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95 Storrs Rd, Mansfield Center, CT 06250, United States Located in: East Brook Mall

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REVIEWS OF Mansfield Movieplex 8 IN Connecticut

kayla Sweeney

Always love coming here. The workers are friendly and the place is usually clean and we'll stocked, they have good fair prices on food. Will always recommend this theater!

Mike Kelly

For a small theater you can not ask for much more. The ticket prices are very reasonable and the seats are very comfortable. I would say the best thing about the place is the employees. They always seem to be friendly and helpful. My few complaints would be that some screens are better than others and the bathrooms can get messy. I would still give it 5 stars because I find this to be an issue at all theaters I visit.

Kyle Filbig

There nice staff as heck at this place.

Karly Girl

New movies at a comfortable theater fairly priced in a convenient location

KathLyn Hamilton

Love this Place, Recliner Seats and Only $5.00 for a NEW Movie!

Seth P

This is a great theater! Very reasonable ticket prices. Concession stand offers real butter for popcorn, and their prices are good too.

William Britt

Loved the seating up front. It was awesome

Greta Halleniece

Very nice theater. Good customer service, super tasty and sweet but so bad for you snacks (as they should be at a theater!), delicious buttery popcorn, and comfy seating. Love the recliner chairs in the front.


That theater was so small. There were only 3 full rows on 2 sides. Felt VERY close the the screen sitting in the back row. The only good things, no long lines and it had reclining seats. I won't go there again.

peter A

Nice people working there

Charelis Garcia

Recently Had gon to this movie theater for the First time. NEVA aqain movie room smelt like Wet Basement and was mad garbage in the creases inbetween the seats . Couldnt even enjoy the movie with the stank smell and the fact that you can clearly see hella Garbage in every corner.

Snake Coats

Love the recliner chairs. The popcorn is great. Good movies. Good atmosphere. My kids and I enjoy it.

Sheila Carroll

The recliners are comfortable.

Jacqueline Cruz

Nice place to go with kids

Patricia Calderwood

Lots of choices on movies-comfortable seats! Had soda and popcorn.

Steven J

They have unlimited refill popcorn and soda for 12 bucks. Nice reclining leather seats very nice small comfortable theater

Travis Poppleton

If the Mansfield Movieplex 8 were one-of-many theaters in the area, it might be considered a novelty, basement-themed attraction. As the only offering for Mansfield moviegoers however, it’s pretty heartbreaking. Movie fans have nothing to look forward to in the quiet corner of CT.

Stacy Dennis

Great recliner chairs clean theater nice staff

Saeed Valizadeh

SPOILER ALERT! Don't buy popcorn/food from here!? Went to this place to watch Avengers Endgame, and it was my end that night!!! I was vomiting the whole night because of the sh*&&y popcorn I bought from here! Food poisoning is real!

David Gostanian

We went to view a current movie at Mansfield Movieplex on a Sunday evening. The check in service was quick, as they support Samsung Pay. We sat in the very comfortable recliner seating. The seats were padded leather reclines that made the experience very enjoyable. We noticed that a previous customer had spilled some butter on the cushion. I asked for a paper towel to clean it. They sent someone right away with a leather cleaner and took care of it. That is excellent customer service. We went on to watch the movie in very comfortable seats!

Leighton Hund

Nice people and great customer service but ugly looking building and out of date feel to it.

anthony bortolussi

Nice small movie theater.

Emily Rasicot

For the price and the convenient location, you can't beat it. Comfortable seating, clean and friendly atmosphere.

Ashley VanDyke

The people that work here are amazing and very kind


Always have the best and latest movies. Good sort of candy, popcorn, and soft drinks. Seats are extremely comfortable like lazy boy style recliners.

Stephanie DelValle

Very nice theatre. Love the little mall its in. Very convenient for doing kids off with friends to watch movie and do a little shopping.

Denise Carroll

Movie was great. Seats are comfy, but they really really need to do a better job cleaning up. Vacuum the rugs once and awhile. Clean the bathrooms. Come on management, manage.

Kimberly Gervais

Located inside East Brook Mall. Cheaper than other theaters and has Upgraded reclining Theater Seats. Such a nicer experience than old folding movie seats with no legroom. Handicapped accessible. Close to home. Best theater around unless you want to drive 45- 60 minutes to either Manchester or Waterford cinemas. Plus, .....they cost more.

Rafael Herrera

Staff is always nice and helpful, reclining seats are so comfy, popcorn is amazing!

Leslie Law

Very affordable

Linda Legere

It was great

Lorri Vilorio

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The movie specials on five dollar Tuesdays and before noon are great for your wallet. They don't get enough diverse movies or top of the list films and keep some way too long. Being the only theater near two Universities I would expect more.

heriberto irizarry

Little theater. Needs some renovation but it's cozy.

