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REVIEWS OF AMC Westminster Promenade 24 IN Colorado

Nancy Mom

We had a great time, the theatre was clean, it was just super expensive for a movie... And the snack prices were insane. The new Lion King was amazing though!

Angelica Santillano

Always my go to theater. The place is always so clean and the seats are so comfortable.

Derrick Houska

Great place to watch a movie. The parking lot on the South of the theatre is the best.

sophia daniels

It's a movie theater.... I think I saw some movies I liked here.... Has a nice row where you don't have anybody in front of you and you not even an annoying bar. Just an isle.

Noah Chornyak

This is the best AMC in the northern suburbs of Denver, and quite possibly the whole metro area. It has a large and spacious lobby, and I've never had to wait more than a minute or two for food. I've tried the chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, and pretzel bites, all of which are tasty. Their staff is also professional and helpful. I recommend seeing movies in their Dolby Cinema format if possible; Prime is also a good option.

M Reiter

They just upgraded to reclining lounge seats which are amazing. Get your tickets ahead of time online though as they fill up. Prices are higher than average.

Yvette Russell

So Beautimus! Especially for a couples movie night! Relax in the comfortable seats and Enjoy IMAX theater sound!

Ruben Carrasco

The teenagers that work there are pretty chill. It's super expensive for the tickets because the seats are fancy shmancy and recline. Better elbow room than a normal theater and.much more comfortable seats compared to the Elvis.

Richard Ryer

Go on Tuesdays for the $5 tickets (all shows and all theaters). Almost all theaters have the reclining seats. They facilities are clean and well maintained. You can bring in your own food and drink. Full snack bar and bar service available. Lots of close in parking.

Ariel Quinn

Very comfortable reclinable electronic seats. Popcorn is pre-popped and made available on a counter so the line appears to go a little faster. It was a pretty typical AMC experience and not lacking in any notable way.

Julie SPomer

Just saw a free showing of the movie POMS and it was awesome. I would recommend it. It is worth going to see!

Lea M

It is nice, especially after the remodel! I always feel that it's still a little dirty because, before the remodel, it was always gross and sticky, so I can't get it out if my mind when I touch things. Still, it's very enjoyable! The staff is often either nice or dead inside, but it doesn't bother me. This theater has assigned seating, which is great!

Gary Red Willow

Lovely place to see a movie.

Carl D

A OK! We like this large theater. We get great snacks and nice seats every time we go to this theater. Definitely one of our favorite places for a new movie! 5 Stars today!

Stephen Cannon

Decent theatre, remodel really does wonders, staff have improved. Would be 5 stars if i could confidently go to staff with questions or problems and get a resolution without having to talk to three different people.

Scott follansbee

The Great nice clean place, very nice experience. They really care how things look here over AMC at bowles and highlands ranch. They couldn't care how clean the place is. Popcorn under under the movie chairs. Urine in the bath rooms always on the floor under the urinals never mopped always gross sticky.

ji Rie

Thugs sitting in the back talked loudly through the entire movie. I asked the nicely twice to keep it down and three times not so nicely. I looked around for the management to do something. Nobody was there to respond. Unbelievable! The place is on autopilot after 10. Thugs were waiting outside after the movie. The guy must have called a couple of friends too. Better bring your pepper spray to this place after 10. NOT SAFE!

E Lath

The seats are ok and I kind of like assigned seats but otherwise no it's trash. It's all automated and a self serve maze with no fun of going to the movies experience. I'll be sticking with Alamo and Esquire instead of this boring overpriced Walmart of theatres

Karen Post

Stadium seats. Great location. Prices are on the higher end but the theaters are nice. I like the new drop off area since it's a bit of a walk from the usually crowded parking spots. They have the sound up too loud though... much louder than several local competing theaters.

