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1620 NY-22, Brewster, NY 10509, United States Located in: Towne Centre

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REVIEWS OF Empire Cinemas IN Connecticut

Bernice Willins

Please update your phone times , it should be clearer and correct. Please sell pretzels

Monica Vitti

Cheap popcorn and tickets

Quaker Hill

Liz Carroll

Best little movie theater. Great prices for tickets and concessions.

marc lindner

5 dollar Tuesdays

Tony Brooklyn

Kind of small movie theater price is very reasonable

Sandra Cardenas

John Neuser

Lots of shopping, lots of restaurants, free parking.

Gabriel Palacio


L.J. La Luna

Danny B

Nice and cozy theater. Love not paying an arm and a leg like at the big chain cinemas.

Jonathan Simon

John Gojcaj

Small but local theatre

George Mayr

Michael Volpe

Barbara Liptak

delvalle fidanque

lamp cord

yaswanth kolluru

This theater is very hot inside a/c never works here, this place is not clean very bad maintenance, picture quality on screen is very bad but Good sound quality. Their management is very bad rude to customers bad customer service. This place is not recommended. Didn’t deserve even one star Good parking place available.

Philip Tavano

Nice little theater and we went to the $5 Tuesday show.

Tyler Young

Small and you have to go through another store just to get to the theater

Heavenly goldfish Gaming


Rich Hargrave

Despite its small size, this theatre does get all the new movies. Situated in back of a local discount store (Value Village) they have three screens. Personally, I still drive to Danbury for the big-screen and sound experience, but this place is convenient. If you've got children, they do a cool parties and screen your own private movie.


Nice people and good nachos

James Short

alan navarro

Went to watch avengers engame, service was trash. I understand that they must of been busy all day, it was actually filled and there were massive lines to to buy tickets, however they were extremely slow and they didn't have popcorn, nachos and some sodas, more than half of their menu. Tickets were cheap but so was the whole experience.

Dunia Loppe

Bathrooms are nasty and there's no AC!

Gineiry Hernandez

I have lots of fun with friends here!

Claudia Rueda

This place is so dirty, no AC, impossible to deal with that hot room temperature

Kiomara Pajares

This place is a wonderful movie theater to watch a movie. Very respectful. I highly recommend for anyone who is interested in watching a movie. The workers there are all nice, very understanding and the management there is very good. Good service!!!

Matt Safford

This place has consistently been the worst-run business I've ever had the misfortune of patronizing over the years. You're better off staying home and watching a VHS tape that's been down behind your couch since the 90s if you can't go elsewhere.


Normal theatre.. Not recommended for those who look to watch movies with good sound and clarity.

Alexis Chan

This movie theater looks like the set of a horror movie inside. Seats are torn/dirty. Lighting is dingy. Has the same level of cleanliness as a cheap motel that hasn’t been updated in 30 years. People working there were nice enough though, so there’s that.

Free Smith

Great place to get murdered. Taped up movie theater numbers on walls. Movie starts 20 minutes late. Confusing layout. Ripped up seats. I've never been so terrified for my life.

N Praveen Kumar

One of the worse movie theater in my life very bad smell. Movie was not running well...


I haven’t been to this movie theater in years. Time has certainly taken its toll. This place is filthy and rundown. The theater I was in had probably not been cleaned the entire day. Concessions are extremely overpriced; $12 (If I remember correctly) for a small popcorn and small drink with no refills. The sound quality inside the theater is poor at best; similar to wearing cheap headphones. Ticket prices are on par with most other local movie theaters at regular times so your money is definitely better spent elsewhere.

Manuel Saltarin

I went there 3 times before but today I got the worst Bad service that I ever got from this place today. The us to be nice at least

Inez King

Movie was good and we had plenty of seats all to ourselves. The theatre was a little cool. They can change that.

Urmi Ahir

Very convenient for us

Mr Peripatetic

The place is a mess . They don't clean it at all. The seats are dirty. It used to be good . The restrooms are in a horrible condition.

Leydi Dela Rosa

The place could look better and have better choices on snacks. Food is very expensive

Tatiana Pajares

Empire Cinema has to be my favorite theater ever. It is extremely clean, movie has great quality and employees are super nice. Definitely recommend to watch movies here!!

Virginia Peralta

The place wasn't clean when we got in. A cleaning lady came in and the cleaning consisted of hitting some seats w a broom and picking up the garbage that the previous clients left behind. THE AIR CONDITIONING WASN'T ON. I went back to the front desk and informed the person, I was told that the manager was going to be CALLED IN, but the movie went on and the AC was never turned on nor anyone came in to check

Bhargav chaitanya

No recliners and sound quality could be better

Swaroop Satya

Why the hell you guys dont even turn the ac on Worst theatre ever in US.

Suman Pulikonda

Both elevator and escalator not working. Worst maintenance.

Ed Steell

Very bad teather, they don't respect the customer, horrible service

rajkumar PARDASANI

Very bad. They dont clean the theater. Pls don't go to this place.

Dilip Raj

One of the worst theatres I have seen. None of the sections of the theater are clean. Uncooperative employees. And coming to the most important thing, projection is of poor quality and sound quality is mono. It's better to watch movie with headphone rather than in this theatre.

