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Jackie Brewer

needs updating which they are int he process of some remodeling. Will be a great place when it is done.

Steven Hovseth

Great wait times, usually not too crowded whenever I go. Solid theatre

Harley Lynn

I love movies, this is a great theater with great food options.

Shane Power

Great old school theater in the good way. No fancy recliners, or gourmet food. Good thing in my opinion. Always clean and friendly staff.

buttered french fries

Nice place

Clay Gross

Almost always seating available, even for popular releases on opening weekends. Facility is clean and well stocked. Docked a star for Mr. Pibb and no Dr. Pepper in the soda machine


The staff is usually very friendly and outgoing. I've been going here for years and it's always my first choice. The prices, as always, are expensive. The seating is good and they have wheel chair accessible seating. Overall it's a nice experience.

Jacqueline Pointer-Wood

Too crowded oversold the movie. I had received an online present so it couldn't be credited to the card used so they issued a pass for lie any amc engagement anywhere anytime. They didn't have to do that I feel. Very cool. I'll be back.

Jill Tasei

I've loved this theater for so long that it pains me to leave this negative review. Saw the premier of Avengers: Endgame there last night and it was the worst experience I've ever had. The volume of the movie from the back of the theater was so quiet, the entire theater had to stop laughing when dialog continued in order tonstrain to hear it. I had to leave the theater to ask the staff to fix it. They came in, stood at the front for 5 minutes, during an action scene and determined it was fine. It was also boiling hot. I've never been to a theater and been hot before. The theater also has outdated seating and no way to reserve seats online. Just general entrance. It's fine for an afternoon kid movie, I will never go here see a huge blockbuster opening weekend ever again.

Alfonso Peters

I was very disappointed to find that this is an older locations. Due to this they donot offer the same ammenaties as Southland's AMC yet they charge the same amount as Southland's. I'm a believer that though the movie is the same the total product is not. Not only is this location old and out of date but its poorly kept which makes it that much worse. There is a very foul odor that almost makes you question the sanitary aspect of sitting in the seats or touching anything for that matter. I recommend going to the southlands location forsure as I will deffinetly bring my family to this location again.

Jack Hartt

Great service, very clean, enjoyed it!

Jeff Vaughn

The only theater in Parker. Still has the old style seats and first come first served instead of reserved recliner seats. Costs a little less than other AMCs because of this. Pretty good selection of food at the walk up concessions with the self serve pick or mix Coke machines. Typically friendly and courteous staff. Decent restrooms that have always been clean when I visited.

Taylor W

Another great AMC location. It's in Parker and pretty much off main Street so pretty easy to see and get into. No alcohol here, but they do have a small snack bar area. Comfortable seating so no complaints.

heather shearer

Pretzel huge signed up for the movie pass love this place

Kyle Davis

Same old movie theater. I wasn't surprised or excited about what this theater offered. They still do first come first serve seating with regular movie theater seating, meaning they haven't upgraded to the reserved recliner seating quite yet. It was a good experience, just wasn't overly impressed with anything new. However, the four star rating is because I did have a negative experience with the concessions worker. This particular worker might have been having bad day or didn't like their job, but I did feel like I was disturbing them. Otherwise, good theater to see your favorite titles!


some of the best toilets ive ever seen, 10/10 would use for a dump


The service was great but the theater quality was not but I still enjoyed watching the movie It 2 with my friend

Josh Pryce

Small Theater but nice. No Luxury loungers but still good

Krista birchfield

Great staff very nice very quiet and clean. Even the bathrooms were very clean. Little overpriced but Mart most movie theaters

Joshua havens

Clean. Good screens. Lil overpriced on food per usual.

Tim Weber

I want to watch a movie with children on a budget? This place is for you.

Shelly Lisano

Clean theater, open seating so you can show up early and get good seats for a spur of the moment movie fix. Saw Star Wars VIII on opening weekend and had middle row seats!

Rodney Burgerhoff

Great theatre, clean comfortable , you can reserve your seats. Bathrooms coulda been a bit cleaner. But nights just been a busy night

Craig Matthew

Movie was great, but the prices for concessions are through the roof!

Aubrey Bass

Good selection of movie times although the seats aren't updated (they don't recline) and it could use a good cleaning and face lift. For example: my kids and I have visited this place 3 times this summer in addition to countless other times and the doorknob leading to the women's bathroom has been broken ever since we've been going (2 years now). So, you'll have no problems watching your movie, but don't expect the same experience as some of the newer upgraded AMC theatres.

