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3305 Cinema Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80922 Located in: First & Main Town Center

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Where is Cinemark Carefree Circle and IMAX?

REVIEWS OF Cinemark Carefree Circle and IMAX IN Colorado

Jordan Morrison

Good pricing on popcorn and candy. Also very convenient and comfortable seating.


The new reclining seats are very comfortable and it's nice that you get to reserve your seats with your tickets so there is never the worry of if your family or group will sit together. The theater is always kept clean and kids love the little splash park out front in the summer time. It's usually easy to find a good showtime with their large number of screens and they also have the only IMAX in town. Be prepared to walk, because there is very minimal parking in front of the theater, so it is almost guaranteed that you have to walk from the rear parking lots, which fill up fast on the weekends. Their pricing is absurd, but no worse than other theaters.

augs money

It has been a while, but I am enjoying the reclining seats and reserved seating. Obviously not as many people get squeezed into the theatre, which will most likely have me coming back. Also, popcorn and soda prices haven't seemed to increase over the past fear years. And, they now sell alcohol, wow. Not that I would pay 9 bucks for a beer at the movies.

David Vlottes

Was told literally one minute after the showing started that i could not be issued a ticket for that showing. Although i have been able to do this previously and see people enter the theater after the scheduled showing time on a very regular basis.

Sarah Sisson

Love the reclining seats! Joined the movie club and we love the discounts!

Cathy Wickerd

LOVE the D Box seats! Completely worth it!


My go to movie theatre. Always clean. I feel walking to my car after a late movie gets out which I can’t say for other theaters in town. The concessions are awesome—especially their slushy alcoholic beverages. It makes going to the movies more of an experience instead of watching another movie on Netflix.

Paula Silva

The theater itself is clean and easy to navigate. We love the chairs and trays. The customer service has always been exceptional compared to other theaters we have visited. Once we had a family emergency as we were on our way to a movie, and the manager on duty exchanged our tickets for another day.


The theater is really nice, they have recliners and its pretty clean. I personally think that it’s good for the price

Maria Leyvas

Always friendly employees n fresh food.

Reynaldo Rodriguez

Great food and snack selections. Very comfortable seating!

Miss Sheffield

Hadn't been here in over a year and am very pleased with the amount of space you know have while viewing a movie! It's like you're in the comfort of your own home!

Robert Rodgers

The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Bryanna Galbearth

Awesome place. The seats are so soft and comfy

Jacob Metcalfe

Cheap movie and popcorn/drinks. Nice seats that recline with a big screen. I would reccomend ordering tickets online because it gets packed quick.

Keith Aiello

One of the best movie theaters in town. They have a splash pad out front for the kids on hot days. They also have for D seating. Which the seats move blast do with air. Also if you're going through a date they have good food all around the location and there's tons of things to do before and after the movies. Also you should sign up for their Cinemark Movie Club and you can get free popcorn free drinks and 20% off anything at the concession. Will definitely be coming back to this theater over any other theater in Colorado Springs

josh bouwkamp

One of my absolute favorite places to see a movie in Colorado Springs. Awesome location and always the latest greatest movies. Parking can be a bit tricky and sometimes you have to park either to the north or south of the theater and walk around the front.

The Yolk Snatcher

Nice employees, very welcoming and clean. I would definitely recommend

Nor Hic

Decent theater. I thought for IMAX, they would have the recliner seats but they didn’t. At least not yet. The rewards membership is well worth it if you’re a movie goer.

John N Holman

The rumble seats are grwat

Jason Hawkins

This has always been a great place to watch movies, with the new seats and improvements it is even better now!

Nicole Mobley

Zito is always really helpful, cheerful and friendly. He takes great care of his customers and makes it worth coming to this location. I would give him more then 5 stars if I could.

John Green

I have been coming here for years and love everything about it from the big comfy seats to the numerous food and beverage options available now. My family will be long time customers.

