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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Fort Collins IN Colorado

Nathan Kennelly

Great place for people of all sizes!! Very accommodating and the staff is personable. I thought I had left my car key in the theater after my wife and my first ‘date night’ in over a year. I called the next morning and Mr. Studt took the time to take me into the theater to try and find my lost key. I really appreciated the time and attention they took, it really felt like they cared. As far as the theater - we saw two movies that night and it was discount night (Tuesday) so it was only $5 all day - what a great deal!!

Sierra Merrill

The best theater locally for cheaper tickets. The seats are comfortable, the viewing and sound quality are excellent. And their membership program is worth it to any cinophile. They have a free ticket every month (and they accrue) and every other ticket you buy is cheaper. It's a great deal.

Kyle Conklin

Nice and clean, the pop corn was fresh Very comfortable seating.

vithanage ae

Great place, very convenient & comfy

Mark Engberg

I received the worst service in my life at this theater. The cashier argued with me when he gave me incorrect change and the management took forever to fix the mistake without any apology for making me late to my movie. It's a shame because it was a convenient location but I'm never going there again.

Sebastian Bannock

Great picture, sound, and very friendly staff.

Peter Merritt

Such a great theater! I usually see movies here, about once a month. This is hands down the cleanest theater I've ever been to. Bathrooms... spotless. I've never once seen litter leftover from a previous showing, in the showrooms. Friendly, and courteous staff. Top marks for Cinemark Fort Collins! Not a religious man myself. ...but if that's something you're into. They feature movies made by Pureflix (Christian movie company).

Moto Moto

Cinemark is a really nice movie theater, no clapping, no talking people, noone on their phone, good sound quality and picture quality. Overall awesome

Michael Rodenbeck

Good seats and friendly staff

Connie Nelson

Got to love Tuesday discount day! Saw the movie : On The Basis of Sex and it was really well acted.

Adam Burcher

Easily our favorite theater in Fort Collins. The staff is friendly, theaters and bathrooms are clean, and prices are about what you’d expect, if not on the slightly cheaper side. There was some construction going on in the theater to our left on our last visit, which was very disruptive to our movie. I told a manager about it, and the noise stopped almost immediately! Well-managed, clean, and affordable.


Good sound and screen, not too expensive, confortable chair and popcorn everywhere on the ground like US cinema. All those things make this cinema a good place to go

Kim Coffey

Loved The Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary Showing

Joelle Pina

Good seats good service Excellent show times

Robert Colburn

Nice theatre but bad movie. The Kid sucked.

Diana Serviss

My favorite place to watch a movie in foco.


I really like the updates. You can now reserve seats and there are more movies showing then at The Bistro xD. They have gotten new chairs that are cushy but not recliner type chairs. I’ll definitely come here more often

Hanan Abdelkader

Horrible access for a handicapped, violation to the American disability act, quality of movie is law for no usage of proper digitized image and sound and substituting with a lower quality tech. Employees are very rude

Mikey Angel

Hope to enjoy Alita: Battle Angel in a safe and clean environment (after movie review follow up)

Edwin Chong

The seats were more comfortable than I had expected. No problems with people in front blocking the view.

Jeff Johnson

Nice place, clean , spacious and affordable

Ashley W

Very good place to catch a movie only problem I had is no hours were posted on the doors

Jeremy Hassett

Took 4 yr old to see bumblebee for his bday. He loves that theatre and metro lux 14 in loveland. Metro is a little nicer but nothing wrong with cinemark.

Renee Cobb

Nice clean theater. Very friendly staff!

Ryan Taylor

Good place to pick up a show. Not the newest or fanciest, but relatively nice place to watch a movie and saving a few bucks over newer venues. Stadium seating is comfortable and sound quality matches anything I could want.

Jerry Hiward

Love this cinema hall

Joshua Jordan

Good place.. had a good time.. armrest doesn't lift up.. but overall good place..

