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REVIEWS OF Bow Tie Cinemas Regent IN Connecticut

Cole von Richthofen

Theater is decently nice and modern but has had sound issues on multiple occasions which really distracted from the movie. I saw a Quentin Tarantino movie premiere here where half the speakers weren't working. My friend noticed it first and it was impossible to ignore how quiet the film was. I have had issues in multiple theaters here where the audio had issues, and each time we complained and the staff admitted there were issues. I go to the movies for a great surround sound experience. It's ironic when they play the Dolby sound ad "all around you" and half the speakers are busted. Other than that, there are reclining electric seats, food options that can be delivered to your seat, etc. Tuesdays are the best ($7 tickets at time of writing). Friendly great staff, full bar albeit a bit overpriced.

Javier Diaz

Bought a ticket for "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" for 3:30 pm. No A.C. in the theater #6. No warning notice. No warning from the tickets salesman. Very warm day here in CT. Very, very warm inside the theater. Good: ticket refunded Bad: no sincerely with the customers.

Rogerio Alves

I love this cinema because you get the comfy recliner lazy boy chairs. Kick your feet up with a push of a button, who wouldn’t want that while watching a movie! Don’t forget to order something to eat, it gets delivered to your seat!!

AmirSaber Sharifi

Video quality was not good for 2018. Also awfully uncomfortable sits.

Robert Louth

Seats are super comfy and good selection, parking is a little bit of a hasle though

Parash Jain

Nice and comfy. Big parking lot. Good staff.

Running Rants

I've been coming here for 20 years and recently this place has has made a turn for the worse. I went to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood PREMIERE and they only had 2 working speakers out of maybe 10. I had to leave and ask them to fix it twice and it never was fully fixed. They told me " Oh, theater 7? Yeah we have had amplifier problems for a while now". Then why would you have the theater open LET ALONE FOR A PREMIERE! Would you sell a car with only one wheel? No, so don't show a movie with only 2 working speakers. I talked to my brother who saw Lion King there the week earlier in a separate theater (#2) and had a similar problem. Then my friend just told me he saw Spiderman there in a different theater and the speakers were off and they turned the lights on before the end credits. This is 3 theaters out of their 7 that don't work perfectly. You have to pay for parking and the staff is nice but not helpful. Save your money and go to Westport ave, its a 5 minute drive and has free parking. I sent Bow Tie SONO an email an no response. My friend spoke to the manager and the manager said that they "didn't and wouldn't turn the lights on for the credits". So she said my friend was lying and didn't offer to refund him. Take your money else where. And the screens are average at best. If this is the only theater you go to, do yourself a favor and see a movie at another theater and realize that the screen isnt supposed to be fuzzy and the audio shouldn't be so quiet that you hear your neighbor breathing. The grass IS greener on the other side.

Brian Card

Great service but the theater smelled like a pet store.

Jacqueline Greenwood

So much fun to go to this beautifully renovated theater. Seats are so comfortable. Love the fact that they have a full menu. This is the way to watch a movie!

Emma Knob

blurry and bad quality do not recommend

Ernie Taddei

Nice comfy chairs. Clean place,

F. Martin

Nice movie theater, very good concessions place, no five stars because I have to pay for parking

Susana Rincón Franco

Big, clean and comfortable place. Prices are reasonable

Sha-tiqua Fleming

Love the new renovations very clean and modern. Some of the staff need an attitude adjustment. The overall experience was a positive one.

zagg G.G

is cool, the chairs are nice, and the bathrooms creepy... a good time

Natica Taylor

I was at the Fairfield METRO area and it was beautiful inside out. I was impressed

Marcos Pena

Extremely busy but nicely cleaned. I hope workers are compensated properly!

laura bautista

Nice cinema for good movie

Paola Mestra

It's awesome.

Ehuel Rutherford

Great movie theater and food

David DeJesus

Easy parking, luxury power reclining seating, food delivered to your seat, a bar, good screen sizes and decent sound. Lots of theaters with multiple showings for featured films makes it easy to find availability. The reserve system is kind of annoying but if you plan out your ticket purchases in advance it's nice to just show up last minute to your favorite seats. If the sound system was better it would be 5 stars.

