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REVIEWS OF Kimball's Peak Three Theater IN Colorado

Brittney Hansen

Great local theatre that sells beer and wine and movie concessions. Love seeing indie movies that don't always make it to the other movie theatres.

Jim Thomas

Great movies and popcorn.

Lindsay Rewey

I love the films that Kimballs screens. Especially during the Oscars time of year, when they screen some of the lesser known nominees and the shorts. But the staff turnover at the place seems super high (maybe it's just the nature of the biz), and I can't say I've always felt particularly well treated by management. It's too bad, because if Kimballs could pull its act together, I think it could be a community epicenter for the newly emerging scene in Colorado Springs – a scene that's markedly younger, more hip, and more willing to spend money at places like Kimballs.

Nils Rain

What could be better than a glass of wine with your film.

Sawyer Parham

Great movie theatre. Loved the fact that they provide a discount on the parking!

Sheila Gibson Helme

Best theatre in town!

Arlo Niederer

This is a typical renovated theater in downtown Colorado Springs. It shows movies that the chain theaters don't! It has three theaters. Went to see Beautiful Boy which wasn't showing anywhere else. The theater for this movie was really small, only had about 50 seats. The seats are comfortable, and the popcorn tasty. Saw another movie previously in a theater which holds about 200.

Peter Gallerani

Always love going to the movies at Kimball's! They have a great email need letter about what's coming. Sometimes there is a unfriendly desk worker, but love this joint. Bar tenders are always friendly. I think the bar closes at 8, so get a couple before and then chill out.

darren warden

It was ok. Small obvisoulsly which is not a bad thing. Was not very busy but show times for all 3 theaters are close together and the wait seemed long as we were buying tickets from the concession. So people getting food and ticiets at the same time from the same individuals (sanitation). Seats are small and a little cramped leg room wise. But if you want to avoid the big theaters this is the place to go.

Stephen Long

Great small venue local theatre. Great downtown location. Best dinner and movie night theatre in the Springs. Outstanding staff. Owner is usually there making sure that everything runs flawlessly. Oh yeah, You can get beer and wine in the bar as well as the hands down best and freshest movie theatre popcorn anywhere.

Joshua Magallanez

The owner harrassed me after I gave them 3 stars. Confronted me after leaving the bathroom. I told him why and he got angry and immature. Ridiculous. Terrible business etiquette. He also said they have had a projector out for over a week but their screen times don't reflect the incovienience... and then he blamed it on me for not being better prepared even though they can't be bothered to update times...


The selection of films continues to be superb pickings...they don't have an elevator...this August 2019 kimball's is playing MAIDEN. It is an absolute great film, even for those of us who know nothing about the sea or sailing.

Valerie Clementi

Small theatre, large comfy seats, and a very enjoyable experience. Definitely a worthwhile experience.

Kimberly Smith

Very small theater, tiny seats felt like a water off money.

Russ McGuire

Quaint theater showing independent movies with beer and large pours of wine on site. Hot tip stop over at neighboring Josh & John's Ice Cream for a treat that you can bring into the theater.

Tom waugh

Kimball and his staff are great . Nice retreat from the world . Great popcorn , Marguerite's and atmosphere takes me back in time . Thanks .

Tim Chambers

Locally owned, not a chain. Proud to call members of this organization my neighbors. A treasure in the community.

Aster b

What kind of movie theater turns a customer away who is new in town was late to the movie 10 minutes ago because the doors was locked. I am sure you can sell one more ticket. Would never go back to this place ever! So unfriendly!

Sandra Bruce

Good movies

Frank Kinder

Real butter on the popcorn, not the cancer causing fake stuff.

Rita Odea

Convenient area. It's nice drinking a beer or glass of wine while watching a movie.

Julie Willis

Fantastic indie and other movies, real buttered popcorn (yum), wine and beer bar (more yum), great staff, super location downtown, and a friendly audience. Kimball Bayles truly loves cinema and restored a unique downtown theater for all of us to enjoy.

Cynthia Terry

We went to two movies there this weekend, both were great

Rosanna Pacheco

Best place ever for a movie!!! Wine and coffee bar too and affordable! !!!!

Rae Scarlett

Popcorn has real butter and was delicious. Great service and people.

Andy Staver

I like the idea of Kimball's and the unique movies they run. I'll never forget seeing the Tree of Life, and the Artist here. Also, I am so happy they now accept plastic instead of cash. But for some inexplicable reason the audiences at Kimbals have been some of the worst. Loud, texting, talking, leaving mid-movie. I can't deny the place has charm, but I may be sticking to the bigger screens.

