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REVIEWS OF AMC Castle Rock 12 IN Colorado

Brad Dunning

I live in Castle Rock and I love having a local movie theater, but I rarely see movies in this theater because it does not offer a 3D IMAX theater or at least just an IMAX option for the superheroes movies. So I go to the Highlands Ranch or Arapahoe & Parker theater where they have those options. AMC please consider upgrading this theater and I will gladly pay to see movies in Castle Rock.

Annette Williamson

I live in Castle Rock, visited C.R. AMC many times and it's convenient but only a few theaters have reclining seats. I previously lived in Highlands Ranch and their AMC theaters all have reclining seats and worth the drive for the extra comfort. Staff at AMC 12 C.R. provide great service and are very kind.


Most cinemas in the AMC chain are marginal performers in both cleanliness and customer service. AMC Castle Rock is a wonderful exception. 5+1★

LaShonda Nevels

I like the movie theater here in Castle Rock. It's comfortable and cozy the people here are pretty nice as to be expected. And I don't have to travel far from home.

Connie Havens

My first time here to watch a movie (Small Foot), thought it was a really nice theater, enjoyed it, will definitely return! Great movie, too!

Willie Bowers

Pretty decent theater. The staff was friendly, and I could tell they were trying to keep the lines moving. But, the seats were sort of old school. I wish they had the super comfy reclining seats like the last AMC theater I went to

Gregory Hubbard

I had a very good experience with my son.

Ashley Simcik

For being castle rock, there should be reclining seats. Service is good and popcorn is always fresh. It's usually relatively clean, but reclining seats would make it a superior experience.

Laurie Tyler

Close by, good choice of movies, clean & plenty of conveniently located bathrooms!

P Valdez

Saw Rambo: Last Blood and it wasn't bad, but the theater would have gotten 5 stars if they would have had more ticket vendors...almost missed the movie, due to slow vending!

Kevin Stewart

It is a excellent theatre. They are very helpful.

JeanMi Quartier

it is a decent theater, they would still need 1 more imax to make it better

Michael Snider

Reserved seating now

Sean Miller

It's a good theater it just doesn't have that wow factor of a theater when you walk in. It's just average Joe but the service is great and friendly.

Jean Taglieri

Great location , needs huge updating in seating, the old style one postion chairs are of the passed.

PJ Kremer

The ladies bathroom was filthy!

Darryl Natelli

Nice theater

Javier Reyes

It is great to have the movie theaters in our Meadows community. Friendly staff, good facilities.

Dillon Layton

The staff and everything there is nice, but really could use some more money. The seats are old and creaky, and the floors could do with a replacement in some areas

Roger Ward

A year or two ago I posted a pretty negative review of AMC because they stopped using Orville Redenbacher popcorn and because of their lousy soda dispensers that dispense sodas that all taste the same. Well, several months ago I discovered their popcorn had improved substantially--they now use Pop Weaver Gold popcorn; and, they still pop in coconut oil. Unfortunately, thier sodas still suck.

Rosanna Pacheco

I went there with my four grandchildren to see the secret life of pets 2 and the girl that sold us our tickets was so rude her name was Samantha and she said where do you want to sit and I said we'll just pick our seats she said well you need to pick them now!!!!! I asked if the theater was full or what cuz this is the first time I've ever been asked to picks my seats from a screen she said no it isn't full without looking at me...... I stated, well we like to sit behind the bar the first row behind the bar she said there's no room there !!!!!!! She made us pick the seats she said you have to sit there and like yelling at us .!!! So I paid my nearly $50 for our tickets I'm like okay so we got down to the theater and there was nobody sitting in that row at all. I asked the other associates is this girl the manager and they said no and I said well she's very rude to customers and I want to thank you for not being rude somebody to Nico and everyone else was nice. I didn't respond because I had my four grandchildren under the age of 10 with me but bad customer service and evening I didn't allow it to ruin it for us but this girl needs to be spoken to.It turns out she was saving our seats for friends of hers.

Elijah Hall

Very courteous staff. Normal expensive prices for food. Being able to select seats in advance is awesome.

schwar jack

Great movie theater

Alice B

Staff is nice, theater seats are uncomfortable

Rae Scarlett

Best theater ever!

Jacob Giannini

Feels like an older theater. Small screens, standard chairs. Definitely needs to be brought up to date since better options are pretty close by.