Nicolas Christiansen

Solid movie theater. I like how you can buy snacks/drinks from inside the theater part of the building and not just the lobby. Also I like how you don't have to reserve tickets, instead you pick your seats on a screen as you buy your tickets at the window. Also showings are never overly crowded in my experience. Friendly down to earth staff too.

mike ward

Clean, friendly staff, chairs are comfortable but old school seating.

Nathan Moller

Good theater nice food and nice seats

Greg Turner

Broke AC. They could have told us before we went to a 2.5 hour movie.

Mario Colin

Good place to watch movies, wish they had reclining seating.

Mountain Crest Painting

Very clean nice place to bring the family


Good movie theater.. nice seats.. decent pricing. Ticket prices are a little high..

G Frey

Mighty fine place to go see a movie, new seats comfort

Crunchy Salsa

The seating is comfortable and the sound is amazing. Also the concessions are well priced.

Neven Jovanovic

Really pleasant experience and a great place to go for a cheaper than your average movie ticket. Also haven't doesn't seem to get over crowded. The candy and snacks are way over priced but what movie theaters isn't? The popcorn was great, buttery and tasty. I was very surprised at how comfortable the seating was and didn't noticed problems with the quality of the screen and audio.

Renee Bradford

The theater is large, clean and spacious.. The service for snack actually not expensive at all. We all get a bucket of popcorn at low price with drink.

Jeff Goodell

Great movie selections and showtimes. Lots of restaurants within walking distance.

Marc Robson

Over priced no amenities. Taking movie experience back to 1995


Great theater with arcade & concessions. Seats are comfortable & great movie selection.

Gale Toko-Ross

A modern multi-plex theatre, with many screens and comfy, (slightly) reclining seats. For popular films, it's a great idea to get there early enough to choose a seat that doesn't feel like it's right up against the screen. A good selection of standard movie snacks to calm those "munchies" while you enjoy a new film!

K Homme

Good cinema. I dont like the fact that people come in late to the movie and expect you to accomate them and wish that the staff would say something when they scan/tear their ticket. The seats recline a little bit. The very first row has a metal bar that you can put your feet on which is actually really nice. Anything in front of that metal bar is actually too close to see anything for that big screen. If anyone sat in that theater they would know that. Staff is usually just there.

Joe Young

I have watched 3 different movies here and have found the workers extremely friendly and helpful. The movie was clean and seats were comfortable. I will be using this theatre as my movie place in the future.

Matthew Dunk

A great place to see a movie especially during their matinees. The price is very reasonable and the theatre is usually empty.

samuel casad

Great, but not renovated with reclining seats and a beer/wine offering yet.

Iain Davis

Great chairs. They need to moderate the volume, however.

Joshua Mayer

Cinemark is always a good choice. Would more than recommend!

Tucker Harju

All the concessions are expensive, but that's expected from a movie theater. The seats were comfortable, but nothing spectacular. The theaters themselves always seem generally clean.

Jason Garner

Loved it. The seats are comfortable and it was not as crowded as some of the other theatres.

Crystal Ridinger

Cheap and clean. Comfy seating in theaters

Jessica B

We took our 3 year old to his first movie in a theatre today. The theatres where we live were no longer showing Toystory 4 so we drove to ft Collins, about 45 min away. Before we left I called the theatre to ask about the popcorn ingredients. Our kiddo cannot have artificial dye. AJ the manager at the time said to come see him when we got there and he would make sure we got fresh popcorn minus the salt (which contains dye). When we got there he helped us out and was so sweet to our son. He made him his own special bag of popcorn and then asked my husband and I how we liked our popcorn ( he even made the popcorn in a freshly cleaned popper to ensure no salt had been used). My kiddo was so excited to sit in his own big seat and eat his own bag of popcorn! AJ really helped make this a fun experience for us! The theatre was so clean and the seats were so comfortable. Such a great first experience for my little guy, we may be driving to ft Collins for any future movies too! What great customer service we experienced today!

Sandra Law

Even though there is nothing fancy about this establishment- it does provide the freshest, most delicious popcorn in town!

Matt Walker

Not a fancy type of theater like they build these days, but they do a great job nonetheless. They could do better if people would clean up after themselves after the show.

