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REVIEWS OF Century Aurora and XD IN Colorado

Andrea Martin

I truly love this remodeled movie theater.

Leon Elkins

My family and I always love to go to The late show at this theater anymore. A very friendly and safe environment. The new seating is fabulous

ernesto morones

Only place I like to go . Always helpful and friendly staff. They have gone above and beyond for me on 3 separate occasions . New seats are awesome and comfortable.

Jason Ponder

Sticky leather seats, poorly organized and dirty looking concessions, small theaters. This place is frankly terrible, skip and find another theater.

Natali Shropshire

Great value and nice heated recliners. Too bad the staff leaves the lobby a total mess!


Prices are good, XD theater is pretty good, not IMAX levels but it gets the job done


The employees were nice and attending but the toilets were pretty gross and the sidewalk and trashcans outside were crawling with beetles... might wanna get that checked out.

Angela Thorpe

Our favorite place to see a movie. Clean and safe.

Benjamin Miller

This theater is cheap and pretty well kept. My favorite thing to do when I'm bored. Seats are heated and reclinable, so comfy!

Gina Pérez

We love the new seats, and the sound, and because we can have all the jalapenos we want

Brittany Medina

I love this place. It is cheaper for my family and I to watch movies at than any other theatres. I love to see the police here each time I've come, it just gives that security feeling.

Jessica Kozik

I've had a lot of trouble going to this theater for personal reasons but it is closest to my home. The staff is always friendly. The theaters are always clean. I'm happy to enjoy the upgrades. I've been coming here since I was a child and some things have never changed.

Kanna Karri

XD theater is an awesome experience with the sound.

Trever Martin

Popcorn everywhere, seats weren't cleaned, movie was great, people were quiet and the price was good!

Kim Blubaugh

My daughter and I go here regularly. And belong to the movie club. We enjoy spending a bit of time together to see movies.Well kept, we'll run theater. Really like being able to choose where we want to sit ahead of time and the new seats are fantastic. Plus the way that it's all put together, you can't even see the others sitting in front of us.

Nery Fuentes

I've been going here since I was little and even after the whole shooting thing the theater is going strong and all the changes that they've made are great. There's way more security now, my only negative would be that the snack area is not usually open on both ends. It also gets packed during the weekends but I mean that's to be expected I guess.

Vijay Gurajala

Affordable prices compares rest in the area. Comfy seats. Pizza isn't that great.

Allen Robinson

It is very nice. Set are grewt in row F the are adjustable and heated if you chose to use those functions. Would gladly go again.

Mikey Archibeque

My favorite theater because the chairs are comfy and heated. And the price is fantastic

Kosh TheRipper

Great theater, be sure to get your tickets before hand to save some money and get better seats

Todd Whitt

Most days tickets are only $5! The theater is clean, the seats are comfy, and the screens are too notch! This is a great place to see a movie.

Tyler King

Great theater. Modern, clean, well run. The recliner seats are amazing, highly recommend.

Allison Malenfant

Nice theater. New reclining lounge seats with heading that you can reserve online ahead of time. Looks newly renovated. Definitely coming back.

Kimikiwi Andersen

Saw Avengers Endgame in the XD theater and those chairs are so comfy! Plus we had fun in the arcade waiting for the movie to start

Nesho Montoya

The new setting is great plus the price can't beat it

Robert Beard

Comfortable chairs nice theater will go again

Nancy Neiswanger

We got the help we needed since I have a Walker and My husband is in a powered wheelchair. And can't hold anything's

Darius Williams

Love priceing of tickets and food all great best in metro area and great seats aswell

Jasney Smallwood

Annoying rude teenagers with no discipline. Too many kids coming up to me asking me to "be their adult" for an r rated movie. Happens every time

Sh H

I have been to this theater 3-4 times. The theater itself is not bad, has nice recliner seats. However, many people who go here are not the best to watch movies with! They don’t care about cleanliness that much! You can find trash everywhere, in the restrooms, on your seats, in the isles. Also, every time I went there, there was a group of people who were talking so loudly the entire time, or kids screaming non-stop, and another group of people who have to shush them. This time, the guy next to me was so loud, trying to drink the last drop of his milkshake for 10 minutes. His breath smelled like alcohol. His trash was on my seat when I got there and he didn’t even try to grab them. Finally he finished his milkshake and threw his cup on the floor ... Will never go back.


