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REVIEWS OF Regal UA Denver Pavilions & RPX IN Colorado

Ian Hogan

Service was absolutely excellent for how... Downtown it is. Adjustable seats, too!

David Bottenfield

I love how comfortable the seats are. Being that Im 6'9" tall, the leg room is important

Lafeyette Buels

Great experience. Could hear , see, feel, smell the movie with RPX. An experience so good you can almost taste it

Amanda Lee

The worst theater ever went to take my teenager to watch a movie and beacause it's a rated R movie they refused to sell me tickets and then when I spoke to the manager he could care less. Then told me if I wanted to watch a movie I had to stand back in the long line that the lady made me leave from. Rude people and will never go back.

Tarsha Miller

One of my favorite theaters, with comfortable reclining seats, in-theater dining, and special runs of old favorites. There are 3D and RPX (like IMAX) viewing options as well.

Chirag B

Very friendly staff and despite being an old building, they havw kept it quite clean. The washrooms could have been cleaner though. The sound quality and seats are really nice and comfortable. One more positive thing is that they have 4 hours of free parking with movie inside the Denver pavilion mall. So its a win win all around.

Christine Sprague, LPC

Love to go see movies at this theater. Free underground parking. Very comfy recliner seats.

Corey Jones

I don’t often do reviews. But this place... woof. First, we stood in the concession line for 20 minutes. Then they changed our auditorium because ours was rented out for a private event. When we got to the new theater, our seats were different than the ones we’d reserved, and the recliners didn’t work. When the movie started, the only sound was coming from front of house. It’s an Elton John biopic, how you gonna cut out the surround sound? So 10 minutes in I had to go find someone to ask them to fix it. They did, which I appreciate. Great movie btw. Finally, I validated my parking ticket at the theater. But when I left the Pavilion garage, I was charged anyway. Woof. Hey we all have off nights. I can keep a level head about it. But I can’t say I’ll go back to this theater anytime soon.

Abel cardenas

They validate your parking. That alone is worth 4 stars. Friendly staff, comfortable seating, and full bar upstairs. I would caution on not over drinking before the movie. Multiple pee breaks can make you miss the good parts.

Shotta bwoi

Nice theater but one concern still remains, THE COST OF SNACKS AT CONCESSIONS! 4.00 FOR BOTTLED WATER?!?!

Deeviinee David

Good movie theater fare prices

Mae Price

Relaxing and comfortable seating. Good food.

Andrew Sharp

Comfortable seating and the staff is friendly

Derek Friedman

Decent movie selection

Jeffrey Wise

I always enjoy my movies here

John Britton

Great venue. Only place to see 4DX in Colorado. Garage parking for theater is validated up to four hours.

Bryce Trice

4D was awesome. Not gonna lie tho the chairs arent 100% comfortable but the experience was super neat. The theater as a whole was kinda dirty

Kristyn Dørr

A regal cinemas theater. Personally, I think regal has the best popcorn. The seats are fab. We drive thirty minutes to this theater because it's our favorite. It has validated parking and an rpx theater plus it is a nice way to spend time in downtown Denver :)

Kurt Haserodt

Nothing beats the convenience of being right downtown. Parking is close (just down the elevator in the underground garage), and validated for long enough to see the movie and eat a meal close by (where there are tons of options). The reserved, recliners (seemingly pretty normal now, but they were early adopters) are very comfortable. The snack availability is more limited than other theaters, but since other food is so close, that’s not a big deal. Sound and screen are very good.

Matoyia Jones

Reclining can practically lay down while enjoying your movie.

Demetrius Colbert

Nice place very comfortable.

Lor Rea

I love this place and the food is good! Definitely recommend the chicken tenders and waffle fries with a popcorn! How AWESOME is it that you get to put on your own butter!

Lori Formanek

Very nice recliners these days. Spacoius super friendly and johnny on the spot to clean the theatre for the next show.

James Jameson

Nice place evan have piaces for disabled

Kenn Hopkins

This is my favorite hideout!

Michaelangelo Maayteh

The best place too watch a movie Like sitting in your living riom

Julius Robinson

Awesome quite theater.