Dan Brooks

Updated and clean movie theater for the entire family. Video arcade was a bit of a let down, many machines eating tokens and not working. Overall the theater was good.

d lowrie

LOVE this place! I go a couple times a month. A bit pricey, but very comfy seats.

Christy Dittmar

Updated comfy seats. Easy parking.

Wolf Man Adam

All ways a great theater! Well maintained and clean.

Amanda Leithead

The concessions person could be a lot nicer. The theater was cold but thats to be expected in a theater.

Travel BPC

Comfortable chairs, good popcorn, quick service. Get the Cinemark app!


Nice theater, bring a sweatshirt because it is a little chilly in the theaters. Overall our favorite place to watch a movie!

Olivia Lenz

It was so good I loved the seats they really improved it. Even tho they dont have the recliners they are still pretty comfy.

siddharth rai

Only place for movies from other cultures. Chairs are really uncomfortable compared to other cinemark.

Jenni Herin

Honestly they've done some good improvements. First, the customer service. Are they amazing. No. But they do answer questions, at least say hello, and listen. Second, the seats. They're cushy and now the arm rests have cushions. Better than before for sure. And third, the food. I just had a hot dog and some popcorn. It was worth the price and honestly theatre food. I'm glad to see these subtle changes at least. That's why I'm upgrading their star rating. Still not as good as the Bistro

Cordaro Ware

Saw Venom there in 3D. Pretty spacious but basic theater. Snack menu is pretty normal.

Marilee Lozano


Darcy Blaisdell

Watched incredibles 2 with the family on father's day. They had new seats since the last time they were very comfortable. People who worked there were nice.

James Bryant

It was a theater, clean place, friendly people. Went to see wreck it ralph... only 3.5 stars, too predictable. But fun for kids I am sure.

Jan Laman

I have always enjoyed this theater. This time I went with someone in a wheelchair. It is not a facility that has easy access for wheelchairs. Disappointed. But new seats and very comfortable. Nice staff.

Alwaleed Alanizi

The longest advertisements ever

Clay Collins

Everything is so expensive. I'm sure you could pack the theater all the time if your prices were reasonable.


Movie theater was average in quality, though did not have the nice recliner chairs you can find at other theaters. The area was clean and they have fathom events showings which is a plus.

Brian McCutcheon

A little bit older of a theater but well maintained and friendly staff

Jodi Grim

I really enjoy this theater. Service is great! Ambiance is lovely and stylish. Movie experience is good for a reasonable price. Is especially like the annual promotional popcorn buckets and drinks. Check them out before they're sold out!

Tiffany Beisner

Grew up going to this theater. They've finally replaced their seats which is why I give it 5 stars. The theater has always been clean and the service has been pleasant. The best thing about this theater is that you can spontaneously go to the movies and not be turned away because all the good seats have been taken -like what you experience with Bistro theater by the mall.

Donna Lee Giddings

I love to watch movies at Cinemark Fort Collins.

Eila Simianer

Pleasant staff, comfy seats, great movie selections

Sally Hunter

Everything I wanted from a movie theater

Crystal Stiles

Love this Theater's atmosphere! It feels like your stepping back in time when you walk through the door. So fun. The theatre was clean.

Brenda Chartier

Chairs are comfortable

Donald Lopez

Comfortable seating and good concession pricing and selection

Tammy Emswiler


Polly Vrbas

Nice theater, but older.

Timothy Burton

Staff is friendly, but extremely slow. They should have had 2 more people at the concession stand. It didn’t help 2 of them were talking about a girl one of them liked while he made pretzels. Shouldn’t take 10 minutes to get a refill. They should have a worker just focused on refills.


Courteous and quick service, just what you would expect in an establishment with decent service.

Aaron Picker

This theater ,and many other Cinemark theaters, offers $5 admission on Tuesdays. It's a great deal, especially with a larger family. The theater is clean and the accommodations comfortable.