Reasonable ticket prices and nice concession area. Comfy reclining chairs were nice too!

Dana C.

Great movie theater. I love the matinees, they're quite affordable! The snacks are pricey like at any theater, but the selection is quite nice and I do feel like the prices for snacks are slightly less than most other places. Never get movie theater box candy though, it's like 8 bucks when you can buy it for 1 dollar at King Soopers or Dollar Tree and sneak it in.


I love coming here, even after that awful event... The theater has been renovated and well we have all tried to move on and keep them in our hearts. The majority of the time the theater is clean. There is always someone sweeping and tiding up. Chairs are comfy and over all great atmosphere.

Nicholas Lascola

Prices are the best around. Staff are always perky, helpful, and genuine, and it woukd seem this establishment stays committed to improving not only itself, but the experience of it's patrons.

Melanie Wood

We were visiting from out of town. Century is the same company as our local cinemark, so I knew it would be a decent place. The nicest feature on our recliner seats was the heat button !! It was kind of chilly but the heat was so relaxing I actually fell asleep for a few minutes! I wish our cinemark had heated seats! The people working were ultra nice and the prices were much cheaper than Cleveland ( $5 matinee and $4 for the kids meal with my movie club 20% discount )

Cameron Costello

Very wide selection of movies and show times. Greatly reduced pricing for day time shows. Great online site makes it easy to plan. Added several meal options and constantly trying new ideas. My favorite theater.

Billy mcclellan

They would get a 5 star but for month Ive tried to get a refillable popcorn bucket no dice. Tuesdays the best night to see a movie. Seats are awesome.

Ernesto Hernandez

Don't come here with your children restrooms are unsanitary. There's trash and food all over the ground. When you buy tickets thru Fandango you get a different seat or the layout is incorrect. I ended up in front of the screen when I purchased a seat in the middle row! I worked as a food inspector in my early twenties and oh boy you shouldn't eat anything here. Also no military discounts or senior discounts are given. If you do decided to come here which I don't recommend you too come prepared. Eat beforehand bring hand sanitizer don't use the restroom here. Also apparently there has been shooting here... So keep that in mind.


Love the prices and the seats

joanne potts

Only theater with real butter...not soy oil. Nice recliner seating and you can reserve your seating.

te king

Wonderful place to shop and visit, very friendly persons in shops.

Kevin Richmond

I am glad that I went to this theater. Amazing staff and seats were comfortable.

Tracy Buyse

Love it. The remodel and selecting my seats is the best. Heated recliners... who could ask for more.. well if they had better food that would be nice.

Rena Farrer

My husband and I came to see the Once Upon a Time In Hollywood movie. The recliner seats are are very comfortable. The screen was great, the sound was amazing and the movie was fun. Very pleased with the entire experience.

Margaret McGregor

Horrible experience from beginning to end. The only good thing was the movie!

ShaDawn Shuler

Ok so this is not the move!!! They have assigned seats but no one to enforce it until one person comes along then brings and usher then it’s a 30 minute ordeal of moving people into the proper seats during the movie and it’s a drag. Personal hygiene should be strictly enforced for ushers. The whole place is covered with popcorn, literally. Just pay more and go to a better theater further out

Nathzelleous Brison

It was as a koo lil place

Kayla Kaspar

The seats here are AMAZING!!! Fully reclining, heated seats in a theater??? Heck YES! I'm typically that person sitting in my coat freezing in a theater and uncomfortable. We went on Valentines, lifted the arm between our seats, reclined and turned on the seat heater and completely enjoyed being comfortable and laughing at our movie. EPIC REMODEL! We will be returning to this location!

