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REVIEWS OF Mesa Drive-In IN Colorado

Eric Tafoya

Kids under 12 free I went with my boys for 10 bucks 2 movies pretty good quality. snacks are way over priced like all movie snack bars

Sandy Sherwood

It was great. More fun then I had had in a very long time. It was wonderful.

Elizabeth Ford

I love this place in my childhood. However, people don't seem to know how to be courteous anymore.

chianti kemp

Fun night for a great price. Must try funnel cake fries

Crystal Lavender

Amazing staff..well kept...great MANAGEMENT.....can't beat the price!!

Adam T

A must for the summer line up. Get there often so they never close. Go early for the best spot. Take food of choice or buy in house grub.

Kimberly Lipes

Employees are friendly, snack bar has a great variety of foods. Cooked fresh when ordered, movies are the new ones out. Kids under 12 are free. They have security there during open hours. You can take food in with no problem. Price to go in for adult is reasonable. You have to remember that your paying 1 price for 2 movies. Thank you mesa drive in.

Zrimm Man

Love this place, prices are reasonable for 2 movies and a unbeatable bargain for multiple kids under 12. If it was in the Springs I'd go every week. Food is reasonable price.

Captain Jakemerica

Really fun time definitely like to partake Old traditions like these it's always a fun experience and the prices are right up anyone's alley The service is also really good for concessions

Derek Carson

Spent the first half of the first movie with people still arriving and driving around with their headlights on blinding folks then the last half of the first movie and the first half of the second movie waiting in the wrong line for the wrong food that we ordered by phone in advance and then again for the 3 attempts it took them to make my daughters order the way she asked them to. Then my daughters bag ripped out and the food went all over the ground on our way back to the car because they put the greasy fries right in the bottom of the bag. We spent $50 and didn't get to watch either movie or eat and left early and disappointed. It's a very cool concept. Just take your food and drinks with you and avoid the stress of the line and the poor service. It could be a good time...

Dean Lucas

Found to be expensive 10 dollar's a person

nadia Crowley

Not just a movie..and experince! And doesn't cost an arm and a leg like other theaters

Kayci West

So bomb! Love taking my family!! No credit cards so bring your cash!!!

Layla Harman

My family and I love coming here in the summer. It's a great bonding experience for us.

Lola Paige

Every thing was good till this cop lady came and made us leave because we wanted to switch to another screen after the first movie I think we should be able to switch screens

Kayla McTavish

Amazing staff and delicious food!

Michelle Stoddard

We love the Mesa Drive in. One of our favorite summer activities. We love getting to enjoy the movies outdoors with our kids. We went twice memorial day weekend. Aladdin was absolutely magical and honestly the drive in is the way to see it. When they were signing a whole new world being outdoors with the wind blowing and a little moisture in the air, you felt like you were in the movie. Magic! Such great memories made here.


Not a very clean facility, but it was not a problem for us. Overall it was a good experience for me and my family.


Great place to take a date. Three screens to choose from. Lots of goodies at the central snack bar with tables just outside if you want to eat outside of your car. The price of admission is a bit steep, and the two movies in each section aren't always paired very well. Still a fun option for a great family night out.

Jess L.

I've been coming here for the last couple of years after being introduced to it and have not once been disappointed. They even let you bring your own food in, although I love the snack bar.


Affordable family place. When I went it was $10 per adult, each adult could bring four kids with there admission. Get there a bit early for a better spot. Only piece I didn't care for was people smoking all around you and some making noise.

Paulina Turner

My kids is have so much fun

Jean Drewes

It's fun time. And cheep.

Christi Montes

You can leave after the 1st movie is done, but you're paying to watch 2 movie's. Good food, all of it is good!!

Dianna Aguirre

Love the mesa drive inn. Very clean good clean picture

Andrew Turner

This review is probably bias, but I grew up in Pueblo and saw my first R rated film here - with my best friend and his parents. Lethal Weapon 2 BABY! (1989) In fact I won't leave any other comments, everyone should go to the drive-in at least once in their lives.

