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14653 Orchard Pkwy, Westminster, CO 80023 Located in: The Orchard Town Center

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REVIEWS OF AMC Orchard 12 IN Colorado

Denver Colorado

A place to watch movies. Most screens still the old seating and not updated to the recliner yet but the price still high. I'm a list member so it doesn't matter to me.

Kelly Jones

I was there yesterday ( Memorial Day) and watched the 11:30 am showing of Aladdin in theater 9. I came out maybe half way through the movie to use the restroom and on my way back in I slipped while reaching for the door handle. There were ice cubes all over the carpet area and some water in front of the door. I went and told the girl checking everyone's ticket stubs and I don't know what happen after that. My ankle hurts a bit today but I didn't take any action because I didn't feel it to be very serious. Although when the movie was over and we exited theater 9 there was a massive popcorn spill all over in front of that theater. I understand that things happen and people are messy but I do think there needs to be more associates out and about during a busy holiday cleaning up.

Brigette Osburn

Nice place, nice seats, but they do not recline unfortunately, luckily they are comfortable to sit in so movie watching is enjoyable.

Grant Barnum

No issues with the screen or the movie, but the staff was clearly ready to go home. The hostess didn't seem confidant about the details of their "A List" program, and the young guy who tore our tickets wasn't very helpful with our issues either. Nice place, just not quite deserving of five stars.

Jessica Travis

Good place to go and watch movies.

Tyler Flesher

Really good theatre. Sound system is never too loud like at some places. Chairs could be more comfortable. Best to go early morning/afternoon because there's a lot of people that go to this theatre.

Mauricio Tunnermann

My favorite low-key theater. I'm a little biased since I'm walking distance but the employees are always cheerful and efficient and the theaters are never so full that it's obnoxious.

Jack Hoskinson

Very nice theater.

Juan Ceballos

The AMC that AMC forgot. Concessions was small and uninviting, the seats were dirty and not very comfortable, the sound was great but the movie didn't look as good as other AMC theaters.

Larry Stauch

Inadequate Concession service. Took too long to get served.

J.W. Holmes

Only place we go for films anymore. Great staff!

sheila cohn

The Lion King was an awesome movie!

Emula White

Worst experience of my life the mangers clearly don’t know how to handle things . Never going back here again and I highly recommend no one elc dose either .

Julie Coulter

The popcorn was amazing! That's enough for a five star review, but the bathrooms were also clean and well placed so you don't miss a lot of the movie. The servers were fast and friendly.

Kevin Jardee

It is freaking rediculas that there is assigned seating! Completely ruins the movie experience! If I'm going to pay almost $30 for too tickets. Not including the rediculas prices for snacks and drinks. The seats should be more comfortable, and I should be able to choose where I sit!

Jeana Marie DeLaCruz

Why do they keep burning the popcorn at this place? Oh yeah there is never enough employees working. Why? It's a beautiful place and very neatly organized but not enough staff. Because of this the quality of their food and service it only gets two stars out of five. Sorry reclining chairs.

Camila Ramirez

The only good thing about this theater was that I didn't have to pick my seats ahead of time. Staff was rude and aloof, everything is incredibly overpriced, and the seats were squeaky and uncomfortable. I also had to pay extra to buy my tickets online. The only reason I went here is because the movie I went to see was full at three other theaters, never again! I will wait and pay less for a better experience.

james hinojos

Asked for tickets for a movie starting at 4:15. We were handed tickets and told it was in theater 4. So we headed to theater 4. When we go there we were told it would be a few minutes as they were going to clean it. I said this is for "how to train your dragon" the employees said yes. So we waited until the theater was cleaned and found our seats. We went in and waited for movie to start. The feature started at about 4:50 and realized that this was not the right movie. We proceeded to go ask the management what was going on? They said that it wasn't there fault. And we can wait another 40 minutes until the next movie started. The main issue was that not only did we receive the wrong tickets but the management didn't admit that the employees were at fault on three occasions. Buying the tickets, ticket check person and the cleaning crew. We will not be returning.

Andrew Parker

Clean theaters, spacious seating, and great costumer service.

Larry Boykins

Avg. Imax. Only ok. If you are not use to Reeal Imax. I was mad I saw infinity gauntlet here aka Avengers.

