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8780 Rosemary St, Henderson, CO 80640

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REVIEWS OF The 88 Drive-In Theatre IN Colorado

Montana Johnson

This drive in is great and it is open all week and the best part is they show 3 movies for on low price and kids under 12 are free. We went and saw the lion king, toy story 4 and Spiderman. Recommend bringing a truck to sit in the back or chairs for whoever is in the back seat to sit outside so they can see the movie.

Tracy Sawie

I miss this place. I went every Friday night. I loved how the kids got to know each other and played together in front before the movie starts at. A great family outing.

Brandon Punihaole

I just want to see most terrible experience I've ever had at any Drive-In. We had seen 43 cars pass us within the first movie as well as we're forced to put our back hatch down even though we were told to park and the Blue Area because someone could not see. We will never be wanting to go here ever again definitely not worth $20

Ana Lara

Good price. it was truly amazing to see a movie from a giant screen while laying in your own car however, the speakers are located at the entrance, where you enter to pay. So the closer you park to the screen, the less you can hear. I wish that they could put speakers all over the place.

Lex and Wade

This place is absolutely disgusting. Employees were very rude and I was repeatedly treated like garbage.

Cliff Jones

The best way to spend a Friday Evening in the Commerce City Area! We saw Toy Story Four and Godzilla King Of The Monsters! I am 22 years old and last night was the first time I had been to a Drive In Theatre. I would recommend it for anyone who loves Cinema and American History. The best of both Worlds in one place. Funny Story of the Evening: After the Godzilla Feature we went to start our car and much to our surprise our little Nissan had a Dead Battery. Went to the Guest relations area and within I would say 10 minutes they followed us to our car and by way of portable battery pack they got the battery back up and running. They must see this predicament more often than not because he was very nice about it and even asked us about our experience. The Restrooms despite being a little on the old fashioned side were well maintained and the snack bar was clean! All around a great experience!

Robert Benson

I would like to see them grade the lot and prohibit sales after movie starts. Half of the first movie vehicles were still trying to find spots.

Amber Moore

A little staticky but otherwise really fun. Had a great time for date night.

Doug Witucki

Very affordable, especially for three movies. The junk food is amazing and fairly priced as well. We've been going to movies here for over 20 years now and love the old time feel of the place. Only two complaints, they should add Porta potties. The bathrooms on the weekends are horrendous and not well kept. Weekdays they are not too bad, but need upkeep. Also I've seen people sneak into the dark places and go because the lines during intermission are so long and people hold it too long. More bathroom facilities or some porta potties would help.

Bryon Schelk

My first time here, and it was not as pleasurable as it should have been mostly due to the front range patrol that was o duty this night, I drive a big truck and it was raining hard when I hot there and the lady that gave me the ticket said to park by the "red and white "striped poles, right next to the red poles was orange or to those like myself it looked like a faded red, security came over jumped all over our case because we didnt park by the red poles, then proceeded to tell me that the lady up front called in and said I was gonna be trouble. Again All I did was get my ticket and try to find the designated area. We were also meeting friends here and when we were hanging out talking we were told that we couldn't stand anywhere but right in front or right behind our vehicles to talk, felt like I was in a prison. Dont worry though we wont be back we went to Amazon and bought a projector for much less than the tickets cost us (there was 10 total of us so I think it ended up being $180 for us to go there), so we could have our own drive ins without all the headaches. If it wasn't for the almost 200 bucks we already spent before the movies started and no refunds we would have just left.

Freedom Passarelli

Love going to the drive in. They did have some problems with the restrooms last night. People flushing things down they weren't supposed to. They got a plumber out and fixed everything pretty quickly. It would be great if they filled in some of the giant holes in the parking/ driving area. But we love it.

Briannah taylor

$9.00 for 3 movies is great ...when you are able to see the movie. My friends and I spent at least $90.00 on getting our group in to park and food. We even got there 4 hours early so we could get good seating . Staff told us our truck was too big and had to be parked at the end of the section to accommodate for other customers. So we did . Before the movie a big van parked in front of us . We went to talk to someone about how we paid money to see a movie and asked if they could at least move up so we could see . The manager came over yelling at us about how that wouldn’t make a difference . Then told us we were cussing so we needed to leave. Then upon packing 3 cars for 10 people, she got impatient and called the cops on us for “taking too long.” Then we tried to talk to her again and she gave us the silent treatment like a child. On top of that we tried to use the bathroom twice .. couldn’t even get to the door because of how long the line was. This place is unprofessional, unorganized, and inflexible. Would not recommend. Don’t ask for help here, you will get kicked out.

David Schermerhorn

Awesome drive-in movie theater, what if given it five stars but they could use an upgrade on their projector or area light reduction.

Jessie Blalock

Always a lovely time. Perfect for groups, couples, and family nights

Britt Lane

Loved the outdoor theater experience. Only complaint was the popcorn was a bit stale, but I would definitely return.

Dwayne Johnson jr

You can never go wrong with the #1 drive inn movie. In Colorado, I have been going here since I was a kid,and it's such a blessing I can take my kids,so glad it's still open.

