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REVIEWS OF Regal UA Meadows IN Colorado

Brandon Lucido

Love this place. They have the lounge recliners. The popcorn is good and I enjoy every time I go. Best theater experience.

Leon Elkins

The interior of the theaters looks fantastic now that they have put in the electric reclining seats. My family and I have been going to that theater at Lisa's 2002 when we saw the first run Lilo & Stitch. No movie titles on the roadside theater Marquee. That should be remedied for advertising what is now showing.

Rosie Lynn

Talk about a pleasant surprise! I was in the neighborhood and decided to see a movie at this location. When I walked into the theater I was greeted by the sight of row upon row of huge leather chairs. I was a bit uncomfortable at first, until I realized that they are electric recliners. Talk about an amazing way to see a movie. All the benefits of a big theater combined with the comfort of your living room. This is the way ALL movie theaters should be.

Dani Schaper

Great seating and great food.

Sarah Shecterle

This is a very nice movie theater, and very clean! The seats are comfortable and recline. The aisles are wide so you do not disturb anyone during the movie if you need to get up.

Tony Madrid

Great recliner seats, good popcorn

Dave Lytton

They have comfy seats. Best sleep I've had in months.

Tasnia Rumky

That's the only place I go for movies .. my most of weekends I pass there ... I love their recliner seats what's so comfy .. there popcorn is the best and tickets also cheap ..they have their own parking place can play and take pictures.. I love this place

Mona Ingram

Love this theater with its reclining leather arm chairs! So spacious and comfortable. We are regulars on Tues when all matinees are $7+tax! And theater is never busy so we feel like having our own private screening. Temperature is also just right!

Katelin Brontë

They have that absolute worst concession stands ever. You can't tell which lines are or are not open. Some people can stand there for half an hour while other people will cut in front of lines and only be there 5 minutes and the concession people have no problem serving them even though they know they just cut in line. Is very infuriating if you intend to buy snacks there you should leave lots of time if you try to respect people and follow a line.

Susan Fetyko

Staff wasn't very friendly

Michelle Donahue

Can't beat the reclining seats.

Sam Armstrong

Fun comfortable reclining seats and good popcorn

Aprile Denny

Second time coming here. Turning into the location comes out of nowhere but the actual building itself is next to restaurants and is well placed. Came on a Tuesday night and saw Crazy Rich Asians. Love the reclining chairs and the Tuesday prices.

Rodney Baxley

Love going to this theater especially on Tuesday when they do there value days movies are $7 all day and they do $2 hotdogs and $3 nachos. If your a rewards member they also do half price popcorn. The staff is amazing and anytime there is a problem they are right on it.

Jonathan Hoffman

This was a great theater! I haven't been to a big theater in a few years now but this was the best experience I've ever had! The chairs were great! They fully reclined if you wanted which made sitting for a whole movie extremely comfortable! Hope to be able to go here again!

Weston Will

Seating is good but projectors are starting to show age, dark levels are pretty crushed. Fountain drinks were flat this last time too. For the cost you would expect a little better experience.

AJ Johnson

We came to see a movie today and there were technical difficulties. Just before the trailers were supposed to start, the screen got stuck on a "turn off your cell phones message". I informed an employee after about 5 minutes and it took them another 10 minutes to get the movie going. They skipped right to the movie (so no previews for us, whether that's good or bad) and it seemed like we still missed the first couple of minutes of the movie. And a minor complaint: you buy your tickets from a person behind a window, and they have you pick seats from a screen that's annoyingly small to read and then try to communicate those. Definitely not a great experience today, but we saw the movie in the end and they have recliner seats, so it could've been worse.

Brandi Wilks

This theater USED to have an amazing atomosphere when you walked up, today it looks run down and at times abandoned. The exterior concrete is old and the colors are completely faded as you're walking up, there's old concrete pads in front where it looks like columns used to be. It constantly smells like cigarettes so much so that I hold my breath when I have to go there until I'm inside. If I were the owner or manager I would clean up outside, maybe hang the string lights out front across the courtyard, talk to whomever owns the courtyard and have them fix the concrete and do something about the smell. It's not a very inviting place when you first walk up. Inside the theater is good and clean and a typical movie theater. Honestly, if you're in the area I would take the extra 10 minute drive to another theater until this one cleans up.

