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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Colorado Springs 10 IN Colorado

Julietta Munoz

This is my second choice in theaters if I can't go to Tinsletown. Its nice enough for not wanting to spend a lot. Could be cleaner, few staff members are friendly, but we were pushed out of a theater for after credits to a Marvel movie which made question why we go there but other than that its an ok theater

Opie Boy

Obviously not the highest end, but $6 dollar tickets? I also like that it’s not to crowded

justin shock

Always a great place. Not too fancy but the price isn't sky high either. Been coming here for years. Great place

Boneless Nooddle

This place is better now that it is an AMC theater, but the place is kinda dirty. Workers are nice but there are very few of them. I seem to be the only one to notice, but the movie screens kinda suck. The screen dims and then gets lighter many many times.

Jamie Stahler

Hidden gem. This is one of the cheapest theaters in town, second to the Picture Show by the Citadel Mall. The difference is this AMC features new movies. There's plenty of parking and seating. The seats are not recliners like all the new places but they are plenty comfy. I will return.

Cameron Ozuna

Not enough people working there terrible service waited in line for a hour and then they just let people go thru after they told us we could not so unorganized will never return again

Michael Burnstein

One of my favorite movie theaters to go to

Annalisa Colbert

Nice local theater. One problem, though, is that often there will be only one cashier. The way the place is set up, the cashiers sell the tickets AND the concessions, so you may end up waiting in line a long time to get tickets and miss the start of your movie, even if you don't want anything to eat or drink. THEY NEED TO CHANGE THAT UP.

Ann Marie Dibattista

The front area doesn't look good. The theater itself is nice, but the screens are smaller than I'm used to. Tickets before 4pm are only $3.99 so I'm a happy camper overall.

Corey Mosteller

Great theater with great rates! Tickets start at $4 before 4pm, even on weekends. I was able to take my whole family, two adults and three children, for under $21! Definately worth the drive for the savings!

Christina Whitlock

Awesome price for movies.

Terry Radney

Why would the ticket window be closed and all tickets and concessions be forced into 3 registers at the concession stand for a sold out theater sneak preview night? Because someone did a poor job of planning. Why would someone let in the back of the line for a black Friday style rush to seats while the front of the line hurdles the line ropes to get behind those people who just arrived to find seats? Because the onsite staff leader made a big mistake....he thought all of us who had been standing in front of that line were there for concessions. I'll say that the staff was nice and tried to make up for it...but they weren't ready for this. I think the location manager should be held accountable for his staff's lack of preparation, and their absence in a situation where the movie was about to start and 400 people were outside waiting to get in. I think Amazon should reconsider this location as a partner for sneak peeks. Aquaman was good. Seats are below average for modern theaters. Parking was really good, even on a busy night. The movie quality wasn't great, I saw the movie cutoff on the left of the scream during subtitles twice. The intro was muffled on audio. Concessions are cool if you can get them, the drinks are free refills help yourself from one of those multi flavor soda machines.

Michael Nixon

Cheap movie tickets and awesome popcorn. Has a 100 flavor coke machine and is rarely super packed. Place is a little run down, but definitely worth seeing movies here due to the cheap tickets!

Mil 07

Great although i wish the snacks were cheaper and the chairs better.

Robert Hudson

Great place to see all the latest movies but at a reasonable price. If you just want to see the movie and a 400 foot screen is not important this is the place to go. Friendly but busy staff always seem happy to help. The decor is a bit worn but not enough to dampen the experience. The screen and sound system is just as good as anywhere else although my wobbley seat needed a bit of TLC.

Sabrina McMillin Bowman

Nice to get out of the heat

jenny breeden

Large screen. great price on matinee. seats not the most comfortable

David Shaver

Good value for the price of admission.

Ken Haynes

I love this theater. Price has gone up a bit. But still lower than tinsel town or the imax. Close to home and never really crowded.

Kevin Murtagh

Nice entertaining deal.

