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REVIEWS OF Denver Mart Drive In IN Colorado

Michelle Kuzins

Ronny Garcia

This place is horrible trucks park a mile away. Won't ever be back.. Just finding this place was a headache I should of just went to old one.. Park in the orange lines really people open there door and hit your vehicle..

l t

Overall this is a fun place to visit on one of Denver's rare warm summer nights. The volume on the speakers could have been much louder for those sitting outside. There was a lot of competition from the sound of the freeway just behind the theatre screen. Our movie did not start until almost 9pm and this meant everyone was too tired to sit through the second feature. The drive-in is a little pricey because you pay per person not per car. For kids over 7 the cost is $10 the same as adults. So if you take 4 kids over 7 its $40 just for the movie tickets alone compared to someplace like the Elvis theatre where you would only pay $4 for the same 4 kids it's pretty expensive. They should consider adding a play ground or some other form of entertainment for kids while they're waiting 2 hours for the movie to start, then it would be worth the cost.

Kathy Osowski

It was clean! Real bathrooms and decent food. Will go again. It is hard to find and it's right off of the highway.

Stephanie Butch

Absolutely a BLAST!!! #1 The traffic is not noticeable at all on I-25- I literally only heard one semi-truck as he was getting off the exit once because his brakes screeched and the movie was silent at the moment. BIG DEAL. The noise from the freeway is not a bother AT ALL. #2 Yes, it is by the puppy food plant, but you can not smell it at the drive-in. I even brought air freshener just in case and I didn't need to use it, although it totally reeked like poop and dog food when we got off the freeway and drove the few blocks to the lot, the odor dissipated minutes a few minutes and was 100% gone by the time went got out of the car. #3 The staff was AMAZING! So nice and helpful. #4 The lot wasn't even 1/3 full! The kids ran around and played until sundown and everyone was dancing the hand jive and cracking up. We watched both movies and the second definitely was better for adults - picture quality wise, but my children were asleep by the beginning of the second movie so definitely the first showing is better for the little ones. My only complaint was that the snack shop was a long walk, but still fun (not the funnest when a toddler needs the potty ASAP or accidents ) and that the snack bar had no snacks. Yummy ice cream and hot food like pizza, Dippin' Dots Ice Cream and chicken tenders, but only a few bags of Mike and Ikes and some other gross candy no one wants. But seriously, who goes to the movies without bringing their own snacks. Over all a GREAT experience. Only about 10 minutes from downtown and totally Denverish. Much better than 88 in my opinion. Unfortunately this is the last weekend of the season. We'll just have to wait until next year! Can't wait!!! They should really stay open until Halloween and then close IF cold weather ensues. just saying. next weekend is 90 degrees. The drive-in should def be open.

Maricarmen Perez

Alan Wyatt

A fun way to see a movie the old fashioned way Relaxed family atmosphere. Can make a picnic out of it too

Heather Callan

Quite a unique experience at the Denver Mart Drive in! This would be a great outing for kids and families, but you've definitely got to be able to roll with the punches! The tickets are a pretty good deal if you stay for both movies (2 movies for $10 a person), and it's always fun to have that outdoor drive-in experience. However, since it's next to the highway, there is a lot of unwanted background noise, and you will probably have the highway light right behind your movie screen, which can be distracting. There is also the occasional train rumbling by! In addition, the sound quality of the radio station they use is pretty poor, and there is a lot of crackling. All in all, there are some rougher parts, but it's fun to get the drive-in experience in the middle of the city!

Nessa Garner

Except for the lights from the freeway and the train going by the free games that they have in front of the screen for the kids it's better

Laila Jammal

Brian Gillogly

Rose Fall

Relaxed, fun environment! They did a good job of keeping everything organized

Gary Wendelin

Train going by every thirty minutes and snacks was closed before first movie was over no good snacks either. Wouldn't suggest it. Just a parking lot with a screen.