Elizabeth West

Family time ! Brings back memories


Awesome experience. Been going there for 25 yrs. Great movie options for adults and children

Christopher Chacon

BE WARNED??? Worst unprofessional experience I've experienced first of all it doesn't say anywhere that it is a cash only business so we left to go to the atm at the store an come back to be harrassed by some old lady dressed in a security shirt screaming saying that we needed to check in at the gates before leaving that she shouldnt let us in the movie that we wernt welcome to leave an return, all I have to say is who is she to embarrass me in front of everyone in a rudely manner shoulda refunded me my money I dont know why they give the red tickets if u cant get back in an they should have an atm or take debit card seriously it's the 21st century ive people performing on the streets have debit card machines. Just wanna everyone know to be warned before going to this metorqer business that should be shut down or at least ran rite so the consumer could watch a movie with convenience thanks for the bad night you old hagg all be letting the better business bureau know.

Richard Ortiviz

So awesome to see two movies for the price of one. The only downside is that we didn't get home until 12:30 am and if you have kids that's pretty late. The restrooms are very clean and the ice cream cones are delicious.

desiree quintana

Great time went during the week no problems at all


3 screen drive in with a nice snack bar and friendly staff. 10 bucks for those 12 and older. Will definitely go again!

Sabrina McMillin Bowman

One of the last of its kind

Brian Gray

Great place to go for something different one of the last drive in theater left definitely recommend coming here

Chelsea Fiddler

Really nice, THREE SCREENS a double on each screen. CASH ONLY YALL.

Renee Sanchez Rodriguez Quintana

Great family fun n food is amazing

Sarah Esparza

This place makes plenty of money, they SHOULD be able to afford card machines. Other than that quality of the movie is good.

Nicole Gibson

A fun place to take the family and meet up with friends.

Robert Pina

This place is the best place to go if you want some genuine summer good times.

Delaney Stout

Very rude customer service, blonde security guard and ticket keeper both very rude! Outrageous for a family of five to go for one movie! Do not recommend!

Lynell Johnston

I wait all year for the drive in to open. Wonderful food not bad prices! It's cozy in your car and clean area. I have been going for over 40 years!

Zach Page

Was looking forward to watching a double feature here only to have them wait until then other movies had been going 30 minutes or so to let us know our screen wasn't going to be working. So we can get a refund to watch another movie that has already started. After I've spent money at the concession stand.

Tris Lee

We look forward to coming here every summer. It's so much fun to watch movies under the stars. This place is a blast from the past. Everything has a vintage vibe from check in, to the screens, to the snack booth. There are three screens and admission price includes a double feature. Prices are reasonable and the staff is generally friendly. We love to bring our van and tailgate out the back with a few camp chairs. Be careful who you choose to park next to. Occasionally you get a rowdy couple or family. Weekends, especially opening nights, can get super busy too. This place is cash only, so be sure to bring cash for admission and snacks.

Ari V

This can be a nostalgic activity - it's relatively inexpensive and mostly fun... as long as you aren't surrounded by people smoking cigarettes and weed. Little guys shouldn't be getting a contact high at a kids' movie. If this was a smoke/drug-free experience, I'd say 5 stars.

Dave Burbank

So proud of pueblo for keeping a old time tradition alive. It brought back alot of memories. Facilities are clean, well maintained and have security patrols. Prices for movies as well as concession booth are very affordable. I will definitely return to Mesa drive in.

Michelle Neves

Great experience, just like the old days, you get to watch it in the comfort of your car...bring your snacks!

Anthony Archuletta

Awesome family movie night great place

Jay Fults

Awesome as always! Beautiful double rainbow just around sunset with just a light drizzle in the air but it cleared up perfectly before the movie started :-)

Bre Rinkema

We had a great time! Easy drive from Colorado Springs. We will be back

Stephen Johnston

Love the price and the food. Wish the movies were a little brighter. All in all awesome place to take the family.

Toni Kurtz

LOVE IT! We always have a great time!

Deneise Sierra

Nice view food parking hearing movies

eric neal

Had a blast with family as always. We love the drive in

Ken Gonzales

How are you not going to allow people to switch to another screen after finishing the first movie? I paid the same price as everyone else to watch 2 movies but get chased down by a security for switching movies. You need to post that type of information on your website so people aren't mislead. I will not be coming back to this rip off place

Amy Thomas

I love this place have gone for over 30 years now, great sound and video. I thought the picture was a little dim last time until I finally realized I still had my sunglasses on. Haha...yeah I'm a dork. Anyway I'm so glad they're still around.

reggie green

Me and my family was disappointed once we tried to pay admission fee with a credit card we was told at the front they only accept cash so we didn't get a chance to attend a movie we think it wasn't worth going to find a ATM sorry but we think you need to upgrade

Greg Landis

We love this drive in and dual movie options.