Loni-Jane Davison

The staff was nice With that said thats where the stars come into place ... The actual place was 1

Byrne Wright

Older theatre, so it's a little rough around the edges, but excellent price compared to fancier places. They did just add the soda machine that lets you get your own drinks and add flavorings, so the kids love that. If you want a ritzy theatre, this is not the place for you. But if you want a great deal and a place with a little "hood" personality, it's perfect! :)

John McCreight

Very friendly staff, no pressure. It was a pretty slow night, but service was tops even so. Lots of personal attention, and very affordable! Our group effectively got a personal screening, which was nice. Sad that there aren't more people but great if you've always wanted a big screen to yourself.

Gary Prockish

Concessions were pretty slow and the movie screen had damage that interfered with the movie.

Valerie Jones

Attended a sensory showing for children with autism. Was nice, a little crowded. Staff was friendly.


Love the prices of the tickets for the movie showings!

Mike Whitehurst

Great place, small theater, not as busy as other theater's.


Very comfortable stadium type seating. Went there for 'Solo'. Decent food at usual theatre prices. The movie sucked we only had 10 other folks watching it besides us at 7.30 on a Saturday nite!

Nicole Hernandez

Went to a movie camp special screening of Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald and had an amazing time! The theater and the people running movie camp were great! I will say you might want bring a hoodie or sweater because these theaters are always so cold.

Kindly Danvers

This is always my families go-to place. The cost is cheap, and the staff is VERY kind and hardworking, even if there’s not that many staff members. To be honest, I like that there are a million commercials because you can be 10 minutes late from the actual showtime, and still would be able to watch the whole movie. Overall, one of the best theaters.

Chuck H

Great value, but old school seating. If you're into the movie, the seats don't matter much. Still a gem.

Matthew Tomaiolo

Terrible location , higher Tuesday prices than any other place , extremely expensive food , oh and the seats were soooooo uncomfortable . Literally will be going anywhere else from now on . Even the picture show is better.

Bradley Nathan

The theaters are clean and comfortable, though the lobby is a bit run down. The staff is friendly and there are several brand new self service soda machines. The best thing about this theater is the the prices - $5 Tuesdays and summer matinees (before 4pm) are just $4.

Susan Laird

Best prices for new movies.

Simply Sweetness

This place is soooo outdated... at least you guys could get the new couch seats. Tickets should be five dollars on regular days and three on discount days just based on the out dated look and feel. Smh

Heather Griffith

Seats are small...other than theatre. Prices are excellent...but line was long and only 2 cashiers....not bad

Cassie Oakleaf

They were short staffed, the was only 1 line for EVERYTHING (food, tickets, and reservations). The place was a mess, but we enjoyed our movie. Oh! Also, this place does NOT have recliners!! We were expecting recliners and were VERY disappointed to be watching a 3 hour movie in regular chairs that didn't even tilt back a little. Jot comfortable at all.

Greg Swartz

Decent movie theater. Good prices. Seats could use an upgrade.

Glen Nicholls

Tickets for $4.99 on a Friday night? Sign me up my guy! It's kind of run down, but a good experience overall.

Patricia Schneck

I got fresh popcorn and watched a good movie. That's what I went there for. I wished the seats were more comfortable, but you can't have everything for the good price that you pay at this AMC theater.

David Gonzalez Jr

This place is awesome. No one really comes here anymore because it's not store fancy but it's perfect on price and snacks!

Bob Welp

Nice people, but the theater had no heat - freezing.

Veronica Slawski

Great price and great place to see a movie!

Courtney Barry

Very nice staff! Ticket prices are great for movies before 4pm. Seating is okay, but not stadium. The concession prices are very high, but it's the that's expected...just higher then Cinemark concessions.

Heaven Wood

Great concessions. Friendly staff. Everything was well maintained.

Just Me

AMC upgraded the chairs that used to be in there when it was Carmike 10 so now they're not all half-broken and janki and you have to find enough in a row that you're spending every minute of the previews trying to find a section in which your group fits... That is no longer in issue the seats are nice they are cushy they are not as big as the recliners in other theaters but the price is not what it is in other theaters either but it's still perfectly wide and perfectly comfortable and Stadium seated unlike the Picture Show that is not much less expensive if you can call $4 expensive!

Marquis Muscle

3.99 tickets before 4pm awesome. Snacks are expensive though. 8.49 for large popcorn.

