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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Greeley Mall IN Colorado

Cindy McPhee

Loved the seating we selected on the website and the movie is fantastic!!! At at Sapporo's afterward!! Great night.

Bryan Keene

If you're a wheelchair user and come with more than one person you will be sitting in your wheelchair if you all want to sit together. The recliners are only in pairs I'm going to Fort Collins next time.

Heath Wilde

Staff is usually pretty nice and the new reclining seats are a luxury without extra cost.

Trisha Eakle

Love to visit heated seating is wonderful. :)

Richard Trujillo

Love going to the movies here!

Cindy Simons

Cool enough!

Debbie Appelhans

Brother change the last since I've been to movies great seeing recline and watch the movies and come straight about time cushion seats yeah that's what I'm talking about that'sawesome

Candice Carmean

The only down fall of this movie place is how the seating chart looks when picking seats.

Emmerson Chieppo

Good food,comfortable seating, good selection of movies and good prices.

Arianna Hicks

This was a great movie theater, the're reclinable and heated seats, the food never tastes bad, and the place is generally clean for a movie theater. We went on Tuesday, which is discount day, so it was only $5 a person.


Love the remodel.... also love the fact you can reserve your seats now. I don't have to drive to loveland or fort Collins to enjoy a movie!

Katie Dreifurst

I visited this theatre with my cousin and her daughter. We went to see Goosebumps. I am from Nebraska. Nice theatre. Vintage, Elegant look. This was back in 2015.

Parriera Michelle

Love the new seats...heated and comfy

Richard Vlogz

Rude staff. Children who obviously have no sense of personal clealiness are running the show. Absolutely the worst movie theater. Do not take your family here. Worth the trip to go to Loveland or ft Collins

April Hook

Seats here are heated and recline so nice.

Solomon Griffen

OMG these Fry's are amazing!! To die for. I like to just order some Fry's by themselves and eat that for a snack. The one thing BETTER than the Fry's is the fry sauce! It's amazing

fred Molina

It's nice to shop inside a mall verus other malls within NOCO.

Tammy Garcia

Great service. Clean. Comfy. Happy every visit!

Jo supermom

Good movie theater. Hate the assigned seats! I'm not a child and I don't appreciate being treated like one.

Debbie Reynoso

Love the seats and service was friendly

Dee Flores

My experiences are always great coming here . The only reason for giving it 3 stars is because they always have the lobbies and hallways looking a complete mess. None of the employees ever clean the floors or counters. I use to work there many years ago and the GM would never have us keep the inside looking messy.

Bill Neet

Got what I wanted good help and good price

Eduardo Ramirez

The place is clean and close to home so what else I can say!!

Angel Ryan

A lot of Mexican culture. Stores, food, clothing: Mexican ice cream shops, Mexican candy store, a lot of good places!

Tony Collins

Great seating. Even heated and reclining. Go early if it's a new movie and you want to sit together cause of the reserved seating. CAN BE AN ISSUE.

Jessica Perry

I'll start by saying they have the Most Comfortable seats, Ever. The only thing is that noone was there to help us with our tickets, and it is set up so that you choose your seats on the ticket purchasing screen instead of walking into the theater and deciding which one looks the most comfortable. This resulted in an extensive amount of time trying to figure out which one will give you the best perspective for your needs. It's super confusing and annoying if you haven't beed there before, and like previously stated, noone is there to help you figure it out...So we ended up being stuck in the part of the theater we didn't like, but had no choice but to watch the movie there. They also charge an arm and a leg for tickets and snacks. However, again, they have the Most Comfortable seats and they are arranged in a way that you aren't bothered by the people in front of you (hense the 3 stars).

Anthony Ruiz

One of the best movie theaters I have ever been to, very comfortable seats, recliners, make me feel like I have a theater in my own home. Very reasonable prices on food as well as movie tickets.

Brandy Marie

My rating just went up for this place because of the theater chairs! Comfort is key!

Tyler the creator

Has good chairs and very comfortable

Andrew Rossi

The cashier that gave me a horrible attitude tonight saved me $15. Once I heard his poor attitude, that negativity hit me, I lost my appetite, and decided not to get the large soda and popcorn that I planned.

Kasandra Bernot

The chairs are soooooo comfy! Love the ability to reserve seats for movies! And they have an arcade area in the long area which is perfect for in between a double feature

la colombiana Ramirez

Great place, comfortable seats

Tina Colson

Wonderful reclining leather seats with heat!