Todo Kap

Words to describe this facility "reinvented for the better" is my very thought and words when I see a movie here. I was there today at the tragedy and have been attending this theater for years prior. The staff there are almost like family and it feels like a warm atmosphere when you walk in. I'm glad to see money earned well spent as the upgrades to the plush heated retractable seating and not as crowded theater rooms is quite the luxury. The movie sound and picture quality perfect and the amenities offered have grown in various ways I would say for the better. I look forward to going back when the next big hit hits the cinema.for all those who make it in before me please be courteous and take your trash when you're done in the theater and please be respectful of others that's how we do it in Colorado.

Jen Lopez

The Good: the seats here are really comfortable! They recline into an almost completely flat position, which is great (if a little too nap-inducing)! They also have the option of heat, which is nice. Armrests raise between the seats, and that makes for a loveseat-like experience. The theater is a comfortable temperature, and the rows are wide. There are rails between every row of seats, which provides a private experience. The Bad: the place looks like it has recently been hit by a tornado, and there is popcorn, trash, rappers and various debris everywhere! The bathrooms were also pretty messy. The employees, over all, seemed rather apathetic. Nobody really seem to care too much about what was going on. I did not receive any greetings, well wishes, or even guidance as to which direction I should be going. The Ugly: the concession area here is an absolute klusterfunk! Like really, really bad. There is no instruction as to how to enter the concession area, how/where to form a line, how to order items from the attendant, etc. It is very confusing, and completely packed. Perhaps one third of the people seemed to understand the system; another third just stood there dumbfounded; and the last third wandered around in complete befuddlement. It was nearly impossible, and took forever, to get through the concession line. The design is very poorly conceived and even more poorly executed. Conclusion: if you join the Cinemark rewards program and/or are willing to watch movies during the day to save a couple bucks, the pros outweigh the cons of this theater. The facility itself is very nice. This theaters' problems are definitely in the management and staff areas. The staff is unmotivated at best. Management definitely needs to address the poor flow and confusing nature of the concession area. More instructive labeling would be a good start. The prices here are pretty reasonable and the seats are really comfortable. This theater could be one of the better ones in the area with a little bit of effort!

Alem M

This 2nd remodeling is nice. Chairs may be too comfortable and entice sleeping. Seat warmers are nice especially on colder days but be careful before sitting. I don't think anyone cleans ALL the seats in between showings and some people leave all sorts of foods behind.

Alejandra Hernandez

The movie theater changed so much it's so beautiful. It has a seat warmer settings. Enough space to make your chair go back. You can choose a number where you'll be sitting its awesome.

Magnolia Place

Good, fun the remodel looks...

Endang Yuliwati

Family gather in Century Aurora and XD..I love this place..

Yeyo K

It was amazing! Had lots of options to choose from! Has hard working people! It's just always packed. It also has long lines everywhere. And the seats aren't the best

JoElla Armstrong

Great theater, love the recliners and the seat warmers!

Shannon Thurston

Nice chairs and seems now someone is keeping an eye on things. Great date time.

Lisa Edmonds

This theater has been completely redone. Ticket prices are considerably lower than other theaters around town. The theater has reserved seating and ticketing is available online. We purchased tickets on the Fandango app for a small fee per ticket. Seats are fully reclining and also have heaters!

Rose Shu

It pretty good, but the snacks are pricey. Also the was a shooting I believe.

Raymond Surprenant

Better deal than other theaters. Nice facilities.

Carmen Held

Has good time watching Lion King all 29 of us!

Thomas Run.

Go here Sence I was little. After the shooting years back it has turned for the better and it is great !!

Iris Metzger

Going to see a movie can be pricy (what with ticket prices, food [looked real good but ate b/4 we arrived], entertainment (video games). We were in the balcony section. VERY comfortable seating. It can act as a lounge chair with heated backing !Sound, picture quality is superb! But I gave it 4 stars due to ticket price and ladies bathrooms - very messy. That is due to the people's fault (not flushing, counters are a swampland of water), popcorn all over the carpeting. Still, would go back to see another film.

Brittany Inge Payne

Fair prices, friendly staff. One of the fastest, most efficient snack bar experiences in any movie theater.

24/7 Bunny

I always come here and staff is really nice and fast.. no complaints

Leslie Feldman

Great place to see a movie! Comfy seats, clean, good quality pix and sound. Cant beat the prices these days.

Benjamin Snyder

Good theater with competitive pricing for current movies.


