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REVIEWS OF Regal Continental & RPX IN Colorado

Philip Patton

I will own this place one day. My favorite theater in town. I love RPX.

Nathan Moran

Great place to catch a movie, nice upgrades, definitely worth visiting again

Rachel Makinen

I loved the staff here! And was pleasantly surprised to find out they serve beer and wine. The popcorn was abundant and not too much butter ;) we had a small snag with the ticket situation and the manager handled it superbly. I wish I could remember his name. His staff was also nice, a good group of kids!

Meghan Burnett

The theatre is not clean from the last movie. Drinks and candy everywhere, very dirty.

Vahid Ashouri

It's a nice place for a late night movie but sweep the floors in the theaters. There is always trash left behind

Lovly Lelia

Now this movie theater was a nice discovery. You can order alcoholic beverages at the snack bar. Girls night out jackpot!

Jacqueline Pointer-Wood

The theatre is fine..the movies are fine..THE PRICESHERE AND EVERYWHERE FOR MOVIES IS RIDICULOUS!! This theatre is well maintained the customer service isn't to great but theyare typically all kids learning which is good.

Alejandro Gutierrez

RPX is really good but the chairs are uncomfortable and it smells moldy

Andre Jackson

Great place to see a movie. Comfortable seats.

Aaron Miller

Great theater. Clean theater room. Only thing I didn't care for was the staff at the concession area. They lack a bit on customer service due to attitude issues

Val Jenkins

The theatre was clean and the whole expereance was very easy. If you just want a quick and casual movie, this is a good place. If you want your moviegoing expereance to be a very special event, then the reclining seats at some AMC theatres are nice, but can be more expensive. Definitely would go here again.

Freedom Passarelli

For my taste the volume was too loud and the popcorn was not great, but the movie was excellent.

Karen Casner formerly Carmean

Weird moviegoing experience. Glad I had a gift card or would have been $44 before tax for 2 tickets, 1 large soda, 1 large popcorn, 1 box of candy!!! - got tickets online the morning of and glad I did - now with assigned seats it seems that good seats get taken way before the movie. Due to this I saw a LOT of people come into the theater and take a seat not realizing it was "reserved" and then people had to ask them to please move - and by that time only seats in the lower section were open. Haven't had people on both sides of us in a long time - (online tickets don't allow you to leave a single space for some personal space...). - no person selling tickets at box office - people had to wait in LONG concession lines in order to get tickets. -One whole side of concessions was also closed and only was there to serve alcoholic beverages - AKA there were people standing around when lots of people were waiting for snacks and tickets. - theater in general was clean, bathrooms too.

Heather Conway

Great good ole theatre I've been going to since I moved to Denver 15yrs ago. They offer upscale food menu and beer and spirits as selected Regal cinemas. Seats are comfortable and rock slightly which I love for my knees!

Marvin P

Has that old school atmosphere with the old school folding seats. Brings back memories when I was young. Love it

Aya Saad-Masri

Ticket dude kinda creepy but 10/10 theater def go check llalerna

DAVID Chandler

I had a wonderful experience here

Rebekah Cunnigan

Nice, clean, atmosphere and comfortable seats

Doctor Benway

Movie theater with concessions, video games n self serving candy dispensing machines. Screens were big and sound was good. Seats were old and smelled funny in the theater that we saw Smallfoot in (AUD 2). I was definatly disappointed with the seats. Most theatres I go to have full luxury electronic recliners that you reserve in advance. It's possible they have these in the other auditoriums, this was my first time here. Staff was very friendly and professional.

Paul Gallas

Went to see Avengers Endgame on the RPX on opening night. It took 30 minutes to get through the line to concessions and when we ordered from the menu, we were told that the food would take 15 more minutes to make. So, we settled for what was already prepared, chips and popcorn. The theater was big, the screen big and the sound system was good, but, the seats are old and uncomfortable. We were close to the front and were unable to recline, so, after 3 hours my neck and back were killing me! They need to renovate to keep up with the other theaters like amc.

Douglas Wykstra

I mostly go here because of the location and because I'm several thousand points deep in the Regal customer-loyalty scheme. Never had any problems with the projection or sound. It's nice that you can buy beer, albeit at exorbitant, stadium-level prices. I do wish the selections went beyond blockbusters a little more often.

Jackie Wilson

The concessions was a little disappointing and the prices are high for what you actually get.

