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REVIEWS OF Bow Tie Cinemas Majestic 6 IN Connecticut

Zachary Merida

It's good but when they added everything a lot of stuff was not available but I know the theater is gonna be perfect

Jeff Kaluski

The kid at the counter, Junior, was beyond friendly and helpful when making my concession stand purchases. Had the theatre to myself for weird time of day and day of week movie. Pretty great experience overall.

David Nachman

Updated theatre has the new reclining seats, but they don't go as far back as other theaters I've been to and even though they're reserved people still take whichever seat they want. They also have these new super bright LED lights that are a bright white, it's a very annoying color in a movie theater especially because your eyes are adjusting from the dark and they are just too bright!

Fidelia Awadzi

It was cool

Peter Falzerano

Strange direction in theater to buy tickets. Absolutely no help or direction . Staff had congregated at candy counter? Where's the leadership in this theater?

Enrique y

Clean theater, comfortable seating and friendly staff.

Matthew Klein

Decent movie theater. The seats are pretty comfy and the staff is nice enough. Make sure you don't confuse it with the other bowtie in mall (Landmark 9).

Susana Rincón Franco

Good prices and fast service.

Cole von Richthofen

Typical theater. A bit expensive but they let you add your own butter.

Chris Kanel

Staff here is very nice. Theatres and bathroom are always clean the sound and picture is always great quality.

Jim Dunne

The theater was clean. The screen was easy to see by both adults and children. The sound level was appropriate.

Patrick Robaut

Great staff !

Mayaro Media Group

Good location, always pleasant. Like the butter machine for the popcorn

Juan Leon

Unloved city movie theater that should be renovated and busy but looks like might close soon.

rodrigo aguillon

Colorful lobby, nice and clean, seats could be better though

Scott Peters

Best theatre around SoNo

C.E. Pabon's

It's a clean theater, the staff is friendly. The cheese popcorn sucks. That's why I only have our four stars.

George Acuna


Aakash Bhambhani

Small screens, cramped seating, bad air conditioning and passable AV quality. Certainly looks like it needs a renovation.

Shakima Smith - White

This is a great movie theater, its clean and great customer service.

Antonios Karagiannis

The silver screen needed to be adjusted to be wider for the movie we watched but no one bothered and part of the movie was projected outside of the screen...

Saam Greenman

Very comfortable but tickets are harder to get.


It's decent. Clean & comfortable. Friendly service people.


Great place

Vikram Nafde

Decent seating, A/V is good, and ticket prices are ok. Generally shows all the in demand movies and blockbusters.


Nice and friendly staff... Love the 3D movies in here..

Etienne Muhammad

Wish they had the recliner chair's. ..

Maria Conte

Love to go to the movies. BOW TIE IS A NICE PLACE AND CLEAN

Ana Perez

Nice seats.

Madhukar Subbarayan

Saw "Million dollar arm" movie here on a weekday evening.... Only five of us were in the theater including my wife and myself.... Nice theater and will go again here for another good movie...

Pallavi D Shevate

Nothing extraordinary. Just a normal thing.

Anon Emis

The customers can be annoying sometimes. But the employees are good.

Ellen Taylor

Great theater. Only wish they had stadium seating.

Joey V

Decent movie theatre poor staff

imran hasan

It has very small screens, if you are from Stamford and don't want to go elsewhere this place is a good choice . And it gives cheap tickets on Tuesday ... So enjoy

al king

Nice place but dont bother with Katherine farrel, she is a foul mouthed, man hating feminsit, she may come off sweet, but she ain't, I'm glad she got fired!

Gene Pope

Of the two multiplex cinemas in Stamford, this is my favorite. Nice seats, good sound. Better audience mix than in the mall. Not so rude with cellphones. Snacks will set you back more than your ticket (par for the course).

James Zygmont

Decent, run-of-the-mill chain theater with average pricing and snack options. They're usually running a wider variety of current films than some of the other nearby theaters which definitely gets my approval. Snack and ticket lines can be a little long depending on which movie you're planning to go see.

Henry Ponthieu

Quick and easy. Need more of a selection

Victor Tirado

Tuesday are the best!

