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7301 S Santa Fe Dr Unit #850, Littleton, CO 80120 Located in: Aspen Grove

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REVIEWS OF Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Littleton IN Colorado

Craig G

Went on a rainy weekday afternoon, absolutely dead. Which was great! I have heard nightmare stories of how packed it can be. I’ll save my visits for nighttime. The fact that nobody gives you prices before you order frighteningly overpriced items while you’re seated in the theater is kind of beat.

Danielle Jones

Fun family friendly cool place! Clean and comfy...great food and service.

Tiffany Michaels

This is such a great way to catch dinner and a movie!!! The service was excellent and the food was great! We were surprised at how many options they have on the menu. There doesn't seem to be many places left that still deliver to your seat. Great experience all around!

Rigel Rucker

Very cool. Movies, beer, food, what else do you need. Get there 30 minutes early for fun previews. Popcorn is amazing. Not sure why anyone would go to another theater after this.

Pamela Devia

I absolutely love coming here for dinner and drinks and pretty much exclusively come to the Alamo for movies. The staff is super friendly and helpful, and the one negative experience I had with another moviegoer (someone fell asleep on me... awkward.) was handled by a manager swiftly and politely.

Dan Hannigan

Since the Sloan’s Lake location opened we haven’t been out here as much but sometimes we’ll take the 30+ minute drive all the way out to see a movie here. Watching movies at an Alamo is definitely worth it. The fantastic service, quality displays and sound, and the rules around talking / disruptions make it hard to go to any other theater. Be sure to download the Alamo app to get your tickets ahead of time and sign up for the Victory Rewards program ( I’m currently at “Commandant” level, we tend to see a show or two once a month at the Alamo). Get there early (about 30-20 mins) so you can watch the pre-show which is usually a bunch of fun clips from all kinds of content related to the movie you’re about to watch. The clips can get kind of weird occasionally but in a charming way. Sometimes they’ll even do really handy recaps if what you’re about to watch is the continuation of a series. Oh - and treat yourself to a milkshake at least once! If you’re in the area looking to make a day of it go check out the Littleton Breckenridge Brewery right up the road. The flights are a good bit of fun, but I’ll save that for its review.

John Parker

A fantastic experience. Great food, strong drinks, quiet environment, and best of all, phenomenal films. A perfect night out.

Amber Kirkland

I love the no phone or talking policy. This theatre is for true film fans. Alamo Drafthouse has special events like sing alongs and special guests. There's always plenty of parking and it has a little bar inside if you're early. You can get movie snacks like candy and popcorn, beverages, alcohol, and even full meals brought to you during the show.

Aj Cobb

Go to trivia night! It's fun

Robin Gerlofs

Always a little offbeat on the trailers and louder than normal audio, but enjoyable. Staff has ALWAYS been great to interact with.

Eric Head

Oh Alamo how I love thee! Ignore all other movie theaters and hit up your nearest Alamo for real you will never regret it. They do something special to what seems like every movie whether it's top gun showing and they hand out sunglasses or the pre roll film every experience is different in a good way.

Karen Tyler

Nice movie theatre with comfy seats but unfortunately the customer doesn't mean anything for them. I wish the service and food were better.

Gerald Ung

Ever since I experienced the concept of being served a meal while watching a movie, all I've ever done is bought tickets at places like this. The staff is friendly and engaging and the reclining chairs make it easier to find a comfortable position to watch the movie. Love the fact that the seating is reserved (as is most places now) but it's good to know that you can walk into a movie and know that no one else will have your seats. People are usually afraid to ask questions but don't be afraid to. The staff is there to make your experience the best that it can be and they do what they can to ensure it. I used to live in the area and would frequent this place often but now that I live further away it is a bit of a hassle to drive back out here to watch a movie. Either way, this is a great place to come and watch movies and have dinner at the same time.

David Goliath

Clean, inviting, and teen-free, the Alamo serves up: great eats, a rotating draft list, and an enjoyable night out.

Devon Helberg

My favorite theater to attend and the food menu is always on point!

Sara van Hall

Alamo is always a joy to go to. I like their strict no talking rule. I love their pre-shows. I like that you get the food while already in the theater. I highly recommend!

Nikkita Jackson

this place is awesome. great service. food and drinks at your seat in the theater. great food. prices not too bad. wish they had these in DC

Jose Campos

Awesome place! Delicious food, impressive drink menu. And the staff is super attentive.

Trey Duch

I have been to Alamo a dozen times over the past 5 years. The staff are friendly and the theaters are always clean. I wish all theaters were Alamo!

