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6696 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80016 Located in: Arapahoe Crossings

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Where is AMC Arapahoe Crossing 16?

REVIEWS OF AMC Arapahoe Crossing 16 IN Colorado

Thomas Bradley

Always a nice visit. I get tickets on line. Good service and most theaters have leather recliners.

mitch martin

Very nice one of chairs didint work in theater 2 seat e8. Not there fault but should be fixed. Not alot of people because its Thursday. Staff was pleasant and theater was spotless 5 stars no doubt!

Suki Sambuu

A-list is way to go $20 12 movies in a month


Good location, small seats in IMAX 2D, which is kind of surprising considering you're dropping $20 for an adult ticket.

Johnson Security

I do like this theater I just wish it was going back to the old ways I do like Mann's Chinese theater I just I don't like how AMC is taking over everything but I guess it has a purpose for a reason but this theater is really nice and really it is a cool place to be they need to have a little bit more video games for the kids that's the only problem that I don't see they don't have not too many video games after the movies are over I wish that they had a little bit more video games are a arcade place a little bit more to offer.

Paula Pierce

Neat place for a movie

Lisa Clyncke Jones

I don't go to the movies very often, way to expensive! Saw Hustlers, it was ok but would wait for it to come out on Netflix.

Jesus Oquendo

Friendly staff. Always busy. I haven't had not one bad experience here and I have been going to this theater for roughly 13 years.


Dolby vision theater is the way to go.

collin schoenfelder

I love going to all of AMC because they make the entire experience so fun.

Shaddy Wulf

The eastern-like architecture is what attracted me in the first place and I wasn't disappointed when I entered inside the building; it is cozy and has good temperature-it was hot as hell outside and I'm glad to feel a cool breeze when I came in the building. In comparison to other quality theaters, the restrooms seemed clean, nice places to hang out if you are too early for the movie and I'm glad there's reclining seats. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because they don't let you put in your own amount of butter on the popcorn unlike United Artists theater. All in all, I highly recommend going here and I'll be returning as soon as another Marvel movie comes out.

Hoai Song Nguyen

Very nicely decorated theater. It has a nice bar with a big tv playing sports. Concessions is overpriced as with all theaters, $15+ for popcorn and a drink. There’s a nice, small waiting area, but no arcade games. My husband and I went to watch the Aquaman early screening last night in theater 9 and the seats had grease and popcorn all over them and on the floor. I would bring Clorox wipes. That was my only complaint. The reclining seats are nice though and it was a large curved screen with great sound.

Sckope B PHlawless Bossin

Comfortable seating area with leather recliners can't beat that! It's worth the money you get what you pay for.

Anita Huddleston

Men in Black in IMAX!! AWESOME! CHRIS Hemsworth was so large!! Row F is too close to the screen!

Mike Peterson

Comfortable Great Service Nice sound system.

Aprile Denny

I like the reclining seats! Though I do feel AMC charges a bit much compared to other chains.

Christine Wardell

Clean theater, comfy seats. No soap in bathrooms

Savion Williams

Love this movie theater!

Kim Blubaugh

We only came to AMC Arapahoe Crossing because I have a gift card. We came here before back when our Cinemark theater was closed. It has changed but hasn't changed. It has been renovated inside. The concession area is very well laid out, the prices are higher than our Cinemark, the popcorn is not as good. But where it counts it is still the same. The people are not in the least welcoming. Maybe not out and out rude, but stone faced. It amazes me that every time we go there it's the same.

Christopher Hubble

UPDATE--I will NEVER be a customer at this theater particular again. They are NEVER open early enough for people to purchase tickets conveniently. They are perpetually understaffed. Consequently, concessions and customer service at this location are abominable. This is an OK theater. My main complaint is that they schedule showings only 15 minutes after the doors open. People don't need to be in a rush. Getting tickets, food and hitting the restroom before a two-plus hour film starts is annoying to say the least.

Jon Song

Nice theatre. Has the upgraded reclining seats and good screen/speakers. The whole place is also kept clean.

