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Here you will be able to see the reviews of people who used the services of Tru Vu Drive In Theatre (Movie Theater) in the area close to Colorado.

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REVIEWS OF Tru Vu Drive In Theatre IN Colorado

Mari Barker

We live in Junction so it's a little bit of a drive for us to go to the drive-in but we love the drive-in!! This one has a great the concession stand is just big enough and they usually play two good movies together, we like to go during the week because it is packed on the weekends! And for the cry babies like Todd if you don't want to be around smoke then don't go!! That's one of the reasons we like the drive in so we can smoke and since we've been banned everywhere inside quit trying to ban us from smoking outside as well!

Tiffany Junk

Luv luv luv this place

Nick Roberts

It is a awesomely good time and you get 2 movies for the price of one

Nina Hamann

So wonderful to go back in time and go to the drive in movies. Shame that they were done away with.

Timothy Buchser

Like going back in time. Americana at its best.

Mark Todd

The screen is set up in a way that the lights coming from the road can create a annoying glare, and there is a railroad track right next to the place....I had the unfortunate experience of the train coming during the movie, so ten minutes of dialogue was missed.

J n' Des Padilla

Clean and friendly.

Chelsy Christensen

Who doesn't love the drive in! So much fun and great hospitality.

C Albus

Awesome place!

Andrew Gross

Been several times, always fun. However, many of the rules are not posted, such as no tailgate grilling. Also, the concession staff are lazy millennials, but what else would we expect? All in all, a great night out an d worth the hour drive from my house.

Kate Star

Fun, packed so go early if you want a spot up front. Reasonably priced.

Robyn Toothaker

We have always enjoyed going to the drive-in at Tru-Vu Drive-in. Adam and his costumes makes for a memorable experience! Thank you for keeping this relic from the past up and running!

Tony Mendoza

Nice place. Great price for two movies, $8 per person. Atmosphere was wonderful. I did notice a lot of people driving in with SUV.

NewAGEAutoTechnology Hho

Two good movies last night Nunn an mile twenty two.

Jared Mahoney

We come here from Fruita once during the summer. Good price for two movies (8$ adult, kids free).

Pattie Mayes

Awesome during the summer

garret j

It is nice until a train comes


It's always so much fun! Great prices, even concessions aren't bad! We always go several times a year, it's become tradition!

Cheri Warren

We love this place it was the last thing we got to do with my mom and my kids grandma before she passed away and we still go every weekend if we can

Devon Fink

Nostalgic drive in and fun for whole family

Ned Gurule

Cool old school drive it. Fun to take the family.

Thomas Critelli

I love the drive in

M Stewart

Perfect for an evening out with friends or family. Cash only with no available ATM makes this otherwise great experience a four star.

Kris Polk

Love having drive in's. They just need bigger bathroom stalls.

Adam Armstrong

Good experience. Radio reception works well. Could do with a little more wall to prevent light pollution from the other side of the road.


A nice memory from days gone by.

J Shot

I enjoyed the movies, staff has double standard when it comes to enforcing parking rules. They had me move back a row cause I was in a truck then allowed a bigger truck to park right in front of me. Also saw them make some people close their cargo gates while allowing others you could tell they knew to keep them up. Unprofessional.

Breanna Archuleta

I love this place. A bit expensive but worth it.

Richard Norman

No thank you

Joel Graham

best deal any where( probably)

Katie Walker

Old school fun. A total classic.

Mary Hockenbery

Love that we have an operating drive-in in Delta County. Super grateful to the owner. So fun to take the grandkids.

Tammy Steele

It takes me back to my childhood. Love going to the drive-in.

Jaidyn Fraser

Always fun to have a night under the stars watching the latest movies. I recommend getting snacks before arriving.

Lee Burton - DOC

Great drive inn. Glad to see that they are keeping this one going. They are a dying breed. This one does NOT take credit cards. Had to go find an ATM down the street and come back. Prices are good. Burgers are greasy good. It sits right by the railroad tracks which is a bit annoying at night with the roaring clanking sounds of the engine and cars. The train light floods the screen along with the ambient lighting from the buildings across the highway. They need a barrier wall between the tracks and theater.

gettingolderwithgrace graham

I've been going since i was kid to this drive in is it full wonderful memories from star wars to bambie, i will always enjoy going. But not everyone like to have to sit next to pot smokers, so because of that, i could only give it 4 stars. Sad to see people so out in front of my kid with there pot

James Hutchens

Stepping back in time, not many of the old drive-in theatres left. Grab your girl and enjoy an outdoor movie.

