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543 Big Thompson Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517 Located in: Stanley Village

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REVIEWS OF Reel Mountain Theater IN Colorado

Jeremy Thompson

What a gem. The perfect way to spend some time when the weather isn't perfect. They have kids booster seats which is great for the little ones.

Lil Spookie

Movie experience was great and I could hear every word! The decorations are top notch and so are the bathrooms

Sean Hammett

Staff has been lackluster. Seats can get uncomfortable after a while. Concessions area is impeccably clean and well stocked. They have decent prices.

Stephen Gilbert

Great place in Estes Park to see a movie.

Landry Chamberlain

Small but nice to have in town to save me the trip of driving to Boulder to see a movie.

Carlos Moya

Loved it

Jack Lammers

Peter Boncelet

Paige Hartmann

Kim Coffey

Nice, friendly environment and staff.

Andrew Kolat

Bob Omer

Long wait to buy ticket. You buy your ticket at concession stand.


Wonderful theater in a small town. very comfortable seats, great sound quality and overall experience. prices are slightly on the high end for concessions but it is definitely worth it. The selection was extensive and also had some interesting other things like polish hotdogs, which by the way were fantastic.

Colin Sullender

A cozy little movie theater for a small tourist town. They always have the latest movies lined up and offer a solid selection of cheap snacks. You can get a large popcorn and drink for less than most major chains charge for the popcorn alone. Tickets are a little pricey given the limited amenities of the theaters (no stadium seating, older audio systems, poor audio isolation, etc.) but not unreasonable. If you have a Rocky Card, then you get a free small fountain drink with the purchase of a large or family-sized popcorn.

Amanda Walton-Lopez

Friendly service, comfortable seats, and delicious popcorn!

Penny Snow

Great mtn theater, cozy setting!

Joe Mester

Great theater, great staff.

Çağrı Mert Bakırcı

For such a small town like Estes Park, this theater is awesome! Really large and comfortable seats, nice audio-visual quality. There are only 3 room but still they are really good! Their popcorn was delicious too! :)

Eva Vicencio

john smith

Was here 8/10, went to see “Hobbs and Shaw”. Right before the movie started the manager or owner, whoever the guy with the glasses and beard was. Came in to the theater and gave a big talk to everyone about not having phones or recording devices out, otherwise he’d take care of it cause it ruins the movie etc. there was a warning on screen too. I was pleasantly surprised to see the effort and care he had about the customers’ experience. Sadly it was just all talk. As much of the movie there were no less than 5 different people(at least in front of us, idk about behind) taking their phones out and either recording parts or takings pics of different scenes. I wouldn’t even bothered rating/posting if he hadn’t made such a big deal about that stuff before the movie and there was no follow through. Other than that, nice place.

Melissa Yoder

Nice but seats are uncomfortable unless you're at least 6ft tall


Bradley Fiorito

Saw Infiniti War. Great Dolby sound. Trendy little theater.

Risha Weidner

Patricia Walborn

The people, who run it are above normal service and kindness!

Tj Manspeaker

Great place good candy.

marc veselka

Clean, nice seats.

Susie Harrison

I went there and people were very nice and welcoming. The movie screens are clean and speakers loud. But concessions way to highly priced.

Charles Scott Johnstone

Surprised at how nice it was.

B Jones

Anthony Johnston

Great sound system with cozy, but not cramped, seating. Chairs were comfortable and facilities are generally in good repair. Snackbar is rustic decorated with a surprisingly wide variety of snackand beverage options given the three screen theatre size. The only detector was the screen for my theatre (far right) had some large defects that showed through on the image. I would definitely go back again.

Kristi Bosko

Good clean theater, good prices. Very polite staff.

Eduardo Ramirez

Was good, seating needs update!!

Katelyn Meeks

The staff was so nice. The prices (especially for concessions) were lower than any I've ever paid at a theater!


Never crowded great screen and sound

Phil Starling

Great sound, picture, and popcorn, but it would have been nice if the air conditioner was on.

Aaron Stolz

Marcus Martinez

Nice quiet place

David Basch

This is a really nice little theater. The lobby is decorated in a quaint and charming rustic way, with pine tree countertops, and local history artifacts hanging on the walls. The staff is friendly and courteous and keep the place very clean. There are three movies showing at any time. This is a great place to see a movie.

Jay Detweiler

Well maintained place to see current movies

Roman Sandoval

Nice older theater friendly staff

rose burkmier

Ivan Dulcey

Claire Kreider

Glad they decided to bring "Unplanned " to this theater.

Mike Maz

1 star for each screen

Danette Victorio

Very disappointing. Took my family up to Estes for the holiday and we normally do a movie as a tradition. This theater only had children's movies and horrible ones at that. Being that it is the only theater in the area we were forced to watch a movie no one wanted to see just to continue with the family tradition and have a good time. Completely ridiculous that they would not have at least one adult movie playing, especially during a holiday week when you know families are going to be coming.

