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REVIEWS OF Regal River Point & RPX IN Colorado

Tim Riensch

I don't go to the movie theater to watch commercials way too many trailers overpriced food

Dylan Thomas

Able to buy tickets online and skip lines

Rachel Evans

Very nice theater. If not also a bit expensive. I watched Detective Pikachu here and had a good time. I am curious as to why no theaters seem to have a fast concessions line though

Sandra Vigil

Clean. Friendly staff. Would definitely recommend.

Angelica Barrientos

I don't think I would ever visit this movie theater again. My husband I usually visit the Century 16 Belmar location but we happened to be near this location and decided to watch Aladdin there 06/01/19. Well the gentleman who was working that night on scanning tickets and handing the 3D glasses didn't say a single word to us(he obviously hates his job) then we sat down in the theater and noticed trash in the theater from previous showing(that shows you the staff doesn't take the time to clean the theaters in between showings) and then after sitting through movie we picked up a funny smell, well the dirty carpet smell was coming from the uncomfortable seats we were in. I would recommend me them re staffing friendly people who enjoy their job and cleaning the place up!

Goyishly Unschooled

We had a great time and the young man was very kind. I'm just upset that we were told our gift cards were expired when there was plenty. We had to purchase them. I tried calling theater but system is convoluted. When you've been to theaters with much better seating, getting told "but you saw the movie" isn't too impressive. At least comp one adult ticket.

Jarin Burton-Johnson

Small theaters, good popcorn. I enjoyed my visit.

Raquel Mccaslin

Always liked river pointe just need the reserved seats and the reclining chairs now great service like always tho!

Kandi Johnson

Great theater! Buy your tickets online, check in by phone, no waiting in line!

Matthew Book

The service here has been consistently good. The hot food options are definitely movie prices, but they are actually quite good.

Michael Bevelhymer

Awesome place to watch a film.

nina woods

I went to see it on Friday with my boyfriend and cousin i had to get my mom to get tickets for her too because they wouldn't let us see movie without iD when we already pay for tickets they never done that before i am very disappointed now

Britton Ingraham

Nice theater not busy and friendly staff but seats are not as comfortable as other theaters I feel

Jeff Miner

One of the last remaining theaters that allows the spontaneity of going to a movie at the last minute without having to sit on the front row (none of this infuriating pre assigned seating business here)

Gloria J. Gonzales

My favorite theater.

Rocio Pantaleon

Service was so slow. No one at the window to sell tickets, & when i asked for help seemed like i interrupted their conversation the girl serving was rude & with attitude.

Jamie Judson

The staff at this location went out of their way to correct a ticket snafu that was our fault. I really appreciated their customer service and would choose this location again in the future.

W Nickolaou

This is your average modern cinema. It shows the same films (digital mostly) as most every other theatre and it features most modern theatre amenities (rocking chairs, big sound, stadium seats, etc). It occasionally will show a film not available everywhere, such as a Bollywood or independent film. Unlike other local theatres, there is no discount day where prices are reduced. Everyday is full price. But it does do some special programming such as kids films for 1$ on certain days during the summer. Overall, a great place to enjoy films still on the silver screen.

Rodney Baxley

They only had one ticket person and a long line waiting. First impression was not impressive. I have never had very much luck at this theater but they had a better movie time then the one I usually go to.

Nick Sullivan

Overpriced. Easy to hop around from movie to movie if your not doing anything.

Lori Formanek

Wonderful .. Clean .. Nice seating.

Laura Blainey

Seats are very uncomfortable.

David Bulson

Went and saw break in on Friday morning. The theater was empty, I think the other movies were doing better. Comfortable seats, good selection at snack bar, and good selection of movies to pick from. The theater is at the end of the center and they have their own parking lot. They have cheaper prices if you go to the a earlier shows, and no crowd to deal with.

Joshua Jordan

Don't buy anything but the regular tickets. They offer other viewings but it is actually the same as the regular tickets. Waste of money

ky ohm

Clean, friendly, easy to get around, parking good reasonably $$.

