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Milan Clinkingbeard

This movie theater has gone down hill. The most appealing factor is that they have restaurant food available for purchase, but they not longer have kitchen staff so you can’t order food anymore. We were told we could bring in our own food, but we showed up with a pizza from across the street the manager stood in front of us and would not allow us to enter. After explaining we were told we could and that they did not have a kitchen available, he allowed us to bring in our pizza this one time. While I appreciate that, we will not return to this theater.

Conor S

Not very clean.

Pete Wise

This theater is great. I love the cleanliness and the atmosphere. They have seats that fully recline and they're amazing. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because its frequented by a ton of teenagers. Some drive around the area like idiots, and while some may enjoy the youthful exuberance, I find it dangerous and annoying.


Dollar kids movies during the summer awesome

Hellshake Yano

Good theater in a good location.

Magnolia Skinner

Horrible people. Your supposed to feel welcome but i did not feel welcome. The service guy with black nails and small glasses.

Debra Dunlap

The parking is terrible! There are like two handicap spots that are semi close. The others are quite a ways away. But once you get inside the theater, the individual theaters are very nice. What's not to love about reclining chairs? You have cup holders. You have tables. My friend took a little nap before the movie started. The theater itself is very nice! And the sound is great! Then you have to leave & trudge back out to your car, wherever that may be.

Robin Gerlofs

Bartenders in the lounge don't know what they are doing. All drinks are pre measured and poured by machine. YUCK! Nice seats good venue.

Richard Valdez

I heard this was a very nice theater and was looking forward to dinner and a movie. We sat in the balcony and were the only customers up there. We were there for quite a while and I became concerned, maybe they they didn’t know we were there. I went outside and found a waitress. I told her it was our first time there did we order in the lounge or would someone take our order. She said she would come in and take our order. She gave me menus and I went back and waited. The movie started still no one came to take our order. I called the theater on my phone, and informed the person we were in the balcony seats and no one has come to take our food and drink order and the movie has started. Someone came shortly after and took our order and then returned with our food and drinks maybe 15 minutes later. The food ok at best I had fries no ketchup, the bun had almost no sauce which was advertised. I felt like they just hurried and threw our meal together. I spoke with the manager after the show. She said l should have come out and said something. Really! What an expensive disappointment .

Lisa HQ

Great reclining seats and the theater was pretty clean :) problem was is was so cold in there, I had to keep my coat and scarf on the whole movie. And the sound was way too loud.

Katelin Brontë

Nice & fast concessions.

Eli Zimmerman

Never going here again. Buying my tickets from a fat angry old man called Rich, I ask him where the theatre is and he grunts and sluggishly waves his oversized meat stump he calls a hand in what could be left or right. I ask him, “so to the left?” And he furiously shakes his cheek fat in disbelief and anger that I didn’t understand him the first time. And to think this guy is the GM?

Louann M

Really nice theater and location. Girls day out for lunch and a matinee. Seats are really comfortable and it’s a great location for everyone to meet up for group get togethers. Nice outdoor mall area to walk around afterwards.

riley glynn

This is my second home. I love coming here and watching the new movies. I probably come here once a week

Geoff Rubino

Nice movie theater. All new technology utilizing the newest advances in filmography. The seats are almost all reclining, and the theater is laid out in stadium seating. Except for the front rows (which has always been the case) the view is excellent from almost any spot. Going back to the seats, besides reclining nearly fully horizontal, they are cushioned and comfortable. The theater shows mostly new and popular hits, so this is not the place if you are looking for indie/underground films. You can order seating in advance and choose the exact seat(s) for yourself and/or family that you want to sit in. The earlier you do this the more likely you will get the seats you prefer. Otherwise, the theater provides the normal amenities food-wise of other theaters: Popcorn, drinks, candy, etc. The one downside is that they have those machines that dispense 100+ different types of sodas, rather than machines dedicated to about 6-8. You get a higher selection of course, but they dont taste as good as the normal, simple dispensers. Lastly, parking directly in front of the theater is nil, so if you are running late, you might drop off a family member to buy tickets, while you find a place to park (it should not be more than a couple blocks away, and if lucky, within 50ft or so.

