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1230 S Hover Road, Longmont, CO 80501 Located in: Village at the Peaks

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REVIEWS OF Regal Village at the Peaks 12 & RPX IN Colorado

Daniel Hindes

Great local theater. I'm glad it's here. The seats are super comfortable and it's always reasonably clean. I'd say it's my first choice for movies, but I have to drive at least half an hour to go anywhere else. So I'm glad that it's a pretty decent theater.

Susie Pickett

Love the declining chairs.

Brock Bigard

Comfortable, assigned seating, friendly staff, serves beer (3 max). Our favorite place to go to catch a movie. (Not related to Regal, but the location is great, since there are lots of restaurants in the area to eat at before you hit the flick)

tonya stockwell

Concessions are really expensive but it was really clean and comfy

Rosanne Ortscheid

I can finally go to see movies because of the recliners. Very comfortable and is kept clean.

Janice Grubbs

Great movie. Popcorn was good and security is pretty descent as well.

Gabriela Silk

My family bought tickets to a show. 40 Minutes before the show started we called to get a refund because of an unforeseen emergency. The manager sends us to a broken refund link through the ticket confirmation email. He had said that we can still get a refund up to 30 minutes after the show started through this link. We called back to tell him about the broken link and he said "Sorry, there's nothing I can do about that, you'll have to call regal customer service number." So we did and they said that refunds can only happen 30 minutes BEFORE the showtime. We called the manager back again and about the information he SHOULD have known and he again said there is nothing he could do. If the manager had known the proper information and regal and the theater had their heads on straight, we wouldn't have wasted so much time resolving a mistake on their behalf and cancelling the payment through our credit card. This is a perfect example of a management team with zero management skills or any interest in customer loyalty. Super disappointed with Regal's incompetent franchise hiring and overall customer service management. Will not return to this theater again. It's a bummer because the seats and overall experience is generally nice.

Brett Steege

Comfortable seats.

bill eckert

Great modern theater. Recliner seats. Go online and reserve the seat you want

Grace Baldwin

High prices but what can you expect from a major movie theater. Great seats though

Deb Martinez

It's good to finally have a theater in Longmont again. Pretty nice theater. Not as nice as the flatirons theater and chairs are not as comfortable either. But it's nice to see a movie without driving out if town to do so.

Tait Barber

Usher told us the wrong theater


Nice theater. Friendly staff.


Great movie aside from the 4 teenage girls that sat next to us laughing and talking the entire time. People need to teach their children respect and manners instead of dropping them off at the theater unsupervised for hours


Great place to catch a movie. Always friendly staff. Never dirty and seats are great.

Dillon Walter

Pretty good viewing experience but over all the new lobby/box-office combo layout is a little strange and makes me feel a bit out of touch with the 'out to the movies' scene. Great new seating tho so I'll probably go back a few more times and give it another shot

Rob Chilcott

Seats are too comfortable. I fell asleep what with the recliners and all. No I need to see Captain marvel again. Jeez

Dan Twing

Love the recliner seating and walkways without others having to get up so you can get by. Great to buy tickets in advance online. RPX is nice, but overpriced for the difference compared to the regular theaters. That's the good. The bad: only one way too small set of bathrooms off the lobby; too few for a 12 screen theater. Sadly, they skimped on other amenities in the lobby. Its plain and no high end coffee, ice cream or other services offered like at the newest theater in Boulder. They have added more food, and the burger and fries were quite good, so next time you are running to a movie with too little time to eat first, try the new hot food options. I was pleasantly surprised.

Jennifer Owen

Thank you, Josh, for your assistance. We visit this theater regularly and will be seeing many more movies here. Today, I was seated next to someone who brought young children to a movie that was not designated as a family showing. The kids did not stop talking and playing even after I asked them (parent left them unaccompanied to go back out after coming in several minutes into the movie). Upon the parent’s return, the kids continued to talk and play. I finally, after making eye contact several times, asked the parent to do something. It did not end well, so I left the theater to ask for assistance. Josh handled the situation immediately and professionally.

