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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Fort Collins 10 IN Colorado

Abby Wuehler

I love this place because it’s secluded, there aren’t as many people and there are free, self serve refills on icees!!

Michael Garone

On tuesdays this theater offers much cheaper tickets, its always clean and my wife and i have a lot of memories here!

Adam Boyd

I LOVE THIS THEATER. This is probably my absolute theater, and that's from having experiences from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. Prices are affordable, that staff is insanely courteous and professional, yes the building is old (what exactly were you expecting from a place that doesn't charge $30 dollars for a ticketcinemark). The only complaint that I have would be refurbishing the "couples" seats. After an hour they start to feel rigid and really uncomfortable which sucks because I love sitting with my gf there, and hey AMC that's more ticket and popcorn, what're you doing?

Mymy eclipse

Been going to this movie theater for a few years and I love how small the theater is all together.

John Oberholzer

There are times you want to go online and reserve some $15 seats for a movie. And then there are times you just want to see a movie without the price and production. That's what the AMC Classic Theatres in Fort Collins are fantastic for. The seats, screens, and sound is excellent. And it's nice to just spend less and walk in to find your spot.

Linae Warden

Just what one wants and expects, but the ticket prices are lower. Comfortable seats, well-functioning equipment, polite and efficient staff. This is your basic, no-fuss theater experience. I recommend it if you just want to see a movie with no "frill" experiences.

Michael Rodenbeck

Friendly staff and good seats

Connie Nelson

Great price on movies that start before 4pm and friendly staff !

Zachary Rizza

Service was amazing but environment was lacking

Nestor the cow

No end game spoilers please

Andrew Cordova

Went to Detective Pikachu on opening weekend with the whole family. Staff was really good with kids and the prices were fair. We got our free promo cards after the show and everyone was pleased with the experience. We liked the Coke freestyle machines, because you can refill your own drink quickly. I was dreading going to a more expensive theater with youngsters, but was pleasantly surprised when we found showtimes at this AMC. We will return to this location again soon.

Steven Stechschulte

Slide show ore-movie had no sound and air conditioning was messed up, movie was fine but environment was not...

Ralph Trenary

This is now my "go to" theater. Becoming an AMC Stubs member was the right decision.

Tanya Cienfuegos-Baca

I love this theater because the workers are friendly and they have one of those cool Coke machines with over fifty flavors! They also offer a lot of specials to save money!

Matthew Pulc

Amenities and seating. Other than that movies are super cheap. I'm paying to see the movie not what comes with the movie. I would much rather go here to see a movie without all the glitz and glamour of another theatre for half the price.

Hannah Wernsman

Decent movie experience for the price. Needs some cleaning or deodorizing of the carpets and seats, but for 7 bucks, I was okay with the experience. I hope they can get it cleaned up a bit, because it's a great location.

D Brookhouser

We love going here because it's close to the house and we appreciate all of the upgrades they've done, mainly in service and amenities, they could still update the seats, but still appreciate what they've done. Why not a 4, the recent new hires seem interested, bored and sometimes rude.

Heather Washburn

Clean. Staff is fairly friendly. I recommend you join the Stubs rewards program and buy the bucket. It saves us tons of money and for how many AMCs we have in town it's well worth it.

Sheila Nickolas

Wonderifu love

Ros Facey

Right on our doorstep,so much choice,fair price

Joanna Crownover

This is an old theater, one of the oldest in Fort Collins so it is expected to be rundown. Many of the things people typically complain about are out of the staffs' control. The people who work there focus on their job and try to provide the best service they are capable of. The reason it isn't a 5 is because there are some kinks to work out for the theater. But again, these are decisions made by the actual company as opposed to the individual theater. (I know this because I have worked at theaters before. Often what customers complain about is not within the control of anybody who works at the actual theater.) I would also like to note that you have to be 17 to see a R rated movie, but 21 to buy two or more tickets. Yes, this is the actual policy for AMC.


This place Is great! It's what a movie theater used to be, a place to watch a movie. If you want eat a three course meal or have cocktails go stand in line at the new theaters....

Amanda Lien

Great prices and busy but not too busy. Love the photo booth as well. Thanks for always making date night social

Tim Rodgers

The "classic" is in the name for a reason. Movie experience was fine with the only caveat being that the A/C system is both loud enough to be heard and distracting in the quieter points in a movie. It is summer, but not overly hot so the system was turning on and off which made the sound inconsistent (thus bringing attention to it every time it restarted) and added the metal slap of the vents opening and closing as well.

Anthony Johnston

Friendly staff and good sound, but decor, chairs and screens are horribly overdue for a remodel. Heard from staff one is anticipated late 2019.