Jay Laliberte

So, I went to the theater to see hereditary. I can say I like the movie so I guess the theater was acceptable, I didn't find it as anything extraordinary! But if we carry more paranormal films or scary films I want to see, I'll be back to see them!

Tiffany Galvadon

Were the nice chairs? Anyways I had fun spiderman

Krysten metoyer

My wonderful boyfriend took me to see avengers: end game for mother's day and it was quiet, clean, and comfortable. The ticket prices are amazing! Charging $3.99 for an adult admission. The concessions are a bit out of my price range for the sizes they offer (but that is typical theater style) gotta make the money somewhere right?

Michael Gianni

This place will get the job done for a good peaceful movie with your family. Fairly priced also not nearly as much as all other movie theaters in this area.

DAngie Theda

The Tuesday movie price was great. No assigned seating yet at this theater. Maybe the last one left in town with open seating. The concession stand (soda area) was a sticky mess all over the floor and although there were few customers no staff seemed concerned to make it more presentable. That was the only negative but it gave a yucky 'first' impression.

Rob Muse

I'm disabled and they declined me bringing in a bottle of water they are adding a bar to the movie theater did not want to start a trend in case others were bringing in vodka they could be selling there it would not be cost effective next thing a pot dispensary will be added for the kids !

James Peek

Nice wide isles, good prices, and friendly staff.

will desjean

Took grandsons to see new Spider-Man movie. We enjoyed the theater.

Stephanie Smith

I love coming here for movies. It's cheap to go on Sundays for sure and it's never really that busy. The staff is very friendly too.


Nice seats. Clean, normal sticky floors.

Jennifer Cannon

Love the prices staff is friendly a little dirty and some screens have black marks going down them. Still go there it's great for the family to relax and watch a new movie without breaking the bank

Seven McFadden

I love this theater! The staff is the friendliest of anywhere and the prices are by far the best! It is such a beautifully decorated theater with marble in the lobby and awesome displays everywhere. It's one of the oldest theaters in town and now that the town is building North I hope that it gets enough business because it would be a shame to lose this gem. I wish I could remember his name but there's a gentleman I always talk to you at the snack bar who sells tickets as well when it's slower, because he is very informative and amazingly polite and knowledgeable!

April Snively

Older style but much cheaper, needs deep cleaned like any older theater, but decent service and usual snack selection

Mayra Rivor

It's usually empty here but the popcorn is good, the staff friendly, and even though sometimes the picture is a little off the screen and some seats could use some maintenance, it is my go to with my 2 girls when we want a night out with popcorn and soda and a good movie.

T. B.

The theater was freezing today! I asked to speak to manager to turn up the heat and they never came. I had to call the theater from the lobby to get anybody to talk to and they still never turned up the heat! I missed 10-15 minutes of the movie waiting. This place sucks! Seats are very uncomfortable, save your money and go to another place with better seats and heaters that actually work!

Drew Urrutia

Really great prices it's just the seats aren't as cushiony as Tinseltown is.

This Is Who I Am

For 4 ppl it was 20 bucks!

jerry williams

Reasonable prices for current features

Robin Steffens

Older but the easiest theater to get into, few people. Prices are low and the drinks are big! The whole theater needs to be upgraded which I'm told will be done in the near future.

Kathy Ybarra

I very much enjoyed the movie..The crowds around me were quiet when the movie started..


Expensive and the movie started like 30 minutes after it was supposed to then had to watch the previews still.

James Mcdonnell

Very nice loved the movie aquaman.thank u

Tesarah Elizabeth

The seats are so uncomfortable and squeak every little movement.

Mr. muskrateer

Old style seats, kind of run down but has latest movies and tickets are cheap.

james archuleta

I love this theater its cheap and its always clean and well maintained

Hanna Fisher

Been going here since I was little. My family always prefers this theatre because its never super busy and the tickets are a great price. Back in the day the place seemed run down but now they have gotten new seats that are clean and comfortable.

Joe Latka

AMC is the current movie chain to take up residence. A great run of current movie but to keep pace, gotta get those plush seats.

Experience A Day in my Life

Excellent staff movies are very affordable place is clean even though is old nice option if you want to see a new movie for 4 to 6 dollars

Corey Hughes

Excellent ticket and concession prices!

