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22 Second St, Fraser, CO 80442

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REVIEWS OF The Foundry Cinema & Bowl IN Colorado

John McLaughlin, MD

We've had a condo about 10 miles from the Foundry for two years now and it's become our favorite place to hang out. Have some delicious pizza, watch a movie, or bowling in a place that really has a cool, ups-scale, relaxed ambience. Great little find for us!

jaroslaw smolira

Great service, very comfortable seats, you can buy beer at the bar and take it with you to the movie, AWESOME!

Randall P. Carver

Pizza, bowling, pool and movies, all good things :) The pizza is good, not stunning or the best I've had, but worth it. They also have what I think is a pretty decent selection of beers, but I don't drink, so you'll need to look to someone else's review for that. It can get pretty busy during peak times, so make sure to reserve a lane beforehand. Movie theaters are a little small if you're from the city, but the chairs are comfortable, and the tiered seating means you won't have to worry about someone blocking your view :) All in all a fun place to go hang out before and after a movie.

Jane Toth

It has a pleasant atmosphere and is a fun place. The staff is friendly.

ryan householter

Braxton the bar tender and the bowling lane crew made my date night with my wife amazing. I don't get to go out much anymore because we have six month old baby girl who is with her grandma for the weekend. If you go to the foundry look for Braxton with his long hair you can't miss him. His positive attitude will put a smile on your face!

Matthew Wilie

Bowling is fun, movie theater is great, everything overpriced.

Mike Leza

Nice spot. Had fun. Good staff. Lanes work.

Woody Zerkle

Very nice bowling alley and great theater as well playing first run movies

Valene Newell

Clean, cozy, loved the view.

Jesika Smith

Awesome movie theater, food, and games. Not expensive like most theaters.

Jill Kreikemeier

This a very cool place! Call ahead for a bowling reservation as the don't have a ton of Lanes. I enjoyed their appetizers while playing!

christy gabrielson

The service, atmosphere, beer and amenities were amazing! It would have been 5 stars but the pizza was gross.

Marie Randazzo

Cool local hangout with 2 movie theaters and a vintage themed bowling alley! They also sell food and drinks including popcorn. Movie prices are similar to a chain theaters prices. The seats in the theater were super comfy and bathrooms were very clean!

Nick Peterson

Fun place and great food!

Jake Harvey

Wonderful theater. Friendly staff. Didn't try the food or bowling, but I'll be back

Josie Gruber

Great theater usually showing great movies. I used to love the food, but they've cut down the selection and the last few times our food has been burnt! Still love to go tho!

Grant Robinson

Great spot but whoever the head chef is should be fired for those prices and food quality....could have decent food at that price and still be making money.

Alan Kiriakos

Wowie, fun stuff. Good food! Great atmosphere and family fun

Keith Pieper

Kid and family friendly place. Getting your food for a movie could be more seamless (pager or text message when ready rather than requiring you to wait by the kitchen for pickup)

AJ Steinke

Electric charging and a game of bowling while you wait:)

Shena Evans

The atmosphere is really great and I had good expectations walking in. All of that changed once I and my party of 12 including my 2 small children witnessed the owner tell a father celebrating his son's birthday party to "f&#k off" and to leave. Now I understand that I don't know all of the circumstances but I do know that an owner of a family establishment should never speak to a client like that especially in front of the entire restaurant. It was extremely upsetting. I'm not one to write a review but when I see something this disturbing, I believe that it should be known.

Nathan Harry

Only been there for bowling but its very nice. Maybe a little pricey but you're in the mountains so that's not uncommon. Good drinks, good apps, friendly staff.

Michelle Olson

Wow was this,place expensive! Over $100 for 3 appetizers and movie for 5 of us. And still walked out hungry!!! Seats comfortable but won't do that again because of price. And they didn't offer military discount!

Jason Dunham

Great place to go!

Allison Maurais

The food used to be really good, but they are now serving horrible frozen White Kastle burgers, pretzel bites and Mini tacos. It’s gross. Wish they’d start making their fresh wood fired pizzas again. Still a great environment and fun bowling!