This theater has improved immensely overt since the remodel. Used to feel like I could not go there to watch a movie however that’s no longer the case. We paid 11$ for 2 people on a Thursday night to watch spider man and it was great. The picture and sound quality is very good. And you can’t beat that price for 2 adult tickets. And that was after matinee hours.

Antonella Correa

They upgraded their seats, they're super comfortable and they're heated and recline now. Ticket prices are super cheap like 5 dollars. Concessions are a little pricey but you get a free refill on the largest popcorn. They show mostly mainstream movies and some Bollywood type films, as well as children's movies.

RAYE Unicorn Alien

The seats were kinda dirty and popcorn wasn't super buttery but other than that it was cool


Great atmosphere, the theaters are comfy, not too hot. not to cold. The concession prices are a bit steap but overall a great experience.

felicia ybarra

Great price, great comfy seats... can't beat the price for watching a movie comfortably. Nice staff and has a little bit of everything, pizza, nachos, ice cream, bulk candy etc. Still love coming here.

Angelica Turrieta

Great movie theater with ample parking. Seating is excellent- comfy recliners with heat made the movie experience even better. Only draw back- with so much competition with theaters serving spirits and food its hard to be limited to concession style food only (hot dogs etc) .

Sergio A

A hell of a lot better than the other movie theaters I been to . (1) friendly staff (2) great atmospheric environment (3) movie ticket prices are ideal

Melissa Green

Good selection of movies, great lounge seats, but as usual the concessions are outrages

Leah Giuliani

Very friendly. Comfortable seats! ❤

Hannah's and Gianna's Toy review

The place is so fancy when you come where you watch movies there is also a heat on your chair you could change and you could fold down your seat and lay down

Amanda Martin

I love that you can still get a value at this theatre. It is the most affordable theatre in the city, which is so important for a big family like mine. And I don't feel like quality is compromised for a low price. Tuesdays you can get in for $4.50!

BlueGhost 303

1st time visiting this particular Theater......great seats....clear screen...friendly staff....and ticket pricing is great compared to some of the competitors...overall great experience....will be returning in the near future

April Paige

Seats were very comfy but they need to pay better attention when starting the previews. We had to let them know they started without sound. Also try not to put a movie with a lot of explosions next to a kids movie

Chuck Odom

The staff were polite and helpful, and appeared to be busy working. However the floor of the concession area was dirty. I visited the men's room a few times and each time it was dirty and smelled like someone had been smoking.

Desiree Burdick

Great ticket prices and nice seats, last couple of times I went people think it’s okay to bring their crying babies into the movies. Other than that a great theater.

Matt Krause

Great concession stands great seats and the price is killer can't beat them.

Rodolfo Alaniz

Great service the seats are amazing and sound what you will expect.

Miaboo Mansionz

They’re definitely not the same (obviously) but the setting is nice. I just wish the staff was just as nice and the prices were nice to our wallets as well.


Love the new full reclining, heated reserved seating!!! Super comfortable!!! I've been here a couple of times and I really want to say thank you for the amazing service from several of your employees in the box office and concessions!!! Super friendly and helpful! They went above and beyond to make sure my family and I had a great experience and we really appreciate it and we will be back!!! Thank you!!!

Kasey Pickard

Best heated reclining seats I've ever sat in

Kellie Rarick

The seating was very comfortable. I loved the heated seat. Matinees are so inexpensive. Staff was helpful. There definitely needs to be more attention on cleanliness. There was soda all over the floor at the checkout line and was being walked through by everyone. Popcorn all over the carpets and fairly dirty ladies restroom. No TP. The movie was very enjoyable. Thank you for a good day with family!

Azalea Collazo

I love coming to this theater, the staff is always friendly and helpful. The theater is always cleaned and they have great prices for both movie tickets and snacks. Ive never had an issue here.

Jenifer Liver

The seats were comfortable and the theater pretty empty for a Saturday matinee. My only complaint was the gum stuck to the side of my chair.

leanora stringer

Chairs arw super comfy, and very good prices

Amanda Pasley

I absolutely love the luxury reclining seats with built-in heating. Feel like at home, very comfortable. The ticket prices are quite reasonable. The theatre itself is clean and the staff is always friendly. Would recommend visiting!