Jeremy Spivey

Seats, surround system, customer service - all awesome. If you don't have their club special I highly suggest it.

Elisa Kuczera

Went and saw the Grinch yesterday. With the holidays seating was limited choice, but with the new reclining seats it wasn’t too bad after all! Very clean and employees are always friendly.

Katie Deichert

This location is always so clean and the employees are exceptionally polite. The seats are soo comfy, roomy, and have a recline feature. We love the app to reserve seats ahead of time.

Jose Dominguez

Clean. Pricey on the food and drinks. Great sound and clear screens! Highly recommended

Jeff Ramey

Theatre is great! Luxury Loungers are soft and comfortable. I have watched movies at this theatre since it opened. Never had a bad experience in all those years.

Rosa Cabrera

Love the theater and the surrounding areas

Clint Cain

Clean facility and kind staff. Not bad prices. Everything was very nice.

Shea Houdmann

Love the new lazy boy style recliners.

Ashley Robles

Great service staff was really nice

Nichole Sinchak

I loved the imax screen, but there wasn't enough leg room in the seating. I had extremely rude people behind us that talked through the entire movie, because the seating was so close, their talking ruined our movie experience.

Lyndon Gotelaere

Great movie theater and extremely nice inside. The seats are very comfortable and the employees are also very nice.

jessica riccardelli

Love going there, great service, great snacks

Yolanda Del Fierro

Cool place to watch movies, headrest is a lil too bulky for me but Great

Kevin Haley

Super comfy recliner seats and hot buttered popcorn, I mean, does it get any better? I go here for all my new releases.

Anthony Ozanic

Very clean and high class. Half price on Tuesdays as well! There are reclining seats, and rotatable trays for each seat. Very handy for holding things

Sean Simpson

Good seats, nice little table to set my snacks so I didn't have to keep a greasy pizza box or popcorn bag on my pants. All around good experience. I also accidentally left my hat and keys in the arcade and when I realized it after I left I found they had secured the items for me. I would have been SOL had someone less honest found them but it all turned out great!

Zachary Cheever

One of the best theaters in town

Αντώνιος Πάσχαμυλωνάς-Ecord

Even though I'm not a fan of reserved seating, I can see the benefits. These seats are comfy and inviting. The theater is definitely geared towards the personal movie going experience. The concession stand went fast and smooth with a good variety of snacks and drinks.

Ryan J

The best theater! The decor, the seats, the speakers, the wall behind each row of seats, everything is perfect!

Yadira Sierra

I love their attention.


Comfy seats, staff is friendly all the time, and its clean. Prices are meh but it's a theater, not out of the ordinary

Rafael Rivera

We watched a movie at this location and as usual we had a great time.

frank turnoso

The selection for food and drinks is plentiful. They must increased their selection recently. My favorite movie place.

Jim Rogers

The chairs are so comfortable. Drink some caffeine before you go because the chairs will have you napping in no time. The ticket lady was so nice. She saved us money on the tickets.

Isabel Hicks

This is a general good theater. It gets 4 stars only because you would think you would get the good reclining chairs in IMAX especially since you have to pay more, but its regular seating and that really annoys me. The food is good the building is usually clean and there are elevators for those with difficulties. I haven't had any bad experiences and I want to sign up with their discount program.


I love this theater it os my favorite in all of Colorado! The movies are always up to date, the seats are sweeeeet and the audio is nominal. My only issue here is that the staff can be quite rude. I haven't had any serious negative interactions with the staff but I have yet to have a pleasant encounter either. They get the job done but they don't even smile and say the simple little things that keep the night out positive.

Amanda Breckenridge

I use this theater all the time, good seating and food. I prefer buying tickets online and getting the best seats in my opinion.

Melissa Turner

Very nice place to see it movie


I love this thater. I am a creater of habbit.. and I always ask for the same thing. These guys (Sky in particular) go above and beyond!! Thank you Sky for my perfect movie experience!

