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REVIEWS OF The Lyric IN Colorado

Matthew Lyon

Coolest place in north Ft. Collins. It's an awesome venue for movies and drinks. Really amazing artwork.

Tom Redfern

It was a cool place to visit. I went to see the Roger Waters movie "Us+Them". Good movie!! The only thing I didn't like was you had to rent a portable speaker to heat the sound, then the batteries went dead with 10 minutes left in the show. Next time I will bring my own radio and save $4.

Erika Fuller

Amazing atmosphere, super nice staff such comfortable seats tasty food and they show great new and old movies! Recommend 100%

Jason Hevelone

We have been a long time fan of The Lyric. It's so refreshing to have a venue that is completely locally owned and features unique movies you'll never see in big box theaters. Plus, they are a tremendous support for local breweries & distilleries and have a nice food offering besides popcorn and candy. When you support The Lyric, you are putting more money back into our local economy instead of sending it to corporations outside of Colorado.

Elisabeth Olson

We moved from Fort Collins to Loveland just about the time the new Lyric was opening so this was our first visit! It is well worth the price of admission just to see the place! They have maintained a funky, colorful, welcoming vibe, but have added a much more functional concessions/bar area PLUS a huge outdoor theater area. Think drive-in movie on a hill with wildflowers and blankets instead of gravel and cars. And as always, a great menu of thought-provoking and independent movies. We will put it back on our regular date night schedule.

Connie Nelson

Eclectic vibe! Great little theater. Fun date place or even by your self. Have some extea time before or after to enjoy the menu and bar. Unfortunately no decaf coffee, but does have herbal tea. Staff is friendly too!

Jonna Hall

Enjoyed small group viewing - comfortable chairs - will go there again for sure !!!

Margaret Barham

My favorite local hangout. My daughter and I like to go on Saturday and Sunday for cereal bar and cartoons. The vibe is very, very kid friendly on those mornings. I like to go solo or with a friend for a movie and drink/food at night. Love the vibe here.

Derek Williams

This is my favorite place to go see a movie. I like being able to order a beer and a meal and take it into a comfy theater with me. Beware the line at the counter moves slowly at certain times, so be sure to arrive early.

Daniel Gosch

I was worried when the Lyric moved out of downtown, but the new location is even better! They get great movies all the time. The theaters are very nice, but they still have the independent theater charm. The popcorn is the best in town. They usually have a great tap list and the sandwiches are good.

Mark Bolles

A hidden treasure in north Fort Collins. The Lyric is more than just a movie theater. It has a social gathering area inside the lobby unlike any I've ever seen before. 5 pinball machines and an interior that appeals to both young and old alike.

Luna Nordstrom

Great food, the movies I want to see in intimate theaters that feel personal and homey.

Stacey Thompson

Super great place to see a movie!

Amanda Schneider

I had the pork BBQ sandwich. HEAVENLY! SO YUMMY. The bar, restaurant, venue, movie theatre has the best. Hubby says it's really cool. The place was very clean...even the bathrooms! Loved the gift shop too!

Clella Collier

Such a great space and so glad that they carry independent films. Parking can be a problem though.

Edwin Chong

Great arthouse movies in a theater with character.

Jim Hulings

What a fabulous place for both movies and events!


Great venue and food!


A unique place to catch a movie at a very reasonable price. Its not your typical big chain theater which makes it very refreshing. The staff is friendly, its clean inside, and they sell booze.

Sierra Frost

Awesome place to see movies and hang out

Stephen Tenbrink

Great place to watch more mature movies. You will find more critically acclaimed films here than at the main movieplexes in Fort Collins.

Rob Easton

Great venue, quirky, unique movie selections

Todd Carmody

Great place to grab a drink and watch a movie.

Chris Hampson

Always a joy to see a great film in this cozy indie theater.

Greg Spalding

Very neat venue. We'll be back for an outdoor show!