Amaro R

I used to like this place but it has changed a lot while the price is $10 dollars per ticket a bit less than other theatres.......the AC is not working ,we complaint to the front desk and they did absolutely nothing, the policy is ONCE YOU BOUGHT THE TICKET NO RETURN!!!

Lord Mu

This is probably the nastiest theater I've ever been in. You would think they would offer some sort of discount to compensate for their horrendous accommodations but sadly no. The staff is also not very friendly.

FuN with Me

Total waste of time,theater had no air conditioning,could not see movie due to heat in the theater and the whole premises.They tell you to call the number on the website but it rings and rings and no one picks up so you can't get a refund.??? The website does not alert you of there problems so you lose your money when you purchase.Dont bother coming to this theater it's a waste of time,money and patience.No management to speak to this place should shut down!!!

Nidhi Patel

The worst cinema I have ever been too. I had purchased my ticket walked into the theater and it was hot, the screen was messed up, the sound was horrible, and the quality of the movies tremendously horrible. When I went back to get a refund they were like they could give us the refund only the owner. The general manager and the employee was getting into our face and creating a scene. I would not recommend anyone to come to the theater at all.

Richard Espinal

My first time there and last,look like a ghost place,didn’t clean the place from previous movie,no fresh popcorn,feel like unsafe in case of any emergency,no ac,a bad experience in general,shame whit the right administration this place has potential,

Bobby R.

Decent but needs air conditioning! People with asthma couldn't watch a whole movie bc it's so damn hot inside

Akash Rao

Not that great but you can watch Indian monies here

Vattapally Sairahul

Good for Regional movies , but cafeteria not so good

Nick Wild

It have very gross stuff but the prices were good

Naseera dawood

Nice theatre but very difficult to find the entrance... its in underground!!! Tickets are cheaper here!!!

Shubham Bajpai

Pretty ordinary theater. Premium ticket price and not providing a half-decent experience. We had a bad experience when we went for a 1:50 show and the movie did not even start till 2:30. I will think twice before heading there next time.

Jeannie H

I love Empire Cinemas- it's a tiny, local theater located at the rear of the Value Village Store in Brewster, NY. The best thing about it is that you can buy candy in Value Village and bring it into the movie theater. It is a multi-plex, which is great, but the showings are definitely limited. However, they do have $6 Tuesdays, which helps the budget! The staff is primarily high-school/college kids, but they're always very pleasant and pretty quick about service. It's also a great place for kids parties- you can rent out one of the theaters and have a pizza party.

Chris Jackson

Daniel Pantea

In a great little community of shops, recent movies with good quality theater's.

John Drew

Been going to this little local theater for years. Is it the best? No. But it is convenient and I’ve never been there when it’s crowded so I’ve always had a good viewing experience. Only quibble, the concession stand is overpriced for nachos that are salty and popcorn that is stale. Apparently, you can bring in food bought from Value Village and if that’s the case, it’s what I’ll be doing in the future.

Patrick McGrath

Small theater, but lots of charm.

Raul Chavez

BYOS. Bring your own snacks. Tuesday night is a great deal! And your are able to bring snacks from the site that this cinema is in. Value Village.

Jon Nichols

Best theater in the area! Incredible old styled garbage can sized popcorn! Loses 1 star because a couple of seats need fixing.

Paul Delcogliano

John Gemma

Mark DelBalzo

Some say it is good. Others say great. I say both. It has an ambivalent ambiance with amicable attendees. It is safe to say I love it and It is safe to say you will love it. The candy is good.

Ramy stein

Located in the back of a store that sells this and that, it is a nice little theater with 2 of the more popular movies showing in its theaters. The tickets can be paid for with credit card but any food and drinks you want at the concession stand (which is also the ticket booth) have to be paid for in cash. Surprisingly, the screens are a nice size and the seating is very very comfortable. The showing times could be more, but what are you expecting going to see a movie in the back of an store selling items such as appliances and tools? It is a steal to see movies here. It is nice to know there is a nice comfortable place to see top movies for a great price.

Tristan Farenholc

Good food,good movies and good seats.

Lanora Gunther

Clean,small in back of a store!


Maddie Eschner

Esther Marrero

Ronin6050 Ronin6050

Essentially no A/C in Theater 1 on a day where the outside temp was hovering in the low 90s... management did not care even as several people kept going out to request A/C turn up. I would give it 1 star but it was Super Tuesday so very low cost.

Chris Thomerson

A great little theatre hidden behind the grocery store (you actually go through the store to get into the theatre). The best part besides the great prices (especially on Tuesdays) is the fact that you can bring in your own snacks you bought from the grocery store.

Matthew Cocuzzo

Hedy Sikora

It a great little theater. I love the fact that it's local and takes me 15 minutes to get to.. I like to get there early and shop around in the store. The theater is in the back of a small dept. store. The seats are very comfortable and its never crowded. It's clean and very pleasant.

Aidan B

kathleen mckenney

All I can say is about giving my one and only experience at this theater is that I would have given minus stars. The popcorn machine had broken earlier in day and were told you could bring in your own. Upon getting there was met with a nasty attitude from the person selling tickets when told we could only bring food bought from store right outside the theater in not from another store which lead to a screaming match and getting treated poorly. I'm telling everyone I know to not go there and I will find a theater with better service. Rude disrespectful and shouldn't be doing the job they were hired for

Luke Haskell

It may be hard to find because ithe entrance is tucked in the back right corner of Value Village, but Empire is a great clean movie theater with friendly staff, $5 Tuesdays, 3 movies at a time you can buy snacks in the store and bring them to the theater.

