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REVIEWS OF Fox Cinema Center IN Colorado

Daniel Pittman

Could do more to keep the kids quiet, but otherwise a great experience.


Issues with projecter and unable to watch movie.. They gave a refund... I'd give a higher rating, but this is a repeated issue between this theater and San juan. One I understand, even twice I'll let slide, but now three times with me they've had issues with their projector. I'll be hard pressed to ever come back at this point. I'd say stay away unless you like wasting 2 hours of your time. In which case at least the staff are nice and friendly about it all.

Michelle Robbins


Amanda Norris

The Fox is a wonderful theater with charms of modern day as well as times passed. Full snack bar and comfortable seats! Fun for the whole family!


Love $5 Wednesday

supers seth

Great atmosphere wonderful place full of history and kind people

Samantha Lancaster

Older for sure but thats what i love about it! Movie screens are in perfect shape, seating is comfy, theaters are clean and big, and im not stuck looking at people's heads in front of me - im barely under 5 feet tall so that's a major thing for me :)

Jack Hay

Employees are so friendly. Having a classic theater is great

Hannah Jones

A trifle more expensive than i am used to on the western slope, but good theater set up and well cleaned. Avoid non soda or popcorn food items though. Specifically freeze dried pretzels. Bad idea. Popcorn is decent as far as movie theater popcorn goes though. Friendly staff and not super crowded generally speaking.

Les Brink

Good local theater venue.

Tim McQuerry

Saw "The Greatest Showman" Fabulous!! Can't say enough!! $5.00 movie night!! If you haven't been to the movies lately, what are you waiting for?? The workers are friendly, the popcorns fresh, treat yourself

Matt Kampf

Cameron Knapp

This is a very charming theater. It could definitely use more show times, some oil on the very noisy seats, and PLEASE TURN ALL THE LIGHTS OFF DURING THE FILM! overall, fairly pleased with my experience, but would rather just drive to a theater with fewer distractions during the movie next time.

Pattie Mayes

Awesome place to see a movie

Mark Hillen

I was not even there. All I did was drive by on the street. These phones with GPS are an invasion of privacy!

JohnnyT's Garage

I love movies theaters like this! Friendly staff, clean theaters, fantastic surround-sound, and the prices were good.

Rea Healy

Very interesting place but good seating

Misty Dreamcatcher

When I went to the theater this afternoon it was not open this was fine because I thought I could find the information that I needed on the website. Instead I was left confused and disappointed to find out that despite what I had heard there was not a midnight premiere for deadpool. When I tried to call the theater to get more information all I reached was an answering machine feeding me the same information that I found on the website. when it finished there was no option to speak to an actual human, it just hung up on me. Other larger theaters offer an option to speak to the staff if you have questions so why doesn't ours? I am very disappointed and all I can say is, LET ME TALK TO A HUMAN!!!!!! P.s. thanks for ruining my birthday.

Sharon Brosnan

Nice downtown theater with really nice people. One of Montrose's good places for the people who live here.

Joe Schaul

Affordable and small seat sizes make this last of the remaining big screen public theater experiences worth enjoying a real popcorn and a movie night on a date, or with the kids!


Penthouse is a great theatre.

Curtis Dull

Adam Griffith

Love the history

Christy Hartzler

A good movie. And friendly service is always a plus

Spencer Crane

It was ok, needs a better sound system

Sara McCombs

Love the theater, the nostalgia and the staff is always amazing and friendly.

Deb Puhl

This was the worst 3D theater I've ever been to! I went on hrs ahead to buy tickets for assigned seating, but they had no assigned seating, can buy your ticket ahead but the seating was first come first "seat", we were there 20 min ahead & couldn't find 2 seats together...can be difficult for 2 senior citizens, one of us disabled, finally a lady in a row with her family saw us searching & had an empty seat next to her & offered to move over that allowed us to sit together. The theater screen was very small & even hard for me to see with the 3d glasses on, I could hardly see what was going on in the movie, & sadly it was a good movie. The seats were cramped which also made it uncomfortable to watch a long movie (3+ hrs) latest Advengers movie, I now feel like I didn't even see it! The only plus, the popcorn they had, was good.

Tanner Tipping

Gotta love small town theatres, and the fox is no exception! Fun atmosphere, and staff...