Charlotte Tankersley

NIce, clean theater with polite employees. The seats in theater 2 were a little uncomfortable compared to the seats in general that they have in the AMC theaters on Bowles and Wadsworth but are still comfortable enough to enjoy the movie. Bring a sweater or blanket as the theater is a little cool (although that could have been because the theater was mostly empty during the showing I went to and when it is full of people it would be the right temperature for all the people in the room. However staff should adjust the thermostat keeping this in mind) I would go back (and have come here before) and see movies here again. Enjoyable experience despite being cool and slightly (very slightly and only in comparison to the other theater I usually frequent) uncomfortable seats.

elias Thomase

I remember going to this AMC for more than half of my life. This AMC has always been one of the busiest theaters I have been to. So many great movies, and this location keeps up with the changes. This AMC has a BAR , IMAX, 3D, and love the leather furniture they have in some of the theaters. The service has been good every time I have came, never had a bad experience at this location. I will come see a movie here anytime I get a chance.

Brandon Visconti

I was given a hot dog accidentally and they would not give me back my lost wallet until I paid for it. Garbage management the way that they handled it was absolutely unacceptable!!!

Jennifer Wright

Great seats! Love the easy they recline, but super loud!

Cherice Campbell

Love this theatre . Snacks and drinks are ridiculously priced. The tickets have gone up tremendously. But the seats are recliner and screens are amazing

Supreme Bista

Very good theater and also big theater with good cinematic experience.

David Canfield

Nice updated facility. Recliner seats. Lots of food option. Can reserve seats ahead of time.

Mr beast6000

Everyone is so nice and clean I recommend it

Tim Pomeroy

This theater has started to lock the doors as early as the last showing. This is very problematic since many come later to miss the previews. I bought a ticket online and wasn’t able to see the movie due to coming 20mins late to skip previews. This is unacceptable and very unprofessional to paying customers.

primo redviper

Clean and comfortable very impressive

anthony baca

Love movie night with the kids! A little pricey but always fun

ashley y

Love this theater, I go there frequently. They remodeled about a year ago. Leather seats that recline, and you get to pick your own seat before the movie.

Jennifer R.

We love this theater. It's right by the house and really the only one we go to. I've never had an issue with the staff (which is rare for a theater since most of the staff are teenagers). We've never had a problem with any of the movies or our experiences. Even the time the theater lost power, we got movie vouchers as AMC A List members. It's as clean as you'd expect a theater. The bathrooms are pretty good. I haven't had one without toilet paper yet. Although you may have to get soap from one sink and wash them in another, lol.

Jason Russell

Check out the dolby theatre if you want to truly experience a movie how it was meant to be seen

AmAndA ArgueLLo

Chairs in the auditorium were cLean and the fLim pLayed correctLy but the staff couLd have been nicer and the condiment stand was trashed. Other than that, it was good.


Nice theatre. Love that I can have a good drink and watch in a comfy recliner.

Tracy Lai

I've gone here twice and my experience has been disappointing. It all depends on what you expect from a theatre, though. The good: Some of the rooms have been upgraded, so you get the comfy seats that recline. Some of the other rooms are your standard movie seats. The bad: Some of these upgraded rooms are tiny, so you need to make sure to purchase online or get there really early to secure a seat. Don't let them convince you to take any of the front row seats, like they did to us. We went in, tried it for a second, and left to find another movie time. Staff, for the most part, is friendly but when you do have an issue, they can improve. We wanted a refund on our pre-paid tickets because we realized it was a $5 movie night. That didn't happen. We saw an IMAX movie that was blurry because they played a non-3D film on a 3D projector setup. Took me a while to even find a Guest Services representative to get a refund.

lonzo g

Love this place it's my go to movie theater over all clean and cozy sometimes it gets a bit packed but that's good to see in a movie theater

Bishop Hahn

I been hear sense it first started and what they done sense the first time it been there is so cool!!!!

Jeremy Jewett

Theatre looks really nice since the remodel but the theatres are rarely cleaned well in between movies.

milky Way

Popcorn is great.. people are awesome...

GI Bunzo

Great theater with different choices of screens and recliner seats. Bar inside for alcoholic beverages which is nice too

Cindy Bunning

Very comfortable theatre. I only wish concessions weren't so expensive and it would be nice if popcorn was fresh versus sitting in bags waiting for you to pick up.