Jamie Hoffman

Looks clean and is nice. No reserved seats though.

Brandi Wilks

Although I love that we have a movie theater here in Parker, I personally have a few minor issues - First, we have had a street sign on main street for over 6 years now that was put there to display the current top movies playing (like every other movie theater) Yet ours has NEVER had anything displayed there.... very frustrating. Second, the teenagers that work there, although friendly, know nothing about AMC specials, or corporate ticket pricing, or anything really. They didn't even ask for ID or my 15 year old sons age to go see a Rated R movie with his friends. The theater itself is clean and has lots of screens which I love. At the end of the day we will continue to go here & love having it so close to home but wish they would up their game a little bit to stay in line with AMC and Theater standards.

C Norton

Lots of parking and short lines.

Gene Elliott

Great little local cinema. Good prices, good visuals and sound in a cosy size cinema. Totally recommend.

Sky Erdos

It was a nice experience

Kenny Mason

Staff is really nice and everytime I come here the theatre is always clean.

Anna Moore

Pretty good little local theater. Can be pretty busy with middle school and high school kids on the weekends so if you're not willing to be patient with a younger crowd I'd recommend going somewhere else during peak times. Otherwise it's great for weekday matinees or evenings.

Trevor Richards

Solid theater but really, one of the only attractions in the town of Parker. Because of that, teenagers have nothing else to do with their time but go here. So be warned there are plenty here and if you're not a teenager fan, you may want to take the extra 10 min drive and go to Park Meadows or Arapahoe crossing.

Kate Molieri

Good movie theaters. Older seating and concessions. Only thing that is needed is renovations--otherwise, good movie theater!

David Phifer

Always good service friendly employees

Daniel Sharpe

Great theater for a quick movie. I personally prefer matinee showings for the $4.50 price tag. Of course concessions are ridic but more palatable with cheaper movie tickets. Never packed when I go but I'm sure it can get crazy like any theater on weekends and opening night.

Allison Munsell

If you have small children, this is the movie theater you


Great job making sure the lines moved quickly. Good comfortable theater

Steve Martin

Great neighbor theater. Never crowded (that's Parker). Great service.


Amazing and awesome and great staff! Seats are ok but the movies are always good!

Sara Tremeear - Real Estate Broker

Great place. Friendly staff, clean building, good parking. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the chairs were not very comfy and I felt packed in there like a sardine curbing the movie.

Mike Dawson

Nice staff and clean facility. My disappoinment comes in with this being one of the AMC theaters that could really use an update. Wallpaper falling off of the wall just gives a worn down look to a place. The seating has not been updated and the overall interior just feels boring and old. I have visited multiple theater brands with the new look and updates and I look forward to that treatment for this location.

Marc Dot Cuzo

Great theater. Never that full so always a pleasure.

Connie Regan

The place has the looks and feels of a cozy suburban theater. During the early afternoon showtime, no one checked our tickets as we came in. The seats were cushioned and comfortable. There was a problem with the quality of sound when the previews started, however when this was brought up to the staff, they apologized and addressed it promptly. The bathroom was clearly outdated, but tidy and well-stocked. Overall, it was a nice experience, but it could have been better.

Austin Swift

Movie was very good, 30 minutes of prevues and more of ad's makes you want to watch at home.

Michelle Stahl

We have went here with kids a few times and everything went great.

Hammad Hassan

had a great time with my family here! definitely coming back

Osama Kassab

Wish they did reserved seating but it is a nice local theater and not over crowded at all.

David Hitchcock

Small theater that needed attention to cleanliness was a real distraction to the enjoyment of a movie or movies that we were watching at this theater complex. Most employees standing around not being attentive to the needs of the establishment or its patrons.

Peter Hemphill

Pretty good experience...many theaters are too loud and sometimes this one is no exception, but last time we were there it was reasonable and the staff was accommodating.

Student Nicholas Pogar

Looking forward to a first date, my date and I decided to go see the nun. We arrive at the movie and purchase our tickets. We get seated in the theater and one of the employees comes up to us and asked to see our IDs. My date not being the correct age, she asked us to leave. Now, we left with no problem and got a refund. It would have been more logical to ask for our IDs when we were purchasing our tickets. Not only that but we had three employees eyeing us down the whole way on our way out of the theater. I was not impressed with the employees professionalism towards the situation.

Haylie Kouri

This place is not bad but is not great either. It doesn't have a lot of what other movie theaters are having now; better food and concessions, reclining seats, more space between rows and seating selection. For a movie theatre, it's just that. You can expect to watch the movie but that's about it.