Justin B

Great local theater with tons of character that helped get me in the mood to watch a movie. A lot of variety in movie selection from big releases to the obsecure. Full bar with local spirits and beer is always a plus!

Spencer McClendon

The new location is amazing! The couches in the space room damn near put me to sleep. Loving Vincent was an excellent movie and I wished I hadn't waited as long as I did to go see it and the new location. I can't wait to go again. Worth every penny of admission. The wife especially loved the tofu sandwich. It's very nice seeing someone try new trends and styles.

Akash Bhattacharya

This is a really fun place to go to. Nice little theatres with sofa seating up front. Great selection of local craft beers. And of course, nice indy movies from time to time and other great things to watch. We were there to see part of the Kubrick retrospective. And don't forget the TARDIS they have.

Alexander Ervin

Great staff, wonderful place to catch a movie especially at night in the lawn

Angela McLaughlin

The new location is awesome! Plenty of parking nearby.

John Hatfield

A perfect place for enjoying special movies.

Lenny Scovel

For a unique movie-going experience, you must check out The Lyric. The movie options are always unique and challenging, mixed in with a few "popular" releases. The food is great, the bar impressive, and the vibe is one-of-a-kind. Go check it out!

Kelsey DiAstra

Tends to get movies that don't go to regular big theaters. Good food and cool little cafe. A great date spot for drinks/dinner /movie. They always seem to be out of soft pretzels, though, which is disappointing.

Iam Bree

Awesome, funky, and different place to see a movie. Highly recommend!

Allison Grant

I had a great time here - good food, drinks, and comfortable seats. Very eclectic style and good ambiance.

Abby Fullman

Great place to see a good movie. Grab a bite and a drink. Fun atmosphere. Friendly staff.

Kimberly Nelson

While I haven't watched a movie inside, I just attended The Labrynth on the outdoor screen. The back area has twinkle lights, patio space, swing chairs and a funky old rug boat the houses the projector. You need to bring your own low chairs or blanket, as well as an FM radio to be comfy and hear the audio. Such a fun experience! Think I'll be going back in a few weeks to watch the goonies. I can't think of a better way to watch childhood classics.

Ben Kappel

Great movie theater. Food and cocktails are great. Always a good time at the Lyric.

Bridget Smith

Great selection of movies, and the theaters are small. I wanted the see They Live while it was on their schedule, but had to work. Saturday morning cartoons and a full cereal bar!

Debra Walker

A unique space. Nice bar. Great location. I enjoyed it!

Sherri Smith

Great atmosphere! Low key and very "Fort Collins"

Darcy Blaisdell

Got there right at show time. But it still had seating available in the church pews in front and made it through a 3 hour movie without too much discomfort.

Jeremy Huffman Proctor

Great food and atmosphere for thought provoking movies.

Jan Laman

I love their space for visiting before or after the movie. Good food. Good snacks and beverages. Clean. Back patio. Many of the movies run are not being shown elsewhere in Fort Collins. The Lyric has special movie series or events including outdoor showings.

Jeffrey Abrams

Needs better sound proofing.

Wyatt Jeffery

An amazing place for Indi films and other unusual movies that aren't usually in mainstream movie theaters. They also have very cool showings of cult classics sometimes and a yearling showing of V for Vendetta every November 5th!

Rita Schmid

Movie theater the way it should be. Comfy couches, beer or wine, and really good food. They even have an outdoor summer theater!

Conner Traxler

Amazing staff, super friendly and happy to help. They play a lot of classics on the outside theater during the summer!

Dylan Multhauf

Love this place - would recommend to anyone.

