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REVIEWS OF AMC Chapel Hills 13 IN Colorado

Xela Drawoh

Comfy seats and a good sound system. Very clean as well.

Derek Fuller

Great seating and plenty of screens. Food is way too expensive. Bring your own snacks


Old seats. Thought they remodeled

Lynda Baker

Free refills on drinks and popcorn regardless of size! Thanks AMC. If the chairs reclined I'd give it 5 stars.

Timothy Silva 719

Love the theater but could use some nicer seats

Mike Pirtle

My favorite cinema in town! Very modern, always clean, and quite convenient!

Sehowla Woods

Well, the people greeted me kindly, would have given 5 stars if I didn't have to deal with multiple refunds and transferring movies because the guy didn't give me the time I wanted

Michael Kinlaw

Hardly ever busy. Saw John Wick 3 on Friday night and only 30 people in theater.

Sammi Gifford

Cool layout quick service long line but in reality from the back of the line to the register you're really only waiting for about 3-5 minutes

sara cruz

Pretty cool, has a certain smell to it not bad but you'll definitely notice it.

David Charman

Great place to go to.

Katherine Blum

Clean, comfortable. Had to stare at a blank green screen until the actual previews started, but not the end of the world. Does not have full reclining motorized seats, but they still tip back a bit and are comfortable. Popcorn was a little burnt.

Stephen Skala

Saw Toy Story 4 with my family and it was a good experience! Place was clean!

Alora Wells

The staff is amazing and works hard and fast

Teresa Alexander

Theater is nice and has much variety and good food however the Dolby Theater Audio itself was not in sync and went quiet for about 3 minutes causing us to miss some movie dialog.


Great for movie! Only wish they'd open up sooner for the first showing of the day!

Trevor Hackathorn

Visiting from Chicago. Theater was clean, standard digital screen was bright, clear, with incredible sound.

Michelle Stoddard

Our favorite, I appreciate that they don't do the assigned seating bc I can just pick up and go without having preplanned a visit. Tuesdays are discount tickets and snacks. We are stubs members, which is very affordable and makes the admission and snacks more reasonable. AMC is our favorite.

Isoka Webber

Had an incident during a movie and had to leave. Staff worked diligently to help me and gave me tickets so see the movie another time. Thank you!

griffin wray

I had a twelve pack of nuggs from chic fil a in my pocket, and when I was going back to the theatre I swear it was so obvious, but like the dude gave me the "

Cason Pirillo

Mysterio not cool dude

Michael Murphy

Great place...long lines when busy, show up early. Not electric recliners but seats do rock and are very comfy.

Chineta Lynn

Watches the movie Ma with my Granddaughter and her Bestie. Thanks you, Chariese for treating us. The movie Ma is about a revenge.

Dustin Leopold

A regular hangout for me. They are friendly, clean, and I love the A-List deal. I wish they would get a more diverse selection of folks. Occasionally they have some that aren't playing everywhere else but mostly it's typical mainstream fare.

Quinn Calvert

The Dolby Cinema experience is what makes going to the theaters relevant still. Simply fantastic.

Tony Mountainsheep

They didn't even turn the lights off for 20 minutes of the movie


Good place comfy seats

Joshua Schara

Gah domed uhp hee

Lynn Atkins

Nicest theatre I have ever been to.

Anita Pacheco

I bought tickets at a silent auction which included 4 tickets to the theater. Picking up was so easy. Thank you AMC for a great date night!!!

Samantha Parker

Probably the worste experience I've had at a movie theater. We waited over 45 minutes in the consessions line for a matinee show time. We got to the theater 30 minutes early which should have been plenty of time. It obviously wasn't. We will not be returning!