Glen Bochek

Went here with my daughter and the theater was completely empty... I'm ok with that! Problem was when I left, I noticed that I dropped my card. I went back into the room and looked up and down in every possible space. The only people that were in there after us was their clean up crew which denied finding anything. Turned to management and still nothing turned up. Bunch of highschool kids run this place, naturally, so be extra careful with your belongings. Otherwise I love this theater.

Jessica Stevens

Very nice theater. Clean, friendly, and have really good popcorn. Seemed very fresh.

Clint Rey

Great location. The people are friendly and the place is kept very clean. The upgrades they've done, have made going to the movies more enjoyable.

Jen Neargardner

Finally beer and wine at the movie theater! So many teenagers, many of them unable to string 2 sentences together when you ask them something. The luxury loungers are wonderful except for when you drop something and reach into the crack between the seatand arm rest...OMG GROSS!!!

lawrence silvey

Went and watched Avengers: Endgame was a fun movie fat thor was great. For the movie theater itself it was very nice roomy seats it was a bit hot however could have used a little more ac but other than that great place to watch a movie.

Aaron Francis

My favorite spot that's close to home and these new theatre seats are great. It's really nice to go to a full theatre and not have to smell your neighbor

Leon Vigil

Probably my favorite theater in the springs, staff is always friendly and the theaters are always clean. Go on tuesdays for 6$ discounted tickets

W Dale C

Last night, Excellent! Great movie, amazing seats and the comfort of those new plush recliners in auditorium 7, well go see for yourself! You won't be disappointed!

Cecelia Murphy

They don't let in backpacks here so you better switch to your purse after a hike, reclining seats, paid 22$ for two adult tickets to Pikachu movie, it was decent priced and awesome

Sarah Woods

Nice place, super expensive though. Also the seats could recline a little further.

Meredith Hamas

I haven't been to the movies in a long time but things have definitely changed! The pizza was amazing. The seats were so comfortable. We had a great time

Victoria Casias

Comfy seats & good snacks!


Perfect temperatures, rarely crowded, seating is fabulous, sound system is killer, great popcorn, lots of great previews, and so many movie choices!!!

Stephen Stackwick

They were showing Studio Ghibli! What's not to like?

craig courtney

So it was awesome the sound in the picture it felt like you were in the movie I give it two thumbs up

Sticks The Crazy Medic Curtis

Not bad IMAX but the seats dont recline. Overall prices are fair.

David Souther

One of the best movie theaters ever. I go here at least once week and it’s always clean and if you get the Cinemark club the tickets and food are cheap.

Kade Ramsey

Great place, friendly staff. They have added a ton of food and drink choices. You want popcorn? Check. But they have added things like cheeseburgers and ice cream. And, as we have enjoyed for summer, frozen margaritas. Add that to the leather recliners, and I'm not sure what else you could want!

Gale Goldman-Floyd

Very comfortable, a bit loud for my 88 year old mom. Not sure Downton Abby needed to THAT loud!

meli love

It's very busy but that's how it is at movies. Still good theater lounges the Imax theater however is very crowded.

Devin A.

Getting your tickets is made easy and quick again; I have never been stuck in a long ticket line here, and the customer service is great and friendly. The concessions are fantastic and if anyone has reservations and worries about theater food tasting bad, don't worry, because this place has some great food. The individual theater rooms are huge, with seats comfortably spaced, spinning tables and cup holders, and the reclining seats are by far the most comfortable in any theater around.

Laura Michael

Really like watching shows in IMAX format but the seating is very uncomfortable.

Ethan Showman

don't purchase the tickets online we got tickets for sunday and they changed them to monday spent 30 on food and drink and got refunded 10 dollars. there customer service is severly lacking as well.