Leslie Aguirre

Try not to get the front row. It's annoying for your neck. They should charge less for those, it causes you pain

Kristopher Discua

Really bad

Arthur Berthiaux

Very nice place with good seats!!!

Blk Pearl

Enjoyed bringing the children to see 'Avengers'. The ticket prices and snacks is ridiculous.

Wendy Maldonado

Sabrina is an amazing manager!!! My son messed up got tickets online to Stamford and he meant to do Trumbull. She called Trumbull even after the show started and got them the tickets. She is amazing and honestly her customer service goes above and beyond. Not only what she did, it’s how she did it. There was NO attitude. She was willing to help and she cared a kid messed up and wanted to fix it. Don’t know you but your an ace in my box Sabrina. Thank you!!!!

Charlie Bradley

They are upgrading their theater to recliner seating. It was very nice and a long over due update to the theater. Concession and ticketing area are still the same as before but they never had any problems. Only negative would be that cause they are still remodeling they only have limited number of theaters

Mark Zezza

The theater was way too loud (and I am not one to complain about loud music/noise). I had a headache after leaving. It’s never been as loud at a movie theater I’ve been too before. I even asked one of the workers to lower the volume during the ads/previews. He said he would talk to the manager but I did not notice a difference. If you go I suggest bringing ear plugs. Note that I’ve only been there once and for a matinee. Maybe it is not always so loud (although the movie I watched “once upon a time in Hollywood” was not one that needed to be loud). There were also few people in the theater. Price was good for the matinee ($11). Seats were comfortable with reclining Chairs Although they did not decline as much as other theaters I’ve been too. The theater was also pretty clean even though they are in the middle of renovations.

helloiamlost .

Newly refurbished. Great seats and screen. You also get to select your seat which is incredible.

Daisuke O

As far as faceless corporate theater chains go, this one's pretty nice

Vikas Jain

Needs refreshed interiors, as it appears and feels very old. Though the sound system is pretty decent.

Paul Garcia

$7 Tuesday

Alex Bramsen

Excellent theater, much much nicer after the renovation work. Reclining seats, reservations, nice and relaxing.

Tim Phillips

Nice big comfortable auditoriums.

J. Douglas Crawford

Friendly and polite staff. Good popcorn and reasonable tickets prices. How does it get any better than this?

Joseph Rubin

Great theater

Martin Melnick

Nice clean theater, quick ticket purchase, build discount points, full consession stand, comfortable seats.

Leandre Page

The new seats are great

Anthony Alves

Excellent matinee ticket and concession prices. Employees are very friendly.

James Lynch

Good place to see a film

Faye Comer

The theater felt a little bit run down, but overall at the end of the day, the experience was good.

Fran Collier-Clemmons

Extremely clean and very personable staff!

Robert Bobbington

people talk and scream throught every movie here, theres always a reek of marijuana(really ? go outside!) generally overpriced.

Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

It's clean, it doesn't smell of rancid popcorn, the seats are not sprung, and the floors aren't sticky. So yeah, this may read like a whole bunch of stuff that the place *isn't*, but thats pretty much the point - in this day and age, if you can get a place that isn't gross, thats a pretty huge accomplishment!

William ortega

Under renovations concessions only bottle soda. Bathrooms only 2 stalls. Will update after work done

Mar R

snacks are expensive I wish they would offer more realistic sizes and wants like a medium popcorn and two waters a box of candy for $16 Other than that its a good movie theatre seats recline back pretty far

Bert Koehler

The movie theater was clean. The staff was helpful.

George Wever

The prices are nice in the theater is nice

Ramon Grullon

Way beeter than before the upgrade is coming out nice!!!

Michael Corley

Usually the schedules of this theatre and the one at the mall play different movies, so if they don't have what you want, walk down the street.

Anna Polak

We , my nephew and I come here often and always have a great time but it would be nice to get a discount here and there .

LuisaX V

It's small and cozy, good service

Raymond Jackson

Nice place downtown Stamford CT

Yonzel Burt

This movie theater is extremely dirty and their cheese popcorn was stale. The staff lacked professionalism and the seats were filthy and uncomfortable. For the price of a movie and snacks customers deserve a better experience. First and last time I will visit this movie theater. I will tell my colleagues about this experience and warn them not to visit.