Nunya Beezwhacks

Love this little theater! Low prices and friendly staff

Emily F

Affordable, clean, nice staff

Trisha Velasquez

(I would give it a zero if I could.) This has been one of my worst experiences at a theater. The screen was messed up, the seats were cramped and my theater smelled so horrible it gave my a headache. The employees were not very friendly. It was hard to enjoy the movie and I would not recommend this place, but I suppose you get what you pay for considering the tickets were only 3.99. So in conclusion. If you want cheap tickets to see a movie, and don’t care about any of the details then this place is an okay theater, but in all honesty, I would rather pay more for descent seats than go to this AMC.

Al Gonzalez

Kinda run down, needs a major reno. Boxes of supplies stacked up everywhere, kinda tacky.

Kimberly Cauthen

Nice but the experience was trash! No respect for ppl who were actually watching the movie and when we went to complain seems like nothing was done.

Ed Young Jr

excellent place to watch movies .

Justin Keto

Friendly service, fair prices, good clean theater.

Brittanie Huddleston

Take my kids there on Tuesday nights, we are stubs members so I get the $5 movie tickets. Good value when you're taking a handful of children to see a movie. My younger kids made a big mess with the popcorn on accident in the lobby and the girls were very very nice about it


Our first time there since moving to town. Great prices, clean, and spacious seating. We'll go again for sure.

Scott Hendrickson

It’s an older theater in the south section of Colorado Springs. They have a fountain for icees and soda so you can get refills. Makes it easy for when you have kids and you want to treat them with sugar. When I went, you can tell nothing has been updated, so if you want the lounge experience, go to a different location. The place isn’t bad at all, just showing signs of aging. Of course, it’s the movies so nothing is cheap.

San Trujillo

This place very dirty sticky floors trash over flow,bathrooms dirty,poor customer service, waited in line longer then 20 minutes,two people working registers, NOT COMING BACK!

Maddison Railey

The workers here we're SO friendly, A+++ for customer service. We never go out, and try to save as much as possible, so we went for a double date late night showing of the purge.. they were so happy to be there and to be helping us, they made sure we didn't buy the big combo and steered us in the right direction for the snacks we wanted and how we could pay less for them ect... Great kids. Theatre was clean, movie quality was great. Would go again!!!

Jason W

It's a great theater, it is not too busy when I go see movies there.

Mia DeCarlo

Awesome staff and nice, clean, relaxing environment.

Divine Allah

No food selections. Seats dont recline. Benefit is not a crowded movie theater

Merrie Ellen O'Donnell

Love going here because it it never crowded. Today they had the air conditioner on so cold that you needed a jacket!

Mari love

A little outdated but was pleased by the only staff member there. She was super friendly

Maria Dominguez

Employees are so rude They dont take care of their customers. When approaching the snack bar all you see is employees talking and messing around. They dont ask you "what can I get you or how can I help you" they start up ask what you want. Never going to this theater again. I wish I can give zero stars.

B. D. Cook

Just switched to amc because of the a list stubs membership. Love the cheap prices and all the rewards that come with it. I attend this AMC because it’s close to my house but literally the worst theatre I’ve ever been too. It’s alwsys under staffed, it’s always dirty, the concessions are limited and to make it worst last night they started shutting things down early in order to get off earlier before the final showings of movies. No oven (no pretzels) and no access to add your own butter to your popcorn. I plan on just taking the time and driving to the chapel hills location and hopefully receive better service.

Gene Martinez

I feel like this is a hidden gem in Colorado springs. Staff is always courteous and friendly and the prices are good. I love going there. Its not usually busy like others. Which i love that.

Christina Wood

Not my favorite place but not that terrible. Everytime I've been they weren't very busy so its always nice to not have to share a theater with a bunch of people. It's kinda clean inside. Outside looks pretty harsh. Sound quality in theater is actually pretty decent as well.

Jacob Richard Sheridan

Everything's ok but they need to fix the screens and get better seats.

Tricia Romansik

It sucked. Very dirty, everything, not friendly, it is a shame I even sat down and stayed for the movie.

Ricardo Sanchez

It's a okay theater, the concession is small, and the theater are adequate. But the prices are cheaper ticket wise online. Will go again, but not right away. Surprisingly was not packed for a Friday like other theaters which is pretty good.