William Alexander

Great movie

Dr H

Nice theater with reserved seating on Fandango. Although the cracked leather on the reclining seats needed to be replaced, management did recently add new seat covers. We'd upgrade this review to 5 stars if they actually do replace the seats.

Patty Jagodzinski

This movie theater is best visited when you reserve your tickets before you go. Amenities are good, and they have reclining seats. They also provide a swivel table at your seat which would come in handy if you ordered food. Great location for before or after shopping and easy parking.


This is a nice theatre but two annoyances: -Never enough staff at the concession stand -If the seat you choose doesn't have a tray or recline, they should tell you. I would have never picked my seat yesterday if I knew.

Sarah Stevens

Very comfortable seating. Only complaint is parking is somewhat far and it was pretty cold in there.

Desislava Todorova

This place is a hit or a miss. There is a bar on the second floor and food service with premier seating. Beware that the balcony/premier seating on the higher lever does not have recliner seats. These are still large, comfortable armchairs, but given that there are recliners on the lower level, this was a bummer. The building is beautiful and usually clean, but the management is rude and unprofessional (sorry, I'm sure not all managers fall into this category but this has been my experience here, twice). The staff is polite and working hard to keep up with little direction and oversight.

Daniel Batie

Better than most except if you want to work there then don't

Skylar Smith

It sucks they don’t let kids be kids. The staff are mean. We are 15 and they kicked us out of a horror movie It’s really annoying!

Sam Gruitch

terrible terrible people work here, awful staff, just all in all horrible conditions

Tony Avery

When the theater first opened the premier seating was great. Yes, you pay 33% more for the ticket but you sit in the upper balcony and get waited on by the wait staff. You can have dinner and drinks served to you prior to the movie then can enjoy your meal while the movie starts. Doing the premier seating became a special family outing for us that we did a few times a year for movies we as a family were interested in. However, the past few times the services has slowly worsened. Then, this weekend as a family we went to see a movie as a family and got the premier seating. We showed up 25 minutes before the movie to ensure we had time to order our food, enjoy some appetizers, etc. before the move started. The wait staff never came to the theater and I had to walk out 3 times and talk with management to get service. Still, the wait staff never came and ultimately I ordered the food at the counter, then carried most of it back myself. Remember, we paid 33% more for our ticket so we could have the "luxury" of a restaurant style experience at the theater. Additionally, the seats are worn out with scratches and tears in the leather. We will not be doing premier seating there again.

Lilly Stearns

Can't wait to go here when me and my family see the new lion King. The theater is amazing and tickets are cheap.

Anthony Ward Jr

Great theater I just wish they had a better arcade selection

Sara Garcia

Great service!

Corey Scott

The place is nice clean and comfortable

Alan T

By far one of the best Movie

Misty Lynn

It was beyond freezing. My thermo said the temp INSIDE was 50. That is unacceptable!!!

Jason Zook

Good theatre, pricey food but the same compared to all the rest. Nice reclining seats with plenty of room. Always my theatre of choice.

leona godin

We went as an adult family to see Star Wars, and, though blockbusters are not generally my thing, I had a great time. We had giant popcorn, reclining seats, audio description headset for me, and closed captioning eyeglasses for my father in law—so yeah, totally accessible!!! Though you might not be able to throw your arm around your girl or guy in these seats that put as much distance between you and your neighbor as a semi truck, the experience of a full-on forget humdrum reality is yours at this theater.

Liam Cox

Nice and clean theatre! The recline seats are very comfy and modern. The screen is huge and the sound is awesome. We will definitely be back! I suppose it will be A Dog's Way Home movie.

Gini McGrath

Awesome recliner seating,good food, enjoyed movie, but had ear plugs, why do they turn volume up!

Marian Spensieri

Power was out. Visit in February. No offer to accommodate our inconvenience. Will not go back. Customers can and will go elsewhere

Jaelynn Plummer

Empty theater at 10pm. So nice and relaxing

Ryan Misener

It's a pretty nice theater


Great theater. I just wish the seats upstairs reclined. In my opinion, the reclining leather seats downstairs are better...

Krisann Mccutcheon

The Theater is pretty awsome The movie Judy was so Depressing but Renee Zelwigger was awsome in it.

Kimberly Vogt

Nice theater and clean. Didn't care for the bar blocking my view in our assigned seating. Movie was great.