Nic Casey

Very friendly staff and a nice experience.

Ismael Diaz

Loved everything about this place except the chairs. They were a little awkward and sat kinda low.

Matt Seymour

Great indie theater!

Rosie Love

This place is great for indie films. It's an old-school theater with two screens, but the prices are comparable to modern theaters. It's still getting five stars despite the price because there aren't many places that show indie films, and it is a really cool theater.

Jan Cummer

A really great theater

Becky Hurley

Excellent independent films in pleasant environment

The Manitou Strings

I love supporting indie enterprises like movie theaters... great that they have beer and wine here... only choice in COS for many foreign/off-beat movies.... mediocre sound is my only complaint

K Bailey

Smallest, coolest old fashion theater we've ever been to.

Nel Nelly Nilth

Don't know what I expected, it's a small theater downtown. Only 3 movies to choose from, 2/3 rated R. The seats were midly uncomfortable and everyone is on there phone... Not the best movie experience...

Francis Wynne

Great evening, super venue. Quality presentation.

barb elstun

Relaxed, staff is great, have a wine or drink!!

Deborah Greymoon

Love this place!


probably the best theater we've got here in COS

Shawn Dixon

Love this theatre, but it is disgusting. It is a local favorite and has been here since the 30's. Over the years it has gone through some changes. One change that most seem to enjoy is the ability to purchase alcohol to enjoy during your movie. The downside to the theatre being this old is that it is just this old. The seats aren't comfortable; they're very worn and very soiled. The theatre itself smells like has been soaking in urine and they are using incense to cover the smell. I visited just a couple weeks ago and almost got up to leave before the movie started because of the pungent odor of urine in the room -- in hindsight, I should have just left. Maybe serving alcohol isn't the greatest idea.

Jennifer Bell

Even if u don't enjoy the film at Kimball's you'll love being in the is the antithesis of the mall movie experience. It would be fun to see Kimball's do some local film festival type promotions--

Buddy Mondragon

Great place and great movies that have content.. Nice clean and the employees are very kind. Owner is there most of time and is very caring.. And location is great being down town, we go for a walk after and some times eat out.

Keiko Lufkin

Was a cute little theater. Bad idea for first dates though

Cristina B

A fun little theater!

Daniel Henley

Great local theatre, often find the quality movies not playing elsewhere, no clitz, but enjoy a good movie with your glass of wine

Billy Bob Carmichael

Very cozy, small and intimate. They offer wine, various coffees and the VERY best theatre popcorn.

Deborah Bohne

Nice little theatre, serves alcohol.

Soeren Walls

Cheap tickets for students on Tuesdays, and they've always got the best indie & foreign film selection in town. They show bigger Hollywood films as well, but I always go here to see something on the fringe, more avant-garde, and Kimball's never disappoints.

Elise Krause

Cozy spot to watch independent films.

Courtney Kisner

Such a cool old theater! They even have a bar! Definitely check this place out!

Maureen Weingartner

Always a pleasure!

Sam Riggio

Feel like a baller walking up into this place with all that downtown neon charm.

peter m

Good Indy movies, best popcorn in town. Bring cash

Erik Henrikson

Very nice theater. Good popcorn too


I used to love this place as I'm in favor of supporting venues that are small and good for the community. However, I've been disappointed the last two times I've gone. The theater needs cleaning, from where I was sitting it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a long while. The lobby and concession stands were a bit unkept. I like the movie selection and the fact that you can enjoy a yummy spirit while watching is a plus. Please don't let this place get a bad rep.

Brad Rose

Nice downtown theater, well kept up. Smells a little bit of bats.

Greg Rogers

Wonderful films, intimate feel, beer or wine and theater food available, cup holders @ seats.

josh lewis

Top-notch. Seats a bit lumpy, but full bar/coffee, tasty popped corn w/free sprinkly cheeses, never a long line, and really, it's the only choice in town for an artsy date movie, or really any non-Hollywood flick. Convenient location downtown

Mary Ormond

Just love going to Kimball’s!! Fun to be downtown and they often have movies not shown anywhere else! And a glass of wine too!

Anthony Cordova

Comfortable and consistent.

Mary Daugherty

Hello wine, popcorn, and intellectual movies.

ann aldrich

Great local theater shows independent movies.

Ronald Beam

This is a great downtown movie theater. There is a bar too. Never crowded!

Roger Cummins

Nice change from the Uber multi super Plex but more than 90 minutes would be hard.