Deborah DiMuzio

Very nice theater except for the parking ticket I found when I got out of the movie with my grandkids. I was told where I parked was fine and just put my name and license plate on sheet at movie theater. I did exactly as told and had ticket when returning to car. Had to go to Norwalk Parking Authority to take care of it which wasn't easy if not paid it would be $25.00, , no parking there either. Must say the lady there was very nice! ( but not exactly in my plans for the day) . Needless to say they waved the ticket and I would recommend the theater just get the parking correct .

maria dominguez

Good movie

Rafael Santos

The ability to choose your seats is something that I didn't realize movie-going needed. The seats all recline and make you feel as comfortable as you would in your own living room.

Vicky T.

Love that they validate parking so there's plenty of parking in a crowded/busy area in South Norwalk. I love the recliner seats, but AMC has recliners that go even farther back so I'm spoiled :) but the seats are still comfortable! Quick service and clean theater.

Jason Wieczorek

My favorite local theater - great location, stadium seating with comfy recliners, tasty snacks, and a bar if you need it!

valerie jacobs

Just made watching the Black Panther and even better movie

Mark Mathias

Very nice, especially since their seating upgrade and reserved seats.

A Gee

Great time here - loved the food being delivered while waiting to see the movie. I will be back.

Heather Day

Awesome theater! Everyone is so friendly. The food menu has many options and each chair in the theater has a little table and reclines fully. Super comfortable. The location is easy to get to and always has a good selection of movies. They are newly renovated so everything inside is new and clean!

Mark Gioffre

For movie theater food the menu is extensive and not as pricey as you would think. The drinks are good as well as the seat side service

Kerry Mickens

Family had a whole row wr had fun

Robert Timmons

AMAZING! Awesome theater with high quality food and bar. One of the best burgers in town and pizza. Who knew? Get dinner drinks and a movie. All you need to do is bring a blanket and get cozy in the new chairs. Wonderful experience.

Bruce Davison

Great seats, super adjustable.

Tamala Davis

I liked how they revamped the theater. Was very comfortable.

Wilbur Serrano Jr.



Clean friendly staff

Martin Stezano

Great seats. Love the smaller theaters!

Will Person


Jay Jay

if I could give 0 stars, I would. I went with a couple friends like an hour before our movie started and we had an employee/floor sweeper keep eyeing us and then he came over to us and started questioning us and he did this about 3 times. He asked us for proof of our tickets, our id. we hadn't even entered the movie theater and he asked us for id's... There were people all around us sitting doing nothing, but he decided to come to us and harrass us continuously. Maybe because he was racist and wanted to bother us? I don't know. When we also went up to enter the movie auditorium, the guy was standing right there eyeing me. I have never felt more harrased in my life. I felt so uncomfortable. After the movie was over, i exited the movie theater, and as i was leaving the lobby the same floor sweeping guy eyes me from the moment i exited the auditorium and all the way to the exit. We also had to return because i needed to wait there because it was like 25 degrees outside and this woman came over to me and my friends and said she would call the cops if we didn't leave. Ive been going to this theater since i was about 4/5. BUT NEVER again will I go again. This theater is a dissapointment, I encountered about 6 employees this day and only two of them were kind, everyone else were complete jerks. The people who work here are an utter disgrace. Dont go here. By the way, fix your website... the connection is trash and it malfunctions and messes up so much geez.

Marcus Little

Let me start by saying that I used to dislike this theater but they are currently going through major renovations. They have installed all new seating. They now have reserved seating and all the seats recline and have swing away tray tables. This is the way to watch a movie! Lobe the new theater!


Reclining seats with legs rests. Full food menu with delivery to your seat. Full bar.

Mike Presutto

Movie recliners are great. Theater a little messy. Mixed drinks are horrible.

Victor Tolentino

A great theater with movie snacks and even a restaurant.

Denise Boatwright

Clean and chairs are so comfy! Also Tuesday is affordable

Crissy Marie

Great layout..comfy seats, lots of leg room. Food is overpriced for the quality offered. Great otherwise.

Cathy Portillo

Clean .comfortable seats.great lighting and sound .Had a great time seeing "The Upside".