Brandon Jacobs

Hands down nicest movie theater bathrooms I've ever seen. I mean, it's not like you really care about the bathrooms when deciding on a theater, but these were fantastic. Inside the actual theater the seat cushions were torn up and it looked like the theater hadn't been cleaned. It wasn't slimy or anything, but it definitely didn't live up to the standard of the bathrooms.

Tonya Bruch

If I can get seats row 3 or back it's great!. 3 is pushing it to see the whole screen without following with your head. The comfortable, roomy, reclining chairs make it easier. Best to order tickets ahead of time like the day before or morning of. I am learning that being spontaneous in regards to movie watching at a theatre is not like it use to be. I would not recommend showing up at movie time expecting a good seat. This theatre is clean and the employees are friendly.

Mike Gilbert

Nice place with recliners that almost lay all of the way down.

Kevin Bauer

Great theater! I enjoy not having to sit with the plebeians when I go, as well as the in-movie food service. Sadly, corporate took the daytime chefs away to open a new theater, so food is not served before 3 at the moment... only typical theater faire is offered.

Wally West

Recliner chairs - 'nuff said. The staff are much more enthusiastic about their jobs (especially upstairs) than most theaters I've been to. It's kept very clean and I haven't had to wipe someone else's popcorn off my seat or clean out my cupholder.

Jennifer Winn

It's a good movie theatre in a cute outdoor shopping mall so you can make an evening out of it! There are great restaurants around it too!

Chad Strickland

My family and I LOVED this place. It is so good to have such a nice theater so close to home.

Roman Lobatyy

Cool cinema. A lot of movies can be start few days before world premiere. Also it has food and full bar.

Alan H

This is my favorite theater in Colorado. Their recliner seats are spacious and very comfortable. I am a big guy and when I go to other theaters like AMC, the sides of my pants press into the recliner buttons and I ended up moving back and forth the entire movie. The staff is always friendly and is happy to take care of any situation including environmental problems like an absurdly called theater or lighting issues.

king savage

It was a wonderful movie theater

Susan Chapnick

I would have enjoyed the theater more had I not chosen to sit in the balcony. I'm too short (5'4") to see the screen without the railing in my way. I could see about 80% of the screen. Unfortunately, the theater was too full too change our seating but it wasnt the end of the world. The rest of my family members were tall enough to see just fine.

Pete Pappas

Nice seating and they sell alcohol

Liz Sardakowski

we have been there over 50 times and none of those visits were a disappointment. they always have are food ready in a minimum of 2 minutes, and the food is always great. I would highly recommend this movie theater even if it is a long drive.

Sheila Mask

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the staff is here. We bought a ticket to the wrong Regal cinemas and the manager could not have been nicer about it and honored the ticket anyways so we could make the movie. We got food (real food! not just nachos and popcorn) and some fun drinks upstairs and the staff there was fun to talk to. Have to try the frozen whiskey coke next time. The chairs are nice in the theaters, I don't think I've ever been to one where the seats practically recline all the way back like that. Thanks for being great guys!

James Smith

Very clean. Very nice theatre. Staff was friendly, not sure platinum seats were worth the upgrade, they don't recline and they are too high in my opinion.

Ryan Venturi

The theaters are very small so their is a good chance that you will have to look up at the screen.

alicia fuentes

I loved that's regal movies now Love the side table in the reclining seats

Shawn H

Prepurchased tickets. Clean seating but some deep cleaning needed. A little quiet but overall good experience.

John Douglas

Comfy seating, convenient hail-proof free indoor parking!

Joe Canas

Reserved our seats on line knowing this was a dine in theatre only to find out that they closed that part just a few days ago. The manager on duty Brooke listened to our complaint but could care less. Even a free bag of popcorn and soda would've had us coming back but not anymore

Anthony Logue

We reserved tickets online and went to see the Shazam. The reclining seatings are very comfy and the staff is attentive. There are plenty of parking and lots of restaurants and shops nearby! We will be back next weekend!

Dan Rodriguez

Very comfortable seating. Reclining seats. They have a full bar upstairs. Parking structure makes it easy and security is present. Bar Louie is next door to meet friends before the movie. Surrounded by upscale small outdoor mall. 8+ stores respectively.