Cassidy Strode

Swanky. Smaller than most multiplexes, the the allure of food and drinks is strong. Staff does a good job of keeping out of the way during the movie. It is a little distracting. The food and drinks didn't make folks be more annoying that usual, though the sound of a burger being scarfed down is a new sound in a movie theater for me. They do have a two strikes and your out policy for annoying folks which is nice. Honestly I would like it for a movie I cared less about so I could actually enjoy the food and drinks. Would go again and this time actually order more than just a drink.

Adam Nicks

Hands down the best movie theater I have ever been to. Strict no talking no phones policy, high quality food, huge drink selection what's not to love! You will spend more money here but you won't regret it.

Jessie A.

My first time here was for a private screening/meeting for my employer. We had our meeting including having our presentation on the big screen. They had a taco buffet for lunch followed by a movie. It was a ton of fun. When we had my son, I looked for a baby friendly theater. Alamo offers "Alamo For All" for new parents and people with sensory sensitivity. They leave a few of the side lights on and the volume isn't as loud as normal. It was wonderful for my hubby and I to have a baby friendly place to go. I love the full service they offer as well (the waiter brings food and drinks to you). The food was so yummy we ordered an additional appetizer (cauliflower bites are amazing!). Its fantastic not to have to leave the movie for pop and popcorn refills. The movie experiences have been awesome. The chairs are comfy and everything was clean. Way better than the AMC where we got the flu due to poor air circulation and it generally being gross/dirty. They also have a strict no phone policy and some movies have age restrictions. This will be nice for date nights without the kiddo. We actually have tickets for tomorrow at the Sloan Lake location!! I highly recommend you break from the big chains and try a theater that cares about their customers.

Shane J

Always fun to see movies here. The food, drinks and service are always good. It is great when they have special viewings, we have been to two different ones here and they are always entertaining.

Richard Moore

Good food, great service. Love the theater that has themes and displays for movies!!!

Joshua Jordan

The food could have more selection


Alamo is a unique place to see a movie. Very friendly staff, excellent food, and non-commercial atmosphere makes this place a great escape. The pre-movie shows are entertaining. Brought my 'tween here several times. Food and drink prices comparable to other theaters, but taste much better.

Will West

Love the Alamo! Service can be hit or miss but its usually great! Awesome selection of beers and I love the special menus they do for certain movies!

Todd Whitt

Alamo always delivers a premium movie-going experience. You can't beat the combo of good food and a good assortment of drinks delivered right to your seat. Also, their custom pre-film "commercials" are always great.

Bernhard Gaider

We went for the first time today. First off let me say I love the $5.75 early showtimes and the fact there was only 15 minutes of previews with no commercials. The seats, while not being recliners, were still super comfortable with lots of room. The table was also handy. However not a big fan of trying to order food in the dark or having waiters running by during the show. I’d much rather order and pay in a well lit area and then have them deliver to the seat. We just had coffee this morning so can’t comment on the food. We’ll go again to this theater but it’s not going to be our default go to place.

Austin Harris

Fun, unique twist on your usual movie night! Fine food and adult beverages are neat options. Staff is kind. Ordering process is a bit awkward but fine. Overall a great place to try for date night in my opinion!


I personally like the Westminster seating better but the bar area here was nice

Shari Shelafo

Great Time, Great Service,Great Food Really Diverse Food & Drink Menus , Comfortable Chairs w/ Plenty of leg Room etc. All around Great Nite Watching an Awesome Movie with My friends & Family My Favorite place if I'm going to See a New Movie

Lena Rae

Beer selection is better than most theatres. Sad they got rid if the Breckenridge Vanilla Porter. Love the atmosphere here. And the Movoe, food and beer pairings are awesome.

Mark Williams

Great place for a movie. Comfortable seats and wait staff to your seat.

Selina Brinck

My husband and I love coming here. We enjoy the movies we see and the food that we order. Have never had a bad experience.

Robert Popejoy

Great concept. Tried to eat food and get dessert there. Sent two messages, got left over cookies. I think it was just a bad singular experience.

Frank Romines

Run better than Sloans Lake, however not nearly as well as new location in Westminister.

Joe Adams

These guys do a great job. Really enjoyable evening at the movies.

hernandez E

Good place to go see as any movie. The food is great and so ate the drinks. Best part is no talking or get kicked out.