Constance Keller

If they stop talking over the blooper reels while credits are rolling, then I will change this to five stars. But nothing more annoying than watching movies like Deadpool 2 or Guardians of The Gallaxy that have dialogue during the credit roll at the end, and some teenager screaming through the speakers about what's for sale in the snack shop. I'm sorry, they are all nice!! But come on! Dont do that! We drove there and paid for a reason. To see the movies and that includes the credits footage. Change that, and I will gladly give full five stars

catrina perez

This was an experience my family had, and had my 1 year old with them!! Such a shame how people treat family’s trying to support a family business!? > “Giving 1 star because I can't give a negitive star my family and I went there 5 little kids under age 4 and 4 adults so obviously we are in seperate cars we parked in way back so we would not be blocking anyone else's veiw I was told I couldn't park in a certain spot and was told take all kids to one vehicle yeah right I want to see that and that's why we all tryed to park together and in the back nope we where told to leave I asked for my money back and was told NO that I was being kicked out now oh and Mr rent a cop tryed to scare us with his body cam Idgaf i didn't do anything wrong except ask why we couldn't stay together as a family so we all left as a family sad to say i will never go back again and my children will never get to experience the drive inn .. Oh did I mention they took pictures of our license plates why to scare me what can you really do”

Leigh Hunter

Price is okay. They judge the sizes of vehicles differently, some raised trucks who definitely should’ve been in the back weren’t. Cars blocking the driving pathways. Lights on warehouse building behind screen make it hard to see. They let cars in well after the first movie had started which make it difficult to see with all the headlights roaming around. Long wait for women’s bathroom. The employees helping cars park seems like a young kid who has no clue what they’re doing. There’s no point getting here early because if you arrive late you get a closer spot even if your vehicle height signifies that you belong in the back.

Ray Leyba

Was very disappointed tonight as my family and I were told to leave because the young girl working the gate was very rude!!! I asked why she was being so rude and she yelled she can do whatever then she gave us our money back and were told to leave. If a teenager doesn't want to do a job then why apply go be miserable somewhere else!

Brendan Bonds

How can anyone give this classic American experience anything less than five stars. I used to attend this place when I was little and it's still just as awesome. Settle in, get some beers, some snacks from the stand, snuggle up with your SO or friends and watch two movies outside/in the back of your truck. How could you ask for more. I love this place and I'm so happy it still exists.

Nick Martinez

So great brings back so many memories... Now that can pass them on to my kids and my grandchildren!! Awesome place to see if movie!!

s bats

Friendly staff. Had a really fun time there and the price is awesome for how many movies you get to see. The one thing that needs work is that there are extremely bright lights which show through right under the screen from the business across the street. They really need to try to block those bright lights out as they show directly into the parking lot and in the eyes of movie goers. That is my only complaint. Bathrooms clean nice snack bar and fair prices.

Chiffon Matthews-Webber

The staff is BEYOND RUDE!!!! They are VERY MUCH RACIST!!!!! Then won’t even try to hear you out. They just believe and go with whatever their ghetto staff says!! They accused kids of stealing then tried to kick us out of the snack bar and tell us we weren’t able to return!! It’s 88 degrees tonight and movies just started and can’t get my babies anything to drink because of the RUDE RACIST STAFF!! I will NEVER COME HERE AGAIN AND WOULDNT REFER THIS PLACE TO ANYONE!!!! This happened 07/19/2019!!!!!!

Joel Stahl

Little rustic but that’s what gives it character

Becky Roper

Good prices for both the movies and food


I love this place. Everything about it including the potholes, the old restrooms and the staff. Are they perfect? No. They're young kids and a small family operation. If you want "5 stars" so to speak, pay 3 times more at Northfield for a single movie to have a 12 year old (or maybe even a 25 year old) kick your seat. I'll take the privacy and comfort of my car and a more memorable movie experience. I even bring my dog. The only gripe I have is the warehouse lights, and I do wish that would be fixed with some sort of backstop, though I'm not sure if that would stand up to zoning either. It's a small announce and I'm usually able to position it out of my view.

Seth Bush

Great place to spend a Saturday night. However not the best place to watch a movie for obvious reasons. (Headlights and radio sound quality being the most obvious) The concession stand is drastically overpriced and unimpressive. I understand making money from concessions but this place gives ridiculous portions for the price.

acole 2018

I had a great time at this drive-in. Fun place for kids. I used to come here often as a kid. It still is the same after all this time.

Roy Vicory

Good deal on 3 movies but they need to fix pot holes bad and add port a poties


Terrible service!!!! No wonder why they're losing all their business to the Drive-in on 58th. My soda didn't have any syrup in it. I waited until the line went down to go tell them and get a refill and the Manager/owner said I waited to long and the ice melted. What's the refill policy when you're there for 3 movies. I got my daughter a milk from their fridge and it was warm. I asked one of the employees the name of the manager and they said they don't give names. Really?!? Their pot holes are bigger than the sink hole at Oxford and Santa Fe. The bathrooms are worst than a public park or a restroom at a construction site. I'm surprised this is the last Drive-in around. They should be shut down!!!!

Shay Dubb

Friendly staff, my kids loved the snack bar, restrooms stocked and they show 3 movies!

david randle

Excellent for the kids snacks candy good movies. I love this place. I wish they served hot wings.