The seats are adjustable and comfortable. The screen and theaters are big. You can get candy and popcorn. There is all kinds of drink choices.

Jason MacFarlane

Great experience at this location seeing shape of water with my girlfriend on MoviePass. The parking situation was definitely little crazy with only one spot available and the seats a little dated in comparison to AMC. The only other major thing I could see Improvement with was the only had one staff selling tickets to stay so the line was extremely long. I'm happy to use the computer system but UX was slow and confusing for your average consumer. I hope they improving the future because they are a good spot to catch a flick. Cheers

Lenora Smith

My fav theater in the city. But their one fail is to charge people for premium vip service that they can't get on the weekdays. We sat there waiting for several minutes for a waiter to come in to take our orders only to have to go to the bar and find out they only serve on the weekends. Why did I have to pay extra then?

Bryan Kruger

Awesome theater, decent price. Huge comfortable seats. Will definitely be going back again.

Joseph Valtierra

Favorite theater to visit with the nearby food and drinks. Reclining/love seat options are great. Very nice shopping center.

Todd Meier

Love the reclining seats, smaller theatres and friendly staff. A great place to take the kids for an afternoon movie. Great lunch or dinner options within walking distance in the surrounding area.

jumpdogbark bark

This movie theater is dope. The bartender is what's up.


I can't deny that Regal has great sound and picture. This rating is more about price and service. We sat in the sky box and paid the extra money for the ability to have drinks and food with our movie, which for the same kind of amenities is $15 cheaper at the AMC Theater with the same food and drink service. Regal stops the waiters from coming back in after the movie stops so if you want anything else you have to go get it yourself. AMC does not. They continue to serve up until halfway through the movie. So extra money and half the service.

Oscar Nash

I go here all the time great place and there are restaurants around that are real good too! Iv been going to this place for a year now and never had a problem. They have good seats and an up stairs bar. Premium seats are extra $ but I think worth it cause you get some room around you and the seats are really comfy and you can be lazy and order stuff too without getting up. Great place over all. However it isn't cheap but when you get there you'll know why. :) hope this was helpful!

Fred Davidson

Love the upper theaters with food and drink service!

Ryan P

Used to be better. Menu is not what it used to be. We arrived early and sat at bar for drink and app. Ordered basic side of fries ( listed with signature firecracker aioli sauce). They came out as plain fries, nothing on them. Could have been Ore Ida just dropped in fryer. They used to have these lobster nachos that were amazing! Go to Perry's or Bar Louie's first now!

Christina Geiger

Accidentally saw a sneak preview. Great set up for seating!

Anne R

A nice clean theater with comfortable reclining seats with a movable small table attached. Bathrooms are nice and clean as well. Their snacks are tasty.I recommend this theater.

Tyler Chirichigno

Joker. Nice.

Ginny Linstrom

This was one of my most enjoyable experiences at the movies in years. The sound was not overwhelming and I wish all Regal Theaters had reclining seats. I have to sit in handicapped seats so do not know if this particular theater only has them or the Riverpoint theater doesn't have. But since there was such comfortable seating I plan on coming back to this Southglenn Regal theater on near future.

Jennifer Worysz

Love the recliners. It's the only theater we go to.

Kevin Petrasek

Always a pleasant experience! The place is well managed and the staff are always friendly, helpful, and competent.

Ronnie Guidry

The seats here recline and are roomy. I don't remember that. It's assigned seating as well. The theatres are smaller but I definitely prefer that. I'll definitely be back here over other local options.

J Kirkpatrick

Great place to check out movies! The recliners are nice, food is good, theaters are very clean and you can even reserve seats! This place is pretty awesome! My family and I love coming here!


Very comfortable and clean. They have the good chairs!

K Morrison

Good theater with great audio and visuals, friendly staff, plush reclining seats, and cool surroundings including shops and restaurants.

Michele Pierson

Good menu for upstairs balcony. The first row balcony view is obstructed if you are short. Otherwise comfortable.

Ed Beery

We just kept getting great service. As we waited for our sons, we were told they had a bar that might be a nice place to wait. Walked up to get snacks and FOUR staff members jumped in to help. WOW. After the movie we were waiting to see if there was a bonus scene, and the cleanup guy told us there was no point in waiting. Very clean, nice power seats. Seems like they have a great culture. Totally impressed.


