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REVIEWS OF Gold Hill Theatres IN Colorado

Roger Qualls

Refused refund even though weren't allowed in to see movie. Rude! Not allowed to bring purse into theater, no such requirement posted anywhere. Told this AFTER money for movie was collected.

Megan Clark

Super cute small theater


I just moved to divide from Florida with my wife and love this theatre it's very close to me considering I live in divide , and we enjoy going because of the well mannered staff and cleaness of the theatre as well

Alvin Balin

Great prices, friendly staff and you can have a beer or wine with your popcorn.

Rita Randolph

I love our small hometown theater complex! Yes it’s a “complex” with 4 theaters! Always the latest and best movies, lower prices. Cozy theaters—I love it!!!

Ryan Wall

Has that rustic small town theater feel with great prices.

Carl Backstrom

It's not the newest or the most high-tech of theatres, but the sound and picture are clear. The big draw is the location. I love going to Woodland Park for the scenery and for the friendly people!

Judy Ann Chilcoat

Small and cozy for me and my husband on date night. Very friendly atmosphere

John-Mark Boucher

A good feeling movie theater with very friendly staff.

Kelly Duncanson

Lovely, local, small town theater I've and the snacks are reasonably proced!

Katie Mathews

It has a classic feel you can't find in other theatres

Amanda Goodall

First time! The theater is small and a little dated! The people working there are very friendly! The popcorn was great, so was the soda! It was a fun time! I will be back! Prices were very reasonable!

Maxine Meza

Cute little theater

Lyra Bree Hewitt

Great prices, very friendly staff, beer and wine available for purchase and sometimes Ed has ice cream available also!

Dana Collins

Cosy comfortable

Brian Lloyd

Neat little place. I hope this stays around for many years to come.

Leslie Brown

Nice remodel - seats comfortable - sound good

Carla D.

Great little local theater without the big crowds. Reasonable prices, friendly service, and current showings.

Lilly Bee

A great little theatre. I like the smaller size. It may be uncomfortable for those who are taller in stature.


AWESOME hometown movie theater! Prices for tickets and popcorn will save you money in comparison to others in the city! Staff always friendly and accommodating.

Kalisto Loves

My boyfriend and I have been living up here for two years. Tonight we had to see Avengers: Endgame before everyone posted spoilers online. This was our first time to Gold Hill. The staff just make you laugh and smile while doing an extremely good job at assisting you. It is a very small theater, but when you're used to Universal City in Los Angeles, everything is smaller. Everything is kept extremely clean. The prices are more than reasonable. I'd definitely recommend them for a nice night out at the movies.

Melissa Swanson

Great people, great service

Gary Hamm

Best theater I've been to in a long time

Nicole Montesano

Great people. Nice and clean

Dan H.

Great home town theater.

Jonathan Dooley

We love this place, the staff is awesome and friendly. Beer and Wine if you want. We see premiers on opening night without any hassle. They gave our friends son a bobble head because of his cosplay for Rogue One. Great combos for date nights and they are always willing to support the local schools with free tickets for our fundraising.

Andy L

Great little home town theatre! They now have extra screens and serve beer and wine! Excellent small town Cinema!

Chris Whitfield

amazing small town theater!! clean,affordable,cozy

Claudia Johnson

It is nice to have a quality theater close to home as we live in Woodland Park. They also keep up on the newer movies and that's great too.

John Fahrion

Nice, small town theater with great prices, comfortable seating, and great movies. Very friendly. I'm there a lot.

Henry Ehart

Very small theaters prices are very reasonable staff is excellent

Georgee Deppen

Gold Hill Theater is always great. We go there several times a month - usually and today we saw the Muel which we had been waiting g to see. We are so grateful to have a theater of this calibre in our small town. Thanks for being here.