Juan Agudelo

Good service

Jess Anderson

Decently priced considering the location, always a good time

Greg Kennell

Tom Hassler

Very nicely maintained modern theater with digital sound, comfortable and clean seats and both reasonable ticket & food prices. Top it off with friendly staff in a tourist town? Total gold mine on bad weather days. Highly recommend

Jason Garcia

Great concession prices!

Gwen Jones

Pricey, but nice staff, nice restrooms, comfortable theatre seats, good screens and great surround sound. (Too loud. I wear earplugs and still have no problem hearing everything.)

Debby Lovelace

Liz Murphy

I have loved this theater since I was a kid. Pretty much grew up in Estes park, so I have been here many times and I am never disappointed. Great staff and a good selection of snacks and candy.

ryan jerke

Small theater, but only one in town.

Tyler Phillips

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the movie that I saw. They have Dolby 7.1 surround and digital projectors, which means the movie experience was on par with Regal and AMC. For a small-town theater, I was impressed. Go see a movie here and enjoy it!

Kyela Raben

Nice and quiet

Stephen Roth

When the movie started their projector wasn't working right, but they acted quickly to fix it once it was brought to their attention. Overall it was a good experience.

Kristy Gagliardo

Caitlin Dobran

Great theater & customer service

weston Parker

It's the only business I know of that offers a senior discount starting at age 55. We really appreciate that.

Tamyra Smith

What can you say, chairs were very comfortable great pop corn, if you go early they have great rates all around a good family experience

Daniel Barwinski

Great theater with the latest flicks, offering the best of digital sound and imaging! Amazing in a small mountain town.

dan Hannaford

Rosa Tapia

Jayme Johnson

Love this intamat theatre. Good sizing on consession items. Good seating family friendly. Would have given 5 stars if they had more than three movie options and a combo with there nachos. Loved the vegan cookies.

Jackie Robinson

Cole Norton

I've been going to this theater for 19 years. I've watched it change owners, and I've even worked here. Unfortunately, since it's (basically) the only theater in town, I have watched them raise concession prices over the years and it doesn't seem like the money is going towards a better cinema experience. I know a few years back, they did a HUGE improvement on the seating situation, however, I'd like to see a better screen projector. It feels like I'm watching a 720p video on a giant screen with okay audio. If I'm going to pay AMC ticket & concession prices, I want AMC quality movies. With that being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the theater or staff. They typically have a great selection of movies for you to choose from. It's your normal family-owned movie theater. Just really wish a bucket of popcorn wasn't over $10 and a large drink over $5 because I'm a poor boy from a poor family.

Jennifer Newhouse

Great service

Joshua Builds

Saw the Kingsman premier last showing and it's was pretty empty. There were maybe 25 people there and I arrived with 7 of them. Only complaint is small seats i didn't purchase any concessions to complain about.


Great small town theater. It's the first movie theater I've ever been in that wasn't freezing cold. I could sit comfortably and watch the movie without shivering.

Jay Hawkinson

Went to this theater 3 days in a row for the Stanley Film Festival May 3-5, 2013 and was more than pleased every day with the quality of the theater. Having been to dozens of theaters, most much larger than Reel Mountain, I was impressed by the excellent sound quality and presentation. Upon arrival one might not expect a lot from this "small" theater but appearance is deceiving in this case. Additionally the seating is very comfortable and spacious. The concessions offer a good variety at reasonable prices. I will definitely return and hope SFF continues to use this excellent venue for future festivals.

Paul A

Pretty expensive but considering its a small family owned business that only has a couple of showrooms its not too unreasonable. They do charge you to put butter on the popcorn though. One thing I did enjoy was the Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound. If you want to see a movie tonight and don't want to drive to another town, I would definitely recommend this place. If you are only visiting for a couple days and can wait till you get back home, I would wait though.

Kera Steele

Dawson Ash

Никита Шумик

Ruben T Valdez

A little bit of Hollywood in the mountains. Casual and quaint. Good snacks and popcorn.

StanW Cobb

Great date, great woman, pretty good movie, clean theater and CHEAP prices!!!!

Neil DeMarco

Spencer Holmes

Super radtheater

Rebecca Mueller

We go to this family owned ( I believe) theatre often. It's clean with a mountain rustic style.

Sandra Ross

Beth Carle

Good movies, clean theater, friendly staff & lots of yummies.

Adam Brown

Best in town

Kathleen Spencer


Great place to catch the latest Flix while in Estes... all year round no less!

han han

Great theater to be able to sit back, relax with a cocktail, and enjoy a movie. The seats are roomy, you have in theater service and it is a small theater. The food is aggressively fine but the overall experience and VIP-ness of the experience is worth the few extra dollars in the price of the ticket.