Ryleigh Gelles

Parking is bunk. Make sure to show up to the theater a little extra extra early in case you have to park in one of their alternative lots. The food menu has significantly dwindled down since their re-opening (please bring back the garlic oil popcorn w/ nooch!!); very limited and unappetizing vegetarian options (surprising considering the vibe & location). The non-alcoholic drink options are also just okay BUT the alcoholic drink options are pretty stellar. The staff has never made me feel welcome aside from the one time a man sweeping told me there were free games on one of the pinball machines. Also, I wouldn’t recommend serving piping hot drinks in mugs without handles**. Last time I ordered a coffee I waited 10 min before going in to the movie because the mug was so hecking hot. Napkins didn’t even help. However, the atmosphere aside from the employees I’ve encountered is fun and unique! The space is clean and the patio area is quaint. Pinball machines are fun. I have yet to see an outdoor movie, so no comment. Definitely a place to at least check out. Especially if you’re interested in indie/alternative movies.

Charles Klamm

The lyric is not your typical paint by numbers Cinema. It is a space that is meant to take you out of the normal. It's not a boring business bleached of individual creativity, rather an evolving venue for the arts in many forms. It promises to change with the people who visit it, and give you a place to taste new thoughts and emotions.

Tristan Hoff

Wonderful little Theatre in a nook. Saw a movie in the space theatre. Had a few hickups but it was nice.

Joe G.

Just got done watching a Phenomenal D.O.I. show!! What a Great performance and what a Fantastic venue to watch it at. This place has everything! Good food, Good drinks, and GREAT Entertainment. Had such a GOOD experience here. Definitely coming back for more shows. Ft. Collins Is fun place already, but having an establishment like this makes it even better. I highly recommend coming here and catching a few shows, no doubt you'll be delighted and entertained!!

Lucille Glassman

Coolest place in town! The new space is so amazing, they really deserved it. I love going to the Saturday comics and sitting on the big comfy couches that are in the theaters. They provide awesome food, drink, and swag. Going here is awesome because you get to see brand new movies while supporting a local cinema.

H & M Hester

We love this place. It's cooler than the old location, which is hard to fathom! Thanks for offering great indy movies.

Kara McIver

Always live going to the lyric. Great space, fun movies, good snacks.

Kathy Nicolai

Saw a special showing of "The Princess Bride". Outside, in back. The place was packed! Lawn chairs, and blankets everywhere. Had the brie appetizer. Delicious.

Jeffrey Jantzen

I love the Lyric. Always have. Their new theaters are very comfortable, though I miss the well-worn feel of their old building. Their concessions are just as fun as they used to be, with unlimited candy options, local craft brews, and great popcorn. They have great films, sorry it took me so long to bring that up.

David Mayer

great indie movie joint without the hassle of driving to Boulder

Daniel Bragdon

Great venue for an intimate movie viewing experience. Staff is friendly, great new building and they serve booze. Can't beat it. Definitely going to take in an outdoor showing soon when it's a bit warmer.

Daniel Feldman

The Lyric is a highly imaginative venue that is filled with charming surprises. It invites patrons to relax and soak in the environment instead of simply rushing to see a movie. Besides a unique ambience, they have a nice menu of food offerings, a bar, and a great outdoor screen. On top of all this is the content they choose to show, independent and alternative cinema that focus on stories worth telling. I can't recommend a visit strongly enough!

Stephen Garrison

That local movie theatre with couches and cool events!

Kay Batey

This is a gem in FoCo. I come here with friends or by myself and always feel welcome. Its everything a local film theater community should be!

Katherine Moore

This place is really a must go! Check out what's going on, as things change often. Great date place!!! Catch a cartoon show of old favorites and eat all of your old favorite cereals as well! Just get young and go! (Usually Saturday and/or Sunday am.) They offer diverse film selections, in an intimate, comfortable Avant Guard setting! Mini film festivals featuring director's collections! Actually affordable good stuff


love it.

Tyler Morris

Thankful to have The Lyric in Fort Collins. Don't change a thing.

Ellen Boeke

Love the new space and the staff is awesome.

William Vieth

Love the new location.

Nicole Hanson

Went for an outdoor movie - such a great experience. I recommend trying it at least once; bring a blanket and snuggle with someone special; bring several blankets and several friends; go alone... its fun! (PSA: bring bug spray in case those pesky mosquitoes are out). Food and beverages were tasty (a little spendy but a nice treat).