Vagaban Subedi

Comfortable seating for a dine-in setup. Service was good, I got my food and drinks brought on time, server even checked to make sure everything was good. I wouldn't call drinks and food too pricey, most other theaters charge about the same for worse food. Overall had a good experience here.


Helpful staff & great food! Very accessible also as my son is in a wheelchair.

Taylor Hoffmann

I won't see a movie anywhere else. Every part of the experience is such a treat. I love the wide array of food options, the respectable beer list, and the movie specific pre-shows.

Emily May

Saw A Dog's Journey after a friend recommended Alamo Drafthouse Littleton. Ordered the Kale Caesar salad w/chicken because I'm doing KETO. The waitstaff was very attentive and professional and was impressed with that. In fact, all the employees I interacted with were great. I went to the movie at 6:30 on a Tuesday, so theater was not crowded.

Patrick Lee

Saw Spider-Man: Far From Home last Wednesday. Volume was cranked way too loud. My ears are still ringing 4 days later. I generally have liked this place (I've been here at least 15 times), but this was not enjoyable. My two boys mentioned it was too loud as well. We are avid movie-theater-goers and this was the loudest we've ever experienced. This has the potential to have caused long term damage. Not cool. This happened once before at Alamo, but I chalked that instance up to a one time thing (I guess it wasn't). Everything else was fine (food, service, cleanliness), and past attendences to Alamo have been mostly good... So I'm not going with 1 star. However, my review would be 4 stars without this second incident (would be 5 stars if the seats were better and food prices were more reasonable).

Richard Florence

Alamo's the best. It's a good thing they don't have reclining seats becaue\se I'd just sleep there. ALWAYS get there 1/2 hour early to see their curated pre-show show.

Adam Symons

They truly treat people well. My favorite. Westfax is great beer!

April G

If you haven't been here, you absolutely without a doubt have to try it out at least once. They are sticklers for the rules so late-comers, talkers, and cell phone users are promptly reprimanded. Don't show up late to your movie! The menu always has new drinks and food, and their classics are ridiculously amazing for theater restaurants. Although I am devastated that they stopped selling the pizza roll ups! They also have basic popcorn and candy. You can see the newest films as well as their special events, quote-alongs, kids camp, cereal parties, classic film anniversaries and more. We love the kids camp because we get to see old kids movies for $5 a ticket and they relax the rules so kids, babies, and toddlers can be themselves and learn how to sit through a movie. It's an understatement to say Alamo is a fun place to go. It's fantastic.


Server was amazing this time! But our order was wrong which is a usual issue here. I've been here before and received my food when there was only 20 minutes left in the movie when I ordered it during previews and everyone around me had already ate and was paying. Then when I complained, I was threatened to be kicked out. Only return because it's close and I like the popcorn and (when it happens) being served at my seat.

Jonathan Potter

Wings came out very late into the movie and a little cold. I got a shake but wouldn't recommend it since they are very small (I guess that part isn't necessarily their fault, I just didn't realize how little I would get ordering that). The waiter sounded very rushed and dismissive so I didn't want to cause trouble while I was there.

Sydney :P

Very amazing experience! Food and service was wonderful! I definitely recommend going! Will be back

Mark Booco

Been going here ever since we moved to Littleton. Best movie experience in colorado. They have screenings of classics and the movie parties are always fun. If you're a fan of... interesting... horror movies, definitely check out the video vortex specials.

Kel Rice

This place is wonderful. They have bottomless $8 popcorn! - definitely a weakness of mine. Aside from that though, they have awesome service. My boyfriend and I thought we were going to a 9:30 showing of a movie here, but there was a miscommunication when I agreed to buy the tickets and he agreed to drive. I bought Westminster tickets and he thought we were going to Littleton. I didn't even notice that we weren't heading the wrong direction because we were having such a blast on the way there. It ended up working out though because the amazing staff fixed our tickets for us and we were able to catch the same movie at this theater. I never expected them to do that and I will forever be grateful that they did. Thanks you guys!!!

Reyna Chavez-Guardado

We had a horrible upsetting experience! My husband and two children go to watch a Disney movie . We place our beverage and dinner order ... food was amazing . I saw that my husband has ordered something but in the dark and the entertainment of the movie didn’t see what he has ordered . A couple of minutes later waitress brought us a tray of three cookie. I grab the tray and hand them to my kids to grab a cookie ... as they were about to take a bite the waitress comes back and tells back grabs the try and tells us the cookies were delivered to the wrong table to put the cookies back ! I then told her they have touched them , it’s okay I will PAY for them , she said NO ! It’s policy you put them back ! Meanwhile the movie is still going on and I am shock ! So my kids put the cookies back and the waitress takes the try with cookies . She then comes back about 1 min later and says , never mind you did touch them you can have them . I then tell her No ! I want your name and I will go speak to your manager, she writes her name laughing and walks away . I am sorry this is something you don’t do to children even after I told her I would pay for them , even though it was her mistake ! Horrible customer service !