Munna D

Very good place...

brianna Tilson

The first time since I've been to the theater in over 6 years and it was an amazing experience

Patrick Perrodin

I came with two siblings to see a movie tonight. Stood in line without moving for a very long time. We went to buy tickets. I told the lady at the counter that two of us were students, and my siblings showed their student IDs, but I didn't get any discount on my receipt, and she only gave me 2 tickets instead of 3, so I had to use the computer screen to buy another. I thought tickets were cheaper on Tuesdays. Apparently, not. Then in the theater, the person behind me kept kicking my chair throughout the movie. I turned around to look at them, and they were an adult. A very disappointing experience... especially when I have had a lot of fun here in the past... :( Will be glad to change this rating if you make things right. In the meantime, I will avoid this theater like the plague and encourage everyone I know to do the same.

Michael Lewis

A good place to watch a movie. I watched Bumblebee which was an awesome film.

Gwen Gonzales

If you're not a premier customer, you have to wait. Need a register dedicated to premier and one dedicated for regular customers. We almost missed the start of our movie because premier customers were being taken care of and we were stuck standing in line. The movie experience itself was awesome. First time in a Dolby theater with reclining seats.

Kyliebanana 47

I love everything in that mall..... will be going back very soon

Diane Garrett

Great place to spend some wind-down time.

Richard Ruge

The seating, picture quality, and food are good. The bathrooms are kept up nicely. A very good movie experience.

Chris Wightman

We love AMC but this location is very mediocre. The parking and walking is awful. The closest parking, including handicapped, forces customers to walk a minimum of 50 yards just to the entrance of the malls closest doors to the theater. They have multiple 3d screens but rarely run the 3D movies, often only once a day when they run the 2d version 10 times that day. Cinemark runs 3, 3d screens all day long, this AMC is just being cheap as they make more on thr 2d shows. They also dont always have the main popcorn station open, so you end up paying $7+ dollars for a small mediocre popcorn. Nice theater but inconvenient, not all shows available and sometimes poorly managed.

molly dubois

We love this theatre. Only complaint is the restrooms tend to be on the dirty side. Its nice to do some shopping then watch a movie. This theatre is one of the busier one we frequent.


Go to the movies at tinseltown or on interquest. They actually appreciate guest and know how to train their staff on customer service. Its the simple things like managing the line.

Kurtiss Dutton

Saw a movie in the big theater...great sound, terrible seats.They partially recline and are awkward.


Good theatre, friendly staff

Chris Stevens

Well I have always really enjoyed coming to AMC 13 theaters. But recently the last two times I've been here they've been down for cleaning in the middle restroom which is the closest one to the big theater that you spend more money on with a bigger screen. And I asked the lady as a ticket taker as to why it was closed down cuz it was like that the last time I was here. And she's mentioned that was an employee hallway or something now. And quite frankly I don't know if I want to spend more money on tickets to the theater that's farthest away from the restrooms.cuz that just means that I have to walk that much further in Miss more than movie If I had to go the it also deters me for wine to ever buy concessions from AMC theaters ever again on top of that does if I have to go to the restroom guess what I have to walk halfway down the movie theater to do that. So I'm hoping that somebody management will see this and change that.I saw the one ladies post about the girl not smiling that's not that big a deal to me because everybody has a bad day. But the restroom that's one thing that most people need and it's ridiculous you have to pay more money and then have to walk further to the restroom.

Andrew Ibarra

Good place. Cinemark Theaters on First & Main Town Center have full reclining recliners. The recliners here go about halfway up... what's the point of they only go halfway up?

Josh Gibson

A run of the mill movie theater with traditional seating and concessions. Pros: The theater is generally very well kept, the staff is friendly, and reserved seating is offered. Adult beverages are offered. Cons: Traditional seating is a tough pill to swallow these days. Priority lines for members always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Commercials galore, even after scheduled showtimes. I'd be far more inclined to come here more often if recliner seating was installed. Dine-in would also be fantastic, but I think Roadhouse Cinemas will have to introduce that to the Colorado Springs market first.