Victor Yeung

I love this theater. The seats are very comfortable as they recline. The view in front of you can't be obstructed by a ridiculously tall person because the floor of your seat is almost level with the top of the seat of the person in front of you. You can also add your own butter to your popcorn so there is no need to worry about the vendor not giving you enough butter on your popcorn. This is a great movie theater to enjoy a movie and the matinee is about $8, which to me is not bad at all.

Heather Gable

Good movie with lots of food options and with a cool splash pad out front during the summer!

Noah Stanley

One of my favorite theaters in the springs, go to place to take dates for movies.

Jake Christian Hernandez

Honestly this movie theatre is really over priced on everything. But yesterday me and two of my friends went here to see Shaw and Hobbs and was stopped by a assistant manager Casey Duke, was accused of stealing and sneaking into the movies without paying, then when we showed him our movie tickets he asked to see our receipts for stuff that we’d purchased at the concession area, we showed him and i offered to pay for the extra pizza i grab on accident. Then me and my friends were asked to leave and not to step foot in the theatre ever again. When i asked to speak to a shift manager the assistant manager began to tell there wasn’t a single shift manager on site at the moment. So i asked if we could get refunds on the stuff we purchased including the tickets being that we were asked to leave, and he told us that since we checked in a the ticket booth we weren’t able to get a refund on the tickets at all. So I will not ever spend my money i work hard everyday in this theatre.

Jay Gahary

Awesome movie theater! They have great reclining seats which can be reserved in advance and even have small tables for your beverage and snacks! With features like a Starbucks inside and a decent selection of food, they have made traditional movie theaters concessions look primitive. All this, and some of the least expensive movie tickets in town!

Joshua Sales

Always love going here. You get to choose where you are going to sit when you buy the tickets!

Noelle Whittaker

Great place. Love the recliners.

A Garcia Romans

We saw a movie in one of the IMAX theaters. The quality of the movie was fine. We had a coupon we couldn't use because there is no cell service inside. That wasn't a big issue, just inconvenient. My problem was with the seats. They were the most uncomfortable seats I've had in a theater. No support, there was a crack in the seat so I had to use my sunglasses case so I wouldn't get pinched. Since you have to sit in reserved seats, we couldn't just get up and move. I'll be going to my normal theater from now on.

Gio Vega

Beautiful picture quality but way overpriced admission and concessions

John Vail

Love this theater clean comfortable everyone is very nice!

Ben Fultz

The chairs are THE BEST. Movies are movies, not much to say about that.

Jennifer Stockton

It's great buying tickets in advance with Movie Club!

Palmer Allen

Awesome, I'm disabled, and I love the seats , comfortable.. Love it...

Michael Robinson

Friendly service and outstanding facilities

Cécile Just Me

I love this theater. Good service provided.

Rebecca Miller

Since they did the upgrades I look forward to going to the movies!! I get my own lounge chair of my choosing from seats that are available. They are electric and pretty comfy, as always concessions are WICKED expensive!!

Kiera Richardson

Best movie theater in town in my opinion, always clean, friendly staff, and the popcorn is amazing! I have literally went here to just get popcorn didn’t even see a movie! Haha. Seating is so comfortable! The ONLY place I go to see a movie in this area. The burgers, and pizza are also delicious!

cristopher burquez

After the renovation the movie theater is amazing! With the restaurant, new seats and a bar there is a lot to look forward to with the movie theater. They have a lot of theaters too so they will always be showing what ever movie is out! They only thing I don't like which isn't even for this theater is the Cinemark movie connection doesn't offer a family option yet which I feel like would drive a lot more business but it's still worth it if you are a frequent movie goer!

Cody Pruett

The staff is great and welcoming and The theater is kept clean. Only complaint is the popcorn. It was a little stale but nothing someone cant get over.

Sara Lemke

Love the changes they have made to this place! The seats are amazing and the place was clean! Still charge an arm and a leg for popcorn but I didnt mind this time. Place earned the money.