Kimberly Kendall

I had a bad experience with the food there and I reached out to their customer service. They (Abby) were so professional and so easy to work with. I highly suggest going to this theater.

Casey Korejwo

Awesome staff, excellent vibe, love the pre-movie trivia and clips. Great spot

Daniel York

One of my favorite movie theaters around. The food is always so good and hot when brought out. Their menu is full of variety. The movies are always loud, which I appreciate so much. Sometimes it takes longer to get service than others, but I always get my food and finish before the end of the movie. I haven't had one mean server yet. It is a wonderful experience. Just get there early enough!

Stephanie Ellis

Place is so fun. This is the only way I can get my husband to sit through a movie at a theater lol one that serves beer and brings you food! And it’s really great food! The adult shakes are one of our favorite menu items!

Kevin Lindauer

The Alamo Drafthouse is a theater as all theaters should be. The variety of films is not to be overlooked as they commonly have special screenings, movie theme parties, quote-alongs, and classic films. Their selection of beers compliments the food served. Admittedly, the Alamo Drafthouse is expensive, both for tickets and concessions. It is a real treat to get fresh popcorn with real clarified butter.

Cody Wisniewski

This is normally our go-to theater, so when I had a close friend visiting I decided to bring her here, excited to share the experience. She had neve . Een to an Alamo or even a full service theater before. Unfortunately, our waiter came once before the movie started and we only saw him twice again the entire film despite having a card up to order (or request a popcorn refil) nearly the entire film. Keep in mind, the movie was Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with a runtime of 2h40m. In fact, about 45 minutes in, we took the card down to change our order (giving up on beers and full meals) and put it back up to order some snacks, and there was still no sign of him. After an hour he saw the card, realized he forgot the waters we asked for at the start of the movie and took the new card. He brought out our order and the waters about 20 mins later and we didnt see him again until he brought the check. I was extremely disappointed that my friend had such an unfortunate outing for her first time at Alamo. Hopefully it was just a fluke.

Matt H

Really enjoy coming here. Drinks and food are good. Come all the way from the Springs to go to this theater on occasion, largely due to the policies on talking/small children. To the previous reviewer, the website clearly explains their policy on small children - which the lack thereof is a nice break from having to listen to screaming children in other theaters (and no small part of the reason we make the hour+ drive here)

Jorden Grubbs

Always a delight. I'm from Texas and grew up with the original Alamo Drafthouse in Austin and when one finally came to my town of New Braunfels Texas I was there once a week MINIMUM. I now live in Littleton Colorado and we have a Drafthouse here and it feels like home. Quick food and quicker staff, great drinks and always clean. 5 stars all day.

joe scalzo

The service was awesome and food was surprisingly good for a movie theater! And of course the best part was the comfy seats and amazing sound set up!

Daniela Nordqvist

Such a fun place! Tons of parking, friendly service, and the drinks and food are really good. Oh and the movies arent bad either ;)

Christopher Meehan

Really fun place to go watch a movie. Couldn't recommend more. Also their draft selection is hugeee! It's hard to beat a good movie with delicious food and a great draft beer.

Amy Stapleton

Alamo Drafthouse is a huge improvement on the standard movie theater! The price is about the same, but the experience is so much better. They have a big, delicious menu that's reasonably priced and amazing drinks (try the banana burbon foster). They also have a lot of really fun events, and you get the sense it's a community of people who love movies. The service is fast, reliable, and super considerate of the movie experience. Plus, the overall movies are just so much better because there's no talking and no phones allowed. I'll now be making the drive to Alamo Drafthouse - even though I have another theater less than a mile away.

Jennifer S

Watched Halloween here, and it was a lot of fun. The popcorn was perfectly cooked and seasoned. I only wish we could've had some to take home. :) They had fresh baked cookies that were way way better than grandmas! Or that could've just been the salt and sweet combo. One negative is how much ice they put in the sodas. Want to go back soon. Will probably try some other fun snack.

Jonathon Horton

First time, great experience. Good food and drinks. Recommend the king shake and wings.