Dave M

I am giving 4 stars instead of 3 because, for such a small town as Woodland Park, this is a really nice little theater with several screens (4?). If this theater was in a larger city like Colorado Springs, this would be a 3 star review, at best. My wife and I have been here several times now in the last 11 months since we moved here to the mountains. We almost always end up in theater 2 where the seats at least recline, and that makes it a little nicer. One thing my wife always complains about is the projection always seems just slightly out of focus. It doesn't bother me too much, but it makes the movie seem like low-res. We have been in the other theaters here also, and tonight we ended up in theater 1 for the first time. Ughhhhh! The seats DO NOT recline, or even move in theater 1. And they are miserably upright! Like sitting in a car where someone has adjusted the seat to full upright. I cannot even explain how uncomfortable the seating position is/was. My wife is pretty forgiving on things like this, and she even said, once the lousy movie (A Star is Born, with Bradley Cooper and Gaga) was over, "We will NEVER see another film in theater 1!" On the upside, and the only reason Gold Hill Theater gets 4 stars is, because the prices are great and the customer service is better than you'll ever get in any large city movie theater. The first time we saw a movie here, we we're shocked that we didn't pay ridiculous prices for a couple of sodas and a large popcorn. We even asked if they mischarged us! We are so used to paying stupid crazy prices at big city theaters for food that should cost $2.50 at the most, but paying 10 times that! Not here at Gold Hill Theater! So, the movie may be fuzzy in the theaters, but you have real customer service at reasonable prices. And they show most of the current movies anyone would want to see. So... 4 stars. Just please... Replace the unmoveable seats in theater 1 and refocus the projectors or buy better ones and this will be a 5 star review!

gabriel vigil

Small screen and old seats but descent for small local theater

Gabriel Hancock

Small town feel. Affordable ticket and food prices. An impressive and unique setup for a theatre that show 4 movies simultaneously. Kind and courteous service.


I've been going to this theater for a long time, and loved it every time. Its a bit small, yes, but its also a pretty old theater, which accounts for its size. There are usually only the latest movies showing at it, and not very many at the time, but love the atmosphere. The staff is great, and the workers in general do a great job. Fantastic experiences

Michael Lewis

Cheap 7 dollar movies that have the same movies as the big screen!

Chris Gross

Love this theater, in town, family environment, great prices, not a bad seat in the house

Adam Bourgeois

A cool little theater, with four screens, staffed by local teenagers. Though it seems to be an historic place, first run movies are shown here. While movies are siren on a smaller screen than a megaplex, they are still big enough to capture all the action.

jason nichols

Loved the place and employees were great .we be back

Christopher Haggerty

Wonderful home-town theater with prices to match. Staff are always friendly and the seats are comfortable.

Douglas Oursler

A very great movie theater with a taste of the past. My daughter's love it too!!

Bob Welp

Live swing band today. Nice.

Suzzan Hoiilasand

What a fantastic place to go. The employees are so nice and helpful in anyway. Love Gold Hill Theater.

Sherry Vargason

First visit. Good, fresh popcorn. Friendly staff. Comfy seats. What more do you want? Oh... excellent movie!

Jon Dale

Small town movie theater. Updated seats, projectors, and sound.

Matt Baca

It's hard to go to larger theaters in Denver and the Springs because they just don't have the same quiet, inviting atmosphere that Gold Hill has. Plus you can have a beer or a glass of wine while you watch! Can't beat that!


Love this little theater!

aaron Fletcher

Wonderful experience, great popcorn and lots of choices for a small town theater

Nick & Lorena Collier

A terrific little hidden gem in WP.

Earl Zeller

I love this place. I am not a frequent movie-goer, primarily because I don't care much for most of what Hollywood puts out these days. But when I do see something that might be worth watching, I will happily go to Gold Hill Theatres. Like almost every business in Woodland Park, they suffer a lack of space and parking, so get there a little early if you can. The lobby is a bit cramped, but the staff is always friendly, the prices are good by today's standards. I like the relatively small size of the auditoriums. The seats are comfortable and the whole place is kept clean. Kudos to the owner and the staff.

Gage Sears

great staff, shows up to date movies.

D.H. Fremont

A beautiful venue. Great place to go.

Margie Keener

Fun small town theatres. Always has new releases and you don't have to fight the crowds. Popcorn is always fresh and delish!

Andy Iwamoto

Super friendly staff. Small, intimate theater space, no terrible viewing angles.


Intimate, perfect mountain setting. Locally owned with amazing customer service. The prices are super reasonable.

Doug Randolph

Like this place and glad it's here.

Steve Rosburg

Gold Hill Theatres are always being worked by pleasant staff and everything is always really clean. Being able to get a beer for a movie is also a fun addition.

