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Montana Johnson

This theater is great for taking the whole family. Ticket prices are budget friendly amd they have upgraded to reclining seats and you get to reserve your seats when you get your tickets so you don't have to worry about finding seats together. Snacks are comparable to other theaters as far as price but some choices are different. Definitely recommend this theater.

Obed Placsencia

They updated the theater and now it has more clean stuff updated screens and also new seats which are the most comfortable seats I have seen, they are reclining seats. only problem is bathrooms which I recommend not to use sense they need I bit to much cleaning besides that the new experience was great.

Delia Busby

Reasonable ticket price with comfortable updated chairs

Elizabeth Damiano

Picture Show is a great place to take the children out for a movie. In this world of Netflix, You Tube, cable television, and smart televisions and phones; sometimes it is fantastic to just go out and see a movie. Picture Show doesn't show the latest movies but they will have some you have not seen. It is very inexpensive. It may not be the cleanest theater but the restrooms are passable and the concessions are not to over-priced. I watched "Small Feet" with some friends and haven't laughed so much in a while. I really splurged, I think I spent around eight dollars and that was buying three tickets. This could have been considered a children's movie but I was not disturbed by anyone's phone or any small children crying. The bottom line is this; Want an inexpensive night out? Go to the Picture Show and treat your family and friends.

Adova Lee Jin jin

It's pretty nice actually. Fair prices. Best to go on Tuesdays

Dawn Swenson-boroff

Love the new chairs makes it more comfy

Nancy Wolffe

Great price for a ticket if you are willing to wait for first run movies to come here. Concessions are a bit pricey, and restrooms and theaters could be cleaner.

Brett Waters

Loved the remodel. Perfect experience. Will go more often now

Holger Jacks

The new seats are great. Reserved and recliners. Online purchase with the lowest fee versus their competitors. Employees were helpful.

hugo silva

Its realy cool with the new chairs and unlimited soda mashing

Melie White

Comfortable, not packed wonderful customer service..

Bill Cameron

Still constrution work going on but the new seats in the theater were good.

Scott Schoenherr

Very good cinema for the reasonable price.. It used to be a $1 theater but they remodeled it nice and an evening adult showing was $7 each for a current hit in a very comfortable seat.

Kenneth Todd

So over all smaller price smaller chairs smaller screen. People were still trying to find seats when the movie got started but that's not on the theater. This is a classic case of you get what you pay for, candy was just as expensive as a normal theater,. They do have reclining seats and the a.c. was loud but the turned it on which was a nice change. Over all a good experience.

J Great

I've been coming here with my family for years! We call this theater "The Dollar Theater" because that's about what it cost to see a movie here when they first opened. It was a great value then. One of the things that I didn't like about it were the seats. We use to joke and say if the movie was longer than 100 minutes, you have see it at the other theaters because the seats here were too uncomfortable to sit in for that long. The price change was a bit of a shock to us. BUT, they didn't just raise the prices. We've been there and it is a totally new theater. The ticket prices were $4.50, the seats now recline, there new, the sound systems are all new. The carpet throughout the theater is new and it looks great. It's now a first run theater instead of a second run. This is still the cheapest place in town to see movies and it's a much nicer place than it was. It's still a great value. Don't let the higher prices fool you. It's a new theater. Give it a show!

John Hurst

This place was the "go to" in cheap late run movies. I believe they've changed over to a regular first run theater.

Donald Bertrand

Great customer service I didn't watch a movie but they still let me use the restroom

john tran

Very cheap for a first run theater. They also got new reclining seats. I know they've changed from being a dollar theater that showed older films but even so now I can watch new movies at the lowest price in town.

Queen K

It’s really nice here! Everything is pretty great the only thing I’d change is how much the snacks and food cost

Elizabeth Wingate

You cannot beat the price especially compared to other theaters. It was only $9 bucks for the 2 of us ( Matinee Angry Birds 2 ) . The theater is super clean and the seats recline electronically. I liked the size of each theater. Much smaller than ones like AMC but I think it is better smaller. It gives you more of a personal experience, less commercial. But my most favorite thing about this theater was it's character. The lobby, it really is in my opinion was beautiful. The ceilings, lighting and concession stand had a vintage feel to it but without the vintage smell. The carpets are super clean and the staff was friendly. We didn't need to use the restroom so I can't testify how clean they were but all in all my daughter loved it and this was her first theater experience ( she is 4 ). She wanted to stay and watch another movie. The only question I had was when was this building built? More, when was the interior design done? Just curious. Anyway thank you for the great experience, we will be coming back.