Jim Jorgensen

Had to reserve our seats then when we got to the theater it was full and someone had taken our seats . Had to split up my wife kids and I. Never going back what a joke .

Saylor Ayers

Worst experience ever... people were extremely disrespectful. Workers had zero respect for their costumers. People need to learn personal space.

M Cruggs

I'm pretty sure it has twelve , ten for sure.."the mule" was great

Laurie Avalos

Great theatre yummy popcorn and clean comfortable seats

Olivia Hernandez

Comfortable seats n the warm up n recline !!!

Bridgett Baca

Love the new recliners, they always go all out!

Zella Goodman

Great play's alot of movie's

christine mcmahon

I just wish the movies lasted longer. Very comfy and warm.

Karla Manriquez

Great movies , the seats are very comftarble. Family time is great here , arcade , food

Glenn Golian

The new seats are awesome everything is good as long as you order ahead of time concession lines could be split in threes at the busy times of the morning and afternoon because it's two lines but besides that everything's really good here

Randy Bush

Great theater! Mini arcade a plus for families or if your just early and want to kill time! Late night could be a little more friendly and more items on the menu like pizza and fries but good theater in general.

John Warden

Not a bad movie theater, nice seats and sound in the individual theaters, but Greeley in general seems to just have loud and rude people in the last five movies I've been there.

Casandra Brown

Great place to watch a movie.

Brett Cox

Since they have upgraded the seating, I like going to the movies again.

abbie distel

Comfiest movie seats ever! They leaned back and were ven heated! Very nice place. Very well labeled seats make it easy to find yours.


They have nice heated leather recliner seats at no extra cost and if you're cheap like me you can go on Tuesday buy a ticket at the theater for only $5

Karen Leach

LOVED the new seats (lounge chairs and heated)!! The only complaint is the snack pricing. 3 medium popcorns and 3 drinks were $48! Unbelievable! Other than that, great service and clean facility.

Rene Bojorquez

Awesome movie theather! Heated reclining seats! Recommend it to everyone!

Nichole Knowles

Heated seats....need I say more? Clean and reasonable prices

Jacob Liera

Love the remodel. Comfortable chairs and no more having to try and "find" seats. Customer service, depending on the day could improve but all in all, a nice place to chill and watch a movie.

V VanDriel

Enjoy watching an occasional movie in a quiet environment. Comfy seating; every seat is a good seat for viewing a large screen. I have to eat before I go in because the snacks are too expensive (if you're on a strict budget, like me-soc sec.) and I don't take my own because I don't want to be thrown out. I might take a bottle of water for my meds if they are due while viewing a movie. I like the location, handily near shopping and restaurants for before or after the movie. If I could afford it I'd attend some of their special events. My only concern is it's dark so be careful while locating your seat. I love reserved seats.

Chad H

Comfortable, clean and no lines. Would recommend.

Michael Turner

Love the assigned recliner seats!

Mark LeClere

The seating upgrades really added to the theatre experience. Very relaxing and comfortable. Sound quality is excellent. The ability to go online and reserve seating is a major plus. Seats and aisles are well maintained and clean. Professional and couteous staff. Good selection of snacks.

Brandon Hackney

It's been awhile since I've actually went to the Cinemark to see a movie but they seem to have new chairs, that's really nice.

Kaitlyn-Dawn Perham

Good for movie theater, pretzel maker, and Victoria's Secret

Sheila Conlon

Love the theatres. Love the seat upgrades.

Bryan Michael Hampton

The new seating is great and so comfortable!

J.D. Schmidt

Super nice movie theatre at the Greeley mall. Great location off of Highway 34 and 23rd Avenue in Greeley. Awesome fun and friendly staff. Very clean. Wonderful selection of food, drinks, popcorn and candy to go with your favorite movie and now they have luxury recliners which are really relaxing and laid back so you can really enjoy your movie. The mall is right there too so you can shop and get ice cream when you're finished with your awesome Greeley movie experience.

dr. fox

This movie theater is a great place to see an movie or two, it has comfortable seating most of the newest movies playing, one of the few bad things is the price for food and drink but it's to be expected that movie theaters charge a lot for that stuff

Dan Lindner

My only gripe is that sometimes it takes forever to get through the concessions line. They should have more staff on weekends.

