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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Enfield Square 12 IN Connecticut

Swavy HG

Went yesterday and I had a terrible experience, a couple was being very loud, rude and kept on swearing a lot and ruined the whole movie for me, and the workers refused to do anything about it. Wouldn’t recommend this theater.

Doug Moglin

Less crowded than other theaters, usually. But, they don't have the reclining seats yet.

Ivan Cruz

Love this theater. Quiet, local, not too fancy

Ali D

Good time nice clean theaters lots of space good sound

Theresa Caron

Just left movie early. Went to see Incredibles 2 with 4 yr old autistic daughter who also has a sensory disorder. Same tine hubby went into Deadpool 2. This was daughters first movie and wasnt sure how she was going to do. To make long story short she wasnt handling ut well. I tried headphones but the lights too were to much. Manager helped me find hubby in his movie and gave us a full refund. The manager and women at ticket booth were so kind and understanding. Nice to see now a days. We will be returning and will have a sitter. Lol. Thank u

Dianne Crowe

Nice theatres but they need to install the new comfortable seats in their theatres.

Denise Wilson

Never disappointed here

Jamore Holland


Jim Merchant

Comfortable and not crowded, always good theater for a movie date.

Jack Wagon

Great movie in a great. Theater . Climate and atmosphere were comfortable.sound. system and video was flawless .overall a great experience.

Jamie Carlson

Fun theater in a really depressing mall that is dying a slow death. Reasonably priced compared to the competition and visual/sound quality is pretty good for the price. Would be nice to have the comfy stadium chairs that recline but I get it — they’re just trying their best to stay competitive and I appreciate that.

Stephan Forrette

When you look up movie times be prepared, one of the theatres is gone.

Rodolfo Valdez

Nice ,clean, comfortable theater. Tuesdays are discounted. $6.50 for first run movie. Great entertainment for a great price.

Drew Degree

This is a really good theater in the mall. They don't have the fancy reclining seats but they're still pretty comfortable. You also get to put your own butter on the popcorn!


balls ahahaha

Jeff Bassett

Good and clean movie theater. Very comfortable seats and great sound system. Prices could be better though.

Sarah Audet

I have a membership that brings me here to see a movie at least once a week. This is to say I visit Cinemark a lot. The theater is always clean and well maintained. Staff is very professional. Snacks are mad expensive, but that is to be expected. I like the posh seats that recline. I can't wait to go back.

Leelai Boko

The seats are very unfortunate and it's a hard find if you are not from that area

Sengkeo Vilaysane

Movie is good but the employee are not friendly at all and popcorn is not fresh

Mary Rentas

Customer service reps felt welcoming. The seats felt more comfortable this time around

Suzanne Mondor

Clean. I would recommend going early for your movie as there are no reserved seating

adam rentas

Hard to find if you never been there. But once you do it's a nice theater


It's nearby and a decent tjeater

Justin Powers

Perfectly adequate movie theater. You just have to enter the mall from where Panera is to get in and out, especially after the mall closes.

Tamissia Hayward

I love this theatre. And the new seats are wonderful. Can't wait to come again.

Mark Peterson

Excellent service and food

Aura Geoffroy

Cushy seats despite not being the now loungers. Didn't seem that busy though. Lived being able to buy tickets online and then just scan the barcode at the desk for tickets

Andrew MacDonald

Decent theater that possesses the minimum requirements to enjoy a movie!

Pari j

Big complex....its entrance is hard to find. Park near panera bread, target...thats the closest parking lot

Gunther Cox

This is a nice sized movie theater. The armrests on the seats fold up which can be nice when you're sharing popcorn.

Michael McAuliffe

Good clean theater.

Maria Capello

Shaft was awesome!


No hassle movie theatre in a dead mall. The movie started a half hour late and that's without the trailers

kairimun1988 .

Best theater around!