Milena Hinojo

I love the fact that this theater is by so many businesses! Parking is hectic but totally worth it! The movie theater is always clean even the bathroom areas! The only thing I don't like is I don't have the option to leave my baby at home I don't care if you think babies are suppose to be at home because they cry I like to take my 7 year old to the kids movies mostly but there are no changing tables. So just a heads up if you do bring your baby.

Jannette Rivera

I enjoy going to this cinema love the reclining chairs.

Don Curtice

Discount Tuesday is a great time for wife and I to relax and enjoy a movie.

Rachel Carter

Would have been 5 stars but the first 2 previews were without sound.

James Kelly

I don't know when they changed their theaters to how they're currently configured, but since I haven't been to the movies in a while, I am guessing it could have been some time ago. The wife and I went to go see a late night viewing of Bohemian Rhapsody and I was amazed at the accommodations. If I hadn't liked the movie so much, I most certainly would have fallen asleep. The reclined seating is so AWESOME!!! Well worth the $25 we spent to go to the movies. Great experience. Thanks for making it better with the luxuriousness.

Jonathan L.

Best place to see a movie, reserve your seat online in advance for easy in and out.

Olivia Hayson

Lines are always super long for any food/drink. Very clean.

A2iztd Sa1nt

Theaters are always clean, love that this location has the tray tables, and the D-Box was an experience!! Join the Movie Club. You get a free ticket that carries over and builds up until you use them. With assigned sitting, you won't have to show up 45 minutes to popular movies. You can also use your credit on any ticket purchase. 3d IMax, D-Box, or regular 2D. 20% off concessions, and an extra ticket is only 8.99. There are coupons and other rewards. So aside from the friendly faces and quick pace of the snack lines, this particular location is one of the best in town. Dare I say, better than Tinseltown? I dare!

Mira Mangum

Prices are high (what's new?) But seats are comfy and there is a wide selection of films. Watched Spiderman far from home and the sound and visuals were spectacular on the big screen.

Boba Fett

Easy parking excellent facility with a full range of concession options.

Mark Lyons

Very comfortable recliner seats, large screens, micro brews and margaritas available but pricey tickets

Brenda Downs

Love buying my tickets in advance and the plungers are awesome.

Rebecca P

Honestly the best theatre cause it has tables on the chairs.

Caleb Ryman

We came here and they screwed up. The system gave us tickets that other people have twice. Got a refund and would settle for another showing but it was no longer matinee and the manager said it was our fault. The manager also didn't refund snacks. Will never come to this theater again. The management acted as it was our fault the system screwed up and did not care about helping us.

Jarrad Farlin

170 minute movie and they told me no refills on my medium soda

quinn Wikelius

Fairly spendy for any snacks but the seats are comfortable and the temperature was perfect

Way21 Henry

ALWAYS LOVE going there to see a movie

Randy M Novak

Just saw the Queen flick here and it (movie) was awesome! The theater is very comfy offering nice, wide, reclining seats. Serve the usual munchies and also offer beer & wine.

Deainera Turner

What's to say?!! The theater was clean and smelled nice! The chairs are by far my favorite part of this movie theater!!! The staff was willing to help me get a lot of butter for my popcorn, when I say a lot I mean a lot! This place is great and I loved the movie as well of course!!!!

His & Hearse

My first memory here was going to the IMAX to watch Fantasia 2000 and 3D until this day every single time I walked through the doors I am hit with Nostalgia and I'm always excited to see the next new film in an awesome theater. And even if you come there early on it's nice to know that there's plenty of different types of food beverages and games to play while you wait!

steven rodda

Little pricey but to be expected great seating very comfortable. Would definitely do the 3d dbox with the motion seating at least once fun experience!!

kristen ohagin

Great customer service. Nice atmosphere and comfortable.