JennaMarie Moreno

The workers are rude and disrespectful don’t know how to talk to customers. They harassed me and my boyfriend and kicked us out! Never will go here again and I been coming here sense I was little. Can’t believe how unprofessional these staff members are. They need to learn how to come and talk to people respectfully.

ur grannie a trannie

i absolutely love this place, but the bathrooms and concessions could be a little more cleanly

Laura Shirley

3 movies for $9 with kids under 12 free is unbeatable. The staff is always friendly and their snack bar prices are very reasonable. The only complaint is the bathrooms, which I wish were larger and cleaner. There’s only 4 stalls in the women’s and there’s almost always a line. Highly recommend this place!

Andrew Martinez

I've been going to the 88th Drive-in or at least 25 years and it's not getting any better inexpensive shouldn't be that much. You guys need to clean it up potholes almost broke my ankle fix it up before they knock it down


Horrible customer service and rude security! We showed up right at 6pm to be sure our group would get to park near each other and have a good spot. We were told at the entrance that we would have to park by an orange post. We proceed through the entrance and all get parked and set up. We had two trucks and a large suv. We all parked in the back near the orange posts where we were told to park. A Few mins after set up a girl comes from the concession stands and tells us for us all to be near each other she is going to move us to the corner where we can all park next to each other. We all agreed when the security guy comes over and says no one truck needs to park at a red post, the other truck orange, and the suv a blue post. We are confused because that isn’t what the front told us or the girl that was helping us. He was immediately defensive and kept saying how tired he was and that he was going to be on his feet all night so didn’t want to argue with us. We pointed out that there were a few of the same exact trucks next to us that were parked at orange posts. We understood making us move, but be fair and have everyone move as well. They went to tell the others to move and they refused as well. Security came back over to us and said we had a lift kit so we needed to move and they didn’t. Our truck is stock and had no lift kit on it whatsoever it was the same exact height as the car we were parked next to. The owner didn’t even try and figure out what was going on and instead just started screaming to get us out of there. They ruined our night with their unfair rules that only apply to whoever the security guard decides they do. We had already known from previous visits that you don’t dare visit the concession stand, their food, popcorn and even soda is terrible tasting. After this we have no reason to ever return, I would much rather take my money to the 58th drive in. They are running this place into the ground and word of mouth travels fast.

Traci Nicks

We went tonight to see Toy Story 4, which has been out for a couple of weeks. We waited over an hour in line in traffic to get in, only to be turned away at the gate because they were full. Only 1 way in/out creates a horrible traffic backlog. They need a way to let people in line know when they are full so you don't waste your time.

Annzy Love

Waited 4 hours for a movie spend about a hundred dollars on food and tickets for everyone who came with us. Asked for help. The manager gave us a terrible attitude apparently there was absolutely no solution to our problem, then she kicked us out like a child wouldnt even let us explain then called security on us and refused a ticket refund. Used to be a fun place a great date night now its ruined. Not worth it at all. Rude racist staff. If i could rate less i would.

candice elfering

Bring your own popcorn. The popcorn they have taste like it’s days old.

DK Williams

A classic. Three movies for $9.00. A great atmosphere and good time for the entire family.

Michelle Martin

It's a fun place. They really need to block out the lights from Lowe's somehow though

Anntoinette Hackney

Triple feature LOVE THE DRIVE-IN

Zach Eudis

I hope this place never closes. Awesome, friendly, and competent customer service every single time we've gone (at least 20 times). Their refreshment stand is very well- stocked and offers a great variety of food at very reasonable prices; you'll pay about a third or less than you would at a commercial movie theater. And, to boot, admission is $9 per person for 3 popular movies! My wife and I go once or twice a month through their open season and have only ever had one complaint: the commercial buildings directly behind the screen have bright security lights that are a bit distracting. There are only 2 or 3 that I can recall, so it's not terrible, and the folks that run the place have hung some kind of fabric below the screen to help with the lights, but it is still a bit of a nuisance. Again, not the fault of the drive in, but still a bit of a pain. Great value, amenities galore, and very friendly and attentive staff. We love you, 88 Drive-In!

Lilianna Fresquez

Racist as hell! They pick and choose who they want to harass. We were nicely greeted by the pay attendant who clearly told us we could park where we could to be next to our family. We parked by other vehicles our height. As a matter of fact the same model vehicle. They asked us to move so we did and then they continued so I went to ask the pay clerk again and they told me I couldn't ask and instead was asked to leave. I then asked for a refund and they said they wouldn't. Yes we are Mexican and clearly the other people were not. I asked them to ask them for their color card for parking but they insisted I leave. Racist tactics. Secondly, there are a bunch of people clearly and out in the open smoking weed. Last I knew you could smoke in the privacy of your home but not at a public place. If you want your kids to smell weed all night please also be my guest. They sure didn't harass anyone smoking weed by the way. Do not waist your time there, we were nicely greeted by the 58th drive in.