Ashley Nicholas

A 1 star experience tonight. The girl behind the counter tonight did not appreciate her job. Even as we [the customer] attempted twice to get her to smile. The attitude did not represent a warm and inviting start to a family night out at the movies. Extremely frustrating how an attendant can be so ill-mannered to a customer. I'd hate to imagine it was because of an ethnicity issue. What is even more frustrating was the same unwillingness to change a frustrated customers opinion around to save her company's name. We simply asked if there was a larger side container than their complimentary water cups for a large popcorn we were sharing as a family. If the cost of product was an issue I was willing to pay a charge. Instead of attempting a solution (or acknowledging that the customer was talking to her) she calls her manager over. I would hate to imagine this was what AMC was envisioning as their front line guest attendant. Management was not willing to budge either. Over the cost of a $1.00 or less tray, they were fully willing to allow the customer to become even more upset with the situation than it already was. I'd hate to think it was because I was female. But, in an escalated situation that it became, it's easy to assume this was the case. There are other movie theaters in the area.

Raquel chambers-gilbert

I like going to the AMC Chapel Hills 13, because I can go get a many refills without going to the concession stands and I don't have to stand in line. What I don't like about the AMC Chapel Hills 13, is the lack of Stadium seating with the reclining feature built in. With the row and seating so close to one another, you can catch another person's cold if they sneeze upon you. It always seems like we pay over the top for popcorn and drinks, Why does it cost so freaking much!

Clint Rey

I went with a friend and now I might not go to any other theater. The pizza however.. not good, not worth it.

Chad Davies

Love the a list membership but the staff needs top be more reactive

Panda xox

This place is the best. After the movie you can go shopping if the mall is still open. The service and staff was the best. I highly recommend this place

Snowflake BEW

Nice seating and lovely aroma. Just really expensive. Tickets are about average, but food and drinks are crazy.

Kenny Crochet

Always seems to be too warm or too cool in their auditoriums.

Shyra Monkres

Theres a long line to buy snacks and tickets. I already bought my ticket but want something to drink. The line seems to be moving along steadily. I'm in it for at least 15 minutes when it stops completely. Because now there is a line of "preferred" customers who just walked in the door. who must take precedence over the rest of us who have waited patiently. The movie is about to begin and I'm sure some of us in line still havent got their tickets. Dont you think you should have separate lines for your "preferred" customers and some for the rest of us instead of only calling them forward?!. We are ALL paying customers and it's really unfair you treat us differently and make us wait even though we got there before them. You lost a sale on overpriced drinks and popcorn and also lost a movie goer. I will now go to theaters where we are all treated equally.

Jeremy McQueen

Got the more expensive theater but had a $4 ticket voucher. Amazing seats. They have a multi function recline option. And the sound was fantastic..a lil too loud for my taste but im sensitive to loud sounds. There was also popcorn kernals still all over my seat. Ill still give 5 stars tho instead of 4 cuz I know cleaning in between shows is a fast paced tough thing. Good job on the awesome theater room


Honestly, the worst experience I’ve ever had at a movie theater. Extremely poor customer service. It seems the majority of the employees we encountered didn’t know how to do their jobs properly.

Nathan Amburgey

Beer and the movie? Can't get better than that!

Rose Menil

I love the fact that I can choose from buttery popcorn or kettle corn poprcorn. The seats are very comfy brings me back to my childhood of sitting in front of our living room TV set watching movie marathons. This place is two thumbs up for me!

Tina Green

The 3D movie was clear and the sound was perfect. Great place. Quick service.

David R. VanDinter

This was our first time back in a few years. I like that they have taken back the popcorn and are putting butter in the middle and you do the rest. Im not sure how I feel about picking your own seat. This is ok when it is not busy, but if its full, it could be complicated for groups of four or more or if you want to move around in an empty theater. It seems the pricing for popcorn and drinks have gone up considerably. $16+ for a large popcorn and large drink is excessive. This could mean a $50 night for two at full price. Making a movie out of reach for most people. The staff was very friendly and seemed to know their jobs. The theater was clean, but the bathrooms were a mess and did not have hand towels, which is very inconvenient. I give it a 3-star for pricing and bathrooms as these two areas remain the itens that never get better.