Brandon Neubert

Great ticket prices, hard to do better elsewhere. The screen had a line down the center of it, but who cares? It was cheap.

John Hunsberger

Not a great theatre. Only one theatre entrance and it's facing the street, but the parking lots. Inside was not clean. The lighting stayed on, though dimmed, thought out the movie and chairs are below average. Also, the theatre was warm. I do not recommend.

Vincent Rodriguez

Love this place!


This is your basic movie theater. It's everything I want and nothing more. Perfect for my needs. Clean, quality, good neighborhood / no sketchy people.

The Game Reaper

Always a pleasure coming to this AMC

William Mayes

They are always polite, willing to assist and you can't beat a matinee close to the house.

Stephen B

Nice theater, it's not new, but it's also not dirty or worn down. It seems like putting in a small investment into the facility would turn it into a really nice place. Also, building out in the empty lot right in front of it would turn this area into a really nice/fun area.


Nice and clean. Affordable

Craig Hernandez

Please remodel this filthy theater.

jack sewell

Everyone was very helpful when we showed up for the move we plan on going back soon

Princess of Quite A-Lot

Not a fan of the assigned seating.

Cari Heffner

Seats get a little eh after 2 hours but other than that the experience is good.

Bryan Ramirez

one of my favorite movie theaters!

woawh h

my date was great

Joe Rollman

It's clean but small and the seats are old and not comfortable. The staff was really nice though!

JT Stachler

This is a really nice place to see a movie. The theaters are new and there's plenty of parking. Every employee we met was nice and gave great customer service. I'll definitely be going back.

Cris Hollett

Great Small Town Theater. The people are nice, the popcorn is fresh, and the theater is well cared for. Only on holidays have we had a problem getting seats here. Otherwise it is typically not very crowded.

Michael Tyrrell

The 11:00 showing of "The Last Jedi" in 3D was great. This was Thursday after Christmas yet there were few people there. No lines entering or at the concession bar. Great seats.

Dave S

The movie theater is just your standard theater, it's what you would expect.


Theater was not clean even though it wasn't busy. There was also obnoxious customers, but that wasn't AMC's fault.

Roderick Bennett

Old theater with uncomfortable seats. My wife is 7 months pregnant and suffered the whole time. You might pay more for the dine in theaters, but you'll be much more comfortable.

Heather Crosby

It's nice that this theater is local but that's about it

leon schwartz

Nice place comfortable quick service.

Donald Liffengren

The theater is very welcoming and pleasant. My only suggestion is that the actual seats be updated to stadium style. Some of the seats are very worn.

Matt Edwards

Good small town theater. Price is decent and seating available. I like this theater.

T.R. Whelan

Great place to see a movie! They always have great concessions and it's fairly economical as far as a family night out is concerned.

Rickjames The Gunsmith

Great seating pretty good viewing angles and relatively inexpensive tickets.


Never too busy, pretty chilled out staff, Matinee's and late nights are the best

Logan D

Paid $17 for a seat that has a railway right in front of me blocking a quarter of the screen. Theater was uncorteous and refused to give me a refund. Would not recommend

Ted Murphy

Its usually dead so you can get whatever seats you want. The chairs are old and pretty ratty but not too bad.

Charissa Daman

I lived the preorder snack option. It just made everything so easy with four kids!

H. Parker

Although it’s been awhile since we’ve been to this location, knowing it provides the same (per Google reviews): great customer service, clean building, friendly & helpful staff, reminds me that my family and I need to come back here more often. I personally don’t enjoy the lazy boy type seats of the more, “up-to-date”, “modern” theatres now days. I’m not taking a nap, would rather go to a lit restaurant where I can actually see my entree, and I haven’t had an assigned seat since grade school! I’m sure I’m in the minority, but these things are why many newer and remodeled theatres don’t appeal to me. Hopefully, a few theatres of this type stick around awhile.

Nathan Soroka

Not very nice at all, stuck in the 90s or something,

Pamela Syverson

My favorite theater with good food options

Storm Walker

Best movie theater in all of Colorado best employees best service

Andrew K

Pretty dirty, run by inexperienced HS kids with zero effort givin. Watch out if you park there, cars get burglarized and vandalized from time to time. Management really needs to step it up. Was way better when this theater was independently owned and ran.

Dave Carlos

It was amazing

Marcus Forelius

Decent theater for the size of town. Seats were comfy, 3d was 3d, and I had an amazing date night.

May Chan

My Favorite AMC..... I miss Sierra but I think Sarah does a great job....she did help me with my rewards points and I am grateful.....