Anthony Palato

Nice seating. Good popcorn. They have adult beverages. Nice evening to watch a movie.

Clay Vescera

Probably the worst movie-going experience I've had. We arrived at our film (Shazam! Early Access night on 3/23/2019) at 6:50 PM for our 7:00 showing. We spent 15 minutes in line to order food. We felt like we were okay, because typically about 15 minutes of trailers... Boy were we wrong. There were only 3 registers open, and about 8 - 10 people in each line. It took them 10 minutes to take our order. The clerk was clearly frazzled, and hardly looked up once. Here is our order: 3 Cinnabon Gooey Bites (they're pre-packaged) 2 Doritos Nachos (a bag of Doritos and some heated nacho cheese dip) A pork sandwich (literally just heated in an oven...) Sriracha Tacos (the tortillas were heated up). I'm not complaining about the quality of the food (I'm not expecting James Beard nominees from a movie theater)... I'm more discussing the fact that this could have all been warmed up pretty quickly, as it was all just reheats. Worse... we had to wait for the meals in the food pickup. No delivery to the seats. We escorted our kids to the movies so they could see it on time, while we waited for our food at the pickup area. They made every "meal" one at a time. No multi-tasking... We didn't get into the movie until 7:45. In case you're doing the math, it took 30 minutes for us to get our food. We missed about 25 minutes of the movie. A fellow movie-goer who was also waiting started to get loud about the fact that he was waiting on 2 hot dogs for 25 minutes. He demanded a refund, and the manager (who was nowhere to be seen until they requested him) finally came out, and gave him a receipt, and made him wait in line AGAIN for get his refund. I thought the guy was going to explode. We were going to ask for a refund, but were already too late for the movie, and didn't want to wait in line a 2nd time. Horrible experience. Never, ever again. I will stick with AMC theaters from this point forward.

Alice B

Love the chairs! If you are near here go here! My favorite theater

Jessica Saldivar

I had a great time! Smiley the staff was very accommodating which meant a lot to me because I am blind. I was helped purchasing my ticket, getting what I needed from the concession stand and was even escorted to my seat. The whole experience there including the movie was a great one. highly recommend this place.

Nikita Martin

If you only want to watch a movie, then come here. There are a few shops nearby, but activity was very low(we came midday Saturday and I felt like it was closed) and also the shops weren't anything amazing. The theater overall is pretty basic. We came a bit earlier and there wasnt anything in the lobby to entertain. A few arcade games... that's all. No 3D movie cutouts no bar, no ticket kiosks to play nada. The seating was fair, reclining seats and again..if you just want to watch a movie... that's what you're gonna do at this theater.

Matt Harber

Nice recliner chairs in what seems to be leather but cant be 100% sure. Great sound system but that seems to be standard fare at most cinemas now. Only docking 1 star because the recliner buttons on my seat were broken, and needed a sharp prod to produce desired effect! Seat E5 in theater 5 if anyone in the venue is reading this! Nearby Fox and Hounds bar is convenient for drinks and food either side of the show. Recommended.

Cephaniah Pereira

It's a nice theatre with lots of places and options to eat in case you want to have a nice meal while watching a movie. I love the seats

Kim Powanda

Comfortable seats, liked the theater and would return. Not sure why we had to select our seats when we purchased our tickets. There were very few people in our theater. Understand when close to full or sold out. Anyway, nice theater and would return.

Michael Tucker

I’ve found that this theatre is by far the most comfortable when it comes to seating. Everyone must know this secret because the lines for concessions and ticket sales are very long.

Ben Busche

Great place to see a movie. Nice and close to home.

Dr Burzin Bharucha

Excellent place to watch your choice of movies in a relaxed way.

Sean Tobin

My go to movie theater. Prices are reasonable and theater is kept quite clean. Food and drinks are on the pricier side but that's to be expected at a movie theater.

Paul Kerkman

Great seats waiting isn't bad good selection

Alex Ochoa

Food was fresh and service was great. The theatre was mostly clean and the reclined seats were very comfortable provide a better watching experience. Would recommend.

John Robison

Nice theatre, food is above average for the type of place. Good location with restaurants & bar nearby.

Sripriya Kandadai

Most comfy place to watch movies..


Worse customer service - dirtiest theater. The seats seriously close why even sell them. Why wouldn’t the person selling the tickets warn people .Shame on Regal theaters only in it for the buck . Over priced period !


