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314 Flat Rock Pl, Westbrook, CT 06498, United States Located in: Westbrook Outlets

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REVIEWS OF Marquee Cinemas IN Connecticut

Jim Messina

This is an old-school theater in a day when so many have changed. (Open seating, cloth seats etc.) They're sticklers about bringing in outside drinks. A/C was minimal the last time I went.

Bob Karson


Vanielly Alves

Horrible, the seating is very uncomfortable

CT Lakers

Colin Gwillim

Mr McMaN

As far as movie theaters go this was OK nothing special nothing awful

Terry B

Great theater.

Natonimore Gaming

Alex Massey

Strangely set up, but it’s a good place to catch a quick film and take a break

Lynne Murphy

Great movie place! Handcap parking right in front of theater! People are very nice.

James Krupke

Great place to watch a movie.

Thomas Herrmann

Nice theater very clean

Padishah .

Keith Foster

Watched Shazam today. The theater was decent. Good sound and clear picture. The seats were worn in the back row. The seat cushions need some attention.

Wendy Gabriel

Pretty good all around.

Yaradan G

CountingGardens .

Great movie theater, never had any complaints here. Staff is always helpful and they always have a ton of good time slots for showing. You won't find reclining chairs or couches here, just good old fashion movie seats.

Aurora Clinton

It is a very nice movie theatre,I enjoyed it.

John Lazor

Tom Walker

An absolute dump. You can smell the bathrooms from the box office.

Lindsey Anne Hall

I live in Westbrook and I only saw one movie that I didn't like so I left but overall I liked the all the other movies I've seen. So if you wanna see a Great movie you should come here to Westbrook because the staff that work their are super nice to Me and I've never had a problem with the management and my parent's don't see movies like I do but when they go they love it. Just wanna say that the food is pricier than others but still Amazingly #Awesome

Kelly Stoyak

I came in at a slow time with a large group. Staff got us in quickly with ease.

Heather Keegan

Needs to be updated. Restrooms are not nice.

ben weekes

Very good theater prices are what you expect always kept clean

Travis Miller

The theatre itself is usually only mildly comfortable, everything is of course excruciatingly overpriced, and the building is getting outdated. However, it's simple to get in and out of and watch a good movie in from time to time.

Anon Citizen

Clean and typical theater.

Dianne Beal

Staff was not super friendly. Sat in the dark until the actual movie time. Not so comfortable seats. One plus is they tend to show movies a bit longer than Regal.

Chettorcheez .

Best theater ever

Roberto Reis


Great theater, nice people work g there.

Karl Herman

Love this place. Usually plenty of seats available unless it's a first weekend movie. Typical prices. Stadium seating.

Erik halvorsen

Very expensive, rude staff, smells like mold

Eric Leuze

tammy p

Seats are small and uncomfortable, no chance of even slightly leaning back so you are remaining in upright seated position for hours. Seat backs are torn. With the many options out there I was surprised at the poor condition we found this outdated theater to be in. Note to self... next time there is front row parking available for a movie on Saturday night, there is more than likely a great reason why.

Eric Bergman

We are lucky to have this theater in Westbrook. Easy access off of 95. Yes, the theater is beginning to show its age, yet still is comfortable and does have a free summer kids movie program. Easy to criticize but certainly would not want it to close.

Judi Mcguinness

Giovanni Lopera

It's an okay theater but could stand to be updated. Stadium seats but they don't recline. Best thing about this theater is that it is rarely crowded.

Jasper Sha

Chubbz Stewart

This place has been around for quite some time now, and it's easy to tell. The outside of the building is pretty beat up. The inside isn't bad but it also isn't anything to write home to mom about.

Mauricio Cancino

Hannah Labrec

I’m local. Lived in Westbrook for my whole life. Husband and I went to see the new Godzilla movie tonight and the whole experience was horrible. The theater is atrocious. Trash literally every where. Sticky floor. Food spilt all over. Completely unacceptable. Then- the temperature in the room had to be 80 degrees. The fans weren’t turned on. Went to the front to explain to them possibly turn on the AC. Teenagers who did nothing. $40 to sweat and be surrounded by garbage. Place needs an update. Also- the fans have about 3” of black dust.

Larry Tucker

Nick Cirigliano

Movie shuts off 1/2 way thru, radio, then nothing. No monitoring of the theaters. Just terrible on a rainy day.

Dean Fortin

Went to see early matinee of Deadpool 2. The theater was filthy. Empty soda cups all over the floor. A layer of popcorn in every isle. We had to go through and find two seats that were not broken so I could sit next to my wife comfortabley. The only reason I gave it a two is if the place was clean and fixed up it might be nice. Not sure I would ever go back.

Trick Rick

Decent digital theater.