James M

Liked it. Has a small movie theater as well. Bowling was great. The lanes were pretty nice. Has a full bar and kitchen. Didn't try the food. Parking available right out front. The kid behind the snack stand was awesome.

Ryan Donovan

Some much fun! Service was excellent. Food was good. Outstanding atmosphere!!

David Bolt

Small bowling alley with 8 lanes. Reserve ahead. But it worked great and the kids loved the billiard painted balls. They also have automatic player specific lane bumpers. $12 an hour includes shoes.

Benjamin Gabbert

The new management is a million times better! Their new crew is super friendly and even the quality of the food has seemed to improve! Definitely worth going back, now!

Timber Iceland

0 stars My family came to Fraser, CO this weekend with three other couples and our ten children. We went on a hike specifically to go to The Foundry for a fun time for our party of 18. In the short time we were there, we spent well over $200 in games, food, and drinks. Only one other party was there bowling, so they were not busy. Two of the children in our party have severe, anaphylactic allergies, one to dairy, the other to nuts. None of the menu items were safe. The risk of cross contamination was great for both children. I asked the cashier directly, when placing my order for my family, if they could accommodate a dairy allergy. She said no. I asked her where the nearest fast food restaurant was. She indicated there was a McDonald's about a ten minute walk up the road. Mind you, she made no indication that I couldn't then bring that food back into the establishment. My friend, who has the son with the nut allergy, and I then headed to McDonald's to get food for them. As we came back in with their food, a man stepped in front of us, put his hands up, and told us we could not come in with outside food and that they were discriminating against our children and that it was a violation of the ADA. We further indicated that we could call the police and proceeded to walk around him to our group. A short time later, a different man (who later identified himself as the owner), came back and confronted us, saying again we couldn't have the food in there because it violated their licensing laws. We then informed him that it was in violation of the ADA and discriminatory to not allow us to accommodate our children with allergies when they had nothing on the menu that was safe. He then said he would allow it this one time, but proceeded to stay there, telling us he could call the police and have us kicked out, and further indicated that it was stealing (presumably referring to the money he's losing from us not buying food for these two 9 year old boys), which has nothing to do with his original argument of violating some licensing law, and everything to do with the greedy business side of him wanting to make money. He also stated something to the effect that he enjoyed taking these types of people on, basically calling us liars about the allergies. Why would we pay for 16/18 people to have food there, and then go out of our way to get food for two people in our party, if it wasn't legit?! It was at this time that I looked at my son, who was looking at me with fear and concern. He immediately began sobbing into my side when I put my arm around him. That's when we decided it wasn't worth it and this place did not deserve another dime of our money. We gathered our belongings and proceeded to the exit. The owner was at the front and continued to engage us, touting the same ignorance, after we had already attempted to educate this ignorant man. It was only at the front door that he identified himself as the owner. A different female employee behind the shoe counter, was kind enough to give her two cents worth and said there were things on the menu that would be safe, although we had already asked the woman behind the food counter and were told no. Yet another male employee also piped in as we left and called us "trash." Needless to say, our entire group was upset, my son visibly crying. They made no attempt to make it right or to apologize to my son that they treated so poorly. I realize this was very long, but completely necessary, in my opinion, to give you a clearer picture as to how poorly and unprofessionally this place is run. We go out to eat regularly and have been to 100s of restaurants. They have either been able to make a special meal or not have a problem with us bringing in outside food. In my 8-1/2 years of accommodating my son's allergy, this type of confrontation has only happened one other time. Needless to say, we have never been back to that establishment as well. Please do not support this establishment. I assure you that none of us will ever return.

Gretchen Skipworth

Good place to have fun with friend s

Josephine Smith

Bowling, movies games, bar, clean, the personnel very friendly....nice place to have fun on a cold winter night or in the middle of summer also..