Ron Smith

We've been here--and reviewed--Alamo Drafthouse many times. But for the first time ever, we stopped in just for beers at The Glass Half Full. It was somehow a completely different experience; dinner at Ted's Montana Grill was delicious, but as our conversation lingered in the parking lot, we realized we weren't ready for the night to end. And then we saw the answer, in lights, across the parking lot! The service was excellent: we were greeted when we arrived, and the bartender was at out table with menus as we sat down. The waitstaff kept a close watch on our drink levels, always attentive but never intrusive. The chairs at the low tables got a bit uncomfortable, but then again we were there for quite a while! That level of service ensured we'll be back again!

Chris Naber

Saw Goonies and had a great experience. Food was good, and bottomless popcorn with butter is amazing!

Dave Johnson

Love Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas! Great food, great environment. It's my kind of movie theater.

Nina Sampier

Always a great date night. Best part is having a beer while watching a movie. Food is good but a bit pricey for the quality you get

stevie d

This facility promotes and engages in age discriminating policies. Because my child is under age 3, she was not allowed in the theater to watch the Disney Movie The Lion King! To add insult to injury the manager in no way attempted to assuage the situation despite the hour travel time it took for us to get to the theater and as a result we had to make dinner plans elsewhere, missed the movie at the nearest theater (which allows children to enjoy a children's movie!) and had to catch the late show.

Luke C.

Theatre was great, ticket seller was great, manager was great. The waiter took his sweet time getting refills for drinks and popcorn. But they made things right which is appreciated. We will be back.

Jennifer Fitch

Always awesome,it's nice to be able to eat dinner while we watch a movie. They do need expand there menu

Ellyn Stimac

Cool that they have 35mm at this location, but theatres need updating. Was wearing shorts and the leather on the chairs was super cracked and broken, and chairs were just wore down. Provided a highly uncomfortable seating experience.

Luke Misgen

Alamo Drafthouse is a movie lover's theater. Their special events are truly fun occasions. their food is good their drinks are reasonably priced their beer selection is great. Overall Alamo Drafthouse is the place to go see a movie grab some popcorn and a drink and have a good time.

Austin Lemmer

Only place I'll go for big movies. Love the food, comfy seats, professional staff with a real passion for film.

Lexi Schilling

Decent. Cool experience with the food and beers they bring you. A little pricey.

Brandon Lester

Amazing service, let's you order food off of an actual menu which is great for a change. The audio in the theater I was kn was a little lackluster however. Overall, I would go back, if not for the movie experience then definitley for the shakes and burgers

Benjamin Hudgens

We are from Austin, TX and have been going to Alamo since before it moved to Ritz. Wish the menu was still unique like back in those days. It's awesome they've expanded. This location was empty several times we went. Even for opening weekend of spider Man. More space for us I guess.

Stacey Stouffer

I'm a big fan of Alamo. They're advertising and pre-movie entertainment is creative and actually entertaining. The popcorn is delicious and refillable, the price is better than the competitors, and the servers are always kind. I don't know how other theaters can stay in business with their business models the way they are. I rarely see movies anywhere besides Alamo nowadays.

Mike Kenyon

Always a good time. This Alamo has recliners and an IMAX - the good. The tables are per person rather than per couple and not related to the position of the chair. Even when fully upright its a good distance away


Was a little disappointed after being informed that I had an old menu and what I wanted was no longer available. They also told me that the menu on the website almost never gets updated. Gave me something similar and then informed me afterwards that it was more expensive so they credited me $3. I never even knew the ingredients in what I ate because by the time the server came to tell me, the movie had started. Took a long time to bring my son's dinner as well. I'd probably had mine 10 minutes before his arrived.

fizziest of pops

Movie night with the family is great and the food is delicious!!

Stephanie Rie

I saw Avengers here and during the previews they did their own recaps of all the movies leading up to it. So much more fun than AMC. And you have a table at your seat to eat and drink, as well as the ability to walk right in and find your seat without having to get your ticket checked! (they check when you're already comfortable and in your seat)


I am very happy they take the no talking durning the movie seriously. We went to a movie and the people next to us kept talking. They had a regular conversation with no sense that others are trying to watch the movie. We flagged our waiter down with the card and the management responded by watching the people talking. They gave them a warning after they witnessed them talking and after three times they kicked them out if the movie.

Shawn Murphy

A great way to experience a movie. Delicious food and drinks, at great prices. Highly recommend.

Kilo 3 Alpha Ronin

I love Alamo Drafthouse. The collector's glasses you can buy, the food and drinks that are brought to you, and I enjoy all the extra stuff (clips of episodes, interviews, and more) that plays before the films, especially from pop culture.