Jose A Martinez

It's a great theatre. Clean, organized, and very cheap!

mauricio santiago

Cust service at this location is sub part. One would think not much that can go wrong at the movies... Yet somehow still dissatisfied. Ordered food, cashier claimed food would be delivered to my seat as part of their new service. Paid for food and went to go sit down. Never got my food. At the end of the movie I went to find out what happened with my food, manager refused to give me a refund even though they messed up. Manager offered me a pizza coupon for my trouble, except I had paid way more for food I had never received. From now on I will go out of my way to give my business elsewhere.

Krishta-Gay Lewis

Really nice cinema, comfortable seats and good customer service

Sally Budde

Great comfy seats, there's a bar, good location with easy parking.

Chris Meli

Reclining seats, quality picture and sound, generally pleasant staff


The movie theater was clean and comfortable the staff were friendly and organized an courteous The movie was called CRAWL..excellent 5 stars on everything

for ECE class

Love this place I go three times a month. The food, drinks and staff is just awesome.

David Cooper

Theater shows many of the newest movies. Screens and sound system and pretty modern but not the best around. Parking can sometimes be a hassle on summer weekends due to the vibrant nightlife that uses the same parking lot in the area. I would recommend seeing a movie here

Maria Flores

I want to give a huge thank you to the staff. You guys rock! Always greeting people with a smile and when serving concessions you are quick and efficient. I recommend getting a criterion card, especially if you go to the movies a lot! It’s awesome how you gain points and the rewards can go from free tickets to free popcorn and more. I’ve tried the drinks at the bar before and price wise they are reasonable, very balanced drinks. The theatre is always clean and staff is always on top of messes. I highly recommend this theatre!

Zander Sahlia

Fantastic movie theater. I come here all the time to see movies. The food and drinks are great, the staff is great, and the theaters have great seating and you're able to order certain foods and have a staff member bring it to your seat.

Diane Reid

It was a nice theatre. Liked the reclining seats and tables out in lobby to eat and drink while awaiting movie. Liked delivery of my foid in theatre and alcohol served as well.

Bill Volpe

Very nice.

Nickol O'Meara

Love this theatre! The seats are very comfortable, very clean place!

Ian Davies

Staff was moving a bit slow but was otherwise friendly. Theater is really nice!

Dila Fonda

Wishing u could order during the movie and maybe get a great dessert


Larry the manager was extremely helpful!! I bought the wrong tickets- he swapped them- then we had an extra hour before the movie started - he offered to give us fresh popcorn when we returned. The new seats are AMAZING!! Love it!!

sophie Texeira

This location is the best. Very comgortablr and barely ever packed. Serive is great and the mix if ppl is too

Tina Lee

Excellent service! Manager (Rodrigo) and staff (Kristie) were very nice, made sure we were fine as we waited to go into our movie. Will definitely be returning here for future movies. 5 stars!

Tom Yerinides

This theater is usually great , however, we went the second week of July 2018 and left after receiving a refund. Theater #6 smells like mold. They apparently took in water after the June 28th rain storms. We heard theater 5 also smells like mold. They need to correct this right away before it takes over .

Ian Gelman

Great seats that recline. Nice people checking you into the movies.

Christina Thompson

The new theatres look great!!!!! The chairs are the best feature. The classic showings they offer from Jan-Aug are Amazing!!!

Tim Phillips

Pretty slick and nice with the reclining seats. Very nice to watch a show that way. Haven't had the food or booze, but I'm guessing that would be enjoyable. I don't "love" reserving seats in advance, and you have to do so a while in advance, as there aren't many seats per theater, so you won't get good seats unless it's will in advance (like 2+ hours). I also didn't love the ~$4 service fee for the tickets, particularly as it's the Bow Tie site that facilitates the tickets.

Jahquest Caldwell

New renovations are nice, chairs are comfortable. Food is great. The manager Christie sucks, isn’t professional at all. She Is very rude and not helpful. Good luck with getting in touch with someone who can help.

Chanse Wilkie

Clean. Friendly Staff. Love the recliners.

friedston bowen

Right across the street from my house! First class theatre!!!