Linda Tennies

The 5 stars are for the manager, Josh, on duty this afternoon, Labor Day. We were all settling in to watch Lion King when a very unstable woman started making a major rukus. He handled it professionally and quickly, we were able to resume the movie and the rest went off without incident. Kudos to you, sir!

Alex M

We have enjoyed going to this theater for thirteen years (ever since we moved from Florida). We are a family of six and love the discount movie prices, digital screens, comfortable chairs, and friendly staff. When we visit other towns, we look for discount movie theaters, but there are very few out there that do the excellent job that Picture Show at Citadel Crossing does. This theater is one of the best values in Colorado Springs!

Anthony Michel

We watched toy story 4 at this location. The movie started late due to the film not running, I had to notify workers and it was running in about 7 minutes. I liked the drink mixing machine!

Ari Smith

Great, cheap and wat better seats than they used to have

Isoka Webber

I liked that they showed older movies, it gave me a chance to watch movies I missed out on. The price plus with the drive is no longer worth it for me to come.

Lola Cabana

They've made a lot of great renovations at this theater! Makes it worth a visit

Wilber Carrillo

Love this theater, it's cheap, lots of great movies to watch and $1 hot dogs, you can't beat that

Justin Sampaga

I loved it as a dollar theater. :(

Alli Katt

Cheap movies. Not bad place, could be cleaner, but decent for newer movies being so cheap!!

Tracy Baldwin

Nice time. Love the chair's

Rayzor Blade

Been going here for years, always referred to it as the dollar theater. Now, it's almost I Max prices for the same terrible theater. Don't care about better seats and new carpet, it's not worth it. They very literally had 5 movies showing. The lobby looked the same, minus the arcade, concession stand looked the same. So what exactly am I paying for. I saw infinity war 4 times at the picture, and am sad to say I will never go back. And what is really upsetting, is that I heard nothing about a remodel, o a price increase. Wasted time and gas to drive here and find out what they did. Good job.

Christina Sexton

Very comfy chairs. Used to be "the dollar theater ". Now it's $4 on Tuesday and $8 on every other day. I guess prices need to go up since it's being remodeled. Still less than other theaters in town.


It’s a good price on the popcorn and the people

Frank Copley

Seats are a bit close but comfortable. Popcorn was ok. Good place for a cheap date or just to see a movie on your own.

David Shaver

Dude... For the price, it's freaking awesome. Yes it's not Tinseltown, but it's also not a bajillion dollars per ticket. We love it!


Love the remodel! Worth the price.


Oh my gosh, absolutely love the new seats. It was wonderful, my grandson and I enjoyed ourselves.

thomas muldoon

Great place to take your kids. The popcorn is good and the tickets are crazy cheap... Like $1 cheap.

Kay Hutchins

Always a great place to see first run movies on the big screen for the last time- before DVD release. Popcorn is great, place is clean and personnel are courteous and efficient.

Katie Deichert

The chairs here are really comfortable reclining chairs and the ticket prices are unbeatable.

Three against one

I have been to this theater to save money on the cost of tickets, I'm a family of 6 and every little bit helps. It's great for the cost...I give it a 4 star due to the cleanliness. Its not very clean, or at least when I have been it hasn't been. If you can hold off on a movie till it reaches this theater, it saves you some money. The concessions are as much as anywhere else, but I'm fine with that since the tickets save us money

Aaron Shoemaker

One over the older theaters in town. Cheap flix good for a night out if you have an a** ton of kids.