Rich LoPresti

Eve Elizabeth

Comfortable seats and nice people

John Buckley

We love this theater! It's a small, easy in/out, great sound/picture, typical snacks, small arcade for kiddies. It's not a luxury, full-service, wine/beer theater but I like soda and snacks when I watch a movie.

Robert Lloyd

This is your average movie theater. Nothing special going on like reclining seats or being able to reserve seats. You can pay extra to buy tickets ahead of time which might make sense for a huge blockbuster but you still have to wait in line to get tickets.

Brendan Cunningham

I like this theater. The decor is definitely dated. But the service is friendly and prompt.stadium seating. And it is nev so insane that it's hard to get a seat.

Liz E.

This is a great local theater. All the haters on here obviously complain about everything. Some people will never be pleased. As for the theater, its just like any other movie theater. Nothing different in any way. You can expect to see a movie for the same price and atmosphere of anywhere else.

Jason Hicks

ed visc

Nancy Waters

For the nearest local big theatre, this place gets the job done. Buy your ticket, get your drinks & soda, watch a movie. Overall always a reliable, safe, mostly clean experience. But if you have to use the restroom... Be prepared for filth, vile odor, and broken toilets, soap dispensers etc. Same complaints I have had for 10 plus years. It's the only game in town unless you go to Madison, Branford or elsewhere. Like I said, it gets the job down for a movie theatre.

Sally Pritchard

Ladies room smells awful and is often dirty. The people working the concession counter are so nice . The seats are ok and you can usually find the seat you want. Movies are fine.

Emilia van Beugen

Dirty, poor security, run-down

Neave Hinckley

Fine I mean it's the only theater I've been to and it doesn't smell

Luke Redmond

Judith Friedman

Friendly helpful service. Comfortable seating. Restrooms could use some TLC

Richard Richard

Theater is starting to feel a bit dated. Bathrooms are not great. But screens are good, audio is great, so once the lights dim the actual movie experience is great. And Popcorn is still some of the best.

Nick Bellinger

Jason Adler

Justin Wood

basic movie theater. not bad, nothing special.

Nicole Jackson

Samantha Arias

The canguil is very good!

Dara Terrio

Sean Perrone-Gray

**RazzleDazzle* *

This is a great local and quaint movie theater, it has great food, and isn’t usually to busy. There’s usually only a few people in showings, sometimes none, and that in my opinion is great. You should definitely go to Marquee.

Kelli Sullivan

Great theater my first time there very clean

Harold Haynes


Loved the free popcorn refill offers and deals. Great seating arrangement and was very impressed with their wide variety of movie showings. Very nice and quiet and just perfect to get away from hectic overcrowded theaters. Definitely going back!

Christopher Gebbie

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody! Excellent! And a great movie. Saw a preview for Elton John too. They named off all these Artists for it. I guess Hollywood will be making a LiveAid film series following the bands and their stories. Freddy Mercury a true performer. Too bad the industry is flooded with Drugs and the problem is worse than ever before, and the people in charge are the ones getting it for them.

Julia Dipasquale

Great popcorn and friendly service!

Betsy Whitbeck

The movie was good but it seems with the $60 dollars we spent with one adult and two kids, the theater should be able to hire someone to clean and maintain the restrooms, they were really gross. The ladies room floor was lined with toilet paper and it smells like it hasn't been cleaned in years.

Lucas Bannister

Needs recliners

Bonnie Fillion

NinaAlana Kushiner

Screen could be better

August Chapman

Luce Buhl

Clean your bathrooms and theater. In Westbrook, you should do better! Upgrade the seats. 2020 initiative tip for expenses!

Ryan Callahan

Mat Ninja

Pretty decent theatre. Average size, average prices. Not as large/comfortable as the one in Branford but it serves it's purpose.


I caught two employees having sex in the bathroom this is not right

paul snyder

Turn the heat on !!!! I'm not the only one complaining, don't go if it's cold outside

Ryan Gallagher

This is a great hometown theater that I have frequented for years. It's convenient, reasonably priced compared to some other places I've been to, and has a very open and friendly staff. As for the ads that run on the screen - those roll before the scheduled start time - so you only see those if you get there early, lol. Of course, the previews begin at the announced movie showing time.

Brian MacBain

Pleasant atmosphere

Jeffrey Glidden

Clean a little expensive

Renee Ski

Sydney Peacock

Marvin Flores

Dustin Shannon

Great Location, but the theater needs to be gutted and renovated. Popcorn tasted nasty and soda.

Beth & Ron Blankenstein

Seats were not recliners but were ok. A little sticky on the floor so they need to do a better job at cleaning. We saw Alladin and it was great!

Jason Glenn

Clean cinemas, great for a date night.

Crisangel Afanador

Paul Olearnick

Very clean and quiet. Great location off of IT. Dumbo movie was five stars. Take your kids

Alex Lee

William Daley

Was here on vacation. Watched a movie in #8. The right side speaker was only static. Before the start of the movie complained but they did not have an answer. Was really hard to enjoy the show. Seats seem really worn and did not seem it was cleaned between shows. First time ever complaining about a theater.