Sadly, the WORST experience I've ever had at a movie theater. Whether you want food and drink or a movie ticket, you have to wait in the same line. Service was very slow; our food order was wrong, so I had to go back out to wait in the long line and get the things we were missing. I have to say, the ticket prices were great, but not worth the experience.

Kevin Wilson

Paid extra for the reclining seats and the digital experience and it was not a good experience. We went to see Mary Poppins and by the time the 25 minutes worth of previews ended, my family lost half of their hearing. It was so loud the entire movie was just annoying. As were watching the movie I’m looking around and everyone in the place had their hands over their ears

Matt Hatzel

Comfortable seating, friendly staff, short lines. I love going here when new movies come out, because there is almost always seating in every row. They also serve alcohol, which is nice when you're looking to relax with a beer or wine. Very clean, have not had a problem with sticky floors or trash. Tons of parking and easy access to the Chapel Hills Mall. Great for date night!

Raymond Dobbs

Went to theater for 9pm show, only to find all entrances locked with no way in. Employees stared blankly at me as I tried to get in. Won't be going back.

Rosie Thompson

Big D was remodeled recently and the seats are great! Popcorn didn't taste very good this time though. Bummer!

Eric Finke

Theaters are always clean and nice! Love the new AMC Stubs A member program. I have already watched 2 movies with no issues, can't wait to see more.

Lisa Atencio

Disappointed in the popcorn, it tasted old. The fountain area was not very clean.

Matt Rose

Watched 'A quiet place' last night. Horrible experience. Waited in line between 25 to 30 minutes just to get tickets and popcorn. Service was slow. 32 customers in line, 12 cash registers - but only 2 registers were being used. 5 employees behind the counter, 2 of them helping customers, not sure what the other 3 were doing. Anyway, because of the slowness we were 20 minutes late to the movie. They get 2 starts because the popcorn was very tasty. And the tickets were only $5 on Tuesdays for rewards members. The seats were not comfortable, and not very roomy -- Not a lot of leg room, but the isles were relatively clean.

Skip Jenkins

Took the grandkids to see pets 2 all had a good time

Pamela Vail

Great place to watch movies!

ashley miller

Terrible. Movie time said 7 pm. Sat there till 730. Finally the movie started they showed no previews. The First few minutes of movie had no sound. You could hear the workers upstairs talking. No apologies or compensations. The reclining chairs didn't work correctly. We even moved and tried several different ones. Won't be coming back.

Chris Rigdon

Bought tickets in advance for reserved seats but I am missing the movie to stand in the ticket line because they don’t have a way to buy concessions without going through the line for tickets to all shows. Until they figure it out bring in your own snacks and skip the line

Danielle Matthies

Get there early, not enough people working the cash register, takes 30 minutes for a regular person to get a ticket, premium gets served first. Think having one person just for premium would work out better. I'm done for the summer

Christopher West

We always love going to the Dolby Cinema here! The seats are awesome and the sound is fantastic!

Joel BC

Super expensive. Staff was rude. The only good thing is their soda machine


Love the stubs a list pass. If you go more than once a month, sign up for it.

Jeff Halket

I really enjoy this theater. Their Dolby Cinema screen is awesome. The rest of the screens still need upgrading though. According to AMC, all of their theaters will be using reserved seating by June 2019. We'll see if that actually happens, but that would be great if they did. The A-list membership is a great deal for us. We save around $15 each time we come to the theater. There are supposed to be plans to make the A-list membership into a family plan, which would be much better. Not sure when that will happen though. Overall, the price and quality here are excellent.