Samantha McBay

Its a nice way to enjoy a movie outdoors with family for affordable price. The place is clean, its urban , speakers in front. Great Experience for a Saturday night.

Michael Rice

Do not come here with a newer VW! We weren't able to listen to the movie with the Jetta's stereo, which defeated the purpose of a drive in for us. There is no way to turn off the day time running lights on my car and we were told to turn the car completely off. That would be fine if the open air speakers were good, but we couldn't understand the characters if they were speaking softly. Also, since the screen is next to I-25 any loud cars or trucks made it even harder to hear the movie. I started writing this review during the movie since I couldn't follow the plot. To make matters worse, we were the only car talked to that we saw. There were SUVs and trucks in the car section, cars with their interior lights on, hatchbacks and SUVs with their hatch up above their roof line, dogs barking during the movie, cars starting up in the middle of the movie, people unlocking their cars flashing their brake lights in our eyes, and people sitting in full length lounge chairs taking up half the aisle between the rows of parked cars. There were kids with light up shoes in front of us for crying out loud! From what we saw everything except daytime running lights is allowed. Also, we tried to purchase tickets through Groupon, but the drive in's website didn't work. We followed the directions on Groupon to redeem our tickets to the letter, but the drive-in's website didn't accept the code. We had to cancel the Groupon order so we didn't get charged twice! Also, on chrome if my information was automatically filled in while trying to purchase tickets online, the state drop down box didn't work. We probably spent 15-20 minutes trying to purchase tickets online before giving up. With this lack of sophistication, I wouldn't trust entering my credit card number for fear of it being stolen. Even trying to get into and out of the parking lot was a pain. The signage to get into the CORRECT portion of the Denver Mart parking lot was difficult to find. Also, when we tried to leave through a different exit (which a staff member kindly recommended) after the first movie, us and two other cars had to turn around due to no signage. To be fair, IF you know where you are going, and IF you don't sit in your car (in a DRIVE IN!), and IF you get there early, and IF you don't buy tickets online, then it would have been a much better experience. From what we went through I would recommend going to a real sit down theater.

Aliana Griffin-Passe

Student Kyra McCully

Adam Ferrario

They will say that trains only come twice a month, but what they really mean is twice a movie every single night.

Daniel Sanchez Jr

Concession stand too far!!!

Marie Walker

Clean small not in the dirt like traditional drive - in

roberto ordonez

tracy wilson

Going again

Dennis Phenis

We go every opening day. We'll never miss it.... the staff is awesome.. the consesions could stay open longer. Everything else is great worth the trip

S Robinson

Staff members were friendly and smiling when we pulled up. The snack bar is nice, but it would be much cheaper to pack a cooler with ice for cold beverages and to bring your own hot food. Bring enough to get you through two shows. Bring your pillows and blankets to be comfortable. Big trucks in the back, small cars and hatchbacks in the front. Lots of space to get out and park your lawn chairs if you want. There are industrial train tracks literally right next to the viewing area which got annoying as it got later and the trains started coming more frequently for night work. Overall, a great experience and I will be back again.

Julianna Whaley

The best priced NEW movies we could find (2 for 1) with a unique experience all in one.

Treason Terminator

Only operates in the Summer months.

Stephen Platt

LOVED IT, a lot of fun and incredible value for money. Can't believe I've been in the USA for 32 years and never been to a drive in before. Enjoy the whole experience, very laid back and easy going, sit inside your car, on the roof, in the back of a pickup, in the seats at the front right next to the screen or in the seats at the back. Food and drink very good for the price, limited menu but that's ok, the ice creams are delicious. AWESOME TIME, 2 current movies for less than the price of one at the theatres, outside on perfect Colorado evening. THANKS

Sonny Garcia

This Drive-In is legit. I can't remember the last time I've been to a Driv-In but I can't wait to go back to Denver Mart. The concession stand was a bit pricey. I expected that though. It's clean and the staff was extremely nice and helpful. The one negative thing I have to say is that darn train interrupted my movie 2 times. It was kind of cool being that close to a live train. We've come along way from the speakers to the dirt lot. Now we have FM transmitted audio directly to your car speakers and concrete. Strong clean concrete. No dust nor mud.