Luz Cadavid

Good experience, place is keep clean , stuff are friendly, love the separation on the seats. I highly recommend it

Monica C

This is my go to place to watch all movies. I love that through the app I can buy my tickets and pick my seats. The theater is always clean and close to me.

Denise Romero

This theatre was way over priced. Even the matinee tickets are ridiculously high. For two people we paid over $50 for 2 matinee tickets, 2 sodas & a large popcorn. We'll continue patronizing the Elvis theatres. Much cheaper ($3.50 per ticket), and affordable.

Glen S

Went to see John Wick. Got tickets right away. The theater was clean. Totally enjoyable.

None OUB

Small popcorn and medium soada 22.85 oh box of candy .99 cent boxes from walmart. Seats where nice beer was 8.00 for a glass.

Jack Miera

Great place for a movie:) Staff was helpful and popcorn was above average

Destiny Deaton

The theatre seats are cozy but you definitely pay the price. Tickets are through the roof, consessions are crazy too (9$ for a popcorn and only stub members get refills), bathrooms and everything else super unclean and there are lots of employees standing around while others are working hard. I'll be staying home from now on. Way cheaper and less crowded.

Eddy Frisk

Excellent job on the new remodel! We came to the AMC Westminster Promenade for years, overtime its years began to show and we ended up switching to another more modern theatre. We were in the neighborhood and went to AMC Westminster Promenade out of nostalgia, boy were we surprised. Top to bottom this place has gone through a great remodel. Streamlined concessions, comfy chairs, booming sound system... yep I’m a fan, and will definitely be coming back. (Not to be picky... you still need to fix your lights in the back of your building...)

Marshal Lee

I been coming here since I was a kid. Took many dates here through growing up. And still is a great theatre and awesome location! The reworked concession is nice.

hannah valtierra

This place is interesting. The carpets in front of the soda machines are sticky and smell. It’s always dirty and sticky everywhere. We went once and I thought maybe give it one more and I felt gross being there. Regretted buying a drink and didn’t get one because the whole machine was “ew” Service is not at all thrilled to be there and u can see it on everyone face. Makes sense no one likes work but woah. Shows lack care for everything there. Bring ur Lysol wipe cause ur gonna need it!

Curt Koski

Great place have an adult beverage and wahtch a movie!

Stephanie Alvarado

Was very clean and the workers were nice

sean Ball

Good staff, hearding to good seats disposition improved by decent priced matinee. . dont get me started on movie theater preshow programming that every theater has been burden with. . .an exceorional gem of this theater a s well as other a mc. . is the metropolitan opera, london ROYAL theater and ballshoy theater. SOME IF THE MOST POWERFUL PERFORMANCES in memory. Thank you so much for this. . if only more field trips for highschools an assisted livibg could get tapped into this, our little world would be so much richer

Daniel West

Decent theater with premium options and decent prices.

Chanasorn Boriratrit

Pretty standard movie theater with a wide selection of movies. The seatings are usually available and the theater is overall very clean, too.

Solomon Perez Jr

Great movie...Joker was. but after buying a bag of popcorn and soda for 16 dollars with no free refills on popcorn. they can mark the bag with a marker like other movie theaters Does. I don't think i'd buy from them again only reason I went here was because of a gift card.

Galen Zurfluh

Great movie theatre. Nice venue and location


They were getting new seats installed but not in our visit. The sound in the IMAX was good. But Dave and Buster's on I-25 and Colorado Blvd is better.

Nishan Kumaraperu

This Movie Theater is fantastic! Not only is it in a small shopping center, providing easy access to restaurants and shopping, but the Theater is [in my opinion] the best in town! One of the perks is Reclining Seats and that alone is awesome! I have been here on a date night and had to leave halfway through a movie because my baby was fussing and the Management offered us free passes to come back when the time was right. My point is that the customer service here is excellent! Clean and well-kept theater too...

Jeannine DeLange

Movie was great ,love the reclining chairs. Customer service could be better though

Dan Ryan Carter

Great amc location. Imax, prime, dolby- lots of options.