Bruce Ediger

Oddly furnished, yet old school nice.

Anastasia Wayne

The bathroom upstairs was gross and to small. The movie quality was fantastic and the people there to. The service was great as well. I enjoy going there with family and friends all the time.

Harry P

Comfortable Seating

Chuck Vanderwist

Vintage downtown theater, locally owned and operated for many many years. Digitally upgraded in 2014. Staff is friendly. Interior is very dated, but that's part of the charm.

Julia V

Have always enjoyed this theater.

Larry Trudell

Fun place. Friendly staff.

Matt Winey

Good movie theater low prices

Angel Pollard

Great theatre. Great historical value. Great sound and picture. Love the food. Only downside is it is very hard to find parking. The staff is very friendly, polite, and patient. Three viewing rooms one being Penthouse. I would recommend this place for a night out.

Jenna Ashley

Watched A star is born....very friendly young man served us popcorn...this theatre is well preserved. Even though it's old we enjoyed visiting here....thank you fox cinema staff....

Jill Brooke

A charming theater with lots of retro decor. I'm thankful we have a theater that screens an arthouse film once a week!

Emily Poe

Small, quaint theater with small seats. Movie and sound quality was great, concessions were fine (high prices, but normal cost for theater). It has an award program, so when we're back in the area, we will use it!

Rebecca Hendricks

The prices are decent. I'm told a few of the theaters are really cool themed though the one I was in was small and plain. I don't know if I'll go back due to the crowd it attracts. Due the the size of the theaters I could here everyone as if they were talking right infront of me and it was very distracting. Also wasn't a huge fan that the screen was set so far back on stage. Made it harder for viewing. Overall not a bad place though.

Bullet Proof

I love this place. Great people and prices. Old school feel.fantastic

Richie Rich

Nice new seats

Ethan Toothaker

Good service

Lucia St George

Retro fun

Desirae Williams

I wish I had gotten better pictures. This place is amazing!

Grace Kavanaugh

Awesome! Love the theater

William Romero Jr

I always enjoy the experience of the move. Had the #1combo and watched the Avengers

Jerra Grett

It is Always, Clean,Fresh and on time. Both concession ladies were DELIGHTFUL. Movie was terrific.

Shear Beaute

Home town theater.. I love this place..

Janella Cox

The prices are great, the venue is a throwback to the 1950s. A great place to see the latest movies.

David Crane

Ok, but i wish their sound quality were better.


I was a perfect experience for me and my family

colin schiltz

They are apparently required to leave the door open. We froze during our movie and it made it incredibally distracting because we were dressed for an indoor movie not drive in weather.

Edward Jones



very relaxing and friendly staff


The Fox Cinema is an old theater, their employees are very helpful and they always make sure that their theater is clean. I recommend that you go and see a movie with your family. It is a lot of fun.

Adrian Diaz

Jason Fleetwood

Good place for date night!!!

Amanda Crysler Waltrip

I love this historic theatre!!

Richard Emerson


Roxanne Soto

Perfect little small town theater

Jay Barrow

Love this place. Comfy seats, classic setting, and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend the Fox Cinema Center for a fun evening out at the movies.

Hala Bishop

Dillon Crim

This is a cool theater with a unique look.

Morgan Lewis

Very cool old historical building. But not impressed with the movies. Not up to date with the latest technology, issues with the projector that were never resolved after an hour of waiting. Brightness level is really off and has never been fixed. Old hard seating

Dana B

I love the fox theater. It is so well kept with a retro vibe that reminds me of childhood, strongly. The popcorn is okay, the butter product needs work for the cost, but the experience itself is worth the cost. I do recommend it, but i wish they would get a much better butter product for the cost of the products!

Heinz Wettengl

I love this place , saw Star wars force awakes and dead pool here

Burke Mills

Having grown up in a large city and touring across the U.S., there's nothing like seeing a fiim premiere in your favourite theater. Montrose shares the perfect combination of having a local downtown main street feel and a classic Movie theater. The next time you have an opportunity for an evening out don't hesitate to go to Fox Movie theater. The staff and locals will make you feel right at home & the prices will leave you enough for a great meal at one of the many great restaurants just around the corner. The gem of this particular establishment is the 'penthouse' theater. The largest of its screens, it's one of the largest stadium styled venues, and there's not a single bad seat. If you have one movie to see & it's advertised as showing in the 'penthouse theater,' make sure you attend Montrose's Fox Movie theater.