Matty P

i went to go see the movie the nun last night at 10 pm showing. i have not been to the theatre since they made the changes and was excited to have dinner while watching a movie in a full reclining chair. I went to the movies straight from work and ordered $34 worth of food the employees told me that they would bring me my food and scanned my seat ticket. Movie started and an hour passed and i still had not received my food so i got up to go see what was going on. After trying to find an employee for 20 minutes because there was no one working behind the counter and having to end up asking an employee who looked like he was off the clock i was told that they brought my food to the wrong theatre and that the kitchen was closed down and that i had 2 options come back tonmorow for a refund or receive 3 movie tickets as compensation. Since the employees were kids and the manager was buried in his office who failed to come out twice while i was trying to find out what was going on i just took the tickets and didn’t say much more. whoever reads these reviews should be ashamed of themselves to leave kids running these theatre with no prior customer service experience. the fact that i was act to come back the next day to receive a refund and the other fact that i had to miss half the movie trying to find a working employee completely ruined my movie experience. i will not be back and will be giving away the 3 free tickets i received. you can spend all the money in the world to renovate a business but without proper training of the employees and without proper staffing you just lose a custmer. thank you for ruining my movie night out shame on you.

Noel; don't care & won't !

Coolest place to go an relax and get a movie


Good cinema with nice chairs

randy keen

Really dont like the red slauterhouse seats but comfee and do not go there when you havet eaten yet. Way to pricey

Dale Oakes

Comfortable NEW adjustable lounge chairs, a swing around table, Wine...and a Movie I believe Cocktails & Beer also, plus munchies...not sure of what's avail for food?

Brittany Rocchio

Awesome fully reclining seats with personal table. Great concession menu and bar for alcohol as well.

Aqeel Williams

Enjoyed the new renovations thus far! The seats are comfortable. They recline and are plush! Had a problem with stale popcorn, but they gave me a full refund. Can't wait to see the completed renovations!

Richard Errington

This updated Bowtie Cinema is a good one. I enjoy their reclining seats and their increased menu options. The parking lot is a bit of a mixed bag. It is not free and the cinema only comps you if you are seeing a movie before 5 PM Monday-Friday. I really wish they would extend these hours, I would go there more often. Since the parking lot is shared it is also often overcrowded leading to difficulties in getting a spot. There have been occasions where I couldn't park at all and had to not see a movie altogether.

Haitian God

Improve love it

liz dee

I love you guys , you are phenomenal especially the service by a young man who is Parrish.

Matt Macdonald

Comfy recliners

William Driscoll

Terrific place to see movie. Parking can be difficult and a getting seat assignments through the website can be a pain the butt.

Varalynn Suggs

Very nice and comfortable seating

Madison Ave

Very clean and enjoyable

Christopher Revel

Recent renovation to the theater, including assigned reclining seats, improved concessions and a liquor serving bar. Upgrades to the projectors as well make for a wonderful experience.

John Rekucki

My son has a sippy cup he drinks juice out of w his vitamins mixed in. He/I left it behind in the theater (3 kids, ok?!?) Today, I called and was informed yes in fact they found the bottle, but it will be confiscated because I brought it into the theater illegally. Umm seriously?? It’s a little metal bottle for a child. and we bought 2 large popcorns. Spider-Man was good

Cesar Pineda

Super comfortable and convenient!

Jaime Fana

Best service in Fairfield, and quality viewing experience.

Richard Baxley

Loved pre-ordering tickets with assigned seating, was really helpful when going to see a movie with a group of friends on opening weekend. Electric reclining seats are really comfy with lots of leg space and a tray table. Theater was clean and updated. All around awesome experience!

William Hope

Really nice place, very nice comfy theater.

Tiffany Wilson

I like the changes they've made during the upgrade. The last time I was there I order margaritas and they weren't bad. I usually go to the movies on Tuesdays as it's cheaper than any other day. Movie are so expensive these days and wish they had a day where the food, candy and drinks was cheaper. I appreciate having the option of ordering online to avoid waiting in line.

Jor Jordan

It's a great place. Clean and have automatic reclining leather seats. And they bring your food to you... loved it

James Watkins

Paid parking in the back. Dodgy ticket vending machines. Nice chairs. Friendly staff.