Katie Klinger

The theater is clean. You can reserve your seat in advance, choosing where you want to sit. The seats are recliners--big and comfy with cup holders. The staff were funny and professional and seemed to enjoy their work. I look forward to watching more movies here.

asher smasher

I like it. The staff are very nice, and the snacks are usually pretty good. Expensive though, but that's typical of movie theaters. The real value is in the seats. All if the seats recline for a nice relaxed environment to watch a horror movie in. Ada compliant, there are wheelchair accessible seating areas and outlets there too if you need to charge your chair. No clue what they have for captions, but the option to have them is there and well displayed. Braille on various signs. Overall, a nice experience. An upper-middle good experience.

Miranda Yo

The staff are nice and quick. The screens are in high quality and they display the newest features. The seats are comfy and recline nicely. The sound is balanced and at a good volume. All in all, a great time.

Amieya Martinez

The old guy scanning our tickets wasn’t just rude to us but was rude to other people in the line. Once it got to us he was extremely rude and so we went to get our refund because we were denied getting in the movie. When we went to the guest stand we were met by an extremely rude female manager who didn’t even let us finish a sentence, I was also explaining to her the situation with the rude old guy and she again interrupted with an attitude which is when I said she was being rude to. We were then told she was not going to give us a refund ( a 55$ refund for the tickets we just bought) when I asked to speak to a manager that wasn’t going to be rude she laughed at us. And walked off

Kevin Mills

Ordered two tickets called to change days to view movie they were so kind and helpfull the guy who helped us forgot his name but he's a manager but was kind helpfull and was very easy to change days thank you for a good time at the movies seen movies here before always clean and helpful staff

James Smith

Love the reclining seats. Good sound quality and roomy.

Erich Otto

Good viewing experience. Like the reserved tickets and reclining chairs.

Deanna S

I had to ask for earplugs because of the volume. It was still too loud. Had a massive headache within minutes. There is no reason to have it that loud. Thank you, Regal, for ruining date night.

Rosemary Castronuovo

Good. And a sweet gentleman employee help me set up my Regal app and retrieve my points !

Zanderz McCluer

Great theatre! The staff was helpful in directions and I got to have some delicious food during mib international. It was amazing!

Katie Hultman

We love this movie theater. Clean, awesome chairs, and the fancy screen is cool. Our favorite place to see movies. Plus there are a ton of great restaurants in the area if you're doing dinner or grabbing a drink before the show.

Al Johnson

Always Great, friendly staff.

Sue G

This place has comfy roomie recliners to sit on and good pop corn

Zac Carr

Always a fantastic experience! They even gave me a gift card for the price if a ticket once because the online time and location time were 30 minutes different! Love this place!

Tanya Mander

Went and saw a movie at Regal Premium Experience (RPX). The screen was huge and the sound was great! The recliners were comfortable and clean. The popcorn is absolutely the best! I would recommend the back 3 rows in the RPX theater, they would provide the best seating. Enjoy!

Kathryn Fierro

It was a good movie, and the best part, there were only 8 people in the theatre.

James Mongold

Great theater. I do wish they'd dedicate at least one screen to films that are more indie or edgy. How many screens do you need Transformers-style movies on, anyway? Overall, though - good place to see a movie. Comfortable chairs, they have beer, and even a little arcade if you're into that.

The Slayer

Awesome. AND "BREATHTAKING" Keanu Reeves.

Rebekah Noethlich

Nice and clean. Serves wine and beer.

Don Adams

Well, we just moved to Longmont and don't get to go out and enjoy ourselves often. I love going to the movies and this regal is the most comfortable clean movie experience we have had in a long time a smiling friendly staff and great concessions. I could pretty much move I'm and love Thanks for making our rare family exp exceptional my four-year-old my wife and I enjoyed it immensely. Great job, Regal!

Christopher Mooney

Nice theater in Longmont. Seating is reserved and they have recliners to enjoy your movie. Pricing for concessions is expensive.

Lynn Mitchell

Very comfortable. We love the recliners. Air conditioning is great. Manager helped with our ticket order. Great customer service.

Gwen Jones

Nice picture, surround sound, and comfortable recliner seating. A bit pricey, but fun for a once in a while treat.

Todd Walsh

After a movie make sure to check out Next Door and to try the Kale Chips! Kids will love them promise.

Barbara Gonzalez

Excellent theater and very clean & comfortable.