It's a nice theater. Its tucked away and normally a quiet place. I enjoy it.

Cayebeth Dahl

Well we went to the first showing one would think the popcorn would be fresh

Laurence A. Freeman

We have been here a few times at different times of the day, it's always a great experience, the staff are really helpful and efficient which makes the visit to this specific movie theater are good one, hence we keep going back there.

Tyrel Foster

Nice place that take in a new movie

CD study Ram

Nice theatre comfortable reclining seats.. but the theater was cold I wanted to go get my gloves out of the car!!!! TURN ON THE HEAT ALREADY!!!!

Pattylatumeten Keene

Nice cinema, clean and have adjustable leg rest.

Jerrad V

This theater has nice seats and is primarily pretty clean. Sometimes I feel some of the staff move like sloths but most times getting tickets and snacks are pretty quick.

Charles Whittlesey

This movie theater is awesome. Love the automatic reclining seats. Makes watching moves super comfy. No more of the uncomfortable seats of the old days. Place is usually Clean never had any issues. Sound and picture quality is awesome.

Jeff Carter

Had lots of fun watching Captain Marvel with favorite superhero Abby Really need to upgrade that snackbar.

A Brown

Nice theater just nothing near by. It felt like stores were all closed and not much activity near by. So if you just want to see a movie good place to go.


Bought ticket online, but they don’t have any scanner so you still need to go to the box office. Shame!

David Dunki

Pretty average movie theater but unlike most other patrons are really nice and considerate

D Will

Prices have increased since my last visit, but so too bad amenities. Concessions, though expensive, have been substantially upgraded, more and better offerings. All seats are reserved, and the very comfortable, wide, well - cushioned and reclining. If you're going to pay this much for a ticket AND the movie seen is good, then this place is a reasonably good value.

alicia fuentes

Love Tuesdays discount days and popcorn half price.

Hb Sylari

They need more employees. Hiring manager needs to get to work. They need to update online movie selections more as well The seats are good and the movies are great.

Andre Morales

Nice outing with wife and kids,theater was clean and nice looked new. Highly recommend this theater

Michael Levy

Tickets for some wonderful seats. Efficient staff. Slight bass and Rumble from neighboring theater.

Cy Beaux

Pretty nice stadium seating. Altho you may have to share an armrest but they are about 5 inches wide. Popcorn not salty and not oily. Wheel chair access and theater wheel chair seating.

Joe Rollman

The first 10min of our movie had severe sound issues and they made no attempt to make it right by offering refunds or at the least restarting the movie. The theater is mostly clean and the bathrooms were kinda bad.

Marilyn Pasqualichio

Always offering the newest releases. Comfortable seating, a nice variety of refreshments, very polite and attentive staff.

Paul Montville

I have never had a bad Time here. The popcorn are as expected and The seats are plush and reclining!

Joshua Orndorff

Very overpriced for an older theater without food service

Ben Petersen

Comfortable reclining seats, great sound and clarity and others don't obstruct the view. Popcorn was delicious and wasn't too badly priced. They even offer local beer and some wine in the back concession stand. Previews start at the movie time, so many people showed up 15-20 minutes late without an issue

Jake McLeod

On a Saturday night, there were only two people at the concession stand, and neither seemed like they knew what they were doing. We went over to the bar and found a similar situation. We had to change our drink order, because the taps were locked. Why are the taps locked on a Saturday night?! If you're going to do a bar and nice food, at least take the effort to do it right. The theater itself was quite nice. Very modern and comfortable.

Dustin McElreath

This is my favorite theater of all time. Comfortable chairs, great sound and screen. The employees are always great. The Regal app also makes everything so convenient. Plus, CHEETOS POPCORN!!

Daniel Claveau

They have reserve seating with reclining seats...

CJ Hacker

They had cheetos flavored popped corn. Try it.

Wayne Alan

Love the seats!

Daniel N. Hewitt

Grossly overpriced, run down theaters, dirty restrooms, dirty seats, owners obviously don't care about this place. We will NEVER go back!

will whitecotton

Really good experience

Shelley Ligtermoet

Great cinemas with special prices during the day

Tom O

Good, clean and modern theater.

James Anderson

Great place to see a movie. Great staff. Fresh popcorn. Very clean. Comfortable seats. Will go back as soon as possible. Thanks.