Jordan Cotter

This theatre is fine, but it would be nice if it would follow some of the other Regal cinemas and put in the nicer, reclining seats. Other than that, no real complaints

Lisa Jl

Sat in the 2nd row in a crowded theatre and only 2 of 3 seats reclined... Tried the other 3seats aside us that also didn't recline! Would have been nice if someone would have cared more about patrons than getting off work in 10 mins!

Rosa Rodriguez

Plenty of parking and great time with friends watching a movie and chilling with a cold beer

you Cme

Best popcorn and seat are in RPX

Sean Thompson

Not sure how they can fit a 12 ounce beer in an 8 ounce glass. Nice clean place though, smh

Marvin the Martian

I visit this theater fairly frequently. Great seating & food with high prices; which is normal at movie theater, so no deductions for that. Most recent visit being today/ tickets won from Alice 105.9 to see Ant-Man and the WASP Advance screening! It was awesome! I only deduct the star because two of the several times I have been there, there have been issues with the projector/light bulb or whatever, and their idea of fair compensation did not match the rest of the theaters'. So if there is an issue, make sure to ask for a manager or supervisor! Don't just take their one little pass and offer to go into a showing that has already started!

Laura Votava

Parking: Plenty Sound system and seats: Good. Concession stand: Good. Go to matinee: Great! Had theater to ourselves!

Jasmine Faleatua

I honeslty felt bad for the management because they kept getting things wrong. I asked for a crunch cake and they were looking high and low for it and yet I got the wrong cake. I felt so bad for them that I just took the cake. But the movie was great.

Sarah Chavez

Wow, this was an amazing experience. Can't wait to watch a action movie with this experience!

Mark Arguello

Good service with tickets, and good quality snacks/ popcorn.

Armanda G

They tried to charge me 3x for 2 adults. Gave me 2 different movie tickets, theater wasnt clean and the staff are less than acomidating. Twice I tried to address them about the cleanliness, and the heat. (Usually movie theaters are cold, WHY AM I SWEATING WHILE SITTING DOWN!?) & they made eye contact and looked away. Not even an acknowledgement that I was speaking to them.

James Fout

Comfy seats

Larry Barnes

Great movie place to go & enjoy

Patti , Peri

Plenty of handicap parking spaces close to door, easy access by car or light rail ( Southmoor exit) Not to crowded.

Jim Conley

Good place for first run movies. Comfortable stadium seating and good food options beyond the normal concessions which they also have. Reserved seating in the RPX theater. Often not crowded on weekday mornings. Large, clean restrooms.

music lover

Always great seats and super fast customer service. One of my fave movie theatres

Beverly Breakstone

Great theater conveniently located. No lounge seating yet which is the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

brice wozniak

Clean and quiet when I went. Comfortable seats

Ben Busche

First time at this theater. Comfortable seats but not recliners. I'd go there again.

Paul Kerkman

Nice but didn't have reclining seating. Staff was awesome. Adult slushy was a good price.

Amelia Barnes

Went to see the Mary Poppins Returns with my little niece. The movie was nice and we had a good time here. The stadium-style seating allowed us to have a great overview. The bathrooms were clean and well-stocked. Prices for drinks and popcorn were a bit high.

Sonia Webers

Clean rest rooms and friendly staff and very helpful.

Elena Chafino

It was clean and the staff was friendly but the seats were not very comfortable.

Alice Lebedova

Tickets are too expensive plus you have to listen to 25 minutes of commercial block before the movie. How ridiculous. Make it 10 minutes and get on with it! Please don't bother with their concession stand, I was so mad at the end it's not worth the disgusting awful food. Especially if you want their nachos with that nasty fake cheese for $6.50 or a small soda for $5.50. Seriously, whaaat? And no matter what you do do not ask for a hot dog! You will wait for 30 minutes for a tiny hotdog for $6.50 in a rock hard bun and then you will loose it

Esteven Douglas

I would have given a higher rating but there popcorn is not what it used to be ..Sorry Continental! Oops.! I meant Regal Cinemas..

Victoria Garcia

it is the most expensive place to see a movie. Forty dollars and we are seniors on social security. never again. Denver is so expensive. l wanted to leave Texas and move there to be near my grandson. Need to find a town closer

Adrian king

Went for my birthday to see Malificent. Nice staff, clean and plenty of parking. I have always liked this theater. Got the popcorn snack, reasonable and just enough.

Kevin Ambrocio

Great place, just needs more trained staff

Mason Lopez

This theater is in desperate need of a refresh. Carpets are dirty, seats and arm rests feel old and dirty to the touch. Screen in our theater had a tear. Just really rough.