K;harlie Bethanni

Thanks guy so much love my family Dollar love sisy

Elaine Spencer

Nice theater, sound system not deafening, temperature comfortable. I’m giving a 3 rating because of the enormous car-damaging potholes in the parking lot. Beware!

Beth Beal

It is a great theater! Love the price and the staff is always nice!

Aric Hanson

Older theater but had a great experience. Staff was friendly!

Riceman Hou

Good place to watch movies. Cheap tickets.

Kerrie Lapoehn

Love this venue, great value for the money.

Krista Fredrick

Nice staff, tons of movie times on the new releases! Just wish the popcorn was a little cheaper.

ash hall

My roommate and I went here to see Isle of Dogs and she bought a more expensive popcorn because she wanted to be able to get refills. The person ringing us up knew this, and didn’t tell us that the concessions closes at 8:45 pm. When leaving the movie to go and get more popcorn, she was told that she couldn’t get her refill because they were closed. She basically just wasted $10 on popcorn and didn’t even get her refill. We are both poor college students and can’t afford to just be wasting money like that and neither of us will be returning to this theatre.

Aubrey Hurd

This place was pretty good. I went to see Infinity War late so this was the only theater in my area that was showing it. As other reviews have said, this place lives up to its “classic” name, with some outdated auditorium. Cheaper tickets than the Metrolux across the street though! Even though Infinity War completely destroyed my faith in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this theater was not to blame.

Dan Brooks

Affordable, clean movie theater

Nicole Kaleva

I bought tickets online as many theaters were selling out of Avengers: End Game seats on Saturday afternoon. Inexpensive movie $5.99, without multiple fees attached, clean environment, theater appears to be under repair as front ticketing office booth trashed looking. Two attendant present to service all customers, getting them tickets, meeting snack requests, no one present to affirm ticket purchased to enter theatre. Bathroom clean and well stocked.

Glenn Train

This theatre is an old one. Seats are not reclining and the arm rests don't move. My wife and I had just eaten lunch so we didn't order any snacks. Since we joined the AMC's Stubs A-list club we both were able to see the movie at 1:30 for only $5.99.

d lowrie

Cheap tickets...uncomfortable seats. This is an old theatre. Don't expect many perks, but you can see movies on opening night for 6 bucks.

Febin Sunny

Seats are terrible; screen is too small. Not worth it unless you are getting some deals on your ticket or something.

Allison Grant

No frills theater. You get a moderately comfortable seat, and a screen, and the usual overpriced snacks. I am a huge fan of their low cost Tuesday movies!

Devon Hoffman

A little outdated but the ticket prices were half the price of other theatres making going to the movies affordable again!

Mark Newman

It's always a good place for everyone.

Jimmy Haley

Used to walk to this theater a couple times month to see movies. It's not bad and was always pretty empty. Would have liked more comfortable seating though.

Jackie OConnell

Had a great night at the movies .Took my daughter for her birthday. Movie was good.

Taylor Morse

Always been a fan of this theater for the last 17 years. Just wish they had more comfortable chairs.

A Angel

Comfortable place and the price is right!

Jason Kilgrow

My wife and I took our nieces and nephew here while we were visiting family I Johnstown. The theater was very clean and comfortable. The sound and picture quality was great! The people working there were really friendly. Overall, we all had an enjoyable experience.

Rest in peace x

Great service. I definitely recommend it

Corey Laymon

Always a great movie theater to go see the previously popular movies for cheap.

Bradley Maston

I can't tell you precisely why...but this is my favorite theater in Fort Collins. The staff is great, there are consistent and enjoyable deals. It is just a nice place to see a movie.

Shaun Simpson

Great picture ,Great Sound that's all you need

Gerardo Aguilar

Had much higher expectations but just take the extra drive to go somewhere els

Laser Lady

Have been loving this place since 2001! So glad it's still around. ☺

Sarah Casias

Took me down memory lane

Lu A

Decent theater, unlimited soda and icee's and good price's like 2 for on Large drinks, candy and some food. Concessions take a long time during peak times so be ready to wait and sometimes a LONG wait. I don't like the fact the the seats don't recline one bit so your kind of stuck in one position the whole movie. Ticket prices are the best in town. So if your movie isn't too long it should be a nice and affordable time!

Lezlee Oxton

Pretty average theater with extra friendly staff. No frills but gets the job done.

Gary Blakely

Even though it's not the most swanky theater in town, you gotta love the price ($3.99) and the shows are the same. Comfortable seating too.