Mike Macgowan

Had to take out a loan to see a movie and a second to buy popcorn. Where is the ceiling on prices?

Michael Wolfe

We are from MT and we have a AMC up in billings MT,but nothing like here so awesome

Ryan Hartmann

Best theater in town by far

Mary Jenkins

An overall great theater experience and customer service! My favorite actually!

Jasser Sotelo

Watched the lion king there. The audio was terrible. Only the front speakers were working. Completely ruined the experience. Other than that the place is decent.

Mallory Meverden

The theater is great. But this review is really about Dillon at the MacGuffins bar. The man is phenomenal. Knows his drinks, has an exceptional personality and interacts with his patrons on their level . Well done sir!

Tasha Nunez

Staff is always friendly and polite when I go. The prices are a bit much but it's worth it at the end of the day. I'm always a little sad when they aren't showing the movies I want to see and I have to go elsewhere.

Diane Dinkmeyer

Theatre was great. Seats were wonderful Popcorn not so much. Lots of unpopped kernals.


Great movie theater, has the love seats that recline.

Jacque Strode

I like Arapahoe Crossing theater because it's very clean the people are very nice and the theaters are huge. We just saw one recently at the IMAX version in AMC and it was amazing

Richard Rotte

Nice seating well elevated on each row.

Courtney Arndt

It's my favorite movie theater out here. It's decor around the Chinese theater is adorable. The theaters are clean, but right now they seem to be super short staffed around the bar. (this matters to me and my boyfriend on date night)

malu jenni

Better than amc highland ranch

Rigo Sarellano-Haros

Always good experience when I go to watch movies here. everyone is very polite by service and I have the monthly subscription for 1995 and they let me watch up to 3 movies per week. I think is a great deal

Christofer Peterson

One of my favorite movie theaters. Spacious, reclining seats, many different choices for viewing experience, and the concessions are varied. The one downside is I saw a mouse sneak out from under the seats to snag a fallen piece popcorn. Being close to an open field, the theater likely plays host to quite a few critters. I would just recommend more diligent clean up from the staff. There is probably no getting rid of the animals completely but more sensitive customers may be put off by the wildlife.

Eric Culver

I especially like the design esthetic. I laughed out loud when I saw they built it to look like the Chinese Theater. I will likely be back for that reason alone.

Alyssa Mathias

A very nice place, with comfy chairs. It has a fun atmosphere.

Theo Palmer

Great movie theater and if you go on Tuesdays and you're an AMC card holder it's only $5 per person

Bailey Self

The manager of this theater with a long beard gave us the the single worst customer service experience I have ever had. We pay extra every month for Stubs A-List. There was a situation where we had been there quite literally the evening before, and yet they were not able to help us out in a special circumstance where we had driven 45 minutes to see a movie in this location. Now, even though it seemed quite silly and petty to us, I understand when employees feel the need to follow the letter of the law. This manager clearly did not have the authority or power to provide excellent customer service, and when corporate doesn't give their employees that power, there is nothing they can do. I understand this. However, this manager was nothing short of rude and inconsiderate in his handling of the situation. Had he said he wished he could help us but it was out of his control, I would not have been upset at all. Instead, he was rude, condescending, and just terrible in his treatment of us throughout. He even laughed in my face when I said I was disappointed with the outcome. I have never faced such rudeness from an employee, and it has truly made me reconsider my stubs membership and AMC theaters in general. If they can not teach their employees common courtesy, I may need to find another chain to spend my money with 3-4 times a week on average. I can not recommend avoiding this theater strongly enough, worst customer service I've ever received in my life.

Patrick Caustrita

Decent theater, reserved seats, full bar, can order food to seats. This was a retrofitted theater so the recliner seats are more narrow and placed closer to each other than at more modern theaters but it is still better than a normal theater. Just like all theaters it is always somewhat dirty.

Brandon Carroll

If you want to spend as much money as possible to see a movie, this is the place. The building is nice, and the experience is fine, but it should be considering how much you will pay for it.