Kleber Pauta

Best reclining theater seats in town. Nothing to complain about really. Pro tip: buy your tickets online so you can skip the line at the theater. They serve adult beverages and have a wide variety of food options. This is my go to theater in Denver.


Has improved quite a bit. Much cleaner.

Paul O. Anthony

My wife and I had a wonderful time there.

Blake Suboticki

Good location. Comfortable seating. Clean theaters. And they validate parking.

Rico Ruiz

Fun place to catch an IMAX movie. Huge food selection. Regal rewards is worth it.

Jose Olivas

Definitely a must. U won't regret spending an afternoon here.


great theatre, not too much staff

Raeanna Clarke

This is a nice theatre with multiple floors, senior and student discounts offered. And cool location by h&m, forever 21 etc. Bar on the 2nd floor.

Kim Smed

If the elevators and escalators were always functional this place would be a 5 star. Great theater super comfortable and not that busy during the week.

Lee Hisey

Could do with some updating. It's nice for the most part, the staff are friendly enough. An update to the overall look would be beneficial. They should really think about doing a food, in the theater style thing like Alamo.

Jeff Hargrave

The electric recliners were awsome

gus martinez

I really like this theater , clean , Awesome staff and Great shows , You will enjoy yourself

Isaac Schilling

Nice theater in the heart of downtown. Comfortable recliner seats good sound quality.

Aaron Castellari

Location is good! That is all....

Joseph Tafoya

Excellent by management. Great seats, reclining w/table. Best menu compared to other theaters. conveniently located and validated parking.

Ramiro Leyva

The best place!

Angel Carter

It' has the reclining seats, large screens & generally a clean place. The concession stands are too expensive for my taste.

Alan Carrick

Nice theater, $$$$ for price. Great location off of The 16th Street Mall.

Arty Consuela

Best movie experience in town. Always clean, staff is always nice and the kids love it.

Casler FamilyTV

Best place to see movies in the area. Super friendly staff and comfortable chairs.

Dani Scott

I felt spoiled! The reclining chair and tray that you can sit your food and drinks on. Very relaxing.

Caleb Melton

Not a great experience due to the issues with the movie cutting off. The movie itself was amazing but it should have been better. And I thought you got a poster?

Preemie Maboroshi

Very accessible. Right on the 16th Street Mall. You can get parking validated if you drive. Always friendly. Generally active, never too busy. Usually clean. Sometimes a little messy. Theaters are medium-sized and comfy. Seats are nice. Concession food is good. Adult drinks are often so-so, sometimes horrible. If you want tea or coffee in the evening, it can be a hassle. Overall, a decent mainstream theater in downtown Denver.

Roger Brock

Nice place to catch a quick film. Clean location, concessions were well stocked and the workers were friendly. I sadly didn't realize my chair could recline until half way through the movie smdh. However the crew and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and would definitely go back for another movie.

Ian Ray

Went to a 3D matinee for less than the price of a normal movie. The reclining chairs are very comfortable and the 3rd row was perfect-close enough for the screen to fill your field of view but not so close that your neck hurts (though the reclining chairs makes this a moot point)

Rick Cartagena

Wonderful experience. I enjoyed the 'elevation' of the place. To move around it you have to follow a maze of escalators, from one level to the next. We enjoyed ourselves.

Dawn McCleave

Awesome movie theaters...on the second level ....very nice.

Brittany Sauls

Mice in theater 14. Was watching A Star is Born and multiple mice were running around in rows E and F. Need some type of pest control other than that nice seats, crumbs were in the seats. The theater could use a good wash but ok for a quick last minute movie!

Amy Stapleton

Great location but more than a few issues. I've been going here for years, mostly because it's convenient but now I'm starting to make the drive elsewhere. The stadium seating is great! I love having reserved seats as well. However, it is chronically understaffed - I don't think I've ever seen the upstairs bar open despite how crowded it has been. There are often super long lines at the concession stand and to buy tickets or get in the door. The climate control is terrible! Either it's absolutely freezing (as in cold enough that you need a jacket and blanket or your hands and nose are painfully cold), or roasting hot (which seems to happen a lot in the larger theaters). I've been there twice during technical issues. Once was an emergency (I think just a fire alarm at the mall) and the theater had to be evacuated. We all stood outside for ages. Eventually people started leaving because it was getting too late but they would not hand out tickets or reimbursements to make up for the inconvenience, and there was no way to validate parking. Other times there have been small things like the lights not going down properly or the escalator being broken.