Annmarie Sandoval

Nicest theater in the area. Membership offers are great. They always have so many show time options and the entire place is really clean.

Elijah Cee

The popcorn isn't always fresh but it's great theater otherwise. See a show on the Prime AMC screen, it's the nicest one and totally worth it

Josh K

Even though the movie I saw at the time was a bust, the theatre it's self was great. You cant beat those reclining seats they have here. Big, comfy, most importantly...clean. The whole theatre is modern, in great shape, and clean. There is a little bar to grab a drink from on the way in offset from the other stand that offers a wide variety of snacks.

Norma Large

Nice place. Comfy seats, reclining chairs in front seats. Clean restrooms. Normal pricing.

Mike Sienko

Theater was great! The line to the food court was ridiculous. Stood there for 20 mins and the line never moved. I said forget it and went to my movie.

Cody Bostick

Place is always nice! Grab and go snacks make the snack lines way shorter, separate bar for adult drinks. Theaters in good condition and restrooms clean. Couldnt ask for a better theater.

Cody Kizer

Saw toy story 4. The seats are super comfy with the option to move up the arm rest to sit close to your date. Probably my favorite theater.

misty H

I love this theater. My favorite is still Angelika Theaters ( Idk if that's just a California theater or if it's in different states as well). The seats are very nice here though, and with AMC stubs premiere membership you get a lot of discounts. It's also always clean!

Sara Sankovich

The last two times we’ve seen a film here, there have been problems with the audio. The staff fixed it this time, but wasted around twenty minutes of time and offered no compensation. We opted not to buy tickets online, thinking we’d save the online fee only to pay the same amount and be relegated to the front row. Now I’ve got a headache due to eye strain and a renewed vow to never return to this theater. The seats were comfortable, though not enough to entice me to spend $11.50 for a matinee showing.

Stephen Zahradnik

Great place to see the movies! Nice parking and movie loving nerds to enjoy the best Hollywood has to offer.

Melissa Westwood

I mostly love this place. They have the nice Dolby theaters, but their popcorn is already in the container so you can't get more "butter"throughout like at other theaters and one time my husband grabbed the railing, it came out of the wall and he fell and hit good head. Thank God it wasn't me or it would have been much worse, but they did nothing about it.

Andrea Hill

A treat compliments of my daughter! Friendly staff, clean lobby and floor. My assigned seats was wet from what appeared to be a soda pop spill. Luckily the theater was fairly empty, we just moved down a seat. Always enjoy this theater!

Michelle Olson

If I could give this place a 0 stars I would. My friends and I bought tickets to see detective pikachu. We’re not much for previews so we usually show up about 10 minutes after the movie starts. Well we arrived at 11:20 (to give us time to buy snacks) but they had all the doors locked.... and by the time we got someone to open the door(11:38) we missed the options for snacks and drinks and missed the beginning of the movie. I am so beyond furious right now and it’s absolutely ridiculous that you would have a last showing at 11:15 and close everything down not even 5 minutes after it starts. We choose this theater for the time of the last show. I expected more from AMC.

Aimee Kityn

Always way too hot inside. Feels like a sauna. Me and my friends always sweat the entire time. The chairs are comfy and the food is decent. I mostly go to recline.

sarah broude

I was out of town and purchased 2 tickets to Captain Marvel. The box office was having troubles with the woman ahead of us, charged her twice- she noticed because she paid with a gift card, and the balance was wrong. I paid for the tickets with my credit card. The box office worker said the card didn't go through, so he needed to run it on his side. He promised I was only being charged once. My credit card statement shows I was charged twice. I called the theater, no one answered. I called the 888 number the automated message gave me, and someone answered there, but I was told they couldn't do anything because I purchased the tickets at the BO. And she told me I need to go back to the theater. Will AMC pay for the flight? This is a national chain, but be careful, they will double charge you and take advantage of your availability to return. So, if you are out of town, don't go to AMC.

Timothy Backstrom

Great movie, but my recliner was broken.