Michael Welty

I've been here many times and I usually have a good experience. Last night I went to a 9:15 movie and the entire theatre was disgusting. There was popcorn and trash on the floors everywhere and when my movie got out it was like all the staff just left without cleaning anything up. Again good movie but the manager obviously isn't doing his/her job.

Antonia Demeny

Seats don't do much and parking is horrible along with the entrance.

Laura T

This theater is a hot mess. They never have enough staff and it must be poorly managed. We wait forever for food, sometimes 20-25 minutes after paying. The kitchen staff is surely or bored, or both. The projectionists don't appear to know what they're doing. Half the time, we have a picture without sound or sound without a picture, or the picture is unfocused. It usually takes them 15+ minutes to get it all worked out, so we end up missing part of the beginning of the movie. Recommend Cinebarre or AMC Promenade over this place any day. Movies are too expensive for this nonsense.

ADV World

It's a good Theater but the IMAX Screen of this Theater is smaller.

Nick Gilbreath

Nice theater but I wish they had the big reclining seats like the other AMC's near us

Sarah Belanger Nava

Love the placement of this theater. Easy to get in, easy to leave.

CrazyorNothing Music

Great atmosphere! Food and Drink are way too expensive though.

thomas silva

I left my phone in the theater and even though the doors were locked one of the employees helped me find it I wish I could have caught his name do i could personally thank him in my review.

Waymon Barnette

Not a bad theater. The layout is a little wonky and the snack bar placement can cause backups when your just coming in the door. But other than that this place is pretty good.

Kathy Butler

Highly recommend very family oriented

Jose Olivas

Really good service here

Skinny Winkler

This is one of the closest movie theaters to our home. Of course, it's an AMC, so it's pretty nice for sure. Some of the theaters do not have the upgraded seats... but otherwise, it's top notch. Service is always lovely.


Friendly service. Easy parking. Comfy seats and clean theatre. Good time to go on Tuesday. No crowds and $5 tickets. Too bad the concessions are so pricey. $16 for large soda and popcorn. Yikes!!!!

Matt Kaslon

Clean and nice.

Shari King

Volume in theater 12 was too loud. Theater chairs had food on them.

Susanne Nation

I LOVE that this location has general admission. The fact that the seats don't recline is no problem, as they are plush and clean, which I actually prefer. Keep it simple, lower the ticket prices.

Ken Kopas

Actually a nice theater. They have a bar, if you want a drink or two before the movie. The food prices are typically high. But the price of the (matinee) movie tickets help ease the sting of dropping almost $20 for popcorn and soda.

Jackie Dickerson

They have reserved seating. You pick your seats.

Chef Alberto

Very busy weekend nights, really enjoyed it!

adnerb ydarb

Smaller theatre sizes. Seats are the kind that are already folded down, nice for holding snacks and whatever else without the seat trying to fold up and eat everything. 5 dollar Tuesday movie nights as well!

Geoff Jones

I saw A L I E N here on 10/15 in Auditorium 12. *Something* was wrong with the audio. I'm 95% sure the right and center channels were swapped. Most dialog came from the right side of the screen. Red light from the aisle lights lit up the bottom corners of the screen. Are there any AMC theaters out there that *don't* have red light on their screens? So far, I haven't found one. This auditorium features a smallish constant-width screen unfortunately, and there isn't any masking, so black bars were projected above and below the picture. (At least it wasn't cropped.) I was excited to take my 12 year old and one of her friends to see ALIEN for the first time on "big" screen. I should have just stayed home and shown it to her on my home theater.

Westley Lewis

Every staff member we interacted with was kind and informative. Bathrooms were clean and so was the theater

Karol Kendall

Our movie was scheduled to start at 6:30pm, the screen remainded completely dark. Several in the audience went to the lobby to report the problem. At no point did the manager address the audience. I was aware that there was a 7pm movie showing. I went to see if there were seats available (there were 7 in our party). All of this should have been managed by theater personal, not by me. I recommended to the rest of the audience that we all move from theater 2 to 7. I have no idea if they ever got the movie in theater 2 running. A movie theater should be able to show movies. Management should communicate with guests. The delay caused a problem with the remainder of our plans for the evening. Invest in training your managers

Alvin Kitzmann

For the adult that wishes age relevant beverages, this AMC offers them, plus seats that are more comfortable than many other theaters we’ve been to. 3D movies offered as well as the standard. We enjoy this theater; it’s our 1st choice of all the theaters in our area.