Patricia Walborn

Good food and entertainment.

Ray Martinez

Yay movies

Jake S

Open seating which is nice. But it needs a renovation.

Janie Letterman

Close to home, always clean and friendly

Ryan King

Place is never too busy. A bit difficult getting here but we'll worth the drive. Early shows are typically cheap especially on Saturday mornings.

Sandy Huft

Enjoyed the movie in clean theater. Felt safe with responsible employees all around.

Sue Shannon

Way too violent for me. Gross. Won't be seeing another one. I thought the acting was awful. The best actors were the 2 German Shepherds!

Kenny Mason

Staff is friendly and love coming here to see movies and also the theatre is always clean when I come here

Jimi Acquavella

Just a local theater nothing special!

Jeb Wild

Great local movie theater

Laura Okpalaejesi

Seating was a bit uncomfortable and popcorn was a little old but the sound quality was great

Suzanne Matthews

Love this theater, they always have goodprices, clean rooms and good quality.

rodrigo tactaquin

Friendly staff and great times to see movies. An excellent addition to the Castle Rock community.

Keith Tilford

We love our local theater! The movie experience is good, with comfy seats, big screens, and digital projection, and the concessions offer AMCs improved snack options. Best of all, the prices are much lower than other theaters in the Denver area, so my wife and I can both see a weekend matinee for under $10! It's a little annoying to have to go up to the counter even if you purchased tickets ahead of time, but there's rarely much of a line so I still give 5 stars.

Arturo Urquijo

Fun easy going for the kiddos great sound and high quality screens.

Amanda Mccabe

Even short handed we got great service.

Angelia Gauld

Popcorn was very fresh and seasoned well. Wish they had reclining seats.

C. Betancourt

Movies, flavor, taste, action, don't movie hop! And get caught just playing support your favorite actor Keanu Reeves.

Cam McLean

Decent set up, but theatre was slightly messy. The staff are all young people, and they actually do a pretty good job. Polite and courteous. Good job guys. Minus the star since they are usually pretty clean, but the last few time not so much. Great parking and great food selection; dig the healthy snacks. Overall, I would recommmend it.

Don Longshore

Not really a good value for concessions (even by theater standards). Friendly staff and fairly good seats.

cori white

Always nice to be there to watch a movie. Snacks need to come way down in price though. Can't get a large popcorn and large drink for less than $20. Not cool! Great atmosphere though.

Jenny Esshaki

Not clean enough for Family, EVERY time I go I have to clean the garbage around where we seated and more?

Jake D. Monroe Jr.

The only thing I have a problem with is when New Movies come out they don't allways play here close to me please work on that all I'm askin of you guys I don't have car so A lot of Shows i want to see i have to go out of CastleRock that's not far to me lyft is expensive

Wade Feaster

You now reserve your seats

Stephen Sandecki

AMC, in my opinion, provides the best movie experience.... hands down. Comfortable seating, clean venues, multiple concession options and friendly staff. This location seems to be staffed mostly by high-school kids, which is great for the Castle Rock community! For you movie goers looking to lose weight their concession menu does provide calories.

Cat Man

Great it was quite when watching the movie the had movie rooms split apart so there lots but not in huge movie room

Heather Burmingham

Floors in the lobby can be a bit slick, but otherwise good place.

Mitch Medigovich

Our Favorite theatre in Castle Rock!

James Thiessen

Clean theater with friendly staff. We had a great time!

Frans Lambrechtsen

Great location and easy access! They offer a wide variety of food and drinks. Doesn't yet have the reclining chairs but is always clean and tidy.

Andrew B

Great staff, had a good time

Jamie Addison

Could be cleaned a little better. The bathrooms were pretty dirty.

Lynn Fuentes

Always polite clean and staff is great.

Nic'les Long

Nice theater, not as nice as the new AMC setups with the reclining love seats but it's always clean and comfortable. Good food options nearby makes it very convenient as well.

Jim Greenway

Good movie theater that desperately needs to upgrade its seats. I always drive the extra distance to go to the Highlands Ranch theater where they have the reclining seats and Dolby theater. The Castle Rock theater can no longer compete and they need to upgrade their outdated seats and sound systems.