Daphne Goodwin

Lines are very long due to understaffing. It took 40 minutes to buy ticket and buy a water. Despite being 84 degrees outside, theater had no air conditioning on during the movie. It only came on after the movie ended. The smell was horrible. Theater tickets are too expensive to put up with these conditions.

Mitch Burns

Great Employees and Great Location . It gets even better they're super easy to deal with in the instance Fandango cant help you out. Super Mega Awesome-Tacular

Amy Gallegos

Staff and management are awesome, patient, polite and courteous. My family and I love their seats and rewards program. Our movie nights never disappoint!!

Trupti Suthar

Favorite theater. Only one locally with seats that recline almost completely. All seats are reserved (can do via Fandango also) which is a nice amenity.

Rust Man

Great theater use the app. Don't forget to grab a beer upstairs.

Megan Elvrum

One of the best theaters I've been too. Free parking with validation, AMAZING reclining seats and they are so comfy! I really enjoyed this space and since it is so close to me, and there is free parking, I will definitely be back!

Kassandra Ruiz

This theatre was very dirty(entrance, concession lobby, theatre 13 and the women's restroom closest to theatre 13). #13 was not cleaned before the 10:35pm showing of Joker. The trash was overflowing and there was popcorn all over the floor and seats of row E. The bathroom had clearly been neglected, too.. I would not recommend the popcorn, which is typically the best part. I don't know if this is a common occurrence, but the entire theatre floor was noticeably shaking from our arrival to the end of our visit. The other guests in theatre 13 made comments about it during the movie as well. It was concerning and made it difficult to concentrate on the movie. Walking out of theatre 13, the concession lobby and entrance were STILL a mess. I was surprised this location wasn't kept neat considering this is a high tourist area.

Tyler Rodriguez

Comfortable seating, just kinda smelled funny when entering theatre area. Also i would of preferred sitting closer to the screen especially asthe seats recline..

felipe morales

AUSTIN in customer service was wonderful she help me find my membership with my email.

Mario Robinson

I chose Denver over LA to watch the premier of then1st movie I was associate producer on. The seats were extra comfortable and I love assigned seating to assure that you get preferred seating at movies. I did learn that I cant watch scary movies with my seat reclined. I need my feet on the ground to properly prepare to jump or run! Lol!

Deborah Stoner

Theatre was clean & super comfortable! Our seats were kind of close for me & I was worried about being uncomfortable- Nothing could've been further from the truth. The seats were so comfortable that 3/4s through the movie, I was fighting to stay awake! Not the movie's fault btw, we saw a great show! P.S. Don't forget the popcorn!

Gabriela C

I love this cinema too much. The only problem is that the seats stop working and then you have to call someone to help you fix it. Fast they solve it. Has a different menu and machines to play

Christina Argo

We went for a screening. The employees all seemed exceptionally dismissive and like we were all just a bother to them. The concession staff was very kind.

Michael Lehl

Great movies I loved bee movie

Devika Aghi

I actually really enjoyed this place, there are escalators and arcade games and a full bar! I watched Avengers here and it was 100% worth it.

Michael Zamora

A group of 3 friends and I came to see a movie here at this location. We were running a little late, thank goodness for reserved seating, or so we thought. We ordered from the bar and got into the theatre right when the movie was starting. Only to find people in our seats. We asked them to move and 2 of them did. Another couple said no. After showing them our tickets and seats they still refused to get up. We went to get management, after waiting, 10 min into the movie and management seeing they actually are sitting in our seats. They finally asked them to get up and move. They asked if someone was sitting in there seats, which management had to look up because they couldn’t find there tickets anymore surprisingly. This whole time, they are still sitting in our seats even after management finding out they are in the wrong seats. Finally they get up and move but not after cursing and my friends and I. We felt threatened and left the theatre. Management did not escort them out even after we told them we were fearful to stay and watch the movies. They did give us more movie tickets to compensate us. But just a lack of management leadership and finding out they were letting the people in the wrong stay to watch the movie rather than us staying makes us never want to go back to this theatre again. Please consider twice before purchasing your tickets here.