Brandon M

First to start off, movies are way too expensive . Over $40 for out of the blue tickets and concessions. While the facilities are wonderful and the full bar was an entertaining piece. ( yes for some reason a full bar ) the small theatres are a good touch so that it feels a bit more private and gives you plenty of room to yourself. The theatre is clean throughout and was a treat. Just not something I could do on a regular basis. They offer paid memberships but unless you live close I'm unsure of the overall value of them.

OTR Trucker

This is a very nice theater with all different types of movies and amenities. The only thing I would ask for would be popcorn flavoring.

Isaac Lammers

Great movie theater. Concession stand check out and flow could be improved to accommodate rushes.

Kilo 3 Alpha Ronin

Already a great theater with food and the typical movie-going snacks and popcorn, the renovations bumped up the enjoyment of seeing films here. I'm sure I'm not the only one that appreciates the new enclosed vestibule for ticket sales, a step up from the heat lamps outside with no barrier from the wind, rain or snow. This is a great theater!

Emma Sullivan

Best AMC around, we have the pass and it's definitely worth it!

Joe Hernandez

I love this place , it’s clean and very family friendly and family oriented. This is a cozy place and makes you feel like everything else around is taken care of as good as this place. The people are diverse and is minutes away from a lot of other businesses. I highly recommend this place it’s clean and very comfortable. I think this is top 5 in all of the front range! Way to go !!! Keep up the good work!

Paula Beacom

Not crowded and very clean and neat on week day morning. Just the $30 for 2 regular drinks and 2 regular popcorns is really a drag.

Virginia Baca

Went to see "After the Wedding". Loved it, bring tissues. Surprising real

Andrew Garcia

Everything was great, only issue was the bathroom not having any soap at all in any dispenser.

SwineFlu Rasta

Visited the great movie theater here. Love the new layout! The theatre itself is clean and well kept.

Julie Nelson

Went to a couple movies tonight & had a fantastic time in the comfort of reclining seats!!

Jason Waterman

Theatre was good, the snack bar setup and service was horrible. Popcorn bnb was not good.

Francie Gonzales

Love being a stbs member! THE BONUS'. Wide reclining chairs, have your concessions delivered to your seat.

Jamie Epperson

Beautiful theater, comfy seats, those are the pluses. It was SO HOT in our theater, when a member of our party went and told the staff, they said that other people have already come out to tell them. They said there was nothing they could do, and for $15/ticket, you’d think you could watch a movie and be comfortable

Coloradonative Wood

Very nice to me when I had a ticket return and the seats are comfy recliners

Susan Mondragon

Pick a seat see a movie great food

Kimmy E

Wow! If you want to lounge and enjoy a movie.... this is the theater to go to! Their chairs are amazing! Also, the food court is giant! Definitely coming to this theater more!

Karl Frank

I've been here many times. It's a nice theatre, however these are my only gripes: 1) The tickets are very expensive, and 2) The bathroom floors are filthy all the time. The bathroom floors look clean, but the staff must not use soap; it's like walking on sticky flypaper in there. Let's hope that it's always because of spilled soda and not something else...

Kody Riebschlager

The theater has become really nice with nice seats, sights and sounds. Unfortunately AMC and raised their prices so much that it's hard to want to go. For snacks and a movie with a family of 4 sometimes its $100+. Absolutely ridiculous prices to see a movie. Staff is generous and seem to keep the place very clean.


Used to love coming here lots of screens,comfy seats,get good rewards. But it's always dirty now. Restrooms are nasty,seats feel like they never get wiped. It's sad....

Eric Gonzales

It's a really nice movie theater the chairs are comfortable but the snacks and drinks and stuff are pretty pricey but overall it's a good experience if you don't mind paying for the expensive drinks and the expensive snacks

Erik Tye

Good food, clean... There's not much else to say. There is also booze for those that want or need it. The staff are professional and I've had no complaints.

Terry Hancock

Close by, and usually has movies I want to see. Popcorn isn't bad, either.


Good theater, just not the nicest AMC I've been to. Nothing to really complain about though.