Jannine Robinson

I will report this place to the authorities- it needs to be shut down! Do not consider going here! It is disgusting. Mould is on the walls and ceiling everywhere. The carpets are rotting and the chairs are ruined. Where we sat, the upholstery had been ripped off and sharp hooks to hold the material were exposed- your arms would be cut to pieces! The chairs are upright and uncomfortable. The bathrooms freaking scary. Lighting seems from the 50s and the roof was falling apart. The movie had no trailers and we waited 22 minutes, watching normal TV commercials before they abruptly cut off and the movie started seconds in. Just an awful, surreal and unsafe experience. Don’t go near it!

Paul Bracero

I agree empire cinemas should put there big movies or most relevant hollywood movies in theater 12

margareth lprado

All My World

1st run movies. Prices are lower than some theaters. Popcorn prices are excellent! Theater is clean. Friendly staff. Odd to enter the theater through the store, but it makes me feel like I've stopped back in time. That's a good feeling, given that's why we go to movies, to escape today :-)

Geovanny L.

$5 dollar Tuesday is great be on time because it gets crowded.

Genoeffa Palumbo

A time warp back to small, intimate movie theatres. I couldn't find the entrance at first and there are no signs outside to tell you a movie theatre exists. But once inside it was a nice experience. Only 3 movies were playing. The theatre was clean and the service friendly. I would definitely go back again.

Betsy Gallant-Clar

Vishal Gandhi

You get what you pay for. Not very crowdy and decent staff. Sound system and the screen have been improved, I believe.

Jose Hernandez-Aponte

The most neglected and rundown cinema in NJ. It was like walking into an abandoned movie theater. Horrible. The chairs were so uncomfortable and smelled like an old house that hasn’t been vented in years. The popcorn was not fresh and the carpet throughout the entire cinema had a terrible stench. The elevator was scarier than the movie we watched. I will never go back. They should sell to a franchise like AMC since location is perfect.

Sassy Unicorns

Its very clean .They give refils of popcorn and soda the cinama chairs are comfortable but a little old in some rooms .But overall its a good theather

Tanya McKinney

I gave this theater one star...had this site allowed for less than one star I would have given less. First of all, you have to purchase your tickets from the concession stand. We were instructed to use the elevator to get to theater 12 which had no lights on. We used flashlight apps to try to find a seats and to our amazement the seats were grimy, had a layer of dust on them, had cob webs and some cushions were completely pulled apart. I spoke to the manager who told me that they had not cleaned the theater yet then told me that all the theatres were like number 12. Then just walked away and fiddled with his phone. BTW did I mention that there was no heat with 28 degree weather outside! I wasted $20.50 for a movie that I didn't see. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME NOR MONEY on this crappy theater with lackluster customer service.

Diana Carolina

This was my first time here for a girls night out. My friend has the app and is a member so we ordered our food express, which is super convenient. The seats are incredibly comfortable. Only complaint I have is that we were watching a Rated R movie and we had about 9 disruptive teens in front of us. Other than that its a great movie theater!

N Patel

I like their prices but service should be negative -10. Yesterday, i booked my show online at 10:30. When I went there, she told me i will be happy to refund. Upon asking she told me not going to stay till 1 for two people. lady used word fu***** because she didn't want to stay till 1. I understand that sometime you don't want to stay till 1 for two people. There were two more people who wanted to watch same movie, now she had no choice so she started curshing bad words. Please, just don't run show, but don't ruin mood for customers who come to watch movie by using abusive words. Those two customers were forced to watch movie which was already passed 25 minutes.. But luckily I came..

Jean P Mosquera

This theater is Okay. Me and the family went for a Saturday afternoon Matinee and enjoyed the movie. However, there is no heat in the place, so you will be cold. Luckily we all brought coats and jackets, but yeah. They need to pay their Heating Bill for sure. I hope during the summer they have A/C.

Chintan Desai

They should have a separate ticket selling counter. Combined with the food stall one has to wait for a while to get the tickets since people take their own sweet time deciding what they want

Mandar Vyas

Management is below average. They don't know how to manage screens and light in theater. Don't pay more than 5$ in this rubbish theater

john florio

OMG you think you went back to the 70s, this movie theater needs to be closed down, dark, gloomy, bathrooms are disgusting!


Great movie theater always go here for the blockbuster hits. Best viewing pleasure.

Roshan Kumar

It was most pathetic Movie theatre i have been to. AC was not working. Nothing is good about this theatre

Mohamed Habeeb

Worst theater ever! 1. They don’t clean after the shows 2. Sometime the brightness in the screen is so low that you feel like you are staring at a black screen 3. They don’t want you to miss the show nor miss any part of the movie with a loo excuse. Bathrooms are dirty, broken and unhygienic! 4. Auditorium 8 - the speaker system in this hall has been broken for years

Joel Martinez

If I was able to give zero star to this so call "movie theater " I'd give zero star. Bought tickets online and hurried myself to make it on time and when I get there they just told me that the movie is not playing, they canceled it. They gave me a refund without even apologizing for the inconvenience it caused on myself. Anyway the theater looks very old and dirty it looks like it won't make it this year unless they change management and upgrade the place. To sum it up don't waste your time and money going there is just not worth it.