Pam Norris

Nice seating lots of room. Concessions has a good variety. Sound was great

Nathan Holton

Nice theater. Upgrading seats.

Lynn Vogel

Endgame! Fantastic... Love having the San Juan Cinema & Fix theaters in our town.

Josue Gutierrez

Sue Tolvo

Good sound and video. Snacks are very expensive.


Classy place

Kendra Johnson

Old time authentic feel kept here. Good job! Great place to see a movie.

Sharon Hulsey

Amazing historic theater. Great prices and specials. Staff are always friendly.


Got in quickly and sat comfy for the movie

Tanner Carson

Very rarely do I pay more than a $1 to see a movie lol. But we saw Christopher Robin and I had an enjoyable experience.

Juan Narro

I thought the screen will be bigger but it's ok

William Walker

Michael Cooley

FOX cinema was a great experience watching SOLO. Wish i had seen it in 3D.

kevin gracie

OMG. Love this theater. It is very "groovy". Will go here every chance I get.

Adrian A.

The sound is terrible I could barely hear the animals talking in the JUNGLE BOOK. San Juan is no better BATMAN VS SUPERMAN could have been so much better with some sound and BASS and no I don't have a

Mace 2130

I love this theater with its awesome seating upstairs and the friendly service

brian locket

Roomy seating, great service

Matt T

The best small town theater you could imagine. High tech projection and sound, but a style and feel from the 1970s. My favorite place to watch a movie.

Tara Dee

Nice old theatre. Screens are old but fun place. Staff are always polite.

Sarah Herrera

Bill Thomas

Never on time with the move start time wanted to go see another move right after and now I will be late for the start

Mobile Mangana

Old school movie house but nice


Not bad for a small town cinema. Don't expect the amenities of a large multiplex, but the staff was nice and they kept the place clean

Vidal Martinez

Great Place! Love it

jasper hoag


Larry Dupper

Great little theater. Good rates for seniors.

Vanessa Knapp

This is a very charming, local theater and I would love to give it 5 stars. However they keep lights on right by the screen on the entire movie and the chairs squeek very badly, which is distracting and difficult to really enjoy the movie. Simple fixes could make this theater a real gem.

earlybird 3

This is a locally owned theater. The owners take pride in running a wonderful theater. the crew there really gives good considerate service. The owners know how to hire good people.

elephants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The workers are very nice and kind

Dean Herrera

Very uncomfortable seats for a movie theater

Melissa Dillon

Most beautiful cinema I've ever seen loved the full experience

Troy Marvel

Except for the drive-in, this and San Juan Cinema, are both owned by the same people. Recently increased their prices, but Montrose is growing as well. They have good prices on Wednesdays to pull in business, and hold over popular movies as well as get new releases timely.

david stewart

This is a cool vintage theater with an old school friendly feel, nice people and good popcorn as well.

Crunch er

Great employees, probably typical ticket prices and for snacks.

Riss CaRoo

We have always loved the fox theater! The staff is always friendly and willing to help. Always a good variety of movies. My kids are always thrilled going to the fox with the buildings structure on the outside giving it a fantasy look and the classic lighting and red floors. Staff is always understanding of kids being kids during kids movies and asking questions and such. Also the kids/value boxes are great! Buy them for everyone at every movie we watch.

Jessica Vergari

Love this old theater! Comfortable seating, great movie quality

Denise Seyfried

Love it and friendly

Jessica Vickers

Like the vintage feel and atmosphere. Great tasting popcorn but there is a limited selection of food and drink. Would like more hot drink options.

Michael Henson

Old style on the outside of the building, but the screen inside the theater itself looked very nice. The seats were a bit cramped, but not too bad. The only thing that I thought could use a bit of an upgrade was the speakers inside the theater. Other than that, it was an overall great experience and definitely a great theater for us local residents

Richard Weber Sr.

You tend to slide out of the seats in theater 1 and 2 , the penthouse is very comfortable.