Great area to enjoy a great night with friends

Scott Leader

I was in theater 11 and the fake leather on the seats was well worn and a bit crusty. Other than this, the whole complex is quite nice. A really good movie going experience.

Xenedraa Bourque

Nice clean place. Big open spacious facility!

Cherie Taylor

Clean theaters and friendly staff. The beer is overpriced, but the bartender did inform us about the pitcher of beer deal. So that was nice, and helpful!

Colorado Nugents

This place used to be nice but is going downhill quickly. We had to tell the manager that the theater had not been cleaned, there was no service in our "premium" seats, but no one told us this, so we ended up waiting in line downstairs and had to rush back upstairs to try to see the movie even though we arrived 35 minutes early. My wife ordered a sangria, but was served just the wine part, with no ice, no carbonated water, no fruit. We were also told the kitchen is closed (being remodeled) Shouldn't we be advised of this when purchasing "premium" seats online? Not sure what is going on with this theater, but we have too many other good options in the area and won't be returning any time soon. In fact we'll probably just start avoiding Regal in general. It shouldn't be this difficult.

Susi Queue

So all of you who complain about the cleanliness and squeaky chairs and sub-par food etc.... is THIS why you STIFF the wait staff? SHAME ON YOU! These kids work hard to pay for their living expenses and depend on tips. Have NONE of you ever had to wait on others to support yourself? You cannot EVER stiff the wait staff or only leave a crappy 10% because of the food or equipment. They have NO CONTROL over that! And for the individual complaining about not being served during the show - do you really think that everyone else wants to be disturbed during a premium movie experience because you need another round of fries? Be reasonable and respect the staff. Some day it will be your son or daughter who is working long hours to wait on self-entitled rude people who leave them a 50 cent tip. Have a nice day and enjoy the show!

alphonso gonzales

Was great keep coming back!!

Live Loot

Closest theater to my house and we have seen a few there now. Nice reclining seats and friendly staff.

daft slack

Good times. Friendly service

Josh H.

Cool location, clean and great staff

Kristie Braaten

Love the app. Seats are comfy. Wish concessions weren't so expensive.

Patrick Winters

This location would be a total five star location if they would clean the balcony / premium seats

Robert Hatfield

First time watching a movie here. Nice place. Wish it had recliners in the premiere seating.

Renaissance Bastiells

First time here. Sunday, 9-18-16, 4pm. $20 bucks for 2 people. You have to pick your seats when paying. A strange concept. Personally we would rather just walk in and pick where we want to sit and by who. It's worked for the last 80 years in the USA, why change it?. In this case, we were the ONLY ones going to this movie. On a Sunday, no one was there, strange again. The seats are huge, and recline with footrests! Nice. Well spread out. Took some pics to send to friends, since no one else was there, and when the flash went off, could really see the filth and garbage. Look in the picture posted under the seat. The tops of the seats and tiny tables were sticky as well. It's not like they have a lot of people to clean up after..... What a mess. See picture...... You can see the sticky pop etc running down the front of the arm of the chair on the left, and the garbage under the seat was molding and horrible..... I checked some more seats during the previews by putting the footrest up, all the same. Its all a ruse,,,, looks clean when footrests are down, and dark inside the theater, don't be fooled, it's just plain disgusting.

Olga S

Best theater. Love recliners and food service on the upper level

Ryan Propper

Reclining seats! And be sure to check out the Sky Box bar for drinks (to your right and up the stairs when you enter).

Gerard Hallaren

Comfy recliners, reserved seats, beverages.

Betty Dungey

Love this place! Friendly and helpful staff.

Caroline Markley

Concession prices are high even for a theater. No combos available and they were out of ice. The seats are nice, but depending on where you sit, the rail will block your view if you recline.

Dave Hill

Convenient to parking and food. Reserved seating is awesome.

Kathy Swalm

Comfy seats! Nice theater! Friendly employees!

Andrea Pike

The new remodel looks great. Love the option to order food.

Kim Nguyen

This is my favorite theater its at the Southglenn mall which is always so nicely cared for with flowers and fountains and many restaurants to go too. Nice reclined seats and can buy tickets in advance.

