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312 Dillon Ridge Rd, Dillon, CO 80435 Located in: Dillon Ridge Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Skyline Cinema 8 IN Colorado

William Larcom

Over-priced concession, stale popcorn, and weak discount days...but I still love the place and am thankful to have a theater in Dillon.

Pedro Valle

Only giving 4 stars because it's not very updated, a little rundown. But greatfriendly customer service and staff!

cayetano luna

I just finished watching a movie, great movie, but I couldn't hear anything because there were kids constantly yelling and talking during the whole thing. What annoyed me the most was that the people working there did nothing about it even though there were plenty of people complaining to them about it. These kids were even throwing food at others. And worse off, when I was waiting in line to buy my ticket, there were kids who clearly weren't old enough buy tickets to a movie that was rated R. No one bothered to I.D. Any of them. And there were no adult with them. This has actually happened on multiple occasions, and I would rather wait for the movies to come out on dvd/blu-ray rather then come back here again.

N. Marine

It's a movie theater. Nothing special. Although tickets aren't crazy expensive which is nice

Iean young

The customer service here is very sub par but the locals Tuesday pricing is nice to have.

Max Moreira

Audio was terrible, no saved seats, the theater was a mess, full of popcorn on the floor. It was not a pleasant experience

Conner Chrisman

needs a wipe down and vacuum.but it is nice to see high schoolers wotking here

Jesus Sotelo

It's ok for having something there, but it could do better

Jill Talbot

Your confession good is way overpriced! Be surprised if you sell enough.

Stephen Gerard

Only multi-screen theatre in Summit County. 8 screens, easy parking, comfortable seats, all new movies and good variety. A little hard to find off the highway, but there is a sign.

Brandon Godboldt

Seemed like a very young and immature staff. We overheard some swearing and inappropriate comments. Comfortable seats and reasonable prices.

Jose Cavazos

Really nice lil place to chill. Just wish they had later listings

Dylan Hicks

They have the same concessions as every other movie theater ever. Nobody is forcing anyone to eat their snacks. Contrary to popular belief you DONT have to eat or drink anything during your two hour movie, you will survive just fine. You cant expect them to offer health food, and you cant complain that they force you to eat theirs, cause they don't. Just do what I do, go to Jimmy Johns before, put a sandwich in your jacket along with a bottled drink, and walk in with the jack over your arm. I have never had a problem doing this. Its an overall good theater with a bunch of kids working it, again, like every other theater I have ever been to. Only Negative: When people do decide to pay for popcorn and drinks with refills for a movie that starts at 9pm, the concession stand should not close at 915pm! That is pretty nuts. You cant leave one Highschooler up there to fill drinks for an extra hour?

Hector Jaso

Very dissapointing customer experience, it is clear that customer is not the priority for this company. I ordered bottled water and they gave me tap water instead, charging same amount. I obviously disagreed but they reaction was really uncomfortable. I'm surprised for the US standards, this is way far from it. You can learn from the best CINEPOLIS a mexican global company.

Zlatko Rauker

Nice theatre, and very neat.

Brandon Williams

Great little theater in the mountains. Perfect for that non-ski day with a friendly staff. Has really improved over the years and the facilities are great, quality.

Daniel Larson

Seriously out of date theater. No reclining seats, no reserved seats. It feels more like a budget theater. But alas, its the only game in town if you're stuck in Dillon with road closures. You'd really think ownership could update the seating and charge a few bucks more. Seating is pretty flat, there were a lot of people walking in and out all movie long.

Heidi Misch

New ticket purchase kiosks are nice and fast (and you can avoid the lines AND the online purchase surcharges. )

Lisa Best

Everytime I go, the ladies bathroom is messy, out of paper towels, overflowing with trash, and out of soap. It's ridiculous. I think there is a lack of effort in keeping this theater up because there's no competition in the county.

Sarah DeLeon

Walked in looked ok, got to the theater and were the only ones there. Waiting for the movie to start we saw a mouse run up the stairs, cute mouse he just wanted to watch the movie.