Ross Johnson

Some of the best popcorn in the state and the movies are always fun.

Todd Hein

Nice, old-fashioned movie theater.

Jared Livingston

I love that they serve draft beer from local breweries. Also, is refreshing to find a place that isn't so heavily commercialized like most megaplexes.

Joan Wilson

I watched a wonderful movie here. The seats aren't as nice as the automatic reclining ones in the newer theatres but I was still very comfortable during the movie. The staff was great. I would recommend this theater.

Marc Willson

Really enjoy Kimball's. Only movie theater that was showing Goodbye Christopher Robin. Wonderful movie!

Mind of a Cycler

Fantastic place to come.

Eric DeGrove

Seats are so uncomfortable. Place needs to be remodeled.

keri pollakoff

We love this theater!

Corky Garko

My favorite place for date-night. Love the independent\indie films they show. Love the fact I can watch them while enjoying a glass of wine or a beer.

Robin Steffens

Best popcorn in town, unique movies and service with a smile.

Andrew Combs

Fun little artsy theatre with alcohol. I love the way this place is laid out. It has three (I think) theatres spotted around whimsically, an intimate popcorn/ticket area, and another bar serving alcoholic drinks. Alcohol selection is acceptable, and the pricing falls within what you'd expect for a theatre. The beer is only about a dollar or two more than other places, but the whiskey is maybe a hair more expensive than that, comparatively. Service is fine, chairs are OK, movie selection is a breath of fresh air.

Christopher Vigil

The perfect spot for independent (and independently minded) film lovers to catch that next Oscar nominated auteur's debut or just the latest from a favorite art house director. Bonus! They have a wine bar! Bonus bonus!! You're supporting a longtime local, small business!!!

dylan shepard

Cozy floor plan, pleasant ambience. Friendly staff. My favorite venue to watch indie films with like-minded patrons.

Mitchell Teeters

The only place in town willing to show smaller indie films. They also serve alcohol and are located right next to an ice cream shop! Cant ask for more!

Seth Braverman

I've had some of my most memorable movie experiences at this theater.

Rebecca Hayward

A little dated but a nice experience

Ted Driver

Visited for the first time to see what Kimball's was all about. I set my expectations a little too high, unfortunately. The theater seats are in disrepair, some are broken and not very clean. The air conditioner in theater 2 does not work - it was about 80 degrees while we watched the movie. I'm happy to say that the staff was very friendly and courteous.

Jacob Humble

Good alternative movies and not too packed.

Amy Oliver

I watched Loving Vincent here tonight. The theater may be an old style, not stadium seating, but it was clean, quiet, comfortable, and the staff was very friendly. Thank you for hosting independent films, Kimball.

Tim Frye

Nice little theater with drinks, showing a good array of major release and independent films.

Ricardo Cordero

Usually shows great movies and the price is great. Also there is french bakery next door serving yummy food and coffee.

Joe Latka

Big time throw back theatre that really feels like the ones I went to as a kid. The staff is wonderful and there's no gum on the floor to stick to your shoes. You know what I mean! Lol. Great theatre!

Corey Smith

Went there recently and it is so dirty and gross inside the theaters. I arrived early and saw the theater lit fully....ewwwww stains and dirty all over. They need to break out a steam cleaner and some elbow grease. It's a shame, used to be nice, quaint, and clean.

Shell Rinard

If you enjoy independent local business, you will love this theater. They send alcohol as well.

Richard Meinig

A great theater that avoids the crowds of the chain movie plex...the only place you are can still see independent and "art films". There is nice wine and beer bar but I do miss the cappuccino !

John Lamb

An oasis of independent cinema in a blockbuster desert.

Lynn Peavy

Love this old theater even though many things have changed.

Ron Hamilton

The Peak has always been one of our favorites. This is a date night destination! Take a chance on a movie you haven't heard about before.

Chara Newman

It's small cool movies and great people

Dock Hroch

Went to see Downton Abbey. First movie we have seen in a long time.

Thomas Janecek

Movies were too big

Gvantsa Chain

Best part is that u can buy alcohol in the bar and sip it while u watch the movie

Jenny Long

I have been going here sense 1983. I'm a local so of course I love it!

Marty W

Usually well crafted, thoughtful (& entertaining) movies, often ones not showing in other theaters. Low-key, casual, friendly. Wine/beer bar.

han han

Very cool place to watch a movie. Very nice seats. Have food delivered right to your seat during the movie. Screens are smaller than normal. Buy your seat ahead of time so you don't get stuck in the front row. And hey!