Jaclyn m

Pretty darn cool! The sound was ok, and the screen could be bigger but for the price 9 a person, our 4 year was free! It was 100 percent worth it. Plus u can stay for 3 movies?? For that reason alone its worth it to check out if you havent already

Jennifer Nation

Had a great time as always. Love this place. Been coming here since I was a kid.

Laceria Williams

It was my first time going since I've lived here in Colorado and I think it's a great deal you get to see three movies for the price of one $9 awesome only thing I thought was wrong is they should ask the surrounding buildings to turn off their lights it's really close to a busy Street which I thought was weird also I stayed and watched all three movies and you listen to it on your car radio so therefore people cars batteries run out so I had to give about five people jumps because there was no staff on hand to help out which I thought was really rude and inconsiderate when they're asking you to listen to the movie's using your vehicle thought they would have someone come around after everything was over to make sure everyone was okay but it was absolutely a ghost town they lock the doors or the gates and leave other than those few minor things that's pretty cool

Dustin Schroeder

My experience was not very good due to bright lights behind the screen. From my angle the shined in below the screen making it difficult to see. My recommendation is to build a wall or screen that blocks out the lights from the building behind the screen. On the plus side, the price is very reasonable. The concessions are also affordable, especially for a theater.

melmel Koujaku

Pretty great place! My first time coming here with my boyfriend. Each person is 9$ but for all 3 movies. Small cars in front, mid cars in the middle, big cars in the back. Food is greatly priced but the only reason 4 stars is because the hotdogs and hamburgers taste fuuuunky. Everything is cooked before hand so all the food is in warmers( except the pizza and funnel cakes I believe ). Nachocheese and pretzels are in warmers as well but the cheese still tastes cold. Still, the workers are polite and friendly. Also, toooonnssss of flies. Everywhere. Restrooms are relatively clean but my boyfriend said the men's restrooms are disgusting. In the middle of the 2nd movie, a SUV randomly decided to park in the front with all the small cars so I decided to let the workers know, who were quick to handle the situation. A police officer ( who is always on duty it seems) went to the suv and told them go move to the back with the rest of the giant cars. Only other thing that was pretty annoying but you cant do anything about was people turning on their headlights to move spots or leave the theater (so freaking bright). Still ! A great place for kids and family. Definitely coming back.

Jude Black

Always a great time! They really stepped up their game in the last 2 seasons! Much to offer and very organized!

Magaly Marquez

Great movies, great prices, the staff was nice, bathrooms weren't that bad, the lights behind the screen were the only annoying thing..they made the dark parts of the movie not very visible

Melissa Eickhoff

Great place for date night, or for entertaining those kiddos!

Mr.B Barker

Brought the ticket and could not find a parking spot either because it was flooded or occupied with a vehicle. Nor was I able to get a refund.

Lataine Shaw

This was our first time here and it was a lot of fun. We got there early enough to get a good spot. The concession are awesome and cheap but good!! We will be back!!

Jeffrey Linn

Great place to go on a fun outing. Definitely. Worth checking out.

Jackie Hicks

So happy we still have drive ins and our entire family enjoyed our movie night. ***** that WAS my first review/visit and was great! Went a second time and wow oh wow we will not return. Ordered a pizza, told 15 min. Come back at 20 min and still no pizza. (Not a big deal) I asked a young long brown haired girl about my pizza and she said "WE BURNT IT, YOU'LL BE WAITING 20 MIN MORE" I said "nice attitude". This little girl went running to her manager and; I'm not sure what was said but this short, dark hair manager came stomping at me and told me to go to my car and come back in 20 or she was kicking me out. Wow!!! I told her that I would take my money back for the pizza and happily leave. She refused and then brought me no joke 45 min later a nasty burnt pizza. Truly sad how this "manager" treats her customers. Sadly, I wasn't the only one. There were quite a few people inside complaining as well. So sad when poor management can ruin a business. That lady needs to go. And if she's the owner, she should retire because clearly, it's too much for her.

Michael Goodrich

It has been years, since we have watched movies there, but it was a great place to see family movies. With 4 kids, an inexpensive outdoor theater that has popular movies, good place for family fun. And you can sit in your lawn chair if you bring one. Has the same onwers for years.

Gwendolyn Vigil

I have been coming here for a long time so my heart hurts to write this review.. This place is in need of major update!! The factories lights behind the screen are way too bright so it is difficult to see the movie. If you were to put up wood or Some kind of a protector at least under it so the two lights underneath would not reflect so much on the movie would really help...

Dustin Adle

Aside from the surrounding business lights & a parade of FedEx trucks & trains, watching movies outside with little ones brings back memories of when we were younger. If only this place could be picked up & placed deep inside a corn field like it once was... & don't forget the bug spray, the mosquitoes are gigantic! And to the folks ahead of us in line, that graciously paid for our entry, THANK YOU!!..We had a fantastic time watching Toy Story 4.

Kat Rose

My absolute favorite place to go to see movies. Cheap tasty snacks. Awesome employees. Only issue is, the screen is a little too dark..I feel like I missed half my movie.