Robert Halstead

Best Small town theater excellent staff highly recommended

Garet Itz

classic and cozy, we routinely grab sushi across the street or tapas right next door and tack on a movie here. great staff and having a beer with the flick is the cherry on top!

Patrice Kelley

Nice hometown theater. Staff were very Pleasant and helpful. I definitely will go back.

Nick Morris

Had a great time with my son watching secret life of pets. Small town theater that doesn't disappoint! Very friendly staff and great popcorn!!

Joyland Life

Best popcorn around. Theaters are smaller. Nice small town friendliness.

Jennifer Peet

Very disappointed. Everyone could hear music playing from the projection room while the movie was playing. Theater got so hot, a few people fell asleep!! Made watching the movie completely uncomfortable. Trying to find anyone to help was impossible.

Sara Gonzales

My daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday at the movie theater this year. Gold Hill was fantastic! Super close to home and since they're locally owned and operated, it was a very simple process to book the party. They're very laid back and let us do whatever we wanted within reason. You can bring your own movie or watch something that's already showing. The price was more than fair considering they did all the decorations, and clean up (we had 16 kids in total). Now my twins want a party there and I'm hearing a couple other party guests want to do the same. I highly recommend Gold Hill Theater for a kids birthday party. They all had such a good time.


Small, off the beaten path, and wonderful.

Stephen Lamm

Hit titles, small theaters and good small town fun!


A small but comfortable theater. Good ticket prices.

Tom Wat

Two add'l theaters added for four total - lower cost tickets, concessions and friendly local owners make this a more enjoyable theater experience than the chains in Colo Springs!

Dave Illingworth

Local family owned theater, friendly service with comfortable seating.

Jen Musgrave

Love our small town theater!!!

Addison Volk


Terri Lays

the staff is very friendly and the prices are great. the theater was also in very good shape when we arrived.

Sammi Ketcham

Very friendly and upbeat staff. Cheapest movie tickets I've ever seen and the only place I dont think the popcorn taste stale.

Sandra Hazley

We paid 7.00 for a morning show. This theater is big, clean and comfortable.

Dan C

Very nice theater. Not crowded. Inexpensive. Always running top movies.

Camping in Colorado

It's a quaint little theater, you can beer or wine as well as the regular concessions

Epic Studios

We stopped going to the movies for several years. We gave it another try last year sometime. Idk what they did there in the past year but the theater is ALWAYS clean, great customer service, prices compared to any other threater are awesome. There always offering new and fanastic ways to save even more money. We LOVE it here now and are back to frequenting the movies often.

Greg Lent

Always a great experience

P Qualls

Small & comfortable. Seats rock in some of the small theatres;there are four in the bldg. No balconies, except in Theatre 4, but not a lot of stairs to climb.

Jeanne Overlee

Love that you get new releases as soon as they come out. And I don't have to fight the crowds down in the Springs.

Joey Salagaj

We had our daughters bday party here. It was awesome!

Amber S

I love this place

Vickie McKnight

This is my favorite movie house. They are small but mighty and do fun things to make movie going fun-wine bar anyone!? Best.Popcorn.Ever!!!

Nichole Johnston

Great ppl working very polite just lil slow on concession but good experience

Dan Tennies

I love this theater. Good service and a great experience overall.

Jess Eagleboy

Booked a company holiday event for employees and their families this past December. Charlotte (manager) was great to work with. She and staff did a great job accommodating our group. Although the lobby is small, staff was timely at getting our group through consessions and sat (sounds like they hope to expand one day). -Updated seats that are comfy. -Tickets are very reasonably priced, as well as consessions. They even serve adult beverages! -Parking can get a little challenging, so be prepared for a little extra walking, but just show up a little early if you are concerned...Great restaurants in same complex that you can enjoy before the movie. -Wheelchair accessible but pretty small bathrooms. It's an older theater but they still make it enjoyable! -Oh my favorite theater is theater 4!

Mitzi Meton

Friendly staff, inexpensive, no lines, plenty of seating and an over all pleasant experience.

Jonathan Boring

Great theater. Prices are excellent and venue is clean, cozy, comfortable.

sheryl matthews

I always insist my friends and family drive up from the Springs to see a movie here, if it is playing. It is a personal, small town, mom and pop place that I would rather give my money to than a chain. What they save in ticket and snack prices more than pays the gas. I have enjoyed this theater for many years and always highly recommend it.