Jacob J Johnson

Cozy theatre yet the tickets are and concessions are reasonable. Very cool.

Greg Marshall

Best movie theater in the Pikes Peak region!


Thank goodness for Kimball's Peak, as it shows movies not available anywhere else in Colorado Springs. The seats are comfy and viewing experience was good.

Adele Sobeck

Took my 3 and 6 year old to watch the Isle of Dogs and was very impressed with this theater. Online ticket purchase was quick and easy, concessions were delicious, staff was friendly, bathrooms were clean as well as the theater. My 3 year old started getting restless toward the end of the movie, so I took her to the back of the theater and we sat in one of the loveseat where she was able to lay down and finish the movie.

Ryan Wilson

A great classic movie going environment. After putting off going here for many years, I gave it a shot, and was very pleasantly surprised. The idea of a theater for independent film is a dying one, but this place is a true hidden gem. They take a market for independent film making and give it a venue, and they do it well. A few of their employees are very passionate about the art of the movies. I’d compare this place to a real life Majestic. Let’s get down to it. Their employees are nice and knowledgeable. They have really competitively priced concessions, including a unique full bar aspect. The sound and projector quality is really cutting edge. A surprisingly modern feel that also has a classic soul. I really only have one gripe with place is the seats are aged and very small once you sit in them you are ok but it can be a bit of a challenge. Overall I really loved the place and I plan on returning.

Nate Sam

A absolutely love this place. My only complaint is that they are playing too many Main Street movies these days.

Cliff Spier

Great little theater downtown near great restaurants and shops

Jordan McCown

Very intimate theater, decent price for concessions!

Becky Fulcher

Nice local theater. Our only complaint is that it smells strongly like disinfectant. Wish they could do something about that!

Becca Tonn

Quality independent films in an intimate atmosphere. Love this place!


A really cinematic experience because the theater is old and authentic. A great experience.

Jennifer Karr

Good movies, but I've noticed the water fountains are very conveniently always out of order so your only choice for water is to buy a $4 bottle of water. I think that's actually illegal to deny water like that.

Susie Smith

Like this theater it is small and cozy

Trinitie Garrison

We adore this place. They show only 3 movies at a time, always exceptional. They have wine and beer and it's such a relaxing atmosphere.

Allan Brown

This is a rat trap of a movie theater complex. The seats are old and uncomfortable. Two of the three theaters are sub-par and tiny with dim projection illumination. There are probably some health and safety issues as well. Movie selection most often features films shown nearby in other Colorado Springs movieplexes. This definitely not an "art house." About the only thing going for this movie house is that they serve booze.

Ashley Hanel

This theater has fair prices and great location. I didnt have alot of problems other than the fact their credit card machine is hit or miss so bring cash with you.

John Miller

Always great independent movies shown in a intimate atmosphere!

Josh Begin

Friendly staff and nostalgic decor with movies that usually can't find anywhere else in the area.

Miguel Antonio Maldonado

It is a retro movie theater, but the chairs are small and uncomfortable.

Judith Morris

Good selection. Kind of pricey, and they could always use more concession workers. They're mostly young kids that don't function well with pressure.

Jamie Taylor

The seats are comfortable enough. The theatre is pretty old, but it has a lot of character. I’m a sucker for a theatre that plays indie movies. The movie selection makes this place great.

Stan V

It's an old school nieghborhood theatre. Not to long ago, the only place you could get a beer with a movie in the springs. They focus on independent films but get a main stream flick regularly also. It's one of those places you'll love for nostalgic reasons. Seats are comfy enough and staff is polite. Bathrooms clean. I ♥️ it.

Katherine Seibel

Older theater, it had a friendly atmosphere! I liked the corner sofa!

Richard Athen

Great old school theater

Matt Sennate

Excellent theater, pick from the best restaurants within walking distance and see a movie. They usually have more independent eclectic style films. Excellent gem in downtown Colorado Springs.

Judy R

Yay independently owned theater with decent snacks and wine bar!

Zeno Nolet

If you want to go back in time and enjoy a movie with a glass of wine with maybe up to 40 or so friends, you have to enjoy a movie here as it is a most enjoyable experience with the very best French zoning soup next door at La Baguette (close at 7)... I dare you to find place anywhere in the world, that compares!... tried them all. One time came close in Carlsbad, CA. All this downtown.... stay at The St Mary’s inn downtown... the best experience!

Michelle Stefani

The movie selection is on point.