Olivia Miller

I went to get a refill for my popcorn and drink, and the cashier made me wait on a malfunctioning machine when another machine was fully functioning and was full of popcorn. I honestly think he forgot about me, and after this huge family was finished ordering, who were behind me in line, he brought my popcorn and theirs together from the machine that was functioning. Why didn't he just get my popcorn from there to begin with? Then, there was no butter on the popcorn. Really disappointed in the service today.

Steve Poole

Reasonable price. Clean, nice employees good parking and good location.

ThisGuyNickwick Chadwick

great theater I have been coming here for years

Michelle Lucas

The new seating is great! I could hear the movie well and the view was great. The team serving food was so nice. Thanks!

Sanje Michaels

Love this place to go see movies.

Aquila Latin

Best movie theater I have ever been too. Only place I'd go. Large and comfortable theaters, you can order meals and they will bring them to you, staff is friendly, and the bathrooms are clean. Couldn't ask for more! Food is actually worth the price unlike other movie theaters.

Laura McLimans

Great sound system. Comfy seats.

Pamela Benigno

Great movie no heat freezing

Sean Hummel

Always very clean and a great theater

Tara King

Great location, ample parking, never too busy... our go to theatre!

Noah Walker

Late spring and apparently they can't run AC in the theaters. Sold out for the release of endgame for 3 hours and every person sweating the whole time.

A Google User

saw lots of good movies here I was visiting my friends.

Chance Egan

Cinemark on Timberline is always a great place to go watch a movie... Great sound... technology is high quality. You can't go wrong watching your movie here... The food is typical choice and price... enjoy!!!

Ty Carrick

The only thing bad about the theater is the visitors who just can't stay off their phones for a two hour movie! Flashlight three times, one phone call, mom playing kid shows to their toddler which watching Lion King, and constant text messaging. Get some control people.

Paul Sparks

Comfy seats...matinee price...will b back


Excellent! Seats are super cushy and rock plus a lot of food items to choose from. They were out of hot dogs so I opted for pizza and was actually surprised as it was tasty.

Jaiton Phillips

One of the nicest theaters I've ever been in.

Amy Williams

The guys here at Cinemark are so helpful! I just asked for my M&M’s to be put into hot popcorn and the guy immediately offered to make a fresh hot batch and layer my M&M’s in there! This is a longtime family favorite movie snack and I appreciate Cinemark Fort Collins making it possible!

Richter Doomhammer

Usually clean and stuff.

Mike Goodliff

I love this cinema. It's smaller than the one at the mall, which I prefer! The only problem is the price. $4.25 for water? You're kidding, right? Since I can bring my own stuff, which I usually do, it only drops 1 star.

Emily Régine

Saw A Star is Born with my bf here

susan miller

Yay. It was not tooooo loud. This was one of the first times for me that I've been to any movie theater where I did not have to wear earplugs. Saw the movie Spider-Man it was excellent. I'm going to go to this movie theater again and see if it was just a fluke that the volume was tolerable, or is this the way of the future. I hope that this is the way this movie theater is, because I want to preserve the hearing I have. The lobby was clean the theater was clean the seating , not recliners but rocking chairs we're comfortable, no complaints.

Susan Wolfe

Popcorn not so good. Nice theatre.

Edward Archuleta

Can't complain. New seats were comfortable, popcorn was yummy and movie was good. Place was clean.

david may

Great theater, clean, and comfortable!