Jason Duncan

Out of the only two Drive-ins in the Denver area, this one has the better screen, clean lot, and decent snack selection. The price for two movies is still worth it. The freeway noise isn't that noticable once the movie starts.

Lizzy Durnford

7_22_17 we pulled in about 30 min late the guy at the booth was so rude did not want to answer our questions and told us it's all on the paper. When driving to find a spot my husband had a anxiety attack so I walked to the front to ask for a refund. (When we bought our tickets they never said no refund) the person in charge did not offer a apologize. If you have a mental disability be parpared mentally. To deal with rude employees and rude guests. I used to love going to the drive in but I will not be back. Keep my money and your disrespectful employees.

Clarissa Hildreth

My family had a blast. The concession stand could of been closer, but it's the Drive In, get what you need and the corner store. One major issue, more signs to the location, other than that go and have fun.

Tad Amore

Who loves watching a moving smelling the STINK coming from the Purina dog food plant. This is disgusting.

Cassandra F

So fun! Double feature, not a bad seat in the house, full concessions and restrooms. Perfect summer evening!

Emily Voorhees

Dtw Jones

Wow we had a really great time saw two really great movies we ate at the cafe they have there it was awesome the food was great it was served very quickly prices were kind of high for the food but they allow you to bring snacks and food with you and we didn't know that so next time we will we will be returning it was a good time

Rich Sisneros

These places have been disappearing for a while but this place tries hard to bring that feel of Americana back. We have always had a great time when visiting this place. I hope more people visit them for a move with and some old school fun.

Shari Trujillo

The parking lot is not coordinated, we had to sit apart to see. There was a gross smell midway through the movie and the train went by multiple times. It’s cheap, not sure what I expected but the drive in on 88th is better.

Janea Barber

Weirdly located drive in theatre. Very hot because on the pavment that absorbs the heat from the Sun.

Jocelyn Sanchez

Can some One Shoot That Street Light Behind the Screen ?! Or turn up The brightness on the screen ?!

Antoinette Polk

India Morales

Great place for a cheap movies in the summer months. I love that you can bring in your own food and drink. Just make sure you bring items to make yourself comfortable in your car. They do a great job of parking vehicles so no one's view is blocked.

Ochoseis Cmo

It's right behind i25 and next to a set of train track's a train rolled through in the middle of toy story 4

Luis Fuentes

Looking foward 2 being there

Sabrina Lopez

It was our first time at the denver mart drive in and we had a great time! The staff was super friendly and helpful, and we also stopped by the little cafe and everyone was so nice. We saw just 1 train pass but it didn't interfere with either movie. Overall, we loved it and we will be back again! :)

Max G

The projector stopped working 20 minutes into the first film. They did refund us but it was still a huge bummer.

Cody Harlan

Great prices

Yoann Hispa

It's ok, friendly staff, but there is the highway right behind the screen, so not so great scenary

Amanda Jabori

Alejandra Navarro

manuel corral

paved heat food and cheap

joseph Kuchta

Kyra Silbernagel

We love going to this drive-in! Everyone's really nice and it's just a fun thing to do for a good price. Someone else said the concession stand was pricey, but it's actually MUCH cheaper than going to an actual movie theater. Highly recommend!

Sutherlan Spruck

A great low key place to enjoy the comfort of your own car, level of sound, and snacks! Easy to navigate in and pick out the perfect spot. The train is right along the lot, making for an added sound effect!

Louis Gonzalez

Denise Garcia

Really excited to go back! It does get really busy parking wise but I like that they direct cars/parking so the bigger cars are in the back. I have never been able to stay for the 2nd move always to tired but the price is great for 2 movies.