Jesse Ortega

This is my favorite movie theater, it is very big with 24 theaters. The employee's are nice, the food is the best out of all the AMC locations I've been to. All in all my favorite place to go watch movies.

Juz MamaD

Comfy seats, great movies but come on peeps LIL pricey on food... Shazam damn.....sticker shock LoL

William Davis

Spent over a hundred bucks for 2 people popcorn and sodas. This is why we use to go weekly now we go twice a year... And i hate the touch screen stuff

Leslie Rogakis

I live this theater. Lots of choices and the flow is good. Never have to wait to long in line for popcorn!

Veeronica esparsen

I thought it had a moldy smell. Maybe just me,sensitive to smells.

Justin West Stanford

Best AMC in the area. Staff tends to disappear at night, which sucks if you loose your phone in between the seats (which can happen to ANYBODY lol). But the facility itself is well maintained and the movie subscription service offers a nice chance to have a couple of easy date nights and stay up to date on all the new movies. Would recommend for anybody, especially the movies in the DOLBY theater. It's an experience you don't get to have anywhere else, and its $20 a month.

Kabir Mitter

Great upgrades. Good theater. Friendly staff.

Sam Morales

Great place to watch a movie. With 24 theaters they have the best movie selections in the Denver metro area. One key difference is they have assigned seating so be sure to purchase your tickets early. I recommended using the app. Also, if you want to make it a date night Chuy's has happy hour from 4p-7p with a free nacho bar!

B Pina

Very comfortable seats that recline. I'm so glad more movie theaters are doing this. We bought our tickets ahead of time so it was easier to get in. Great snack bar clean bathrooms.

Emma Caballero

I just love movies so this place is the best! Obviously food and snacks are overpriced but whatever, it's worth it!!!

Swiss Choco

Love it, and I probably besides de AMC Flatiron in Broomfield and CineBistro XD in Fort Collins, this is the best.. Going to any of these 3 u won't regret it.

Caitlin Halloran

Pretty decent. Only bad thing was the food being horrible- then again it's a theater so how much should one expect when it comes to food

Arnulfo Martinez

spend most of my time here

Seth Nordman

Nice movie theater, concessions are a little pricey but that's how the movie theater makes their money. (Theater doesn't really get any profit from ticket sales.) Look at the size of the pretzel here! And it was delicious.

Michelle Garcia

Great comfortable reclining chairs. The bar is great as well but the place is filthy. Seriously needs to be cleaned. The concession area is so gross.

Frank King

Great theatre with very comfortable seating. I go here even though there are several closer theatres to my house.

Odin Javans

It's been years since I've been to this location. I like the updates. I remember standing outside in the cold waiting to buy tickets. Not anymore. The recliners are nice too! The theater was clean and the staff was nice.

Russ Carver

The new 3D prime seats were not the most comfortable. The vibration was cool. Not super intense. Just enhanced the movie. But you can't recline the feet and back separately like the other reclining seats. The feet also don't go up as high. This led to some back pain for me. These seats also don't have trays. But you can lift the bar in between a pair of them for a more intimate setting.

Jetsy Cadena

I go to this theater all the time with my husband. I never had any issues. Unfortunately when we went to go see It Chapter 2 towards the middle of the movie the sound cut off. Luckily within a few minutes the staff was able to fix the sound and we were able to continue to enjoy the movie.

aubrey milosevic

Huge theater with tons of movies to see. Great food selections and bar available. Comfy reclining seats are awesome but I don't like the way the seats are preselected because once in the theater all the ones that said they were full have no one in them for the whole movie. Nice staff. We had some issues with the speakers in the trailers and I notified them and the problem was fixed for the movie.

Autumn Carlile

It was all great it just was hot during the movie

Rozi Horn

Had the opportunity to go to a special viewing at the AMC Westminster pavilion. The awesome relaxing recliner chairs and great sound system makes for a very pleasurable viewing of any movie. A selection of nearby restaurants are available to make it a complete evening of food and fun. I would suggest it to anyone to take in a movie at this location.