Paul Bradley

Run of the mill theater located in a dying mall. Usually a line, but it seems to move pretty quickly. The popcorn setup is a bit lame as it's another line you have to stand in after making the purchase. Theaters and bathrooms are clean. The seats are fairly comfortable, but nowhere near the experience you get at some of the VIP theaters in the area. Might as well drive a little farther north for a better overall experience.


Selling tickets at the food concession is a huge waste of time for people just wanting tickets. Get at least 30 minutes earlier since typical lines can last 15-25 minutes. Please set up a ticket kiosk. It could be automated... much like ticket kiosk at airports.

Callme Drood

Great place to go see a movie and the fact that you can have a beer while doing it is even better. Clean and comfortable theaters makes the experience pretty dang good. If you are a big movie goer the loyalty program they have gives you many perks and discounts.

Clifford Rhoades

Great food and comfortable seats

Antonio Colón

Big theater. Lots of movies. Could be cleaner. Garbage can were full. It appears the place is kid operated. Not many adults staff present.

MC V10

Movies are always here on their release dates. Tickets are well priced, and generally less expensive during the non-peak hours. Theaters are well kept and clean, audio quality is excellent. Movies look awesome on the big screen.

joseph bolinger

Great movie theater, have a lot more cashier areas open then Tinseltown does. Also love their cheap movie Tuesdays. Price was a whole lot better than Tinseltown by comparison.

Stacy Klym

I love coming to this movie theater the staff is friendly and I have never had a problem. It’s pretty clean too

David Andrews

This place is an awesome theater. Check out fandango as this theatre is also a part of the early premiere locations. If you are looking for a snack, I recommend the pretzel as it is huge!!

Lindsay Beavers

The Dolby theater is awesome! Great picture and booming sound, only drawback is the cost of tickets. Highly recommend matinee showings, less crowded and better prices!

Josh Pacheco

Awesome location! Love the never ending pop corn.

Shawn Hosp

Just tried their Dolby Vision theater with thr premium seats and it was amazing. The screen is crystal clear, vibrant and bright. The sound quality was also amazing as it felt like the subwoofer was directly under my seat. There is a wall behind the seat which blocks sound coming from other viewers from the front and behind. The seats recline and have foot rests. Excellent all around and worth the price.

Matt Warner

Very nice staff and clean theatre. The movie we saw was almost empty so the theatre was very cold. We let them know and they turned the heat up right away! Thanks!

Divine Allah

Awesome comfortable watched Abominable funny movie

Zachary Williams

Nice theater that wasn't busy and was very friendly and quaint. We had a good time and the 3D is pretty up to par. Not a bad place to catch a flick!

Luke Pfohl

The theater itself was good, same line for tickets and concessions kinda sucked but otherwise 5 star

Lucas Silva

The best movie theater I've ever been. The seats are clean staff is very friendly. And the screen/sounds are just astounding.

trey hannam

$5 Tuesdays is lit. Go in with friends, save money and avoide the crowds!

Kermit Johnsom

I enjoyed watching the movie. The employee was very helpful. She helped me to my seat.

Brandon Fontaine

The only thing that could make this place better is reclining seats. Other than that, great experience!

Robert Senn

Great theater with unbeatable ticket prices on Tuesdays. Been going here for years and will continue to do so.

Scott Lilley

Staff are always frendly and eager to help. Theaters and concessions areas are kept clean. Good selection of snacks and goodies to. I wish they would go back to offering free tickets (or at least a discount) for the disabled since that was the reason my girlfriend (who is in a wheelchair with CP) and I started going to this theater in the first place.

Gabe Rodriguez

Great theater experience! We we in the Dolby Digital Theater, it was Awesome!

Megan R

waiting in line every time for concession for 20+ minutes. No wonder everyone brings their own... understaffed.

josh krebill

Saw endgame here. Good movie. Friendly staff members.

Brian Ramirez

The restrooms are really clean, popcorn is fresh. Great service. And Dolby room is awesome.