Sean Boyle

This place is great. They have bowling, two small movie theaters, food and beer. It's perfect if the weather is a bit crappie and you are looking for something indoors to do. Call ahead to make reservations for a bowling lane.

Ashley Horner

Atmosphere is nice but cost $72 for six of us to bowl one round which is ridiculous. If kids weren't so excited I would have walked out.

Aaron Brewer

This place was so nice. The theatre itself was very comfy and had quite the space for us to sprawl. The staff were very friendly and they were very helpful when getting us setup to see the new Star Wars movie. Five out of five, would go again.

Derek Alfonso

When you've finished your ski day (or you're taking a rest day between ski days) this is a awesome place to have some fun with the family! We had the philly cheesesteak sandwiches, did some bowling and while there is only two screens but they are outfitted nicely... They look great and sound fantastic!

Jose Vieitez

Cool place! You can buy food and drinks to bring in the theater and bowling.

Kyle Veatch

Good atmosphere and a decent theatre. I wish the seats in the theatre had reclining seats but they are still.comfortable.

Knud Hermansen

The concept of a combination pizzaria, bowling alley and movie theater is brilliant. The place has a fun atmosphere with the high ceiling and retro decorations. The food is typical bowling alley food and nothing overly special. There are six lanes and it's a good idea to get a reservation. Bowling is a bit pricey per person for my taste although that might just be the price of things in a ski town.

Jeffs Corner

The chairs in the movie theater we very comfortable. They had swing out tables that go the extra mile to make them convenient. We bowled after and was a bit pricey but still had fun. The only problem was that it would drop a pin quite a few times. Good thing I was not playing league.

Kevin Deering

They were real dicks. I called and asked if they had any available lanes and they said no so I asked if they had available tables and they hung up.

Javier Sanjuanbenito

One of the best movie theaters I been. Big seats, comfortable and the hight between rows is so high that u don't notice the row below you. The guys running the food concession are fast and nice. Great experience. Thanks

Jen Fife

The fashion show was amazing!

Gene Williams

This might be a small town theatre, but it's one of my favorites. The sound and picture quality are extremely good. The popcorn, and drink selection (even alcoholic) are also amazing. Plus there's other bar/bowling alley type food available as well! Highly recommended if you're in town and looking to catch a movie.

Justin Owen

Stop in every time I come to Winter Park. Such a fun hang out

Erik Yujuico

Always a great time. Paying by the hour is by game is nice if you play fast. We got 3 games in one hour for two people. Food is really good especially the wings and pizza. Movie theater is nice but a tad small so get there early

Wendolina de Miranda

Excelente service ! Great staff! Awesome pizza!!

Daisy P

Great place to spend an evening! Play pool, watch a game, bowl or see a movie! Eat dinner too!

S Pierce

Love the reclining seats!

Kasy Allen

Great place, overall. Always clean, you can brings alcholic drinks into the movie theater (that you order from their bar), there are tables at you seat in the movie theater, great vibe, great bowling, and great for group gatherings. The cons are that it can feel up fast and it's first come first serve. When you drive more than 40 minutes to get there and come to find out it's sold out, it kind of sucks. Also, it can be a bit overpriced, overall. We usually go during the matinee time to save on movie ticket prices and to get better odds of getting a seat. We never order the pizza, because it isn't worth the price, in our opinion.

Ana Coucke

Such a fun atmosphere! The food is very good, and the staff is friendly and very attentive! Great addition to Winter Park!

Zach Hornsey

This place is awesome! Caught some pizza and a movie with my family. Super cool feel inside, great idea, will definitely hit it up again before vacation is over!

wade byers

Decent place, pizza sucked and was pretty basic. If you want pizza go across the street to Hernandos

Moore Power

The foundry is amazing. Great food! Great service. Mostly young adults working and all of them seemed happy to be there. Highly recommend!

Chardonnay Rozyc

The entire establishment was very clean and spacious. The bathrooms are amazing! The bowling alley is very fun, and the theater is comfortable.

Jason M

Great fun place. My kids and wife all enjoyed the bowling here!