Hannah Schell

Pretty solid theatre! Seats were nice and rows had good leg space. The online convenience fee is like 6 bucks which is stupid but buying in person was quick and easy. The popcorn was, ya know, popcorn. Nothing fancy. Overpriced but it’s a movie theatre so, duh. The staff was kind and helpful. Personally I like picking my seats when you buy tickets like they have you do here but it did take a bit of extra time in line. The women’s bathroom needed a bit of looking after but wasn’t too gross. Parking was nice and easy. Overall, a good place to see a movie.


Need more staff

Matt Liparulo

We went to a 3PM Saturday early showing of Hotel Transylvania 3 via Amazon Prime promo. This theater was our only available option. As soon as we walked in, there were two lines. We stood in the normal line while we watched everyone else go through the AMC VIP line. This went on for several minutes before an employee helped us. The same thing happened at concessions. We asked the people in the VIP line about how to get into VIP and they said the line was quicker and nobody ever checks for a VIP pass. There are two soda machines, we waited 10 minutes just get a drink. Once in the theater, the seats were small, felt packed in and not at all updated. If AMC is trying to compete with MoviePass, they should offer better service and nicer theaters. We love MoviePass and go to theaters that have updated their seating to the large comfy chairs, so we're spoiled. But for the price of movie tickets these days, AMC is ripping people off in their theaters out of comfort and ease of use. I do not recommend this theater. 2 stars because they did show an early release of HT 3 and there were a bunch of super happy kids.

Cari Heffner

Clean, and the folks working are friendly. It's nice having 12 theaters, even if they are each fairly small.

Elizabeth Marrs

Much quicker experience once we downloaded the AMC app. If you pay on the app all you have to do is walk up to the line and show your ticket on your phone, and you are onto the snack line.

John Douglas

Easy seating. Good convenient parking.

Courtney Munson

They really need to update their seating to stadium seating. Otherwise everything is great here! Friendliest staff around:)

Ray Barros

Got my tickets on my phone, ordered snacks ahead of time and no problems with parking either.

Larry Jack

I came here to see Captain marvel and enjoy a day off! I had a large drink and there caramel popcorn it was delicious and I should have only had one cup of it rather than an entire container. But those were my choices. The seats were very comfortable and the people were helpful, I would go here again.

Reid Page

Overall it's a good place for a movie. Wish the theater I was in was cleaned better. Pop spilled, popcorn all over, and garbage. Maybe they just missed my aisle. I don't know.

Erik & Michele Vigil

Computers down for reg. customers premium customers line was good but line was extremely long. limited sitting good prices.

Kim Rodriquez

Super dirty. We saw dogs journey. There was melted chocolate like milk duds on the seats and on the floors. Popcorn on the seats and floor napkins stuck in the seats. It was bad. 1st time and last time for us.

Jason Stubbs

Good movie theater. They will give you small bags and cups to give your kids. Always had good experiences here.

John Marshall

I like this theater but some of the smaller screens leave a lot to be desired. 3D is kinda boring on. A small screen.

lachanda stevens

It's alright, a bit overpriced for matinee movie and no reclining seats or adequate leg space if you're tall.

Jamie Bartolomeo

Popcorn good..

Benjamin Germanski

The teather seats are poor compare to Marcus teachers. The rest: sound and video are great. But one thing apart me is the prices at the the food kiosk - charging (ripping) $7 for cup of Icee which is water, ice and color. I didn't want to ask and order other food type from concern the price. Unacceptable!

Brian Winters

My son worked there so I'm a little bias, its Castle Rock so your gonna pay a little bit more for everything in Castle Rock, but they keep their theater really clean and run a top notch establishment.

Nhat Nguyen

The bathrooms were clean and the staff was friendly. The seats weren't the cushy seats you find in the newer theaters and the ticket kiosk was barely functional (the touch screen wasn't responding) but it was an enjoyable experience, nonetheless. One star off for the kiosk. It took us longer to get the ticket from the kiosk than it would have at the box office.

Jessica Litton

My new favorite theater near me. It's small and doesn't get super packed on the weekdays. We were in the theater with only one other family!

Mike Zenix

Very nice theater close to home.

Kevin Loeffler

Always clean, always good seats for afternoon showings.

Desi Boozer

Awesome that they now have assigned seating via the app now!

Jarem Laing

Great theater great staff I enjoyed all my movies I watched there.

Robert Van Natta

Run of the mill theater. Nothing spectacular.