Jason Yingst

The movie theater experience for Cinemark Carefree Circle & IMAX is outstanding - clean facility, nice recliners, and a wide selection of snacks. But that’s not why I’m posting. Yesterday, something very important to me unknowingly fell to the floor and I hadn’t realized it until after the next show started. Appreciating the protocol of not disturbing the next person sitting in the same seat I had, I asked to see a manager. I approached the theater’s General Manager, described my situation and asked for his assistance. He immediately engaged and went out of his way to help me out. Serving in example for his employer to know and his staff to see, the GM demonstrated his leadership and customer service and helped me recover what was lost. So yes...yesterday’s movie theater experience earned Cinamark Carefree 5 stars, as well as my loyalty to return to this theater. - Jason

Ben Armstrong

Best picture quality of any theater I have been to in the COS area. IMAX is the best way to see anything "Marvel", I make sure to preorder IMAX tickets opening night months in advance. Parking is at a premium due to the theaters location to shopping, so make sure you get to your show early and take plenty of time. There is a coffee/snack shop right around the front entrance that is a great place to chill while waiting for your film to start!

Mark Smith

Nice Theater, but concesssions are way too expensive.

Jeffrey Waits

The movie experience is so much nicer now. Reclining seats with tray. And the staff keeps everything so clean and welcoming. This is 50 miles from home and well worth the trip our local Cinemark isn't nearly as nice.

Robert Reed

Clean and nice staff. Seats are okay sound quality is great

kayla gantz

Great place. Kind people and great recliners. Nice for a date night too.

Nicole Lee

This is one of the coolest movie theaters I've been to. The sits recline and have a heating option. Big screens, very clean and all the staff are very good and helpful people. My husband and I love going here regularly.

Shane French

Always a great experience. The reclining chair are so nice.

Brittany Bee

A bit pricy. IMAX does NOT have the nice seats!! Made that mistake 9 months pregnant, and ouch ouch ouch those seats are not nice. Always clean though, and the staff are young but they work hard and timely!

Joseph Weems

Consistently good movie theater!

Street Life & Syndicate

My favorite place to enjoy a movie and studio eats is the best

Titan Dropz

Seating is way too tight. I'm gonna look out for a theater that has more comfort.

Maurice Rhodes

Great staff, great location, amazing service

M. Thomas

I love going to this theatre. I see movies at least twice a week and I love having popcorn. But the popcorn at this theater is ALWAYS so FREAKIN SALTY it burns my mouth!!! Seriously!

Jennifer Heath

Cinemark is a cozy comfort for movie goers. A grand entrance invites guests to experience theater at its finest. Convienence makes accessing movie tickets a breeze. Buy them online, they scan your unique code sent via email and your in within minutes upon arriving. The concessions offer a variety of snacks for every appetite. Refreshing drinks help ensure a relaxing ambiance. Each theater holds reclining chairs that envelope and transform your comfort level to the maximum. Conveinent trays attached to each recliner by a swivel joint make for easy snacking while veiwing your movie choice. Cinemark brings elegance and comfort together.

Charrise Pierson

This is a great theater. They have an adorable little water park out front for the kids. Plenty of shopping all around. Could even make a day trip out of this one Shopping Center. The theater itself is clean and very comfortable.

Lucien Martinez

Totally not worth spend at if your going to get discriminated on by assistants managers. Especially a particular assistant manager Casey Duke. Not my first time having problems with this guy but something is wrong with him. Was at this theatre yesterday and me and my friends were accused of stealing even though we explained we accidentally took a extra pizza and was willing to pay for the pizza we took that never was opened. Then he asked if we had our movie tickets and receipts for what we paid for, we asked not to come back even though we paid for and was offering to pay for the extra pizza. Then we asked for a refund on our movie tickets and he refused to give us back our money for what we paid for.

Mike H

Always love going here. Relaxing chairs,vibrating chairs, and thundering sound.