Naomi Talavera

Horrible experience it doesn't even deserve the one star I gave, okay maybe only for the movie choice. No responsibility what so ever. Staff members yelling at one another. Parking is complete chaos they really need a better system. I waited well over an hour or so. Spoke to a supervisor to only be told "Oh well it is what it is. " wow " I will not be back nor do I recommend it to anyone. I will be at the best drive- in in Colorado 88th Drive- in.

Jessica Waters

The digital radio didn’t work. They started the movie early. Terrible experience won’t be back. I don’t understand how this place has a 4 star average.

Ryan Emery

LizzUwU Friend

I love this drive in. The food is even good in the little cafe.

Morghan Countryman

I loved it the first time we went. We brought our own popcorn with blankets and pillows and just relaxed until the movie started. We only stayed for one movie because we were tired by the time the second movie started. I can't wait to come back!

Joseph Herrera

This Drive-In is clean you can actually see the movie the bathrooms are indoors

Jean Archuleta

It was ok we would go again its to expansive to by any thing price is to hi to get in other then that ok

Andrew Larson

So much fun!

Raul Mier

The highway light that is on top of the screen, it is annoying.

Chelsea Bell


Really noisy because it's right next to the highway and there are train tracks literally right next to it. The light for the highway above the screen is horrible.

Spencer Nassau

Fun drive in, but city style with massive parking lot. Decent food as well.

double pine

Ericka Ingraham

We went to watch IT/IT2 tonight and ended up leaving 20 minutes into the first movie because the light behind the screen from the highway is so bright you couldn’t see anything if the movie was in a dark scene. IT being a scary movie makes most of the movie based in a dark scene so we couldn’t see anything that was happening.

Jamie Ashworth

Erin Merelli

I want this place to succeed, and they did a lot of things right. It’s clean given that it’s in a parking lot in an industrial part of town. The food staff was really nice. The screen was large and they had a nice seating area up front. But the cons seem irreconcilable to me. The smell from the purina factory was overwhelming and consuming until well into the night. The highway noise and lighting was a constant distraction, and the train tracks that are literally right next to you are very loud as trains pass by. I don’t feel like I saw the movie at all. If it weren’t for the smell and noise, it could be a super cool Americana vibe, and a good options for families to hang out together. I’d love to see the same company get a better location and move.

Cory McDowell

I was super excited when I heard this drive in was opening, but since then it hasn't been that great. Of course there is all the other things they other people say, you hear the highway noise and see the highway lights and of course the train that goes by at least 3 times during the movies. Then there is the concession stand not a huge variety but they act like the AMC and other theaters where they completely overcharge. But now this season has made me glad I still have the 88 drive in which is cheaper, has more movies and the concession stand is a far better value. I am so disappointed this season in the movie choices. The movie choices are ridiculous, the first movie of the night is the only new release movie they show, the 2nd movie has only ever been movies that you can get on DVD and that trend appears to continue for this coming weekend with Jurassic world and then Rampage (I get it Rampage isn't on DVD/Blu ray yet but it will be in 2 weeks. Total ripoff, overpriced, so glad 88 is still going strong.

Jesse Siegle

Great place, me and my family go here all the time. Can't beat 2 movies for 10$ per person over the age of 6.


Joyce phelps

Love to attend trade shows here.

Shianne Cruz

Yall are gross and expensive

Jake Kennah

Was okay weird vibe to it. Have to go around the back and theres barely any signage for parking. Park on a second set of lines in the lot and set up. View of the screen was ok but train noise was a thing and the concessions stand was a journey through the parking lot and into the unused auditorium. Just felt strange. Audio quality was decent and snack options were ok too they have hot food and cold food and drinks but bring your own water it's too dang expensive.

Jeremy Trujillo

Danielle Hicks

Really great spot for a drive in theater! Super fun but make sure to get there around open so you can get a good spot.