Tony Reihl

This is an old movie theater, but the actual theaters themselves are up to date with good sound and picture quality as well as modern seats. The concession stand is also where you buy tickets, so it was pretty clunky because on top of people arriving to get tickets and their concessions, there were people having to stand in the same line to get refills of their popcorn.

Anthony Eicks

Super awesome place !!! Cheep and not super crouded

nunya punk

Reclining seats make the experience all the more better.


Do you like real popcorn? How about actually having snowcaps? or you know, a attendant getting your soda instead of using a soda machine that's had every patron's filthy hands/dirtied cups in it and seems to only give out seltzer water instead of coke? Well then this place is for you! Seriously, been there twice and every time great!

Stephen Sutton

Some theaters with lounge seating. Good value.

John Madson

Nice quality local movie theatre. Recently updated seats are a nice addition. It's a small theatre but the matinee price and student discount off the regularly priced tickets are good deals

Rachel Kachuk

Love the location and the seating is very comfortable. Lots of specials worth a look!

Larissa Andrews

This theater is great. Much less expensive compared to the bigger theaters in Lisbon,Ct. And Blackstone valley. Always friendly and helpful.

Terry Nebelski

Love the reclining seats

John Adams

Nice theaters concession price is way overpriced

Joseph Williams

Aisle down the middle rather than the sides was weird. Otherwise nice, clean with friendly staff.

Jimson Lima

Nice small theater with the main featured movies. Students get a discount on a specific night but i haven't been in a while so i cant say when exactly. Good ticket prices and good staff, Usually the place isn't super packed out so its nice to get good seating. The theaters are updated as well so you'll be comfortable.

Elana Davis

Good service , clean, friendly staff

Charity Korb

Theater is quaint. Good and fast service. Could offer more diverse movies. Could be A LOT CLEANER.

Michael Swift

Great place... prices too high on concessions

Jeffrey Kinsella-Shaw

Great seats, good popcorn, great matinee ticket prices and a friendly and helpful staff. Very kid and senior citizen friendly theater. Overall, a great little local movie theater.

Belinda Warrender

Love this place. Very comfortable and affordable tickets.

Bonnie H.

Love the new reclining seats!

Achilles Adams

Recently saw 'Us' here. The movie was great, the seats were comfortable, and the popcorn was what you would expect. Unfortunately, the right side speakers in theater number two were making an endless and distracting buzzing noise, which can really take you out of the immersion of the film. Still, I could recommend it for its comfortable seating, assuming other theaters don't have the same problem.


I like this theater, it's small, great popcorn and awesome prices.

tito cruz

Liked the seats and prices

Carrie Gray

This theater is a little small and run down. But it has the latest movies.

Jimmy Westman

One of the better movie theaters I've been to and with a very reasonable price. The entrance and main lobby are a little dated and don't do the theater justice. The actual theater is fairly small but has extremely comfortable and clean red leather recliners. I have never had sound from a neighboring movie theater bleed over and interrupt our movie. I try to make it a point to go at least once a month.

Sandra Durand

It's a nice Comfortable seats. Saw A Star is Born. Great Movie

Madeline Hernandez

Great place and prices well come back

Tony S

Great theater! Ticket prices are the cheapest around and so are the concession prices! Staff are always friendly. Reclining oversized seats for the family. The way movie theaters are supposed to be!

Jack Christenson

Good place to see a movie, get there early if you want a Big recliner chair.

Christine Darczyn

Awesome as always. Affordable, recliner seats, always fresh made popcorn that needs nothing added. Excellent, kind and courteous staff.

Penny L. Tracy

A couple of things I like about this theater is having afternoon, reduced price matinees and I know the smaller theaters have the lounge type chairs which are very comfortable. One thing I did notice in one of the smaller venues was that I could hear some sound from the next theater. I noticed it a lot when the previews began but not very often during the movie itself, just once or twice. That was the first time that I ever noticed that happening here and I've been a few times. Overall we enjoyed ourselves and couldn't beat the matinee price!

Barbara Vaughan

FREEZING! I love going to the movies here, but my goodness - couldn't have been warmer than 35 degrees in there today. The theatres are always cold in the winter, but this was extreme. Wear your winter woolies if you go!

Almighty Seal Productions

The place has good prices for the movies they have on offer, awesome seats, and friendly people. 10/10 would defenately go agien.

Jesse Owen

I love this theater. The staff is always very friendly, their movie selection is great, and the price can't be beat. My family of 6 saw Mary Poppins Returns yesterday and with a large bucket of popcorn and two large drinks it was only $46 for everything! The reclining seats are super roomy and comfy, and the sound quality is great.

Matthew Vining

Cold in a few of the theaters. Close to home so it's not bad. Friendly people. I've been there many times.

Lynn Reichel

Comfy and a good theatre to take kids.