PJ Campos

No exaggeration, I think this was one of the best theaters I've ever been in. Saw John Wick 3 in the Dolby theater and it was awesome!

J Alsup

The theatre was small but cozy. The seats are motorized and fully recline. Would have given 5 stars, but $30 for popcorn and nachos is a friendy robbery with a

Linda Cooper

Four of us went to see a film in the afternoon. The reclining seats are comfortable but the theatre and bathrooms were very dirty. It took a very long time at concessions. I seriously feel for a busy summer afternoon the theatre was not sufficiently staffed.

Batty Larue

I went to see a movie. The seats were reclining and very comfortable. They had a wide variety of concessions including alcohol. But during the movie the sound started cutting in and out followed by the picture. The customer service refused to refund my tickets instead they offered movie passes.

Suzette Broker

You cannot beat $5 movies. Plus $5 for a small popcorn and small drink or $5 for a buffalo chicken flatbread pizza. Friendly helpful staff. You can actually afford to take your whole family. Love AMC!

Cydnee Owens

Nice, clean theatre. Comfortable seats and decent bar and menu

Dawn McCloud

So fast love how easy it is to go in and get my tickets myself

Martha Lugo

Disappointed that my seat didn't recline. Otherwise, very good experience.

EAdH Cory

This use to be my favorite theater. They partially remodeled, but left the main theater untouched. The seats are small and broken. They had good food for a while then got rid of it. I only come to the theater if there is no other option in my area.

Kyle Simpsons

AMC is where you want to be watching movies it's perfect for the family friends at a sexy date whatever what you want to do I don't know which one is the best AMC yet but I would say if it has an IMAX theater that's perfectly where you want to be and everything else AMC has stepped up their game maybe just a little bit but I would like to see them offer like a little bit more free stuff now they're popcorn and other stuff that they have in the concessions that is a little bit pricey it's a little bit too much though so kind of watch yourself stair when you are going to the movies be careful not to spend not too much it is a little bit insane their prices are just a little bit too high...?? but I would say you need to get onto the a-list and you'll be all set that's where you want to that's where you want to try to be it's definitely perfect

David Hughes

Wonderful place. You can reserve seating in their very comfortable reclining seats and even have your refreshments delivered right to your seat.

The Game Reaper

Always a pleasure being here!

Daniel York

I am being a little generous with my four stars, mainly because I am a pretty easy movie-goer. I like reclinable seats and for the movies to be bright, loud, and clean. For the most part this is true. I see movies primarily in the Dolby Cinema here, and it is amazing. Outside of that particular theater, the rest of the theaters aren't amazing. I have been in some where they are dim and quiet. But overall, they do pretty well. Ever since they introduced the reclinable seats and Dolby, it has been a great go to for an AMC A List member.


Was my spot as a kid. It's been a while since I've been here. I love the remodel. I only go to theaters with those big assigned lazy boy seats. We will return on future dates ;)

QiBoy 777

Favorite movie theater of all time! Love that it's an exact replica of the Mann Chinese Theater in Hollywood! Newly renovated and so nice inside! Has a bar. Visit frequently.

Alex Carruth

A good basic theater. Never full at the movies which is nice. I do wish they had the full reclining chairs though...maybe time for an upgrade for a better experience. I definitely prefer AMC at Southlands.

Kelly Heimlich

Always a good time because we can always get seats. Southlands is a couple miles from our house but we seriously can never get seats. Haven't been to a movie there in ages. The line was too long to get food tonight but the seats make the movie so enjoyable that we didn't notice we were hungry until it was over.

Jessica Larkins

I love this theater, especially the Dolby one. Awesome quality. And this is the theater we mostly come to.


Movie Theater is nice, clean (sometimes), and great service. Every day there is plenty of parking so there isn't a problem getting into the place. Isn't cheep, but worth it for the service. Mostly all new movies (North American Movies) are aired there a couple days after their release to movie theaters.

The Boys

Awesome theater go there every time

Michael Gibson

It's an awesome experience to see IT: Chapter 2 in IMAX. I've seen many movies at this theater and have never been disappointed.