Anna Nemanich

Went to see the Lion King, and the theater was sold out. The chairs are cushiony, snack bar and beer/wine sold too. The theater is is small three screen place. Enjoyed my movie. My only issue was that the place was hot. The a/c was barely on.

Taylor Richardson

Great service and friendly people!!

Tim Howard

Quaint. Stress free. Not crowded. Fun. Less expensive.

Amanda Allen

Super nice staff and, truly, the best popcorn I have had in a theater.

Georgia Curie

Love this theatre! Great service and the best popcorn anywhere!

Brandon Schofield

Great theater, well kept and you can grab a beer

Sebastian Castillo

Cool little theater

Shelbi Lowe

Great, cozy, nice seats

Dean Goossen

This is a nice little mountain town theater and it is evwn nicer since it now can show four movies at a time. The theaters arw comparatively small and intimate.

Flynn King

Awesome place. Friendly people. Great popcorn.

Lennie Jeffcoat

Enjoyable and great customer service

Raegan Graff


John Awrylo

Local & just perfect

Mike Sheehan

We prefer this theatre because of the location and that it is small and friendly!

John Yantorno

Quaint small town theater

Johnathan Sottek

Great smaller family owned theater. Good prices and seating with smaller audience sizes.

Camille Wright

We enjoyed the movie. To expensive

Lonna S-H

Geez , these new owners just don't have it. We want Ed and his crew back.

Brian Barnhart

Small, cozy, and local. I love going to this small theater. The prices are way better than the bigger guys in the springs and the money spent is staying local. They usually have the latest releases so you can keep up to date with the latest movies. Give it a try, buy some popcorn, and enjoy a small town movie experience.

shelly williams

Small but awesome!! The sound in theater is awesome and seating is comfortable.. Prices are awesome as well!!

John Holbrook

Great place. Awesome discounts for Military and First Responders.

Jelisa Begay

My family and I love coming here, great little theatre

Jesse Bocock

Hometown feel, clean facilities, friendly staff. Small selection due to size of the place, but overall, a very nice place to see a movie.

Kevin Tucker

Great little theater! Love-love -love this place.

Mataya Harrold

They have the best popcorn! It's a small town place that has been updated. We enjoy seeing movies here.

Jack Shaw

This is easily our favorite movie theater in the country let alone the state. Cozy, friendly. Truly a gem.

Debi Sears

Friendliness of staff, quality of snacks and portion sizes were great! A very cozy little theater. Had a great time!!!

nick C

Nice little home town theater.

Linda Appelbaum

Excellent small town theater! Clean, friendly, 4 screens, they serve liquor, good prices, yummy popcorn, regular seats but with good views of the screen.


This theater is so nice. Not only do they have good prices for tickets and snacks, but it's clean, comfortable, you can even order liquor and the staff is really nice! They always have the best movies to choose from and it's nice to watch in any seat you pick. The movie is never too loud or too quiet - it's just right. Would really recommend anyone wanting to go to the movies to come here to support the local town!

forever blossoms blossoms world

Nice, clean, friendly. I'd rather go there than drive to Colorado Springs!

Carol Ann

Small town theater, I like that it's not super busy during matinees. I also like that it's cheaper than most theaters in the cities. It does not offer too many choices in movies, but the choices they do offer is a good variety. I enjoy going to this theater when possible.

Alicia Sinnock

Cute little local theater with decent concessions. The theaters are small, but the quality you get for your movies is good.

Marissa Phillips

Great theatre, crew is really friendly and works very fast. A lot of great movies show here. Theatres are clean, seats are comfy, and theatres are small and cozy. Popcorn is excellent, and the alcohol service rocks. This has all the perks of a small town movie theatre. Highly recommended. Only down side is that parking is limited and it frankly sucks. Not the theatres fault, it's just a small parking lot.

S. Sickafoose

Perfect small town theater. Friendly staff. Cozy feel. Personal service when ordering pizza from Dominoes. The staff delivers the pizza right to your seat! Remodeled theaters. Clean restrooms. Very accomodating. Love this place!

Lorri Crawford

Beautiful interior and great acoustics that inhance the movies watched. Popcorn and drinks are grand and the prices are Great. Going to this theaters are like stepping into the past (peaceful,reasonable prices and joyful people that work there). Woodland Park has a Beautiful view and Gold Hill brings that beauty into the the theater

Brian VanCleave

Went to see Justice League. It is a decent theatre. Not sure when it was built, but there are some narrow doorways.