Rose Sosa

This has to be the worst place ever. It is super hot in the theatre. Commercials take about 20 mins before the movie starts and their commercials are terrible. No future movies just non sense. I remember coming here when I was younger and things weren’t like this. This looks to me like a money washing business. Unbelievable.

Shanthala M

You can see this theater empty compared to AMC theaters. So whenever we don't get ticket for movies anywhere else,we go here. They have $5 movie everyday if you go before 12pm.

Ashley Daus

Currently sitting in a hot, dark theater waiting to watch a movie that was supposed to start 25 minutes ago. FYI, no AC in any 2nd floor theaters. Trying to enjoy my overpriced popcorn and soda, in a dirty theater. To add insult to injury, the staff is unfriendly. This place is a nightmare, so not worth the few bucks you save on ticket prices.

Karl Ramos

Literally I should have post this up a year ago. Three reasons why not to go here. 1. It so dirty, like really the movie theater is such a disaster. It really sticky, no one ever clean up, and the garbage is always full. 2. Service really sucks. Every employee doesn’t want to work here, like I understand this place is bad and the quality but do your job. 3. Not worth your time and the movie theater either.

Amanda DiToto

Today, August 21, 2019 I had gone here with my SO and son. We spent 69 bucks on 2 adult tickets, 1 child ticket a large popcorn, 2 slushies, and 2 candies. We went to theatre 3 to see Lion King. We walked in and the carpet was 100% SOAK AND WET and smelled musty and gross; and the ceiling was dripping. As we continued to walk in, all the lights were completely off and had to ask someone to turn the lights on. They did. We were the only 3 in the theatre. Sitting in, i had notice seats were falling apart and upholstery was coming off the chairs exposing its hardware where someone can easily scratch themselves. There was also a lot of mold on the walls. Then when the movie came on we had to ask them to turn the lights off. While we asked to turn the lights off we had spent another 15 on more snacks. We watched the movie which was the only benefit of being here. Towards the end a random person walked in and just sat to watch. Today that's creepy and should not be allowed especially with all these crazy killings. Upon leaving lights were not turned back on and we had to find our way out in the dark and then we stopped to use the bathrooms which were just as filthy as a dirty gas station bathroom. Piss everywhere as well as toilet paper all over and no paper towels. They must me very understaffed And hurting for money. That leak in theater 3 was so bad that my suede ballet flats had gotten soaked at the toes just from the brief walk. We won't be back and I am sure this place has many violations The curly hair boy at the consesion was pleasant and did work the lights for us. I fell bad for them 2 workers tonight because they probably have to do it all alone.

Loretta Santos

Nice place to take the family for a fun times

Amar Mitra

The one star reviews are about just as Desi it can get. It serves its purpose - entertainment, the good old fashioned Indian way, the best it can. Haters can go to the City. Sorry it doesn't serve your

Alonso Guardia

I went to watch endgame. It was really filled, I understand that is because of the movie or whatever but I spent like an hour in line, the girl who sold me the tickets seemed to be lost and bored but she was kinda cute tho. And they didn't have popcorn, and half of the menu. The only good thing was the movie.

Post Mortem

What happened to this theatre? I don't see tickets in atom or fandango or any ticketing website. Did this close? I'm missing my telugu films.

Tamara McGuire

This place needs to be shut down!!! Health code violations big time. Bathrooms does not work. Place is never clean probably have bed bugs, roaches and mice!!! No AC. Picture quality is horrible. Dirty Place!! Zero stars

Luis Arroyo

We went on Christmas Day and on every Tuesday they have a promotion all day 5 dollar movies, well is not true. On Christmas Day I took my kids to see Aquaman, when I ask for 4 tickets came out to $40 not $20. I ask about the all day promotion for $5 and the employee said is Christmas not regular Tuesday. The food was even worst popcorn needed salt and butter that we requested twice, soda was watery nasty flavor and was replace, the nacho cheese old flavor. I will never go back again and don't recommended.

Nova Saturn

Good friends and family place, only problem is the drinks and food are too expensive

Mitul patel

Living in texas i had this thing about theatre not many people around and you get whole theatre by yurself sometimes .this is the same kind a theatre...if you get the morning show its best time to enjoy movie here....screens are okey...seats too..but theatre is clean nd its enjoyable with cheapest price...


every time I want to go see a movie I go to empire cinemas the lady at the front of her know she gave me and my brother extra popcorn in a little cup which is very funny and also all her friends is group up and wentSophie and game from avengers but everytime I think of movies I think that empire cinemas is the way to go because your singing is good no hassle and no extra payment nothing just got to the point.

Edwin Arias

The staff is great and enjoy the movie everytime I go there with my nephew and love the free refills on soda and popcorn.

Stephen Desiderio

Theatre is not well run. Dirty and dingy. With so many other choices in area you are definitely better off spending the extra 3 bucks elsewhere. I am honestly surprised that this place has not been shut down due to health code violations. It is literally that bad. Words cannot describe how bad and depressing the theater and staff are.

nidhin thundiyil

Had a fire evacuation in the middle of the movie..poor evacuation plan..poor ticket refund staff had to hand write the refund tickets..horrible service..

Victor Roldan

Not the worst but improvements on the color of the screen and the audio have to be made.