Collene Howard

We were so excited to see Super Troopers 2 and unfortunately, we had to walk out in the middle of the movie. My husband felt something on his neck, grabbed it and used the light from his phone to see what it was. He immediately got up and walked out of the theater. I assumed he had an emergent phone call and I stayed seated for a minute, not realizing that he had even found something on his person. Still completely oblivious to what had happened, I got a text from him that he had a bed bug on his neck. I quickly got up and met him at the entrance to the theater room we had been in. As we began looking each other over, we found one on my shoes. I used to lease apartments, and dealt with a certain resident whom consistently brought bed bugs back with her every time she visited her family in Mexico and returned home. Suitcase legitimately crawling with them. I've seen enough of them to be absolutely sure of the bug's identity. We took pictures and compared it to a Google picture as well, just to verify on top of the certainty. Confirmation was the last thing we hoped for, but that is what we got. I went to the manager and explained the situation. While this is not the fault of the theater, and the staff was extremely apologetic and willing to do whatever they could to rectify the situation, I will never be able to walk into that theater again without instantly itching everywhere. We felt so uncomfortable with getting into our vehicle and home with the clothing we were wearing, that we discarded our jackets and some other items at the theater. The staff stated that they would be checking the theater over thoroughly and having it mitigated as soon as possible. In addition, they offered us 6 passes for a free movie at any Cinemark location and as for the loss of personal items discarded, they would be having the general manager contact us first thing in the morning. In all honesty, the rating of the theater itself and the staff should be pretty high, all things considered.....I just can't bring myself to do anything over a 1 because of the immense trauma and stress tonight. After we got home, we stripped all clothing off in the garage and bagged it up. We looked over one another again and found yet another on my husband's shirt in/on the hem line. So disgusted, I can hardly believe it. We have never had bed bugs before and are absolutely 100% certain that we did not come into contact with them anywhere else. Still feeling creepy-crawly after stripping all clothing, showering, and checking ourselves over and over again.

Timothy Wagner

Good staff, clean facilities

Bee Bee

Fun but the Greeley one is real comfortable compared to this one..

Jose Vespa

Delicious ice cream. Some indoor decorations would highly benefit the place. Needs more of a family touch inside.

Mandie Lorge

We have chosen to come to this theater with bigger groups and it has always worked great for us! It's a great locations for invite places to eat before you go. And I would just described it as a regular movie going experience. Never really have had any problems. The employees have been really nice and the seats are comfortable and the theaters are clean.

kikyo swan

Really great and clean. The staff was nice.

Mike T

My wife and I love, LOVE, LOVE Cinemark Fort Collins! This is our GO TO theater . . . in fact, I cannot remember the last time I went to any other theater. We rarely indulge in their specialty items (such as popcorn, drinks, etc.), but enjoy the theater for the sheer luxury and comfort of the surroundings. The seats ROCK, and are extremely comfortable. The floor is never sticky, and a lot lot of attention is paid to little details such as that, including the bathrooms, which are well-lit and clean. Oh, the sound system is TOP NOTCH as well. Projection is invariably excellent; the projectionist seemingly never leaves his/her area, and the bulb has never burned out in the middle of a show. (Do they still use bulbs? Don't know, but the show has never stopped dead for us.) All that, plus the sound is unparalleled . . . . . booming bass and high highs. I almost forgot. We can see a show for about five bucks on Tuesday 'cause, you know, we're old. Their regular pricing is competitive, I'm sure.

Aaron Cooper

Love this theater. Everyone is super friendly, staff keeps it clean and the location couldn't be better. They are right next to old Chicago's so grabbing some beers before a movie is key and if you are visiting from out of town you have a hotel right there plus a Texas Road house. You will pay a pretty penny for food and drinks but what movie theater doesn't any more? I would definitely recommend this place!

2 2

Decent seats, longer wait in concessions, no alcohol served, limited menu.

Phillip Judd

I love the big reclining seats. Reserved seating is so convenient.

Holly Jibben

amazing!!! seems like they put alot of thought behind there business

Overwatch Jake

Great theater with competitive pricing (tickets didn't mess with concessions). Was a little strange to have assigned seats and seats that were prepaid, just simply not used to it and slighty strange in my option. But all in all freindly staff and clean enough location.

Marshall Easlick

I showed up at 3:20 in the afternoon with two four-year-olds to see a movie that had been out for at least 5 weeks. I have the refillable popcorn and beverage containers from Cinemark. I also brought small cups and bowls for the kids to have their own popcorn and I was just going to buy two refills for the Cinemark containers to get food/drink for everyone. However, the young woman behind the counter was extremely accommodating and just filled everything up for one charge. The theater was very comfortable and clean and the volume levels were perfect, even for the super sensitive ears of little kids. This theater also employs mentally challenged (is this term politically correct anymore) individuals, which I thought was pretty cool. Kudos.