Jaliene Collard

Its good, but small

Jacqueline Papineau

The place is filthy dirty! Staff should be cleaning, at a minimum sweeping up the popcorn. When not serving customers they are sitting behind the counter. (On a bucket or something low to the ground) playing on their phones. The manager or owner does not seem to care either. His office is at the end of the concession stand. He sits around a pile of papers and junk. He could watch the registers and have staff do some clean up. Bathrooms are gross also! We bought the popcorn, the butter flavor oil tasted old, rancid or something. Maybe they just keep adding more flavored oil and never clean it as suggested by manufacturers. Only good thing is, it has some recliners for seating I would not come here, accept it's the closest theater to home.

Andrew Cruz

Never had a bad experience, very accommodating staff

Cecile Winslow

Enjoyed our movie very much, but those recliners even more ! Bathrooms were clean !

Cole Clark

I really like this theater. It has no competition for people in my area unless they want to drive 45 minutes instead of 15. But they do have those nice reclining chairs in all theaters (not all the seats are reclining but they have a good amount in the main theaters. The price for tickets is cheaper than any theater I've seen in a long time. I just got back from a full price ticket and it was less than 10 dollars. The staff are friendly. It is a small theater but its a small area it serves. They also seem to be super lax about outside food and beverages. Its my favorite theater because of the price and proximitiy to my house.

James Searles

Great little theatre. Popcorn was fresh, theatre was clean and the seating is extremely comfortable. Matanee is a great deal.

Amy Brown

Greatest place ever five dollar Tuesday Holla such great seating so comfortable had so much fun so glad we have this place Sweet

stephanie munn

Attentive staff, nice theaters

kevin bigoness

Fantastic place place to bring your family and friends. The managers are very nice and helpful.

Mamie Horstmann

Small theaters are great and discount matinees even better.

Emily Schmidt

I love the new reclining chairs. The staff is not very outgoing, but movie selection is ok. The show times are sometimes not ideal, but prices are on par with the market.

Joseph Norton

Great cinema reasonable prices lazy boy recliners what a way to watch a movie

Lindo Gatito

Small but clean, cozy and good vibes

Mr. Allen C. Sokolik Jr.

Awesome movie theater & been there many times to see many other movies, the ppl who work there are nice & they do there job well also good snacks & drinks to buy. Lastly it's in a good location.

Derek Batz

Really nice theater, small but intimate and comfortable seating. Prices are the best around, almost half priced tickets and no line. Theater was clean and no sticky floor. Had a great time with the family. Also, concession prices are reasonable for a movie theater.

jason surprenant

Super comfy seats, large screens, never crowded, and prices aren't bad, one of the few movie theaters I'll still visit

Gina Van Fleet

I love this theater. Great seats! Competitive prices. And a perfect balance of having enough crowd without feeling crowded. The girl at the front counter "Adriana" is very friendly and has a welcoming smile! My family loves this theater!

Paul Casanova

I was highly surprised and disappointed with the cleanliness of the theater. Upon. Walking in you can smell odd odor. While sitting down waiting for the movie to begin i looked down and noticed spilled popcorn, soda, candy, empty boxes of candy and so much more trash behind the seats, this is in multiple rows. All i could think was “this place must have mice or roaches and probably never gets cleaned.” Now i know where the odd odor was coming from. I enjoyed the movie but was unpleasantly uncomfortable with the filth and smell of the theater.

Abraham Vasquez

I love this place because it's really clean the seats are really comfortable they laid back put your feet up the sound is awesome everything else is good I highly recommended

Bill Paglia-Scheff

Pretty comfortable semi reclining seats. Screen didn't fit the entire film we were watching. Subtitles near the ground off the screen. Place is pretty clean, people are pretty nice

dave martinez

Great place to see movies. Comfortable chairs that recline. The prices are the best around. The popcorn and soda prices are very reasonable.

Sandra Davis

Theater was dirty and many seats needed cleaning and maintenance. The recliners and their mechanics were noisy, and regular chairs rocked unsteadily. Price was $7.00 on a Sunday night and acoustics and temperature were good.

Elysia Klezos

The employees are always so kind

sister on the go lala

Love it quiet n comfy seats

Alexey Ouzounov

Best movie theater in the area. Great reclining lounge seats and never crowded!

Carmen Rivera

this place is a good place to see movies with family, friends, partners, etc... the new seats are amazing, you can actually recline like a it

Brilly Colon

Love the chill seats. Only thing that sucks is that they're only in the bottom rows of the theatre. Not everyone wants to be right in the front of the screen but most people would enjoy the comfort of said chairs throughout the theatre.

Mike Castillo

Great customer service, nice facility. It's a small theater but they do a great job trying to accommodate everyone. The seats are mixed between traditional movie seats in the back and the newer style comfort recliners in the front. Candy and popcorn prices are reasonable compared to some of the bigger places. If you want 80ft IMAX, go to Providence, otherwise this is a nice spot for movies to see while they are in theaters.

A. B. M Hasan Talukder

Good one, I heard!

Bart Goodin

Small theatres...sell outs do occur...price is very good

Ethan Francis

Awesome place. Food is cool, gym smells like rubber


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