James Martin

Price is right and the seats are comfortable

Joe Sessoms

Nice clean and expensive! Nothing like dropping almost a hundo to see a movie!

Elvis Orozco

We love there

Brian Lambert

One if the best theater s I have been to

Patty Mullett

I went to see the movie Mule. Very good. However, my husband and I were very cold. The theater was freezing and every one in the theater was cold and kept their winter coats on. It felt like they had the air condition on. Cold air blowing on us. This is not the first time I have gone to this theater and been to cold. But, I think it will be the last. Being so cold took the pleasure out of the movie experience. It was not worth the 25$ we spent on this Saturday afternoon movie. Time 4:45 on Dec.22. Senior pricing was still 11$ each plus on line service charge came to 25$. I think I'll stay at home and watch Netflix. I had even ask the employee to request the heat to be turned up. Nothing but more cold. Oh well, good bye to Southglenn theater. Never again for me.! Hello Netflix.

Scott Crull

Great place for a movie. There is a nice bar upstairs. Also, balcony seating. This is where I go for all my movie entertainment!


This theater is terrible, it's run by teenagers and everything is dirty. My husband and I were sitting in the theater for 20 mins before they could get the movie started because no one knew we were even in the theater. And no one was able to be found to help us, save your money and just go to Alamo Drafthouse.

Danielle Hickson

Honestly, the most impressive thing about this theater is the fact that it is always clean. From the theaters to the restrooms, things are always swept and mopped and cleared. Such a nice change from most theaters.

Becky Hinman

I really like that this theatre is so close to my house but the last 3 times we have gone we have gotten a broken recliner seat. Doesn’t seem like anyone cares to fix the chairs at this location, and the recliners are a major part of why we choose this theatre. A little disappointing.

Ennol Angus

This has to be the most expensive theater in all of Colorado at $14 per ticket. The only reason I come here is because it is the closest theater to my house. At least it is nice, and the high ticket price keeps the riffraff out!

Jann M

If you're going for the movie, you'll have a great experience. Next, all of the movie theatre's have everything food-related priced too high and it's not 5 star food to begin with, you know that before you buy it? As far as the movie experience goes, I love this theatre, they show great movies, have comfortable seats, have late night showings, midnight showings of some great movie openings, and marathons before the premiere if it's a trilogy. Staff have always been wonderfully helpful and courteous. If you have a complaint about a staff person, tell the manager, don't put it on here where all the staff take the brunt of your complaint for what 1 person may have done or not done. This movie theatre is close to my house and I prefer going here to other theatres.

Ben Grisinger

Very nice theater. Comfortable reclining chairs. They never have enough staff at the concession stand so make sure to get there a bit early if you plan on overpaying for soda and popcorn.

Corey Wagner

This is the way to watch movies; in reclining seats.

H. Cammareri

Nice place, bring your ID if you'd like a drink and plan your seats around the speakers. Just keep in mind, the "premium" seats are upstairs in AA and BB. We, my tween and I, made the mistake of sitting in BB 19 and 20. If you like two speakers blasting at you from the side and behind, these are the seats for you! We sat downstairs the first time we attended a movie here and I don't recall there being an issue with the sound being painfully loud. When we go there again, I like the upstairs seating but maybe in the middle seats where there's only one speaker behind you. If you order wine from the bar, they may refuse to serve you alcohol without an ID, as they did to me. I don't bring my ID with me to the movies. I'm in my late 40s. This was ridiculous. I was ultimately able to order wine from a server. This is no big deal, but seriously? I don't look under 30, or even under 40. I wish I'd known there was such a neat area upstairs where food and drink could be ordered, as we went out of our way to stop and eat before the movie. Overall, I like this place a lot. Not being able to simply order a glass of wine from the bar at my age was obnoxious though. I get that's it's a corporate policy presumably, but it's idiotic.

Dr. Rob

Great place for a movie and a cocktail. Big stadium chairs, great sound.

William Gelroth

Fast seamless service. Friendly staff A+

Frank Newton

Love this theater.


Great Theater, Comfy seating- not crowded in.

Simons Welchs

Quick prompt service and comfortable seating with the best buttery popcorn.

Andrew Vanderploeg

It's a very good theatre good selection of movies but the bathrooms were a bit gross


Good nice staff.