Abigial Turner

This is the only movie theater in the county. The Foundry has a fun bowling alley and nice chairs for the movies. They usually have the most current movies playing. However there are only two theaters so they only ever play two at once.

Alli Salaman

While the pizza is very good, the sliders are fantastic. The movie theater has extremely comfortable seats and the employees are friendly. Make sure you go into the bathroom, because the decor is very fun. This has become one of my favorite places in the valley. If you want to bowl on a weekend, I highly suggest making a reservation online for a lane. DO NOT wait until the time the movie starts to try and find a seat. Shows get sold out quickly and seats are first come, first serve.

Nathaniel Soldwisch

Multiple times that the pins would not reset as well as wasting the hour of time allotted. Three times it froze without resetting as well as not counting certain pins being knocked down. Staff were nice but overall still unacceptable.

Andrew Graceffa

Attended a rehearsal dinner there and it was great! Beer selection was good and the food was good as well (could have been a bit more interesting). But still a great space and fun.

Jared Tockstein

I typically spend Thanksgiving in Winter Park, and the Foundry has been a great source of entertainment for me and my family during our visits. They are a full featured bowling alley and cinema. As far as the bowling goes, the lanes are modern with completely computerized scoring. Also offered in the bowling areas are numerous billiard tables and shuffleboard. There are two movie theaters, both of which are clean and modern. The auditoriums are what I would call small to medium sized, with stadium seating and a screen which is size appropriate to the theater (those looking for an IMAX experience should look elsewhere). The films I've seen here have had excellent and immersive surround sound. The Foundry offers a full menu of delicious meal options which can be enjoyed while you watch the film. Each chair in the theater features a retractable table which can be used while eating. Alcohol is also served. The only negative about the Foundry is the size. As for bowling and movies, it's really the only game in town. As a result, the bowling alleys fill up fast, and the limited seating in the theaters means most shows get close to sell out, especially in the evenings. As far as I know there is no reservation system for bowling and no online ticketing available for the movies. My best advice is to get there early if you want a lane or a good seat in the theater. The Foundry is a great place to spend an evening after a full day of skiing or tubing in Winter Park.

Melissa Mae

Seats are pretty uncomfortable in the movie theater.

Costa Rican Life 2.0 Southern Zone-Perez Zeledon

Awesome combination cinema and bowling alley! Great, friendly staff, huge big screen TV's, great decor and vibe.

nate Gordon

It's a small Cinema with only two theaters but it has a small bowling alley and video games you can play as well. Additionally you can also play pool.

Quinn Nagel

The staff wasn't that friendly, the popcorn has no refills. Basically a ghetto version of a proper movie theater. Props to the bowing part tho.

John Hogg

Awesome atmosphere for hanging out. love this place

Jared Veenstra

Good food with a nice atmosphere. The bowling area is nice and spacious. Can be a long wait around weekends and holidays.

Todd Walsh

Best place to go bowling in Fraser! Well only place actually but it is well worth the trip, kids will have a ton of fun.

Noemi Mejia

Great atmosphere! Unfortunately the service was not great. We were a little early for our bowling reservation, so we sat at a table for 40 minutes not one person acknowledge us. So we left. What a bummer since we had 3 hungry teenagers that were excited to bowl.

Matt Robinson

This was pretty great when we needed a break from skiing

Earl Jones

Small theater and bowling alley lots of fun

Fonz M

Driven by this place so many times and finally decided to go in and bowl. The lanes were actually full size and nice. It was $12 for an hour. Plenty of tvs. They also had pool and other arcade games. I’ll have to see a movie here next.