Richard Snell

A local art house cinema. 3 screens appropriate for the film they show. If you want to see the latest Marvell spectacular go to the multiplex. I've never been dissatisfied with screen or sound quality. Buy a beer and catch a movie!

Justin Zaharko

Great food , beer , wine and atmosphere and movies, find something new every time we go

Ben D. Mendoza

Such a cool little spot. I have only been twice, but each time was great. I am a movie nerd and this was a theatre like no other I have been to. I thought other theaters starting to serve beer and have nice seats was a cool thing, but this place took that feel and made it home-y. From the beer on tap to the couches in/out of the theatre, this place is a safe haven for movie nerds and aficionados alike. Seeing “Mid90’s” and “Sorry to Bother You” there were some of my favorite movie experiences.

John W. Burt

Cool Movies, Good Food, and Craft Beer in a funky artistic setting.

Mark Oberschmidt

Still best place to see a movie. Best movies in town also. The Dude rocks!!!

Michelle Ball

Super relaxing! Loved the couches!

Joan Eurich

They have bubble tea! I love bubble tea! The movies are great as well!

Louise Swain

Loved it. Delicious food, fun atmosphere and great employees. The movie was a 1960's classic, with the audience singing along.

Alex Day

The place is super cool. Beer is pretty expensive though. I had 2 and got my friend 2 and it was 32$ without a tip.

Bloss Sanchez

Awesome environment. Great staff. I ordered drinks for the kiddos they didn't like the cane sugar soda and went back to purchase lemonade told staff the situation and was kind enough to comp the lemonades..we will be back.

Bruce Wasserman

An updated version of the funky community cinema concept that was their previous incarnation, the Lyric is comfortable, serves decent food and beer, runs a really nice list of films, always, and is a great and very nontraditional movie theatre.

J Lopez

So quirky. The Lyric has a great atmosphere and fun theater's with a great selection of indie movies.

Samuel Bechara

great place, fantastic place to go for a beer some great fries and a movie. prices are reasonable, and the lyric support the local arts scene. love this place

Tommy Simpkins

Great local theater dedicated to the arts! Limited release films, small live productions. Good food intimate atmosphere. A must if you've never been!

Michael Rochat

I looked forward to the relocation to North fort Collins but unfortunately they brought the junky chairs with them. Don't get me wrong, I love the underground vibe to the Lyric but for the love of God....update the seating.

Nasticus Natemazeae

The spirit is strong now I hope that people frequent here enough to have it be a staple of the fort for many more generations. Seating is incredibly mixed... every screen has great seats and ones that should NOT even be there they are so bad for your posture it is horrendous... suit yourself but done be afraid to just walk back out and tell them there are no useable seats if you are late to a crowded showing. They were trying to scrimp by saving money but this has already hurt their customer return rate.

James Smith

We enjoyed the movie Cold war like going to off the Wall type places looking forward to their summer screen outdoors patio nice

Adam Rhodes

Saturday and Sunday cartoons with a cereal bar!! How can you go wrong!!

Darrick Hueber

Excellent experience and movie (Peanut Butter Falcon)

Larry Atchison

The Biggest Little Farm - an amazing movie well worth seeing!

Ben Blea

This is a special theater it is super intimate and it doesn’t feel snobby at all. Love how it shows some more indie films so that they get representation as well!

Doug Harris

My favorite place to see a movie, hands down!

Jera Dobroth

Super cool place! I love what they've done with the new location, and the fact that they do outdoor movie showings as well.

Josef Maxwell

This place feels like an Alamo Drafthouse Jr. Which is amazing. They have a great selection at perfect prices.

marissa cantrell

Quaint independent theater. Comfy couch seating. A great place for a romantic date night.

Alex H

I've been going to movies at the lyric for movies since they were at the old duplex location. While I miss the charm of the old theatre, the new location offers lots more for movie goers, most importantly expanded seating. The monthly bad movie nites are always a blast, and the summer time movies on the lawn are also a unique twist on the old drive-in formula. The beer and food are always delicious, but the popcorn and real butter are what I like best. Lastly, the selection of films playing are always the stuff you only ever hear about until awards season, so enjoy seeing next year's oscars winners before everyone else!