Laura Mayo

I couldn't afford to go to movies till the Picture Show did the,$1.75 shows. I would maybe go to movies once a year. Then picture show allowed us to go once a month. It was special. We never complained about seats, concessions or anything. Now prices are triple, if it was maybe $3.00. it would of been ok. I'll just wait for movies too come to Redbox. They are still under $3.00 and that's for all four of us to watch and eat what we want. You did a good thing for single parents and low income. If I go, I'll be back at the Theater on Powers and Carefree. You will probably make the same amount of money per month as you did with the lower fee, just now less people paying more money. Hopefully another older theater will step up for under$3.00. Thanks for the memories.

Bryan Andrews

We watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, while it was still decently new, and enjoyed it. They have reclining seats and all that, and it's quite a bit cheaper. The popcorn and soda's a bit inflated in price but still less than the major theaters.

Mountain Cabin

They've done some nice remodeling, but we miss the super low price, & therefore, probably wont be coming back.

Kaeli Rich

I like this place.. it was a little under $14 for 1 adult & 2 kid tickets. You dont have to get drinks & popcorn there just go to the dollar store a few doors away. There updated seating is nice and then your not rushing to find seats. Since they updated I plan on being a regular customer with my kiddos

Karen Rivera

Busy just before show times but quiet otherwise. As all theatres, concessions overpriced but 1 special box was a good buy: popcorn, drink & candy for just over $5, made for groups of 3 or more. Great price on movie tickets. Great place for families with arcade style games in lobby.

Shea Houdmann

Not bad for a dollar theater.

Dragonlover 600

Great service, clean bathrooms and nice staff. I love the new recliners. The prices have gone up alot though.

Shannon Garcia

Love the upgrades and the prices are awesome for new movies

Susan Adams

Great up grades! Love the new renovations!!! Higher prices. $8 for a bucket of popcorn, $7/ person in tickets, but the ac is broken, so get ready to sweat!

Riley Lungmus

I can't believe it. 9$ for two adults to see a movie the first weekend it came out? That's ridiculous. Hotdogs for a dollar? Absolutely. 5$ burgers? That's insane. But check these seats! And they fully recline! My favorite theater. Don't hate it's not a dollar anymore. This is grade A.

Billy Bob Carmichael

This theatre used to be a budget theatre which showed movies that were no longer current running. Not much of anything appealing other than discounted prices. Some shady and suspicious parons. THEY HAVE NOW REMODELED!! They now show current movies. Their theatre halls were revamped including new carpeting and reclining very soft seats. It no longer has a musky smell. It smells and looks clean. You can choose your assigned seating. They have a pretty good variety of concessions and their admission prices are less expensive than the huge theatres. Their restrooms are spacious and pretty clean. There is plenty of parking and you can quickly pay at concession stand or at self help little kiosks with debit or credit card. It is an enjoyable and relaxing movie theatre. I feel safe and comfortable without spending a small fortune. I'd highly encourage movie goers to check it out.

Melissa Baltierra

Love the new renovation and super great quality is always given

Tiffany Franklin

Great remodeling but my movie was late no preveiws just black screen for about 15-20 minutes and it was a bit blurry

Just Me

Locally owned! Best theater in town for people in wheelchairs to see first run movies, FROM THE BACK! Also, people with challenges physically have the back row saved! Wheelchair seats and accompanying customers do not have to sit in the front and feel like they have Whiplash from the screen being so close that you are trying to get your head further and further back so that you can see well! At the other theaters they might have two or three individual auditoriums with an elevator to allow people in wheelchairs to sit somewhere that is not so close to the screen that they can see it from straight on and from the side - but this theater has multiple seats in each Auditorium in the back for people in wheelchairs and it's significantly less expensive than other places that have both stadium seating and recliners - this theater does only have recliners but with how far apart they are - the stadium seating does not factor in into a seat assignment decision at least not for my family. All of my pictures are of the handicapped and accompanying seats or either people that are handicapped or accompanying those in wheelchairs and I included one that lets you see the safety bars so the wheelchair does not go down because it is not Stadium seated so it still has the old slope that it's always had - but one of my pictures that's you see the screen from the wheelchair seating on the right and from the wheelchair seating on the left and I did not bother to label them because it's going to be a little bit different depending on which Auditorium you're in but they're actually good seats in my opinion and they have seats reserved for people that can't walk the distance but still need to sit further back which is what makes something like Tinseltown difficult or people that are not in a wheelchair but still have movement difficulties plus Vision difficulties that don't allow them to sit really close to the screen.