Debbie MacGregor

Reclining chairs and assigned seating is awesome. Love this place

Bernie Greenberg

Best movie seats!

Shawn Murphy

A comfortable way to see a movie, with reclining leather seats! Awesome!

ashley gallagher

Very comfy seats!!! They are super cushy and recline. This is not my normal theater I go to, but whenever I'm in the area and wanting to see a movie I'll definitely go here. You have the option to buy your tickets ahead of time, which saves time, especially on weekends. Another neat thing about this one is there is a bar in it! Definitely recommend!

Kristy Mata

Very comfortable seats, easy access to concessions and great customer service

Chaz Barnett

Lean back chairs where great for the movie.

Matthew M Ghormley

it's a movie theater but it's a movie theater that serves beer and wine! It's good sound and a great picture it's a personal favorite of mine. The drink process however is cumbersome and redundant. Enjoy your show!

Richard Gray

Nice theater and never busy.

Dan R

comfy seats and overall good cinema.

Lori R.

Movie picture and sound was great, seating was very comfortable, snack/food options are great, entire place was nice and clean, employees are friendly and helpful. I would recommend this theater!

Chris Altilio

We love this theatre. Discounts every Tuesday. Needs work on the alcohol selection and prices.

Amy Wadlington

The seating was comfortable, the theater was clean but the seats have lights on them that are distracting anyway but the chair next to mine had a broken cover over the light so the very bright blue light shined in my eyes the entire length of the movie. It was a sold out show so there was nowhere to move too. Very disappointed and probably won't return to this theater.

Dr. Burzin Bharucha

Excellent place to watch your favorite movies and have a relaxed time seeing your movie stars.

Jake Engelken

The best United artist theater around after that one on Arapahoe shut down

Chris Harris Jr. Highlights

Great Seats. Diverse menu


This has been my first visit to a Regal (United Artist) theater. I dropped something before the movie, turned my phone flashlight on to find it, and found a bunch of nasty food, food wrappers, etc. under the seat. We got up to go to another seat, they were disgusting with stuff between the cushions.... sticky stuff on the seats... and food etc. underneath them, which I'm sure attracts bugs. I wish Colorado had more AMC theaters, they are nice and clean.

Phil Jach

Was disappointed. The main lobby refreshment area was a complete mess. Garbage on the floor and around the popcorn stations. Employees with 'I don't care' attitudes. I won't be back. Much nicer theaters in the area.

Mario Lopez

Comfortable seats. Good service. We Well no not will return


Amazing seats. Very comfortable. Definitely recommend


Theater seating, concessions have choices.

MaryBeth Massey

I love that you get to reserve your seat and they have recliners. It's pretty standard as far as movie theaters go, but good overall. Perfectly fine if you don't drink. My complaint is about the wine and beer. I love that there's the option, but it's a hassle. If you want to order alcohol, you must go to the back counter to order. You cannot other snacks there, though. So, if you want snacks and a drink you'll likely have to wait in line twice. Of course most of the employees aren't old enough to drink, so it can be difficult to figure out what options are available.

Rene Ramirez

The staff was nice, the place was clean, and the seats were decently comfortable

Vamsi Reddy

It’s a nice theatre in the neighborhood, really like it.

Daniel Winstead

My wife and i have come to this theater many times and always enjoyed it, until tonight. We went to see a star is born and got there pretty early but tonight we took a friend and the only seats left were in the front row. We usually get seats from the middle to back but those were reserved and the front row had the only available seats. We went ahead and purchased tickets but looking at the screen was terrible. After the movie started it was clear we could not stay there so we moved to some available seats at the back of the theater, until the people who purchased those seats showed up. My wife and her friend split up and moved to other seats but I knew they would not be able to stay in whatever seats they found but they decided to stay and see the movie and I got a refund and left. I cannot believe the front row seats are that close to and under the screen, who designed this? Most of the front row remained vacant and when I asked for a refund it was clear the manager was very frustrated with this situation. I will go back but not if there are no available seats where I can see the screen and we were not the only people playing musical seats, other people also could not sit in the front row and had to leave the seats they were sitting in.

John Huddleston

Great service and they have beer!