Jenna AA

Took my kids to watch the advengers yesterday and we had the worst experience, this couple was causing a lot of disturbance, and were using very inappropriate language and the workers chose to do nothing about it, overall ruined the whole movie for me. Safe to say I’m going to start going to a different theater.

Vinita Ramsay

Great movie theater. Never crowded. Very convenient location. In a mall and across from a mall, so you can do other shopping before and after. Parking not an issue with a big mall parking lot.

maggie barker

Perfect movie theatre fkr little kids and perfect size

anthony zuniga

hey look, its the only reason the mall isnt shut down

Matt Morcus

Above average theater. I have never had a issue with it.

Reynman Nogeurra

Went late, no one there. Real nice. But movie was too loud

Jazlynn Aponte-lee

Bad service No hate on the actual theater I have always gone there growing up and it’s such a nostalgic good place and holds a lot of memories, They just need to revise the service they have cause honestly certain ones attitudes and energy suck, grumpy workers with lack of personality.

Rebecca White

Nuce experience. Clean. Good service. Comparable price. Excellent sound quality

Fred Batchelder

The theater was nice but the ticket machine was not working which caused a huge backlog

Sontay Isaacs

I love it there and i really enjoyed this experience

Varun Sureshkumar

I don’t know why they switch on the a/c inside their theater during the winter!

nawaz basha

Very good place to hangout. They release indian movies here

Laura Ryan Lillibridge

Everything is great except for the woman's restrooms. Pretty dirty..and smelled of urine.

Kathryn !

Came on a hot summer day. AC needed to be cranked down a little but other than that it was ok

Nancy Santiago

No one running around nor any noise while watching a movie.

Emani Davis

Friendly staff. Popcorn is good. I get it all the time. They also have a good collection of bottled drinks. Seats are comfortable and sound system is crisp. Love the fact that they show old movies every now and then. Saw the original Godfather on the large screen and it was excellent. It's a good theater. It's the also best entertainment option in Enfield, something not to be taken for granted. For sure, there are theaters with larger screens but you got to drive to get to them. Bathrooms are kept clean and there are plenty of them. And let me say it again: The staff is very good. I go to this theater anywhere from twice to four times a month. There's never much of a wait for a ticket or for a snack. The staff is always friendly. That matters.

John Wells

They had issues with the start of the movie but nobody seemed to mind. They stepped up and gave complimentary passes for the inconvenience. So they get 5 stars for stepping up. Very nice and kind theater would recommend it to any movie goer.

Tim Knight

Great seats that recline a bit. The floor wasn't sticky, friendly helpful staff. Wide variety of snacks and refreshments. Booster seats are available.

Amaya Estremera

Way too expensive , they want you to donate to everything .

Jonathan Stankiewicz

My go-to theater. Great service, decent movie selection

Mac Alward

It's okay. But with West Springfield right up the road or even closer the Regal at MGM now. This theater has rapidly become outdated. Went to regal on Saturday for end game and then next morning Enfield same movie. Screens and sound were similar the difference was in the seating. 3 plus hour move I was so stiff and sore after that movie but with the reclining chairs at the other two theater I've had no issues and I saw end game 4 times Enfield lost out on 3 full price tickets plus the tickets of the people who went with me each time because their seats suck. Plan and simple.

theclouds .

Not the worst theater there can be. Sometimes it will be messy in the theater and some residue from spilt soda, so thats kinda gross. There bathrooms can be cleaner too. It's not entirely the theaters fault though. *customers please clean up after yourselves* And prices for food there are pricey but I don't mind paying for a slushee. Ticket prices are not bad at all, and discount day is always nice. Sound and visual quality is also impressive. Comfortable seats and movable armrests! The Theaters aren't always packed to the last seat which is a relief to me. So in conclusion this theater is good for a nice weekend film or even a casual middle of the week as well.