Jim Rogers

If you can wait for a few weeks this place is much cheaper than the regular theater. It's an older theater but worth the wait and savings.

Karen Suzanne

Watched Once upon a time in Hollywood. We got a hot dog and popcorn with soda. Everyone was great. The seats were comfy. Great all around!


Nice a place,Maybe Expand the movie theater more maybe lol but I love going there because it's basically the best movie theater close

valerie montoya

Fun and inexpensive place to go to the movies.

Tierney Clouse

Female staff is rude. Theres no refills. They wait to tell you that after telling you to get to the end of the line, waiting 15mins. They seem to hate their jobs and kids. Disappointing trip

Celina Stertz

Always enjoy this theater. Sad to learn that they are going to "upgrade" to a regular theater showing first run movies. Their popcorn will probably still be superior to the other theaters in town, but I'm not sure that's enough to compete with what we already have. They had a unique edge and their own niche in the field. Why mess with that?

Rainey R. Robertson

One of the best budget movie theaters I've been to. They still have the old style seating and you can't beat the price for a dollar on Tuesdays and $1.75 any other day. I will definitely be coming to this theater again.

Eo Segal

Brilliant. Wonderful. A movie theater with reasonable ticket prices and reasonable food prices? AND comfy seats to boot? 10/10. Now they're showing some new releases as well as older releases, there's no reason for me to go to any other theater, ever.

Donald Spaw

Long time feature for the area it offers reduced prices for movies that have been out for some time already to those who can wait. The seating it the pack it in style where you are snug with your neighbor but once the show starts you forget. The video and audio quality is just as good as any other non 3d theater. Cleanliness is an issue but has improved with the time.

Aaron Francis

Not the best theatre, definitely the best cost. It's always a fun night with the kids

Caleb Perkins

Best price, Comfortable reclining seats. Convenient location.

Yastka Vàzquez

I use to live this place but since they changed to a Premium theater the prices also changed. I went once and they told me the tickets were $4.50 and I thought still a good price for a Premium theater so I decided to go back but when I pay for three people they charge me like $22.00 it's $7.25. I know a lot of people will say that I'm stingy but not all single parents can pay and that's why I use to love Picture Show...

Stephanie Layne

Been going here for years. Not anymore, sorry. If I am going to pay 7+ bucks a ticket I am going to splurge the extra dollar to go to a better theater in a better part of town with cleaner restrooms and reserved seating that does not cost an extra 1.50 to purchase online. This price increase is a bad business move.

Benjamin Swan

Theater 5 had a huge stain in the middle of the screen... but on $1 Tuesday, I guess it was alright... other than that, great! Haven't been here in years, a little run down, but still going strong!

Angelo Vallejo

Great place for taking your children ,

Catherine Smith

I go to the Citadel Crossing theater more than the other theaters and for over half the price. I love going there the staff is very pleasant.

Tracy Bertapelle

I love the new seats, the price was right and the staff were nice. Although, I could hear the movie next door. Almost perfect. But I do recommend!!

Charles Shell

Great value and fun time for the family. Seats were very comfortable and inside was very nice.

Mayra Rivor

I had previously given this place 2 stars. Because they had let it fall. But just yesterday friends convinced me to give it a chance. We did. And we couldn't be happier to know that this place is back. And better. I will give credit where credit is due and this place deserves credit. It is now our new favorite theater.


New movies new price newly remodeled inside. Same great cozy place just better now. Don't believe me check it out

Cody Duthoy

Matinee for $4.50 for adults! Reclining seats! Refills on soda! It was great!

Linda Noriega

Sad that picture show raised prices and will show first run movies. Is there another second run theater in Colorado Springs?

Kade Ramsey

Upgrades made this place much better. Prices are great and you can now book tickets online. Still have the $1 hot dogs!

Landon Winkler

This is no longer a dollar theater however the upgrades were nice I enjoyed the reclining seats.