Kayla Delury

Always a nice, well kept place! Staff are really nice too! Theaters are clean & chairs are comfy! Food is a bit over priced, but what movie theater popcorn isn't a bit expensive! Tastes good & you can get extra butter free of charge!

jim connelly

Decent food, better than other regals I have eaten at, also a larger menu than most. Good customer service. Personable hosts and employees and the theater and lobby are both clean. Bathroom also clean. Have not experienced icee machine ever being out of order or anything out of stock. Very visually pleasing out front with a large rectangular fire put leading up to the front doors and the box office. Some showtimes were a bit over priced.

Hannah Rodriguez

I love this movie theater it is very cozy! They have great seats that recline and are clean and it is a very nice theater. The staff is very nice and the popcorn is great! Great prices also!

Jeff Mason

Nice theater. Good seats with manual recline, good screens and sound systems.

Eric Phelan

Reserved seating. A bit pricey, but exceptionally comfortable as far as theaters go. They could easily add another row into each theater, but opted for stretch seating and reserved spaces insteas. Can get crowded Friday nights pretty quickly. Recommend buying your tickets ahead of time.

Amberlea Rose

Movie house, fairly standard. Off hours or early times are a lot better.

Laurel Purpura-Wilson

Please put the ropes for the concession line quiue back. Other than that, always a great time!

lemons apples

GET THE REGAL APP! I went to the movies a lot this summer and i was able to get a $2 dollar large popcorn with the app credit a few times. You get 1 point for every penny you spend, that's very generous for the amount of money you can spend going to the movies. The best credit redemption is the 7,000 credits for a free small popcorn and you can just pay to upgrade it (~$2). Anyway the theater is always nicely kept and the staff is very kind every time i've been. I really hope they keep these high standards. The seats are reclining and comfy. I just overall love this theater. Having the app lets you pick your seats and arrive even after the movie credits with your guaranteed seats. It's truly a brilliant idea.

Barb grexa

Movie prices just keep going up. Chairs were comfy, but why fix what ain't broke??? Just so they can raise prices, cuz they lost seats with the remodel?

nick duffy

Service is always fast and the theaters always clean. Great theater.

Peggy Deloge

Very nice movie theater! Nice seats and usually a good variety of shows to pick from. Snacks a little pricey.

Lynette Loew

Quite clean and very comfy movie theater. All the seats recline fully and even prop your feet up. You do have to pick your seats ahead of time, and the seats in the very front are too close to the screen to be comfortable.

Warren Musselman

Very nice clean facility, awesome seats. Typical movie fare though as far as food is concerned. They do have beer and wine and such.

Yana August

Just perfect. Very clean, easy to navigate, friendly workers, and pretty great deals if you're planning a first date but don't want to hurt your wallet. Will definitely watch a film here again.

Aron Patzkowsky

Just another overpriced theat.

Gary V.

that place is in Longmont so movie theater first time I've been one to that that has stadium seating. Each seat had its own cup holder good food rather large assortment hot dogs hamburgers and all that. and Hugh Giles to walk in front of and everything. That's what amaze me the most from the front of my feets the back of the next year in front of me was a good six to eight feet that's right I said feet it was unbelievable pricey but you were in the lap of luxury

Mark Robinson

Had an excellent time here today thanks to the regal team. Enjoyed refill on large soda and large popcorn, great deal. Venue has fantastic atmosphere and exterior, we'll be back again soon.

Daniel Brewington

As always a comfortable experience. No long lines and very friendly and helpful staff.

Philip Townsend

Best theater experience in recent memory. The RPX screen is huge, and the recliners are a nice touch. It's clean, too!

Loretta Washburn

Enjoyed the movies and popcorn and pop. I really loved the reclining seats. Excellent overall experience.

Nichole Lee

Had a great experience at the theatre. We watched Hobbs and Shaw. Very comfortable recliners

Lady B'gok

This place has awesome sound quality in the theaters. I used to always go to a different theater but i am quite happy with being a regular at this one now

Amber Jones

Great theater love the seats

Kellie Rarick

Went 5-2019 Very enjoyable eve. With my husband. I just can't get over the concession prices. A small popcorn 7.50! Holy smokes. I can't imagine what a family pays for a night at the movies. Time to put snacjs in the purse.

Johnny Lam

Comfortable seats, small crowds, and clean. We ordered tickets through atom, selected our seats, and didn't have to wait in a single line for a blockbuster movie, captain marvel, on a Saturday night. They offer adult beverages and good overall experience. Like any movie theater the prices aren't spectacularly cheap but for an outing here or there it's good.