Graciela Pacheco

Lovely theatre. Cost is very high. Not a crowded theatre which is probably why the cost is so high.

Charlotte Tankersley

I have hosted two movie screenings at this theater and the staff here has absolutely fantastic at accommodating our needs both times. They are polite and friendly, and management works very hard to make sure that everything is taken care of to your satisfaction. Both times the manager on duty has gone above and beyond by helping us move tables and set up, offered to help us to our car, provided A/V equipment when the movie production company said that they couldn't, etc. I wouldn't host a movie anywhere else. The theaters are always clean and they have comfortable seats and a good selection of snacks at the snack bar as well for reasonable (as reasonable as a movie theater charges) prices. I would give them more than 5 stars if possible.

Julius Robinson

Nice theater friendly staff. Will be going back often.

Joshua Mueller

Great place! I rarely go to another movie theater. This is my #1 choice of Movie theaters to go!

Connie Cox

This is a wonderful movie going experience. Clean building friendly staff!!!

Lil Gunz

Very appealing design and set up. Workers were very nice and welcoming, ticket validators were non existent so in theory anyone could've gotten in for free.

Thomas Carr

I am writing to protest Regal Cinema's outrageous photo ID policy for "R" rated movies for young adults over the age of 17. I tried to take my son and his best friend to see an "R" rated movie.I did not have any interest in seeing the movie, and I was in the process of buying the tickets for them, when I was informed that they would be required to produce legal identification to prove their ages. They are both over 17, but don't drive and don't have state issued IDs. I explained that my word as a 55 year old parent with an ID should be adequate, but was rebuked. I eventually talked with the manager to ask him to use his authority to waive the requirement. He declined, and I felt like I was being called a liar.I'm extremely insulted and upset. This policy and they way it's enforced is ridiculous, as my word as a parent should be more than sufficient. I would understand if the ratings policy was a law, but it is not, it is simply a suggested guideline that is voluntarily applied. I can't fathom why Regal would not allow their managers to have more discretion in their ability to make decisions.I have been attending movies at the River Point Theater since it was built, but I will never be going back. I hope Regal will reconsider their draconian policy and if you change it.

Trevor Williams

Slowest concession line in town. Drive 10 minutes and go to AMC 12 Bowles Crossing

Sonny Garcia

Upgrade your seats already. Comfort is key.

Happy Teresa

We stop by occasionally for popcorn when we have a long drive. I haven't watched a movie here quite yet. Theater popcorn is wonderful

Costin Stanescu

Great movie experience$

S Robinson

Nice theatre. Very comfortable seats that rock and have plenty of space. Arm rests were a bit of a challenge to pull down and the floor was covered in popcorn from a previous showing. Ladies bathroom left a little to be desired; one stall had a rather unfortunate poo mess all over it that didn't look terribly recent. Can't say I blame them for not being terribly excited to clean that up but maybe could've been closed off or something. Staff was fairly friendly and available. Not my usual theatre but would come back.

Reed Larsen

Nice theater. Nice staff.

Hannah Gonzalez

Concession lines are always long but theater is kept clean and show times on time. They have alcohol here too for those over 21. Bathrooms are generally clean too. Staff usually is friendly

Anna Taylor

Only place I go to watch movies, concession stand is a bit sliw

Arienne Duncan

I love this theatre. Of course the snacks are pricey as they are anywhere else, but aside from that this theatre is awesome. Its always clean, the seats are comfortable, and I love the RPX. Not to mention they have a very friendly and courteous staff.

David E

Terrible experience recently watching a new movie in the RPX screen- a couple brought two young children (3 or 4 years old) who were yelling, trying to get their parents attention (yelling 'daddy' over and over), climbing on the seats, and moving around in the aisle. The parents ignored the children and tried to watch the film. The theater didn't intervene, for example they could ask if they'd like to move towards the back so as to be less distracting, or simply asked them to leave. The children were obviously too young to be in a theater if they can't sit quietly. We won't be returning, instead we'll stick with the Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton as they actually tell people to be quiet if they're distracting other customers.