Rodney Munson

Enjoyed our movie the price was under $6 for a matinee

Bob Gallardo

Good spot to see a movie, concessions are pricey like all theaters though.

Marie romero

Came to watch a movie. Arrived 1o min early. Tried to get snacks they had 1 person at the registerabout 3 people walking around in back and 20 people in line. We didn't want to be late to the movie so we didn't get snacks. We wont be back. The movie was extremely dark.

Rainy Daze

I didn't catch a name, but my friend and I went to see detective pikachu today, (May,15,2019) we had a good experience. The only thing that really bothered me was the single female working the food bar. I understand she was working alone, however she made eye contact with me and never bothered to even acknowledge that I was standing there waiting to be helped. Ii am a very paitent woman, and wouldn't have been so angry about the wait if she would've said to give her a second, or she's be right with me. She literally turned and looked at me twice, and still proceeded to turn her back on me without a word. If not for the chick at the food bar I would've given given stars. The facility was clean, the bathrooms were well taken care of, the girl up front Mikki was great and has PHENOMENAL Customer service skills.

Jason Grentz

This theater is clean and comfortable every time I go here.

Jeremy Jewett

We went to theatre 8 and it was a mess. An employee came in about 10 minutes before the movie was supposed to begin and attempted to clean but by that time the theatre was about half filled.

Katey Kaczar

The employees were sitting on the ground texting when we walked up for our tickets

Angelique Gallegos

Like it for the small theater vibe. Not the best but definitely not the worse. I would say cheaper drinks please. And popcorn little stale but theater to watch a movie was good.

Cindy Bunning

It was a good experience. I liked that you can reserve seating online. I was surprised that the didn't have the recliner seats, though.

Chelsie Steveson

I didn't have much contact with the employees this time. I got my tickets online, so the only thing they had to do scan my phone. I hadn't been to this praticular AMC in a long time and I wasn't paying attention when I ordered the tickets, I assumed it would have recliners because it said reserved seating. They do not have recliners. I'm not sure why it has reserved seating if they don't have recliners or even comfortable seats. I think this is the ONLY AMC that doesn't have the good seats and they are still charging about $12 per ticket. Overall, the theater feels a bit old and run down, the seats are uncomfortable and noisy, but I might be spoiled now, and the bathroom was less than clean. It just really feels like my experience was tainted because the theater needs a remodel. If you want to save a $1-2 come here, otherwise go to different theater.

John Brill

Great theater. Still only 1-2 registers open at concessions while 2-4 other crew members watch from the background. Would be five stars if concession service was worth the price. Seems like everyone's first day every time.

StonEye Steve

Not bad overall, except the honesty of their employees. My 8 year old daughter just got her B-Day ($63) and put in her seat and forgot it. After the movie let out, we were one of the last to leave, and the last ones to leave in our section in the front. After we left an employee immediately began cleaning as we were walking out. Ten minutes later we went back in to get my daughters money, it was gone. The section we were in was cleaned. The employee we pointed out as the one walking in to clean as we were leaving, denied ever even going in there to clean yet (But it was clean). The manager asked the kid if he cleaned yet in there, he said "no". She asked if he took the money, again, he said "no". Of course. The manager said that's all they could do and we could really do no more than just leave. We did tell the kid, "I hope you feel guilty taking a little girls B-Day money", as we walked out. The entire time this kids actions and face were of total guilt. I understand we are at fault for "forgetting" money, but was hoping for some honesty.


Good experience always. I love theater 6 where u select your own seats. Nice to have a bar, its dark and discreet to drink around young ones (that arent mine). Im glad its not automated like AMC 24 Promenade

David Gehrig

Nice place to spend time with friends and family


Great location and decent service


Decent theater, feels a bit cramped but has good seating and such for the most part

Todd Christy

Not as swanky as Westminster AMC. No assigned seating or recliners. Still, a clean, comfy theater, w good screens & sound. Plus, beer and wine options @ small bar on left as u walk in.

Marilyn Zimmerman

Very clean and staff is great


A smaller theater that let's you beat the crowds. Even though it's not as large as some of the other AMC theaters it is not missing any of the amenities. Plus, the location allows you eat and shop before your movie starts.

robby staveland

Great place for family movie night. They deliver drinks to your seat too. And have adult beverages!