Worst theater I have ever been to. Flat out disgusting vibe as soon as I walked in, actually before I walked in. The doors were broken, front office shut down, the atm was broken, no one was there, the bathrooms were awfully disgusting. We walked in and sat down and the movie didn’t even start on time!! No advertisements, nothing. It felt so sketchy and as we were waiting for 30 min for the movie to start a man walks in to check if we have the right tickets for the right movie. Unbelievable...after 45 min the man peeped his head out of the projector window and apologize because he was “working on it.” I don’t even know what that means. I them wait a little longer to literally see an amazon advertisement indicating that they literally were broadcasting off of a laptop. Sound was awful and so were the seats. Worst experience of my life and I am a very very tolerable, patient person.

Naveen kumar

Not a good experience watching movies. The sound is too loud and unclear. The snacks are bad. The worst popcorn i ever had. Even in the peak times, they have only one counter open for tickets and which is the same for snacks. They should take this business seriously if they really want to increase the foot fall

Riteeka Gupta

Has Good parking place.... Big theatre... Not crowded...


The worst expierience EVER. The food was nothing short of disgusting. Escalators were broken( I had a toddler with me). Movie theater smellled like someone urinated on all of the seats. Worst of all we went there on a 80 degrees day , it was at least 100 I’m the movie theater. I’m not one to wish ill on anyone’s business but... SHUT IT DOWN. Do NOT GO HERE!

Frank Minniti

ant hony

Good small theater great prices never packed has new movies

Eugene Spry

Frank Salvatore

rayvin651 .

Best theater around for price and comfort!

Robert McElroy

This is my absolute favorite movie theater. Really well kept, good popcorn, and comfortable seating.

Ginny Johnson

This is the theater to go to early in the afternoon when a new movie comes out. You can bring your own food and drinks if purchased from Value Village. It is not usually crowded and $5.00 Tuesdays just can't be beat. It is nice and clean. Two thumbs up

Jason Thomas

Nice theater, too bad only 3 screens.

Tony Iorfino

Nice theater.

keri sedor

Can’t reach by phone, says memory is full, OR buy tickets online either. Is this the 80s ? Very disappointed.

Cece Hernandez

Sam N

If not for the disgusting chairs, this place would be an easy 4 stars. The theater rooms need renovation and to be actually cleaned regularly so the seats don't make you feel like you need to burn your clothes and take a scorching shower to kill off any infection that might be hiding in there. If you don't mind the chairs, though, it's a great late night movie location. It's not too modern and not to outdated, a visually appealing location (before you enter the theater rooms).

Joe Bednarczuk

It's a pretty nice movie theater. The only downside is that there is only 3 theaters.

Joshua Ahearn

Nice little place. Little expensive

Virginia Pereyra

Loved it friendly staff and comfy seats

John Amato

Independently owned theater with 3 screens that shows current first run movies. Friendly employees and good prices for movies and concessions, you can also buy and bring in food and drink items from Value Village (the store you go through to get to the theater). Decent size screens and comfortable seats, it's a nice getaway from the over priced supersized theaters.

Christina D

Best place to have a birthday party! Amazing staff and prices

Sangeetha v.m

Its nice, not bad

Madeeha Mirza

Currently dying without AC , like a sauna in the theater & on top of that the smell is making me vomit. Sat in a pitch black theater without any lighting with kids. Movie played 45 minutes after. Staff is rude overall disgusting !

Elvis Arias

Lots of broken seats, horrible service at the counter where at the same time sales tickets and food. Employees are like the life stinks at them... specially an old lady who looks to be the administrator of the place. Bad spoken and very, very rude. Lot of garbage at the beginning of the movie that turned off the lights after almost 5 minutes of the movie. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. DONT GO THERE

Mathivanan Duraimanickam

Worst theatre i have ever seen in US..Even ac won't work here

shiva kalyan reddy kaku

Someone forgot to turn on the air-conditioner on a hot day. Worst theatre ever.

Sasank reddy

please don’t waste your time going to this theater....worst experience...In their website it shows the movie timings but when you go there they will say they are not playong that movie... happened like this for 3 times for me...maintenance is worst... I wish there is an option to give negative star....

luis gonzalez

The light when you are coming in or out they have it off scary for scary

Sohum Mehta

Screen powered off multiple times during movie and so we had to go to the front desk and ask them to turn on the screen which took about 10 minutes and you couldn't even start at the same place.

jaime izquierdo

The place is very unorganized, only one person for tickets and even when you buy then online you have to make those long lines, food is cheaper than most theaters, but a nice place.

Smrithi Upadhyay

Terrible experience!!! Do not visit this theatre. Hall 7 AC wasn't working. I had such a horrible experience. Watched movie in such hot condition because had purchased tickets online. They should shut down the cinema if cannot maintain it.

Chanel CG

It's decent for the price

Adult Games

I love to watching movies in these place..

Michael Hucker

I could make this review long and detailed but I'll spare you. I bought our tickets online (you know, to save time?), but had to wait for 35 minutes in line to pick up our tickets (no electronic kiosks or anything like that...just one guy moving pretty slow). Was 15 minutes late to the movie due to this wait. I cant quite explain the chairs/seats in the have to kind of balance in the middle or your butt will fall through the back. Kids literally cannot sit in these seats due to having a small butt. So both kids wanted to sit on my lap for the whole movie....this was great for my lower back on these chairs. All this for just $35. I'd need to be compensated to go back there again.