Adalia Francisco

Thomas Robinson

Great movie theater. Nice comfortable seats. Movie was pretty good too

Romeo Papa

I love going to the movies. It's near by my home. I can now order a juice burger with a tall draft beer. The staff are courteous and professional. I can also preorder my tickets on my cellphone to reserve my seats. I don't have to come early to pick my favorite seats. I can take my time.

chris piano

I do all my transaction online before I get to the theater so that I don't have to wait in line.

Alex Kirby

Great movie selection, incredibly comfortable seats, and just an overall very nice movie theater. I don't go anywhere else in The Springs.

Kylie Rossman

I love that all the theaters have the personal reclining seats, it makes going to the movies much more comfortable. Unfortunately it also makes going to the movies much more expensive, but that seems to be a fact of life these days.

Josh Cochran

I like this theater. The chocolate chip cookie is my favorite snack there. I highly recommend the Cinemark movie club member app. If you or the family are avid movie goers.

Gary Lamke

Great people and comfortable.

Mikey Sanchez

Always love this place. Even better with the new renovation. Hate the prices.

Teri Moore

Comfortable seating, Great view of the screen from almost any seat. Temperature and noise level acceptable and comfortable. Concessions clean and reasonable. Bathrooms clean and serviced. Great Theater.

David Merritt

Great theater comfy seats go on Tuesdays for half price tickets all day!

Megan Wicks

One of my favorite places to watch movies. I watched Aquaman twice there. Once regularly with a friend. The second time was with my niece. We did DBOX. WOW! I enjoyed that experience a lot! I felt every movement. Especially when explosions or people being thrown happened. I'd totally do that option again with the right movie. I'm glad I first experienced it with Aquaman. Even when I thought I'd be prepared for it being my second time there for that movie, it surprised me and I jumped anyways. I also love that they have food and a game room. I don't exactly like the prices, but, I still enjoy going. I also save money and use their member rewards thing. I see more movies with it then I did without it. I don't know, I just enjoy watching movies. You get charged once a month at a good price. But it's so worth it!

Macarius K

IMAX is still the way to go as far as specialty theaters. The only competition is the Dolby theater. This theater also has the most expansive food options. It's been around for more than a decade, and is probably still the most popular theater in town. D-Box is also fun, though a bit gimmicky, and not worth the price.

Nicki Mckinney

Always clean and very friendly staff.

Brian Lakes

Cinemark is usually the way to go as we are part of the movie club so it just makes sense for us. The popcorn is fresh and even when it is busy they get you in a out of the concession line really fast. The restrooms and theater is always clean. This theater has small tables you can sit stuff on which is nice as long as whatever you are putting there is not to tall as it would obstruct your view of the screen. Seats are comfortable and recline a good amount. Great place to catch a movie!

pterodactyl girl

Awesome! Can't wait for better seats though!

Jorden Mutlugunes

This movie theatre is nice and luxurious but me and a group of my friends were horribly discriminated on by the assistant manager Casey Duke, because we took a extra pizza on accident that we never opened, then asked not to come back after we showed our tickets, and receipts to him. Then asked if we could get a refund on everything we paid for which altogether we spent $243.78 in this theatre.

Yenny Mares

We bought some popcorn and I went back to ask for a bag or a water cup to put popcorn. The lady told me they unfortunately can't give me a bag. Then she told me to wait. She went to help other customers. She came back and I ask her if I could have a water cup. She seem fed up and put the water cup in the counter in a very mean way. I don't even think she wanted to be there. This has never happened to us at Tinseltown

Matthew Schaad

Always my go to place for movies. Been coming here most of my life and dont disappoint.

Sierra Grande

Very nice comfortable seating. Power recline and cup holders. Staff were nice and waiting at the door to clean and collect trash after the movie. A little spendy, but they all are so won't hold it against them. Would definitely go back.

cat skiff

Great theater, very comfy seats

Chip Odell

Always a good show. Clean theater, recliners, and great sound system.

ZachB 0367

Nice place to relax with family and friends...but in luxury lounge, try your best to not be too relaxed


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