Stacey Decker

Nothing fancy! Thank you for staying the same. I always enjoy visiting this business

Lita Painter

It was fun, but the lights from the stores behind the screen made it hard to see when the movie was dark

Samantha Haggstrom

We enjoy this place. It gets pretty busy, and on the weekends you WILL have to deal with a crowd. Unfortunately, they pack you in like sardines, and don't really have enough help directing parking, but I understand with the cheap admission they have to pack it out to make money. They have a decent selection at the snack bar though, again, it's crowded and you'll have to wait. Last time we had to wait for them to finish making some hot dogs before they could make funnel cake in the same spot...and then we received our funnel cake tasting very much like hot dogs. Definitely some downfalls, but it's worth it to have a halfway decent drive-in experience.

Elena G

Family tradition, creating memories. Love this place!!

Jennipher Gomez

Giving 1 star because I can't give a negitive star my family and I went there 5 little kids under age 4 and 4 adults so obviously we are in seperate cars we parked in way back so we would not be blocking anyone else's veiw I was told I couldn't park in a certain spot and was told take all kids to one vehicle yeah right I want to see that and that's why we all tryed to park together and in the back nope we where told to leave I asked for my money back and was told NO that I was being kicked out now oh and Mr rent a cop tryed to scare us with his body cam Idgaf i didn't do anything wrong except ask why we couldn't stay together as a family so we all left as a family sad to say i will never go back again and my children will never get to experience the drive inn .. Oh did I mention they took pictures of our license plates why to scare me what can you really do

Anthony Williams

Extremely racist!!! We came in and waited 2-3 hours to be rudly asked to leave due to us needing help with rude people in front of us. The manager wouldnt even hear us out. She was nice to my friend and i (2 white boys) but very rude to everyone else all 6 happened to be colored coincidence. I dont think so. We just asked for help not trouble.

melinda trujillo

All the staff is very well mannered. Great time and great memories

alexander cancino

Honestly it's still a great place to watch movies but the lights on the building next door have to be blocked some kind of way especially if you have a SUV and have to be toward the back. Other than that it's great!

Terianne Anderson

Overall we had a positive experience and I’m glad that we went. However, the snack bar was terrible!! We actually liked the pizza but the candy was VERY stale and the popcorn tasted like it had been sitting out for several hrs. Additionally, I purchased red vine licorice and before I bought it I asked if it was recently purchased bc I hate rubbery licorice and the cashier assured me it was but it was absolutely awful!! I tried to return it and they were pretty rude about it and the girl even told me that it is always stale...weird for a business to purchase a food, knowing it is not good, to sell to their costumers!!

Sophia Chavez

Love it, but those lights on the building in the background really kill it, but I guess it's fair considering its 10 bucks for three movies. Sometimes it be like that.

Rosalyn Roldan

Have always loved this place ❤️

Bika Cole

Best place to relax and chill out from your norm. 3 movies, concession stand, bathrooms,...cant beat that.

Beth Hamlin

Love the drive in. And its such a good deal. 3 movies for $9 for anyone over 12. The snacks were decently priced. The staff were friendly. Be sure to check how to turn all the lights off on your car. Mine would not all turn off and keep the radio on so we listened from someone elses car.

Mysti OQuinn

WORST EXPERIENCE. I wish I could give negative stars. We waited in the turn lane for an hour and a half to get in, only to be told they are full. If you want to see a movie here you better plan on getting there 3 hours ahead of time. Ridiculous. Awful. Will not return.

Charles Davis

Great experience. Pizza was good. Wish the movie wasn't so dark. Kind of hard to see. Overall though, great experience.

Sky B

This place hits those nostalgic feelings for me. There's really no down sides, you get to see new movies, cheaper than at an indoor movie theaters, and enjoy the classic drive-in experience.

Khifan 29

Pretty good place place to watch a few movies for a very good price. Concessions are as usual, and the staff is very good and helpful. Only complaint I have is most of the movies here are too dark to see unless they are bright setting movies. Other than that great place! Need more of these places, and this will be at least a new 1 time a month family outing.

Esteve D

Mosquito heaven..And the popcorn is not how it used to be..BYOF

Sonja Beamon

Great family movie night. Good food, too!

Annette Garrett

I love this Drive-In it's been here forever, childhood memories, great place it's small but big enough to have fun with the family or just bring somebody special. The snack bar is not too bad either

Jason Passino

My daughter and I had a great time. Only negative was the movie started a bit before dark so some scenes were difficult to see. As luck would have it our battery died but the staff was great and gave us a jump start.

James Bennett

Pro: Good drive in movie theater. Con: The lighting behind the screen was too bright because of the Lowe's store across the street. Also, skip the butter on the popcorn.

Mickey Shyguy

Bathrooms are disgusting. Staff is VERY rude and unprofessional. Pots holes all over. Security is a joke. Management is just as bad no wonder the rest of the staff is the way they are. Will never go back.

Carrie Moore Wright

My husband is a truck driver. He had to take his break in Denver. We rented a car and did the sight seeing thing. Then went to The 88 Drive In that night. It was a fun time. Loved seeing the local people who knew what they were doing with their blankets, chairs and air mattresses in their vehicles.

Sarah Johnson

Love this place! It is very old school still and the bathroom situation between movies a least for the lady is not pleasant. But they have movies you want to see and kid friendly. They are strict with the rules for visibility but I think that is important for the people in the back. I have gone many time and I hope I can continue to go.