Clarence Thomas

Great new setup. Its really nice and comfortable

Dan Berman

Great theater that recently was renovated. 4.5 stars instead of 5 only because the recliner chairs do not actually recline very far (unlike AMC ones that I am used to).

Olga Trujillo

i love the seating arrabgement very confy but prices to high

Steven Bravo

I just got in loved with movies I anticipate to see.

patrick church

This was a horrible experience. We went to see Halloween that was planned for two weeks..the original! There were obnoxious loud kids that were underage for the movie and the management warned them a few times with other movie goers complaints but did nothing. I would not recommend if you really want to enjoy a movie on Friday night . I would guve zero stars but it wont let me

Elle Ishii

Pretty good place, had a really good time. Thanks

Katrin Sinyagina

my favorite movie theater. Super comfortable seats, and best popcorn. People who work there are very friendly!

Raul Almanzar

Excellent !!!!!! They brought me my food just when the previews started. And I was able to grey my DRINK ON !!!!!!

Manou P

I think anyone can enjoy the reclining seats?

Juan Guzman

Love this place

Jose Costa

Worst customer service ever. If you enjoy spending lots of money to be treated like dirt--go here.

los acosta

Comfy seats, can reserve them too.

James Pruitt

Nice place. Some theaters can reserve seats. Has a bar and normal movie foods.

Frank Diaz

Excellent experience

Rafael Gil

Kind of small, on top of that you have to pay for parking. Besides that, movies have quality and friendly staff.

Susana Alvarado

Love the upgraded theaters. Parking can get tricky for new comers.

Melany Sierra

Love the new improvements but they should definitely put more Spanish movies like that new one ya veremos for multi-cultured familys

Emily O'Neil

This theatre is really nice. I love that they have the reclining seats and that they offer more food options than just candy and popcorn. I can use my movie pass to see movies at this theatre so it’s really helped bring down the price of the movie tickets since I’ve visited a few times this year. I make sure I use this theatre to see any big releases since the movie experience is such a pleasure.

Sarah Valentine

The seats are super comfy! I like the option to grab a drink before a movie.

Nissy Daniel

Small theatre but oh my the seats are first class. Recliner seating, with enough room for people to walk by, nice tray tables...this should be in all theatres. The staff where friendly and helpful. Really nice hangout seating to wait for your movie to start.

Joe Lipson

Love the new beverage and dining options.

Shannon MacDonald

Great theater. Clean, updated, friendly staff and discount prices on Tuesday’s. This is our go-to theater! Highly recommend.

lataya ebron

Staff is horrible

Betty Kennedy

Is so great there the manager is a great person glad we got to go there well return there again and again

Genesis Spratt

The seating here is so comfy, I'd come just to nap, who cares what's playing! Haha, but seriously, very nicely redone. And they have a bar!!

Wall-e Martinez

Great Customer service from the second that we got in to the end. The gentleman at the food court was very outgoing, educated and fun! It was a problem with the sound system which they quickly took care of it. The only downside is the bathroom needs more attention. Great Staff, Nice Renovation and Comfortable seating.

Darren Plateroti

Parking was convenient and the staff were helpful and the theater itself was clean and popcorn fresh. Comfortable seats and relaxing atmosphere

Annastasia Augustin

Love the experience. And I really enjoy the red recliner seats

Maryam Flores

It's so beautiful there: the comfy seats with their individual tables, the snacks (I always get tater tots with cheese and bacon

Harpreet Multani

Clean theatres and comfy theater.

Derrick Martinez

Love the new look

Jason Laug

Pricey but I like the new larger seats

CaBe 159

Nice theater. Very well kept and very cool seats.

Pete 6641

Very comfortable seats and they recline

Air Juan

New seats are always clean, theaters usually have a security guard, and new bar/food service is great!

Amanda Arestia

New layout is awesome! Smart move by BowTie to upgrade their seating and offer better food/drinks selection

Martin Diamond

Nice big seats. Have to watch & be sure sound isn't too loud.

Joseph Hamboussi

Theater was good. Great seats and enough variety. Service was ok.