Zach Newberg

Great place to go and see movies for a lot cheaper than normal movie theater prices. The movies they show are typically several months behind the new releases in the theaters, so be sure to check what's available before showing up. They have cheaper tickets on Tuesdays, our whole family can go for less than $5! While the tickets are considerably cheaper than the other theaters in our area, the concessions costs are similar to what you would pay at another theater. The theater is a little dirty typically and doesn't have reserved seating or reclining seats. There is an arcade area in the lobby if you are early and need to wait for a few minutes.

Robin Steffens

The "New" Picture Show is perfect: Lots of parking, new screens, reclining seats, excellent sound and reasonable prices. What more can you ask for!!

jesse schuler

It was great. I hate that it is so popular now but great theater

Dennis Gallegos

Great for a cheap date. You definitely get what you pay for. It's sometimes a little dirty but you're also paying less than $20 for two people to see a movie's pretty worth it.

Victoria Sisk

The popcorn was great. Everything was clean. The sound picture were perfect. So it's honestly such a great deal.

Pete Howell

Nice cheap place to catch a movie before it goes to DVD.

Olivia Olsen

Perfect for not spending 50$ on popcorn and tickets. Super cheap and tasty popcorn. It’s sommuch better to wait for the big ticket movies to come here so you don’t break the bank.


Aisles need a little more lighting to be able to find your seat.. Seats are so comfortable now.

Claire Marcum

Love this place. Love bringing family. Love the popcorn. Can't go without popcorn and drink. Reasonable prices.

Sam Garcia

I keep seeing all these negative reviews about price hikes, referencing $7.00 as the main price point. But I'm all for a $4.50 matinee, because that price is unheard of for current movies these days. If you're trying to take a family of four to a new movie, you may as well plan on spending $100+ if you're headed to the "bigger" theaters in town. Ticket and concession prices are through the roof. But now we have the new Picture Show, which is offering new movies at a great price. That's a positive in my mind. The remodel seems to be coming along quite nicely. The reclining seats are just like the ones at the other theaters, and the auditorium we sat in was nice and clean. The movie screen and the sound system was top notch as well. Literally no complaints from our first experience since the remodel started. Keep up the good work, Picture Show. My family appreciates what you all are doing!

Garrett Denys

We've been huge supporters of this theatre for years. The prices for this dollar theatre couldn't be beat. Often we would purposely wait to see shows here rather than other places for its price point, better popcorn and a family run business. Now, the prices are hiked, the concession are not worth it and the theatre is the same. Id rather pay the couple extra bucks, watch it at the bigger theatre and get the sound quality, screen quality, sound proofing, and convenience than go to picture show.. Well miss this place.

juli adams

Much improved seating! The pricing went up too though. Make sure you double check if you are expecting a cheap place. We paid $7 a ticket. Still cheaper than some places, bit steep compared to th $1.75 it ised to be.

Deretha Warren

Great theater centrally located. Access to movies via bus is great. The citadel crossing is the perfect place for the theater. The prices are a little high, however the customer service was great. My grandson spilt his popcorn before the movie even started. They replaced it with no problems. Recliners are comfy; however A little wider for us bigger folks would be nice. My side roll kept hitting the button to bring my forward. Lol.

AcemanX Ace Wolf™

EDITOR'S NOTE: This Review is based on the Newly Remodeled & Improved Picture Show with newer movies... it is not a older movie dollar theater anymore. As you can see from the pictures they have completely renovated the theater, including bigger screens, and reserved theater seating! Paired with great prices before 6PM, only $4.50 it's awesome! They also have self help kiosks to get your tickets and pick your seats, coca cola freestyle machines that have hundreds of combinations, and a rewards membership program that you can use to earn pts and redeem for free tickets and concessions (Sign up and get a free treat after 24h). The new hallways that lead to the movies look much more modern, clean trash cans on every side, lcd screens at every doorway so you know what is playing...All in all, Im very impressed with the new design and the path they decided to take... I myself will be coming here way more often..

Heather Richardson

Wow they remodeled! A Step up and still more reasonable than other theaters in town!

Gervacio Vielza Garcia

There's services always very good the attendance super pleasant they keep the place clean.