Derek Getskow

Always a great experience there

Alice Fontes

Not quite as nice and updated a facility as the ones I was used to in Broomfield/Westminster, but it's still AMC and everything you expect to go along with that brand. Still my favorite theatre chain.

Midge Valdez

Just saw Aladdin!!! Loved the movie! It was awesome! But the cashier's aren't friendly or efficient. They move extremely slow. They need some classes in customer service.

Susan Bodlak

They are now offering reserved seating, and the annual popcorn bucket. But I miss the foot rest you get in other theaters.

Mark Cookson

Waited too long in line for my popcorn and soda. Missed the start of my movie. Almost left and went elsewhere.


The concessions and ticket sales are at the same place so the line is ridiculously long. Then you have to wait in a separate line for popcorn and then wait again to use the soda fountain. After all that you get to carry your food through a dark theater hoping you don't trip and then try to catch up with the storyline.

Christopher Bolander

Very nice theater, employees are great I just wish the normal theaters excluding imax and dolby had reclining seats as alot of theaters do now


Hate the new seeting people coming in at all times to sit and being anoying for the same reason I loved amc and hated tinsel town .... ugh

Laura Butler

Nice movie theater. Comfy seats.

John Miller

Swift, courteous an friendly staff! A-lister

Ken Cain

Thirty minutes of previews and advertising is too much.

Kittenz Phone

The main popcorn station was not manned. Only one soda machine had Ice but no soda. And only one soda machine had soda but no ice. Out of 8 machines. Understaffed. The inside of the theatre itself was lovely. Clean, newer reclining chairs. And the Movie Gemini Man was phenomenal.


Frequent this location often. The line for AMC Stubs A List is always long even if you arrive 40 minutes prior to showtime. It's odd that none of the pricing for popcorn combos show up on the monitors. But the more expensive selections are up that include alcohol without fail. The staff is friendly and the picture quality is good.

Fernando Barocio

Awsome one of my favorite theaters to go, friendly service and clean movie arenas.

Jesse Charles

Watched in the "Dolby Cinema AMC" theater and it was the best I have been in in Colorado Springs. I've been in all the theaters and they upgraded this specific room. It had amazing sound and the chairs were really nice and how the move. They also had rumble in the seats that matched perfect with huge explosions etc. I can only imagine the scares and jumps in a horror film. It enhances the viewing. I highly suggest trying this particular room out. And they serve beer if you want that too.

deaditescum plays

Theater is clean and conveniently located in the mall allowing for browsing/ shopping while you wait for your showtime. However, I do find it to be a bit pricey. For 4 tickets (2 adult 2 children), 2 kids snack boxes, a lg popcorn, and lg soda it cost us $70. They do offer military discount on ticket purchase but even that only brought us down to $67. My biggest issue with this location would be the fact that on a Saturday night with multiple new movies being released they only had 2 cashier's working the ticket/concession stands and 1 at popcorn refill. Best advice if wanting to watch a movie here is to be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to grab snacks and such.

Jenn Brown

Would have given 5 stars but for the mall's doors are not ADA. And the handicap stall doesn't give much space for a wheelchair.

J Miller

Good theatre


Had a few first dates here, not sure if that's good cause none of them lasted, but at least it was an experience

Sean Dennis

The new Dolby theatre is awsome Love the seats -

Chazmen Geames

Visited for my birthday and saw US. The bathroom was really clean. Small and nor crowded. Chairs rock but they dont recline. The arms do go up so you can get close to a date :-).

allen beebe

I always enjoy going here. Great people, good seats, always clean with no sticky floors. Have you ever seen so many drink options from the soda machines? Strawberry seems to be the newest. Everyone including myself enjoys the beer option. I feel they could do better on the pricing (for beer). Over all well worth the trip.

Mark Smith

Priciest Movie Tickets and Concessions in The Springs. Everything was clean, but super expensive. There are other theaters not much further that have cheaper tix and all-you-can eat/drink popcorn and soda.