Courtney Mayberry

Tonight when I went in to watch a movie I was refused alcohol service due to having a paper license from another state. I just got married two weeks ago and I am here for honeymoon. I had my old license which had not expired but the DMV marked void. I asked if he would accept that but he said he couldn't because it was expired. I told him it wasn't actually expired but I had changed my name so I had to get a new license. He cut me off continuously, never even looked at my license, and when I said I would just get a coke he wouldn't even acknowledge me. I am 25 years old and never been refused service previously with a paper license. I was made to feel like I was doing something illegal and I was spoken to like I was trying to pull one over on him. No where else in Winter Park or Colorado has refused me service as my license is legal even though it is a Nebraska paper license.

james Hudson

Fun place, good seats for the movies. Call ahead for bowling since there are not many lanes.

Christina Siebels

It's cool how it has both bowling and a theater.

Rhonda Peters

I love the electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot and the old time arcade games.

Jon Jarboe

Great bowling

Shawn Mason

Love this place

Christina Argo

Went there for a birthday. It was a great time. Good food, good drinks, service was pretty good over all. Had a few very awkward comments made under their breath by a male (manager or owner?) and female employee (bartender). Other employees easily made up for them.

Mary Beckert

The foundry was good. The lion king was very good

sherri Look

Fun place to go on a bad weather day. Clean. Has bar for adult beverages before your movie

Sean Van de Riet

I went here to bowl. Unlike most bowling alleys, you have to pay before you bowl. You pay for time, not amount of games. At first, the area before the fowl line was not oiled at all and it was very difficult to bowl. The attendant mentioned that it is normally kept dry due to the amount of drunk people that are there at times. He oiled it and it became much better. There are arcade games, cool lights, and food. There is also a theater of course. The views out of the windows are also quite nice.

Austin K

The Foundry, Fraser, CO The worst experience! Our group of 18 ( 8 adults & 10 kids) went to this establishment for a fun time bowling and shuffle board. We ordered food spending more more than $200 in an hour. There were two kids in our group that have food allergies and after talking with staff it was determined that they could not accommodate the allergies. We asked where the nearest fast food was so our two kids could eat safe food. Upon returning with the food we were blocked from meeting our group and told we couldn't bring the food in. We met up with the group who was bowling when the owner came over and started yelling at us in front of our kids. The owner was confrontational, rude and threatening. This was very upsetting to the 9 years old with the food allergies as they didn't understand why he was acting this way. We left immediately and will never return. This act is discrimination and closed minded. Do not support this establishment and the hate it represents.

Chris Fasso

I really enjoy bowling here. Staff is very friendly and helpful. The food is good. I have a great time bowling there.

Momlala P

Friendly staff, great atmosphere and good food! We enjoyed playing pool, bowling, and watching a movie. The pizza was very good too!

Caleigh Knight

You go in and you immediately see the pizza fire oven. Once you get your ticket you can order some of that pizza and they sometimes even deliver it to you in the theater. So not only can you eat pizza in the theater on their amazing seats that have a built in slide table (I posted pictures of their seats so you can see them and what they look like), but you can also take beer into the movie. My mom enjoyed that very much. For crying out loud they have recliners in the front row. Recliners! Flippin awesome. To top it off they have two cup holders on one arm. The rest aren't in a front row since the rest of the seats are built in higher so you're directly in the middle of the screen. (If confused I have another picture I put there of that section). The movie is always clear and loud. The bowling alley is always busy but they do have a shuffleboard in the back if you're waiting. We didn't, but it's still there.

Clint Bobo

Great place to spend a few hours bowling or watching a movie, get your movie tickets early though, they are prone to selling out. Bring back the cheese fries!

Tyler Huff

We love this location! The bowling is fun, the staff is amazing, and the bar food is tasty.

Terra Arzberger

A nice place to bring the kids! Make sure you call ahead to reserve bowling since they get pretty busy

Erin Rust

Bowling was great! Pretty simple set up for fun bowling. Nothing competitive here. Food was good, just your basic fried food and pizza. Beer was reasonably priced.

Bodhi Voglund

Been going to the Foundry since they opened, and repeatedly leave disappointed. Staff are unaccommodating, bowling is WAY over-priced, and it's impossible to finish a game in the hour time limit with young kids. Went for the big Star Wars a couple years ago, the man in front of us vomited everywhere mid-movie and their effort to clean up was pathetic and nothing was offered to guests for the gross inconvenience. With good management, could be a great place. Finally tired of giving it the benefit of the doubt. We will not be going back anytime soon.