Renee Tryels

Kids had a ball

Larissa Cleveland

Pretty old theater decent prices

Tiffany Rose

A bit overpriced for how run down it is. Good for kids

Joe G.

Great theater with great prices.

Zachary Gilvey

$5 Tuesdays, okay seats

Ken Schultze

Very dated, but nice staff and good price.

Chris Sharp

AMC Classic is one of the oldest theaters in Fort Collins. As such, many people avoid it. For me, I enjoy the smaller crowds, being able to slip in and get a good seat, and lower prices for snacks and drinks. The picture is great, seats are comfy, service friendly. I prefer AMC over other theaters with big crowds and excessive prices. If you haven't been to the AMC for awhile, give them another shot... you may have a new favorite.

Harris Elias

Staff was friendly and helpful. The facility is dated, dirty and overall left a lot to be desired. The seats are uncomfortable.

JT Ervin

Good place

Ralph Armitagè

First time visiting the theater. Reasonable prices, friendly staff and a very good sound system. Seating was clean, comfortable and provided adequate room. Snack pricing for drink and popcorn was $5 and popcorn was tasty.

Ann Kane

Snack and drink selection are good. Staff are friendly. Smaller, older theater, but kept up well. Nothing fancy, but comfortable seating with good picture and sound.

Paul Penney

It was kinda cold in the theater, bathrooms could use to be cleaned

Miranda Hovey

The theater needs a bit of work, the ceiling looked like it was having issues. I really enjoyed that it wasn't packed. You have to buy tickets at the concession stand and there was no sign, which made it rather confusing.

Nate Overton-Katz

A fairly nice cozy theater. Rarely very crowded. Seats could be updated though.

Tyson Parker

Great older theatre. New movies and low prices. Staff is friendly. Theatre chairs are dated. Nice option to have with family on a budget.

Amanda Biggs

Definitely classic, seats and theatre are older but you still get AMC deals and see great movies!

Terance Youngs

Great place to catch a flik

Theresa Tee

Seats were not comfortable. We sat at the top, so plenty of leg space.

Tyler Gates

2.0 sound overpriced and horrible sound

Greg Brinkr

It's a perfectly great movie theater! Nostalgia a bit for me since I grew up in the neighborhood. A new coat of asphalt on the parking lot would make a world of difference!

Susan Sires

A nice surprise. Who knew you could go to a newly released movie for a reasonable price? The theater is perfectly fine. Nothing fancy but comfortable. Beware of their food specials. I ordered the pizza with a specially priced drink and was told that the special ended a couple of months ago. There was a huge cardboard promo for it I bet it's still up. : )

gmail account

Tickets are CHEAP! (Snacks are not) but other than the great prices on tickets, this theater is kind of outdated. The theater smells old and stale, the movie screens are A LOT smaller than other amc's, the chairs are narrow, uncomfortable and smell like old shoes. There were huuuuge cobwebs in the top corners of the movie screens by the curtains, the toilets were gross in the sense that they're old, rusty and stained and also, dirty. The one girl we saw working was friendly, though! I could never go back here because the smell of the theater alone almost made me sick.

Emily Mills

The staff here is really friendly and I've never had a problem. It's nice that it's not too busy, for the most part. The building maybe just needs a bit of updating

Deanna Shaffar

Very nice older place. Not as busy so as some so very nice. Staff was super nice

Michael Diaz

They no longer have $4 movies, so for the price it is hard to go because seats would be too uncomfortable.

ThisGuyNickwick Chadwick

Good theater very very reasonable prices This is an excellent cheap movie night or date night or family night with the kids I love to take my kids here because I have three kids and it doesn't end up being a huge ordeal

Carolina Hayford

Great smaller theater but I prefer the reclining seats

Juan Lewis II

No reserved seating and convenience fees may be par for the course when you're the only game in town, but this theater is far from the newest or best. Just in case you're listening, AMC, fee-free reserved seating would probably make me forget the sub-par chairs and food... Seems like such a tiny investment to stay competitive.

Katie Benson

Great customer service and kind staff. The building is looking a bit run down now from my teenage years, but the staff made up for it. Hopefully the owners will keep their investment going strong with some updates.

Garrett Netherton

For a "cheap" theater it wasn't much less than a normal theater. Men's bathroom had urinals only inches apart. No sound when we entered the theater but video was playing. Seats were uncomfortable and haven't been updated in a while and with only 15 people in the theater it still got ridiculously hot by the time the movie ended. Not a great experience.

Laura McLimans

Price goood but you have to expect subpar seats. Restroom smelled like cigarette butts and out of tp and paper towels.