Eric Shaw

Comfortable seating, decent food.

michelle kellner

Consession stand now serves tacos beer and cheese cake. Great large seats and fantastic sound and video quality. Not cheap but worth the money for a good experience at the movies.

Juanita Gutierrez

Very friendly and helpful on all levels notch

Emilio Ojeda

I love the movies but iwatch at home mostly now. It's just too expensive.

Delfino Martinez

It's nice place to watch movies nice chairs n food

alicia fuentes

Love the fact that the parking lot was cleaned of all snow. Clean and dry. Also you can get your layered butter popcorn. Park Meadows also does this. I wish south Glenn would do this. Also the family it! Needs a bigger sign instead of the door.

Melanie Frantz

Great staff!! Our vehicle was stolen from the parking lot and the staff was great.

Darin Short

No recliners! Those are the new standard in Merica! LOL.... I won't do theaters without them and I think a lot people are feeling the same.

Patrick Hodges

The staff is great at concessions.... but meh at ticket check. Still , a great place to watch a movie

Brandon Dau

Great reward system to keep coming back. I lost my wallet once and the manager didn't give up looking for it for a couple days and eventually called me back with the great news that he found it ticked in a seat. Theaters are clean and food is good!

Fatima S

The Cinemax that we chose to see the movie ends with smaller than normal and it was actually nice. It felt intimate not many seats the sound was adequate and we had a wonderful time.

Paul MacLaren

Sound and Picture quality were good. Staff was friendly and the concession line wasn't too long at all... but the floor was SO sticky, on all levels of the theater. I understand that a ton of soda is spilled daily, but please mop it up better!

Albert Oramas

You can always get a good seat and the place is always clean

Camille Fangue

Friendly, very comfortable, helpful with app!

Matthew Hill

Theater is clean and attractive. Seats are big with plenty of leg room. Staff is very courteous and contribute to a very nice experience. Beer selection is decent and the tall lasted through the whole film.

Brian Nelson

They may not have all the bells and whistles that most theaters are moving to, but this place is still great. They do serve alcohol and food other than popcorn and it's usually quiet. Never had issues seeing a Blockbuster on opening day. Place is clean and friendly. My go-to place by far.

LaTierra Greene

Theater was clean (not sure about the bathrooms because I didn't go in them) and they had a big menu! Staff was nice as well :) Minus one star for the pricing (but it wasn't surprising; it's comparable to some other theaters). I'd return here!!

Karen Morrissey

Always a nice place to go for a first run movie.

David Wildfire

So expensive

Scott Wright

Nice and comfortable chairs theaters are okay. Snacks are a bit pricey but they all are. The girl put on as much butter as I wanted so I can't complain there.

Matt Person

Went on a Tuesday afternoon and basically had the place to ourselves. Everything was clean, staff were friendly and helpful, and the movie was good.

Mary Rios

Recently moved to the area, decided to watch the Joker here despite the bad reviews. Very bad idea!! The popcorn horrible, very single one of their ICEE machine were "broken". Had a couple sitting next to us at the very top who talked through the movie, I went down to request a manger and told him. He did nothing but stand for five minutes at the bottom. He told me he didnt see a couple and he didnt hear anything, but if would have actually done something like walk up the stairs towards the couple you would have see the girl laying down on the chairs with her head on his lap, and him very low in the chair. Then he would have heard them laughing, talking, kissing, and looking at their phones. They did refunded us two tickets.

Timothy Hardy

I loved it I love the choices that they gave me as all things it cost money I wish we could spend a quarter and see them but I understand our times and I know things always cost but overall I give them four stars because I believe they catered to me and my family in a good boy I will be back to visit them and see movies again thank you

Kayla Gay

Cozy little theater with nice large screens.