Adriana Guerrero

I love this theater. I always liked it because it’s cheaper than all these other companies and that’s every day. Not just discount day. I like it even more now after the renovation because the seats are more comfortable. You can recline them all the way and add a seat warmer as well. If this is not to far from you then I’d totally recommend you save your money and come here vs any of the competitors.

Cat Hansen

It's an amazing theater. But it gets dirty FAST and I presume employees just can't keep up with it.

Gilberto Morales

The rules of this is to place our soul Dom If you bring a kid to watch a movie he needs to stay quiet or they kick you out

LJ Colorado

Love this theatre. Luxury loungers in all theatres. I think it was very good of the to be respectful to the survivors and families of victims to not show "The Joker." Makes me appreciate the owners for their empathy.

Ronnette Davis

Enjoyed the new remodal. Chairs recline and are heated. Fewer seats but they are larger and quite comfortable. Wished they had some meat in their super nachos but were quite tasty without. Restrooms need more attention. In midday toilet paper was needed.

Lidia Guerrero

I liked the prices for a 3D movie and the seats were very comfortable. Definitely I will come back to watch more movies. Thumbs up!


Theater has updated the seating to be leather chairs that have heat and recline. The sound is pretty good even a tad loud at times, which is albeit better than too quiet. Bathrooms were kinda dirty, so that's why 4 instead of 5.

Megan May

Went early afternoon and wasn't that busy. Didn't have to wait to get drinks/popcorn and staff was courteous. Absolutely love the reclining seats! The only downside is the bathroom was a little messy.

Juan David

It was nice, the seats had heaters, employees were also kind.

Kyle Johnson

this theater has been through a lot lately within the last several years but this is a still nice of a decent place to go to and watch movies and everything else too as well I just hope that their security system and certain type of the security measures are in place to protect people also that I have lots of people that I know that work at this movie at this movie theater and I want things to really work out and I want everybody to have fun and to be safe at the same time.???

Rob B

Great theater and one of the best in Denver. Seats were very comfortable, screen was nice and staff was amazing. Only took 1 star down because cleaners didn't really get a chance to clean are theater in between movies.

Danish Islam

Fairly good cinematic experience fot the price. Would recommend everyone to be clean and not ruin the movie experience of people coming after you with soda and popcorn on the floor

Jason Blair

My kids and I love to watch movies here.

amori belleza

most comfy seats in colorado


Customer Service , as a whole was Very Good. Went to see Shazam with my 9 yr. old grandson. We enjoyed the experience and Movie Very Much.

Pamela Clewis

Love the movie Godzilla but the concessions way too expensive...

John Harris

Nice theater.I love this place.The movie theater changed so much it's so beautiful.One of my favorite movie theaters to go to.

Neha Sarraf

This is very nice theater with recliner and heated seats. And tickets are cheap too! Overall nice !

Andrea Rosas

I went and saw Ralph breaks the Internet! Totally LOVED the movie!! Hate to admit it but I did cry at the end! Absolutely recommend this movie to everyone! The theater was extremely enjoyable and the lounger chairs were hard to leave!! They even had heaters in them!! I will be going there more often and hope others do as well. Also want to add that they have discount Tuesdays- $4.50 movie tickets! If you join Movie Club - $8.99 month you get 20%off concessions as well along with a free movie ticket per month. I joined for the concessions discount since movie tickets are $7.50 there unless you upgrade to XD or something else. Totally worth it to save if you love grabbing movie munchies and drinks to enjoy during your show! You also earn points with scanning your code in the Movie Club app or with Connections app to use toward rewards! Go check it out!!

Kara Robinson

Love the reclining seats! They also have warmers!

lana hailemariam

I love the experience. Typically there is a bit of a wait because they rarely have both concessions side open. But the service from the people who work there is always on point. Also seats are comfy.

Danny Gregory-O'shea

The seats are comfy (electrically reclined and heated), clear sound, and great picture. The concessions can get a bit congested but it's a weird system.