Kreig Cabacungan

Great venue for a drive in theater! Movie was clear sound was great and the concession stand had great movie food. Overall great experience

Maurie ONeal

Super affordable. Kids 12 and under are free. Adults are $9 each. Consession is affordable also! Make sure you go early or the line sucks!

ACQ Austin

Wonderful place, great people! 3 movies for only $9! That's an amazing deal.

Ennovi Ovarb

I’ve been coming here since I was a teen, and it’s a great experience every time we go.

Alexander Tretter

They don't even have coffee brewed after second movie, and told me they would take over 10 minutes to brew more. Lots of flies in the concession area, and more than 3 people working behind counter with only 1 apparently helping people. Bathrooms needs some attention as well.. At least they play 3 movies for a great price!

Adam Lucero

It was okay. Picture is a bit hard to see. But overall it was fun!

Haven Himmi

Only will watch movies here now! Always a great experience

Audra Mook

I absolutely love this place!!! So happy they are in business. Make sure you go early to get a good spot. LOVE that they are pet friendly and also have security on the premises. Good selection from the concession stand as well!

Gina Jones

Love thing here. I get to relive my childhood.

Vicky Minor

Security was super harsh but I mean just doing their job. Some of the rules include: no sitting on the roof of your car. You have to line you're front tires up with the pole. Also you have to go to the right color that they told you so if you have a tall car you will be in the back

olivia maguire

Make sure you have all of your belongings before leaving. The owner is unsympathetic and gives reason to believe they pocket lost items. Possibly why they claim to have low prices on their website. Pizza was also very low quality.

Kyle Faba

Its middle of the line as far as drive-ins go. The screen has a large building with many bright lights behind it, couple with constant traffic back and forth on the street behind it can be an issue at times. Concessions are the usual, and seeing three movies for $8-9 is amazing. A lot of people did not know how to park, I don't know if it was their first time or what but that will be an issue if you have a bigger truck like I do.

zack gonzales

Kids love it and kids under 12 are free so the adults love it. Dont forget you can stay for all 3 movies for the price of 1

Carolyn Watkins

Pls don't never close down... the staff and ppl was funny and great.. my children enjoy they self..

OurFamilyOf Three!

Great location, love that you can see so many all for one, I liked hearing the reminders during intermission. Only thing I would change is having to pay per person and not per car, maybe make a mac per car or so idk.

Augusta Wood

I love this drive-in! It's got great movies, 3 for $9 entry. It has a concession stand and decent bathrooms for a mostly outdoor venue. It's a fun, casual drive-in. The sound is over FM, so if your car stereo is good, you should be fine.

Johana Haynes

I love this place! I’m so glad I found this place. It’s always so much fun and three movies for 9/person(kids under 12 come in for free) can’t be beat. They make a lot of their money off of the concessions so we always make sure to buy something because we want them to stay open... and honestly their prices are pretty cheap. I got a small popcorn, 2 large drinks, a funnel cake, two hamburgers, two pretzels with 2 sides of extra cheese, a rocket candy thing, and a pepperoni pizza all for under $50 (I went a little overboard with my excitement and I love supporting this place lol) PLUS! You can bring your doggy with you! It’s so great.

Mystie ODonnell

Always fun, and love being here. It's a great experience. Would rate 5 stars, but the parking lot is getting so many potholes that it is tough to get around

Roxanne Moore

The bright lights behind the screen is the most annoying thing! Find a way to block it! Can't be that difficult. Ruined the entire viewing.

Arelly Esparza

Great price and good service.

Frankie Trujillo

Please do not waste your time at this establishment. The owner is a rude lady (and bias) and her want-to be cop are completely unprofessional. The little kids that walk around acting like they are doing their job pick and chose who they want to harass. They are so unprofessional. The pop corn was stale. Hopefully they will go out of business soon! Never wished this on any establishment. Never ever wrote a bad review for any other establishment...NOT A PLACE TO WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! WORST RACIST PLACE EVER!

Brittany Dodson

Such a wonderful family place. 3 movies for 8$ per person and kids under 12 are free!!!!!

Sara Wolcott

Great place to go during the summer, they'll even give your battery a jump at the end of the night! Authentic feel. Good concession prices!

Morgan Marie

It was good but too active to really enjoy the show

Jade Santistevan

This is such a fun thing to do with children. There is a snack stand with all kind of different stuff. Highly recommend.

Lisa Smith

One of my favorite places to visit, wish they’re were more drive inn movies. But willing to drive far. The only thing lacking is there’s no radios you have to turn it on in your own car. But eight dollars for three movies, that’s pretty good and the popcorn and pizza isn’t too bad.

tara lynn

Always a good time! Kids love it. Its a good way to relax and enjoy each other while watching movies and getting a bit of nostalgia..

Bjarne Siverson

The drive in is a timeless piece of history that i am thankful to still be able to take part in. Everyone who helped me in the snack bar was extremely friendly and was happy to help. The only thing keeping me from giving this a full five stars was how difficult it was to see the screen during dark parts of the movie. It was honestly next to impossible and I feel like I definitely missed some of The Lion King just because I couldn't see it. But the radio station has a crystal clear connection and it just feels good to lay out in the bed of the truck underneath the stars, and watch a movie. Thanks for the entertainment!