Beth Hamlin

I go here a fair bit. The theatre has reclining seats and a bar. Tickets are purchased on kiosks, buying online is faster.


Great theater, clean and all reserved seating .

laura Anichka

Everytime I come into this place it is hella filthy... like I didn't seat on my assigned seat because it still had the sweat line from someone who sat there before. There was popcorn and stuff everywhere on the floor... I will look for a better Cinema next time...

andrea simpson

Husband and I came to see “IT” chapter two. The Dolby cinema was cool but it was really dirty inside. Trash left everywhere from the previous showing. Made for an uncomfortable/disappointing experience.

Cathy Dodge

Usually I am never disappointed at this theater. However, the "advertised hot dogs" give false hope, and need to be taken down. They had no chili, no onions, no veggie toppings...just sour kraut ones, or plain with cheese. Also the seats in the IMAX theater need to be upgraded...

Princess Peach

Clean and pleasant design, in and out. The staff is what you'd expect of a town movie theater, but it works. It's always a treat coming here and I recommend it to anyone, visiting or residing. The food is pretty decent too, however prices are escalated so maybe bring your own. A classic theater.

Caitlin Wraight

seats are very soft and comfy for full movie experience. when seat reclined there is barely any room, would appreciate more leg room.

Richard Stewart

I had not been there in a couple years, so the look and new furnishings were nice. Overall enjoyable experience watching Avengers Endgame for 3 hours.

miles cabral

Reclining seats. Good menu. Ability to order adult drinks. Easily refillable soda. Asian motif. Plenty of theater options.

Julie Denning

One of my worst theater experiences ever. Terrible service at the ticket counter and the staff would only help people in the VIP concessions line. Apparently paying for popcorn is no longer enough, you also have to pay extra to be in the right line - ridiculous. To top it all off, the movie was SO loud that we had to stuff pieces of napkins in our ears to tolerate it.

Susan Taft-Belval

Very comfortable seats, variety of movies and snacks. Love that you can get a. Meal and cocktail

Tiffany Lee

This is my favorite theater to go to. The theaters are usually pretty clean, which is important for me.

Kylie Quintana

always a fun place for a night out :))

Ross Bradford

I have been coming to this theater since I was a child and I'm in my 30s now. My first choice theater. Just a decent place to go and enjoy a movie, anytime!

Allen Lenhardt

Love this theater so comfortable I usually fall asleep during every movie my bad

Rachelle zamora

I have a love hate with this theater. The love is that it's extremely convenient to where we live, and it has a Dolby theater. We are there 1x a week and occasionally more. The downside... frequent turn over which leads to other issues; never enough coverage on busy nights; lack of customer service or management who cares; beverage machines are constantly out of selections or are nonfunctional, and carpets clearly get nothing more than a sweep or light vacuum.

Drew Payne

Meh... its typical. Would be nice if more people worked the concessions counter. Of the last four times I've been only two people operated the registers with a line snaking through the lobby.

Ryan Heinig

Nice theater. Went to see Alita, Battle Angel in IMAX 3D. Seating was comfortable, also my first time with IMAX 3D. Only thing is, did not realize screen was so huge. I was told before hand it was larger, but the seat I picked, was still just a little too close to see the whole screen, I I picked a seat 1 or 2 rows farther back, hoping it was a seat no one claimed for the show. I lucked out. No body came to claim seat. So, all was good. I would have moved if someone came claiming seat. Great experience.

Faith Maaliki

We watched Aladdin here. The movie was so much bett6then the cartoon. The seats were comfy and cozy. The theater was nice and clean. So were the bathrooms.

Travis Valentine

Seats are comfy but leg room is a bit tight

felicia solano

Great movie theater love this place!

Patrick Winters

The stator has nice recliners clean screens Glenn the concession area is very nice as well, best part is they have large clean bathrooms. The Coca-Cola Freestyle machines are very nice and always working.

Dom Arcuri

Been coming here for years. Never had a complaint and have been countless times.