Nate Howler

The best thing this theatre recently added was recliners with reserved seating online or on site. This makes the pressure to get to theatre super early to find seating away from the front non-existent. Pricing is average. Screen and sound quality is current and great. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Laymen's Growing

Favorite theatre in denver. Best comfy seats and low prices


Bias of bags even though just a back pack with charge cords. Also being homeless make it difficult to waist time on my day off at work. Inconvainientce would not even oblige checking the content having been offered.

Lucero Giron

Cheaper than other theaters to watch brand new movies. Great selection with food. Pizza, pretzels, ice cream & the classic poporn, which they give away at the end of the night to its customers.

Janeth Dominguez

I liked it but too many young kids without adult supervision


One of my favorite movie theaters to go to. Seats are comfortable and recline back and have warming capabilities. The associates are friendly. There is always plenty of parking spaces (handicap as well) for those who need it. My definite go-to place to catch a movie or two. I'm glad they added the seat reservation option a while back.

Greg Butler

Pretty cool theater. Some sections have reclining, heated seats. To be honest, I wasn't expecting that but they have come a long way

Vienna Stewart

Loved the movie,and love the recliner, heated seats. I have cancer, so the heated seats are wonderful.

sam huskin

Great place, seats are awesome, staff super cool. Saw Endgame, bathrooms were crowded after lol, but they were clean!


I love this place, it is typically my go to. I love the recliner chairs, and the heating option. If you decide to go here pick XD, for the nicer seats, and higher resolution.

Mile High

This theatre is very nice. I love the new design of the place and the reclining chairs. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I will go back to this place often. Very nice.

Tyler Jones

Always have movies at a great price. Even with its history. Ill still support this place.

Jeanine Owens-Lomax

Great theater. Comfy seats and low ticket price

Yur'Superior Excellency UponHigh

This was and will ways be my go to theater. Cheap tickets. Heated seated that recline, now. I live much farther away, but I drive here.

Firoz Kasim

Push back seats, at first look, are great; but not comfortable. Make sure you have a big pocket if you go for Popcorns and drinks. Stay away from these as they can cost as much as 25 bucks. You can carry some sancks form home in a closed bag if you have kids.

samuel marquez

Great prices on Sunday funday for the whole family and recliners for a cheap price got to enjoy a great movie comfortable

Tiffany Parsons

I understand the whole backpack rule but if I take the bus I don't have a place to put my bags. To make people happy you guys should let people leave their bags at the front for people like me that take the bus.

AJ Johnson

I really do love century theaters or Cinemark theaters but they really need to get that issue fixed for the backpack issues that's the only thing that I don't like about coming to the theater if I'm coming from work or if some people don't have a car or if they are on the public transportation they need to respect people and they need to start offering up a room or a lock room where you can lock up your backpack in a room or in a locker area so that customers can still bring their backpacks but they would need to leave their pack their backpacks in a locked room only managers have the option of getting being the doors open I would like to see that happening sometime soon if century wants to keep customers coming back to their to their theater they need to change the backpack policy and the backpack House of rules they need to start having a backpack room for the customers so that customers don't get disappointed coming to the movie theaters hopefully management and the corporate owners are paying attention please I really want see the policy change for the backpack policy hopefully sometime soon. But on the other hand this is a decent theater to go and watch movies most definitely most definitely and everything else too as well.

Mom Of Power

Great new reclining chairs with heated seats. Gelato was good, too.

ermila guerrero

very nice theater and I like the fact that there's always police officers.

Catie Kleindl

Always a great time! Incredible staff members!

M Morrison

Nice big theater and you get to pick your seats which coming from a small town is something we to us.

Fawn Escalet

This place is very nice. Helpful employees down to the seats are clean. They have heated recliners and also a lot of room. Also a lots of parking.

Enrique Zamora

Came here after studying and I didn’t have anywhere to put my bag unless I walked all the way home. I offered to show all my belongings in the bag and was still refused service . My bag was filled with clothes and books. Glad I missed my movie at 10:30pm .