Chris Teem

This place has always been pretty good. But today, my two oldest daughters (9 and 5) and I went to see Angry Birds and unfortunately my 5 year old got sick in the bathroom. They politely came and got me because she was crying and some extremely awesome lady who was in the bathroom at the time who HAD to be a mom helped her, and one of the girls who worked at the theater also helped her out and cleaned up. They even offered us free passes so we could come back and finish the movie, but they had done enough. Kudos to this crew! A million thank yous from a dad with two girls in a bad situation!

Sierra Taylor

Average theatre. The kids working were kind and helpful. Husband ordered chicken tenders and they tasted alright. It was clean but I think it’s time for an update In The theatre. With movies being so expensive and theaters all over getting upgrades and becoming so comfortable and nice I think this one is a little to old school.

Ryan Steck

As a local this is a really great place to meet up with friends and watch movies

Clifford Rhoades

Small crowds....lots of parking and restaurants near by

Ross Montgomery

Have a great experience here every time. Staff is always helpful. Place is usually clean (only slightly dirty on high-traffic nights I have attended, but that's to be expected with the crowds). I'm an AMC Stubs Premiere cardholder and that makes the whole process easy. Even using Fandango ahead of time is easy to use as you get to the theater.

Cherie Steinmetz

I had a 21.00 was delicious.

Jackie Tufariello

Everytime I go to the movies at this theater there are people constantly talking and on there phone. Probably won't come back for this reason alone. Staff is always friendly though and very clean thearter.

Ben Sproul

This is an alright movie theater. It's about what you'd expect from a small AMC. The floors are somewhat messy most of the time, but again that's to be expected. I do like the Coke Freestyle machines though, I think those are always a 1-Up in my book. So if you're watching a movie with your kids or on a field trip, this place is fine. If you're looking for a HIGH quality theater experience I would look into the Alamo Draft House. That place is good for date nights and such.

Kimberly Purcell

I find the place very clean. The staff is professional and courteous. I have enjoyed the Tuesday movies for $5 special they have had over the last two months.

Marty RockyMtn

Not ONE movie showing after 8pm on a Tuesday? Not going here at anytime anymore.

Scott Scoob Maloney

Movie bistro, actually was tasty, waiters were kinda scary handling drink trays.

Karl Coetzee

Thanks to Brenden for helping getting me an uber

Sarah Merrill

Great service, but the restrooms were something out of a horror film. Disgusting all the way around.

Carmen Alvarez Armbruster

Great place!!! Clean, friendly staff and a wide variety of yummy choices!

Tyler O'Brien

Love our local theater and usually head here for the convenience, but it's due for a remodel. It can not compete w/ other AMC theaters such as Southlands and HR with updated seating, food, and drink options. Hopefully that is coming sooner than later.....but until then it's still serves it's purpose.

Shane Graper

Great theater. Wish there were reclining seats though.


Rating: Perfectly fine -I had a great time watching "Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse" here. This theater isn't exactly new so the seating is out dated (chair's aren't fancy recliners like I've been spoiled by up in Longmont) , but that's fine if you get to your movie early and can sit in the front row. -The food is mostly $10-$20, I personally find that pricey but it's not the theater's fault, it's the distribution companies for making ticket sales unprofitable. -The staff is friendly -The theater is clean I'd love to see this place get updated with Dolby or IMAX or even just better seats. Castle Rock is really developing right now so why not update the local theater?

Christopher Gilbert

Unlimited-self-serve refills on ICEE's here. A+

Dawn Gallupe

This theater is great and it is nice not to have to drive further to see a good show. Customer service excellent.

Matthew Snider LIME Painting of Castle Rock - CEO

Nice place and refreshments... Need to invest in new leatger reclining chairs to keep up with other places.

David Grubb

I like that is not normally crowded and has pretty good facilities

Linda Gray

The theater is pretty clean. the staff is always very friendly. The theaters are rarely crowded yet they still offer great movie options and good pricing options depending on when you go.

MaryBeth Massey

Honestly, I had forgotten old school theaters like this were still around. It's a fine theater with good showings and delicious popcorn. The theater is still the old style seats (no recliners), and no reserved seating.


Great place, rarely super busy and no long lines when we've gone as a family.