This place is great! The popcorn comes in buckets! All sizes! Though being open during the day would be nice but it is understandable why they aren’t this being a ski town and all. Still great place!

Gregory Roy

Great theater. Love their local specials

James Flodine

Nice well run theater. Not too loud. I will be back.

Andrew Perez

Nice and clean , prices like normal theathers

James Baber

"we're out of nachos" they really don't have nachos here but they continue the lie on their board

Morgan L.

Comfy seats, clean auditorums.

Laura Lewark

Purchased 5 tickets and purposely came on Tuesday night at it is locals discount night. Forgot to ask for discount prior to purchase. Beware if you don't ask before you give them your money, you are out of luck. Competition would be a wonderful thing. Maybe then they would clean too.

Ana Marcella Tricio Abaunza

The volume was too low

Faye Morosky

The worst theater. We are on vacation stopped in to catch a Lil rest. The popcorn was crumbs and cold. I will not pay 8 bucks for cold popcorn. The manager refused to pop fresh corn. He traded for a pretzel I didn't want they forgot the boys ices and the cheese for the nachos were at the end so it took 3 kids to squeeze it out. Lines piling up. We get to our seats and the pretzel was ice cold, ha! Ridiculous.

Kevin Simmons

Comfortable seats, clear screen, & good sound system.

Andrew Finley

I have now seen two movies at the theater, and am going to see a movie this afternoon. I really liked that the theater was not crowded, and that there were no lines to buy tickets. Looking forward to seeing Jurassic World later on today.

Tisha Bounds

Decent cinema, felt like a low budget one that was not busy at all. We went on a Monday evening and there were only 3 couples in the theater.

David Sherwood

This is a nice little theater serving Dillon, Frisco and Breckenridge. Order your tickets on line. No reclining seats but other than that a pretty standard show.

Rocky Mtn Camper girl

The price was right, but the theater was filthy and was not serviced before the movie. Also, a very young man was working the ticket counter by himself. Maybe looked 14 yrs old, if that.

John Going

Perfect stop during our hike of the Colorado Trail

Zack novak

I've always had great service and the prices are reasonable, especially on locals night. Highly recommended!

Joy Klein

This is a nice resort town theater. It has several movies offered daily. The only I caution you to read the menu board at concessions. I usually go for the combos. The first time we visited I found out the hard way that the large combo doesn't come with a free refill on popcorn or drinks. You have to order jumbo popcorn and drinks separately to get 1 free refill.

Leon Sekunda

Only choice in town, but seating is decent and they get the latest movies. Theater is a little run down. Some screens have blemishes on them, but picture and sound are good. Theater needs a little TLC, but not a bad place to spend an evening if you are in the mood for a show.


Nice place just like any other movie theater


I showed up at 10:25 for a 10:05 movie. Apparently their policy is 15 minutes (the length of an average preview) A customer was walking outside as I walked in. I had no idea the door was locked. The manager, who was not rude at all, he was just doing his "job," but was very very young, refused me despite offering to pay and the fact I was already inside. The only reason I went to super 8, on a work trip, as a tax payer, was to see a movie and relax before work tomorrow... I explained this; I'm sure the kid cared; but maybe he's too young to interpret context. I was in the building with money in hand at 10:25!!!! This wasn't riff raff, this was a guy already inside, trying to pay, trying to unwind before work... If you have a movie scheduled where people are still leaving at 10:25 with the door open and want to be "soup nazis" from Seinfeld about timing maybe don't time things so closely or hire/train a manager mature enough to interpret context. I've been here before and everything was great, I would really appreciate an adult contacting me to resolve this as every kid in there was about 16 or younger


Every time we come here they always give us the wrong time. You can tell them very clearly the time of the showing and they still seem to mess it up. They just assume you are going to the current showing even if you say a later time. We have told ownership and management and all we got was a oh sorry. Basically they didnt offer to fix it or address it and they didnt even offer us compensation. If it continues I will drive down to Denver. I wanna support local but not when it is this bad

Jeremiah Schwenk

Ran by children but no issues maybe a little teen angst always very few people in a full size theatre good experience

gage emmons

Great Movie Theature, Just A Little Pricey, In Oregon We Have $1.50 Movies, New And Old, Here Its Almost $20 Per Person, Makes A Date Expensive.