Tabatha Tabkatz

Went to see Jurassic World with someone and it was filthy dirty in front lobby. Ordered soda and nachos and ice cream and hot pretzel with cheese. Took forever to get. No napkins, floor near soda machine was sticky. Trash all over on counters n floor. Counter tops dirty. Just gross. Bathroom was no better. Seats not comfortable in theater. Made my tail bone hurt. For being this is a newer theater I would think it would of been nicer with comfortable seats. The fact that it was fithly Made me think maybe health inspectors need to check in...

Mr. BC

Terrible service, cost, set-up for anybody looking to actually enjoy a movie outing. Dirty and sticky with nobody to assist with seats or groups of people in your assigned seats. I’ve never actually been so anxious at a movie nor walked out before the movie starts...I did here. Go elsewhere period.

Christopher Dawdy

You have to get the A-List, I like the reserved seating!

Zachary Brant

Fun place to hang out

Quinn Cochran

The workers weren't very nice, with one even running out in front of us rudely, with no explanation? It's a good theatre, I guess.

Kaitlynn Landers

Majority of drink machines were non working , floors were wet and dirty . Not a pleasant experience.

Mary Willey

I just went to a movie with my family and when we went into the theatre there was trash bags over two of the seats. Two ladies came and said it smelled and had to move all the way to the back. Through the movie we smelled vomit. We stayed through the movie but me and my family had a head ache. The other ladies said that she feels disgusting and had to take a shower afterwards. After the movie we went to the customer service desk the girl said that no one cleaned it. When we asked for her manager the head manager said that he couldnt give a refund or passes because we didnt have all our ticket stubs. There were only 7 people in the theatre. We asked for his boss and he said he didnt have one and that he wouldn't give us his bosses name. He was very rude and arrogant and he did not have good customer service at all. I will not be going back.

Jim Davis

I generally like this theater, wish it was easier to access the from parking in rear since there's just street parking in front.

Guadalupe Aguilar

The sits are not so comfortable. Other than that its good!

Thomas Peterson

Kinda messy! Floors, counters, restrooms, etc.

George Bruning

AMC does it right. There's nothing like seeing a movie In their theaters. Popcorn is always good who doesn't love popcorn. Great way spend the afternoon with your kids.

Norma Large

Nice theater. Clean. Plenty of showtimes.


Great place to watch endgame

Tay House

They sell adult drinks here! First for me. More theatres should do that.

lemons apples

The theater i saw a movie in had a strange smell, THE SEATS ARE HORRIBLE. I wish they had reclining seats, and if they do they should put some in theater 7. If the time allows, id recommended going to a more "modern" theater especially if it's a long movie where comfort is key. But it's indeed a functioning movie theater.

Cody Kizer

Good experience, good service and the IMAX is a great visual quality.i really enjoyed it


The worst experience I’ve had at an AMC theater. The seats are uncomfortable, the space between the seats makes you feel very crowded. People talking all over the place during the movie. Ruined by whole Lion King Experience.

vtx DarkPhoenix

I go here with friends often and have a great time! I'm actually going there this weekend again!

Derek viosca

Stadium seating and large screen. Can't go wrong with that combo. No real complaints except for cost being so high and if I were being picky I would say the theater was really dirty the last visit. It was Saturday night so I am sure it is difficult to keep up with everyone, but there was trash everywhere. I will be returning, regardless.

Mike Dodson

Was real d and fine.

Cristina Twigg

Got tickets quickly, and the theater, and bathrooms we're both nice and clean. And the movie was great.


The movie was great but the concession was not good at all. Their cockroach machines were out of many of the popular sofas and flavorings.. no excuse when you pay over $7 for a damn drink


Theater was good. They need to do better job in putting some salt on those icy days. It was pretty slippery at front.

Valerie Fink

Love the new service of bringing popcorn to your seat for you,

Alea Bailey

I hated my experience at this location. The staff sucked. Two employees working the ticket booth apparently didn’t know anything about the rewards program at AMC. So I then got my tickets through the machine which by the way wouldn’t print and I had to go back to the booth and they were rude about needing to see an ID, the young man then was very loud in the speaker saying to go to theater 10. Completely obnoxious. The pretzel bites were harder then a rock and I will never return!

Jonny Five

Great theatre.