Thomas Anderson

They burnt our pizza twice. They gave us the burnt one + another one we paid for. They tried to give us the second burnt pizza too. But we didn't need 3 pizzas. We did eat it all though. The non burnt pizza was really good! Price was very reasonable. Staff was nice. Just be careful when ordering the pizza. They did try and blame my nieces friend who is only 12 as the reason why they burnt it, saying she didn't come back in 10 minutes?! So there was that... no big deal. It was their money they were wasting so they need to get a timer for the one pizza oven they have. Gees. Lol

Angel Pollard

Nice place to go to have a good time. Nothing made it stand out, but would recommend for a night out or a change from going to a inside movie theatre.

natasha garcia

Love it there! You can hear the movie great, the snacks and food are reasonable prices and you get row movies for a great price! Absolutely the Best service there!!

Frank Smithey

Great prices and fun family time

Carey Hill

So great to have this place! Awesome people run it and do their best to keep it clean and family friendly. How great it is to have this here. Keep up the good work! A great American tradition should be kept alive!

Eric Hodera

Love the Drive inn movie theater. A long past being fastly sold to real estate for other things.

Megan Davis

I've always loved this drive in ever since I was a kid(:

Lorenzo Suazo

Relive the past with a double feature drive in

Sarah Marie

Great place for family time and the prices are very reasonable!

Zane Ebel

I love sitting in the car or in the back of the truck with plankets and snacks. Super fun great to take your kids to. I like that they put the the more teen rated shows later because the younger audience that needs to go to bed earlier can still go.

yoshie R

Me and my kids had lots of fun will be going back.

Mary Ficklin

Always a great movie out doors. Love this in the summer time

lizard girl 20

Best place on Earth for a family night out

William Romero Jr

Great place to see a movie but I would refrain from eating at the concession stand ...just saying

Kayla Rouse

Old fashioned fun with kiddos

Betty Norris

I love the Drive in movies!! We're lucky to still have one!!!

Rebecca Harp

Good drive-in open 7 days a week!

Matt Woods

Kind of expensive

Amarah Thompson

It's cheap and if you have a small car you can sit in the front with an amazing view of the screen! If you have a truck sitting on the top or the tail gate works...

Dana Houge

Such an iconic part of rural America. The speakers need updated a little, but it's part of the charm. Also, have the coal train rolling by while watching the movies. I'm not sure if it can get any more American than that! It's a beautiful gem we have in Delta. We are lucky it's still running

Sabrina Eddy

It was awesome!!! We have nit been to a drive in for years!!

Lita Farley

Love the drive in! Good food, good prices and the fact that you get to watch a beautiful sunset right behind the screen is awesome!

Megan Collins

We always have fun when we bring the kids here! Yummy snacks, great flicks and socializing with the locals. One of the best things to do with the kiddos during the warmer months

Kelby Brown

Great drive in experience. Good food. Friendly staff.

Mackenzie Dodge

Great family adventure and the employees dress up like next weeks movie characters!

jennifer phillips

Best little Drive-In around! We love to spend our summer nights here

Hayley G

The drive in is nice! The bathrooms are clean and they have good parking so that everyone can see.

Ruby Tipton-Butler

It was fun to take the kids!!

King Kwal

I've been coming to Try Vu since I was a kid, now I get to bring my kids here. We always have a great time and definitely a family environment. (Try the cheeseburger...)

Mandi Mae

Wonderful place to go see movies

Rebecca Kruback

Love this place.

Deseray Huff

An ausome place to go

Diane Collins

The drive in is great! I'm from an older generation that is more respectful about keeping lights off but the drive in is not the one to blame for that! I'm grateful it is open.

elena perea

Was so nice being to the drive-in

Kevin Switzer

Love going here

Stella Koch

Love this Drive In... not too far from us. But wondering how to talk to someone because they only have a recording and I understand that but the weather is iffy! Wondering if they will still show movies /be open tonight Wed. 7-15-15. I think Drive IN s are Still great!!!

Destination is Life

Clean and nice! They even have in car radio sound. This is a must for cheap fun for 2 movies!

Crystal Mills

I remember as a kid going all the time. Now I have. My kids and now a grand baby. Yay im glad I drove by. And seen this was still open. Family Date night

Angela McCracken

How awesome we have a place like this in our home town! Great people at the concessions stand too! Very fun!