Eli Rosenberg

So fun! Nice movie

Neil Charles

Really nice place. Well worth going and supporting this place. Will be back

Ilisa Allen

Great seating.

Hans Lovell

The pizza was great. The waiter we had was nice and attentive. I would definitely suggest this place to my friends.


I had a blast! $12 for bowling an hour with shoes over the summer

Rod 55

Went to Star Wars. Very crowded but service was quick and organized. We ordered pizza and drinks which we could take into the theater where we were treated to very comfortable chairs with pull out tables and large drink holders. Despite the crowds for the movies and the attached bowling alley the place was very clean and the staff was all smiles and pleasant going out of there way to be nice. Well worth going and we will be going back this time to bowl and another movie when we are in Winter Park.

glenda rivera

Too expensive and they time for Bowling for 1 hour and most of the time you have to make reservations and customer service is not that great!

Anthony Curiel

Decent for a small ski town.

Kyle Faircloth

Great small local cinema and bowling alley that serves pizza and bar foods. Cinema has two screens and the movies change regularly.


Everything in one! So much fun!

Nicole DelMonico

This place was so cool!!! We went to see a movie and didnt have a chance to check out the bowling section of the place. But, it was super modern, clean, and seemingly brand new. Great club/lounge type of feel. The theater seats were reclining and so comfortable. Would love to go back there!

Justin Mcguan

Great place to hang out, bowl, or catch the new releases.

Hugh James

They should do assigned seating as well as be able to purchase tickets online ahead of time.

stephanie pope

Great place to come see movies! I have been bowling here as well and have had enjoyable experiences! One guy seems to be in a grumpy mood all the time, but the rest of the employees are great.

Rick Miller

Nice venue to see a movie. Comfy seats and plenty of room for food and drinks.

primo locating

Awful service! They were all too pleased to sell you movie tickets but when we went in there were no seats together. We have two children and only the disabled seating was open an 1 seat in the front row. We attempted to get a refund but the "manager" said that was our problem and they couldn't make money from a sold out show. Another couple even tried to reschedule their show time because of the same issue but instead received nothing but childish attitude from "manager" who refused to provide his name after the other customer asked to speak to his supervisor. If I could rate less than one star I would. Won't ever go back and will discourage anyone I know visiting Winter Park from going there!

Paula Moylan

We went in to have pizza and bowl. The woman who waited on us was delightful. When we went to bowl we did not have the same experience. We experienced problems with our lane and got no assistance unless we went up to them in spite of pressing the service button. When we did go up we were told what we were doing wrong. Finally we asked for another lane and that took care of the problems. Idk it may have been something we did but there was no effort from the staff to make our experience a good one.

Matt O'Day

I was not satisfied with my visit to the foundry. There were two of the staff that were not very friendly when asked where we go for pool and food, there was no signage directing the customer. We were told we could delay our hour of pool, and then told we should start immediately because our time was running we were already 10 minutes into the hour. We did not finish the game because of this. Poor communication to the customer. It took a long time to get the waitress and long wait for food and drinks. Overall cool place, but the staff is what ruined it for me.

Lisa Reich

This place is kid friendly. It's a nice place to visit after skiing all day. They were very busy but we didn't feel like we had to wait for the great service that we received. I look forward to going back soon.

Phuong Vo

The only bowling, movie, bar entertainment place in this town. Gives the kids something to do on snowy days. We enjoyed our time here. The staff was friendly and everyone enjoyed the night. The only thing was the line can be super long since there's one line for everything like movie ticket purchase and food. We were in line for bowling for about 10 minutes till I saw another counter with bowling shoes, so my wife walked over and it was for bowling but we had to make reservation about 2 hrs ahead which we did. They should've had a sign so we didn't have to be in line out the door from everyone buying movie tickets. This place can be very busy with lines out the front door and limited parking space. The bowling lanes are very few, I didnt count but I think it's about 8 lanes. I recommend booking online or maybe calling to reserve a lane. You do have food and drink service in your lanes. We didn't eat so I can't review that. Otherwise the facility was clean and family friendly.