Debbie Conrad

Was not impressed with the non service dog being allowed in the theater and Management's lack of response or concern

Tito Aleman Jr.

Very nice clean and the seat a so very comfortable. I had to seat on the edge of the seat to not nod off. Thank you.

Mateo V

Exceptional theatre. Clean location with comfortable recliner seating. Great sound quality/level and clean. They also have a bar inside if your old enough and interested. Employees were all very helpful and friendly. Outside there is seating in front of a fire pit that is fun and cozy. Great location

Szabina Steffens

Convenient show times. Easy access.

John Bisonette

Great store just very spread apart

Jake Kennah

Could use an update the theaters feel dated compared to other AMCs in the area that have had big upgrades lately, in particular the IMAX seats were squeaky and uncomfortable but the staff was very nice and it was very clean! Not super packed when we went on a Friday night

Chris V

Always have a great time seeing movies here. The concessions are wildly overpriced, but that's any typical movie theater these days. The theaters are nice and the seats are comfortable. Can't ask for much more.

Cassidy Morales

Saw Midsommer today and while half of the movie is in Swedish, it would have been really nice for the subtitles to not have been half cut off the screen. Got up and told someone that the screen was messed up and no one did anything. Terrible service! Missed practically half of what was going on.

leanora stringer

The movie was great. The theater was extremely warm, and over priced since you can go to someplace that has reclining seats

Virginia Baca

Like this theatre, they have food plus popcorn. And if you want a drink McGrufs will serve you anything you like. Friendly bartenders.

Roberto Rangel

The theatres are okay, but the whole place is a little dirty. Buying tickets is easy and fast.

aj b

I tried to go see Avengers: Endgame in IMAX and it was a complete mess. First we get for the first showing of the day, theater just opened. The place is filthy, the soda machines were empty, and the popcorn butter was empty. Ok fine, a bit inconvenient. We go to the movie theater get our seats. Previews go, all good. Then the movie is supposed to start and a black screen. We had to wait for twenty minutes before someone came in to tell us that they didnt have the access key for the movie and that they were buying it now and it would only be a few more minutes. Ok again Inconvenient but we wait. About fourty minutes past the original start time for the film passes and we still have no movie. They come back in and tell us they cant get it to work and that they have to cancel the showing. They offer us a reentry pass to come back to a different show time or film. I read this pass. IT DOESNT EVEN COVER THE COST OF THE FILM I WAS SEEING! The "reentry pass" only overs a basic film and only as seats are available. SO basically its a "you can come back to a lesser theater experience and only if there is room". I will never go back to the Orchard AMC again. This is not the first time a show I have gone to there has been canceled but this is by far the worst experience. Additional note, they didn't offer us refunds for anything. Not for the tickets, not for the concessions ( which are more expensive than the tickets).

James Wyles

Good theater, but the parking situation is not great. All the parking is in the back of the theater, but the only entrance is in the front. You may find yourself with a long walk to get inside.

DuMaFX /duartero

Bar area was unattended for a long period of time, bartender said he was going to lunch and took 20 minutes for someone to replace him.

Frank Olivette

My least favourite AMC in the Front Range

Jered Scurlock

The manager at this location is very on point and keeps this place running smoothly. I did not see anyone waiting here a long time and she also takes care of the employees as I far as I can see being involved. It was a great environment to be around.

Cory Padgett

Great theater, usually not super crowded.

Anthony Thompson

Chairs are great. I just don't know who AMC is kidding with their concession prices. $8 for a soda is more than Coors Field... For a movie. And they shove their premier service down your throat. Pay us more for shorter lines? Again. It's a movie theater posing as a six flags.

Rebekah Babin

Literally the worst. It’s for reasons like this that I only frequent the movie theaters once a year! Super understated. Stood in line for 20 minutes just to get snacks. Popcorn (that is marked up 100 %) was not fully popped and left a bad taste in my mouth. I would definitely go out of my way to go somewhere else. Also didn’t look like the place had been cleaned in days

Alan Rogers

I don't care much for the recliner, assigned seats that are in many of the AMC theaters, but the ones in this theater are still the older reclining seats. I feel those are the best. The staff is friendly and the theater is clean. The person at the concessions counter should learn what Icees flavors are offered at her place of employment. Still an overall enjoyable experience.

Joshua Dittmar

Nice place to go watch movies.