Ron Mann

Nice small theater.

Matthew Urke

Great customer service, no real wait, reasonable prices for tickets and snacks. Bathroom is small, but functional. Movies selection was great. Saw Hobbs and Shaw movie. Plenty of open seats on opening night empty.

cyndy swanson

Love this little theater. Great prices, wonderful service, the option to buy beer or wine, and comfy seats.

Matthew Satchell

I know its old, but seems like a theatre should be able to handle more than 20 people in its "lobby" at a time... Which this one definitely cannot. But, the sound, picture and seats were fine, if small in the case of the former two.

Ian Chapman

Beer, a local theater, and great location. Parking can be hard but honestly it is the best small theater around.

cindy cabrera

I love this theatre. It is always clean and the people there are very helpful and friendly. What a great job the owner did of remodeling adding 2 more theatres and all the time keeping that small town theatre atmosphere. Great job!

Ryan Kaiser

Nice little home in the wall theatre. Reasonable ticket prices. However ridiculous price for snacks. $5.00 for a small popcorn (really small!) It fits in my hand and it was cold.

Catherine Rodgers

This theatre is perfect. It's been modernized while still retaining its unique charm. Visiting Gold Hill brings back priceless memories!

Cynthia Behr

Updated, nicely renovated maintains the old timey decor & chair. Beautiful venue.

Susan Bateman

We love this cute little theater. We have been coming with our 7 year since she was a year old. She saw her first movie here. We love it. I like the fact that after all movies we bring her to no one gets mad that we are last out and they let her dance to the credits! Now we've added a new dancer (through adoption ) to our family and both of my girls dance :) plus for them they have cushions for the girls to sit on. It truly is the little things that matter. Great movie,great popcorn and other snacks makes for happy parents. It saves us from having to drive to the springs for a family nite out . Thank you. See ya soon.

Teri Walton

The staff are wonderful! Made it a fun night!!

Julie Metz

We loved the movie theater we moved from Florida we thought it was a great experience very cozy and clean

David Spannaus

Very clean and cozy! Serves wine.

Nick Emeric

only theater within 30 miles. very good customer service. clean and inexpensive unlike major chains.

Audra Marie

Small town theater with a big city feel. Friendly, inviting staff, great service, and they serve booze! (if you are appropriately aged that is)

Matthew Faye

The best place you can visit to remind you of every time out at the theaters.

Kaycee Dunning

We were trying to support our local community by attending the movie theater in Woodland Park. The establishment is discriminatory towards home schooed families. They refused to give my obvious teen students the student discount because they don't have school ID's. Tickets are overpriced. We will be driving to the Springs from now on to enjoy updated comfortable seating and lower ticket prices.

HNN Horrornewsnet

We love this place. Haven't gone to the Springs to see a film for over a year. You can order, coffee, beer and soda here...... perfect!

Sarah Jacobsen

Relatively good prices for such a small theatre...seats are comfortable and it was not crowded...will definitely be back....

Mike Bohatch

Great place to see movies! Please consider posting your specials during the week on your website, so that we can determine weekday visits that are at a discount Thx!

Bailey and sara

Yesterday I came to watch aunt man and the wasp. The power went out and the friendly staff was on top of it! We love this family theater in this town! We love you gold hills theatres!

Greg d

It was a nice theater comfy seat watched the new avengers movie came back for toy story not bad at all on price ether

Jack McGee

Nice homie theatre surrounded by great restaurants, and a really nice rock and mineral shop!

Jon DeVaux

One of the nicest small theaters I've been to. Four theaters, good ticket prices and great popcorn.

Gale Motter

Quaint theaters, comfortable chairs, good place to see a movie.

Dan Sloan

Very reasonable prices and decent seats. Great service.

billie smith

Nice home town feel and great prices! Definitely recommend!

Jason Roshek

Best popcorn ever. The theatre was 78 degrees too hot

Tim Blair

The best movie experience in the Colorado Springs area, for 1/2 the price! (Don't have to worry about my car being broken into)

Monica Hamm

Love our local movie theater. Very cozy and the staff is always friendly.

Daniel Lamb

Great old time feel.


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