Jazmine Moreno

Been going here since I was a kid, come every Tuesday for the $5 movies, definitely come if your looking for a comfortable cheap place to go!

Shilpa Singh

I wish there were negative stars to review this place. They make tickets available for purchase online and when you show up... either the movie is running in altogether another screen, different from what is mentioned on your tickets or not playing at all!! The staff is so mismanaged and extremely rude. When you confront them for the mismanagement they charge at you as if they are doing a favor on the customers! Lol They have no management what so ever. Everyone on the concession stand is a self-proclaimed supervisor!

Lincoln Hayes

Aside from the theater itself being pretty much a dump, the movie showtimes were incorrect. A family bought tickets to the wrong theater so they starred their 9:35 am movie at 11. So then when it was time for the 12:25 pm showing, they stopped the movie. The customers demanded they keep playing it, so they started our showing 30 minutes late in a different theater. But they never turned on the heat. It was freezing for 2.5 hours. The manager offered us passes but took abother 20 minutes to actually speak to us after the movie.


If I could give zero stars, I would. We got our tickets online and made it just in time to the theatre. We got our tickets and were sent to auditorium 12 on the second floor, Only to find out that the screen is off and there is nobody there. Went downstairs to get the movie screening ON but guess what!! They started screening a different movie in a different language. Yay!! Went downstairs again to complain because we are missing the beginning of the movie by now but as it turns out... they had mistaken the auditorium number.....HOW THE HELL DO YOU MESS YOUR SYSTEM SO BAD THAT THE ONLY JOB OF A TICKET-GIVER (TO SEND YOU TO THE RIGHT AUDITORIUM) AND YOU CANNOT EVEN DO THAT RIGHT. The auditorium was on the same floor (auditorium no. 3). And by now we have missed the beginning. Staff here is unapologetic and rude. Management sucks!! Even the sound quality for the movie was horrendous.. The only good thing here is Them having Veggie samosas on the menu, which are decent to say the least. Never again

Rachana Shah

Awful theatre..never had this bad experience befor...bathrooms on the ground floor are dirty and in terrible condition..toilet seats are broken..seats in the theater were broken too

tyler ervin

No air conditioning (theater sits at about 90 degrees), water fountains are broken, staff does not care about problems, had someone smoking in the back of the movie I was in. Worst experience. Would give zero stars if it were possible.

Vivek Trivedi

Very Rude staff! I looked up online for a show time and once I reach there they say the movie is not playing any more.

Usman Morrison

Very romantic, Great quiet place to catch a movie.

Kwame Williams

Sadly it looks like this theater will be closed soon the one thing they do have going for them are the seats inside the theater are comfortable

Henna K.

Little outdated, popcorn usually a little stale, seats need a serious revamp/cleaning. But have good timings so

Nara B

What can I say, I love watching movies especially for a good price but at what cost? The place was a weird musty kind of scent when you first walk in, the chairs are terrible, the signs that indicate the theater rooms are written on pieces of paper with marker and some of my friends have seen rats at this place. They got 2 stars for cheap tickets and friendly staff. Must know: 5 dollar tickets on Wednesday and 5$ matinee tickets. OVERPRICED SNACKS

Mani Venkat Sai Kumar Ala

This is my worst movie theater experience ever. No one is there to sell tickets for 40mins. The food selling guy keeps saying he is not the manager and can't do anything. The management is utterly unconscious about the state of theater operations. Best to avoid the theater.

Onii Chan

Been going to this secret special movie theater ever since I was a kid. Quiet, not too many people go there so I can have the whole theater to my self. Staff are very helpful and kind.

Vii Von Dee

Dump....but ok if you just want to go see a movie alone. (Went on a Monday afternoon, no fresh popcorn, theater wasn't lit until 15 minutes prior to showtimes and no movie trailers -just local commercials). I think it's a better place to visit if budget friendly is best option.

Frankie Colon

Place is dirty. Staff sucks.

manisha verma

This place is empty! It is so spooky that you would think they are going to film your murder in this place! Oh and it’s the first movie theatre that has no air conditioning!!

Kumar Mohit

Worst place to view Movie..!

Robert Contreras

I cant believe I paid to watch 20 minutes of commercials. And we are not talking movie previews. I mean commercials. They should have paid me.

Gary Gaspar

Don't bring cash everything is bought online in the movie theater now

Josh S

We've been to this theatre 4 times trying to give it a chance and it's just dirty and disgusting. And they never turn the house lights off. We've had to run and tell them to turn the lights off twice since we've gone there.

Hubert Houghnet

Nasty place will never return.non working Escalators. no air. limited food just awful

J eagle Officialtube

Bad everything no popcorn foods nasty

Dianela Santos

45 mins on commercials. Is not like u save so much compare to other theaters u save 2 dollars per ticket or 1.50. But the seats, heat and smell should be bad enough

James Bond

Very friendly priced tickets. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

Raja Sekhar

Audio system is very bad no proper toliets . Worst

Lady T Sylvester

Young lady in front was very nice but the rest rooms was dirty.

Maithili Patel

Woah, where do I start the service was unbelievably horrible. The movie theater screen was cracked the speakers were wore out, the movie looked like i was watching tv at home even worse than that. STAIL POPCORN. I GOT STOMACH POSION! No ac, NO REFUND WHAT SO EVER. Please dont waste time wasting money. We dont even live here. The manager talked so rudely and behaved aggressively to us. Tried to be tough when we did nothing wrong. Please dont ruin your mood.