Lena Cray

Lovely theater. They even have (expensive) beer and wine. Very classy.

Dusty Heals

I go here a lot for movies. My only suggestion is that they get more films that aren't the same mainstream selection that everyone has everywhere else. Great theater in all other respects and I really appreciate the A-List program I'm subscribed to that allows me to see up to 3 movies per week for $20/month plus gives some discounts on concessions.

William Alexander

Went here on a date with my wife while on vacation. The screen projector was down for 20 minutes and you could the audio, when they finally got the screen up it went straight to the movie without seeing trailers. No offer of refund or a complimentary tickets. Kids were running this.

Brian Seekford

Nice Dolby theater but they need to remodel and add recliners to the other theaters


The audio in the big D was way too loud. Could not recline the chair all the way back. Visual was great.

Ruth Juvera

Great comfy chairs and good selection of food and drink


Got a$6 drink for .85 cents cause I'm a rewards member way worth becoming one!!

TinaSue Friel

Overpriced....11.99 a ticket. The only reason we went was for the reclining seats and our theatre didn't even have them. They are out of pretzel bites everytime we go...... Why is that? Do they not order enough??? If I'm going to have mediocre service and a run down theater then I'll go to the one on the south side for 5.00 dollar tickets.

Kaitlyn Pedersen

I went and saw Detective Pikachu with my fiance. We arrived a couple minutes late but we were able to purchase tickets quickly and efficiently. The movie was fantastic and the theater was clean. The only negative was that the cashier didn't apply my fiance's a-list rewards to the purchase of my tickets so he would get points. A good experience overall


Went on a Tuesday and expected discounted seats. However, we didn’t receive a discount because the movie we were seeing was in the Dolby theater and they don’t give discounts for that theater. The Dolby theater was large, picture quality was terrific, sound was incredibly LOUD. As there were only 7 people in the theater, I would think they could have turned down the sound. The reclining seats were ok. We didn’t think they were as comfortable as the reclining seats at the ICON cinema. This place would not be my first choice for going to a movie in the future.

Charity Hensley

Bring a sweater, it's a little chilly, but otherwise a nice theater.

Lee Rodriguez

My fav theater by far. Excellent service and is in great shape. The Dolby cinema is insanely good, definitely recommend it.

Cathy K Ezell

Very clean & on a Thursday late afternoon almost deserted.

Magdalena Herrera

Not good. The line to buy the tickets was enormous, because they take first those people who have a special Amc card. I waited at least 30 minutes and left because the movie had already started. I'm never going back. I think the system they follow is not good.

Leea DiPentino

Love the new reclining seats, but they raised the price of tickets to accommodate; which I definitely don't love. It shouldn't cost $60 for tickets to a matinee. I also appreciate that you can do your own butter on your popcorn and love those drink machines that give you flavors.

John Preston

The tickets and food are very expensive, and the seats are merely ok. The sound was loud enough that it was slightly distorted at parts, and the image wasn't completely focused on the screen for the first half-hour or so of the movie. I know they renovated and updated this theater from the old one that was here, but honestly, I think I preferred the old one. You knew what you were getting, and you got what you paid for, and at least then you had normal ticket and food pricing.

Michael Boyett

I like the theater, but it does seem AMC chain is always pushing products, and punishing customers if they do not pony up the extra cash. They treat those who do not buy their membership a second class citizens, forcing the to wait longer in line while they serve "club" members 1st. My advice is to use an online app and avoid concessions. The theater itself was good.

luckky 757

This is a good theater with good snacks and comfy seats

James Ryan

Nice and clean on the inside. Got the theater to myself. The concessions line took a long time to get througgreatbut tactic to get you to become an A-list member. Overall a good experience.

Leesha Mecham

Best movie theater in town!