Kami Mesa

Great place to see movies. Love the $5 Tuesdays

Gina Salazar

Just went to see a movie at this theatre while my boyfriend works. Don’t even live in this town. Unfortunately I couldn’t see the movie because I had a back pack on. I didn’t know of the policy because I bought my tickets online and the notice is on the ticket booth. Got popcorn and got my printed tickets (3 separate employees) and no one said anything about my bag UNTIL I was opening the door to the theatre. Some little boy came up and asked if I had a place to put my bag...still had no clue what he was talking about. Not until I got mad did explain the new bag policy. I went up to the front and asked for a manager...after some laughing and radioing back and forth a scrawny little boy came out to the lobby and stoop in his “I’m boss” stance and said told me I couldn’t bring in my bag. After trying to explain my situation and asking if I’m supposed to just leave my keys, wallet, glasses, tickets and stuff I had just bought in the car and he said yes. Couldn’t get a refund because I purchased in Fandango, couldn’t get a refund on Fandango because now it was too late. Went to my car and found a grocery bag...put all my necessary stuff in and went back in. I was still not allowed in after asking a stupid little boy if my bag would work. Again “trying to look tough” manager came back out with a little girl this time and refused to let me in. Stood with arms behind back in front of entrance so I couldn’t get passed. My new bag was 1/2 the size of all the purses that walked past me while standing there defending myself. I have never been treated like that. I can’t believe Cinemark hires such ignorant individuals for management. I understand the safety policy and I know why it was put in place...but you don’t have to be so nasty. PS reason I had a back pack, I had just got off crutches the day before.

Matthew Vermeern

New seats are awesome! Love seeing movies here.

Danielle McCormick

The seats are very comfortable and even heat up!


Watched the Joker movie Pretty good

Kelly Mohrlang

I love going for the early cheaper price. I really enjoyed the recliners and the heated seats.

Ashley Wenberg

The staff is friendly. The theater is clean. The seats are comfortable and there's walking room so people don't have to move if you need to walk out. Very nice theater.

Alyssa Monroe

Great staff, food, seats, and a great environment overall.

Sandra Ross

Very comfortable seats. Reclining and heated...what more could you want? Our first visit included a very perfumed neighbor. The manager gave us two tickets for a future show and an extra 2 tickets because we had drive from Fort Collins just for this special show and had already purchased drinks. Our second trip turned out to be non-perfumed and very comfy.

Megan Wilson

Great everything was great except the bathrooms

John Rodriguez

Nice relaxing environment for the family !

животът е така! me

Clean. Comfortable. Great sound...

Melissa Maxwell

Love the upgrades, but now less seating, better get your tickets in advance.

Laura Carter-beck

Love this location with the lounge seats.

Lee Torres

Watched Halloween and got the early bird special that was $7 which isn't too bad but the food at in the lobby is... No surprise there. The highlight of the day is the leather heated reclining chairs that almost put me to sleep because the movie was trash. Spoiler alert, the black kid that runs away halfway thru the movie made the right decision and I should of done the same but those damn reclining chair had a hold on me. BTW the movie wasnt scary. Happy candy day.

Sara Thompson

Love there new seats. And the club membership is the way to go.

Steve Vicory

Like the chairs movie wasn't packed at all n the movie itself wasn't half bad (possession of hannah grace) concession price still suck but good date night all in all

Dave Perez

I wish I had the money to watch more movies there, the prices are very reasonable and the people very friendly!.

Melissa Parra

Comfy chairs nice employees food prices a little high

Ariana H

It was fun and not meany people but people kept talking

Gina Marrow

Large theater but the seats are very uncomfortable. I could feel a bar when I sat down.

Kristen Rathbun

They have the best price in town! The staff is friendly and courteous! Love their new recliners! Thanks for a great movie experience!

pedro espinoza

Service, facilities great....peeps from Greeley though

Saul Fisher-Sosa

The seats are very spacious and comfortable. The only complaint I have is, showing up to first showing of the day you'd expect the theater to be clean. There was trash everywhere.

Rita Bustos

Loving the new seats , of course the movies and popcorn !!


This is like the best theather lol they have lazyboys up in here with heat damn you will nap while watching a movie. The munchies are cool too they have good deals and they have an arcade as well. Pretty cool place to bring the family.

Lloyd Gould

Relaxning reclining heated seats

Karen Wikholm

Comfy recliners with heat option!!