Johan Lindstrom

Good cinema but awful hot dogs!!

Arizona Dave

Hard to find but once there, very nice facility.

John Kirkpatrick

Great theater and staff

Jim Hutter

Thank G.. for this, the only decent multiplex cinema in Summit County.

PinkyN theBrain

Great place for a late movie with the wife.

Samantha steen


Jon Liebendorfer

Great place to go for an evening with family and friends away from the crazy Summit nightlife.

Tom Driemeyer

Comfortable clean excellent sound quality great popcorn

Raymond Wold

Overpriced tickets and food for a dated theater. Where does the money go? I'm assuming the owner lives in a multimillion dollar mansion and let's the public pay for it. Only theater around. I will not be returning and if you want to see a new movie just go to Denver.

Kyle Johnson

Clearly run by teenagers and college kids. Exceptionally rude service. Will not come back.

Erik Woog

Convenient location, friendly staff, not too crowded, however Theater seating way too upright, and restrooms or poorly kept.

Jennifer Horsegirl

The prices are great! The theaters are clean!

Aaron Raufman

I rarely go to the movies, but when I do; I indulge. I love being able to stuff my face with over priced garbage every once and a while, that's one of the things that makes going to the movies great! This obviously isn't a health food shop so if you're looking for your gluten free, no high fructose corn syrup, certified natural organic fruits and veggies, don't go to this theater. And while you're not, tell me how many movie theaters you find that offer you "healthy" snack options anyway. This, being the only movie theater in the area, doesn't take advantage of this fact. You can expect to be treated normally, charged competitively and offered the same typical spread of soda and snacks to knock decades off your potential lifespan.

Chris Francis

Comfortable seating. Prices could be a bit lower. Do not pay for their snack bar, prices are unacceptable. The only way to let them know we will nor acept their prices is to avoid purchases and complain about the gouging. We always have a bite to eat before entering the theater.

Gone Ballistic

The sizes are small, the prices are crazy, refills are expensive, and the screens are fairly small.there's better ways to watch movies

Mark Strobel

Not getting the movie "Super Troopers 2" for 4-20. Great, i can watch Ted and Ted 2 at home instead

Hylah Patton

Terrible sound. No “surround sound” for Thor Ragnarok even after I asked. $80 for sub par experience.

paly waly

Very rude employees. When I would ask a question they would just stare and look at each other and walk away. Never been to a movie theater that allowed there employees to be rude. Very unprofessional.

Diane Mandile

Clean. Friendly staff. But manager couldn't be bothered to handle supply needs in the bathroom after being asked twice.

Kenneth Coburn

Great date night.

Tom Christy

Nice little theater, not crowded.

lane quinn

Classic movie theater, clean and roomy. Butter yo own popcorn! Prices are a little whack though..

George Du

Great customer service. Only annoyance I can think of is that they contract online ticket reservations to another company, which charges a $1.25 convenience fee.

Labella Driver

Love local discount, it seems like the tourists get all they want in this town so is nice to know this place still cares for locals. Yay! I Had been coming here for years and the staff is always high school type but very helpful so far I been happy with this place.

Patsy Miller

70 years old & had to let them inspect my purse ... old granola bar had to be taken back out to the car! Won’t ever come back.

Nicholas Pulito

Good selection of current movies. Nice theater.

Stephara Greenhagen

Staff is always friendly, screens are nice and seats are comfy. Prices are comparable to any other theater (which is good being the only one for many miles). It's great to see so many of the local high schoolers working and interacting with the community. They always recognize us and say hi. Of course there aren't any "healthy" snack options, it's a movie theater. But it's fun to be a glutton on occasion, that's the point of going to the movies in my opinion.