Neldine Jolicoeur

Like a typical theater, with its usual discounted prices in Tuesdays. Does not have free parking. Gotta park in the garage.

Christian Corpuz

Clean, respectable staff and recommended. Nothing fancy. I love how they have kids party too. Recommended to parents running out of idea.

Arty Vlasenko

Has a nice movie selection, but the building is really old and the staff can be extremely rude.

Pope Suavecito XII

Friendly staff, great popcorn!

Shaniqua Elliott

Like Landmark 9 better

Vincent Chiaramonte

The only thing that keeps me going there is the movies that are playing. Nothing to write home about

Tim Judge

Great spot comfy seats. Good sound too!

Ed Kivell

Theatre is undergoing renovation. All the cinema rooms will have comfortable reclinable overstuffed seats and the theatre will start to sell food and drinks. Makes for a very enjoyable experience.

Ksenia Tsocheva

The most comfortable and luxurious cinema I have ever been in. The best experience in Stamford.

Douglas Dardon

Best Reclining Seats in CT Great Staff Awesome Food

Hugo Moncayo

Seats are not comfortable. KIOSK doesn't work.

Mark Sheldon

Great seats.

Maxine Barela

Not bad! I was the only on in the whole auditorium. Nice seats! Huge screen! Great sound!

vamsi krishna

I love the Tuesday $6 movie ticket which is a great deal for movie lovers. The service is good and theaters are cozy for a nice movie experience. I don't know anything about the parking since I live close by and I usually walk by to the theater.

Juan Guzman

Very outdated

Nene Fermin

Good walking trails

Edna Caraballo-Gonzalez

Under remodeling. It will be great when it's done.

Anthony Purcell

Very comfortable seats

Dan Smith

It's okay good location but could have better facilities.

Kimberly Young

Good location. 6 theaters. Popcorn could be better.

Miguel Cardona

Always a good experience. Spacious and cozy!

Daniel Murray

Awesome quiet and clean

Ayannali Williams

New seating is amazing. Can't wait untill the bar and seat service is ready

Aisharyya Arindam

Nice place to view movies. Good legroom between the rows. Located close to downtown is an advantage.

A. K.

Really should renovate the theater.... The price is the same as NYC or nearby updated AMC theaters while the seats and the theater is significantly low quality

Rafael Gil

Good place, didn't have to wait long in line. Friendly staff.


Awful experience, I've never seen a movie theater so dirty. The bathrooms were disgustingly dirty, there were paper towels all over the floor, the garbages were overflowing. Went to see a late showing at 830 on a Sunday and they told us we couldn't have soda because they were all apparently flat and the ice machines were not working. It honestly looked like they had purposely shut down the machines early to get the cleaning out of the way. Not returning to this theater any time soon.


Writing a review because compared to other movie theaters that I have been too this one had had very uncomfortable seats. I recommend remodeling and putting in the new reclining seats, as it would also bring in lots of business, movie theater was decent and good sound.

Brenna Harkins play list

I love the bow ty

Aditya Chakrabarty

Clean and well managed :) A comfortable movie viewing experience ! Would recommend !

Angie Kelly

Is ok the place but need more work on heater inside

Ronnie Brock

Great spot not to crowded no lines no waiting went early


It would be better if the seats were more comfortable

Wil Spillane

While it isn't up to date or anything worth looking it, the classic vibe of the theatre lives in the design of the signs outside and the hallway carpets. Stamford has two theatres really close and they split which movies will play at each.

Kristen Machi

Being updated. Food expensive $4.50 for a bottle of water?

Terence Tubman

Nice theater great staff and clean!

Carson Vara

Nothing wrong with a facility, not overly friendly though.

Darren Plateroti

Great venue to view a movie. Excellent seats and very clean . Parking was convenient and the service was very good. Nice place.


Screen is okay, the seat is not comfortable, parking only free weekend 8-5.

Naren Santayana

It's almost unbelievable how clean this movie theater is. But it's super clean, seats are comfortable, popcorn is poppin, and at the end of the day, it's one of the best places to go and enjoy a movie! Parking is easy and the staff has always proven to be helpful.