3FreakyPeople E-mail Account

Just like the Westport Norwalk movie theater which is near the Stew Leonard's in that area of Norwalk, the south Norwalk aka SONO movie theatre is a newly renovated theatre and has a lot of great seating that can also have reserved seating as an option.

felicia myers

I really like it,very nice clean friendly staff,I was amazed that they have a bar,n a real food there,I will b going back there,

Ato Pi

Jarvin keeps de crowds and patrons in good spirits. Can't miss him, a 6'4 270lb humorous fella....or and he serves drinks

Carleton Lowe Jr

Let them know where you parked. Theater will cover cost.

Natalie Martinez

Very bad management.

John Geter

Very clean, good staff my only complaint is that the chicken is overcooked, I had to toss mind couldn't chew. That was the second time this has happened to me.

Monojit Mitra

The seats were reclining with foot rest which went up all the way with a nice table with cup holders. Amazing and could not believe such facilities existed from the outside.

Christina Merrill

Nice theater, friendly staff, but the bathroom was a mess.

Dave Root

Pretty nice, parking sucks - gotta pay to park

stephanie st.preuve

It was a great experience the food the drinks are amazing and I just love how you could reserve your seats it just helps you enjoy the movie even better

Fernando Ovalle

Comfortable chairs and clean

Naree Viner

We definitely like the lounge-y seats.

Shelly Ann M.

I live in New York this movie theather was a whole new experience for me. From the service to the cleanliness. Seats are very comfy. The selection of things to eat and the variety of popcorn was superb. When I visit Norwalk again I will definitely be back.

Sammi D

I came here with my boyfriend and found it to be a typical theater. The prices were about the same, but they did have a bar which was nice with reasonable drink prices (not what you'd imagine with theater prices). There is all assigned seating however in this place so you need to buy tickets early if it is a new release.

Moises Silva

Alcohol in a family environment? No thanks

Vi Morawski

Great movie and excellent theater.

James Pielert

Pretty good since the renovation, everything seems updated, nicer, and the prices for the food / bar are not astronomical like the popcorn / soda etc.. My only complaint is that the new chairs they've purchased w/ built in reclining only recline back to a certain awkward and uncomfortable angle if you sit in rows C and closer, combine this with the ability to now save seats and you're in for a rough night if you don't get there early and pick out your seats.

Erin Meehan

Reclining, comfortable chairs with food service to your chair and plenty of room

Daniel Saunders

I recently saw on July 20th 2019 At 140 showing of lion king the weekend after the release and the theater started the movie with the left speakers completely off. It bothered me but thought it would be immediately fixed, so I waited. It wasn’t until I went out after 20 minutes to talk to someone that anyone knew of a problem. I had someone come in and tell me the sound was on and that he didn’t hear a problem. The gentleman came to see the problem during the stampede scene and I was able to hear someone grabbing their popcorn a row in front of me. Needless to say after 20 or so minutes went by the sound kicked in, by that time I was so disappointed the rest of the movie was a let down . I brought up my poor experience in conversation with my brother who just went to the same theater to see the new Tarantino movie and said he had sound problems too so it’s not a one off time this has happened and wasn’t the first time this has happened to me either. My fiancé and I live up the street from this theater and from now on will be happy to travel to the theater on the other side of town where I have never had any issues.

Mo Ayoub

Enjoyable and comfortable reclining seats.


The Regent 8 Theater has really stepped up their game! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pros: New Assigned seating makes sure seating is possible. New soft reclined seating with small tables, and new looking material can be seen through-out the theater too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cons: The Ticket area is a little too small; lines sometimes go through the door if full. The beverages area is a little too small too. BUT, I believe this is only a temporary issue; Due to construction. However, my only issue is the terrible sound quality of The Theater Room 2. = Should be Fixed.

Allan Shaji Manamel

It's being renovated as of now. It's a really good theater with reserved seating. The seats are really nice and plush, which can recline with leg support. The screen quality is really good.

Jhony Martinez

Well everything is great the seats, the food but the menu said candy 2:50 to 4:50 when I asked they said they didn’t have that

Erin Adkins

great theater friendly staff great for a matinee

P Barahona

Very modern theater- automated ticket purchase, quick service at the concession stand and full bar. Easy parking and friendly service. Will definitely recommend to friends!


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