Josh&Amanda Williams

Saw John Wick 3 here. Extra comfy reclining seats are fabulous, but the theater we were in had no/poor/disabled A/C and it was uncomfortable warm. That's really the only thing preventing me from giving the theater 5 stars. Otherwise, sound and picture quality were fantastic.

Nathan Hart

Theater is great. The recliners are awesome, the staff is nice, the new bar upstairs has a great beer selection. The only thing I don't like about this place is that every time I go to a movie here on the weekends or during a busy time some of the customers are..... very rude and seemed to never learn manners or respect to others when watching a movie.

Phil Vanderlaan

Nicer than the old school theaters, reclining seats with trays, Not 100% sold on assigned seats though.

sweeper bluntsdontdye303

You want to know how it is here, well let me tell you that I'm still here. Lol have a great night and don't forget to bring a date


Downside to this theater is having to pay for a parking space. The movie theater is a little outdated and the popcorn wasn't worth it. I give it three stars because of their stadium seats.

Malachai Wilson

Higher prices due to location on the 16th street mall. If you are not staying down here don't go here. Parking is not close nor cheap.

kalah seree

Dirty seats but seated us.

Maurico Baxter

Limited selection of movies and times, but otherwise a solid movie theater in an ideal location on 16th street mall

Susie Wallingford

Good theaters and selection but they staff the bar really poorly. Don’t bother stepping out mid show to grab a quick beer. I’m here during the busy time on a Saturday and they only have one bartender who is not in any kind of hurry. I’ve been in line over 6 minutes with only 5 people ahead of me when I got here. Still two to go. I’ll definitely drive further to go to Alamo Drafthouse next time. Edit - thanks to Regal for responding very quickly. I filled out the Contact Us form per your instruction. Have a good day.

Jas S

We love watching movies at this locations and are members for years but today’s experience wasn’t good ,the lady at ticket window was rude , watched 2 movies back to back (1 RPX)but no smile no thank you from her ... second bad experience was at the theater parking , inspite of ticket activation the guy downstairs made us pay $7 saying the free parking is only for 4 hours and if we and more then 4 hours we must have left the theater and came back for getting another 4 hours free ... do not make any sense..why the theater staff didn’t mentioned anything about the hours ? Nor there was any sign indicating about only free 4 hours ,Very disappointed ...

Jeffrey Greaser

Great place to park and then experience the local restaurants now that the parking validation is so easy. Clean theater and fast service.

Mario Simpson

Great Place two take inn a relaxing movie.

Autumn Jasper

This place is okay. Didnt care for the concession stand staff there was a manager training a new guy which I was okay with but it was dead and they still forgot my drink not once but twice. And the manager didn't bother to apologize or anything. But other than that nice place to go and they have reclining seats that lay you back and a little tables.

Carolyn Watkins

Went to see Aladdin it was a great movie but a musical

Eduardo Olivas

Always the best place to spend a movie night, specially on a weekend..

Arllie Mae

Robbin at the ticket kiosk is the sweetest lady I’ve ever met, so genuine and helpful when you buy tickets from her! I love her so much please give that lady a raise, literally the reason I go to her to buy tickets instead of the machine!!! ❤️

Steve Beaudoin

Very nice good place to go

Melissa Rausch

The staff and seats are always good. Sometimes the Fanta is flat.

David Huff

Comfortable lounge style reclining seats. Reserved seating and amazing downtown location.

Steven Ulrich

Hands down, the best place in Denver to see a movie. Park at the Pavilions and get your parking ticket validated for free parking every time you go to the movies. Recliner seats are super comfy. There is assigned seating, and the row designations are not easily visible. The row indicators are on the wall adjacent to the row and can be easily overlooked and cause some confusion. Other than that, this is the place to go for a movie.