Joshua Thygesen

They overcharged me for my movie tickets. Asked for 2 adults and 2 kids and was charged for 4 adults. There was no ice in the soda machines and there were giant lines down the right side of the screen. Ok for the price but much better theatres in town.


Good price. You get what you pay for. It's no Tinseltown, but it's clean enough and in descent repair.

Jacky Chan

It was somewhat clean and the popcorn was old but the movie was great

Levi Dixon

It is a great place

Vanessa Langston

Pretty much the same old Carmike, they added in a few drink machines and an icee station for you to get your own refills, but besides that they took the old theater, slapped their logo on it, along with their commercials. With a few improvements this place could be better. At least you don't have to reserve your seats hours in advance of the movie.

Pamela Ross-Tohill

I love it. Buttery Popcorn is always hot and fresh. Thank you all for your pleasantness. See you again soon.

Ryan Sherman

Great price for movies are you put on Amazing movie camp

Codey Lechtenberg

Easily the worst AMC I've ever been to. Very little concessions available, the carpet hasn't been cleaned in at least a few days. The bathroom was horrible. One of the sinks doesn't turn off, there is no hot water. The first stall I tried to use didn't have a lock to close it. Will never return and will tell anyone who will listen not to come here.

Jainey kregul

It’s an OK theatre, but my problem is that I’m a VIP customer, where we’re supposed to have certain perks like a VIP line to get in on time. NOT! It’s close to my house but it sucks when I can’t the perk at that location. Fix it guys

Tall Josh

Awesome location!

charles jones

It's a cozy little theater with great prices.

Momma W.

I usually love coming here. Today we stood in line for over 15 minutes while a the attendant helped a family who ordered a lot of food. She was SUPER patient. However, it was not okay that there was a long line and no one to help her. I saw two people cleaning the soda machine and a few others cleaning.

Elke Drayton

Don't like to pay online just to get in line to get the Tickets. The Matinee Prices are great but paying a Fee almost the same like the Ticket is ridiculous.

Patrick Trosper

Service was aweful. Got charged for an extra ticket. Theatre wasn't quiet at all and was freezing cold. Think its time to give picture show a chance.

Starla Behmke

The movie was so fun

Aimee Wright

I really like this theater. Not super crowded either.

Dawna Voss

The seats are worn not handicap accessible or anywhere near clean

Roxie Daoust

honestly this was the first time I ever visited this movie theater because I'm from California and I was only in Colorado visiting my daughter. But what I can tell it's a very nice theater

Mercedes Radney

The Amazon Prime sneak peak of Aquaman was a complete cluster. We waited in line behind a hundred or so people who were bejng slowly let in AFTER having to print tickets at the concession counter. No cell phone tickets in this day and age is just dumb. Whatever! The absolute worst was AFTER waiting and AFTER asking if we could just show our tickets to get in the poor kid on duty freaked out and alowed all the people behind us to stampede ahead to the theatre. Seriously! All the people who had been waiting were lucky to even get seats let alone sit together. Management was no where to be found and Andy who is the Manager should be fired or trained properly. Who leaves their staff on such a big night? People were ticked. I highly recommend they come up with a plan before undertaking something like this again.

Jeremie Burhans

Great price and a family friendly environment. Seats were comfortable and overall a great time.

Howard Herm

Great theater if you don't mind waiting for a few weeks on new releases. Join the club for free. We went and saw The Green Book v for me and the wife. To tickets, and a tub of popcorn for $8.15! Can't beat that!

qwaszxpolkmncvb qwaszxpolkmncvb

Half a star would be generous. It is a filthy dump, understaffed to even use the ticket booth and the movie started late proceeding 1.5 hours of commercials. That's 1.5 hours after it was scheduled to begin. The building itself would be derelict even if they sanitized it. I love AMC theaters but they need to take their name off that place.

Shirley Dewitt

Love those lower prices...and self-serve popcorn butter and drinks.

susana rojas

Quite luttle movie theater, could use some up grades and more attention in the cleaning dept. Movie prices are cheap but the food/snacks is definitely pricey.