Forever Calm

Would recommend you get your tickets off the app or ahead of time for the best possible seats. If someone is in your seats just let an employee know and they'll handle the issue for you. Theater has large comfy recliner seats that can be extended by lifting the armrest up.

ashley gallagher

Very nice theater! I really enjoyed the atmosphere before even going into the building with the fire pit outside and all the different stores around. A good option for concessions, they even sell alcohol there. You can purchase tickets ahead of time on fandango or atom and also reserve your seats. The seats recline and are fairly comfortable as well. My family and I enjoyed seeing a movie at this theater and will most definitely go again sometime!

mysti anders

Love the seats

Larame Spence

Longmont has historically had very average movie theaters, but this place (the RPX theater in particular) is beautiful. Prices are not low, but then they really aren't low anywhere. I love that there is a nice, clean place to go out with my lady without having to make the trek to Denver Boulder, or Ft Collins.

James Williams

Always enjoy this place. Reserve good seats as early as you can, and allow ample time for the concession stand.

Hector M

I love our theater! Yeah, it's not perfect but it's in our little town. The staff always does their job, the popcorn is fresh, the bathrooms are clean and they have have beer what more could you ask for. Also, Longmont people are not weenies, they always turn off their cell phones (awesomeness). The sound system can blow you away, so sometimes I wear my ear plugs - I do suggest that they check the sound levels with a sound meter. I don't care how much the tickets are , I'll keep coming here.

Nathan Murra

Matinee prices are good. The seats are some of the best I've found at a movie theater.


Amazing experience. I've only been to 2 movie places in my life. And the one in my small town is and old school not updated theater. I was amazed bu this place.

Dana Martinez

We enjoy their reasonable prices and friendly staff

Claudia Cook

Always a great place to see a movie, the seats are so comfortable.


So this is the new movie theater in town. It very nice and clean with some great seating. I have taken the grandkids here they really enjoy the new movies. Tickets for 5, popcorn and drinks better be ready for the shock. But it’s all good to see the smiles.

Tiger Lyons

This place is very expensive, though such is perhaps because they need to recoup funds for a new building & pay for an expensive lease in a new mall. That aside, the facilities are as expected. I took away 1 star because they have very few showings during my kid's school hours, so I'm only rarely (3 times since they were built (2014? 2015?) able to see a(n expensive) movie there. They'd have even more of my money if not for that, as I'd budget for about once/month.

Shell A

Its pretty expensive these days! The establishment is very nice, though! Super comfy seats, good popcorn & food selection and overall beautiful theatre.

Faye Martin

We like watching movies issues

R Gonzales

It is great to have a local theater in Longmont and although I would have preferred an actual Mall, it is nice to have some restaurant choices nearby for a meal before or after the movie. The theater is clean and I love the popcorn.

Joel Coopersmith

This is a clean, close theater. They have all the latest releases and new hot films. However, the theaters are sort of small, which makes finding a seat for several patrons problematic at times. And, the prices on the snacks are pretty expensive. We never get food or drinks here because it cost so much. While I often attend this theater, if it's full, the one in Boulder is about $2 cheaper and often has available seating.

Breanne Ehrlich

Super convenient location and clean facility! The theatre is right in the middle of the Peak shopping center so it’s surrounded by food and drink. I love the recliner seats and all of the room in the aisles- you don’t feel so claustrophobic. Movies and snacks are expensive now-a-days so it’s nice to be able to enjoy it in a big, cushy and clean recliner chair. You can also reserve your seat online when you purchase your ticket. I love this feature because it allows you to get there with no rush to “get a good seat”. They also serve adult beverages! Definitely recommend this theatre!

Carol Lynn

Why does the entire place smell like a bathroom?

Jane Platt

No really bad seats in the theatre. Comfy, clean, good place to see movies!

Dora Davis

I enjoy going to the movies often but I do not like how cold and incomfotabel it is the entire movie. and of course it being summer you would you wouldn't think you would need one,frustrating....


Nice service and reclining chairs. Free popcorn refills.

Allen Thornton

Matinee showings are always less expensive. Don't let your date game you into showing after 4 pm. Do the movie first early in the day then dinner before 3:30 pm; you will spend less out of pocket cost.