Kevin Julesgard

My family was the only ones in theater #8. There was no heat at all we were bundled up in winter clothes and gloves. They had to restart the movie for us 3 times before it worked.

Tina Olson

This theater is pretty filthy. I have seen at least 6 movies over the last 3 months at this theater, and the windows still have the same splashes of crud dripping down. The floors used to be shiny, but are super gross now. Meanwhile, the staff is standing behind the counter, laughing and carrying on. Nobody is working! This place has gone so far downhill. This used to be our favorite place to go. Now its our last choice.

Tegan Deeney

It's been years since I've seen them use the box office for selling tickets. You now have to go to the consession stand to buy anything. Definitely feeling a bit run down. But the sound system is superb.

Jami Bojan

The movie was great, but the seat I was sitting in was broken and there was a spring poking me in the leg through the movie, and my armrest to the right was broken and kept moving around

Rehana Allsup

Great deals but it is probably a step above the dollar theater in town. Even though the seats were not recliner seats, they were the old fashion ones so pretty comfortable for non-reclining seats. Everything else is pretty normal for an older theater.

ryan nguyen

Chairs news to be update.... and while watching te movie, don't be scared when the air get turn on. It's loud

Devoid Aperture

This place used to be fantastic, but after a change in management (I assume), things drastically changed. They removed the sign displaying the movies currently in to force you on their website, or to drive into the lot and get out of your car to look. You used to be able to see the listings as you drove by. On top of that, the last several times I went, the seats were grotesque, and the screens were so dirty that it looked like they had never been cleaned at all. The entire place had become filthy, and it's a shame it went so far down hill. Spend a few more dollars and go pretty much anywhere else.

Mary Ann Baak

Its definitely been updated since the last time I was there. Some of the seats could still stand to be replaced, though luckily not all as we did find comfy ones.

Thomas Briggs

Lobby is nice. Theater is ok...seats are old and uncomfortable.

Riley Easton

Good seats, great staff, great prices, but dated theaters. Don't expect a full-fat AMC experience and you'll leave happy.


You know, it's fine.

Jesse Courchaine

Good smaller theater a bit cheaper than Cinemark but still shows the same movies! Now serving beer and snacks if you're into that.

Johnny W

Its a great place to go, tickets are reasonably priced. Lot better than most. Great little deals here and there. Very family friendly.

Alex H

I've been going to this theatre for decades now, and while the smaller theatre size can diminish the effect of some blockbuster movies, one can't argue with the ticket price. Now that they finally offer beer at the concession stand, I find myself returning to this theatre more than others when I'm in the mood for standard popcorn fare.

Kelly Vaughan

I like this place because it doesn't have the crowds other theatres have, and the prices are better. No, it's not state of the art recliner seats, and some of the auditoriums have clearly suffered from water damage, but overall, I prefer this theatre to others. Less crowds, convenient parking, etc. The only thing that really, really got under my skin here was when I took my nephews to see Toy Story 4 this weekend, and had to sit through 30 MINUTES OF PREVIEWS. it was awful. Movie was clocked to start at 2:30pm, didn't actually start until 3:00pm, because we watched 30 solid minutes of movie previews. Preview, after preview, after preview, after preview, after preview, after preview, after preview, after preview , after preview, omg are you kidding me? By the time the movie finally started, the kids popcorn was gone and they were asking for a bathroom trip. A few previews is normal. 15 is not. Very annoying. Also, they don't sell small drinks?? I had to buy my 5 year old a giant drink.

Steve Martin

I like this theater. The beauty and essence of this theater is the glory of the standard seating. Standard theaters were built with a love for the movies. So even though they are standard, they were built 40-years ago with attention to detail and love for entertainment. The design invites you in with a "tunneling" (low ceilings, narrow hallways) that then allows you to enter the warmth of a hidden chamber to watch a movie in an uncrowded theater. You buy your tickets at the snack counter. You kill two birds at one time. Brilliant!


The picture quality is really bad. Contrast isn't acceptable. Blacks are greys.

ClydeMonkey 07

Prices here are crazy expencive but this theater never gets to busy and has good quality movies but not a big selection.


I live so close!! I just wish there could be some updating so I can walk over instead of driving to the Cinemark across the st all the time. If they had more comfy chairs, I'd frequent it more.

Jason Shaw

First off. I'm standing along side my wife and the woman at the register for tickets acted like I didn't exist. Didn't acknowledge my questions (happened this past Sunday, blonde girl with glasses) Not sure if it was racism or feminism or that I have medical conditions that affect my appearance. So what's the deal. This is a theater. A teen job. Tell your staff not to be picky and treat EVERYONE like a guest. Not act like cold blooded animals. Pros: RECLINING SEATS, FOOD AND MERCH! Cons: hit or miss with the staff on duty and no arcade.

