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You have the feddbacks of people who are consuming the products and services of Regal UA Denver West Village (Movie Theater) in the area close to the state of Colorado.

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REVIEWS OF Regal UA Denver West Village IN Colorado

Brian Fox

Not a bad theater... Really needs a refresh. Overall a good place though.

Henry Gaccetta

Tyanna Bourret

Most uncomfortable theatre seating.

Audrey Macgreggor


Jerry Smart

We go to the show there all the time.

Spider About Town

This is an older theater and a bit run down. There are no recliners but on the upside, you don't need a reservation to see a movie

Stephanie West

Very clean theaters. My only grumble is the lack of foot rests in the seats (I guess we've been spoiled by other cinemas). Great crew, clean bathrooms.

J. Craig Ganoe

michael schranck

Typical movie theater. Nice comfy seats.

Dorothy Erichsen

We watched the Lion King and had a very delightful experience.

Joanna O

This is a pretty typical theater complex, they do a decent job with movie offerings and concessions. Parking can get a bit tight but apart from that it's pretty easy to see movies at this location, and I'd recommend it if it's showing the movie you want to see.

Aryel Skokan

The dollar kid movies was amazing and we had so much fun!


Not the best UA location but certainly not the worst. I had a good experience! The seats hurt my back, but I also recognize that there's little the staff can to do help that. Either way, I'll definitely be coming back. Hopefully the movie is just in another auditorium haha.

Thomas Costanzo

David Schermerhorn

Very well run movie theater with friendly staff

Noe Barrientos

I loved it got helped really fast at the ticket drive and so as well at the food court cashiers

Sallad So Sick

This place is absolute garbage! How do you let this pass as a theater! I used to love this theater but not what it is now The seats have no cushioning, bars pushing against my back on most seats. Very uncomfortable, the screen was out of focus and not aligned well. The only plus side of this theater experience was the popcorn.

Borlande Robertson

Clean nice and not too crowded. yet not as cool as the newer theaters in town


Pete Scheele

Great movie great place to see it in

Katharyna Trayser

Emma Harris

The movie theater was clean, had a good selection of movies, and the staff was polite. Unfortunately, the seats aren't the most comfortable for someone like me. I had a spinal fusion a few years, so my back is always straight. I was unable to lean back properly, so my neck and hips started to ache a lot fairly early on in the movie. For me, this really devalued the experience. However, for most people this won't be an issue, so take the comfortability with a grain of salt. Strangely, it was hard to see their selection of movies at the front where you but the tickets, but if you look online it's all easy to find. I likely won't return, just because it's uncomfortable for me, but for the most part it's just fine to go see a movie there. It's just okay, not much better.

sonja motley

Rosanna Pacheco

Great movie time with my son for my birthday good service clean comfortable loved the Mister Rodgers movie

Angelica Alas

Not too bad. It's a bit outdated

Marty Gloege


Elias Long

I just wish they had reclining seats

William Kutscher

I enjoy seeing movies here, and it's a fine theater. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is having to sit through six long previews before getting to the feature. I'm probably not being fair since they all do it, but this is my little protest over the custom!

Kevin Williams

Doug Johnson

It's a nice theatre with a lot of screens in 12 but is beginning to show its age and needs an upgrade. Not sure that will happen as the lot is always packed and for premieres the place is packed.

Catherine Hanisits

Love going to this theatre. Only Yates 20 minutes to get there from I 70 and Federal

Fred Rosa

Good movies


Run down. Food all over there floors. Seats totally outdated...

tony ashcroft

Mike Pizel

Nice staff, comfortable clean theatres.

Sami Coalson

Great place, no crowds, decent value, friendly staff.

Marian Spensieri

See many films here

Josiah Bonner

Nice place to watch movie

William Wright

ben geiger

It's a good theater, and I've been going for many years. Between this theater and the mills across the street they provide every movie in theaters. Ive always had a good time in this specific theater.

Max Boeck

They have movies here and it is clean

Rusty Dye

Jason Worner

Other than the incredible amounts of popcorn and other debris around the floor, and the lack of seating around the entry way/waiting area of the theater, it's pretty okay. The only time we've gone was to see DeadPool, and the seating was fairly comfortable, though not incredibly spacious. There's also a TON of teenagers present, so be sure to go see a film they're unlikely to get in to (rated R).

Jean Maez

Katherin Campbell

Always clean and comfortable!

Eleanor Selle

Went to wrong movie theater so came out and asked for right one. No movie names on theaters. Next time I'll pay attention to number on stub.

Tammy Smith

Love watching movies here. I like their indie film line up better than the regular folks they show. Snack lines can be long but the people who work here work very hard

Cindy Anderson

I LOVE this theatre. Usually not very crowded, same movies as Chez Artiste, Mayan and Esquire. Good restaurants in area. Love it.

Barbara Beverly

Comfy place, good movie selection.

Jeanie Hutton

Just saw All Saints, great movie, and the theatre was clean and popcorn was fresh.

Stephanie Taylor

They showed "The Goonies" and it was awesome!

okie Rx

Good selection of films and great snack bar.