John Hunt

Love what they've done with the new place. The support and involvement within the film community, particularly the local scene makes this one of my favorite places in town. Not to mention, great food and a killer staff with a cheerful, laid-back attitude. Can't wait to see what happens in the yard!

Jsin Novak

This theater is unique amd amazing! I highly recommend it!

isaac cline

Fantastic small local movie theater. They have three indoor screens and a large outdoor one. They have a bar and concessions along with a larger food selection. I would recommend going there.

Robert Beavers

Great local business

Anne Marie Hester

I love the Lyric! It has charming and nostalgic feel. I haven't tried the food here, but the seats in the theatre are comfortable and the staff is helpful.

Joanne Olsson

We love love the Lyric. We tend to watch smaller independent movies and the Lyric is the only theater that plays them. Their new spot is terrific. The food is definitely above average. A great vibe. Fort Collins is truly fortunate to have this wonderful theater.

Paul Richardson

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Classic cartoons and all-you-can-eat cereal. Go. Check it out. Have a blast. And request some Pink Panther cartoons!

Bryan Kuhn

Love the cereal and cartoons weekend mornings!

Karin Livingston

The "new" Lyric makes me want to make movies a habit again. On N. College for about a year and a half now, the angular building features a "main" stadium-seating theater that seats 250, and smaller theaters. Up front seating includes couches. Retro and niche films play here. Saturday morning cartoons from 9am - noon for $2. Senior discount admission. You can also get sandwiches, nachos, popcorn, soft drinks, beer and wine, and eat them in the theater. The "lobby", more angles, lots of glass, retro, high ceilings, bold art, arcade games, yet a warm pub feeling in the dining/bar area, booths, tables, bar seating, outdoor patio, with doors that slide open in warm weather, is nice enough to eat at all by itself. In summer, films will also run on the patio. Wear what you want. Friendly, fun, informative staff. T-shirt gift shop. The Pinot Noir in a mason jar was the only off part of the evening: sickly sweet, like alcoholic, stale, grocery store grape juice. Next time, I'll just get one of the local beers. We ordered BLTs and fries, which were good. Expect a food wait at rush times. Parking is in back and VERY limited, but the theater has a friendly arrangement with Jax Outdoor Gear across the street via a traffic-lighted crosswalk. Great N. College venue!

Alexander Dove

Such a fun atmosphere with great service! If you love movies this is definitely a place you need to visit.

justin kujawa

Awesome artsy atmosphere with a full bar and kitchen and movies to boot. I’m usually here sundays for trivia nights

David Newman

I bought a ticket to see "John Muir, the Unruly Mystic" at the Lyric a couple of weeks ago. I was running late to get there, only to find that the parking lot in back is tiny and was full. Many cars were going into the parking lot and making a u-turn at the back to leave immediately because there's no way to tell if there is space in the lot without driving all the way in. After finding parking on a nearby cross-street, I was running even later. Once in the building, there's no signage indicating where the theater is or where a first-time visitor should go. Since I was running late, I wanted to skip the rather long line to order food and go right into the theater, but there's no apparent way to do that, and the theater is down an unmarked hallway hidden behind the cash registers. Since this was my first visit to the Lyric, It took me a while to figure that out, making me even later. Once in the theater, I was surprised to find the movie just starting since I was at least 15 minutes late. The house lights had not gone down yet, but I could not find an open seat. There was a bench along the side wall closest to the screen, but I'm not willing to pay $12 to sit on a bench that does not face the movie screen. The cashier courteously refunded my ticket price, but that does not account for the time and gasoline I wasted driving to the theater from South Fort Collins, nor for my disappointment in not being able to see the movie, and not for the fee I paid to purchase my ticket online. Given the unhappy result of my first attempt to attend an event at the Lyric, I think it is unlikely that I will try again.