Paul Grant

Great theater with recliner seats and IMAX screen.

Yelina Feliz

I have been waiting in this movie theater for 30 minutes and when someone in my party asked what was happening they told them. But that was 15 minutes ago. I thought that they would be fixing the projector but I looked up and it was dark. Next time recommend going to a theater who actually plays movies!


Wasn't happy with assigned seating and the chairs are not very comfortable. We witnessed a lot of unhappy customers waiting at the snack bar.

Sawyer Repphun

The food is a bit overpriced. But I love watching movies at this theatre. This honestly a pretty average place to watch a movie because it has a average price.

Jo Momma

I was extremely disappointed with AMC Orchard 12. Tonight was my first visit. Parking was a hot mess. Unless you're a lucky person, you're not going to park up front which is parallel parking and extremely limited. Most likely you're parking on the side or back of the building. Side parking is behind a string of restaurants so it's not easily accessible either. Depending on what time you go, I assume it matters. It's an outdoor mall. You're competing with shoppers and diners. Google Maps took us to the back. We weren't sure how to get to the front. An alley. You walk through an alley. The way we ventured was not in any way handicap accessible. Once you enter it seems pretty standard for a movie theater. It wasn't the cleanest. The people weren't friendly. But standard. The restroom was filled with teenagers taking pictures. Bathroom selfies. Group photos. Extremely odd. The toilet paper was empty in the available stall and it was far from clean. They do have toilet seat covers, bonus. The water runs hot to wash your hands but they are sensor faucets that require a lot of waving mid-rinse. Once I made it into the theater, I was disappointed. This is the old school seating where they cram as many people as possible into the theater like human sardines. I hope you know the person sitting next to you. And then the lights go down and people are climbing across your lap, back and forth, from seat to exit and returning. I've been stepped on and tripped over multiple times tonight and I'm pretty sure my toe will be purple when I make it home. There was so much noise that I missed lines of the movie to people talking and babies crying. Which seemed par for the course as I missed seeing the screen too. It was the most unpleasant movie I've ever spent money on. Think "free movie in the park", but fork over your cash for it. At least in the park you're not trampled. I will be making the extra commute to Harkins going forward. Best of luck to you.

Jake Raihl

Wasn't sure about my rewards, but Carson at the concession stands told me everything I needed to know. Jon at the bar was also super helpful and very attentive. My IMAX experience was spectacular and this is definitely my go to movie theater because of the attendants.

Jay Afterburner

Kathy was literally the best here. She treated us like family and got us what we needed. On top of that the theatre was very clean and uncrowded and the sound system was amazing. We saw Addams family together . We always love coming here and would happily recommend it to any one. They have my continued business!

Barbara Dennis

I like this theater for the location to food and shops, but given that it’s a small theater they don’t have recliner seats for all showing (I’m not even sure if they have them at all). I typically go to the AMC in Westminster but this is my plan B.

Stephanie Aragon

Seats didn't reclince but they were still comfortable.

Nancy Donovan

Very clean and comfortable. I really like our Premier membership that allows us to but tickets online without a fee. There was a disturbance in the theatre with some teenagers having to be asked to leave, it was handled quietly and with very little disruption, yet at the end of the movie everyone received a guest pass for another movie. I think threat was really good customer service.

Eddie Lopez

Great local movie house with tons of food and snack options.

David Cummings

Nice theater. Polite helpful staff.

Sara Cisneros

The absolute worst AMC we have ever been to. We arrived at 12:45 for our 1:10 movie. We had plenty of time to purchase 2 hot dogs, large drink and curly fries, well so we thought. We didn't get our food until 1:27. Missed all of the previews and barley made it in time for the movie. The theater smelled of old sour food, floors were sticky and the chairs had gross stains on them. The bathrooms were filthy and all over the hallway floor there was popcorn, garbage etc. I have no idea why this establishment can be ran the way it is. I will never return!!!

Sam Morales

We are avid movie goers and usually visit this location monthly. It is located next to a Marco's Pizza and the are several other food, snack and shopping options. The theaters are always clean and the staff is friendly. They have ample parking and Tuesdays are $5 movie night. It is a great place to spend a Saturday/Sunday with the family.

Lawrence Camera

Nice staff. Comfortable seats. As good as any other AMC theatres.