Bev Sninchak

Excellent price for a fun night of family entertainment. Two movies for the price of one, basically. Decent food at the concession stand, too. Love this place!

Mike Martin

They need to get some security with half a brain! They most definitely do not know how to park cars.


Nothing like an old fashion drive in to remind you of simpler times. Worth the drive. Take the kids and grandkids. They will have a blast!!!

Jerry Dollar

Welcome to your 1960's childhood. One of the few drive in theaters left in Colorado. You can watch in your car or from your hotel room at Movie Manor. Great nostalgic concession stand.

Rachel Moreno

Love the drive-in. Only downfall is they close the concession stand when the second movie starts that's when we wanted snacks. Took some for the first movie but wanted some for the second. Other than that love it there

Amanda Hensler

Excellent drive in with 3 screens! Good old fashioned fun!

Emily Ibarra

Had a great time! Didn't realize it was cash only. Luckily we had cash. They also have an ATM available.

Elaine Estrada

Good, cheap family fun. With 3 screens to choose from. Lots of options. Food is good to. Popcorn is better then tinseltown.

Jerry Moore

Plays to watch movies that you like

Mike Rockat


Mechelle Blundell

Nice place. Reasonably priced. Great for the whole family.

Sarah Mcallister

Great place to have a great night at the movies..Love this place!

Tami Spears

They usually have good movies and they are a decent price for 2 movies. The concession stand items are a little expensive so we eat before we go or take food with us but we love the funnel cake fries. The only bad thing is the disrespectful people who smoke weed and don't care about others.

Kira Molina

2 movies for the price of 1.... And whats not to love about going to a drive inn movie theater?

Heather Eggert

We go every year and you can't find a more family friendly throwback experience! Prices are terrific and you can bring your own food! A double feature for $10 bucks per adult, 12 and under free! The quintessential American summer evening!

Chris Manzanares

Hope this place never closes. Few left around and this place is awesome. Been going since I was a little kid and now I get to take my kids too.

Linda Felix

We always enjoy taking a drive down to Pueblo from Monument to spend the evening at the drive in. We love that it includes two movies, but wish you could watch one movie and move to another screen to watch the 2nd movie. Sometime the 2nd movie that follows is violent or scary and we would like to move to a calmer or family oriented movie that's playing on one of the other screens. Since we have been told at the gate that we can't move after the 1st movie we will begin to watch the movie and if it is one of those scary or violent movies we leave the drive-in and head back home to monument. It would be so wonderful to be able to go to the 2nd movie even if it's already started. We wish the policy would change if we run into the situation. Other than this we always have a nice time and the staff is wonderful! We love reliving our childhood by going to the drive in. Thank you for keeping it's a special place and brings back such great family memories together!

Darrell McDonald Jr.

It's awesome imm 44 years old and I have been coming to this drive in since I was a baby in the back seat of my parents car and now take my children there it's a great outting with the family

Roger Warren

Old-fashioned Drive-In Movies with modern amenities. Several screens, kids play areas in front of the screens, and the concession stand you remember. Save the drive-in theaters!

Derek Proud

Love this place. Great location great screens always good movies selection. And the snack bar serves great food at a good price

Kitty Sanchez

So cool that this is still here, you might need a nap to be able to stay awake for both movies or maybe my age is catching up to me

Jules Crego

Nothing fancy. Just like the old drive-ins, room for kids to play, good drive-in food.

Joshua Kindhart

Always a fun cheap night out with the wife and kids. Not the best place to catch the movie you REALLY want to in front of you flashing their lights every 20 min, the car next to you starting up the engine to recharge the battery. Those are some of the reasons I really enjoy the drive in though.

Jill Coburn

You can't beat 2 movies for the price of one and kids under 12 free, even better. Always a great time and the funnel cake fries are awesome too!

Scott Bond

How lucky are we to have one of the few operating drive-ins in the country? Support this business any time I have the chance. Nice facilities and friendly staff. Great prices too.

a montoya

It is great family entertainment!! And the price is cheap for two movies!!