Steve P

The seats are not nearly as comfortable as the seats at AMC. I had a backache after the movie. I'll go to AMC from now on.

connie g

Not crowed... super clean and great service.

Rebecca Bukowski

The I went to go see was awesome the movie theater was kinda like my local theater but not as complicated.

Cynthia A.

The seats were reclining, spacious and comfortable. The speakers were loud and the screening was great!

Lia Berman

My husband and I come here almost every week for years and have had no problem until tonight. We eagerly anticipated seeing black panther opening night and bought tickets days before. We went to the movie and couldn’t hear a word!! We are in our twenties and literally couldn’t hear when they were talking softly !!!! There was defo a problem. I was so upset I got up right in the first 5 minutes to tell someone and they said they would handle it but it was never fixed. My husband also went out and complained. I LITERALLY heard the guy two rows in front of me and five seats to the right FART in the middle of an action scene which should have been loud (I could have stayed home if I wanted to hear men farting around) !!!! If you want to hear every whisper, fart, and popcorn bite around you in a $16 movie (andhave the manager do nothing, go to theater 12 at SouthGlenn regal cinema.

April McGwier

Absolutely love the theater and setup, unfortunately the best part of our staff experience was the young lady at the ticket stand. All other employees had a sincere lack of personality or enthusiasm, even overheard inappropriate conversions in an open shared space, and had an employee giving foul looks to the costumers. I gave it the stars for the theater and one positive experience with an employee otherwise it would have been lower.

Fischer Timothy

Good theater, could upgrade their seats.

Kristen Peloquin

Comfortable seats

Xombie Plays

Lovely seats and great sound!!

William Alexander II


Chris Morris

It was awesome

Michael Caldbeck

Nice movie theater and it also has a bar upstairs. Everything I needed was provided but the food isn't that good. Its movie theater food so it cost 10 dollars for popcorn and 8 dollars for a tall beer. The movie was great but next time I'll will look for somewhere close by to eat beforehand.

Modefi S

Thanks for making my movie experience more fun.

Jennifer Travers

After a lengthy conversation with the kid at the ticket counter, we ended up with exactly what we did NOT want--balcony seats that do not recline & have a railing right through my sight of the screen. We arrived hours before the movie to get tickets. He explained our seating options and we told him we wanted lower level seats that recline. He suggested two for us in CC, directly next to the only other purchased seats at the time, so we asked for two seats in BB (again, not realizing they were in the balcony) & made our transaction. After a bite to eat, we returned to find that these pathetic balcony seats were ours and at this point, no other seats were available for the movie. It was beyond frustrating. We didn't pursue our disappointment that evening because we didn't want to miss the movie, but will probably go to another theater with staff that can listen to customers.

Jason Dudek

Service is good, not too crowded most of the time. The sound system is a bit dated. AMC has better sound. Prices are more reasonable though.


Our fave theater. Staff always friendly. Always clean, nice, safe family environment . You can't beat the reserved recliner seating--the best!

Mark Taht

Very nice theater and service. I just wish it was closer to where I live.

Eve Manzanares

Small theaters, easy to get through, used atom app to purchase tickets. Friendly crew.

K Thomas

Go for the not premium seats. They have a much much better view than premium.

Sandra Moles

Great seats, nice selection of movie snacks

Ethan Perry

I've love this theater; it's a great place to go with groups and friends!

Jenny York

Didn't know there was no longer dine in options, credit card machine is broken as is the reclining chair. Popcorn is stale and the tiniest pop ever - $14!

Chris Williams

The recliner seats are great! Really comfortable.

Hazel LaPointe

My bro & I had the theater to ourselves. This location has comfy reclining seats, thumbs up for that, thumbs down for the concessions. Only good thing is the Icee's!

JP Aragon

Great theater! Still hate the cost. I'd rather wait and rent. It costs $64 for my family without treats. Could easily crush $100 for an hour forty-five, with no idea if we will like or not.

Jeff Karpinski

Good beer selection. Excellent audio system.

brent owens

Did movie was awesome the theater was extremely clean the employees were extremely attentive and we had an outrageously good time much appreciation thank you

Kevin Keller

The only theater in Colorado worth going to. It's very surprising that it is run by Regal, very disappointed with all of their other theaters.


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