Steve H

Wonderful $5 special. I'll say this, it was nice having the entire place to ourselves. The place was particularly dirty for a cinema. I don't think there's much excuse for this, as it was by no means busy. But, the seats were comfortable and overall, it was a fantastic value.

The Beast



I don’t know about you guys; but when i go to the movies, it’s to watch a movie. This place has comfortable seats, the screen is big and it’s ac’d. I personally don’t care about snacks and stuff. Like i said, I’m there for the movie. And this place more than suffices for that.

Matt DelGiudice

Cris Escobar

If it wasn't because I had coupon to go there for cheap, I wouldn't of gone. There were no trailers just some random commercials, no biggie. The movie started late, at least it started. But when it did, they forgot to turn off the lights! The staff was nice though!!

T Smith

Small theater so don’t expect much of a screen. Nice thing is you can get snacks at the value village and bring in with you. And they have $5 Tuesday.

Marietta C

I would definitely try to give this place three stars just for their $5 movie Tuesdays but i just couldn’t. I have great things to say about them I just wish it would be a little bit less run down and cleaner that you’re not so grossed out to sit in their chairs and put anything down on the floor. Worth for sure $5 buck Tuesday! You can bring food in from the supermarket (double bonus!). Conveniently located inside the grocery store so you can grab a drink, snack, go grocery shopping, watch a movie, buy a card, get a shirt, all in one stop shop. I think we like those kinda spots am I right? Regular movie tickets on other days are like $9. Definitely don’t think it’s worth it. The room of the screening is a little small but the screen is nice and big. Only downside: every time someone opens the door of the theatre to come in/out all the light comes in and interrupts the whole movie. Again, for $5 I’ll take it! Don’t expect much, low expectations are always better but I think for a Tuesday, I don’t mind.

Shruthik D.

Allen Gordon

Needs an update. Accepts debit and credit cards for movie tickets but cash only at concession stand (same counter). Otherwise good little theatre.

Robert Montalvo

Yes they have $5 matinees but the theater is terrible. Poorly maintained. Dirty screens. Dirty floors. Dirty seats. Leaking ceiling. Lights are completely off in the theater before the movie starts. If you don't have a flashlight, good luck getting to your seat without tripping over something.

Daniel Hickey

Jusa R. M.

What a nice movie theater. My boyfriend and l went there last Friday. Good quality, nice, comfortable seats!!

Jennifer Morgenthaler

mark irving

Paul Arnaboldi

Susan Pieratti

Clean, comfortable seats. Good service. Great local theater.

Jonathan B. Reid

Having to go through a store to find the entrance is not ideal, and if that had to be the case, clearer signage would be nice. It's a small theater, so they don't have a lot of trailers before the movie. Be on time, or you'll be missing stuff.

Mary Earl

small movie theater, cheap tickets and popcorn

Alyssa Brynn H

Always have great service great food and drinks cool parties

vathanan lycatel

What is the management here I was 6.40 pm movie that time they running other language after 5 mins they playing other movie then they stop when I ask them they said I am just work here I don’t know don’t go anybody there very poor customer service also management


Air conditioner doesn't work sometimes. Chairs are broken in some halls. Not quite a good experience of watching movie here.

Jazzy Gaming

Disgusted, So we went to go buy tickets and the worker gave us the wrong tickets and we wasted time trying to find it so we went to the worker and complained and she started to curse at us and do mind their was no ac in the second floor then the worker called the cops for no reason at all and they banned us also we DIDNT even watch the movie and they didn’t even refund and to expensive, worse movie experience ever!!!

Jonathan Escobar

This place has seen better days ! Its cheap! Thats it . Its need to be renovated and give it a modern look . Ita a great location for it but if it keeps on going this way it will close soon .

mahesh dobariya

20mins ads before movie spiderman on 4th of July 1:55pm show, No Air Conditioner

Ray Rios

Had a good time

Holjanys Santos

The place has cleaned up well, the service is great!

tyreke callender

The service is great the people are nice and the chairs are comfortable so it’s easy for me to relax and enjoy the movie

Gia P

Highly recommend going to Empire Cinema if you’re looking for great seats, great food, great service, and all at a good, affordable price. Also super nice staff members.

Dave Roberts

Great deals on weekdays and not that many people are there to take advantage of it. I saw endgame and there was about 10 people in the theater, something great if you're worried about others being disruptive and ruining your experience.

Kranthi Ed

One of the worst movie theaters I've ever been to.... They used to be maintained better couple years ago... But not anymore

James Melgarejo

Imagine the scariest movie and then go here with no expectations. You'll be in for a spooky treat. Bohemian Rhapsody was lit

Larissa Patente

Not the type to leave reviews. But this one deserves to be rated. The customer service is horrible. Staff needs to be more professional and know how to give eye contact. Movie theater is filthy. Bathrooms were disgusting. 1st and last time in this location. Everyone should Spend the extra few bucks for some reclines, better service and a cleaner location.