Justin Ashbrook

They really need push the no cell phone rule in the movie. I didn't pay 26 dollars for a movie to be blinded by cell phones. Other than that not a bad place

David Anschicks

Modern theater with super comfortable recliner seats

L.A Brannen

Small theater. Great visual and audio! Serves alcohol after 5

Ivan Ruesta

Love the recliner chairs

Daniel Ray

Seats were uncomfortable

Alyssa Leiby

This is a great movie theater with incredibly comfortable seats and great big screens with immersive audio. The staff here are not really notable and seem rushed, unenthusiastic, and uninspired. They do their jobs but are sometimes very slow and often understaffed. I wouldn't let that deter you from coming here though, because the staff issues don't take away from the overall movie theater experience, which is wonderful on its own. They have a wide range of snacks and meals for your movie food, and they do keep the place very clean considering the amount of food people find it acceptable to throw on the ground. The chairs are more like individual armchairs that recline and they are always kept clean. I highly recommend this theater and I have been going to it since I was very little.

Parker D.

It's a movie theatre, what else shall I say?

Suzanne Allison

Great theater. Clean and comfortable.

Joey Harper

Seats could've been more comfortable

DJ Garcia

Love the recliners and reserved seating!

No mass Bitches

Zardoz lives sci-fi life..

Cory Myers

Clean, was dead so we had pick of seating as well. Concessions are pricey. Price gouging a bottle of water to 6+ bucks kept me from buying 15 worth of snacks. Overall movies outings are expensive and this place was at least clean, had nice seats and enjoyable employees.

Kathy Prater

Very friendly staff providing excellent service, good food and a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. The theatre is clean and a comfortable place to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening. Also a super place to bring children. You can't go wrong. Enjoy a wonderful day.

Patricia Sommer

Great deal on Tuesdays. A very nice clean theater. Great reclining seats.

Regina Giordano

very good movie. seating is very comfortable. everything is way too expensive

Israel Becerril

had a great experience here, love the seats, kind of reclining chairs, love it, and the fact that you can choose your seats, is even better!!

Patricia Mani

Best place for family night

Donna Downum

Amazing, reclining luxury seats. And the Gosnell movie was so well-made and moving.

Sloane Espey

Great viewing chairs, full recliners! Love booking online with no lines to wait in! Wish the bar was open, however. It NEVER is.

Eric Barnes

Recliner seats = superb movie experience.

Vanessa Arroyo

Small, but cozy. I like that they made no issue about me bringing in a large bag (it had personal and medical items), unlike other theaters. The staff was friendly, the place was clean and the seats comfy. Had fun.

steven suslick

Big theater easy to get to. Comfortable seating.

Zachry Alexander

We love this theater. Great service and great snacks. The staff goes above and beyond as well. If I were to choose a theater to see a movie at, it would be this one...always.

Eo Milos Rome

Usually a good experience.

Aaron Peterson

It's an oldie but a goodie

Sam Gardner

Saw a movie on a Wednesday night, was not very crowded. The theatre was extremely clean, very comfy chairs that recline. Would definitely recommend.

Ashley_xoxo xoxo

Super Getto and weird people walk in don’t recommend this place if I could I would be a 0.

bruce fenn

Worst popcorn I've ever had.

Shari Henke

It's comfortable and l can choose where l want to sit.

Lexie Yazzie

My Mom and I come to this theator every week. It has great cherry coke, popcorn, and their food is great. Definitely worth the trip from Elizabeth.

Frank TERO

Love coming to this theater. It isn't as busy as most theaters and priced about the same. The reclining, spacious seats are what I like the most.

Brandon Doyle

This is our "go to" theater. The theaters are always clean, the service is great, and their reclining seats are quite comfortable.

Robert Swope

Stadium style, reclining seats with reserved seating choices. Lots of leg room and truly no bad seat in the house. Great sound and great picture quality. Very nice theater.

Zach Denny

Always love coming here! Great seats always pretty clean. I think the location is good, lots of activities in the area so this is a great spot for a weekend adventure with friends or family. Thanks for another great movie experience

Jonathan Stefaniak

Been here 10+ times, always great. Seating comfortable and never have any issues finding movie times or wide selection. Food is mediocre nothing above and beyond and beer is served but less advertised. Close to other food places which I recommend beforehand.