Don Hahn

The brass quintet on the patio was excellent. The movie we saw was won't you be my neighbor - Mr. Rogers documentary. It was excellent. Highly recommended.

Abriann Munoz

Love coming in to new artwork each week

Mitch Popko

Great place to see a movie as well as weekend cartoons in the morning and beer and food in the lobby.

Lisa Ross

Gotta love art films, beer and food. And the ambience is cool.

Alec DiAstra

This is a wonderful little theater. They often show thought-provoking independent films, and even have outside movie Nights. We go there regularly

Cassie Anderson

Awesome spot for a night out! The outdoor movie was super fun and enjoyed by all. They do have little radios to rent, but a bigger device with speakers is not only ok, it was encouraged.

Petr Kubik

Cool funky local spot.

Wild Child

This is a very cool, unique movie experience. Such a great menu of food and alcohol available. Variety of chairs, indoor and outdoor theater, good sound. This place has tons of character and I always have a good time here.

David Atwood

This place is awesome. They need a much bigger parking lot, but that's about all I would change. Their food is pretty good and they have a great beer selection. They have pretty OK prices considering what it costs to see a movie nowadays. The local artwork is a nice touch and the atmosphere in general is very good. If I lived in this end of town, I could see myself hanging out here pretty often.

Brittney Johnson

Went to the rocky horror picture show live and it was amazing! The inside of lyric is absolutely beautiful.

Bailey The Bunny

The seats were super comfy, and I like the idea that you can sit on couches too! The guy working at the counter was also super nice!

A Williams

Best place to watch a movie in town!

George Eckhardt

Quaint small theater that attracts some wonderful films. Thoughtful events throughout the year. Great snack bar with some serious food offerings. Parking six however.

Ella Whitman

Great Food and fun movies also just a really cool and funky place!

Allyce Lobdell

Such a fun place with terrific prices and food that is way better than "movie theater food."

René Van Sickle

Best small Cinema I've ever been to. Wonderful friendly staff, great food, they serve drinks for those people that imbibe. You cannot go wrong hitting up this theater.

Mary Dennison

Good place to see a movie

Keenan Marquez

Very cool place, great place to go if you want a beer and watch a movie. Tickets are very affordable for students and they have some pretty good food. Definitely go check it out at least once.

Elizabeth Gore Stanley

Unique and fun indoie and outdoor theater experience!

Audra Marie

Great, friendly, helpful staff! Fun, safe, easy to navigate environment! Great food, snacks and bar selection! All for a reasonable price! Will be back to The Lyric for another amazing outdoor movie experience! Highly recommend

milo cushman

Such a great venue for the family. Seats are good for viewing no matter where you sit.

Patti Quade-Hocking

What a cool place it was great to drink hot cider and watch a good movie.

Gabby Smith

A cute, relaxed hangout with cartoons/botomless cereal on saturday mornings and a full bar/indie films for saturday night. Lots of character and local charm. Go here if you want a taste of Fort Collins!

Slag Monkey

Great time, too bad for us the kids are out of the house. Lots of kids playing outside and then enjoying the movie on the grass. Recommend: blanket and low lawn chair, with fanny about 6 inches off the ground. Beer, booze, and food too. We'll be back!

Marianna Cooney

Awesome venue! Newly constructed with outdoor music patio as well as outdoor films on the lawn when it's warm! Inside is a full bar with seating, snacks and small meals and a ticket stand with candy, popcorn and a few baked goods. Watch a movie and enjoy a drink and great food! Seating in the three theaters varies from sofas with small tables/ottomans to padded church pews (a lot more comfortable than it sounds), to typical theater fold down seats. On weekend mornings they offer cartoons on the big screen with an all-you-can-eat cereal bar! This is THE PLACE to see a great documentary! They also have movie marathons, special throwback film nights, comedians, a burlesque show and other special guests. It pays to join their online club so you can stay up to date with all that happens at the Lyric. The Lyric is an all around great place to eat, drink, watch a movie and just hang out. The only downfall is the amount of available parking on site. The small lot fills up quickly so go for your movie or show early and have a beer or park across the street at Jax.