Sherry Johnston

Movie experience was GREAT! Seats, sound & show


People are nice, but the food and drinks are expensive as all hell it's 3:50 for a vitamin water. But it's a movie theatre what else can you expect. The seats are really comfy, heated and adjustable between sitting and leaning back. A little bit loud for the theatre but great sound overall

Rose Hickerson

First time my sweetie has been to the movies in 30 yrs. Loved it. We'll be back. Saw Bohemian Rhapsody

Tara Waddle

So much fun amd perfect Sunday activity

A Google User

Nice place and the food is great

Maija Wood

The new heated reclining seats make this my favorite theatre. There's always tickets available to my favorite movies at the time I want to see them. Staff is awesome. Sometimes, the theatres and bathrooms aren't cleaned very well. There's never room in the trashcan for my trash either

Dana McGee

Very comfortable seating!

David Norris

All it needs is beers and quality food!

person person

I'm 16 they wouldn't let me in because i didn't have an ID i get it but they let a 13 year old go in doesn't make since but okay.Also I've gone to see a lot of rated R movies without my ID.

Charley Newton

Nice seating

Rhonda Haylon

Very nice was enjoyable.

lupe medina

Cool place but are you for real almost $10 for large drink

Brandon Wasserburger

A fun place to see a movie

Dess Lacy

Went to watch the movie pet cemetery and they didn't go in and clean out the theater before they allowed us to go in and take our seats. Very upset that we had to move the trash out of our seats...


The theaters are newly remodeled, with perfect recliner style seats. Seats even have heaters in them! Check in went very quickly and the concession stand staff displayed excellent customer service.

Peggylu Warner

Love me some Sr Elton John.


Seating, staff, & overall environment's atmosphere is family friendly, & exceptionally pleasant. Very enjoyable movie conditions!

Matt Hall

Great place to watch a movie. Seats are amazing.

Curt K

The reclining seats are awesome. Being able to reserve your exact seat is great too.

Melanie Montes

Worst experience for the first time going to the movies with luxury seats. First we didn't know you had to pick your seats when getting tickets so we had to sit in the front row! Worst thing about it was 3 out of the 4 seats we had were broken!!

Nadine Mossman

Very comfy recliners to enjoy the movie! Go on Tuesday for even lower $ tickets!

Mark Barber

Theater was nice. Movie was a reboot. 1 boot was enough.

Carl D King

Seats were awesome movie was great

Bruce Kelly

Very comfortable seating.

Danny Everett

Nice theatre with big, luxurious chairs!

Christy Rodriquez

The new seats are very comfortable and roomy making you feel like it's your own personal theater. Reserved seating assures your most comfortable viewing position for your personal taste. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Jason Alford

Seats were comfy and spacious, concessions a little pricey.

kendra curry

Seriously this is the worst climate controlled theater I've ever been to. It has been blazing hot in there every time I've been which is about 8 times. I wish Greeley had another theater to go to. Literally sit there sweating. Me and my family cant be the only ones who feel this way.! And also, who the F let's a baby into the movie IT?


Good parking. Good seating. Food wickedly expensive, but eat at home.

Jeremy Richards

Was good watched Lego movie 2

kate vazquies

Nice theater. Not crowded. Very comfortable seats. The recliner seats make it feel like watching a movie at home except here you don't have to make your own popcorn.

JD Taylor

Great place, comfortable seating, general pricing, but you never see anybody sweeping floors so expect popcorn and trash everywhere.

Laurie Gallegos

Great movie selection, big comfy recliner to sit in

Valerie chastity Segura

Movie was funny! Very nice theater..I will be going again soon.

Micki Thomsen

The seats are very comfortable...they even have warmers on them.

David Perez

Haven't been to a movie in years , loved it!!.

J Long

Dairy Queen the concession stand is a little high priced people are very friendly and the new chairs they just put in all recline back it is the most awesome thing to sit in a recliner like that goes all the way back at the movie theater and be comfortable loving it every time I go check them out go check them out

Jennifer Armagost

Movies and popcorn, like all others. Great heated lounge chairs. Movie theaters have come a long way. I had a much more comfortable and pleasant experience than in years before.

Ron Goheen

Nice comfortable place to watch a movie. Need more people working concessions though.

Matthew Beckman

A lot better ever since they got reclining seats, however they don't have trays like some of the other upgraded theaters. All in all a good place to watch a movie.

Jordon Hopp

Nice place really good seating only downside is parking is scarce

Christina Volta

Much better after remodel

Veronica Owens

Needs cleaning. Not the same as Fort Collins

Naomi Burbidge

Always a clean theater and wonderful staff. Chairs are comfy and recline to a decent position with enough room for people to still pass in front if needed

Art Art

Comfortable relaxing theater. Very clean and helpful staff.


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