I liked how the seat reclines but holy crap was it expensive, had to pay like $16 per adult to see a movie. In my opinion there should be staff there to kick out the rude and obnoxious people. A group came in with a 3 year old child that kept crying and talking out loud during the whole freaking movie, i have no idea why anyone would bring a child that young to the movies other than to ruin other people experience. How about the people and their 300 snacks that have heavy duty wrap? Like geez idk why you cannot sit still for 2 hours to watch a movie without having a intense battle with the snack wrap. Movie theater would benefit alot if they hire employees to kick these annoying people out.

Britton Johnson

I was honestly really surprised at how cool this cinema was. I was surprised at how cheap the tickets were, the reclining seats as well as the smaller theater size. Everything I wasn't used to from Oklahoma and Florida movie theaters. A great experience in a fantastic theater as well as friendly and knowledgeable staff. I did not order any food so I cannot comment on the price or quality of that.

jcsolvant c

It's a great addition to the "mall" just wish they would have budgeted for more bathroom space. Movie 1.5 hrs. Line for toilet 30 min

Ofelia Pena

It's awesome place good customer service

Sean Dykstra

The reclining seats are not comfortable to get into. Once adjusted they are fine I am a 6' male, and always feel like I need to recline the seats, then "adjust my pants" because they rode up while reclining. If they wanted to easily get to a 4 star rating, they need to offer flexible straws. It is nearly impossible to drink from your straw when your soda is full and you are in the reclining position. I try to drink down about an inch of my drink before I recline because if I dont I will spill some on me.

Keith Wood

How can there be only 1A bathroom with 3 stand up urinals for the men with 1200 capacity people they definitely need more bathroom space.

shawna quezada

Awesome place comfy recliner seats

Rosemary James

One of the most comfortable theaters I've ever been to! The seats are big recliners and the aisles leave plenty of room.

Adrian Palmer

OK place for movies, but I feel wall postings in lobby are way too high to comfortably read and bathrooms are woefully inadequate and poorly designed for traffic flow.

Houdini 2U

This theater it's easy to access, and clean. Friendly staff and lots of good choices nearby. They also have an app that gives you points towards free food and tickets.

Julia Hutt

Very comfortable and good food, but a bit to loud for younger kids and very expensive.

J Ote

Beautiful clean theatre. Comfy seats. A little chilly with the a/c.

Dan McKenzie

I will miss this place. Rewards system is great!

Robert Chilcott

Reclining seats even I fit in. And choosing your seat in advance is a big perk

alainah hemker

would give a zero if i could. man scanning our tickets was extremely rude, we went to get a refund and the woman working refused one. then she laughed at us when asking for a manager. got our refund because we “weren’t 21”???? colorado law talks about being 18 not 21.

Teri Beaver

So comfy! And great service at the concession stand too.

Rodney Archer

A very good movie theatre.


Love the fire pits in front of the theater

Paul Shupack

Comfortable seating and enjoyable overall movie experience. Lots of food on offer. Personally I find it revolting when I am trying to get into a movie and the person next to me is gnawing on a smelly, greasy burger and making mouth noises. But that's just me. I would give 5 stars if good coffee was on offer, however.

Chris Scheideler

Good service, daughter dropped her drink and they got it cleaned super fast, and gave me the refill on the house. Creases on the leg rest were gross.

Michael Kirmaier

Great experience. Nice comfortable seats, good food and great HD s screen.

Susan Abenilla-Brown

Lovely theatre - super clean and comfortable with a great staff

Jdine Kastman

Just a beautiful area all together.

Worst Friend Ever

I LOVE that you get to pick your seats online. The staff is friendly and helpful. Friday night was adequately staffed so our snacks were served in record time. The place is clean and the seats are comfy.

Quite Refreshing

Maybe it’s been a while since I’ve been to the movies, but it seems SO loud. It hurts my ears. The bass is ridiculous. The seats are nice and comfy which is good, but the noise level is insane. I feel like my ears are being damaged. Please turn it down. It doesn’t need to be so loud.

Nancy Whiton

Saw the Lion King. Clean place, comfortable sitting back with my feet up, sharing popcorn with my friends from the Regent. Lots of room. Had a great time.