Chris Boyce

Horrible is an understatement. Large vehicles aren't supposed to park in front but, apparently the rules don't apply to those who arrive late. Also, the designated smoking area is non existent. People smoke any where and the staff does nothing to stop them (regardless of how many times you ask). Oh and did I forget to mention you're 50 feet away from train tracks? Yes, active train tracks that conveniently change tracks during the movie. So lovely when you miss half an hour of the show because you can't hear it. Not only is it horribly loud but then you get the lovely smell of the dog factory on the other side of the interstate cooking chicken and liver dog food. Ugh, so gross. Very dissapointed and will not return again. Pueblo Drive in is so much better!

Don Garcia

Movie screen is good, concessions is a rip off

Louie Gomez

M Victoria

We came for the Drive In and loved it! I haven't been since I was a kid but I'll be back a lot more frequently now. You get there at 7pm for a decent parking space and then the movie doesn't start until almost 9pm, so bring some camp chairs, a picnic dinner, and some fun things to do to pass the time. There were lots of families kicking a ball around or throwing a football. It was a lot like tailgating until the movie started. There is a Groupon deal that will get you in for cheaper, but it's already a phenomenal deal because you get to see two films. The snack bar is expensive and does not have a ton of options so pack a cooler.

Jesse Collins

Great double features. Very roomy & they provide chairs if you do not want to sit in your car. Your able to listen through your radio instead of speakers. They separate vehicle by having the larger ones park in the back rows. They have a concessions stand.

Jennifer Mann

Still waiting!

Geniva Pittman

Loved it especially the crowd it wasn't hardly one

Mike Foley

Worst parking I've ever seen. No thought given to the vendors or shoppers. Greedy owners

Kimmy E

Love love love the Drive In! Very clean and the employees made sure cars and trucks obeyed by the rules on parking. Definitely will be coming back!

Julie Connolly

Parking spots aren’t oriented toward the screen. Lots of highway noise. Many of the info signs are pointing the opposite direction someone who needed info would be facing :/

billy mcgee

Edith Medley

Love this drive-in!! Really doesn't matter where you park you always seem to have a great view of the screen. Our favorite part is the lawn chairs setup in the front with speakers so you can watch the movies under the stars. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Would recommend for a family night or date night!

Aric Sanchez

Paved parking,clean bathrooms nice concessions. Only drawback is the highway noise

Michelle Sills

mac98 cruz

E Ardian

I loved going to the drive in movies as a kid. Denver did it right with this one, it is confusing to get to but just follow the different little signs and you should be able to spot it. You can pay from your phone or with card, the snack bar was surprisingly decent it's in a weird little convention center looking thing but other than that it was decent and fairly priced. Outside I was surprised to see they set up a fake lawn area with games and lawn chairs to hang out at. I was most surprised at the clarity of the movies that you just tune into the station for, no more bulky box looking things. Overall nice experience.

Timothy Davis

Price are high... Might as well go to an actual movie theatre. 88th drive in is way better!!!

Andrea Garcia

Tonya Archuleta

Technical difficulties had us waste our whole evening, only to leave without seeing a movie. Bathrooms are very far from the lot. Ruined our last chance get out and enjoy a drive-in night before our baby is born.

Victoria Crews

Facility is clean and well maintained. Only complaint is the bathrooms are a bit of a hike when parked in the northern part of the lot.

Cody Daily

Place hits all of the classic Americana nostalgia feels in all of the right places. Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. As many others have mentioned in reviews the entrance is in a very strange place. Right by the train tracks on Washington street with the white signs that say entrance.

Jessika Dela rosa

Chris Ortiz

Had a fantastic time at the Indo Expo. Thank you Denver Mart!

Stephanie Benavidez

I loved everything second

Rose Aguirre

My 1st time at the denver mart drive inn, would be better if they could block out lights from highway. The train wasn't as bas asi thought it would be.

David Ueno

Definitely recommend.