Kyle Lee

They serve alcohol and premium food dishes as well as typical "movie theater snacks". Always have enjoyed going to this location and have always had good experiences. A little pricey for some of the premium foods but pretty standard overall prices for movie theaters nowadays.

El F

The theater was dead empty on a Tuesday afternoon, as expected. Clean and efficiently operated. My complaint is based only on the chairs. They are not the fancy reclining style as most regal's and seemed to have had some better days. I'm surprised such an upscale locale isn't more inclined to folding arm-rests either. Otherwise an awesome date spot. And bring cash for the token machine if you wanna hit the arcade!

Diego Nicholas

Chill movie place! Clean and nice staff!

John Harrington

Seats are comfortable, especially the more expensive reclining ones, but the screen we saw Aquaman on has holes in it that were very distracting.

Joseph Vedovati

Comfortable seats, good sound system, beer, wine, and liquor sold here. Can select seats online.

Adj Hernandez

They asked to search my bag, and I didn't see a posted policy that said they would do that, but I went with it because I didn't want to make a fuss. They didn't have assigned seating, and while they do have a giant screen, that is the only reason to really go there. Their lesser theaters weren't that impressive. Caveat: it has been a while since I was there.

Jed Raskin

We saw the 11:30 am showing of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The concessions person (male) was not very courteous. He had issues working the butter machine, which is behind the counter?? He cursed at the machine and was told by a supervisor “Language” our medium drinks had maybe 3 ice cubes in them. Once we got to the seats it was even more disappointing because the seats are old and outdated, not very comfortable. I’ll be going to regal at Park Meadows from now on.

Jorge Beltran

Great mlm place

MO Jones

First the yonug lady at the conssesion stand started telling us what they didn't have so we had the regular popcorn and it was dry with no flavor barely had any butter..someone had to go tell them to turn off the house lights ...and then my daughter got sick from the hot dog ...been throwing up since early this morning I dont think the young lady used gloves.

Jason Eaton

It’s time to update this theatre. The seats are well used and the please needs a face lift. The staff is nice and the popcorn is consistent.

Matthew Trevino

All some place with kind people and really cool movies.

Timothy Mahoney

I went to see John Wick 3, but couldn't pronounce the name of movie because I was completely drunk. They courteously told me that I was too drunk to be in their establishment, as I was a liability. I had just fallen over outside and scrapped my knee pretty bad, so I agreed. They let me stay in the lobby while my Uber arrived. So I checked out the John Wick 3 movie poster in the lobby and watched the trailer on my phone. It seemed like a good movie.

Andrew McAllister

Ok. I used to work here years ago not much has changed certainly after visiting the Alamo it's hard to come back here. We saw #MissingLink alright movie don't understand the frames per second and the discrepancy between hair resolution and the resolution of the clothes.. but I am critical and no one cares about my opinion!

Nicholas Purcel

Phone service is horrible. Constantly hung up on

Nya Muhammad

Bring back the table and chairs. Clean and organized with friendly staff. I would give it 5 stars but the no tables and chairs was disappointing.

Jennifer Lonnes

Saw a free screening through gofobo - free movies are always good!

David Torres

Service was great. Staff very efficient.

jamal alsoffi

Great theater seats were spacious, the concession stands we're a little slow could of been a little better but good theater over all

debapriya sengupta

The seats should be better

Melissa Bachmann

We went here to see the Lego Movie 2. We had two $8 promotion tickets from buying some Lego movies. The lone ticket guy that was out there couldn't scan them so he called a manager. Finally he also got more help because quite a line was forming. The manager was only able to scan one of our codes. My husband thought he was lying but let's give him the benefit of the doubt. He definitely seemed to have major trouble/anger issues with the machine. (A rage I know well) I didn't like the ticket prices or the fact that we have to select seats. There was a terrible smell by the door to our theater that thankfully did not follow us. In summary, I was expecting nicer and was disappointed though not to the point that I would say I'm never coming back... I'm just going try other places first.

Aaron Ewers

Food was alright, everything way expensive, and no where near as clean or updated as other theaters Alamo Drafthouse is where I'll keep going even if it's 20 minutes farther

Nicholas Loyer

Good theatre, pretty clean. Good quality images no flicker. Good concessions with very little wait. Tickets were super quick online just had to show the receipt to the ticket tearer. We saw our movie and left with no issue. No annoying people crying children comfortable seats. Although, they were a bit slow to turn on the lights after the movie.