Keyan Lambert

It is always nice to go see a movie right especially one that is actually nice

Dr. Burzin Bharucha

Excellent entertainment place for watching movies in a beautiful ambiance and with IMAX digital surround sound one if it's kind.

Jason Crosby

Nice theater. Regularly here with my friends. Staff is okay, ran into a couple bad eggs. Haven't seen them recently though. Food is good, though long waits for everything but popcorn.

Dwayne Carrington

Always a great place to see a movie. Love the reclining seats!

isaac barfi

Superb place with nice seats. I love this place.

Talia McCray

Small intimate theater with reclining seats create the perfect atmosphere.

John Cargo

Food was terrible, chairs didn't recline as intended, screen and sound were good. Did not interact with staff enough to comment.

Andrew Dulik

Sitting in my theater, 15 minutes after movie is supposed to start and haven’t seen a thing. My chair is broken. Terrible experience and won’t come back.

Brendan Haggerty

We try to go to the movies 3-4 times per years, and at least 2 of those times are always at this theater. It's clean, comfortable, and well-staffed. The staff are friendly and helpful. I've never experienced any problems with viewing a movie here. The only thing keeping it from being 5-stars are the prices of concessions.

Kyle Johnson

As I want send I love going to the moviesI'm a moviegoer I do appreciate going to the movies and everything smelling popcorn to show de the candy all the different types of food there looking at the peoplemostly looking at the sexy women that work there and then also the other women on the customer sign there are some perfect ones that do come through there off and on but AMC is the coolest place to bejust remember the customer service part when you have to call the when it hundred number they suck talk about 100% very lowcustomer service on the phone they are very difficult and they really don't want to help but you have to go physically into the AMC movie theater to get one-on-one??? Now you should dig about that lol

Hasan Adil

Very good costumer service

Rob B

Good seats and great sound


Nice comfy New chairs, pretty architecture, and the usual refreshments.

Sarah Park

This is my go to movie theater. I have the AMC A-List and it's so convenient to go and get a ticket right there. They have a self checkout counter too. They're really really good at customer service too. Sometimes the popcorn can be pretty salty so they offered to make it without salt. I know it's such a hassle since they have to make a new batch...and they probably hate me, but I don't think they know how thankful I am for that!

Olivia Gannon

This place was amazing. Seats were comfy, delivery to seat was great!

Kennett Smith

This theater has turned seeing a movie into a full service experience! I ordered tickets online, ordered my food and drinks online and when I got there, they delivered the food right to my seat. The seats are big and comfy and tilt back and the IMAX theater was huge and booming sound. Great experience!

Patrick Kitts

One of the best theaters in town. AMC’s A-list is the next deal in town.

Kimberly Haves

Great IMAX! My husband bought the tickets and we came here to see the Halloween movie. The theater itself was clean and comfy. I was happy to see new reclining seating. They have a little bar that serves some cocktails, wine, and beer.

Jonathan lee

So this is a good place... but being a A-list or Premier member means nothing really. Everytime I go the member line is a longer wait than the normal one. They always only have 1 person working it and 2 working the normal one. If your a member go to a different AMC not this one.

Salim Lakhani

I love their A-List program... Saw an IMAX movie for Free. Well, it's three Free movies per week... Well, not really Free, but for $23/month, you can't beat three movies a week. Advanced reservations, includes 3D and IMAX! Can even reserve movies on opening nights! Beats MoviePass hands down!

Jason Panzarello

Just watched an IMAX movie and it had to be 95 degrees in there. Picture and sound were IMAX quality but I needed a shower after sitting there for 3 hrs.

Tracy Hastings

The movie was great! The bathrooms smelled like urine, the drink station had trash all around and there were boxes of product (?) scattered around. The theater was slow while we were there, lots of employees doing nothing. They should have been emptying the boxes and picking up trash.

BetheBrit xx

Great local theater. Has a full bar as well. No need to go to Southlands!

Lorin Chevalier

Nice theater. Nice sized screens. Nice stadium seating. But the men's room needed a few repairs.