Clean theatre, friendly staff. They are a bunch of kids but they do very well. Polite and friendly

Mike Hester

If you don't have a Stub card (no clue what a Stub Card is) you could stand in the line to buy overpriced popcorn all night. I waited for 5 minutes and no one ever even looked at me. I shouldn't complain I saved $15. Small theatre and very expensive. Make the drive to a real theatre and enjoy movie night.

Jeff Winter

No reclining seats but it's a great place to watch a movie.

Kelly Sanders

The movie was good. The cleanliness was fair. The bathrooms were NASTY and the employees were disgruntle because people are animals and can't clean up after themselves. I rated low,because the Bathrooms are nasty

Scott Davis

Popcorn is always fresh!

Lyra Clouse

Enjoyed, food was a little too expensive

Mark Spoone

Good theatre with good seating and clean. It would be nice if they would add reserved seating

Chris Bishop

This theater needs to be updated. No premium format screens makes it a bummer to see big-name films here. No assigned seating either. But they're always nice and efficient.

Nancy Ferguson

Your average movie theater with regular seats, sticky floors and expensive concessions.

Stephanie Walborn

Clean arms nice. Staff wad either friendly or heard making comments not best for the general public to hear about their job duties.

Nathan Bergland

Great movie theater. Never any lines at the box office or the snack bar. Always find a great seat.

Geraldine Brown

$5 Tuesday’s are great went saw Black Panther and it was also my birthday fun with family

Carlos Hernandez

I have been to this theater for 12 years and was kept clean but the last few years the men’s bathroom has been really dirty and stinks ! Out of Order sign has been up for months !!

James Krajewski

Place is clean but no reclining chairs lol

Anita Knight

AMC Castle Rock is a nice theatre. Usually not to crowded. I also enjoy their $5 Tuesday special for stub members.

Josh Dalton

It was slightly dirty and sticky in our theater

jordan zdziarski

Amazing service quick lines and clean bathrooms.

Nani Sapeda

I love,the popcorn here and lots of room in the theatre great place thanks

Chris Jones

Beautiful theater. Good soft pretzels. And really great matinée prices. Comfortable seats and we saw Avengers: Endgame and had a blast

Harold Wick

Nice to have a theater in castle rock.

Brianna DuFour

Oof... my husband and I just tried to watch Good Boys here and let me tell you it was tough. First, the audio and video didn’t line up after a few scenes so he went and told them and they were able to fix it for a little while. Then it happened again a few scenes later, he went and told them again and they were able to fix it again. Then at one point the screen just went black and there was no audio. He went and told them again and they said they couldn’t do anything to fix the audio being a second off from the video but offered us free tickets. It was tough to watch. Then when we went to pick up the free tickets the manager didn’t offer a very convincing apology and seemed like he couldn’t care less. The ladies helping us with popcorn and drinks were nice enough to give this review the second star.

Jennifer Heath

This theater has great Sunday movie discounts. 15 minutes travel time was well worth the savings. Refreshments come in a variety of savory choices. My daughter, who cannot have many foods, was able to purchase a food on her list. The theater seating is open. Something I feel, all theaters should go back to. As for cleanliness, it was as expected for a Sunday. The lobby was clean. However, the theater was littered with the usual popcorn, candy, and drink remnants. Bathrooms were sparkling and well supplied. Good place for an affordable family venture.

Lisa Stallard

Nice, clean theatre.

Amy Willard

Always a good experience. Comfortable with polite and helpful employees.

Mabel Michel

Great movie Lion King

seven patton

Wonderful experience for me and my wife. Perfect

Juls T.

They didn't have reclining seats in the theater we went into. But it was comfy enough.

Barry Meyer

Comfortable seats

Tyler Clark

Worst experience of my life. I went with my family and the employees in the front were so rude and disrespectful. They laughed at my son very rudely and the floor was disgusting. Not sweped at all. The movie theater was also very disgusting. My friend went to the movie theater with me last week at 10pm we arrived 13 minuets after the movie started and the doors were locked. They closed the movie theater 12 minuets after the movie is showing like they want to leave. WE BOUGHT OUT TICKETS AND THEY LOCKED US OUT OF THE THEATER. With no refund or nothing. The employees here are nasty teenagers with no respect. Seriously FIRE them now or else. Horrible service and yes they saw us through the window and smirked. Horrible employees. I’ll make sure to never go to that theater again and I’m telling all my friends and family to NEVER go back to that disgusting place.

Mark Marquez

This location is not up the normal AMC standards. We have been there a couple of times over a couple of years and very sad location.