Alejandro Bermudez

Well located, inserted in a nice mall with several food options, this Regal cinema is a flagship of the the brand and a perfect place to see new releases, especially if it is an action movie in their main theater with THX sound technology. It will blow you away


The movie theater is not as good as an AMC. The RPX is a huge stadium... but the seats are tiny and slippery. Def not even close to IMAX at UA on Colorado Blvd. Good movie theater, just dont waste your money on the higher tickets(RPX).

leon schwartz

Excellent place to watch a movie. Comfortable & quick food service.

Marc Reyher

Excellent screening of Gemini Man

Anne Hunter

Saw The Green Book. Great movie.

Rob Roppo

Clean and Simple movie Theater

Ann Kane

Snack selection was decent. Most seats in theater were damp after laundering and sound was off, then projector quit working too. Movie started half an hour late as a result.

Jonathon Apodaca

Great staff. Good prices.

paul duncan

We had a great experience with the manager Audra. We had to leave the theater early and she not only got us new tickets but upgraded us free of charge for another day.


Waited 30 minutes for concessions on multiple occasions. Recommend getting to the theater an hour early for your movie or just go anywhere else.

Dion Chavez

Incredible redesigned theatres. Food and spirits now available. Exceptional and courteous staff. Clean fun environment. Love they have an off duty Denver police officer for security available for questions and concerns. Regal Continental makes a person feel safe to enjoy the movie going experience. Thanks!!

Mya Kay

Comfy seats. Not too crowded and you get to select your seats at the ticket counter.

Melanie Catangay

I like to take my disabled, wheelchair bound brother out on trips. This was our first movie experience here, and will be our last. It is small, dark, and dingy. The more disturbing thing though, was it's lack of consideration for those in wheelchairs. Even just going through the front door, there aren't any automatic opening doors. I basically had to wait for someone to hold the door open for me (the bus driver opened the front door when we got there) so I could safely push the wheelchair through. The door to the theater itself was the same. Luckily there was a trash can nearby that I was able to push over to prop the door open for me, so I could push him in. Not cool and.not safe! The lady who took our tickets was very nice, but couldn't physically help me with the door, and there was no one else around. Literally no one. We will be taking our outings to the landmark theater nearby instead.

Chris G

I had a decent experience

Mike Kenyon

Good seating (reserved) and good AV. If your movie is on the giant screen ... Can be beyond compare

miles cabral

They serve beer wine and spirits... they have an upgraded menu, but the seating is still outdated. No reclining seats. Great sound in the RPX theater too

Christina Argo

Great theater and the employees are very kind and friendly.

Brian Skeats

Having worked at a Regal, I would like to highlight a few features regarding this specific Regal. First, my time waiting at the ticket booth has never exceeded 5 minutes wait. On top of that, my ticket is usually purchased within that time. The person working the booth is always friendly, and a few recognize me as a regular. I don't often buy concessions, but the times I have my wait has been longer than I'd like, but shorter than I would expect (having worked a very similar concession stand). Again, the service was provided with a smile and a kindness. Finally, I have never seen any garbage or any sight of a mess in a theater. The quality of the video and sound has also never waivered. The stadium seating is quite comfortable. On a final note, this is by no means a luxury theater, but it is top quality, and an exceptional representation of the Regal Cinemas chain.

sam sutton

The rpx theater has some of the best audio and video in all of denver. Plenty of room too

Spencer Scott

I've never had a bad experience here that wasn't understandable. very clean

Lauren Carr

RPX is way over priced. So the screen is big but the seats are just so so and there's no place to put your food. My friend and I ordered pizza and it took 10 plus minutes to be made (to be fair, the staff did warn us) and there was too much sauce on it. I'd go again but skip RPX and skip getting food.

Jet Rivera

Awesome staff, clean theatre, restrooms were spotless.

Money Mike

I take my Dad here every Sunday to catch movies I must say location is accessible and prices are good. I wish they had a better snack bar!

Catherine W.

Sloooow and long lines for a Saturday night at 7pm! All the concession stands were "broken", so there was only 1 register open-- waited in line for 25 mins or more (for additional food to be made).. staff was unfamiliar with alcohol selection and most food items (probably just poorly trained), and out of most things. The screen (Theatre #4) had a huge stain or scratch down it, and was quite distracting...) Let's just say we ll opt-out of seeing movies there for a while!