Heidi Tickle

We love this theater. Mellow, good popcorn, topical movies.

Gayle Gleaton

Great place

Gabe Pokorny

Prices are outrageous

Joe McKee

Burnt oversalted popcorn. Beyond rediculous 9 or 10 previews.

Nick Broucek

Clean, good seating.

Joyce Tanner

Catherine Fanaro

Super friendly employees, comfy seats in the theater.

John Prince

Nice clean theatre, friendly staff and although the seating wasn't luxury it was very comfortable.

Jennifer Lonnes

So dark and gloomy inside! An attendant said the theater needs to replace rows of lights. Friendly staff, good popcorn. It's nice to walk to Whole Paycheck and Cost Plus in same shopping center.

Paul Benedict

Great cinema. Screens are good. Projectors are run at full capacity. Good crowds as well. I've never had a negative experience there.

Darin McTighe

Jane Warren

I have enjoyed doing too this theater for a long while. Even after I moved out of the area. Located near one of the last indoor malls. A great large shopping area, with many great dinning spots, ranging in prices & varied cuisine. Great area for dinner & a movie.

Missy Taylor

No recliners

Terra Reed

Nick Hayes

Tristen Robbins

I would skip. Parking lot lights haven't worked in a very long time. They have temp rentals but the fumes from the gas motors make you light headed. Plus, place doesn't have self serve kiosk. So expect to wait in line. Food isn't that great. I prefer AMC food and prices. $6.29 for over inflated bag of chips with little cheese is not worth it. Especially when nachos cost almost the same as small popcorn. Overall, place is not that great and recommend a different theater.

Brandon Kamp

This place.... this place looks closed. Deserted. Abandoned. The wailing of ancient popcorn-ghosts is all that echoes and entertains here.

Marc Goulet

Good modern theater with easy freeway access

Ashley Batty

Great theater, very clean, also conveniently located next to Coldstone

Lisa Rupert

Clean, organized, great popcorn

Joel Bach

A date but comfortable facility. Staff are helpful and friendly.

Chris K

No staff to take our tickets or tells us what theater. There appeared to be 3 employees in the entire place. Everything else was fine. But the lack of staff was a tad disconcerting.

Steven Bernstein

This is a decent theater, but the seats fit me like European pants... a little too snug. My feet hit the seat in front of me every time I crossed my legs, and my torso barely fit in my seat without spilling into the one next to me. FYI, I am 5'11 190ish so I am not a massive person.

Jamie Bartolomeo

Had availble seats furing matinee. Movie very good.

Gregory Woods

Sara M

Wonderful popcorn! I will be back! Didn't have to pick my seat, either. The AC didn't freeze me out. I may never return to AMC again.

Brandon Smithson

Chandler was such an standing guy and helped us get tickets

Paul Bailey

Reasonable seats and reasonable price

Max Miller

Very nice atomaspere

Saul Tavera

Tiene parking bagi techo , y es muy asequible du entrada

Alaina Larson

K Gabriel

Always comfortable seating

Penny Cook

Getting ridiculous they never have anyone in the front to take your money to buy tickets then we went this evening and they had five people behind the concession stand taking food orders and paying for tickets. We were in line for almost 20 minutes just to get a ticket waiting behind people buying concessions. They have definitely gone down hill.

Tom O

A very nice theater! Was surprised, however, it was not crowed for a Sunday night. Will definitely return.

Justin Gill

not too busy.. outdated but still nice

Terry Cook

Great theater, comfy seats, good sound

Amy Coleman

Not a lot opening tonight, so the lines were short and help was fast enough. Fresh popcorn popping.

Melanie McPhee

I had an okay visit to the United Artists Denver West. I like to go to movie theaters in the early evening before 6 p.m. because it's less crowded and sometimes priced lower.

jimi adams

Showing its age a bit around the edges. Serviceable theatre, smaller crowds than others in the area.

Grant Binkley

Comfortable chairs with a great sound system.

Shantel Beckers

Wow, talk about false advertising. They have their movie prices posted at the ticket office - $11.99 for an adult Mon-Thur. When I looked at my receipt I realized I was charged $15.39, so I asked about and was told that new releases are more. Uh, okay - so maybe you should post that pricing?

Jesse Collins

I like this theater because it is not crowded usually! Quick in & quick out!

Deb Mitchell

Ken Louie

Love this theater. They tend to play more independent/buzzworthy films. They're one of the first theaters to play movies that come out in limited release.

Zach Feezel

Went to see a movie here, was one of 5 people in the whole theater at a 9:50 showing. Left a really nice hat on the armrest, my girlfriend went back the next day when they opened and my hat was nowhere to be found. Either one of the 3 other people besides me or my girlfriend stole it, or an employee did. Won’t go back.

Rita Scheid

thelma thomas

Carrie Sturgeon

It's over expensive and seats are not updated

Dan Goldstein

Sean Maloney

Pretty comfortable seats

Tim Stein

I like it's separate from the main mall, not as bad to find parking

Liam O'Keefe

Only movie theater near me that was still playing Hereditary. I shared the theater with only 3 other people.