Dennis W. Mueller

Popcorn, Soda, Avengers, comfortable reclining leather seats. What more could you want?

Veronica Contreras

I prefer other places over this one! One great thing is if you're already spending time downtown might as well poo in to have a movie!

Michael Acanfora

Second time in a row that I have had an unsatisfactory experience. The first time there was constant talking and rowdy behavior which went unaddressed. This time there were several technical technical issues which happened throughout the entire movie which included sound cutting out, lights not dimming correctly, and the movie stopping during the climax halfway through the scene and then the scene starting over from the beginning. The "convenience fee" charged to buy a ticket in advance is rediculous given the setup of the theater given that all seats sell out hours before the movie starts. Having to go online to buy my tickets several hours beforehand isn't convenient walking up to the ticket counter and buying a ticket and finding a seat is much more convenient. It's funny that they charge this fee when buying tickets online allows them to staff fewer employees at the ticket window. It's just corporate greed. I have no problem with paying for a worthwhile experience but I struggle with giving money to companies who display outright contempt and greed towards their customers. Regal now falls into this group of companies for me.

Celeastina MeisMiller

The movie The Joker was very good. Unexpected story. Mental illness.

Lydene Wolf

Saw Aladdin. Not as great as the original but a fun remake

Ashton Hettich

Really explained to me everything I needed to know to make my experience wonderful.

Chelsea Buczynski_Guillory

Seating was not clean and had to tell some one twice to get it cleaned up before and during the first 15 mins of the movie

Sean Green

Payed like 12 bucks for chicken tenders that I waited 20 minutes for, then abandoned and never ate because I was going to miss my movie if I waited any longer. Once in the theater, my seat was broken and uncomfortable and everything was dirty. I'd recommend driving a little out of your way to see a movie somewhere else, especially if you plan to get food or are on a date. There are plenty of way better theaters that are no more expensive.

Dave V

Great movie theater. A little expensive for refreshments.

Travis Marricle

Nice, clean theatre. Super comfy seats.

dustin stevens

Recliner chairs that's what I have to write. But to be honest I enjoyed this trip to the theater. My friend bought tickets to the opening of volume six of RWBY. We got two large drinks and a large popcorn. This event had the whole theater become a community of strangers.

Heather Springer

My hubby's favorite date! Always super comfortable and not too crowded!

Terry Franklin

Too big for it's own good. Was a quest to find the right theater... but I loved the comfort. Someone else did too... he fell asleep and was snoring during the movie.

Sonia Whalen

I like taking my family here. It was my first construction project in my civil engineering career. Enjoy the scenery and all that Denver brings.

Kacper Czaja

Love the recliners and decently priced out side of food!

Eric Gallegos

The chairs are awesome, they recline electrically, so it makes sitting in the front row comfortable to the max. But the last few times I've went it was hot. Making the movie experience somewhat uncomfortable. Definitely needs some AC on these hot summer days. It's definitely sucks sweating in leather chairs. Otherwise 5 star.

Rob Quinlan

THE go to theatre in Denver. Free (validated) secure and covered parking. Comfortable seating. Wonderful staff. I go here no less than half a dozen times annually.

Thomas Angotti

Mice ... 3 of them ... As of 6/15/19 in their big auditorium 9.

Elijah Wright

Cool place but in theater 6 row g seat 15 or 16 the recliner wouldn't work but other than that super cool theater with nice folks

Tyler Jones

The Pavilion the Theater isnt bad, but when it comes to validation of your parking ticket. Only one or two machines in the Theater its self but there should be more validating machines outside if they want to charge $45 for a lost ticket. I'm only human i may lose a little paper from time to time, but the employee of the parking garage wasn't going to let me leave with my wife unless i paid. I didn't know if it was a scam??? Why is that ok when I already spent money on taking my wife to eat, an then go to a movie. That if I dont keep my parkin ticket then I have to be charged some outrageous amount to go home??? I'm probably not going to be seeing too many movies at Regal Theaters due to this issue. Sorry ...... Hopefully your company can talk with the Pavilion.....