Rocky Mountain Explorer

I always enjoy this theater although I took a star off because the seat I sat in was broken and the only seats left were at the very front. That's due to our own error though and their dollar hot dogs are decent!

Clifford Rhoades

Great seats killer sound

L Garcia

Great prices. Love the remodel results.

Jessie L

The guys working at 1130 am this morning behind the counter were awesome. They were very kind and funny and just had a down to earth feel. Very delightful. Love the theater and the idea- it's great to not break the bank and still have a great time ! Thank you!!

Heidi Eickmeyer

For the price it's a 5 star place! I rated it a four star rating because the seats are not comfortable and the facility is a little dirty. I really appreciate this facility though because I don't break the bank taking my kids to a movie and they have a blast. Even if the seats are uncomfortable and the place could use a wash, I will still come here because the popcorn is great and I pay less for four tickets and a tub of popcorn than for one ticket at Tinseltown!

michael linebaugh

Soo now it cost me and my family around 35$ instead of 13$ picture better step up there game, one things for sure, dollar Dollar tree next door will now have increased snack sales

Nayomie Burns

I love this theater. We try to go at least once a week. Even though the movies have already been out a while, I can be patient enough to wait to go here and pay $1.75. Totally worth it. We love taking groups as well because it doesn't break the bank.

Annette LaLumendiere

Updated seats. The price has increased but it's worth it for new comfy seating!

Angela Clark

Comfortable seating and remodel looks great. Prices went up a bit but well worth it

Ian Ware

Unfortunately, I don't think going to this theater is worth it even for the 5+ dollars you'll save on tickets. I realize that this is a problem in most theaters but it seems that Picture Show has completely given up on enforcing anything to do with cell phones. Even the bumper video before a showing simply says "darken your cell phone." Nothing about turning it off or not using it. Since this theater is fairly level and not stadium style seating you can see someone texting from across the theater - yes, even if the brightness is turned down. There was also a ton of loud talking. I feel like they would do well to add an attendant to showings. I didn't pay for a ticket to hear commentary from every Joe off the street. The screen also seemed very dark. I know they don't have the same technology as the bigger theaters but it was difficult to tell what was going on in certain parts of the film. Overall, I think I'll be heading back to cinemark in the future. It's more expensive, yes, but in the case of Picture Show, you certainly get what you pay for.

Madalin Gleason

My family watched films here several times a month because we love going the theater and it was something affordable for all of us to do together. Now, with the huge raise in prices, it is no longer affordable for us. I am single mother of two kids and I have to be wise with how I spend money. I'm sure the luxury seating is nice and all but, we were more than happy with the affordable prices and the old seats. We will miss this place.

Peggy Myers

I have not been to this theater in a long time. I was very pleased to see how much it has changed and how nice it was. I will definitely go back to see another movie there.

Zayvier Grant

50 Dollars for 4 drinks, 4 tickets and a tub of popcorn when it was 20 dollars for all of this before they upgraded

Mr. duck

The popcorn tub was huge. Ticket Price was nice. Service was friendly. Ordered a combo from the snack bar. Good value

Renee' Guy

Great show for a good price. Sure it’s not .50 but it’s a newer movie! They did redo the inside and put new seats in which makes it a lot nicer then how it was. Confession stand is normal snacks for the same high price as everywhere else. I personally think it’s better now then it was. My family will be back.

John Akai

Great recliners. Could use more soundproofing though. The walls were thin enough to hear the action sequences of the movie next door, especially on the more serious moments of our movie. Can't beat the price though.

Brianna Summey

Woah! They have completely redone the place, its no longer a dollar, BUT its still only $4.50 for matinee, and now they have the reclining "leatherish" seats! Play the newest movies! Very impressed, and still very affordable!

Ruckus Boyz

Love the new Upgrades to the Reclined seating "freeflow soda" also great.. just wish they had unlimited popcorn...


Excellent community treasure... old school theater. Ample parking. Comfortable seats. Delicious concessions. Great movie selection. Clean Bathrooms. BEST PRICES FOR MOVIE TICKETS IN TOWN!!

M Douglas

Seen Hobbs and Shaw, what a great movie and the staff is so kind and Considerate.