Afton Beebe

Popcorn was stale. Other than that great.

mysti anders

Love this theater!!

Bryan Donald

Good theater. Not sure why I was out here.

Benjamin Dickey

A little less nice than other AMC theatres I've been to

Steven Parrish

Still nice place to see a movie once in awhile

Pierre Suranto

The good.... it's local, it's in Parker, it's almost NEVER packed. No need to pre purchase tickets, we've ALWAYS gotten good seats due to it usually(even on Saturdays) being fairly empty. They offer military discount and usually have pretty friendly staff. The not so good, the screens are tiny, the sound is okay, so if you're looking for that amazing movie goer experience this theater won't give you that, but it's great if you're in the area (like we were tonight) just looking to catch a flick without the long lines. ✌

Sean Hart

I live in Parker so I appreciate the proximity and convenience. clean and quaint theater. nice friendly staff. easy close parking. close to tasty food joints.

Tina Puckett

Nice clean theater.

James Moore

We love this hometown theater. I don't need alcohol to go to the movies and I don't need to recline - this theater is PERFECT!

Elizabeth L

Regular size theater. No huge seats. It's a great little theater. Always get there 30 minutes before the show cause they fill up fast.

Jennie Owen

My family and I really enjoy coming to AMC especially during the summer months. It's not a huge move theater but I find it very clean and the local kids working are always very accommodating. I certainly recommend this AMC if you are okay with a big box chain.

Laura roland

Love the prices but miss the recliners!

Jeremy David

A fun place to bring the family! It's a smaller establishment, but still has powerful, large theatres.

John Carpenter

Overall this theater is out of date by most AMC standards. It is a smaller theater but could use a facelift overall.

Michael Rhue

Always a great place to see a movie. Please take your “no guns” sign down. Makes it very dangerous for the rest of us.

Garret Hiatt

For an AMC theater it's not bad and despite it being a smaller theater, it's usually not packed. Concessions lines can be a bit slow. If you just want to see a movie but aren't concerned with the biggest screen or best sound experience, go here.

Google User

This is a nice local theater. It's relatively small (which I like) and it's easy to get in and out of. They show all of the major movies, although they don't always keep the films in for as long as others (makes sense). The auditoriums are beginning to age a bit, thus the 4 stars. Otherwise, we always have a great time here.

Da blue Gurl Zamirah vlogs

Popcorn was cold, but the hotdogs were good and the theater was clean.

Larae Sams

The staff is extremely nice, but the place is dirty. The cup holders looked like they hadn't been wiped down; it was hard to find a seat that disnt look like it was going to leave marks on my pants; there were ants crawling on the floors in the women's bathroom.

Paul lantz

Nice place

jon sully

Outdated theater, uncomfortable seats, only one soda machine that gets backed up during crowded nights, bacon Mac N Cheese is seriously disgusting. Not much good to mention about this theater, unfortunately, it was the only place that was showing Peanut Butter Falcon which we loved so I give them an extra star for having that movie selection still offered.

Nate Wilkins

Pretty good upgrades since I last was there. A great little theater in parker. Nothing to brag about but it gets the job done! John wick 3 was awesome!

Rabecca Weber

Good movie theatre if you're into avoiding large crowded rooms. Everything is quick and rarely have to wait. The staff is always nice and fast too. I mostly enjoy how clean it is and the new upgraded food.

Alfredo Marquez

It was very delightful, Enjoyed the Grinch with my lovely daughter Thank you

Jim De

AMC theaters in Parker need a remodel. The seats are really showing their age, and there are theaters out there with nice reclining seats. Time for owners to spend some remodel money.

Ashton Hettich

This theater is a great small town theater.

Matthew Cook

Run of the mill multi-plex. Staff not overly friendly.

Angie Turner

So hot in the theater the entire time. I don’t think their AC works at all and makes for a very uncomfortable movie experience.

Roger Dillon

Would love to see them refurbish the theater but it's still a nice place to see a movie.

Lake Reed

Its a bit old for a theater but we'll priced. The only issue is that they dont do reserved seating so like for endgame it made for a lot of awkward situations

D Man

Good place ..a lot of upsell for AMC perks etc...popcorn was not fresh ...if you spend the money for the special ..ask for fresh popcorn or you'll get what's been sitting staged for the rush ...(cold popcorn) ..

Sanel Babic

Pricy. Food cost is out of control.