Jose Maldonado



Clean and not overcrowded. Definitely will make sure to visit again soon after watching the last Jedi just now.

Kelley Murphy

Cheap tickets on Tuesdays and the lines move fast. Could be cleaner. The chairs are also very outdated and uncomfortable.

Rosa M. Jimenez

Good location but like every theater the treats are very expensive and ticket prices are skyrocketing. They should offer more discounts and it can be a bit cleaner.

Mr. Desiral

Great theater. Staff are friendly.

Danny Tanner

Inexpensive theater nestled in the middle of a busy area with great restaurants. Renovations needed.

Kartik Sanu

Great place for a good movie experience

Michael Gorman

Nice clean multiplex showing the latest movies. Good matinee and all day Tuesday value. Seems popular with families on the weekends. Popcorn is ok tasting. Good selection of candies and coke products.

Michael Sanchez

Friendly service but no validated parking.

Tatiana DH

Not the newest or nicest, but convenient.

Melinda Owens

Small, but it's not like you have much choice in this town.

Jacek Furtak

Nice place, little outdated but it has some charm

Pedro Longuinho de Souza

Run down, needs desperate renovation, chairs very uncomfortable, would never go back!

Alix Mario

It's a good place to be fun.


The sala is kinda small... But the popcorns are DELICIOUS!!!!

Solene Lopere Salami

not a good staff I forgot my stuff in the theater and when I go back to get them the crew members only gave back my portable charger which was on top of my phone and wallet I go to the lost and found and I find my wallet WHICH WAS EMPTY! I had close to $100 dollars in it and it was underneath my phone and when the manager questioned his crew they said they haven't seen it. THEN HOW DID THEY ONLY FIND MY PORTABLE CHARGER AND PUT MY WALLET FULL OF CASH IN THE LOST AND FOUND EMPTY.

John Poulos

They are very nice people, the movie seats are nice, not too expensive, and there is a lot of parking, and the sound is exactly how i like it. I go here for all the newest movies

David Adams

Seen Black Panther, great place however they should upgrade their seating to be more luxury seating it Stamford, CT for goodness

abhi gadikoppula

pretty good and decent prices

Gary Anthony Sanchez

Good place can't wait for the renovation

Natalia’s Channel

i love this theater it has every thing and it always has sick movies playing dude

JoAnne W

Staff was accommodating and friendly. Clean theater. Ample parking.

Andrew Miliaresis

Ehhh there ok not terrible but not average

David Lynch

It's in desperate need of modernization

Sebasthian Ahumada

Enjoyed watching the movie but I wish chairs were more comfortable and had the fold-up armrests

tr1xt3r random

Nice experience

Joshua Fisher

Best part about this movie theater is it's right downtown, surrounded by lots of garage parking, restaurants and bars. It's a basic, old auditorium theater. Rarely crowded.

Hasan Rudd

A pretty clean and we'll kept cinema with a good selection of snacks etc. The screens are a little smaller than what I'm used to but overall it was a good experience.

John E

It's better than most Cinemas but why do we have to sit through 15 minute soft commercials before we see a movie.

Space X

This place is cheaper than the other one in the mall.

Elizabeth Yates


Shaneeka Walker

Good selection of movies between this and the mall location but I feel the ticket prices are too high considering the condition of the theater. Not a bad deal if you can get your tickets discounted or go on Savers Tuesday.

C Gomez

Excellent seating! Great Tuesday pricing!

Sara Casey

Clean, helpful, and efficient.

Sonia Ruiz

Although under renovations, the theater itself is very nice & clean. Very pleased.

Glenn Newman

Tight seating. Fun none the less...


Still expensive as all movie theaters are now. Decent seats with great sound quality.

Hugh Mollison


John Colbert

Convenient local theater ... never long lines, friendly staff. Parking can sometimes be tricky ... but garage construction should finish soon.

Vaughn Austin

Great customer service and sound effects awesome speakers

Mercedez Munoz

I hated the popcorn taste like old Oil was awful

Tom Burkert

Clean and great sound

Stephen Smith

Plenty of parking nearby, great concessions & facilities. Not too crowded if you pick & choose your movie times.

Jess Rayner

The theatre is starting to age and is not as up to date as newer theatres. The seating is OK.


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