Martin Köhle

Great movie theater, very friendly staff, good local beers on tap.

Mike Pauly

The Biggest Little Farm was an Incredible movie.

Robert Dietz

Great venue for unusual and artsy movies

Brandon Castleberry

Awesome little movie theatre. Love the sofa seating and the atmosphere. I never feel crowded here like most others. It takes a long time to get your food some times, but that is the only negative I can think of at all.

Patrick Redmond

Differant,;! Fun! Start time was not clearly announced and we missed first part of movie.

Pun Scientist

Went here for Geeks Who Drink which was super fun. I didn't go into any movie theaters but the outside lobby area I really enjoyed. They have a cute little gift shop and a discomforting amount of clowns in the men's room.

Tracy Meisinger

Ran out of the only safe (not fixed in the same oil as not vegetarian foods) substantial vegetarian option before the movie even started. After a long day at work without lunch, this added to my grumpiness instead of alleviating it. Also, the handicapped VAN parking was full with non-van cars, and overflow parking is across a busy 4 lane road. Get there EARLY or get screwed.

Jaclyn Menendez

BEST POPCORN--I am endlessly in love with their real butter. I legit go and see movies just so I have an excuse to eat their popcorn. I would live here if I could, I think? The movie selection is head and shoulders above anything else within a 50-mile radius, their seats are comfy enough, sound is better than it was at the old place, and they get some decent beers on tap as well. The bartenders are always generous with tasters and the vibe is super welcoming. Their food is too greasy for my preferences but certainly not bad for a movie theater. Did I mention how much I love their popcorn?

m garrett

Pretty cool and unique place! Came here to watch Free Solo and I will definitely be coming back.

Eric Penniston

Pretty neat little place. Good beer selection and feels like you have the place to yourself

Mike Moxcey

Small cinema showing lots of independent movies. topnotch snack bar and beer. Check out the specials. Saturday morning cartoons and all you can eat cereal.

Jeannie S

The movies are excellent, but it's the social atmosphere that makes this our favorite spot.

Mackenzie Ekstrand

Omg! This place is so much fun. I wish I would have found this place sooner. I just enjoyed a move outside with some delicious food.

Kelly Reasoner

what a terrible web site. You need to find the "secret way" to buy a ticket by hovering over the show time. Got to the theater and found it was sold out. Smug person at the desk on top of it. Very poor experience.

Judith Jones

Going to The Lyric is always a good time! There's a variety of amusements available any time you go so you'll always find something that you like. Great place to meet new friends too!

Carole Lucas

My favorite cinema , friendly people, one of a kind Unboring place

Brittany Riesenberg

Check out this hangout! It’s adorable and affordable!

Zia McKean

Awesome place. I love getting a pitcher of Sad Panda and watching cult movies in a comfy couch! The new location is really nice, and still keeps the spirit of the original location. Fun art on the walls, a nice collection of pin ball machines, and a nice roomy bar!

John B

The Lyric's new location is very nice. Roomier than the old. Nice lobby/bar/concessions setup. Staff was as friendly as always. Theaters are intimate, clean and comfortable. Good place to see films that are not always released widely.

Brian Spencer

What a neat place! I will be back!

Jessica Eads

Great unique FoCo experience. There constant fun events and hard to find movies playing all the time.

Karen Goldberg

What a unique and delightful place! The setting has so much character, the menu is full of interesting choices, and it even has an outdoor screen, playing from a tugboat! We loved our experience, especially the fact that when we were walking out after our movie, they were playing funny cat videos on the outdoor screen. How can you beat that?!

Matthew Bruno

Great venue for seeing movies that are independent and mainstream.

Relissa Stute

Love this place. We are lucky as a community to gave it.

Veronica Castillo

Great vibe, great movies


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