I love especially now that they have recliner chairs and their red and they have better food high prices but worth it their awesome we live going their

Nate Phillips

Always hereby watching movies... I totally agree with the comfort of $1.75 movie's exception Tuesday, $1.00 what. King county masters priced. Come enjoy a movie. CHECK out their video arcade or have a snack. #moviepass

D Raven

Let's take the dumpy dollar theater... and jack up the prices! Great idea!

Justin McGill

Love taking my daughter to here. The movies are probably out on DVD or Blue Ray already. I just like the experience of taking my daughter to the movies without having to pay the high costs of going to a regular movie theater.

Reginald Carter Sr.

The renovations makes this place look completely different. I was very impressed with the new seating, screen, and sound. The prices are a little higher, but it is well worth it!! My only suggestion would be for them to add a more morden or updated lounge area for their customers. Especially when you have to wait the studio is cleaned.

Thomas Freeman

Decided to have a get together (7 of us)to go see Scary stories to tell in the dark but problem after problem soured the night. First off the projector didn't work for 15 minutes or more and then the staff decided not to show trailers. Throughout the movie people were getting phone calls and texts. On at least 3 separate occasions a woman had a call and answered it. I will not be coming back again.

Mason Mcgrew

Leather reclining chairs I love this place

Jesse Charles

We go there almost every Friday. They generally have new movies every Friday. It's also nice that their hotdogs are also $1. I have no need to complain cause it's a dollar theater. It inexpensive, the prices are great and the staff is overall friendly. :)


Everything was good except one particular staff member was pretty rude

Drew Williams

We like coming here. Low prices, recent movies. Not perfect, but not real shabby.

Peggy Taulango

Love the ticket prices and such comfy seats.

Maria Jones

Can't buy seats online without a booking fee, so now you have to get to the theater an hour early to get decent seats, otherwise you'll be in the front row. Let us just buy tickets online without extra fees and you'd sell more seats.

Derek M

It was a terrible business move to do away with the dollar movies. Now there are no options in the Springs for later run, discount movies. Hopefully another, smarter entrepreneur will see the gap in the market and fill it! For now, at the price of a standard movie ticket, we'll be going elsewhere.

Christina Sanders

This theatre is no longer a dollar theatre and has gotten a serious upgrade chairs are super comfortable food is even more better. And u can buy ur tickets on line and gain points. Over all a great place watched you story 4 how wonderful will definitely be coming back.

Jacquelyn Ritchie

Much better! Love the remodel. I can not find my old review or I would change it to 5 stars now. It is no longer smelly and much better than when it was the dollar theater.

Vinny Dunadoza

Decent theatre some of the arcades will steal your coins tho

Lindsay Bracey

The price makes it worth it to come here. The picture quality it good, seats are comfortable, and movies legit. The one complaint I have is a sound proofing issue. We sat near the back and close to the wall. I could hear the movie next door. It was only every now and then and it didn't take away from the movie we saw. Definitely suggest checking it out.

solomon salazar

it's much nicer now with the remodel. and now you don't have to wait not as long to see current movies. the games are gone but that's fine. probably sold them to fund the new digs.

J.T. Gee

Always friendly, always fast, always inexpensive and great movies for a cheap family night with the kids. Not too many places left in this town that you can keep the kids entertained for 2 or 3 hours for less than $5. The cost of concessions is a different story.....

Chrystopher Tracy

Nice, family atmosphere! Tasty movie theater food nice seating. What else do you need??

Kaitlyn Pedersen

I went here yesterday to see the Downton Abbey movie with my mom for her birthday. The renovations really spruced the place up and it even smells nicer than I ever remember it smelling. The only thing I would really appreciate being changed us the projector brightness. The screen was much darker than most theatre's I go to and made some details of the movie hard to make out. The employees were very efficient and helpful, but could probably use some more help. Overall I'm really happy with the new look of this theater.

Kenneth W. Brown

Fun place to take kids or adults for movies & fun. Prices are pretty fair for some easy fun.

Loretta Gutierrez

NEW REMODEL A+ everything looks great! Staff was great! Was clean and brand new! You can't bet this experance now!