Danielle Bollig

It's amazing! The family and I enjoy new movies and are able to relax. Love the food !

Tiffany Clay-Jeffers

Has everything a drive in should have. My family and I like it alot and try to visit once month while it's open.

Nae Bells

Favorite place since I was little, love to make memories and have family time there with my kids!

lily miller

It's a very different experience compared to the cinema. The rates are fairly extortionate for adults (10$) however kids under 12 get in free so it's a good place to take your children. It's sometimes hard to hear what's going on but as long are you are near to your own car or tuned in to the station on your phone you'll be ok. The comfort of going to the drive in is way better than the cinema however, since you aren't limited to one seat. I would recommend bringing sleeping bags, lawn chairs, blankets, pillows, and snacks for the best experience. They have a snack bar as well if you want classic movie popcorn or some over priced candy. It's a good place to go if you wanna see a movie under the stars.

Leonard Martinez

Drive in nice place to get away

Charlie Eads

Last night we had the scariest thing to happen as parents. Our four year old and I were walking back from the bathroom and as toddlers do he didn't listen to me and took off ahead of me and was hit by a truck. The staff here was quickly to us and making sure he and us were OK the whole time. They gave us full priority until the emergency vehicles left and still checked on us. Thank you all we greatly appreciate it.

LJ Brunell

Our grandbabies have so much fun here.

Michael Collins

Once you get used to the angry ponytail woman screaming at everyone, it is a great time!

Julie Estrada

Cheap entertainment, but better off taking in your own food. Call ahead always busy Friday and Saturday. All fried food tastes weird. Because of same oil being used. Definitely take your own water and soda in coole. And the older caucasian security lady needs to chill out and take it down a notch. Went last night and I wa sleaving after 1st showing, but because I was exiting same way as I entered, she flashed her red flash light and caused a scene by yelling green light as loud a ashe could. Light is barely visible on pole. I think when movie ends green light should be switched on to a bright white light with neon arrows or signs showing us how you want us to exit. Sorry for the mistake. But no need to embarrass us. We did pay after all

Jeramia McCormick

The best Sept for food is crazy outrageously exspencive. Bring you own food and drinks

Jake Warkentin

Good value, two movies for the price of one, great snacks. You will use your own car's stereo to play the movie audio by setting your radio. We watched two movies with the radio on and my truck started right up, but if you've got a weak battery you might want to try using a battery operated boom box, or bring jumper cables to start your car after if necessary.

Mojo Rizn

Was okay. The bright white lights from the concession stand washes out the center screen and makes it difficult to see what's going on. Besides that, it's a good deal, 2 movies for $10.

Nancy Pope

It's an amzing place to have a family or a date night. Love this place!

Augie Trujillo

Cant complain about movie, but the concession service was horrible. Tried calling number several times to place order but no one would answer. So my wife went to put in an order. She missed almost entire movie waiting, but the worst part is none of the food tasted fresh. The fries were practically cold. Concession needs better management.

jesse lucero

Always a fun place to stop with top notch service...

Arthur Bernal

One of the few remaining drive-ins in the U.S....and it's right here in Pueblo!! Multiple screens to choose from, and a great snackbar. They did some work to the road so your not driving on just dirt. Less dust being kicked up is really nice.

Ginger Ninja

A small town relic. Staff behave as though they've had to deal with a lot of hooligans and ne'er do wells. So don't be surprised if you're treated suspiciously. Food is fried fare. Try the funnel cake fries.

Britt Gibson

Had such a great time. Great movies, great staff, easy to find

Mellow D

Most bang for your buck anywhere! Basically the only theater left woth reasonable prices on food. The quality is superb but feel free to fire up the hibachi if you prefer almost anything goes! (Be reasonable people). Get there around 7 to get a great spot. You'll have to wait a bit for the movie but half the time it turns into a party

Apryl Barela

We love coming here. 3 screens, affordable for families with kids since under 12 are free.

Salina Cummings

I went here tonight and the ticket girl Leslie was really rude. She asked my daughter her birthday and iI simply asked why does she look older. She flew off the handle and said you can go to tinsle town and pay full price for all your kids.. first of all your representing a business that has been loved by many and should be professional. She rolled her eyes and was rude and representing them very poorly. Than I call to talk to the one of the managers and she just sets the phone down and never comes back on the phone. Very disappointed especially considering I have come here for yrs


As a former Pueblorican I of course love this place. We had a great time. The screen resolution was great and the staff was friendly. The bathroom could use a bit of touch up though.