Aditya Patel

It was good. The speakers were a little loud and was sometimes hurting ears. They didn't switch off a couple of lights during the movie.

nisha patel

This movie theater was horrible. The service was terrible. If I had an option to give them a negative star I would. The screen was cracked. It looked like a pirated movie like they stole from something. And on top of the the A/C was not even working. The weather outside is 100 degrees and the air conditioner was not on it was hotter than balls in there and it was unacceptable. The general manager with the pony tail(Esabella, but im not sure if thats the real name or not)was rude and threatened to kick us out. We talked with her nicely and general manager she didnt know how to talk with her customers. she has to learn something and We were a group of people and we just wanted a refund and we talked to the manager and they said we had to contact the owner which we emailed to get a refund and we waited 30-45 minutes for a respond but we got no response. We had to get the police officers involved and they were getting in our faces. I recommend everyone not to go here. My experience was just horrible.

Conor Monte

Hard to find and was told that our movie wasnt playing anymore because “there is something wrong with the theater”. Waste of time. Like a horror movie in there.

Pranav Patel

No air conditions works at this places .. be ready to boil down in summer ... worst place to watch movie .. never again .. they dont deserve my money .. waited 20 mins for manager to come spoke to me whats going on with their cooling system ..

Elizabeth MC


Srinath Hakeem

The sound system and the picture clarity sucks. They won’t turn on the AC and the seating is really dirty.the management is really irresponsible and are rude. This is a worst place for watching movie and highly recommend not to waste your money. I wish I could give zero stars.

The Stranger

Awful experience. Bought the tickets on Fandango but still had to wait on line for 20 minutes to pick up the tickets. "Trailers" started 25 minutes after the scheduled start time but instead of trailers it was straight advertisements for different products, they didnt play a single movie trailer. Once it started they kept the bright fluorescent light on in the projector room. I asked someone yo turn it off but nobody did... dark details couldn't be seen at all and I could literally read the writing on my water bottle. The sound was quiet enough to hear people chewing 2 rows back too. Dont waste your time with this place

Jen H.

Quiet place to see a movie. Nice selection and prices

Hermann Ospino

Food is expensive the place is dirty, the chairs are tight and are missing upholstery work.

Jade Michele Griffin

They play way too many commercials instead of previews. I don't like that.

Dipali Gupta

It’s just alright. When you want to watch a movie but can’t get tickets at any of the newer and good surround sound places, you can go here. Mind you everything is old. The seats, the style and they don’t have any seat numbers so basically it’s first come first catch your seat basis. Their bathrooms stink, their audio system is ancient and their picture screen has the old day charm of the sides being cut off.. they have only 1 person to buy tickets and snacks from, and no self service kiosks so you’ve got to stand in line a long time to buy your tickets. You can be sure of one thing though, that they will have seats for a movie any day, Sunday or even a holiday. It’s a pain to get to though. And the whole route is very shady.

Camila Serrano

The bathrooms are discusting, a really bad place to go watch a movie.

jessie alvarado

Movie screen had lines going through it, the sound is horrible, extremely dirty, the most dirtiest and uncomfortable chairs I've ever experienced. never again!

Violet C

They need to be shut down. Its hot, esclators not even working. Might just come to this place to burn calories cause thats how hot it feels like. Its dark in the movie theather right before they even turn on the screen so its creepy. It use to be the place to go back in the day but no. Theyre just falling apart. Sorry.

Chaitanya Chandawalla

Horrible experience...Should give 0 was not clean...was dark before movie started...and no AC. Even after complaining about AC, the manager never showed up to fix it or address it. For the price they charge, no customer service....will be avoiding this theater at all costs.

El lukation

I love the super Tuesdays just for 5$ tickets.

Donnie Rego

Only decent theater was theater 12 if i were a worker at this theater I would put most of the better Hollywood movies in that theater.

Venkata Kishore Bondada

Mostly you get to watch Indian and English movies here. The theatres are OK. No of screens are more. There are two floors. Ticket cost on Tuesday's for any movie is $5. On other days ticket cost varies from $12 to $18. Bathrooms should be maintained bit more neat.


Great quiet place to catch a movie. Because of the age of the Cinema few people visit it, but that is the best feature for us as the place feels has a slow comfortable relaxed feel to it. Employees are very nice as well.

David Vaca

Just come here to watch #mib Waited by myself on a dark room for 20 minutes with. When I asked for anybody to put a movie on. A person, who claimed to be the manager and never gave me a name, just treat my like sh***. Nobody ever have treated me like this before. This manager even told me to “let’s go outside ”. I will never come back here and strongly advice everyone to avoid this place if you don't want to have your day ruined like I did. I am outside waiting for the police (yes, that manager called the cops on me) and i am waiting outside for them.

Eillen Perdomo

First and last time here, the place is very dirty, the bathroom is poorly maintained and services is very bad.. the only good thing is the parking.

Raj Naveen

We understand they are in cost cutting mode due to lower occupancy. But right from directions to seating, with little bit of creative or efficient thinking they can improve the customer experience without incurring material costs. For example between the shows it is pitch dark. Can put a couple of lights for movie goers to walk to the seat...we use phone lights. Sad!

Yadagiri Thopucherla

I went with my family for a movie. When I get there they said they are not showing that movie. what a waste of time! they would have removed the movie from the screening list on their website. I would have saved an hour drive and gone some where else!

Salatiel Cardoza

It's not the best place to see a movie in a luxury way, but if your short in money hey, it's amazing quick cheap place to see a movie with friends.

Jose Santiago

Love going here with my family is quite not expenses


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