Rosalyn Roldan

So fun


This theater is a good meeting place for my friends and I to hang out and watch movies. Friendly staff. Affordable snacks. Comfy seats. Well kept. What else can I say?

Ken Koch

Clean, but need to add recliner seats at some point

Angela Buum

Good location and comfortable seating!!

Jon Howell

Screens are tilted weird chairs are mediocre.

Hilary Baskin

Clean, easy parking, great restaurants nearby

Tina Orihuela

Friendly service at the food bar ! ☺

laura Anichka

This is the opposite of a great Cinema experience the seats are outdated and the arm rest are impossible to pull down. The restrooms were filthy. I have been looking for a different option besides AMC which are also terribly dirty...

Kevin Sebastian

The seats are good, bathroom not too shabby, Its better than theathers i have been through around colorado

Christian Gaytan

Fast friendly and popcorn.

Brenda L Sommerfield

Roomy seats and nice screens

Keith Iveson

I had to change my review fornthisbplace. Went to see a movie here and felt rushed out of the theatre even though there was an end credit scene.

Charlie Elliott

This is one of my favorite Regal Cinema Theatres

Michelle Aragón

I don't get out much because of my health, however I wanted very much to see Bohemian Rhapsody. First time going to the Regal Theater on November 21st for the 7:20 showing..The person who took our tickets was very friendly and the theater itself was clean, bathroom was presentable and the seats comfy . However when we went to ask for our one refill of popcorn we were treated like we asked for the whole concession stand. We made sure to show our tickets and show this was our one and only refill. It was hurtful and embarrassing. I'm a respectful, polite person and I wouldn't treat people that way. However, I really loved the movie and need to see it once more before it's gone. I believe in second chances and so far my health is still decent so my daughter and even though I'm a bit frightened of ordering anything from the concession stand. I will go there again.

Michael Porter

Very nice theater, movie was great!

Michael Chavez

Good service. Nice place to see a movie

R Bryer

Usually have a great experience... But this time the screen was filthy in theater #6 there were about 8 teenage boys throwing popcorn using cell phones and being very disruptive!

Terrina Griggs

Great theater! Crazy pricing at snack bar, its only popcorn, geez...

MASK Crafting

It is a wounderful time to spend with your family

Regina Woiler

Great theatre. Very clean and pleasant.


Went to a 1pm movie, best time! Open parking lot, open lines, clean restrooms. A medium Pop corn, medium sprite, 2 boxes of candy $35.00.. didn't by the tickets so cant say how much those were...

Anna Trujillo

Good movie

Nick Herrera

Real nice theater. No reservation seating except the RPX theatre, which is nice.

Alexander Wolfe

One of the cleanest movie theaters I’ve ever been to. Rarely crowded. The pork nachos are delicious.

Aseop 620BCE

A Regal 4DX Cinema would have been better but there are none in Colorado. AMC is still No#1.

Dr. blackhat inferno

Saw alita battle angel here it was great and the employees where kind

Dan R

Clean and nice movie theatre. No recliners which is a bit of a let down but the screen was nice and big with a good sound system(RPX)

Ramona Lucero

They took care of us Right away.

Rita Espinoza

Did not get a chance to watch the movie it didn't work

Jesse Collins

The seats are super comfortable and they have real food like BBQ Pork sandwiches! The theater also serves alcohol (beer, wine, and mixed drinks)! You earn points if your a Regal Crown Club member (free membership) from tickets and concessions. You can use those points for free movie tickets and free concessions! All the staff I have encountered are friendly and have a smile on their face every time I have been there!


We got to save 30 dollars

Paula Jean Noble

Nice clean and easy to find and great friendly place.

Paul Bunyon

Great experience. Love that they are showing the film Death of a Nation here. Best documentary I have seen and will be coming back to watch it again.