Jeremy Sharrow

Went to see a movie with my girlfriend. We met there and when we got there we were refused because we had backpacks. We both ride the bus and came from different area of Aurora. We had prepaid tickets and we were not given a refund because they said the policy about bags is on their website. So after checking their site the only way were able to find the policy was doing a specific search for bag policy. So, how are you to know about that if you don't know to look for it. They wouldn't even allow us to leave the packs behind their counter stating that the police would be called to collect them. Such a disappointment. Especially seeing their reason was that it was a fire safety hazard. Won't be going to that theater ever again.

Manny G

I love this theater, best leather seats ever!

Jessie Rogers

I live nowhere near this movie theater and I go out of my way to come here just for the kettle corn LOL I love it. I also enjoy the new theater setup and the seats as they recline and keep you warm when they blast the AC LOL but I do feel that the quadrupling of security also makes me feel really safe. Keep popping that delicious popcorn century!

Robbie 1

Good price for the movie we saw but needs major help with cleaning between showings. The lobby floor covered with dropped popcorn, sticky seating ( I sat in something!!), trash was over filled before the movie started and no soap in the bathroom.

xv_ edits

Good theater good quality big place

Samantha Rezler

They sometimes have one side of the snack bar closed, which really slows things down and usually a mess gets made on the floor. So you are walking on buttered popcorn on polished marble. Other than that, great theater.

Eric T

Great theater. So great that I think it's becoming too popular

Marie Baker

Everyone is so friendly. Staff are always visible for help. Someone is always cleaning something. I like that! Theater, halls, bathrooms are very clean an spacious. Great prices especially for kids.


This theater is amazing. We paid $10 for a matinee that included recliner seats and Dolby sound. This is one of the best theaters that I've been to in a long time.

Ida Daughtry

This theater is very large. The seats are comfy recliners!!!

Jen Ledrow

Extremely affordable ticket prices, nice seats, friendly staff. I'll drive the extra 15 minute do go here instead of the closer movie thearter

Jeremy Medina

Always a good time to go here with or without friends/family. It is always playing the newest movies at a reasonable price, has extremely comfortable recliners to sit on with plenty of space for each person, and on Tuesdays tickets are half-off. Finally, service has never been less than decent

Mr. Carter The Preacher

Some of their staff is rued. But I like the theater rooms. The heated seats are amazing.

Dub Ya

Comfortable reclining seats, giant screen

Ann Flowers

My family was asked to leave because 1 year old was walking around in the area where my family was sitting near. We sat in front of the screen in a corner just so we didn't bother anyone. However that wasn't enough for being in a public space with small children. Do yourself a favor parents go to Southlands with your kids it's a much nicer and cleaner theater and I have never had a problem taking my kids there under the age of 2 years old. Also wanted to add the facility for changing station are unsanitary. If you do decide to take your family here you cannot take a diaper bag bigger than a handbag, I was lucky to bring a single diaper and a pack a wipes to fit in my purse. You know what sets the mood too literally a carpet of popcorn walk-in almost slip several times. No senior discount or military discounts apparently. If you like smashed hot dogs and questionable food come here but that isn't my cup of tea. If you have made it this far take a moment to think twice coming to this place. Oh I want to add Southlands had much better seats and you can order food in your seat so you don't miss the movie!!!

James Baer

The theaters now have reclining heated seats. Great sound, Big color. Excellent

Steven Burton

Excellent service every time I go. They have a pretty good concession selection to choose from, and great seating as well.

Karen Vidrio-Aguirre

I know this place has a bad rep due to the incident that happened...but...they really are trying to make this theater successful. They've updated their seating, so that's always comfy with the reclining chairs. With the app, the discounts are nice too. It gets a little messy, but there's a lot of people. Pretty normal. This is usually my go to theater or Harkins.

Beth Nichols

Dropped good food to the working kiddos!

Ruth Levin

I really enjoy this theater. They show lots of first-run movies, they have a great snack bar, and the prices for seniors are $5 at any time. They've done a lot of remodeling here, and the seats are comfortable. There is lots of security on site whenever the theater is open. This is the theater with the unfortunate history of the shooting, so they have made every effort possible to make theater patrons feel safe. I've had a good experience with every staff person I've dealt with. This is one of the first theaters I look for when I want to see movies.


Century Aurora and XD en Colorado
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