Steven Lopez

Expensive, I'm not sure when going to the movies got so expensive. it makes it hard to want to go when you are spending $50 minimum for two people if you want snack and popcornl. this one is better than the promenade at least you can still get free refills here without being a stubs reward member.

Alivia Ghormley

Upgrade to the new seats and it’d be a 5 star!

Kacper Czaja

Your typical movie theater, smaller crowds, and didn't have recliners

Mattie Webb

We had a wonderful time at the movies today. The young man running the consessions area was especially friendly. The entire facility was very clean and all staff was courteous. I just wish the prices for refreshments were a little more realistic.


wow It was shameful. I said “can I use you guys restroom real quick?” One person at the front said “yeah” and other one after that said NO, since there’s restrooms out there, you can’t.” What, she thought I was gonna sneak in without getting a ticket or something? Like I was right in front of here so I came in to use a restroom. I ended up going into Marcos pizza for a restroom. HILARIOUS. This is an outrageous experience and for this small of a reason, it was weird.

Tony Abeyta

Excellent facility and first rate service.

Ben E

Well it gets 5 stars because I cant remember going to the place but Google asked me to rate it from 2 years ago.

Jon Amore

Very friendly staff .grossly over priced

Mary McDarby-Rios

Typical AMC, but newer and located in an open air shopping mall

Jeremy Lyon

Very dirty. Ushers were very slow to clean the theater and let people in. No one came out to help handle the lines waiting for the movies (two different show time lines started to merge)

Josh Fink

No reserved seating, and uncomfortable seats. Screen was fine.


Clean, good bar selection and awesome for people who don't like it crowded.

Thien Nghiem

Not great, not terrible. It's a typical AMC. The line is often long for the popcorns. Pricey for movie tickets, foods, and drinks for non-membership movie goers. Feel like a second class citizen without the premium membership. There is only one entrance in the front, where the stripping mall is. Took me a long time to find the entrance since I parked behind the Cinema and there were no instruction to the gate.

kyle froyen

This place is really nice a well maintained go on Tuesdays and tickets are only $5

Robert Rowell

Very clean and family friendly

Kristen Davis

This theater has great matinee prices and isn't usually crowded.

Markese Brundage

Loved Lion king

Van Hutchinson

Good movie theater. Was pretty clean and the kids loved it.

Tammi Jones

Great theatre. Very Clean, comfortable seats. Restrooms were clean. Friendly staff Only negative thing was the concession area was a little dirty. Popcorn and soda spilled on floor. However it was the last show of the day so I am sure it is usually kept neater then that. Over all a very pleasant experience.


Bathrooms are falling apart, alcohol smell and wet floor all over floor by my feet and in hallway. Movie before mine was 15 min late starting, no apologies or discounts offered.

Troy Dodson

Nice and clean worth the drive

parambir saini

Very clean and comfortable. I really like our Premier membership that allows us to but tickets online without a fee. There was a disturbance in the theatre with some teenagers having to be asked to leave, it was handled quietly and with very little disruption, yet at the end of the movie everyone received a guest pass for another movie. I think threat was really good customer service.

Rodeo Prinsessa

Always friendly staff there and clean. Love the Premier perks!

Nicole Emanuel

Average movie theater. Clean and good service for sure

Justin Burnside

Took 4 other people along with myself to see Endgame opening weekend and the staff handled all of the people very well. I'm about the same driving distance from this theater as the AMC in Westminster, and I prefer this one every time.

Kate S

Fantastic movie theater.

Carol Byrd

Can't believe the price of food and drinks. Not many healthy choices. Along with a glass of wine $14.99

Johnathan Tillman

When there are lines they move quickly. Theaters are usually pretty clean. You can put the chair arms up and get comfortable. It is a smaller AMC, but it does not get too crowded. Seating is not reserved, so this is the only AMC in the metro area that I will still visit.

Phayth Less

It's a nice movie theater with good audio and visual quality. The concessions are average priced for a movie theater but it's manageable.


Nice theater, normally pretty clean. Wish it would be renovated to have recliner seats and reservations for all shows.

Becky Comstock

The people are friendly (mostly), but like all theatres the concessions are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO over priced!!! No wonder people would rather rent movies & watch at home.


Service was really great! Staff was actually friendly and really lift up your mood! The experiance with the chair was also the best one too! Comfy!


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