Joshua Borden

Road our motorcycle over with a small bag. Walked in, got tickets and proceded to concessions where we were told the bag was too large and we couldnt take it in. With no where to put it, we choose to leave. Manager was unfriendly, and acted like loosing business was no big deal. The inly sighn about bag policy was outside, about 12"x6" on one of the posterboards.On top of being a little dirty and our of the way, spend the extra money on a better experience.

Zashlie Hernandez

Love it. Good Price. Reclining chairs in the theater, super comfortable.

Jessi Bowwow

Great place to see a cheap movie! Don't expect a super comfortable, fancy, theater, it's dated and could use some work but I love it!


The food is expensive, but at movie theaters it always is. The service is usually pretty good. And, I mean, a movie for a dollar is great. I don't complain.

colorado vanlife

Don't go here unless you love disgusting leaking bathrooms with soaking wet floors and a manager that tells you there's nothing she can do about it and doesn't even put up a sign. Good thing I had an extra pair of pants in the car because there was water all up the bottoms of the back of the legs of my pants.

Justin Blackburn

Best movie deal in town! They recently upgraded their seats to recliners and seem to cater to the more popular movies in the box office which is great for my kids. This is a great place to take the family out if you're on a budget.

Bonnie Mann

Theater room 4 is a nightmare. HVAC system is beyond screwed up. It keeps cycling between blowing intense 60 degree air to intense 85 degree air. I Informed the manager multiple timed throughout the movie that it was uncomfortable at either extreme and ask if it could be shut off if not fixable. Instead my entire family just spent the whole movie shivering and sweating... Wont be back...

Cynthia Acevedo

Decent prices movies are good, the cashier's should be more trained with procedures

Steph McMillan

Moms!! DOLLAR THEATRE! This is PERFECT for the mom that wants to try out a matinee for the cheap with their kiddos to see if it's worth going to the Cinemax in order to find out if they will stay still in the theater at fill price or not.

Savannah Weatherill

I work at a non-profit organization with DD/ID kids, meaning I'm always working within a super limited budget. The Picture Show is great for that! It's kid friendly and affordable with $1.75 tickets every day ($1.00 tickets on Tuesdays). Concessions are semi-regular priced - only slightly less than other theaters. One thing I really enjoy is the limited amount of previews because it keeps the movie runtime more accurate and is nice for anyone with a shorter attention span. There are many great qualities about this theater, I definitely recommend it.

Megan Wicks

Good place to watch movies if you want to go out and can't afford the other theaters.

Donna Frazier

As a business owner, I get having to raise prices. But a jump from $1.75 to $7.00 overnight for second run movies? What value is added? None. They think because they vacuumed the carpet for a change they're suddenly a big league theater. Pay just a couple of dollars more and go see a first run movie with reclining chairs, superior snack selection and wine and beer.

Milinda Long

I went to see the Lion King with Sjonte, Nick and the kids (who did very well), it was great except for the lady whose kid would not shut up... Damn Gina...

Ehu xi

This is a get what you pay for kind of place. Small screen, uncomfortable seats that aren't on enough of an incline, so make sure not to sit behind someone tall. Sticky floors and thin walls, so if you're watching a relatively quiet movie next to a loud one, it might be hard to enjoy the show. I think this is more a great place to bring young kids for animated films, as it's very affordable entertainment for young ones who otherwise have no expectation of seeing a movie at a decent theater.

Jorden Mutlugunes

This place is awesome and affordable if you don’t like spending a lot of money in the movies.

Cheynel Haughawaut

Love the fact that the movies are only $1. Now that they changed the prices I might as well go to another movie theater for better food choices.

D. Maile Higgins

Inexpensive place top bring the kids. Comfortable and clean.

Jessica Rebecca Wyderko

Picture Show has always been the best value for movies in the Springs. Even now, with their recent changes and price increases, they're still the least expensive way to see a movie. As a bonus, their recent changes are comfy reclining chairs and Coke Freestyle machines for drinks.

Elizabeth Munger

Amazing place showing great movies for cheap. The walls are a bit thin and when a movie is quiet you can hear the movie next to you. Other than that great place with and a great experience


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