Frank Stellato

We love us some cinema. Always a seat here, plenty of parking, never rowdy or out of hand. A really fun movie going experience.

Morgan Reilly

Blade Phoenix

Two stars because staff was nice enough. The seats have a 50/50 chance to be caved in. when we saw john wick 3 the projector was off the screen by two feet on each side. As for the price point 12 or 13 dollars is a bit much for such a low maintained theater. Other theaters boast a higher quality atmosphere with a cheaper price point.

sean knight

Denise Desalvo

Josh Cyphers

Chauntel Papallo Ebbeka

Daniel Marrara

Classic theater like when I was a kid. No online sales, show up and get a ticket. Not the comfiest, but first come first serve

tess swiecanski

Steve Dichello

Fran Nankee

Been going to this theater for many years and have been very satisfied but the last three movies we saw the sound system was so low we couldn't hear what the actors were saying. Even our friend with a hearing aid could not hear the movie. Went to complain to have the sound system turned up but it never happened. Movies are too expensive to waste money on if the sound system is off. Some of the audio systems should be checked.

Marlene Rogers

Staff was very nice. Chairs were very uncomfortable

Cait P

Theater was fine, but the bathrooms need a serious upgrade and deep cleaning.

Jeff Bellinger

Peter Hult

Gabbi Vig

Always liked this theater but the gentleman working the front desk was extremely rude and even aggressive. I couldn't hear him and asked him only once to repeat himself and he just snapped. As a person working in customer service if you hate people you should find another job. No excuse.

Akchaya Kasiviswanathan

Very dirty. They didn't clean after the last movie and ran the next show. Not a busy theater. Restrooms smell and sometimes doesn't have toilet papers.

Ian Hagerty

The popcorn always seems old. If they had fresh popcorn with real butter, I would go to this theater every week. I live in Clinton and instead drive to Mystic just to get real butter on my popcorn and avoid a disgusting stomach ache. Please get real butter. I’ll come twice a week if you have real butter. That oil is so damn gross.

Maurizio Mazzi

Comfortable seats

Bren Cusson

I saw A dogs purpose yesterday and it was the best I love seeing 3D move because they have is. Ryan muffy is a dumbo.

David Bonito

Grandmother and her 8yo grandson next to me at concessions counter ordered two bottles of Dasani water - Manager asked for $9.50. She said thank you and walked away. I had to confirm if he actually said $9.50 for two bottles of purified Dasani water that you can get at Walmart for ten cents a bottle as I thought I might have misunderstood him and he said yes - and had the audacity to further try to justify the price by claiming that the theater had to make a profit. FYI - that's not a normal profit that's gouging. Notwithstanding that repugnant experience - kids ordered $8.50 bags of popcorn that were stale. At least $60 for one adult and two kids to go to movies and order popcorn and slushee and that was for a 1pm matinee. They can keep it - I would rather stay home and rent the same movie on TV than go through that again. And the industry wonders why box office receipts are down.

Sarrah Little

Matthew Marchitto

John Mical

You guys needa get your act together got moved too 3 separate theaters and they still couldnt get their s*** together

Jamie Kelo

Excellent atmosphere!!Art Deco lighting creates great retro feel!!!

joe innamorato

Cynthia Denslow

Roberto Melendez Negron

Josh Caruso

Carlos Francisco Céspedes Chalchi

Moath Diraneyya



The theater is great! The seating is comfy, the community is kind, PLUS most of the movies they've released are outstanding!

Jason Dailey

Went to this theater last night the seats where really uncomfortable some of the seats where ripped it was all I could do to not request a refund the lights where dim but not as dark as normal theatres they turned the lights up before the movie even ended will not be going back here again worst time I ever had a a movie theater

Ryan Murphy

Terrible experience! This place doesn't have 3D. They claim they do but when you show up they don't recccomend seeing it because the projector is "broken". Such a scam. Now I have to drive an hour to another theater or wait 50 minutes for the next movie....

Richard Basile

Decent theater with fresh popcorn. I would rate the theater higher if the manager wasn’t rude and dismissive. I tried to explain there was an issue in a theater and he literally walked away from me mid sentence.

George Boras

Andrew Cusson

This place needs new chairs but I dont think it gets the attendance for that to ever happen. Other than that it's a fine movie theater and half the time you have the whole theater to yourself!

Rosana Siqueira

Kelly O'Toole

Saiyan's Rage

Jessica Connor

Jason MacDonald

The worst place in the word days they take fandango online in store they say they don't associate with fandango. And they are very rude and disrespectful to costumers.

Marc Greenleaf

Popcorn is poor quality with lots of husks in it and the theater temp is too cold year round. Bring a jacket.


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