Stuart Brock

It's a little older, but the seats are nice and the sound is good. It's also not very crowded at this time of year :)

Richard Hammett

Theater was nice, but three youth sitting next to us ruined it for my wife. Afterward when we spoke to the manager on duty we received no satisfaction. She was told she should have left the theater and complained, meaning SHE would miss the movie. That means the person not at fault is the one who loses the movie viewing. She was not happy with the response.

Michelle Hathaway

Awesome theatre! Very quaint. Not a “city folk” place, because it is still quite small. Always pleasant staff. Should really install an IMAX. Just saying...

Nickolas viau

Nice spot to see a movie. Clean and modern. Tickets are fairly priced too.

Shane Kell

Pretty good seating and nice theater rooms. Even though there is a line right before movies start, they get everyone their tickets fast.

Drew Lafferty

Nice spot.

Stephen Tifft

Good movie theater, it's easy to buy your tickets online ahead of time and print them out when you get there, which I would recommend because there is usually a line for tickets right before showtime. The seats are comfortable and generally isn't too crowded unless you go on a big movie premiere. They have good concessions and the bathrooms are pretty clean. You can tell the movie theater is a bit older and could use a renovation in about 5 years. Seeing as this is the only choice for a multi-theater movie theater, you're kinda stuck going here but it's a good theater and has reasonable prices.

Jonathan Hall

All the food is overpriced trash. Not one healthy option and not allowed to bring your own snacks in. The way you're treated for trying to do so is appalling, like you're single handedly bringing Hollywood down with your actions. It's a shame as their screens are good and seats comfortable.

J Schenk

So terrible. Always, always dirty and gross cinemas. But today they couldn’t get the movie to play at all and failed to communicate with the audience and offer refunds in a timely manner. Awful service.

Derek Chen-Becker

Older theater but well kept. Has a surprisingly wide variety of movies playing. Great for a rainy day or break from the beautiful outdoors

Tom Castrigno

State of the art projection and sound system. Comfy chairs with room to move around during those longer films.

Diana Brantley

Nice movie theater but the price for seeing a movie is outrageous. Even the matinees aren't matinees prices

Rigo Zubia

Ok not crowded at all

Vu Vo

Just like every other theater.

JC Baltz Wildblueyonder

Very clean, excellent staff, just a very nice experience.

Simeon Hill

almost always has some kind of malfunction audio-visual floors aren't clean movies are low-budget but if you're up in summit county going to the movie theaters maybe you should get your head checked.

Kevin Lewis

Good theater, comfortable seats. Always clean.

Gabriel Long


Leslie Jones

Attitude is give me your money. Where did customer service go?

Jim Roberts

Great place, the food cost my kids their college educations though.

Lee McGirt

Cute! Quaint! Local feel and clean! Could use some updates but nostalgia has its place!

Chris Knaffle

Typical movie theatre. Nothing sticks out as being exceptionally good or bad about it. Typical high prices for popcorn and everything else. The only place in the area where you can see movies.

Tanya Shattuck

Great place for our movie needs.

Gabe Long

Good popcorn new movies and just i nice building all around

Eric H

Apathetic staff, stale popcorn, & poor communication to customers. The largest concern I had during my first and last visit to this theater was that there were multiple movie showings waiting to be seated and there was no communication by the ticket taker. Many people who where already able to be seated ended up waiting in a cluster of other guests who were themselves waiting to be seated for one of two different movie showings who's screen rooms were not open for seating. Never mind that the auditoriums were not ready until 15 min before the showtime, the bigger issue was that there was a large group of people who were left guessing if they were supposed to wait or able to be seated.

Jessica Kocak

Incredibly dirty theater. Just came in for the 6:30 showing of Star Wars and our theater still has tons of popcorn and napkins on the floor. My boots are now even covered in popcorn (which isn’t even mine). As a previous employee of Cinemark, I’m aware of what is expected of a theater and this is NOT how you clean a theater between showings.

Grant Binkley

This isn't a big theater but has great sound systems and comfortable seats. The last movie I watched there was over three hours long and I never felt uncomfortable. The staff was fast and friendly. There is also plenty of parking without having to walk far at all. A great place to go.