Chris Clementi

Kimball's is a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. I enjoy that you can buy beer or wine for the movie.

ryan brosmer

Local independent theater. Sometimes the only place showing certain films, other times just a fun, convenient place to see some bigger films without going to the big theaters in the suburbs. Beer and wine available.

Mikey Stice

Awesome little theater with a wonderfully nice staff.

Trisha Macias - LOT

They have the best popcorn and it goes well with wine!

Julie Ridings

My fiance and I love this place! They play a lot of the movies that the big corporate movie theaters do not play. We have seen multiple oscar nominee and oscar award winning films here like Green Book and The Shape of Water. They also show movies that have done well at film festivals. Its locally owned, so you're supporting local and small business, which is great! Students get a discount on Tuesdays. Of you go see a movie after 6pm, you don't have to look for free parking or pay for parking because the city doesn't charge on meters after that time. Great place!

Art Legate

The Springs downtown arthouse theater. Friendly staff, quaint ambiance, small auditoria, wine bar, and films that offer more than car crashes, explosions, and big CGI.

Dennis Roark

We love seeing movies at Kimball's. Each theater is small enough to keep the movie intimate. Kimball's also has some of the best independent films not found at the big box offices. Kimball's makes for an enjoyable evening.

Andrew Scorgie

Love the old school feel of this place! They show lots of independent films too. You can even drink craft beer while you watch movies!

D. R. C.

Only place in Colorado Springs to see more thought provoking films

Andrew Krueger

I love this theater. Reasonable prices, they show good films, and they have a bar. Only downside is the seats could be a little fancier/cleaner/more modern.

VL Sherwood

Independent movie theater, two screens, even a wine bar. Downtown Colorado Springs.

David Woodring

Employees are rude. Especially the bartender

Casey Humphrey

Best theater in town! Plays indie films that the chain theaters don't usually get. The staff is super great and the building is beautiful. There is also a bar which always adds bonus points!

Andrés Duran

Decent movie theater , located in downtown, decent place to stop by after diner and enjoy a good movie. I saw that they have a bar beer and wine to enjoy your popcorn! The room where we watch our movie did not have stadium seating and was a little dirty in between chairs,also it was small room!

C. Parker-Wilkes

Love the old atmosphere. Not a lot of previews either. Good prices.

amy fedde

Went to see "Won't You Be My Neighbor" they always have good shows

Carol F

We enjoyed the movie, it was not one you could see at other movie houses. "The Final Portrait" If stairs are an issue for you check which theatre your choice is playing at. Theatre 3 is upstairs. Independent films shown here as well as some mainstream fair.

Parker Weber

It's a quaint little hole in the wall theater

Spencer Gillard

Though they won't be showing the newest blockbuster, Kimball's reminds me why I used to like going to the movies. Plus, I've never had to wait in line for anything.

scott keller

Cool old school theatre

garrison turner

Old school theater, intimate. Perfect those movies you want to feel a connection with

billie dove

I have been disappointed by Kimball's leaning on mainstream movies these days, and their lack of foreign films and important films that depend on small theaters for showings.

Macarius K

Kimball's is a quaint little movie theater in downtown Colorado Springs with a liquor license. They show only the more large-scale independent movies, which are fun to watch while sipping on a long island. Despite being a much smaller theater, and probably taking in less cash, the seats are comfortable and seem new enough, but the wow affect is somehow lacking, even if I can't quite put my finger on it.

Debbie Jurista

Quaint, old theater. Very cozy although no reclining seats. Polite staff.

Mike Allred

Great place to have a beer or wine and see a decent show.

Olga Strecker

best popcorn ice cream shop next door friendly staff great movies

Daya Stanley

A nice movie theatre, it lacks a lot of the block buster movies that come out, but makes up for it with low ticket prices. It also has a very vintage look to it.

Ben Shaum

I wish all theaters were like this. Personal and easy. They're usually only showing high quality movies. I love that they serve alcohol, as well.

Josh the Traveler

Watched Yellow Submarine a couple weekends ago at 9:55PM. This theater has no A/C apparently, it was unbearably hot! Also, went to the bar five minutes after the movie started and it was closed. I don't expect the world from this theater but do expect basics, otherwise you just have an old theater with uncomfortable seats for the same price as the high-end theaters in town.

Deena Bennett

Best theatre in the region. Locally owned, excellent choice in movies, wine bar. It's downtown right around the corner from many local restaurants. Cozy

Chris Greene

Great little place to see a movie. The employees are so nice and helpful. We will definitely be back!


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