Nancy Trumbly

I love to go here by myself. Just enjoy the peace and quiet durning the week. Great parking. Price for admission is reasonable. Like all theaters, snack bar is pricey. Clean, friendly. I don’t need snacks anyway.


I went here recently to see Die Valcure by Wagner as a live broadcast from the Met. It was five hours, but we stayed comfortable in the highly cushioned seats. The popcorn is always good, and the quality if the movies is wonderful. Definitely coming back.

john quarles

The buildings will maintain. The seats are excellent for watching movies. A wide variety of snacks and goodies for adults as well as children. The staff is excellent. Security there is present but hidden at the same time so you can relax. For the theaters themselves are clean and organized

milo cushman

Great seats. Good view, no matter where you sit.

Cheryl Besel

Enjoyed the movie and the people working there

John and Julie McBride

They do reserved seating now, at least at the box office. That was nice.

Crystal Gilbert

Seats are uncomfortable. That's my only problem.

steven sneary

All we good. Service was a little slower than usual. (Intellectually) cant make more than one serving of churros at a time even if person orders 3 of them. And leaves a line of people to wait with shows starting and people trying to hurry. I saw people grumpy. And yes I laughed knowing woman and man were overteacting but i know how people are. But laughing at them is my job as a bystander not the employee. But overall you are always amazing

Jamie Pagano

This is the best theatre in Fort Collins! The staff is amazing! Jessica Jones,one of the managers, took my YPLC Teen Campers for a behind the scenes tour of the theatre! She even showed us how the projectors work! Oscar showed us how to make popcorn at the front counter and Mr.Rutz is always there to help! I love this theatre!


This place is clean. Service is fast! Super busy in the weekends though. I also like how they always have anime movies here too. If It's selected theature release this place almost always has it.

Sam Ringleman

These guys rock! I have never once had a bad experience at a Cinemark. Their customer service is always top notch. There was even a mix up with movie pass and they completely refunded me the ticket and then let me into a different move for free. I have nothing but positive and wonderful things to say about this business. Good job.

Steve Lucas

Always attentive staff and clean. The theatre chairs are very comfortable. They also have a great selection of beer and wine.

Alexander Great

We all like movies especially when it's reasonable rates the job PS change the movies a little more often

Ben Westdorp

Been coming here for years. Love it!

jp casey

Movies here are good u now have to choose where u sit which i think it’s really not good why choose where u sit that’s not what they did for the last few years bring back where every u sit i like that than choosing a sit

Tyler Manzella

Great theater. A little older but definitely not irrelevant

Jim Fellion

Lots of seats available,. Friendly and helpful staff

Roger Nickerson

Nice movie theatre

mike adams

Nice place

Joslyn Bennett

It's better than most of the Loveland/Fort Collins movie theaters. They offer student ID discount for evening showings only, which is good cause a lot of places don't. Staff is kind but there doesn't seem to be a whole ton of staff around if you go to a movie before 6pm.

Timothy Roe

Its an okay movie theater, they could definetly clean the theater sections alot better when i first walked in a stepped on alot of pop corn and the floor was very sticky, sound system is okay i have definitely heard better though, conssestions or alright a bit pricey like most theaters but thats to be expected

Veronica Owens

Concession way too expensive. Eat before you go. It's ridiculously expensive. I understand a little profit but it's UNFAIR. Don't buy anything maybe they will lower their prices

Frederick Parker

I haven't patronized the Cinemark in South Fort Collins on account of an out-of-state relocation, but the theater is still a great multiplex theater option for anyone. My movie experience today was truly rewarding. The facilities are well maintained and the stadium seating is second to none. Although I'm partial to reserve seating multiplexes, the Cinemark in south Ft. Collins will satisfy all movie-goers needs.

Relissa Stute

No long waiting in line for tkts or pop corn. New seats. Theatre clean. Staff were all so far. Prices seem ok given what I've paid in other cities.

Jimmie Shannon

Very clean and comfortable


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