Rob gilleran

Comfy chairs and friendly employees


Took my grandson thete 4 his birthday. He loved the movie. It is cery clean but the temperature was cool. The bathrooms are clean and fresh. The workers actuallt were nice

Jesse c

Dont go there if you are handicap and want to be treated with respect Talk to a kid manager with sport coat thats to big for him and you will see. customer service is not his thing. rude people place is dirty not worth the money. Place should be shut down if they don't want to do there job.take down old mall and movie theater its a dump with bad staff.

Mark Bratter

A great place to see a movie. Comfortable seats and hardly anyone ever in the theater!!

frank oglesby

Excellent experience. Attentive, pleasant customer service.

MYRIAM Green Soto

Nice place, cashier super friendly, you fill welcome!!

Abby Bolduc

Never too crowded. Comfortable seats.

Jason Wisniowski

The Theater inside the Mall that 1982 forgot. It’s a bit depressing actually to see firsthand the “Amazon Effect” on the smaller brick & mortar shopping malls out there. The movie theater is average at best, offering none of the newer amenities that modern theaters now have (reclining seats, high end concessions, in-seat wait service, etc.). Yet, somehow, it charges no less for its tickets. Bottom line, there’s a lot better places to see a movie.

John Reed

Great place for movies.

Mohammed Sulaiman

Theatre is good but the mall looks like a haunted place

David Keith

No luxury seating and not a lot of legroom, but theaters had plenty of sitting with a nice large screen.

Nicole Varney

I drove to this theater because they had a movie my daughter wanted to see. The theater was clean and everyone was friendly. There was an issue with the film and we were there extra time. The management gave us each a free ticket and apologized. You rarely see customer service like that any longer. I will most likely drive the extra 20 minutes to go there.

shay mya

Great place for the first time being there Excellent service Big space

judy sorrajja

Not as fancy as the theater in West Springfield. Here though you do not have to reserve a seat to see a movie. I like that better just show up buy a ticket and enjoy.

Lala Jee

Nice movie theater. Expensive popcors tho

Amanda Cogswell

Good variety of movies and it's local and not too crowded


Both my girlfriend and I had a very pleasant experience. Courteous employees and a very clean establishment. I didn't use the restroom but my girlfriend said the ladies room was clean. We plan to go again.

Paul Jenney

It would be better if I had coffee at the concierge bar but bringing coffee from Panera is allowed so I'll give him a pass on that. On the whole the theater really needs an update but giving them all is completely dying around them I doubt it's on their list to do unfortunately I need to go there to see Avengers endgame because everything else was sold out so I prefer the other Cinemark theaters local but this is perfectly acceptable

Henry Lanouette

Clean theater and friendly staff. We need to support movie theaters in this country before they all go out of business in small towns. we hosted a private screening and they gave us all the help we needed.

Earl Petrone

Assigned seats tonight. I've been going to the movies for 40 years and totally irritated that I had to pick my seat. Why? There were 7 people in the theater. Are you trying to get people not to come? I've been coming here for about 20 years and I don't want to come back. There are no reasons for assigned seats. I'm not really sure why this frustrates me so much. Maybe the idiots that make these decisions shouldn't try and fix something that's not broken.

Doug Brown

Great theater but the mall is dead, the floors and walls need repair... sad to think this was once a great mall

Kevin Mullenex

Very nice and clean Theater with Great Seats.

Dennis Cox

I'm one of those old fashioned guys who still prefers the cinema experience. Discount Tuesdays are great!

Lynn Volcy

Only place i go to watch movies. Their staff members are always smiling & nice, bathrooms are always clean when i go there. the chairs could be better but it’s all about the good service.

Ella Carodine

Very nice, clean theater with pleasant and courteous staff. Great seats and clean restroom. Movie volume was not too loud; overall, a good experience. I would definitely recommend this theater and, when I return to Connecticut, I will see a movie here again.

Efis Gloanas

New seats inside the theatre. Very comfortable! Best cinema seats I've sat in for a while. I didn't try the concession stand, no info on how good it is. I know there is a good selection though. The cinema is part of the Enfield mall, which is dying - very sad.