Captain Payne

Comfy chairs. Nothing wrong with the experience. It would be better if they offered free refills on drinks and popcorn.

Payton Wells

So much fun! Bowling is pretty cheap and worth it! The whole venue has an awesome classic bowling alley feeling and there's a movie theater too! The waitress was extreamly helpful but was never overbearing. Our family will definitely be going back!

Jeff Messick

Bowl, eat, drink or go to a movie. They have you covered for all these activities.

Boyd Valdivieso

Been here twice now, only watched movies but theater is adequate. Bar allows drinks whole seated. Always clean and staff is always courteous.

Gail Williams

First time going and very impressed at the quaintness of it. Clean and comfortable, affordable and the people are very nice.

Jeff Middleton

fun place

Kelly McCarthy

Love this place. We go every year for bowling, pizza and movies!

Robyn Finkner

Great all in one entertainment center. A very well kept place.

Rhona Nelson

Not a lot of movie selections but great seats, affordable drinks and concessions and clean bathrooms!

Maria Archuleta-Jones

Movie theater was good.Food is ok. Bathrooms were gross.

John Burroughs

bought tickets for Star wars. they didn't tell us at counter that it was almost full. had group of 4 and none of us could sit together. would not offer a refund or allow us to come back the next day. said there were seats, 2 of us had to sit in non-stadium seats, un-adjustable, down low with terrible viewing angles and no adjustment. the other 2 got low stadium seats. manager was a total jerk, could not care less. made no accommodation whatsoever. he stated we don't guarantee you can sit together. pricing is for stadium seats, we only got two of those. just a simple come back the next day we would have be fine with that. don't ever buy tickets here at peak times without first viewing seating options IMMEDIATELY before your purchase. at peak times (holidays, etc.) they have a line to buy tickets/get in. you don't know what you have until it's too late. This has happen to us several years in a row. Having said that, overall the facility for this area is great. if you come at non-peak visit times (have typical peak resort holiday type tourist loads in this area) there wouldn't be any issues. being a resort they always seem short-staffed at peak times, but dealing with seasonal business fluctuations this is to be expected.

Kelly Hale

Best way to spend a Saturday night in WP! Clean facilities, friendly staff, AWESOME pizza! Don't forget to call ahead for a lane- they're busy, but it's totally worth it! Movie theater is cozy, and they play all the recent flicks! YOU MUST GO!

Shannon Kirkland

Amazing place to hang out with family and friends!

G. Kunkel

Great place to go bowling. Friendly service.

Brian Nichols

Great Fraser spot

Chris Peters

Movie theatre is nice, bowling is over priced and the pizza is the worst in town. But the movie theatre is nice.

Matty Maha

The foundry is a nice clean joint. Staff was super nice. Lanes are good. The “brick oven pizza” is on the same plane as a frozen tombstone.

Quentin Steele

This is a great little movie theater with bowling, pool and other games for the kids. Buffalo wings are also good...

Shawn Lubenetski

Not what I expected. Very cool place with things to do.

Audrey Lamoreaux

Long story short- good theater, great bowling- amazing french fries- and weird but true, the bathrooms are the highlight

Jim Martens

Great place and atmosphere. Small theatre but good sounds and picture. Bowling alley and bar.

Amadeo van der Kolk

Great place!

Cliff Carrillo

This place was awesome, kids had a blast the staff was super friendly and the food was great. Didn't try out the movie theater but next time we head up we might just have to for fun. Wanted to bowl with the kids but unfortunately there was a mile long list of people waiting. So if you are trying to go there last min on the weekend like we did expect to wait. So call ahead for bowling.