Jesus Ramirez

Great place to watch movies

Mateo Johnson

OMG its like a move theter but its not disgusting! a saw a dog nerby it and i pet him he was a very good boiye 11/10 would go agan

josue lopez

This has to be my Favorite place to catch a movie, fast service when grabbing food. Only thing not so hot is the prices

Heidi Meyer

Comfortable seating. Great theater.

Andrew Scardino

Good location and a cool design. Nice staff and nice theaters.

robert hanagriff

Very accomadating. My son was scared of the movie we were watching and guest services kindly offered to out us in a different movie. My son was not interested and wanted to leave. They then offered to refund my tickets. I then explained my wife bought them online and I did not have the card they were purchased with. They then gave me 2 movie passes for future use. All said they did not have to do any of this, but they did. Great experience. I will definitely go there in the future.

ana ben

Love the discounts on Tuesday but my chair was broken only reason I'm only giving it 4 stars

Daeltun Cauthen

It's an excellent great to see a movie, and the staff is always excellent.

Amir Khan

This is a GREAT AMC! I wish there was another closer to Denver Tech Center, but this is still a great option. Join STUBZ if you want to watch a ton of movies for less than $25 a month! And there are recliners in almost every theater so you're gonna get a great seat no matter what you do!

Daniel Olson

2 words... Dolby Theater. If you can watch a movie in this theater just do it. The rest of the theater is pretty ho-hum but the experience in the Dolby theater is amazing and I would recommend this theater on that basis alone. Don't expect crazy good service or a spotless lobby but that's not why we go to the movies right.


Spacious and comfortable seats.

Matthew Schwarz

My current favorite theater to watch movies. Comfy seats, FANTASTIC screens. My only issues were with the food, never had very good popcorn here.

Jennie Davis Prince

Comfortable, assigned seats. Clean and safe. Great snakes. Delightful.

Rachel Sloan

Good! Reclining seats are where it's at. Concessions we're good and I liked that they had the Coke mix it up machines and DIY butter. The one thing I didn't like was that the bathrooms are only located in the lobby area. So if your theater is at the end of the hall (like ours was) it's quite a trek to go use the restroom. Other than that, it was a nice experience!

Laerynthia Kalimeur

Quick service, kind service. Cassual movie experience. Nothing more than what you'd expect abd nothing less then average, not to say this is a bad theatre, but a reliable one at that. Pricey consumables though.

Elise Cox

It's a nice theater with reserved reclining chairs. No at seat ordering or food delivery. The condiment stand and drink area were a bit dirty and in need of stocking. Overall a good experience.

AJ Johnson

Same thing as I said before I just wish that they had more video games or an arcade place so that people can play some video games there and everything but the movies are very nice very lovely there I think their prices are just a little bit too high stating they need to come down in the in in the prices though on their snacks their food and their popcorn it's a little bit too expensive but on the other hand it's a cool movie place to get to be at the they just need to come down and their movie prices down just a little bit it's a little bit too expensive for the food and popcorn but you but you will have a good time.

David López

Dolby Cinema is The Only way to watch a movie...truly amazing Pic and the Sound will blow you away.

Hector Menendez

I ordered my food ahead online. If it wasn't for me bringing this to their attention 3 minutes before my movie started, who knows if I would've ever gotten my order. They charge a $2 delivery fee fyi. Do your job

Billy Dean

Great IMAX! We purchased tickets online and came to see the movie a few days ago. I like the newer reclining seating and vibrant atmosphere of the theatre. The snack selection was pretty good and the staff was friendly an helpful. We will be back for sure!

Elizabeth Gore Stanley

Awesome Dolby Theater!

Scott Dassler

Great movies and experience! Staff is nice and helpful.

sherri johnson

I enjoyed it. Haven't been here 2017 since it was remodeled. Very nice. However, after buying a ticket and food to eat, we had to sit for at least 10 for TV Commercials. I wasnt happy about that.

Leonard L Roderick

No food trays. Comfy seats. No alcohol until after 5:00 pm.