Carol Ashley

I've been before I love it. It is so relaxing

Ariel Waldrep

I love going here every few weeks. Super cheap for 2 movies. The new rules that have been applied are super depressing which isnt really their fault it is the people who ruin it for everyone. Used to be able to sit on the roof of cars in the back but now it is not allowed. Some of the food made me sick a couple times but for the most park it is good. I minused a star because it takes forever to order and they only have one phone so you have to keep calling or wait forever for someone to answer

Ivan Rudyk

3 screens with two movies on each! Also kids under 12 are free! Awesome drive in!

Michelle Williams

Always a great time 2 movies for $10 & under 12 free

Cynthia San Miguel

Love the atmosphere! Reminds me of my childhood

Jonathan Hodges

The Mesa Drive-In is a family favorite! Catch a double header and take comfy chairs, cooler, and snacks. Make sure you bring cash! Top it off with a trip to the snack shack to get drive in goodies or food if you are hungry!

Shawn gamingrealygoodatfortnite

Family friendly but should post that they only take cash for food.

Brandy Allison

Love the drive in movies! I wish people were a bit more considerate. I like the prices for 2 movies!

Brandon Rowe

Not bad for a Drive-In. It's got to be the last one standing?


True snapshot of the past. If you’re into drive in movies, check this one out!

angie olivas

The vehicles weren't in order but other wise good

Shonna McCreery

Great place. Great prices

Mike Wolfe

It was fun. The food was ok. The fries tasted like funnel cake. Cause they make everything in the couple of fryers they have. The burgers were over done but ok. I would definitely go again.


Love the drive in and this one is no exception but the security lady likes her job a little too much. Tried running my vehicle to use the AC because the mosquitoes are bad this year (I have a stock muffler) and she comes by knocking on windows saying I can't run it for another 15 minutes and then only for 5 minutes. LOL wasn't bothering anyone but her. I still love going to the drive in though. Maybe you guys could spray for mosquitoes so they aren't quite as unbearable. Thanks for the movie.

Carlos Avila

Experience costs alot for food/hard to see if you have glasses

Daniel Duran

Love this place. Always a great way to spend a night with the family.


Great value for the admission but they get you in the concessions. 3 burgers and 3 drinks $31.00. Burgers got thrown away because they were gross.

Dusty Bond

Rude employees, not very affordable for family’s and the wording on under 12 is deceiving!!! Won’t go back

Michael Pappan

Fun Fun

9ns Fadler

Best place for family outings

Dominique Son

Always a good place to watch a movie with the family.

Jo Powell

Three screens with two movies open every night during the summer. We went on a Saturday night, they we're at near full capacity. Keeping that in mind, the experience was overall positive, we will be back. The sound could be a little louder, but picture quality was good and screens we're up high enough to see when from the back with lots of cars in front of you. The lines at the snack bar were really long and they could spend some money investing in a second location or a popcorn only stand to cut down the lines. The call ahead idea isn't any better as the line is always busy and it is coming from the same grill/kitchen. Investing in a few battery jumper kits rather than just jumper cables might be worthwhile as well. Great family activity. We even drove an hour to get there and will definitely be back.

Henry Kiefer

I love ❤️ this place lot's of summer time fun

Kenith Thompson

My wife and I love it. It gives us flexibility with our baby and we can still go out and catch a movie. The food isn't bad either and you can order ahead to lessen the wait times. Be advised that for tickets and concessions, they only take cash. Also be mindful of the official sunset times since movies won't play until its dark enough.

Lacey Lanz

Needs updated bathrooms and brighter projectors. But it's always gonna be my fave.

Phyllis Rosa

Fun fun fun and good food and very reasonable pricing

Chris Roberts

It is a great affordable way to spend an evening! The snack bar has sloppers which are fabulous by the way. Just a great place!

ReadyLetLive 123

Awesome little place! One of the last drive ins in the nation! Grab some snacks and hop into the back of your pickup. Tickets go for $10 a person with kids 12 and under getting in for free. Recent movies and good times!!