Benjamin Blair

This is my local theater. I go all the time. It is a bit expensive, but such is the nature of entertainment. This is a clean, nice, theater.

s. kimber

Nice theatre, good location and got to see a good movie for a cheap price. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because the people in the row behind us had brought in a bottle of whiskey with them in a backpack, which I was surprised they were even aloud to bring in. Maybe Sunday employees were being a bit lenient, but the opening and closing of a backpack, the pouring sound and the strong smell of whiskey made the experience quite a bit less enjoyable..


Comfortable and clear. Yeeaahhhhh

Jodi Litchfield

Clean, comfortable, quiet; everything you could want in a theater


This movie theater is great! Saw Jurassic World. And the speaker system was nice! The lobby is pretty clean. I ate this sandwich called spicy pork sandwich it was very good! I encourage you to try their food!

Greg Chapleski

Hi, way too many commercials on the big screen before the movie than we ever thought possible. No wonder we don't desire to go to the movie we pay to see - we are wore out before it starts. Enjoy your money from others, we won't be back...

Delwyn Twogood

Great movie and clean environment. No problems.

Tom G.

I love coming here because we always get great seats here. The staff are really great here, the concession team are very friendly and helpful. Ticket prices are decent and if you join the regal crown club it is free and you get points to use on really cool things, and they also invite you to free screenings.

Simon Gabriel

Very nice place to watch movies, it clean, comfy seats and quiet. The movie was nice ( spiderman)

erandi lechuga

We came to watch captain marvel and it was ome of the only theaters that was not ham packed on a premiere weekend. Super sweet since we had the chance to pick GOOD seats. They only have Blue moon though, no bar.

david stewart

Nice theater, not to crowded, always has current movies, good food selection, popcorn and beer to!

Wendy Peterson

I love watching movies in this theater. Very comfortable and everyone is always really nice.

Julian Franczyk

Standard movie theatre experience. Compared to other theatres in the area the seats are a little smaller, but everything else is top notch. I also like that you don't need to reserve a seat. Even for popular movies, just show up and get first come first serve.

David W. Miner

Overall good theatre. The"regular" screens are small with average acoustics. Service is very good. Lines short. A couple bucks cheaper than theatres in Denver. Chairs roomy and comfortable.

Aaron Dickey

Excellant theater! Clean, spacious, great service, good food and libations. Very impressed!

Damian Burford

Great staff and great little theater. Bonus points for having a wine/beer bar!

Patty Mullett

Im making this my theater. Not to cold and not to loud. Love it

karla kahm

People next to us would not stop talking. Told management. They did nothing! So frustrating.

Ari Zavaras

Nice clean theater.

Ben B

Nice theater, you can expect it to be good like other Regal chain locations. Staff is decent, prices are pretty high (as to be expected), and they keep up with the current movie offerings. Theaters and bathrooms were clean. Would go back in the future.

Levi Griego

Great it feels like home

Shankar Reddy Ippala

This regal location looks too old. Even though the viewing experience is good, seats aren't comfortable. Few Indian movies release here so good place to watch Indian movies but nothing extraordinary

Nancy Ferguson

Nice staff, comfortable seats, perfect temperature.

Stephanie Turner

Wonderful comfortable seating, excellent choices of snacks, even beer and wine.

Scott Tousignaut

Great theater very clean i enjoyed myself

Rex Misken

Nice theater and usually not too crowded. Clean, too!

Heidi Hobson

The chairs are comfy and the place is always clean.

Jed A

Clean. Just as pricey as everywhere else. Concession prices should be enough to bankrupt a small country, if not, buy one more candy.

Colin O'Dell

went on date didnt feel like two hours

Samuel Mato

What a great experience! Comfy seats, friendly staff, and decent prices

Christian Beattie

Nice screens not much else to say not special

Travis Theis

I feel at home about this movie theater, and the manager of this location is perfectly respondent to any and all issues that may arise. Super clean and well maintained too! Will be using more now that I have a Regal Unlimited pass.