Jeremy D. Cuebas

Our new favorite movie theater because it's never crowded, tickets are cheap, and the staff is always friendly. It's definitely not as up-to-date as the other theaters, but it's got charm. Also the best part is that somebody announces when movies are seating by yelling into the lobby. How freaking cool is that?

Johanna Emery

It's nice that they do cheap tickets and free drink refills but it definitely comes at a cost... Last time we went, the theatre ceiling had four different holes where insulation was falling out and two more tiles were sagging and ready to break. It also had a couple seats covered by what looked like trash bags (I don't wanna know) and the lights kept randomly turning back on during the movie. But, I do have to say, although the building itself needs more than just a little TLC, it's been clean and the staff has been friendly every time we've gone. So.... There's that.


Pretty disappointing, ticket prices went from $4 to $5.99 theatre is still old and out dated, so not sure how they justify the increase. Popcorn was stale and lots of crumbs. You can accept the flaws when the price is right but the flaws becoming glaring when you are paying premium.

Kim Hawk

Can always get a seat since less popular. Most popular ($$) movies get the more updated seating so have not had any seat issues. New owners are behind on cleaning and maintenance. Staff consistently friendly. Do not like the new self serve popcorn/pop area - messy and a line.

Vaclav Novak

Great Cinem

Jordan/Kara Blakely

First run movies at the best prices in town. The workers are friendly and it's a local, family-owned business. So, if you don't require electric recliners to watch a movie, this is the place to go.

Joe Villanueva

Best place on town

Will Sivils

Website was very frustrating. Tried three times to sign up to be a stubs member. It started there was an error but gave no way to resolve the problem. You also cannot purchase tickets over the phone.

tristan Brügger

This place is really great. Really cheap and affordable to go to.

ChiAlpha Valerie

Love the prices and concessions are standard.

Aaron Todd

It's an old cinema. It's generally very quiet though which can be a positive.

Christian Massey

Good theater great prices will definitely be going there again

lynette johnson

Good movies, good prices ,the staff is very friendly

Debbie Campbell

Are the AMC theaters both closing, now that they no longer sell tickets before 3pm?

Sharon Hill

Appreciate the senior discount.

Jeffery Lynn

Still got great deals great theater not as fancy as the new one over there by the mall but still worth your worth your money

Aidan Pedersen

Definitely a nice theater. A bit smaller than some of the other ones around, which can be a good thing. Typically it's not as crowded here, compared to other places. Otherwise similar, same overpriced food and drinks, but people are quieter and smaller in numbers in my experience. If you found this review as helpful, please mark it as so.

Kiery Wilson

It's a old theater but comfy stadium seating and everything was great!

Michael Mickelson

For a bargain movie, this is a pretty great place. It's generally not very crowded and has cheap tickets. The seats are old fashioned and somewhat uncomfortable, but you get what you pay for. It's not uncommon to get a theater mostly to yourself, which I really appreciate

Akiji Koiwalakai

I am deaf, going to the movies is a challenge. AMC is one of the few theaters with closed caption. Great!!!


Nice clean smoke free theater with a excellent sound system.

Raimie Lee

Always great! Not over crowded, great popcorn!!


Really not that bad. Very friendly young lady working the counter. Popcorn was good (overpriced of course). Fairly clean. Movie sucked (latest Star Wars), not the theatres fault. Seemed like 30 min of previews & commercials. Maybe longer.

William VanHazel

Don't bring in any backpacks

Richard Lawrence

I guess you get what you pay for, Tickets are cheap. Seats are old and uncomfortable. Took the family to see Avengers on Sunday, the theater was packed, which we expected. But it was so hot inside the theater, it felt like a sauna. my self and a few other guest got up during the movie to tell management and they said there was nothing they could do about it because there AC doesn't work well enough to cool off a packed theater. I felt like I was going to pass out and you could see people wiping the sweat off there heads. Don't go to this theater if you want to see a new popular movie.


great cheap seats!

Susanna Dunnington

Friendly staff, clean theater and close to my home which I appreciate! Thank you

Joslyn Bennett

Honestly I like it here a lot better than anywhere else because it's never as busy as Metropolitan 14. It's a little out dated but, to me that doesn't really matter when the staff is good and you're there for the movie !

Christopher Hylia

Not a date night spot. Floors are at a constant sticky layer. I do enjoy to go here to escape the crowds.

Naomi Burbidge

It is a nice theater but needs some updates. Ceiling is falling apart in many areas.


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