One stop entertainment bowling, pool tables, games and movie theater with concessions that have fair and honest pricing. All the staff was a breath of fresh air, courteous and thoughtful.

Ashlee Essary

A little bit of everything for entertainment. Not to mention, GF pizza crust for my bff. It's hard to come by GF options when you get into smaller towns so it was great to have that option available. Plus the staff was really great.

Brianna Titone

One stop for entertainment. Bowling alley, movie theatre, bar, games and snacks. Movie theatre seats and huge and have tables for you to eat your pizza. The pizza was pretty good. Stadium style seats. Small theatre so get there early. Decent beer selection and full service bar. A nice place to spend a cold rainy afternoon.

Debbie Minter

Very fun bowling alley/movie theater with leather seats, bowling balls that look like billiard balls, and old-timey decor (lcigar machines, old gas pumps, etc). Full bar and menu available... We didn't eat there. Only complaint is that it's not open much (in February). Only night time movies available and a family could only bowl from 4-5pm... Not sure what happened at 5 - either reservations or league?

Rhiannon Leigh

Amazing bowling, super friendly staff, bowling is much more fairly priced than other places I've been and amazing pizza! We go once a week to bowl and have pizza.

Brian E. Fisher

Staff seemed a little confused but we were there before they opened. But after it was open the place was great. Understaffed at the beginning. None the less, it was great.

darrell johnson

This place is awesome with so much to do for everyone. Wish there were more places like it. Friendly staff and great food.

Anita Romero

The service was good. The fries great. But the pizza was tasteless. The best was the carnivore and a far second the vege. The worst were the cheese, and the ranch.

James Luhmann

Get some pizza and cocktails, watch a movie, then go bowling - all under 1 roof. What could be better ?

Jackie McNamara

Great people, great theater

Gerald Siegfried

We like to come here each time we're in winter park. Clean and fun. Food is good, drinks are good, attentive and friendly service. I highly recommend for a few fun hours.

Paul Hardison

Excellent bowling the building is very nice

Charles 1987

Great concept. And great environment. Bad management. After the power went out half way through the film, they announced we would get replacement tickets via email. Turns out they want to only refund half the tickets price because “the studio won’t allow a full refund.” If you understand theatrical distribution, you know that’s not how it works. (They can demand their cut regardless of hiccups — and be certain, they do — but they have no power over a theater’s ability to issue full fare vouchers, which is pretty standard procedure for most chains.) Then they suggested contacting the power company or 20th Century Fox for a refund. Of course, the power outage is not their fault, but shifting the responsibility to treat your customers well to anyone beside yourself... that’s no one else’s fault but yours. I don’t care about the price of the ticket. Big deal. Stuff happens. I would have rather they offered nothing but a sincere apology than spin lies, and shift responsibility.

Paul Schweitzer

1st time coming here, EXCELLENT FRENCH FRIES! Make reservations ahead to bowl. Pizza is fair, water is good! Place needs to be larger, packed after 4pm...

J Johnston

Great for this place to be in the teaser valley...we didn't like lane 8 today though...hard to see people bowling and wasn't too toddler theaters are nice and good...

Kelly Pierce

Fun place good time and good beer

Mini Dombrowski

Nice and fun with a cool pub like atmosphere. There's bowling and movies and food all of which have nice accommodations. The popcorn is painfully overpriced, though that's admittedly expected from a mountain town. The only other downside is that it's often very crowded so call ahead to make reservations.

Jason Hough

Great food! An all in one place. Bowling, pool, movies, food and booze.

Paige Bailey

Such a gem! Bartender made me an awesome marg and the bowling at atmosphere is super fun.

Matty Atwater

Bowling, movie theater, and bar are awesome! Wouldn't recommend eating there though. They said they burned our first pizza and had to make a new one. The new one was cold in the middle and the dough was raw. Chicken wings are super good though.

Tucker Conn

Great place for bowling and movies, staff is very friendly. But a bit pricy.

Karen Bellemare

Fun place for movies, pool, beer, bowling, although I've never bowled there.


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