Christina Glennon

Older theater but it's a nice older crowd, so not a lot of rowdy kids talking and kicking your

Nicole Buff

The movie theater was really cool. Very clean, no lines, most of the staff was friendly. When we went to get food and drinks they were out of hot dogs on one side of the concession area. We asked the lady if they had any on the other side, her response was I don't know, she wouldn't find out or ask. so we went to the other side and it made things pretty complicated for no reason. Ended up having the manager come over and straighten things out. Other then that we enjoyed ourselves at the movie.

Gaurav Soni

AVERAGE THEATRE!! We went here for catching the screening of Captain Marvel. The ticket purchasing service was quick. The theatre was almost empty so we got our preferred seats. The theatre was clean. The seats were very average. Unlike Regal in VA and PA there are no recliners in this place. Only two counters were open for concessions so wait for concessions stand was significant!

Jennifer Armstrong

Restroom clean. Large drink & popcorn refillable. Enjoyed our visit!

Charles Bauer

Clean, friendly and helpful staff. Crowd wasn't obnoxious.

Natalie Asher

Have to get tickets at the concession stand for tickets. Which just seems not efficient.

Kelly prize

cool venue. great service. it's nice that you can order alcoholic beverages at the snack bar.

Ronnette Davis

Food has been good. I've had loaded nachos in the past. Today had Italian bacon chicken sandwich with chips and salad. I still think their admission price is high for seniors and matinees. I've said that to them every time I go. Other theaters are more reasonable. Regal just happens to be closer to me.

Patricia Harper

Our favorite movie place

Kelly Phoebe

Order to find out if they have closed caption for the Deaf could not get through any phone line there's no information on the website it's ridiculous to try to get ahold of them

Summer Wooden

Liked this theater a lot. Not too crowded and in case there were lots of kids to stress you out they do offer alcoholic beverages. ;) Once you show your ID they will give you a wrist band. I don't think there is a drink limit here, but at some theaters they limit the number of alcoholic drinks you can order.

Matthew August

Movie experience was good but noticed the ticket taker was inspecting bags and purses last night. Not LE, but an employee. Made me uncomfortable!

Nate Wilkins

Great theater everytime!

Ken Harris

Good popcorn. Nice sound and picture. But the theater is too warm. Takes away from the enjoyment of the film.

Alicia Chavez

It's super annoying that you have to buy tickets at one of the concessions, but have to pick up drinks at the other. When you buy tickets at concession, they don't have access to your Regal points so we're now up to 2 free tickets that we can't use unless we purchase online... a minor hassle but a hassle nonetheless. Otherwise, we like this theater. It's clean, close to our home, and the seats are comfy even though they're not the awesome power recliners you get at other theaters. It'd be nicer if they updated but it doesn't seem to get a lot of traffic so I'm sure they're not pulling in major bucks.

Tisha Martinez

The stadium seating is a bit outdated compared to other theaters. For example, I ordered tacos and a salad, but they don't have trays to set your food on at the seat so it was cumbersome when eating. The seats are comfortable, but don't recline. The food portions were generous and filling. They do serve alcohol, max of three servings.

Alyce Rittenhouse

Nice clean great service

David W

I've always enjoyed this theater. Clean with nice seats and lots of screens.

Dameon Whitaker

It's close to home, always clean and a great theater to enjoy. I'll definitely be back to watch another show.

Suzanne Allison

Love the theater, but can't understand why they only keep one concession area open most of the time. We waited in line for over half an hour, which is excessive. On the other side of the room, there was a full concession area that was not staffed. Not a smart way to treat customers.


It was fine. Good place to watch a movie.

Mateo Cerrito

Great theater with discounts for military and students. Theater has cinema seating and a Awsome sound system. I enjoyed this theater well over the other theaters in the area. They will search backpacks and purses so leave any weapons in your car or at home. I hope y'all enjoy this theatrical experience as much as I did.

Danny Archuleta

Went to see Avengers Endgame at opening weekend. The lines were so long and the staffing so short that even getting there 30 min early, we still missed 10 min of the movie.

Ivon Dominguez

It's really over priced compared to the other theaters near by.

canada albin

I had a bad anxiety attack tonight due to a large crowd at the theatre. I asked the manager Audra if there was anyway we could get tickets for a weekday or something to help with my anxiety. She not only obliged but was kind and compassionate and not at all judgmental of me. Anyone else could’ve easily brushed me off and said get over it but she took the time out of her extremely busy night to show me compassion and amazing service. GO AUDRA! <3

Amir Khan

Some screens are not so great... This theater doesn't have recliners and the timings for the movies seem to be scattered, probably because of the lack of screens. Still a good clean experience. You won't regret it.