Meretle Wilson

Its and older theater. No reclining seats, you can't skip the line and scan your phone and no assigned seating. They also don't sell any alcohol. On the plus side, it's almost never busy, except for the summer, winter and the occasional off-season blockbuster. Since it's a standalone theater, the weekday traffic is relatively non existent. Although there is a box office, the concession stand is small, the concession actors are usually willing to mix the butterball the way they your popcorn.

Mike Mathews

Reasonable prices. Not very comfortable!

Jeannie Reakirt

Comfortable environment. Pleasant seating. Nice staff.

Candy Chavira

The only good thing was the lady at the concessions. She was very nice. The fountain drink area was filthy and so was the restroom. There was a family with kids screaming and running around while the movie was going. They finally removed themselves but came back again. They disturbed most of the movie.

Sean Verdu

Great, cheap tickets and new movies.

Edward Olivares

Only bad thing only 1 person on the register so its took a cool minute to get popcorn

lance mcwilliams

Average visit. Cc machine worked through the previews then when the movie started, it didnt come across. Had to leave and swap for another one that worked. The screen itself had streaks every 6 foot (house one) and when the movie scene were white or light enough, you could see the screen. Food here are just too expensive. Eat before or afterwards.

Adam Williams

Cheap movie tickets. Overpriced concessions in which the smallest size is disgustingly oversized. Only saw one employee anywhere. No one cleaning, despite the obvious filth and lack of customers occupying the staff. Sticky floors with virtually every non-carpeted step from lobby to theater seat. We were almost the only ones in our theater at a Tuesday matinee, so got choice of seats. The $4 tickets probably make it worthwhile, if you skip the concessions and don't care about the environment.

Kelli Gardner

Prices are great, usually not crowded during the day, staff is friendly, like going here for these reasons

Lorena Vedoy

Very affordable nice decent place!! Employees are really hard working and they provide good customer service. Thank you.... we would Be coming back.

amanda busquet

They need change seats ASAP !!

Robert T. Edmiston

Nice movie theatre

Madeline Acevedo

Tickets OMG affordable but concessions too expensive a couple treat popcorn soda $21. Rounding of the cents I order to pay the 12$ ticket and concession affordable but it's okay

Julie Segura

I love the movies, the seating is great. They just need more personnel I have been in line 15 mins before being able to get tickets etc. So if you go, get there early...


Honestly surprises by the quality of this movie theater. Think of it between the dollar theater and tinseltown where it's not dirt cheap and not expensive. For the value, it's pretty good. There is one particular theater screen that has lines stretching vertically that is noticeable but not too distracting. The other theater screens we went to don't have that issue. Also they got pib soda, cant get that easily over here so overall nice movie theater for the price

Tyler Solo

Good little movie theater. Unlimited refills for drinks. Unlimited refills for large popcorn as long as you have the AMC stubbs program. The seats are decent but nowhere near cinemark comfort. I see most of my movies here because of the convenience factor.

Kimberly Woods

Tickets are cheap...popcorn is really good. Sound quality is not all that great but you get what you pay for.

Rod Chandler

Very old and run-down theater kind of surprised it's still in business the parking lot shows clear signs that they never fill up since there are weeds and grass growing in all the cracks in most of the parking lot that doesn't happen in a well-used lot inside is rundown outside is clearly a very old building the theater room we were in was not horrible but the floor was very sticky definitely need some upgrades or rebuild here

Rachel Porter

As others have previously said, it is a little run down and could have been a little cleaner. Overall, not a bad place to go see new movies. They are priced well and the popcorn was pretty good!

Kristopher Watkins

A nice little theater, the staff is very friendly and welcoming. Sure the interior could use a little updating, but it was still a great experience regardless!

Karsen West

Nice establishment, tickets are great price but concessions are a little pricey. The chairs are super uncomfortable but I’d go again.

April Frost

Nice, clean small theater. Employees were very nice!

Roz Bohn

Ticket prices are fantastic but the snack prices are too expensive. 2 large drinks and 2 large popcorn ended up being a total of $31.00. Won't be doing that again.

John Aller

Awesome new theater. Big bins of serve yourself popcorn is great idea. But is it really fresh and warm. Not so sure. Seats are awesome and want crowded


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