Ellen Berns

Absolutely the most ridiculous policy on food - a family member of mine has food allergies and colitis and needs to eat specific foods regularly. The manager wouldn’t let her bring in her snacks. They only sell junk that she cannot eat. There should ALWAYS be exceptions to the rules in this day and age, especially around food. The manager was also extremely rude and inflexible. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

Matt Taylor

Decent prices, bummed the seats didn't recline, but still pretty comfortable.

dan wester

Semi friendly staff. Everything was dirty. Loud patrons that staff did nothing about. My wife had her bag searched checking for "outside food" would have left but my daughter really wanted to see a movie.

pat kraus

worked really well to get tickets for my large family and pick up at the kiosk....

Kraig Schlueter

Decent movie theater however the cost of snack and drinks here is the highest I've seen at any movie theater anywhere.

Thomas Wolf

Pretty standard movie Plex. Clean. Comfortable seats.

Tammy Hibbard

So we looked this place up and saw they had $7 movie night on Tues & Wed so we went. We were asked if we were local and when we said no they said out-of-towners pay full price of $10.25! I jokingly said "because we're tourists to your town we're punished, lol" to which the teenage girl seriously responded, "well, we have to put up with all the extra traffic you bring in". She was not joking back. The cleanliness of the theater was about a 5 and the seats are terribly uncomfortable. They are straight backed and do not recline at all. Not much leg room either. If you're going to advertise a lower price then clarify that people who don't live here, yet make this town able to exist because we spend a ton of $$ to rent condos and patronize your businesses, are exempt from your discounts.

Donny Cryer

Experience is inconsistent. The first time I visited, the volume was too low. The second time, the volume was fine, but the center channel was not balanced properly. The theatres also do not seem to be well cleaned between showings. They claim that their mission is to provide a "big city movie theatre experience", but they don't seem to take this seriously.

Coleman Williams

Great. And never to crowded.

Melissa Hawkins

This was a nice theater. Enjoyed my experience.

Tully Bartel

Typical movie theater. Sometimes have 3D movies.

Julie Kelley

The kids working here couldn't have acted more put out than they did having to do their jobs. The snacks were good and priced decent. Theater itself was comfortable with stadium seating and warm, sound was good. Just need more pleasant workers who act like they marginally enjoy interacting with the public.

Michael Rowley

I like the theatre itself, comfortable seats, good audio and video quality and it is clean, however the popcorn is terrible as well as the "butter" topping. Both really suck. I would give the theatre a 5 if they upgraded the quality of the popcorn and butter topping. I usually go to Harkins Theatres in Denver and Phoenix and they use fresh popped pop corn and the butter topping is favorful.

Ben Boyd

Nice and clean.

carrie blount

One of one of the worst theater I have ever been in. We went to get our seats and as we where walking up their was a sign That stated no food and drinks in theater. I am I to I told them I had sugar Skittles in my purse that I am on a insulin pump I'm diabetic and it's hooked into my arm and sometimes I go low and those are to bring my blood sugar. The manager Mr. Blake told me there is no food and candy in thought a toria if you want to go buy some if you go low your you can. I told him I had already purchased it to carry around with me as a carry it everywhere. He then gave me the number to the owner which the number was disconnected he then called a random number from his phone that I don't know well speaking to and they said they were thousands of miles away and could do nothing I gave him back his phone he said no I still could not take the candian and I told him I would not go in without something to bring my blood sugar up if I went low. He then gave us back our money and continue to talk chit with the teenagers that work to their about us. They do not care about anyone safety all they care about is their underlying dollar we paid almost $40 to see godzilla movie as it was new and we're going to buy our own popcorn and drinks not trying to sneak anything in. If you are out of town trying to have fun here and Dylan are Breckenridge do not go to dylan's theater especially if you have a handicap they do not care. Pick any other theater

Sean Gannon

Best theater in the area.