Mr. Maez

Been going to this theatre since I was a kid of course they remodeled between then and now but still the best big screen (two stories tall 3 stories wide.) in Colorado in my humble opinion.

Bill Klossner

Not my favorite movie theater in town. It was seriously understaffed at peak time over the holidays with only 1 person in the box office and 1 person taking tickets, which left a sizable crowd waiting a long time to get in the door. I prefer the Regal at the Pavilions downtown, or Harkins in Northfield.

Andrea Beesley

A single person taking/scanning tickets--and looking in bags (for smuggled M&Ms or what??). Creates bottleneck, big line. Also huge lines at the one concession that was open This place needs to figure out processes that work.

Laurie Leder

Great and convenient theatre. Very clean..

Michelle Chow

Nice theater wish we didnt have to go to 2 different counters for the slushies and cherry coke.

Richard Selby

Comfortable seats and rapid service.

Brendan Kosovich

Clean, spacious, and nice looking theater. Tickets are a little pricey though; so you get what you pay for. The concession sells food (not just popcorn).

Rhonda Weekly

Love this theater!! Very seldom go anywhere else!! Best popcorn ever. Very nice and courteous staff.

Gerald Elway Cruz

Very very friendly and courteous employees and Management and I spoke with a Manager and let them know in person before I left the Theater.... Thanks for a great first experience in your establishment.... I will be back for sure

Michael Permillion

Nice venue. Didn't eat any food so can't comment. Service was friendly.

Daran Thach

No worries about parking here. Easy to access from I-25 S-N. The RPX theatre is simply huge. It would be worth the $18.50 to watch big production, big action movies inside it.

March Hare

We just got back from watching a movie here. This place is always clean and well lit. They keep the parking lot clean and well lit. The staff is polite and professional. This is a good place to bring a date and a safe place to bring the family. Usually 1 or 2 off duty police around. There is a restaurant you can walk to afterward. I have always had a good time at this location.

Eric T

I only come here when I really want to watch a movie and my usual theater is sold out. I feel like they're always under staffed. Show up 30 min early if you plan on getting snacks, even if the theater is empty. That's my biggest criticism for this theater, the lines

R Car

If you like paying a ton of money for tickets and snacks, this is the place for you.

Insanecodkiller Montages

Got to watch John Wick 3,great seating and movie quality

Leroy Damian

It is a bit of a drive from where I live but I enjoy going to that theater because the seats are very comfortable and it's conveniently located near I-25 and Hamden

D Nyagolova

I like this movie theater. They have a lot of movies going on. No reserved seating. And the staff is friendly and helpful. And they have milk duds. What more you can ask for from a local movie theater.


Older theater with a bit of a musky smell to it and overpriced compared to the newer, more accommodating theaters, but in a good location and not too crowded.

Terra Walker

Digging the revamp. Love how big the chairs are. I like picking which seats I get ahead of time so I don't have to rush.

Melinda Rinaldo

I was very disappointed to find that when using an assisted listening device that you don't find out whether it works or not until the movie actually starts. This means when it doesn't work, the management expects you to get up during the movie, disturb the other patrons as they are viewing the movie while you miss 5 to 10 minutes of the movie in order to go all the way back to the ticket booth to get a replacement. This to me is a poor accommodation for those with hearing impairments, so we watched the movie without the device to avoid the disruption and inconvenience to us and to others. When I talked to an employee afterwards to see if they would comp a ticket for a second viewing, she spoke with management who told her they don't do that.This left me with the impression that they don't really care to keep their hearing impaired patrons coming back. My advice is to find a theater that is more sensitive to disabilities.

Thomas Chisholm

I remember when this was a single large theater and we would go there to watch major releases on very big screen. Still a nice place to watch a film but on much smaller screens.


Lots of snacks and great selection of movies. It was also very clean inside

Colton Muheim

fun place to watch a movie and the chilies across the street is always a good touch


Great Theatre! Lost $10.00 on the hand Crain trying to get DeadPool . Dang those hand crains!

Brandon Jablonowski

Pretty standard regal. Ticket prices were actually not terrible. Seats were worn and rocked but as are most regals. Zero issues with picture or sound so nothing to complain about. They had a sweet candy machine that was actually priced fairly just past the concessions so that's a plus. Concession prices were enough to go hungry if not properly prepared but what's new. Not the best, not the worst. Movie was great.


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