Jennifer Gonzales

I used to be a huge supporter of this Drive in until yesterday. The staff is so horrible and the managers allow it. I have always recommended this establishment to all my friends and family. And now I will no longer return and neither will my friends. They don't care about their customer service at all. Well I was there I watched five people need help and had the rudest responses. It was very uncalled for. Price of the movies is the only reason they get two stars.

Amber Hagedorn

Everything was great; food, price & people. Just need some sort of covering under the screen for the lights across the street. They hit underneath and straight into your eyes, perfectly.

Kathy Martinez

My little granddaughter dropped her soda outside on the way to the car after I spend a fortune. I had just left and they would not replace her drink. I will never spend another $1 for the very overpriced cold popcorn and snacks. Do your self a favor and bring your own snacks.


It was a pleasant, nice experience. We attended it when there were not that many people, which made the experience nicer. The area was cleaned, staff was friendly, costs were good, and overall was a good time. Unfortunately, the station which you listened to for audio had static in it in different areas of the area. Also (take it with a grain of salt) the screen is not very big and when you're in the small trucks area it does make it harder to see the small details on the screen.

Travis Theis

With utmost respect, we shouldn’t be having this conversation after y’all have been in business for 43 years: Quality control is not hard for this operation. Food safety is not hard. Having a respect for customer service with directions about how to park/position is not that hard. Plus one star for the couple kids and other souls trying to keep everything going with what joy is left about this place. This has also been told/asked repeatedly for years now: get a light blockade below the screen. The fix is literally a few hundred dollars tops from a hardware store. There are bright lights shining from the warehouse building across the street which takes away from the picture quality. Is there a reason why we are choosing to not enforce quality ? You guys have only progressed slightly since 2017 when you let us hanging for two hours due to a power failure, you can do better. The question is do the owners and investors care, it’s obvious they don’t by this evening. And yes there is a difference between being economical vs horrendous as this experience has turned out. We haven’t even addressed the bathrooms among other failing factors. You have a dying legacy which is not being maintained; Get. It. Together.

Valerie Howard

The last and final time we went here a family let their kids throw rocks in the air and land on cars, ours included. When we said something to the parents they said "oh they're just being kids" uh went to mgr told her what happened and asked for our money back. We were told "we're a family place and we don't give refunds" ok so never again. Also,I understand pot is legal but if u don't want to run the car for AC the whole time , be prepared for heavy pot smell with your Windows rolled down.

Samson Meir

Movies is cool but the food sucks so bad its not worth a dime . staff is ok. very laid back not professional at at . but the movies are good

Tristan Brown

Movie quality was good for a drive in and concession were reasonably priced.

Eva G

1st time at a drive in. A bit muddy since it rained but didnt take away from being able to enjoy the movies. Clear instructions given. No previews which I personally loved. They have multiple options for snacks.

Ben Carney

I was quite impressed with how much fun it was and the staff was very friendly. The cheese pizza was overly sweet but still edible.


This little ghetto movie theater was great, on a Friday night.

Carlos M. Lopez

Nostalgia! Kids running around, lines that look too long, bathrooms that work right but smell funny, and kids running around and playing catch. Go, have fun, see a flick from your front seat or bring some friends and watch from the bed of your truck. There will always bee one person with their lights on the whole time, a couple fighting, and a kid passing out by the end of the opening credits. Enjoy!

Stephen White

Loved it, even in the back most row, the picture quality was excellent, and the sound quality was amazing through the transmitter.

Robert Childers

The entire experience at the drive-in last weekend was a disaster. Disrespectful employees, Nazi parking attendants, over sold tickets leading to parked vehicles where they shouldn't have been, no previews shown to allow it to be darker at the beginning of the first movie, very long lines to the bathroom (should have some portable bathrooms), background distractions behind screen and tasteless concessions. Will never go back to this dive!

Laura Vigil

Only thing that could make it better is to block the bright lights on the Lowe’s building. It’s hard to enjoy a movie with bright lights in the background shining in your eyes.

J. E.

My daughter and I have been going here a couple times a year since she was little, and we absolutely love it! Ive also been going since I was little. Food is pretty good (could use a little more flavoring), and is a little expensive, but we gladly pay, because we know it's what helps keep this place going! Good value to see 3 movies, plus we get to bring our dog so he doesn't have to be stuck at home for 6 hours! Great place to bring your family for a movie night out.

frank bustillos

Movies good snack bar is infested with bugs all over food

The Vigil Family

I guess I can give it 3 stars for the traditional part of this only. But on a serious note quilty of the screen 50/50 as for price on the snacks is definitely outrageous! Literally for a bottle water we get at kings for .59$ was 2.25 the cheap Kroger brand no name brand and well everything else you have to see it for yourself. "If you go" Worst then the AMC prices for real. The staff mind you was amazing kids did a great job very respectful and nice I think the little lady on the pop corn must of been 10yrs old no more but family owned and she was having fun helping! Good job hunny!! but I can't go more then 3 stars and that's even pushing my apologies but honestly is all I know

Arron Benison

Love this place, been coming here since I was a little kid, on my last visit the staff was rude and had no enthusiasm. They’re missing the friendly feeling I use to love! If you don’t like your minimum wage job find a new one! Don’t ruin the experience for everyone else....