Kimberly Schmit

Love this movie theater. I like that you can choose your own recliner seats. Don't have to get to the theater early to get a good seat. Now you have to reserve your seat early, but online. This, you can purchase tickets the day before, or even earlier than that. Plenty of room in which people can walk in front of you, with your seat reclined back, to get to their seat. Clean theater, helpful staff. There is a parking lot located under the Denver PA. You get to it off of Welton Street. You can validate your parking ticket in the theater, but the validation is only good for 4 hours. Anything over that, and you will pay the difference. Nice theater.

Eric Sorensen

Great movie theater! The seats are amazing. It's very difficult to want to go to another theater now without the large recycling seats. My only suggestion is that they have a few more art house/independent type films.

Punit Basnet

Not good experience. Line toooooo long at the consession's stand!

Chris Deulen

They need more workers. Took 20 minutes to get our popcorn/snacks. Retractable seats are comfy and sound system is really cool.

Melissa Hourigan

Went out of the way to take my nephew, who was visiting from Germany, to see a movie downtown at a place that I told him is nicer and has reclining seats. We arrive to a theatre that was so dirty it was embarrassing. We got to the auditorium 3 for Men in black and the floor was so heavily covered in soda that we couldn’t get to our seats without getting our shoes covered. Every seat had garbage on the tables and popcorn all over the floor. It was absolutely disgusting. I asked if someone could clean the floor and someone came at the start of the movie to mop. Unacceptable! My son left his wallet and was so nervous that it would be gone, of course an hour later, the theatre still hasn’t been cleaned so it was still there. What a poor experience. I took a number of photos if needed. Still angry the next day.

Adriant Sanchez

When in 16th street mall downtown Denver, come hang out, have a drink (full bar) and enjoy a movie. They have like 20 theatres. One of them has the Ultimate iMax/largest screen experience as well. 2nd largest in Colorado, to watch those hot blockbuster movies. Take the free mall ride to get here, recommended.

Allan C Haynes

Great seating! Electric reclining chairs!! Too cool

Wade Elton

This place is very professional! They have delicious food/alcohol (slightly overpriced but that's the movies), polite workers and excellent customer service! Reclining leather seats, best view in Denver upstairs. Shout out to Russell, Henry, and Madison for making my experience especially great!

Ben Lemmon

The ticket price is high compared to others in the area. The seats were comfortable assigned seating recliners. We didn't try the concessions so can't comment on that. The reason for one star: they sell seats so far to the side that there is literally no screen in front of you. We were in theater #9, and the 5 outer seats for the first 4-5 rows will have you starting at the curtains to the left or the right of the screen if you look straight ahead. I'm fine with a side seat where you have to turn your head to look at the center of the screen, but seats where you have to turn your head to even see the edge of the screen are simply unacceptable.

Superstar Maui

Big place. Clean. Friendly staff. They validate parking for 4 hours if you watch a movie. So you have time to find your car after the movie, or even check out a couple stores. The seats recline and have food trays that slide in and out. Highly recommend this place.

Cody Grose

Fire Alarm in the middle of DUMBO! Really? However the managerial staff did a good job of making sure everyone was safe and had free movie passes as a reimbursement. Love the theater reclining chairs and lounge to kick it in while my phone charger before the show.

David Aaron

Great theatre. Very clean bathrooms. Only issue I have is the AC does not always work and with 40+ people in a hit movie.... it gets HOT! Also, seems to be under staffed. They have multiple registers open and on a Friday night... you'll find maybe 2 people at the consessions working. Overall. Id recommend it. Even now that they have the 4DX! Woohoo!

Rozi Horn

In the heart of downtown Denver on the 16th Street Mall, this location allows for an evening to take in the downtown atmosphere, with dinner, and see a movie, all in one shot. The street mall location provides plenty to do before and after viewing the movie.

Guadalupe Gallegos

Love the stadium seating but the concessions were really slow.....