Boss Lady 01

Okay place to go, no lounges but cozy

David Brown

The theater gets a 3 star rating but the entire experience was a 4 grandkids rock

Jesse Gonzales

Nice theater. Clean and accommodating.

Michael Bader

One if the only theaters in the area. Lots of movie choices and they keep I clean. Of course increase your credit limit if planning to munch movie snacks

Michelle Hartman

Nice clean theater, welcoming location. For those interested, seating is assigned, and seats lean back slightly, but there are no reclining seats. Management was good at enforcing the seat assignments in a polite manner, which I appreciated.

Dante Keys-DeMuro

I am geting very annoyed with this theater. Three movies in as many months that something has gone wroung with the films showing. This time i went to opening night of malificent part 2, the final showing of the night geting taken way in the story when this theaters unprofessional staff turn the lights up in the battle sceen. I try to ignore but after 8-10 minutes i try to find assistiance and no staff any were to be found. Try to return and just enjoy the film but hard to do when the light disrupts some level of the 3d experince. Leave again to find some managment instead find young kid who does the amicable job of turning down the lights for the last 3 minutes but no managment to be found. Good movie ruined by incompetence and between the lights and time looking for assistiance 20+ minutes of this fillm were ruined . Yea i think i will just take the extra 10 minutes to drive to a better theater from now on .

Gilded Reviews

It is a very nice theater, the staff has always been on point, very friendly, and very helpful. The theatres are always clean and the popcorn is always great. Overall a pretty nice theater.

Elena Moraitis

First time to this movie theater, $10 student place and over $12 regular, so pretty reasonable. Not crowded at all, nice for a night with friends. Seats are regular, no long chair with leather as some can have, but enough to enjoy your movie :)

Tina Corina

We visit this theater quite often, but this time around, it was fairly busy. The only seats left were in the very front, and we really did not want to break our necks watching the movie. I went to the manager, Jesse, who was very helpful and not only exchanged our tickets, but upgraded us to an RPX showing! On top of that, the crew at the concession stand were outstanding with their customer service! This theater all the way around has great staff and I had a great experience! Everyone is smiling and so friendly! Thank you for such a great experience. We will definitely be returning.

Christie Wright

Movie was great, but food prices were outrageous! Eat before you go and don't buy anything.

Willyum Balange

Fun. Needs new seats

Nasty Jay

Such a nice theater! We drive from belmar because the theater there is so awful we are more than happy to make the trip here for a clean and friendly environment!

bonnie salazar

This Is a very nice movie theater their busiest days are Friday and Saturday I would suggest ordering tickets on line ahead of time. There are quite a few places to eat close by such as Steak-N- Shake, PHO 4 U, Old Chicago, SubWay, Hu Hot Mongolian Grill to name a few.

J Cruz

Nice staff and clean theater. Will go again close to home.


Nice quiet movie theater

linda daniels

Clean nice place to see a movie.

Subrata Paul

The best thing is that you can get student discount. I guess its 20%. Auditoriums are neat and clean. Seats are descent but not great. A bit more legspace and better seat could make this the best of its kind.

Storm McGinnis

Extremely expensive!!!! 6.79 for a drink, 6.79 for pretzel.

Judon Montoya

I love the theater and this one was very clean and the customer service was outstanding

Anita Martinez

Seats were so uncomfortable

M.J. Cruz

nice theaters, comfy seats, good sound, great movie selection. Bathrooms were kind of dirty

Tim Brockert

As good as any other place

Lillian Pagan

Clean place. Polite staff.

elizabeth sprink

I love this place. They even have soda kiosk in the lobby. Thats pretty darn worth it.

Eric Lecuyer

Never have any problems from the staff here. The people who go to the movies, on the other hand...

Kristyne Fetsic

It's nothing special....typical movie theater.....but I do come here a lot and the workers are always polite.

Maria Natalia Ornelas

Very nice theater Comfortable and clean. Attendants, very friendly and polite. Went with a group of friends to watch Jurassic World, had a great time.


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