Frank Rosado

About what you might expect of the typical theater, but I've gotten quite spoiled with the full-on seating that they offer at Tinseltown. Staff was friendly and efficient and their soda machine is amazing as you can pick out of about 50 flavors. The only thing that really sucked was the popcorn was insanely stale. Now I did go on a Tuesday (early afternoon) and maybe they were too slow to make fresh popcorn, but if I'm paying $8 I'd like it to have been made within the last 5 hours at least... It's in the mall which makes it convenient if you have kids, but I wouldn't spend the money on the concession stand.

Zach Hornbaker

AVOID - GO TO CINEMARK EAST INSTEAD. WARNING: Despite what any website says, this AMC does NOT have Reserved Seating in all the theaters. Nor does it have any comfortable recliners in all the theaters. This place is stuck in the last century. The seats DO have cup holders tho... That must be the reason for the more expensive ticket prices. And all of the nickel and dime stuff. You can either buy a really small bag of popcorn for $7 OR get the HUGE tub for just a $1 more! Same scam with the drink cups. Want caramel corn with that tub you just bought...sorry you gotta buy the SPECIAL (smaller) tub for $2 more...and NO refills...'this Hobby Lobby corn is expensive!!!'. Oh, but you can have all the stale popcorn you can choke down with the other tub...cooked fresh ONCE daily, just for you! Why did I put the Cinemark comment at the very beginning? Do yourself a favor and buy the Movie Club for $9 a month. You get a free 2D movie ticket with that and all other tickets are $9 after that. Unused monthly tickets carry over. 20% off concessions. If you get the reusable plastic cup and popcorn bucket, they take 20% off those too. And guess what...the 'special' kettle corn is the same price as regular popcorn. Imagine that. Oh, I almost forgot. Reserved seating in every theater, with the comfy recliners, and NO online ticket fees. At AMC, I just paid $15 for one 3D ticket...on a Sunday night...and that wasn't even their "big" theater. I am never going back here. You shouldn't either.

Julie Munoz

Great theater. Customer service could be better. But other than that we had a great experience! Possibly coming back in the future

Aric Bechdolt

AMC is always a good time. The AMC A-List is a fantastic deal. This location can be a bit rough at times. A lot of times it seems there is not enough cashier's and no consistency to which line they pull people from. We also went to a late night movie where the lights were turned on half way through and attempted to find staff to fix it 3 or 4 times and we're no where to be found. Haven't had any other issues and have been here probably two dozen times in the last 3 months! And the Dolby Theater inside is AMAZING.

Jon Palmer

We watched Spider-Man Far From Home in the 4D theater. It was awesome and totally worth it. It has a giant screen, super audio, and the seats rumble during the action scenes, when sound increases. It is not an over-bearing amount of rumble and does not distract from the movie. It was a great experience.

Zully Rivera

The staff was amazing!! Veru kind and helpful!!

Jay Mclaughlin

Easy convenient and AMC Stubs A*List is worth every penny, 3 movies a week that's 12 movies a month for $19.95. What is better?

Josh Speakman

This was a pleasant surprise. Probably one of the better theaters in Colorado Springs if you watch your movie in their special Dolby showroom you’re in for a treat! The sound is loud and clear and the screen is great - it’s seating is also more spaced out and the chairs recline. The normal showrooms are ok but it’s more cramped and the seats do not recline also the picture isn’t as good and the sound isn’t as “punchy” Other things - it was very clean! The price of food from the concession is highway robbery but that’s per the norm with all theaters in the area but they do serve beer, wine and margaritas so that’s a plus!

James Park

There was one guy who helped us maximize our movie experience and budget.

Brett Kuskie

ATMOS theater has a sound profile 2nd to none


I generally like the recliner seats in other theaters but watching Brightburn here was still enjoyable in the more traditional seats. The lines were long but we could prepay and seating is assigned. It was a nice break from Regal but not likely to become my main choice since I prefer the space and comfort. I do like that they serve alcohol, but the lines were so long we didnt get to get anything before the movie started.


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