Jeffrey Dopp

If I could give them a fraction of one star, I would. I purchased tickets in advance on fandango so we wouldn't have to wait in line. When we arrived, the kiosk to get the tickets quickly was broken. To say that the sole individual working inside the ticket sales booth was slow would be a ridiculous understatement. So we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Fast forward to the next phase of terrible customer service- the concession stand. There were two lines that grew so long they were nearly out the door. What's worse is that the employees working behind the concession stand were literally slower moving than the guy selling the tickets, which I truly did not believe was humanly possible. Mind you, had the kiosk worked and we skipped concessions, we would have been in the theater at about 7:40 for our 7:45 movie. BUT, we had to wait. And wait. And we stood in the concession line for over 20 minutes waiting to get some movie necessities. All the while the general manager stood there and watched his employees move impossibly slow. I was furious. He never once rolled up his sleeves and jumped into action to accommodate the looooong lines of unhappy customers, and assist his snail-like employees. He simply stood and watched. The customers around us were clearly upset as well. They should've had 2 more employees selling tickets and about a dozen more employees moving the concession stand along. Needless to say, we missed all of the previews as well as the beginning of the movie. I wish that I could say that this was an isolated incident, however I have received similar terrible customer service here in the past as well. THEY ARE ALWAYS SLOW, so if you're foolish enough to attend a movie at this theater after reading this post, you'll want to get there VERY early. Worst customer service I've ever had in a movie theater, where good customer service usually isn't hard to come by. Although this theater is the closest to me, hell will freeze 5 times over before I step back inside this place. Trust me, PICK A DIFFERENT THEATER!!!

Brooke Archer

Good movie theater

Kristin Keesen

Fast service at concessions on a Sunday night. Clean lobby and theater. Comfortable recliner seating.

Julie Hoffman

It's a movie theater....staff are friendly, it's clean and the popcorn is decent.

Tim Kimball

Used to come to this theater all the time, and it was ahead of its competition. Came back after a five year or so absence, and was sorely disappointed. It's become quite old and dumpy, by comparison. No improvements have been made in over five years...

David Sutphin

Always well maintained, friendly staff and good parking too.

Veranika Aliaksandrava

I love this theater

Lisa Barker

One of my favorite theaters, so near to restaurants.

Brian Zielenski

Pretty nice movie theater. Concessions offers pizzas, sandwiches, and more in addition to the normal snacks. The seats are large and comfy, and they recline.

Chad Remsing

This place has been updated to big lounge reclining chairs since my last visit. Downside is that type of chair can hurt your neck of your not practically sleeping in them. Otherwise not a bad place. Decently polite staff, new bar to order drinks, clean.

James Spinuzzi

Pretty good movie theater that is clean and has assigned seating. It is also close to the Robusto Room and Fox & Hound for pre or post movie drinks!

Donna Casper

I don't have much to compare this to as I don't go to theaters often. 2pm show, no waiting, only about 8 people in our audience (GREASE) ... no judging. The building was clean, recliner seats were super comfy.

Joey Taylor

I went to United Artists Meadows 12 for a special occasion, my family & I were not disappointed. We were greeted warmly by Cassie who guided us through the menu. Cassie impressed me, she was very patient & kind when it came to answer my kid’s questions about the movie(s) & the snacks. The food was delicious and I wish I had room for more snacks. The theater was clean and had a cozy feel. The value was excellent compared to other prices we had seen and we found the quality/value and atmosphere hard to match. Our family will be back. Thank you again Cassie for your help!!

Beth Chastain-George

It's like sitting in your own living room. Concessions prices are as ridiculously outrageous as every other movie theatre.

Shane Webb

Comfortable recliner seats, and nice theater room. The outside looks a bit neglected, but was pleasantly surprised by the actual theater room, size of the screen, sound system and seats. Also love the location.

Luke Gray

Awesome seats the sound is crazy and the staff are amazing

Tyler Hanson

Friendly guys working even though we were there for the latest showing. Decently clean theatres (I found a single candy wrapper in our entire row of seats) and friendly people, what more can you ask for?! Cheaper prices, but these people don't control that.

Benjamin Boaz

The theatre was great and the staff very nice. I will say it wasn't as great as one other local theater in my experience but it was still awesome and worth 4-4.5 stars. (Out of respect for professionalism obviously I'm not going to name a competing company in their review I'm only saying it was a close but still 2nd place which is still great in my book)

Kevin Keller

Just so sad how poor the staff planning is especially on opening nights and with the reserved seating now. Consessions should never take 30+ minutes, especially knowing how much they charge and the profit they make.


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