Casey Garcia

While I'm a fan of the movies and how clean the theaters are, I'm not that big a fan of the cost for food and drink. Then again, the cost deters me from consuming it, which in turn my heart thanks me for by easing up on the number of heart attacks I struggle through while in the theater. Perfect 5/7.

Brent Payne

The worker were good and helpful. Just need recliners

Stephanie Walborn

Clean and well maintained. Snacks as with all theaters is way way overpriced.

Paul Bredenkamp

Nice place to watch a movie.

Jason Edwards

Great customer service

Keira Bennett

AMAZINGLY theater, great distance from everything in the area, and friendly welcoming staff! LOVE the concessions and the movies are always up to date.

Amy Nutt

Typical older movie house. It's annoying to have assigned seating unless it's the newer reclining chairs. This one does not have those. I almost always hate going to the movies anymore because of the rude people who ignore all of the turn off cell phones messages.

Tena Cassidy

Nice theater... Very clean! Really love the stadium seating they have!

Stacey Bunker

A decent theater, pretty clean.


Nice, clean theater that never has very long lines. Has enough showings that you can always find seating that's not way up front.

Alejandra Vaquera

Super friendly and clean place

Rita SF

Place was stinky, there was garbage from the previous crowd and the seats were very uncomfortable. This is Parker, we should have a better movie theater; if you are going to charge me more than Belmar at least clean the freaking place. Haven't seen something better than Belmar, ask them how to get it done.

Zach Speck

Service is okay, but not great (typical when teenagers are running the counter). Bathrooms aren't always clean, but definitely one of the cheapest theatres I've been to that has new movies. I'd recommend it, just don't be surprised if it's not amazing.

Dena Gould

Based on the reviews I was scared to come here but it was so close to my mom's house we gave it a try. The movie theater is perfectly fine. No, it's not brand new. It reminds me of the theater that I grew up with. The seats are fine. The bathrooms are fine. Their customer service is fine. If you just want to come enjoy movie with your friends and family at an affordable rate, this place is for you. If you're focused on the fluff and shiny objects this may not be your favorite place.

Rachel Ballard

I'm so glad they don't have those silly recliner seats that cut down the number of tickets and cause the prices to double! Keep it old school - way to go!


Close and easy.

Vickie Imel

Clean and employees were nice.

Kendra Dinger

This is a great movie theater. Comfortable seats (not the reclining kind, but I don't need all those bells and whistles), good concessions, good sound and GREAT price! It's hard to find theaters that don't cost tons of money to see a movie and when you can take your family of 6 to see a movie and get popcorn for $40! This will be our theater for sure!

Jay A. Buerger GRI CRS CRB - REALTOR Emeritus

Great staff, always there to help! Super clean. The best popcorn in South East Suburban Denver! We look forward to going to the movies there.

Riley Manestar

We have had a wonderful time at this theatre. Not too crowded. Comfy seats and the theatre was pretty clean

Noah Poe

Affordable tickets with no assigned seats.

Ben Christensen

Nice theater quiet and not to crazy busy.

Scott Bancroft

Quick entry, good parking. I'm larger than some, but still have room, sort of.

Brooke Archer

Although it's a small theater and not everyone's top pick because its older, I think it's great. They have posters of upcoming movies in the future ev er where so yourr never clueless. It's also a great picture so it's good to go here!

Robert S

A good movie theater for Parker. They need to do something with the open field in front of it. Probably a little park would be nice.

Pccd12 Real

Pretty good movie theater good service. Could have better seats other than that it was great.

Nathan Miller

An average movie going experience

Mr Worthyman

I actually just really like the architecture of this building, wanted to leave a review

Chad Hanneman

Nice small town theatre

Craig Olan

Love AMC parker. Never really packed. Clean and friendly. All the best movies.

Tonya Welch

Was very comfortable and went to see a great movie. Popcorn was very expensive and the fountain drink dispenser was not working properly and was out of several different kinds of flavors.

Debbie Duran

Tuesday $5.00 prices are the best time to come. Plus, they have a $5.00 popcorn and drink combo. Clean and we'll maintained theater.

hayley hammond

No one was at front desk when we walked in. When "front person" saw we had our tickets she went and hopped back up onto the desk chatting with a fellow employee. There was overflowing trashcans and popcorn and straws everywhere. My seat was torn. This place needs some work. And new employees if that's how they're working.

Marie Rogers

Saw End Wars here

james barnocki

Clean theater, plenty of snack choices, lots of movies to choose from. Snacks aren't cheap but I don't know of a movie theater that runs brand new movies that doesn't make all their money off concessions. Seats are comfy with stadium style seating so it's easy to see over someone below your row.


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