Mary Lockard

A local theater with no frills, just good movies.

sami moring

..the seats SUCK, completely straight up&down, NO RECLINING @ALL, UNCOMFORTABLE!! no 3D, ok, itd be cool if it did but im ok w/out it, but w/sh!tty chairs, damn, get something right!! i have to pay $10 for a seat that sux? that aint right..paid $1 for 3 tokens, shouldn't I get 4? paid 3 tokens for 1 pinball game, thats ridiculous, b/c it s 2 per game..dont really care, but still after paying $11.50 for a med drink and nachos, it all adds up to negatives, no positives...none it's not bitching&complaining when it's all true. *summary= this place sux just like all of the movie theatres w/in 30 miles near me but, I don't have any choice..not fair.

standard Bloch

Had an incident and had to talk to management a few different times. But in the end they did the absolute right thing. And they were respectable towards me the entire time.

Lacey Kirwan

After buying a popcorn and large drink for 18 bucks, while 7 employees ran around and had to repeatedly ask each other to get the items because they were too busy goofing off to handle the only two people in line, the ticket taking girl still wants to search my bag. Never bother wasting your money at this establishment.

Ricardo Bustos

Great picture excellent sound system

Terry Reader

Nice theater, good prices and current movies.

Shiloh Nachtrieb

Decent prices for tickets. Food is pricey. Could use some more regular cleaning.


Movie theater is nice it’s a little generic if comparing to Harkins or any other big theaters, popcorn is delicious, to bad I can’t say the same thing for the customer service here; employees don’t care. If something happens like inappropriate trailer for a kids movie and you have a question, the managers run away from confrontation and tell employees to say nothing. But overall it’s okay but don’t expect too much from a small theater.

Amy Barrington

They need the leather recliner chairs the ones they have are so uncomfortable! Very overpriced!

Peter Mcclure

Movie was good but, the place has a lack of professionalism.

Carol Flower

It's usually pretty dirty. The screens are mediocre in size and the seats are pretty uncomfortable. It's an ok experience but it could use some upgrading.

Jen Goertz

This is a pretty small theater but they have a good number of showings. Always clean and very helpful staff. They have a self serve kiosk but it doesn't always work

Leigh Barberia

We enjoyed seeing the movie......

Adam Vernon

Been going here for years, cool place. Had a weird experience recently with one of the staff but talked to the manager and all is well. Cool people, nice local theater.

Tiffany Chambers

Very amazing place. Love going here to watch movies.

The Real Chris & Christy

Do not ever go to this establishment. For one thing, the place is dirty. The employees are about 12 years old and theythey literally ask to dig in your bag or purse. It's one thing to asked to look, but to literally dig through it? This is total BS and theythey so rude about doing it. God forbid I forget to take out the pack of gum I'd have in there! I'll never go back and neither should you. So many better places you can watch movies..

Alex Haberkorn

Been coming here since we were kids and still the same great place!

reffer man

Good theater for the price

Mo Esch

Only movie theater around but it is top notch. Comfortable seating, great location and clean.

Heather Weber-Langvardt

Great theater for a small town, only downside is sometimes there are issues with the auditoriums being fully cleaned. Works with Movie Pass, which is amazing!

Amy Perchick

Local theatre with the usual concessions. Stadium seating and good sound.

Gaston Feuereisen

venue is clean and staff is nice. The biggest problem I have is the options for food, I went there yesterday and because there isn't one healthy choice in there I decided to buy my two kids something to have at the movie somewhere else. They asked me to toss it or finished it. I think we should be allowed to have a choice to come in with two smoothies instead of the high fructose corn syrup infused choices they offer. There isn't one organic option for popcorn, all flavored with who-knows-what. They also offer candy, sugar to ask a kid to sit still at the movie??? Love the options for movies but I think the rules should change.I will still go there but I think forcing people to an overpriced soda is just wrong.

Fredo Corpus

I love this place, good service overall but I am disappointed in the way the classification of a movie is respected here. I went to see The Nun but the room was full of kids which of course they were not seeing the movie but laughing, talking, whistling. Me and my party had to leave the show and after me I see another theee adults walking behind me because was ridiculously uncomfortable to be there and not enjoying the movie. (I had the same experience with the movie It at this same location)

Braun Horner

This chain of theaters is a nice one. Expect a clean inside and some good food.