Jeff Ernster

Great place to see a movie. Food was good. Staff super nice. Picture and sound great. A great night.

Tim Neal

A throw back to the early 80s, they still have the speaker boxes and old style snack counter and friendly employees!

Samantha Baker

Love this place get there early for big blockbusters to get a good seat

Ross Mason

Nice location but the car-side speakers aren't worth anything


Excellent family or date night place!


Excellent experience! The people of Delta and surrounding areas were all awesome. No rowdiness, no loud people, no running vehicles gassing us out. Just a pure good time had with my family and I. We heard the movie just fine and there really isn't a bad space to park. Plenty of speakers for everyone. Cost was decent for two adults and kids under 11 are free!

Sue Valentine

Love that there's are still places like this

Jenna Garcia

Wonderful like always!!!!

Brian Huene

Classic style drive in with modern modifications. Decent selection of items from the concessions stand. There are also bathrooms on the back of the main building.

Frances Hartman


Kyle Danielson

Great family fun for cheap

matthew wasley

Our families favorite summer hangout price is cheap and the snack shack is awesome!

Jimmy Williams

They are charging full price for OLD movies.

Jose Moncada

We love to come here since I moved to Grand Junction

Harley Whomble

One of the last remaining drive ins. Well maintained, owned and operated with care and diligence,. Great place for a date or a family outting

Jennifer Maxfield

I love it here been coming all my life ! But tonight was the worst experience ive ever had here ! We will come back of course! But very disappointed!

Bonnie Turner

The only thing about the Tru Vu is that the bathrooms could use an update. But the price is right, it's in a great location, and the people are always friendly! Drive-In Theaters are a dying breed, so support them whenever you can!

Nathaniel Sellers

Nostalgic, perfect summer activity

Mickel Adams

I like watching movies at TruVu out in the open in the privacy of your car

Deborah Byrd

Had a good time watching ovies with my son and his family in Delta Colorado

Bret Hamilton

Old school fun, fair price.

Web Luke

Last drive in movie theater I know of in Western Colorado. Get there early to find a good spot to park. You will want to use the FM radio in your car for sound. It can be a late night but only paying per car and getting 2 recent movies its worth the drive. You can also bring your own snacks or get something they offer. Lots of people back their truck into a spot and watch the movie in camp chairs also. Worth the experience before these all disappear.

Terry Barber

Great family place!

Larry Rose

Love this place every great atmosphere nothing like a good drive in

Janel Patin

Really good! Prices are amazing, kids are free. Minus one star because they need to enforce a cirgarette policy. We had two chain smokers parked on both sides of us, we couldn't breath and children started coughing and we couldnt enough the movie. it was ridiculous. You are within arms reach of someone and that shouldn't be allowed.

Wynnae Wandersee

Missed the show. Lol


One of the best places to have a wonderful date. A memory lane date!!

Melita Bendixen

Okay, here goes. We really couldn't find any info on the drive in details. Would have liked to know: CASH only!!!! Movie gates open early, we got there an hour early and the place was busy already. We did not have to go very far to find a spot. Although we were worried we would not be able to see the full screen, but we could have pretty much parked anywhere and had a good view. Bring your chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and friends. Including dogs, just remember they stay safe and you clean up after them. We brought pillows, blankets, and each other for a date night. Don't forget to go into the snack shack for the movie necessaries, soda, munchies,

Cloudie Perea

I luv that you can still get the experience of a Drive In. I will always make the hour drive just to have a Friday night movie at the Drive In!!!!

Travis Miner

I have been enjoying this drive in for years, don't like that the price keeps going up each year. But kids 12 and under are free.

Essie Draves

When we come to Colorado we like to watch movies out side

Jennifer B

Good parking and sound. Fun for family and friends

Veronica Diaz Adame

Love this place!

Latanya Gill

It's pretty nice

Noah Sandoval

Friendly staff relaxing spot when the train isn't rolling by. But can't complain to much the kiddo loved watching the train.

Robin Kramer

Great experience with the grandkids!


Affordable for the whole family

Melody Crowell

Best place to watch a movie.

Chance Atwood

An experience everyone should try

Lou Nesbit

Wow! Reminded me of going to the drive-in with my parents in the 60's! They even have a grill for burgers! Highly recommend!

Travis Stevens

Late night. 2 movies.