Cheryl Sanchez

Love that we still have a drive in. We are fortunate.

Brenda Washburn

There arent many Drive In Theaters left in this country, so if you are in the area or stopping in, I recommend catching a flick here.

Jaime Sandoval

Was so excited to go to the Drive Inn after many years. Would have given 5 stars if the mean, abrupt security lady wouldn’t have made us feel stupid for switching screens. It was embarrassing. They should let people know that you cannot switch when you arrive. Not hunt customers down like we’re criminals. That part was weird. The food and everything else was great.

Jerry Wauchope

Very nostalgic place. Visited on Labor day weekend and saw a double feature. Good popcorn, good variety of other foods. Reasonable prices (largest popcorn was only $5.50). Good place to take the kids and see a bit of history.

John Gordon

Best kept secret of Pueblo. Been going for 45 years. Great place to watch a movie. Great snack bar too.

Ariel Grinstead

Came in tonight and had some issues at the concessions, but the management handled it more than perfect and really turned around and made my experience tonight. Thanks again to the manager on duty tonight

Andrew Kennedy

Two movies for ten bucks!? What's the catch? Nothing. Movie quality is great; the picture is bright and clear, the audio from the radio is clear and crisp, and the screens are positioned well so you are comfy in your car. There's a snack bar that features classic movie options like popcorn, hotdogs, and funnel cake. The only downside is that you (obviously) have to wait until sunset for the movie to start, which makes the second movie end around 1 am. But, it's free to leave when you need to, and at $10 the second movie is essentially free.

Annalyn Hale

The theater experience itself was great. But their entrance leaves much to be desired. I missed it the first time. And on the second pass, I found the exit instead. Better lighting on this sign would definitely be an improvement!

Chris Stark

My dad and mom used to take us boys to the drive-in theaters back in the 1960s and 1970s. It was fun back then and none of that has gone away! A very good set up and how nice it is that you get use your FM radio to listen to the audio while watching the movie in the comfort of your own vehicle!

patricia hallmark

$10.00's for anyone over 12 and free for all kids under the age of 12. Snack bar was really dirty and took forever to get my food because one girl in there burned the popcorn and then went and moved the orders around and our food was put to the bottom of the list a couple of times. There were nice and gave me extra. Be careful with the food because it's not clean in there. And if your battery goes died go to office and they have some, good to know a few cars batteries went died.

Pheobe Black

I would normally do a five star, but this last time played a factor in this. The projector must have not been working at our screen and the screens movies had already begun. When the projector did start to work the screen was yellow for the entirety of the movie. Overall, considering that I am a Colorado native, this is a GREAT place to spend time with family and friends.

Makyra Rogers

Always have the newest movies! Also, the snack bar has the best food! A great place to take your family!

Nicholas Brandt

Great place to catch a movie in a classic ride, you can't switch screens in between movies so plan accordingly. Food is a little over priced but that's where they make the money as tickets for 2 movies is pretty cheap.

Chris Paige

Always have a fun time here with the family and it makes it even better when you run into friends. Can't wait to go again this season.

Bobbie Trujillo

It was a lil chilly, but we had a blast!

Catrena Stevenson

It a good place for family and friend only 10 per person and you get to watch two movies.

Shay Sanchez

We are lucky to have a great place like this.


Love this place always drive from the springs


Dont post time to show up or whats a good time to show up

Micheal Rodgers

Great place to go and have family time and affordable

Ignacio Sandoval

Always enjoy and have a good time

Alfredo Ramirez

The place is lovely and very atmospheric. The screenings usually start once it's dark. The first time I went to a drive in was here and was delighted to learn that they had food to buy, latrines that are usually clean, and lots of space to park. I would highly recommend anyone who goes here to get early parking to guarantee a good spot as the place fills up really quickly. Will go here again anytime I'm in the state with my wife!

Monica Head

Probably one of the very few that are still open. Has a good food menu with great prices. Clean restrooms!! The price to see 2 new :) :)

Ky Christensen

Good prices. Concessions are decently priced as well. 3 screens to pick from. 2 shows a night. $10 a under 12 are free. Burger for $6. Soft serve ice cream cone for a $1.50. Nice warm nights in Pueblo. Come enjoy!

anthony hiltner

Restrooms kinda bad sometimes but food is great but little pricey.


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