Jacob Anderson

First time going to the movies up here in the mountains, very pleasant experience, comfy seats, fair prices

Dennis Edwardson

The seats are comfortable, and it is a nice little theater, but don't buy the popcorn. It is always stale. It is never warm and doesn't taste good. I think they use left over popcorn from the day before.

Brendan Kosovich

Make sure you bring sunglasses in with you to this movie theater!!! Once the movie is done, you're stepping outside from a dark room into a sunny, high altitude environment; so you'll fry your eyes if you don't bring sunglasses. The theater itself is pretty nice. The staff could've been more friendly, and the movie I saw here was really quiet. I thought someone would say something to the staff (maybe they did); either way it was too quiet but I didn't want to miss any part of the movie so I didn't want to ask to have them up the volume.


Kids running the entire place. Stale popcorn, poor customer service. I asked if the popcorn was fresh and he said it was made today. (Stale) Smelly and most of all very dirty inside the theater, Wet floors with spilled soda and trash all over. Please note it has not been cleaned in a long time. Tired to post pictures but it didn’t work at the time.

Andree Barg

This place is horrible! They do not allow people with food allergies or Type 1 Diabetics to bring in emergency juice boxes and food for hypoglycemia. The staff simply says they have glucose tabs for that and they believe they are not violating ADA regulations because of this. As a parent of a Type 1 Diabetics, this is not acceptable.

Wendy Hurd

Loved the kids portion of popcorn, snack and drink

Christina Gutierrez

Good family theater

Daniel Bily

All employees are very kind and good workers. Especially Max Applebaugh. He is hard working and willing to help anyone. I recommend to talk to him and I believe that the boss should give him a promotion.

Whitni Hey

Great! Loved it! :) Friendly staff and clean. Yummy popcorn...good sound and comfy chairs...

Phillip Hart

Yes, the food is overpriced, but if you try any of the other theaters within 40 miles, this one is top notch. You can pay way more to go to Cinebistro, or have terrible, downright painful seating. If you can afford the best, go for it, otherwise this is definitely the next best thing.

Betty Noonan

Nice quiet place

Max Stappler

I come from NYC where it cost $16 To see a movie Skyline Cinema $7

Sara Howell

The service is ridiculously slow and they were out of root beer, Sprite, and hotdog buns.

Robin Rothman

Great kids work here... Always good picture and sound

Michael Collins

Nice theater, often not too packed, perfect sizes for both drinks and popcorn, food can be awfully expensive, however, there are deals that can cut the cost of 17$ down 7$, which is a good deal to cut off 10$, albeit, not the best price. The popcorn is fine, however, most of the heat comes from the butter, which can be found at a butter dispenser, that can be hard to notice. The local staff is wonderful! And, in response to a review I saw, they are NOT 12 year olds nor 11 year olds (although, I've seen some 12 year olds that could do this job and are mature enough to do so, but, can't due to child work laws), most of them are 15-17 and are quite nice & mature. The theater is fairly standard, the movies are well planned. I would've rated this a 4 star, if it wasn't for their staff whom help and work wonderfully!

Breana K

Nice theater, negative is, if you seem like you might be carrying in candy that you didn't buy there they will search ya. Never had a problem with that though. Super nice staff. They need to update their ticket machine.

Victoria Uglyar

Great seating, and a very good selection of movies, there is lots of parking and everyone is super nice and helpful

Mechanic Matt

Not bad for a small local cinema!

Mark Halpin

Clean, great place to catch a movie. Good location. Snack bar closes early is the only downside to catching a movie there.

Sidney Watson

The movie was great, but there were so many unattended children and preteens snap chatting, talking, and using flash the whole time. There should be some sort of security to stop stuff like that from happening because I may not ever go again in fear that my movie will be ruined by children with no supervision.

Catherine North

Comfortable, clean, but I can't believe how many commercials they showed before the previews. I felt like I was home watching tv.


Skyline Cinema 8 en Colorado
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