Donny Pebbles

Cool place. It's not the big city cinemas but, I like that about it. For Estes Park, their prices compare to any others, are great!


Kimberly Yawn

Emilee S.

Lori G

Friendly staff and cozy

Vigilant PR

M Baak

The most fun I have at a theatre now. The prices for the show and the concessions are better than anywhere else in Northern Colorado!!!

Kristy Augustine

Love this place. Great place to take the kids while visiting Estes park. Very clean and not over priced.

Jose Uriel Saenz Olvera

Jaymie Moe

Quaint little theater

Starr Sheehan

The theater was nice with small town charm. Howevern, the movie we watched on the middle screen was dirty or need to be replaced since it has lines on it. Super distracting during the movie when the screen was super light. Workers were super nice and they even had small batch homemade ice cream. I didnt try it but sounded good.

Julie Zent

Clean restrooms good movies and cheap matinee movies good for a date

Jason Miller

It's a good place to go when you can't get into the park because it's too busy

Kristi Aleman

Lovely theater with handmade icecream and new release movies!!

Logan Goodemote

oboma mama

Always a great time.

Beth DeWitt

Samuel Crittenden

Awesome little theatre!

Peter Montgomery

Great value.

Kim Coakley

Outdated but a good place for a flick if you need to entertain the family

Marie Yazzie

Jothinathan Pravin

Used movie pass to watch Only the brave. The staff were super helpful.

aaron brogan

Has a variety of movies for an affordable price and wide selection of snacks to enjoy during the movie

Scott Kafka

Alice Courpas

Holden Bindl

This is actually in Mountain View wyoming not Colorado

Norma Morantes

Nice and quiet place to watch a movie...

Steven Keller, MA

John Sorensen

Came to this place for Star Wars on Christmas Eve and we were impressed. The place is clean, it's not old it's just designed to be rustic looking which is location appropriate, the screen was vibrant, 7.1 digital sound was amazing. We even asked for fresh popcorn and they made it for us. Highly recommended!

Sharon Tillman

Nice place to go to the movies. Never a crowd so no waiting lines. Great snacks. Small theaters but cozy is OK with me. Clean restrooms with easy access.

Tom Washburn

Not crowded for the weekday matinee. Has current movies.

Richard O'Bannon

Great little theater in the mountains. Friendly staff and clean theaters. The concessions were numerous and cheaper than what I expected.

Swiss Choco

Average good Theater, good enough for a small town

Shannon VonDras

Samantha Daley

I liked it but they need to cut down on money for the concessions. I feel like more people would buy concessions if it was cheaper.

Jennifer Yarbrough

Marina Isms

Justin Coston

Trail Ridge Printing

Daniel H

Hristina Zhabievska

Elizabeth Frazee

Great experience for a small town theater. Snacks were good, the theater was updated (digital), clean & comfortable.

Andrea Garcia

Great service and Good food also Awesome staff

Jewel Meowzz

Fred Doan

The staff was great, the sound was excellent, best place in Estes Park to watch a movie!

Brandon Marquart

William Dunn

Good prices, small town environment


Had tons of fun seeing IT CHAPTER 2 with my fiance. I love the wood work in the theater as well!

Jeanette Galindo

Here for a week, no kids. Just wanted to see a movie with ny husband. My options? The Grinch and Ralph Breaks The Internet. Why would you not include ONE movie (might I suggest Creed 2?) for people without children?

Alissa Murrell

See a movie here every Saturday night with my dad. Get the family deal when it comes to popcorn and drinks. Refills only a buck. I have the rewards card. They didn't tell me it was 5 years outdated until last Saturday. Was wondering why I haven't even gotten a free popcorn yet. That kind of made me mad but nonetheless, they are nice and courteous and it's a good place to see a movie

Natalie Patterson

Nice theatre, they do need to have a area to buy tickets at a different area than than the concession area. Some of us just want to get our tickets and go watch a movie. Waiting behind everyone to just get tickets is frustrating. Once you get in the seating is good, it could be tight if you are a big person. You can lift the arms to make room, thats nice. There are bathrooms.

Anthony Francher

Chris Cotton

Love this place. A gem in Estes!

Alisa Robinson

Quaint old time theater with very reasonable snack prices. Comfortable seats, boosters for the little kids. Delicious popcorn! Clean restrooms.

Caden Brown

Lily M.

Nice to go to a movie here because it will not be crowded. I saw The Force Awakens here while all the movie theaters down on the plains were still booked days in advance and it was my group and one other group in the theater. The seats are not stadium, but it won't be a problem because no one will likely be sitting in front of you.

Brandon Taylor

Phoebe d

Josh Inouye

Steve Lubliner

Diego Sepulveda


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