David Maes

This is one place family can enjoy 3 movies at great price and is old family tradition for me since I was kid. Drive in are rare this one is the last of orginal in Colorado. I grew up here in CC Town where its located. Its dinosaur last of the best we gotta keep it alive.


Horrible service was being harassed /watched the moment I payed from there employes lol, gf payed before with her family and i went to meet them but didn’t know we had to keep our tickets was being told we had to leave and told them MULTIPLE times take a extra 9$ who cares , was giving attitude from lil kid employees lol not only from them the manager also , really hope this place gets shut down soon wouldn’t even rate it a star but I have to in order to leave this review

Clark Brady

Filthy ! Will never go here until they cut down old speaker poles and pave the surface and fix bathrooms !

Dom The Don's Kicks

I loved the drive in the most because it is inexpensive and because you can bring all your own food! Very good showings

Michael Kaiser

Had a great time as always! Got a bit chilli with the tailgate open but fine if you bundle up! It wasn't very crowded at all which was great.

April Ryan

Ok so I was going to give it a 3 star but I like the way they use social media and have guests interact with theatre, that being said there is quite a few draw backs. The view is horrible, the train track are right there, there is several spot lights near "screen", and there is not really anyplace to walk around before movie. I happen to like the ft collins one better but that is my preference.

Roberta Abraham

The staff was awesome!! We're could hear the movie great the picture could of been brighter the funnel cakes crispier but other than that overall great experience.

SheaButter Baby

The lights behind the screen were blocking my view of the movie. I couldn’t see the movie at all the screen was was way too dark. I would give it higher stars, but no I could not enjoy myself because of those damn lights.

Cindy Hnizdil

Great price, $9 for 3 movies, kids 12 and under free, concession was reasonable price. Great movies, top 2 new releases. Only reason not 5 star was lights shining in under screen hard to see movie. They are aware of it even tried to block light but material used to block out light was shredded so didn't help. Only drive in I know of so overall great experience

Kristina Nieksen

This is a pretty old drive in which I appreciate since I like “vintage”, however, they need to rethink the way they run this business. Although the price is right for admission, the middle schoolers running the parking situation tend to think they run the place. It would do them wonders if they were nicer. If you walk out of the property you have to pay for readmission, so you’re basically in a compound once in. It would also help if they sold alcoholic beverages at the concession and the popcorn is stale. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone, they’re terrible. The drive in at Denver mart is pretty good though.

ttv skunky_ boi

Amazing service great hospitality especially for having a mainly teen-age staff, i will be coming for many years to come

Rocio Ramirez

My family and I used to have great time in past summers. This year we had an awful experience. Cashier was rude, manager in duty had a very bad attitude, we asked for refund because we were not satisfied with their customer service, her response was NO. She asked my husband to go look at the policy sign himself at the entrance as we could not find such policy in the tickets as she said, my husband asked nicely to watch her language, she became very upset and took the tickets from his hand and asked us to leave, too bad we did recorded what happened.

Luisa I. Granados

Don’t waste your money, unprofessional, and RACIST. Rude staff and rude rent a cop

Joshua Mitchell

Would give it 5, but honestly, both bathrooms got clogged and needed a plumber, which is a big deal with that many people.

Bridger Crandall

Not Impressed one employee was very aggressive they need a more mature staff honestly not happy one girl overly aggressive I'd like to see a more mature staff

Miss Chelle Vigil

One of the only remaining drive inns in the Dtown metro area. Really cool for the kids to go to 3 movies start after sundown and for a cheap price. Kids are free! The only down side is the concessions could be a bit better. Love the drive inn !

Mary Ponce

Customer service was very rude for being young adults Things in consession stand were way to expensive for one item Food items weren't even hot Popcorn seem like it was made from the night before Roadways and walkways need repair Alot of standing around by staff in concession stand when bathrooms could have been maintained hourly and cleaned cause they were filthy

Mary Kerr

Great to be able to relive the memories of going to the drive in when I was a kid! Love to support them by buying consessions.


Great place to go and take goodies to watch a movie with the family.

Liv Montano

My favorite theater of all time. Friendly employees, 3 movies for the price of one, and the best coke I've ever had

mike conrad

Awesome. Always a fun time at a good price. concessions have fallen down hill I but the last few years. Haven't been yet this year but plan too in the next week

Jessica Richebacher

The price isn't worth how dark the screens are. I have to go rewatch the movie I went to see at an actual theater because of this and the lights shining behind the screen. The popcorn and pizza were terrible. The FM station was staticy. Bathrooms were really gross. Bigger cars such as mini vans parked with my small suv so not a clear view. The only perk is the staff was sweet.

Bernardo Salgado

Always a big fan of this place just can't get over the fact that the Warehouse is behind the screen have bright lights.

Chad Hiltz

Had an awesome time. Every employee we encountered was friendly and helpful. The bathrooms do need a facelift but still an awesome time.


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