Taylor Limes

Rhandine Hall

Did I hear or see the train? yep, were there lights on the building behind the screen for their business safety? Yep. Did it distract from the drive in experience? Not one bit :)

cody longley

Jeremy Martin

We loved this place when it opened. But the concession stand is not what it used to be. The employees inside seam to be more grumpy than usual. And now that have parking lot security that drives around the whole time during the movie . It's dumb. I am Shure that like most other establishemnts. Thay are saving money and man power. Maybe we will be back . But it's still kinda fun.

angie epperson

Good time wirh the family love this place

Menchies SBR

Love the classic set up. Nostalgic and fun. Great for families and friends. Would recommend.

Lee Helmers

Alliyah Padilla

luis vasquez

You have to support drive Ins before it’s too late.

Adela Pena

Christian Hofer

Rissa Hildreth

Michelle Hartman

I haven't been to a drive in in years, and the whole thing with tuning to a radio station for volume was really cool.

Beau Peplow

Sarah Aguirre

My family and I had a blast. The staff is friendly unlike the staff at 88th drive-in. We had three vehicles in our group and the staff helped us arrange to be together. Which is never an option at the other place. The only setback is the concession stand. The popcorn isn't "movie theater" popcorn and there wasn't a whole lot to pick from. No funnel cakes for the kids:( They offer front row seating in lawn chairs and high quality speakers. Before the show there were games set up for the kids. Great place will come again...

chris meth

Good movies. Clean lot. If your running lights dont turn off like mine, bring somthing to cover them with.

Joseph Clemts

Between the street light right behind the screen and the train that comes by blowing his horn ... It wasn't that bad . Nice quality showing and kids had fun.

Timothy Menge

Great family fun, the workers actually care about the customers

David Fischer

Place is surrounded by industrial buildings but always nice to see a double feature from your car for half the price of one movie at the theater

Steve Vi

Devon Denver

This was awful couldn't see hardly any of the movies due to bright lights behind the parking lot and trains.

Leah Yudin

Nice for an outdoor film but location is suuuuuuper smelly.

Felicia Park

Train is RIGHT BESIDE the screen, came by 3 times during the movie, extremely loud, horn blaring, when you're not hearing that, you're hearing the roar of the highway, or smelling the dog food factory, it seriously stinks! we were all gagging from the smell. This was not a pleasant drive through experience! Also extremely crowded.

Robert S

It is a nice little spot. Best to bring your own food. Fun for the whole family. We didn't have any issues with train noise like some reviews have mentioned.


Not too crowded great place to look at new movies I would not recommend the nachos there always stale

Rusty Waters

There was no signage indicating where to go. You can see the screen from the highway, but finding out how to get there is another challenge all together. Google maps and apple maps won’t get you there! When we finally got there, they had already started the movie a good 30 minutes before dark, so you couldn’t see the movie. We went to watch IT chapter 2, which has a lot of dark themed action scenes, and we couldn’t even tell what was going on. When it finally got dark, the entire parking lot was lit up with ambient light from nearby businesses and the highway lights, so the picture didn’t get any better. Finally, they advertise having a digitally broadcasted FM station so you can listen on your phone hooked up to a Bluetooth speaker, but they were not broadcasting as advertised. Subsequently, the only way to listen to the movie is through the unsynchronized echo of your vehicles FM vs everyone else’s vehicle. Terribly disappointing experience all together.


LOVE the Drive-In so much! This is a fun place, but the highway noise can be distracting as can the trains. is the Drive In so we just deal with it. The staff is always nice and helpful and the parking lot is clean and well maintained.

Meep Meep

Louis choquet

Lovely drive in but the snacks are really expensive (2.25$ for a water bottle)

Kimberly Kelley

Victoria Hernandez

Loved it, great staff and good movies

Colorado Chris

If they could get rid of the damned flood lights on the commercial building across the street from the screen it would be great lol. It's hard to see the screen after awhile.. otherwise, it would be just like the drive in I grew up near!


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