Terry Tate

New help your self concessions isn't good when most of the customers are kids that leave a mess for the others to deal with. 1 Cashier was the only employee in sight. Theater seats are the only cool thing. After the movie the Staff was still almost non existing! Teenage kids gone wild. With the price of tickets to see a movie these days... I don't want to wade thru trash on floor and nil customer service. Disappointed!

Juls T.

Clean, big theater! The chairs recline & are comfortable. I like that you can fill & refill your own sodas/icee and top your own popcorn with the "butter". Awesome sound!

Dr Dirtysnchz

Nice theater. Nothing else to say.


Comfortable seats, good sound. No close handicapped parking.

The Legendary Gaming Master

The place is always clean, and the employees are typically nice. I reccomend going wednesdays as they are typically the least busy. Their food is amazing and I recommend the cheese sticks.

David Gomez

Nice seating plus they keep it very clean No mice running around .

pinky aka AyannaJ

Great Place to spend a movie day.

Francisco Palacios

Great place to watch movies with family and friends, everyone is very nice and service is top quality.

Rich Kisela

Love the new chairs! They lean back with the push of a button. Always clean, decent food and snacks.

Kenneth Hird

This is an awesome theatre! Very clean and the seats are very comfortable. My wife and I love to go here since it has the recliner seats! The staff are nice I had made a mistake when purchasing tickets, forgetting to use a gift card, and the manager came to help and made it very simple to fix and also made me feel like I wasn’t be a pain. (I know it was a pain and it was my fault) but the manager was very patient and respectful. That goes a long way and now my wife and I specifically go to this location!! Definitely recommend here!

Jessica Donahue

The theater experience is fine and what you would expect. What is disappointing is they never have coffee available. We always ask for coffee, and only once did anyone actually sell us a cup. We went to the 8:30 am show this morning, and figured surely for an AM show they would have it prepared, and they wouldn't serve coffee when we ordered it. Said they didn't have any. Why is it on the menu if you are going to refuse to ever serve it?

Denise Steininger

Love the recliners and tickets online make for no waiting in line. Always clean and a great experience all around.


Comfortable and roomy. Could be a little bit cleaner when other's standing around chating it up or sitting around could be helping out those that are busy. Other then that it's well worth coming too.


Great service comfy chairs.

metal_ lynne

Awesome theatre! Badass comfy seats! Great escape from the heat.

Hazel Kaye

Assigned seating????? I'm not a huge fan of that. Otherwise the stay was pleasant

james pollard

After you have seen a movie in a reclining red leather seat in a theatre that isn't packed to the vein because it only has thirty seats, it's really hard to see movies anywhere else. Get your tickets online and they can just scan your phone, shipping the ticket line entirely. The soda machines are those big fancy ones that let you add all the crazy flavors. Oh, and there's a bar. I started going here a month ago, and even though it's farther away from my house than three other theaters, I haven't gone anywhere else. I cannot recommend them enough


Great theater, lots of choices. Has AMC Prime, Dolby sound, Dolby 3D and IMAX options. Reserved seats in all theaters, can order online and have food brought to your seat.

Kenny Lauck

Love that you get to choose your own seats and seats recline. Prices are just too high. Lots of movies

Boaty Casino

Well went and saw scarystoories to tell in the dark .and my come was very much flat .and i belive id payd forty to fifty bucks .

Dustan Elledge

The new renovations have really streamlined the theater, always clean and have never left the theater disappointed with the theater. I have been coming here for over 15 years.

Ryan Abella

A very solid AMC with a great rotation of films, even when popular films like Marvel or Disney take up multiple screens. Plenty of parking. The place has an IMAX and a Dolby Digital screen. Concessions can be a bit crazy when busy. The lines are not well optimized. Only real complaint is other theater goers. Staff doesn’t discourage people from using phones in the theater. Last two films have been disrupted. People should be more decent, but more frequent theater checks would do the trick.

Patricia lopez

Too expensive! Popcorn not fresh under a heat lamp!


AMC Westminster Promenade 24 en Colorado
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