Kristina Buckles

Kind of expensive, but what movie theater isn't? Really nice theater though, very clean and modern with friendly staff. You can get alcohol here, yay! The seat are also super comfortable and recline, with lots of space in front of you.

Norma Macias

Great staff! Lobby is small. You can't get your own drinks. The condiments table is across the lobby in a dark corner. Only a couple of benches inside to sit and wait for your show. Theater rooms are nice. Comfortable seating, cozy.

Cole Dixon

Theatres are well kept and the lobby is always clean. Well maintained restrooms. Good staff and never too crowded.

David Stanley

Awesome location, clean amenities, great seats, friendly staff. Typical theater prices on concessions - a SMALL soda pop is $6.xx - why is that still a thing?

Rosana Halo

Big and spacious, Nice comfortable seats. Food rook a little long to come out. Young friendly staff !!! Will definitely return to this theater !!!

Ryan Dillon

Nice theater. Big tall slightly curved screen. Not too loud either. No boomy bad base either. Screen had a hot spot as it has too much gain. It detracted from the experience as it looked like a flashlight was in my center view the whole time. Please tone this down in the remodel. I didn't realize they had draft beer until later. Ill try that next time. Please consider local brewers. I saw too many jumbo bad beers. Cheers.

Jane Crosbie-Carrig

This movie theatre is showing its age in wear and tear. It isn't being well maintained. My seat mechanism didn't work and my husband's seat listed badly to one side. A thorough cleaning is needed: sticky residue covered the entire arm rest. Paper towels in the rest rooms are a must. The hand blowers are notorious for blowing fecal particles around the room! My husband reported that he was wading through urine in the men's restroom...disgusting. I doubt that managers care about reviews but patrons should. Make it known that this isnt acceptable. I am.

Anita Waller

Great Theater very comfortable seating if you reserve your seating! CONCESSION FOOD WAY OVER PRICED!!

Tara Senter

Nice seating, it is a pick your seat ahead of time type of theater and its a great location. Fire pit and foodies around if you're waiting for the show to start. Friendly service is hit or miss for ticket sales, but overall experience is nice.

Paul Griego

Seats arent too comfortable, you can't butter your own popcorn or pour your own drinks. But they do have Jack and Coke icees!!

Elise Thompson

Great reclining seats. Theater is clean. Good sound quality

Alexis Taylor-ross

I have earned so many points from this location. My movies are enjoyable and relaxing. The enviornment is clean and friendly.

Jose Pena

I love how there rooms for the movies are lound and clear and they always come up with new foods and they are always good

Jimmy Johns pizza

The fact that they make you go to the food stand to buy tickets is ridiculous. The lines are longer, and their over working the employees for to low of pay. Also, the fact that they have “customer service” is the definition of stupidity. The seats are comfy though.

Matthew Benz-Whittington

My wife and I really enjoy seeing movies here. Having the Regal app and being able to buy tickets ahead of time really helps. The seats recline which is awesome! My wife gets cold so we have brought a blanket before and they didn't mind.

Aussie Spark

First time we have been here. The process of being able to get tickets online then just use your phone to enter is great. The concession area is well staffed and clean and the popcorn was fresh. The theatre seats were great for me as I am not all that tall, but my husband found them to be too short for him to have them in the reclined position, his feet hung off the end. Overall we really enjoyed the experience and will be back very soon.

Bonge Productions

Great movie theater! Always clean in the theater. The seats recline and are very comfortable. Staff is pretty friendly and helpful. Always a great experience when we go.

Joshua O'Hearn

This is one of the only reasons I go the twin peaks food court even though I can't go super often because movie tickets are ridiculously expensive


So far horrible.... asked for nachos and instead I got a unopened bag of chips and a little cheese... it was was over priced for any food or drink. Got a small popcorn and soda and it was 30 dollars.. then we get in the theater and the movies not even playing... had to talk to 2 different employees nothing was done finally went and asked for manager then after another long 20 min they finally got the movie started.. pretty ridiculous if you ask me... try taking the family out just to get stressed.

Joan Holmes

Great movie theater, reserved seating, recline chairs, Tuesday specials, delicious popcorn!!

Tony Lopez

I've spent around 1k at this movie theater with my family. First time ever we have been racially profiled to see a movie! My wife and I were searched! We left immediately after! This place represents the new AMERICA!!


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