Gabriella De Leon

This place is the best! I have two theaters closer to me, but I'll always drive here. It's always luxuriously empty but very clean during weekdays. The chairs are always working and never ripped. The AMC A List is so super convenient. It's a shame I haven't had it all my life.


The price is good for tickets in the morning. Recliner seating is a good addition to the theater. Some of the screens here feel small, but this theater is rarely full. You'd be surprised at how rarely it's full if you frequently go to a theater like Century Aurora. The Dolby Cinema here is possibly the best around. The IMAX here is okay. It's small and you might have your view obstructed by someone tall if you're not tall

Adam Ames

Went to see a movie when I got there waited for the staff to scan my ticket. No one was in line... 3 of them standing around doing nothing looked right at me a couple of times but didn't bother to walk over and check/scan my ticket until I said something. Management my want to do something about this, could have walked right in.

Athena Evans

Love this theater. We go to the movies regularly and this is so much better than Southlands. At Southlands AMC my seats were double sold twice and the lines are always long. At this AMC I have never had that problem.

Michelle Sturgeon

I love the recliners in the theatre and the screen is huge. But the prices for Soda was insane $6 for a cup of soda?? And this was after we paid $36

LC Valentine

The AMC at Arapahoe Crossing aka "The Chinese Theater" was great before they moved to reserved reclining seats and now it's even easier to get the seat you want... along with thrills, popcorn, and a cold drink!

Jerry Nye

Clean seats and nice staff! 4/5!

Spiritual Zion

Really like this place. Very comfortable seating.

Brooke Archer

I come here for a comfortable movie experience :)

Lill Cronquist

Very interesting story line. So glad they didn't go into the whole alien thing. Very good and entertaining movie with heart.

Juan Fragoso

Gotta love this movie theater.

croch rocket

20 mins in line to get a drink annoying....... popcorn stale..... serving other customers before the customers in line. Not worth 75 dollars. RIP offf

Ahja Fox

I love the IMAX experience here! However, the seats need upgrading, the food is way overpriced for its quality, and the staff often come off like they hate their jobs and you.

DK Rodriguez

Comfy seats!! We loved it there and had a great time!

Ben Myasnyankin

Best theater in South East Denver area. Not to packed not to empty. My go-to for any new release.

Steven Jennings

Pretty standard AMC theater. Nice welcoming environment, tasty food, and comfortable seating.

Thomas Truong

One of my go to movies, it a you get what you pay. The workers 85% of the time are supper friendly and will go out of their way way to make your time enjoyable. The theater and bathroom are always super clean, they also have a nice range of typical movie theater food but they also have combo meals, like ones that COME WITH CURLY FIRES!!

David Dizon

I love this theater! I come here every week, sometimes multiple times a week. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because their standard definition is a hit or miss. Also, cleanliness is a hit or miss. I usually only come here to watch movies in Dolby since it’s the only theater near me that has it.

Loren Regan

I love this place! Yeah the food and drinks are overpriced. So it’s a movie theater. The seating is the best! So comfortable. A good variety of choices in movies. The service is really good. Always positive. Always clean. And if you buy online ahead it’s a little pricy, but you get to pick your seat(s)! What a deal!

Colin Gordon

One of my favorite theaters to go to, this place is always very clean, and the staff is friendly and always available if you have any questions. Since moving out to the Aurora area, this is my go to theater. Their IMAX shows are great, not huge theaters like I'm used to but the experience is still there, couch seating in the regular movies, and the popcorn is on point!

Angelica Hernandez

The movie was great. Seats where comfortable. We like how we get to save our seat when we bought the tickets that way we could wonder around and not worry that all the good seats where takes

Kathy Pringle

My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by the comfort of this theatre. There are new reclining seating and good snack selection. They also have a little bar that serves some cocktails, wine, and beer. We had a great time here and will be back the next weekend.

Brandon Cannon

Great theater.


$12.99 for two tiny sliders with McDonald’s level of quality. Most other AMCs have decent quality food now. Not yet here.


AMC Arapahoe Crossing 16 en Colorado
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