Ben Christensen

Nice home town theater. And reserved seating.

Kenneth Hird

This a good AMC it just seems to be dirty anytime I go there. Not the end of the world but every time I step on tile there it's sticky which is nasty. Just doesn't always seem to be super clean. Staff is always nice and it's got comfortable seats. Parking is usually not to painful either and there is a great Italian place right by the theater which is great for dinner and a movie!

James Luhmann

Nice theater. No recliner seats.

Joseph Chavez

Worst experience of my life. I went with my family and the employees in the front were so rude and disrespectful. They laughed at my son very rudely and the floor was disgusting. Not sweped at all. The movie theater was also very disgusting. My friend went to the movie theater with me last week at 10pm we arrived 13 minuets after the movie started and the doors were locked. They closed the movie theater 12 minuets after the movie is showing like they want to leave. WE BOUGHT OUT TICKETS AND THEY LOCKED US OUT OF THE THEATER. With no refund or nothing. The employees here are nasty teenagers with no respect. Seriously FIRE them now or else. Horrible service and yes they saw us through the window and smirked. Horrible employees. I’ll make sure to never go to that theater again and I’m telling all my friends and family to NEVER go back to that disgusting place.

Winter Snow

This theater is not updated so no reclining chairs. The theaters are not the cleanest. The tickets were a bit cheaper. The theater definitely needs an update.

Ryanne Brown

Chairs are so relaxing, I love this theater! I go to watch Guardians of the Galaxy at there and we all loved it so much.

Ty McCollum

Saw the new Avengers movie. Online ticket ordering was quick and honored with no lines! Clean, friendly, and no problems.

Melissa Saturnino

Great customer service and there is never a long wait at the Castle Rock.


Fairly clean and good service

Joe Jaquet

Nice theater in our "little town". Has all the new releases, works with mobile apps, etc... Sure, it doesn't serve alcohol or have the new dining experience, but I am usually taking my kids so that feature really is not important to me.

Mackenzie Osbaugh

Floor was sticky and slippery in the aisle that I chose my seats. Volume was not as loud as it should be

Shawna Simmons

Fun movie time DURING THE DAAY

Jay Lower

Buy your tickets online. Reserved seating.

Dustin Pew

Clean and no long lines!

Michael Walker

Now I’m annoyed and may wait for the movie to show up online from now on. Have all movie theaters changed policies to reserved seating? I’m OK with this tactic when there’s a high, In-demand movie with high occupancy, but not when the theater is mostly empty. We went to see a matinee, and the parking lot was mostly empty at that time in the morning. Plus, there were about 8 movies to be shown around 12 noon. So not everyone was going to the same movie. But there was a line which turned in to a 10 minute wait to get tickets. Why? Because you have to pick your seats. Each person (couple or family) has to pick a seat. The clerk shows you a map and you have to decide. Be quick, or the clerk will zoom in, scroll left and right, while you’re deciding (as if that will help make up your mind faster). I prefer not to be behind a really tall person, a crowd, or a rowdy bunch of people. But how can I know that beforehand? You can’t with this policy. Note: cycle time was 5 minutes to pick tickets and pay. Imagine how slow this will make getting in to a highly anticipated, popular movie? (No more time to get food and drinks, you might be late for the show.) When we got inside the theater, most of the rows were empty. And by the time the movie started, it was only 30% occupied (I counted). So what additional benefit did I receive? Well food was the same and for the same price. The place was no cleaner than before. Sound system sounded the same. The video quality was the same. I got the same quality of chair I sat in when I watched the last Avengers movie (which was before this policy). So, here’s a suggestion: for low occupancy movies, how about selling us tickets and just let us decide where we should go? Just like before. That would take 1 to 2 minutes each, to funnel us in. And here’s another thing that makes this policy even more silly: once the movie starts, I could have moved to another seat anyway.

Cameron Allen

Like any other AMC you go to. Staffed well to accommodate weekend crowds. Theater rooms kept clean for the most part. Our go to AMC.

Genevieve Chaffee

Everything was dirty at 2 PM on a Sunday....not sure why basic clean up efforts weren't happening when employees are standing around. Concession stand was trashed and it didn't look like much effort to clean out the theaters occurred. Restrooms were very dirty as well.

Melissa Ball

Friendly staff, popcorn ok, like watching movies at this theater.


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