Wil Perez

It's movie time!

Lisa Fischer

Good movie. But they wouldn't let me in early to sit with my bad back before the movie started

Ty Hurd

Meh, it's an ok theater, kind of outdated and dirty.

Rich Passey

Disappointed, as they were closed the day I went.

Rex Cahoon

Always a good visit

Mariaelena Banuelos

Friendly and professional. Location very convenient.

tara lynn

Nice theaters, good time

Giselle C

Went to see a movie on Christmas Eve. Asked the box office person if I could get two tickets to the Favourite, which they replied 'no', I thought maybe they just a weird sense of humor. Tried to use a gift card, which they were struggling to process and then finally they gave up and said the gift card 'expired'. Gift cards don't expire, even checked the Regal website to confirm. Definitely won't be coming back.

Dave Moller

Everything was as expected

Cory Conrad

Theater was empty on weekday night. Popcorn tasted stale and there was a rubber band in the bag. Eewh.

Mike Jones

Nice theatre, nice staff, very clean, secure. I don't care for the chairs the arm rest is in the way even when up but oh well.

Jason O. Nungesser

The theater itself was nice. The staff, those I actually interacted with, were all incredibly nice. The seats - or, at least, my seat - was confortable. The screen and the sound were in good working order, as well.

Erik Sorvig


Sheila Keightley

I love escaping and rejuvenating here!

Melissa Chaffin

Good choice for movie theaters.

Adamm Hockman

A nice theatre but somewhat disinterested staff.

Alvin Vigil

Good place to shop everyone that works there are very friendly who's at King Soopers

Frank Davis

Walter nash

Anthony and Adrie Rousseau

I am from the mountain and drove down to take my kids to watch Advengers Infinity and a young kid working up front set our movie tickets for the next day which I didn't pay attention thinking I had tickets for the movie showing right then. Went to sit down at our reserved seats but people sitting in them. Checked thier tickets and they had the same tickets. Went to the manager and they moved us up front of the screen the seats didnt reclined. Hate to say but this Movie theater RUINED our experience. No refund, No sorries. A waste of money and time on BAD SERVICE.

georg proctor

I like this place. Good selection of the non blockbuster movies and old style seating. I'm not that hot on the Lazy Boy Seats. Not usually crowded.

Renee Parker

Had to stand in line awhile to purchase tickets. No one manning ticket booth, had to buy at concession counter.

Frank Passarelli


Nicholas H

Was a little too cold because of the quick dip in temp outside. we were to sick and cold to stay there and were only a half hour in when we decided to leave. The manager not only gave us comp tickets to come back later, but refunded the original ticket price as well.

Walter Rozycki

Comfortable seating, great selection at the concession.


Clean theater. Friendly staff. Parking is tight when the movies are popular.

Farrell Sexton

Great theatre

Anitra Karr


Great screens, great sound..

Tyler Horiuchi

adam hurst

Needs updated still looks like it did in 1999

Josh Spivey

20+ people in line at the box office with only one person working it. Then at least as many waiting on concessions, again just a single employee (who was working as fast as he could). At least the theater was clean.

Robin Lerner

Clean and very friendly staff

Christopher Swanson

Quick and friendly service

Jennifer Leiter

jessie wisehart

Staff could use a lot more training.

Christian Brown

It's a movie theater. It's clean. Seats are nice.

Matt Lohner

Very friendly staff and fast service and eticket worked great

Elvis P

LICE LICE LICE! I've seen about 30 movies at three different Regal theaters in the last month. Be careful with Regal, they don't clean their theaters properly.

Mitchell Clement

Clean with professional staff

Aaron Gose

Clean with great movies.

Cindy Krickbaum

Great movie experience, wish they had alcohol.

Max Cage

Would give 0 stars if i could! Showed up for movie and it never started. The manager then informed us that they could not give us a refund just a voucher for the next time we would go to that theater. No refund reason was because the movie time had already started but in fact the screen never even turned on. Manager was not willing to work with us at all. Horrible experience! Will never go back to this theater. There are so many other theaters that are up with the times, serve alcohol, and are willing to work with there customers and have better seats. Do not go here for a movie. Drive further if need be.

Shesna Volz

Staff was extremely friendly except the front window guy who was clearly in need of a break, and consessions were outrageously over priced.

Charles Soderquist

Good shows

Bette Suzuki

Easy to park, clean facility, friendly staff. Seats comfortable but an older style.

Victoria Lynn


Donna - Mike Pizel

Great viewing of The Mule tonight. Worth it!

Elizabeth Trujillo

Enjoyed the acoustics around me very clean and the employee's are polite.

Joe Lewis

The seats are too close together and walking through the rows you can't help but hit the seat in front of you, minal leg room, to adjust your legs you have to hit the seat in front of you. There was no one at the ticket booth, had to wait in lines at the concession registers to get tickets. Won't be going back to that theater.

Diego Sepulveda

Clean for a cineplex


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