David Chatham

This theater is one of the best in town, it has really comfortable reclining seats, a table that swings in and out for your snacks, and big cup holders for your drinks. Out of the 4 or 5 times I've been there I can't remember waiting in a big line to get tickets for the movies I have watched. Then I got the Fandango app and now there's no line whatsoever. I will continue to go to this theater to watch movies, cause all the other theaters don't even compare to this one for comfort, seat availability, and price... Thank you United Artist Theaters, your the best....

mark schotten

Staff was kind of slow, but movie was good!

David Mcphail

Great seats, great service and lots of room.

Heather Derek

I love this place the couch are awesome and very comfortable, on the 16th Street Mall which has a lot of restaurants and bars to go to after a movie

Laurel M. M.

It was very busy. There's lots of humanity at that theater so it's not a quick entrance by any means. there's the parking structure to deal with then getting to the location in the mall. And then waiting in the line both to get your ticket or through the door and also for snacks. as far as maintenance of the location I noticed that the carpets were really filthy but I wasn't really there for the carpets I just happened to notice that. I don't see why it would be so expensive to bring a carpet cleaner in there once in awhile. Overall it was a medium experience. The chairs were very very comfortable but still close together and the person next to me claimed the armrest for herself which is fine. Would not be my first choice to go see a movie because of all the logistics involved in getting just to your seat but I would use it as a second or third choice.

Mike Mackenrodt

My girl and I go to this theater all the time. She is hard of hearing and their glasses for the deaf are very helpful. We watch all our movies there and we are looking forward to watching more there in the future.


This is a very interesting but great theater. It's part of the mall (if you couldn't tell) and has two floors. The movie quality is amazing (saw without RPX) and can be considered worth the money, depending on what kind of person you are

Charmaine Kerschion

Great place with great restaurants and little shops.

Manuel Rodriguez

Sound malfunctioned 15 minutes into the movie. Staff restarted. Fire alarm went off 5 minutes after restart. No refunds were issued!

Tanner VVolffenstein

Great theater. Not very busy on a Sunday evening. They have comfortable reclining seats, and they do validate parking for their garage. Closest theater to my house so happy to see everything in good order. Would recommend.

Keenan Larsen

I am very frustrated. This theater posts showtimes that aren't at all accurate. I will be taking my business elsewhere


4DX is a gimmick. Will probably never try it again. Hold on to your snacks if you try 4DX. Hobbs and Shaw was terrible!

Antonia Mendez

Super nice theater!! Love their chairs! Staff could be nicer and more professional.

Michael Hawthorne

Great place to go to the movies. Concession food prices are ridiculous. 5$ for a bottle of water.

Andrew Givens

The recliner seating is awesome, and the Downtown location is great. Most of my movie experiences there are good. However, they can't seem to staff the counter well, so plan on waiting 15 minutes in line to get your popcorn and candy. I have missed the beginning of a few movies because the concession line is too long.

Betty Larry

The theater was very large, the seat were comfortable and the popcorn hot. The restrooms were clean and sanitized. The location of the theater from our hotel was three blocks, this was great.

Samantha Schmidt

Best movie theater Ive been to in a LONG time! The seats were SOOO comfortable to the point that my fiancee and I swore off all other theaters in the area. We couldn't wrap our heads around the fact that ticket prices were lower at this theater than surrounding theaters whose seats can't compare.

Anne Sargent

We bought tickets online with preselected seats in the middle, row midway in theater. Got to the theater and they had switched theaters and moved people, not just us, without notification until we arrived. Email notification should have happened,. We probably would have waited to see it some other time. We ended up in row 2 looking straight up to screen. If reservation system doesn’t matter, why have it. We could have chosen any theater in Denver but picked this one bc of seat selection. Not happy!!! Management didn’t seem to care, their comment was it is what it is.

Maria K

It’s fine like any movie theatre. The movies come out up to date. The seats are comfortable. The pop corn is a bit better than average. Prices are average, maybe a dollar or two higher.

Charles curry

Not bad movie theater but a bit outdated.

Trevor James

I come here a lot. It’s exactly what I expect out of a downtown movie theatre. Hopefully they replace the carpet soon, it’s definitely dated.


It is nasty went in on 8/10/19 and seen a mouse going down the stairs ugh they need to really call an exterminator


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