Connie R. Pantoja

Fun local old school drive in!

Jesse Nix

Good prices, but darker movies can be really hard to see due to dealership lights


Great place to see movies. Cheap prices.

Todd Barrow

Nice little theater. The screen is big, the sound is clear, the snacks are reasonably priced. I love drive ins and have been to a dozen or so. That being said, this theater fails at some things that every other theater I've ever been to manages well. Every time I go, we are surrounded by smokers. This is 2016, ban smoking or at least provide an area for smokers to go off to the side or back so everyone else doesn't have to breathe in the secondhand smoke. Also last time we went, there was some idiot who brought a huge audio system on his diesel truck. To keep the sound pumping without draining his battery, he had his Powerstroke running the ENTIRE two features. Not only was it loud, but we caught wafts of spent diesel fuel from time to time. Not a single theater in America would let a car run its engine during the movies. I get it if management wants to avoid confrontation, but there are no rules on the website anything to let people know they shouldn't behave in these ways. A couple of little changes could go a long way to make everyone's experience a little better. But I'm guessing since they don't have much competition and the place is packed in weekends, that nothing happens.

Daishau Barker

Great place! And wonderful staff. This is a gem, relic of the past. Thanks for being my daughter’s first drive-in movie. You guys are a part of our family tradition❤️

Tonya Varner

Still love it

dessa merz

Good job guys always a good time

Karol Austin

Nice place to go with family you can listen to movie on radio or do it the original way with speakers

Joey Bustos

No better way to cuddle with your family in the back of a pick up;)

Skylor Purscell

Always enjoy coming and seeing movies here!

Maureen Edmonds

I always love to go there and watch movies, great price and kids 11 & under free

Bradford Davis

Have been seeing movies here ever since I was old enough to go.


Had a good time. Wish we knew what time the movies started so we could get there early. Will go back!

Amber DuBois

Spectacular experience. Huge popcorn for only $3!!!! I paid $8 for myself and $0 for my THREE children because they're under 11. Two great movies also. Minus one star because of the cigarette smokers. In this day and age there should be designated areas downwind from everyone else. It was really distracting and gross and my kids and i shouldn't have to breathe it in.

Jane Romatzke

This is a great family experience. Who doesn't love the drive-in? Take some lawn chairs and sit by your car or in the back of the pickup. Enjoy the movie along with shooting stars, snacks, and community with all your instant friends.

Tammy Huggett

Love this place love the owner love all the people that work there they treat you just like family anybody that goes there will fall in love with the place the first time the way they are treated there great place to go to the movies and spend time with family and friends recommend highly to everybody

Dan Scott

Great family place, very affordable

Charlie Brown

Got to love drive in!

Danielle Kazmierczak

Get to see 2 movies in one night? popcorn and drinks r affordable,and the weather was nice! just need to make sure the speaker is hooked up to the car next time,and no oversized cars up front

Brenda Gonzales

Great atmosphere. Wonderful place to catch a movie

Torri Mahoney

Drive ins are so fun and you get a double feature! The bathrooms are teeny tiny and not enough for how many people come here though.


I was cool. The price is super affordable especially for families. My battery died and the guy at the snack bar was super friendly and let me use a jump box. My only complaint was the didn't serve

Nicki McCoy

Great movies! Great service! Thanks!

JeremyandTrisha Riggs

Great time with the family

Paul Chadwick

One of the last drive-ins around. Always fun.

Daniel English

great time with the famly

Jerry Schafer

Fun family place andnthe cheeseburgersbare awesome!

Laqrisha Roland

Great prices for the experience. They always play a kid movie then an adult movie so it's a balanced evening for everyone.

Ginger Redden

Great place to watch movies!

Teja Smith

It's very family friendly and a great place to go

SA Love-B

Always fun!

Esther Moorey

Always a great experience for the family!

Ann Sampson

Great drive in

Andrea Laponsie

Drive is always fun!

John Hackett

It was a typical drive in experience, I enjoyed myself. Only two downsides are 1. that it's cash only, and 2. That the screen is not high enough due to all the monster trucks you have to look over.

dan selby

Not many drive-ins left in the world. Go have fun spend time with family and friends watch a good movie or two.

Kacee Daguerre

Sooo much fun for the family!

Rachel Zuccaro

Nice place, very family friendly, definitely going back.

Dennis Barker

Super duper awesome

Cheryl King

It is a nice relaxing time with family. Staff is friendly.


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