Nunya Business

Seats recline, very comfortable.

Ivy Diaz

This is a great Movie theater the seats are really comfterable and the snaks are really cheap depending what you are getting the sodas are free refill but not the ice sadly but over all you should really come her to hang out with friends.

Rob Papandrea

The seat upgrades are nice and the theatre is clean...what's not to like?!

Bee Hill

I sat in new leather seats last time I went. It's always clean and quiet. The check-in area is small and I sometimes wait in a long line to get a ticket. Buy ahead if you can. Bring a sweater in the summer, the ac can be on the cool side. Bring a full wallet if you're buying at the concession stand.

Griffin C

They put in really nice new leather seats that recline.

Jessica Benevides

Clean, friendly staff. Affordable summer deals great for Moms with kids of any age.

Thomas Loubier

Comfortable seats & clean theater. Excellent sound! Great staff!

R.Vinod Kumar

Good sound and screen quality. Better than other Cinemarks.

Cayleen Culver

Never had a problem here, always clean enough to enjoy my movie and my bathroom break after.

Max Santopietro

I am usually a fan of the Enfield Cinemas, however tonight was an acception. We had an unfortunate experience with a member of the staff named “Lizzy”. She had a nasty attitude as well as racially profiling my two friends. This behavior is unacceptable in a public place like a movie theatre. While entering the theatre one of my friends and I had a backpack on. Lizzy only asked to see my African American friend’s bag and search it. As well as cornering my other friend in the bathroom demanding that we not return to Enfield Cinemas. Needless to say I will not be returning. I encourage you to bring your business elsewhere.

katerina smith

I love the upgrade

Tretazes Buchanan

Every employee is really a good work and the movies is all ways in times

Troy AG

Nice theater. Clean and nice seating

PositiveVibe PositiveMind

Nice theater friendly staff

Gari Auretta

Nice. Clean

Honest Reviewer

Always a positive experience now a days. Seats have been updated. Typical movie theater prices is only draw back.

Matthew Roy

Solid theater with a good selection of movies and showtimes. The staff is always friendly, the seats have recently been upgraded although they don't have fancy recliners (still comfortable though), and most of the theaters themselves are fairly big. Consession wise they do best with popcorn and soda, but they do offer other things like candy. Overall I've enjoyed many movies here over the years and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Shane Loranger

Its great.

tkddan .

Nice little theater. Usually there is not a lot of foot traffic here so it is easy to get into. Clean facilities, polite professional staff.

Rubin Smith

It's great, wish they had a couple of nice restaurant inside the mall

Patrick Thibodeau

Great little regional theater. Friendly staff. Popcorn is good. I get it all the time. They also have a good collection of bottled drinks. Seats are comfortable and sound system is crisp. Love the fact that they show old movies every now and then. Saw the original Godfather on the large screen and it was excellent. It's a good theater. It's the also best entertainment option in Enfield, something not to be taken for granted. For sure, there are theaters with larger screens but you got to drive to get to them. Bathrooms are kept clean and there are plenty of them. And let me say it again: The staff is very good. I go to this theater anywhere from twice to four times a month. There's never much of a wait for a ticket or for a snack. The staff is always friendly. That matters.

Apple Blossom

Very cute place with wonderful service! Everyone is very friendly + food is great :) I highly recommend!

Kathy Marine

Went in during early bird time so it was only 6.00 nice new comfy seats.

Nat Gomez

I came in today and I was disrespected by a worker there yelling at me to move over. If it wasn’t for my sister I would’ve beat her up. Also saw roaches. Never coming back here. Disgusting.

Lord Bustanut

Place is great now that New Life Church is there at the cinema on Sundays @ 9:30am. Amazing friendly staff to make u feel warm & welcomed. If you thought church was boring, think again... Try New Life Church & you will never be the same again, God Bless You!!

Judy C

Staff is friendly, theater is kept clean.


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