Laura Chevreaux

Love that we're in walking distance of this downtown treasure!

Nikki Robinson

Friendly staff, yummy snacks and great movie.

Greg Rudowsky

Very nice,both movies houses,owner/staff gets 2 know you

Toxic Ricochet

Love the crew here. Seats could be better

Bart Larmouth

Very cool, old art deco-y theatre, but good sound, great atmosphere

Gabrielle N Joseph Stollsteimer

The friendliest staff. Great theater. The sound for the movie is great

Colorado Guy

Great place for movies!

Luke F

Small Town theater, what you would expect.

Wes Devine

Been watching movies there for eighteen years. Always a great experience.

GoogIe PIus


S Furstenfeld

Great nostalgic cinema. Good movie selections. Staff is nice and helpful.

Tarrell Rodrigues

Excellent price, has an old fasion feel with futuristic sound and video. Snack are affordable as well. And they have chocolate covered almonds that are rare to come by.

Natalie Killman

Sheri L

Awesome old theater, comfortable seats and an awesome usher Clay!

Atherton Clint

Quick and friendly service for a great price.

Eddie Jones

Expensive but good place too go see a movie now and then

Wayne Burton

Went here on June 14th to see the absolute worst movie (A million ways to die in the west) ever made (extremely vulgar). Ended up walking out within 15 minutes of the beginning. The manager chased us down and asked if everything was OK. We made our complaint and this lady apologized and gave us passes to see another movie at a later date. She was very cordial, and concerned. And for the rest of the staff, They are young and seem very happy. I guess maybe one thing that impressed us the most was when we arrived, The young girl behind the counter ran out the door to give a homeless man a large bag of popcorn......He thanked her and was on his way. There needs to be more people like her in this word. Thank you to all the staff at the Fox Theaters. We will return.

Khaotik Harmony

Old school movie experience fun

Elizabeth Bennett

Great staff

Sarah Watkins

Love the 5 dollar movies! The popcorn is good, the staff is friendly. Bathrooms are pretty clean. Not very comfy seats but for the cheap prices you can't beat it.

Cyn O

I was on vacation around the area, and couldn't miss a movie premier. Unlike larger cities, no lines! The prices are really good and they do have 3D movies. The food is of a common movie theater and they do have jalapenos (yes it's a big deal in my book, try them w popcorn)

Christina Johnson

Historical atmosphere and reasonably priced.

Joe Davis

Fun place to watch a show

Betsy Benson


Top Notch Theater. Outstanding customer service. Old school looks with modern technology!

aaron bahr

Clean, friendly and great prices

Kimberlee Militello

Great old fashion decor.

Chris Tolvo

Typical cinema. Clean but overpriced (like every other theater). Plays first run movies. Staff is always friendly.

Jerimy Robinson

Always been the best place on the western slope to catch a flick

Allen Miller

Beautiful, old building. Great modern movies.

Larry Rice

Been coming here since I was in Kindergarten, always been a great place to catch a movie. Very nostalgic!

Andrea Laponsie


J Burggraaf

Cozy, and one of the best run small town theaters I've ever been in.

Seth W

Quaint little theater with only a few movie choices. The prices are great and it's usually not too packed.

Jamie DeAngelis

this place was great. Deff felt the history of this old style movie theater.

alex davis

Generally decent place to catch a flick

Vanessa Tuttle

The tile work alone is worth the price of admission! The movies are great too!

Carrie Mccormick

Penthouse is the place to see a movie!!

Ashley W.

Great customer service and atmosphere. Reasonably priced movies and concessions. I can’t get over the concession prices, they’re so reasonable.

crystal velasquez

Snacks good,cleanliness good,seats good,company good. Movie not so good!

Deborah Rhoades

Great time

Adela Jimenez

This is a very good place to watch a move with family and relax I recommend it love it !!

Jane Mason

People like to talk in this theatre


Nice theater, good projection and sound, fair prices.

Levi Mulkey

One of the great classic playhouses converted for cinema. Full of character and charm, seeing a movie here is like a blast to the past.

Niyati Patel

They make the place more emotional to watch

James Scott Jr

Simple Cinema in the area. Only 1 theater for the small town, but plays the best movie out at the time

Brett Tennant

Penthouse is a cool theater


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