great time. Clean and friendly and I experienced 0 issues

Bad-n-Evil 01

Had a great time with the family. Brought back childhood memories of the drive in. Can't wait for the next time we go.

Annette Newman

Gracey K.

Always a relaxing time. Bring your favorite snacks and enjoy the movies!

William Layton

Awesome family drive in


Great place to take your family. Friendly staff.

M. Esat Ozen

high quality pictures and sound in almost forest. it was an amazing experince, highly recomenneded, I will be there again and again..

Hollie Halse

Small but definitely worth the trip. The only thing that was really an issue was the preteen girls running in front of moving vehicles messing people up saying they were the owners kids and telling people where and how to park.

Darrell Burne

If you are looking for a bit of nostalgia and a great atmosphere for your family this is it. I would have given it 5 stars, but the bathroom seriously needs an update...

Jennifer Sirko

Just like when I was growing up! Tucked away in the woods, always first run movies and a double feature! And the Littles love to run in play upfront till its movie time.

Mithout Gomez

One of the best places to crush one's nostalgia when it comes to drive-in movie theatre.... likely to be an excellent experience.

Ashley C

Good food, and let's face it, what else do you need to go with a good movie? Love going here

Mark Hiersche

Cute little drive in located in the middle of nowhere


Brings back old memories. Great fun with the family.

Igor Adzhigirey

Even tho it was foggy, it was still.a great experience.. lookin forward to going again

Sheryl Stroup

Love this place! Food is awesome! Great family atmosphere.

Sophia Bazzano

Amazing place to go with friends and dogs, I had the fries and they are AMAZING

Charles Everett

Dylan Smith

Great place

Gil Sanchez

Good to get out of the city and enjoy a quiet night with a loved one

Jake Kimball

Awesome experience for the kids. Not to mention a blast back in time for the older crowd.

Scott Byrd

Excellent place to watch a family movie.

Jacob L

The cashier is very rude and the building is smack dab in the middle of the parking! Like hello I love to have to look over your stupid concession stand the whole time!

Peter Warzycha

Fun as always

michael duggans

Very enjoyable. First time at a drive-in movie.

Michael Lyons

Great time, just try to avoid the rest rooms..yuck

Chelle Masi

Teressa Ambrecht

Great to still have a drive in theatre! I love it!!

Elisia Rotella

Timothy Miller

The g-kids had a great time watching Dora the Explorer. Food was typical movie food, but the popcorn was stale (according to the kids).

Eric Hall

Although a late night, always a fun time. Be sure to bring your bug spray.

nancy addo

We always have a great time. Only bad thing is the bathrooms

Doe liz

Always pleasant at this place and ppl are so friendly!!! Keep up the good work!!

jose deleon

Never been here but I wanna go!!!

Robert Gollow

Awesome! Very friendly staff. Great for kids.

Pat D'Amico

Brings back memories when I was much younger. This Drive-In movie theater is everything I expected and then some. The food is cooked fresh, not in steam bags like the old time drive-ins. I just wish there were the old speakers on the posts. But listening to the sound track vial FM radio is cool too! Excellent job folks, and thanks!

Doug Brown


Eris Vega

Dan G

Was a wonderful time. One of the last drive in theaters left. This one is great. Definitely a must if you wanna go to a drive in.

Ben Mun

Lovely drive-in to visit with the family. Concessions are open if you want to buy there. Not food delivery allowed on the premises.

Laurinda Pudlo

Awesome to have a drive in so close, & the burgers are SO GOOD

Morgan Ireland

Family friendly and good hot food for the movies

Doris Doucette

Very small quaint place . Great deal on Thursday night $20 carload night. Food is good and bring your own!..

Katherine Toth

Great movies and great prices!!!

Ismael JM Simão

Very nice

Aaron Bruce

Ben Mundinger

Stacia Pitruzzello

Something cool to do on a Friday or Saturday night

mark fioravanti

great drive movie theater


This place is always a favorite. They have good movie choices and work the parking system very well. Outhouses and a drink/food concession stand. Radio station is loud and clear and movie stands out well on the screen. Outside food is okay as long as you don't order delivery. Super kid friendly as well.

Mike Sozanski

Family oriented drive-in. Very nice.

Mark Bannish

Wish I could give this more than five stars . Have come here for many many years with my family. It is truly something special. I wish more people would visit drive-in theaters to keep them in business. Not only is the theater good but they have all wonderful concession stand as well . If you have never been definitely give this drive In a try!

Todd Pygensky

There aren't many of these left, and there is nothing quite like seeing a movie at the Drive in. You owe it to yourself and kids to experience the drive in at least once.

Susan Riley

Good for the most part but their popcorn is terrible.


Best drive in movie thee-ater in the universe!!

Robert Milosevic

Love it

Bill Smith

One of the few left. Go see a movie under the stars before they're gone!

Ronda Corson

Great place to watch a movie with family and friends. Very reasonable prices, great atmosphere.

Juicy Conviction

Great place to go for a night of family fun, they allow leashed pets, one of the last operating Drive In's in CT...we frequent this place throughout the summer.

Karyl Schott

Awesome place to go for any age...the memories of childhood flood you as you go back in time to this nostalgic drive in...go for yourself ..bring your kids...bring their friends...omg bring the'll experience with them the wonderful memories of a time when life was simple and that life was awesome when things were simple... Prices are so reasonable...movies are up to and bonding was simple and memories do last a lifetime.

Clarence Moore

Love the BIG movie AND the price is right for a full night!


Matthew And Heather Talbot

Fantastic family night of fun. So happy my children get to experience one of the joys I had as a child. All within driving distance. A blast was had by all. Definitely a gem in our community.

Hammer Head

Nice family type atmosphere. Just brong extra clothes or a blanket as it may get pretty chilly

Henry Tirrell

Like going back in time! This is a bare bones classic style drive in. Simple snacks like hotdogs, burgers and fries. As well as popcorn, candy and soda. CASH ONLY. Food isn't great, bathrooms are old, but it's a blast watching a movie at this old drive in. Double features are cheap and they even do a midweek deal for carloads rather than per person.

slayer 1

Thrown back to the early 80s..... Great showing new release movies

Joshua Nolan

This theater is great because it is so simple. You drive in, watch a movie, and drive out. I don't live in CT anymore, but I still love this theater.

Aaron Bruce

Always love coming here. Amazing venue with a nice sceanic drive in order to get to. One of the things I love about spring and summer.

Ivellisse Soucy

Watching Ninja Turtles and Hercules with the family.

Thomas Caruso

What a great place to go with the kids or just friends lot of fun and good snack bar

Trevor James

Great double feature drive in theater. Location is a beautiful drive and the staff are extra friendly and helpful. They even have a battery charger if you do the double feature and wear down your car's battery. Food stand with popcorn, candy and the usual fried stuff.

Joanna kranz

This drive in has been here forever. Nice place. My relatives own the land it is on, or use to. It closed down for a few years. Glad it opened back up.

Becca Dykeman

Good food and a great time!

Brendan Shaw

This is a relaxing place if u want to be outside and be in ur own car with out people surrounding u in the movie theater

Jeff Dill

One of the few CT drive ins remaining. Bring dinner or eat from the snack bar. 2 movies and good times

Andrew Goodman

Fun place. Screen is in great condition.

Darvis Gray



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