Greg Zelt

What a great place. It has an interesting look and feel. They show older movies. I went with my nephew to see the Dora movie, they had cereal for the kids on a Sunday morning. What a novel idea.

Erik Porada

Best place to watch a movie straight up, if theres a film I really want to enjoy without everyone around me looking at their phone or talking the whole time I go here. Food and drinks are all right but your really paying for the best movie watching experience possible. Service is excellent. Dont be worried if you have to sit in the front of the theater there aren't any bad seats.

Colette Few

Clean theater and comfortable seating. My only issue is with the training of servers. When I came to visit and ordered food, their point of sale system wasn't registering my order, so the server never delivered my food or drinks. I flagged him down to ask, and he responded "I don't know what to do." When I offered to pay in advance and asked for him to order the food at the bar to then deliver to my seat, he refused saying that wasn't possible.....All in all, it was a good experience and while I will come again, I would suggest proper training of staff in the event of a computer system error..... Point of sale system failures can happen, and while a free movie ticket can help improve a customer experience, you don't need to lose money because of poor training.

Zachary Clarey

Milkshakes. No need to mention anything else. Show up, watch the movie, and enjoy the best milkshakes in the Denver metro.

M. Bevis

The good news is that this is an Alamo Drafthouse, which immediately makes it my favorite movie theater chain. So all of the wonderful things that they do are in place. The only possible criticism I could have of this location is the theater I visited was quite cramped. Maybe I'm just biased towards the Sloan's Lake location, but I felt like I was almost sitting in the lap of the person next to me. Otherwise this is a great place to see a movie.

Veronica Cobos

I currently live in Boulder, and have been wanting to visit this Alamo Drafthouse for some time. I’ve been to a couple Alamos in Austin TX, and absolutely loved the experience. It’s always been such a better experience than any other chain of movie theaters. So of course, I was expecting it to be very similar to those theaters. Everything about the dining experience was just awful. First of all, the tables aren’t like the original long ones you’ll usually see. So you share a little table between two seats. Luckily I didn’t have to share a table with a total stranger. I showed up early so that I could have my order at a decent time. Somehow I don’t get even get the appetizer until the movie is nearing the end. Though all the people around me that ordered much later, were served quickly. In Austin they often themed a plate or drink for the current movie, not the same enthusiasm here. And the food quality was horribly cheap and unenthusiastic. No seasoning or enthusiasm in their food. Thank you for the overpriced frozen fries.

Michel Coulon

I love alamo. Great comfort, a wonderful way to watch a movie

Rob Loblaw

Cool lil Alamo. They do some fun screenings every now and then. Not my favorite Alamo, bit a good theater nonetheless

ansel k

Don't get the fish and chips... Just not worth your time or money.. the seats are comfy, the screens were large and the sounds were perfectly loud. Probably would just order some fries or something next time..

Uriel Cano

Friendly staff, beautiful place and delicious food and drinks!!!

Cody Roberts

Alamo Drafthouse is pretty much our favorite theater. No talking. Good food and drinks. Always a fantastic experience.

Amy Turpin

My husband and I love the Alamo in Littleton. We go to the Alamo for every movie that comes out that we want to see and have attended a few of their fun special events too. The food is AMAZING with quite a variety. I love their special menus during opening weekends for big films. Don't come late because they are a stickler for rules and latecomers are not welcome. Plus, the pre-show they put together before the film is unique to each movie and is always worthwhile! We always arrive 30 minutes early so we can catch the fun!! We love getting dessert halfway through the movie too by sticking up a card to alert our server! And the servers are not distracting at all. This is more than dinner and a movie, it's an experience!

Trevor Beack

What can I say about this place? The original CO location. It's a must for movie lovers. Great tap selection and not over the top pricing on food. Love the movie parties here.

Don West

It was a fun evening out to have a beer and get dinner with a movie.


Always my top choice for a movie theater, good food and drink, almsot always has throwback movies playing.

Robin Hinz

Great food, great movie, but too loud.

Karl Greve

It's a great place to eat and watch a movie. Great sightlines. The theatre is quiet no phones. Food is good and reasonably priced. Where we go to movies!

Michael Taylor

The staff was awsome and food was can,t wait to come back to see more movies

david stewart

Great place to see a movie! Comfy seats, good service right to your seat, love the pop corn. Has beer and cocktails as well. Just saw Monty Python And the Holy Grail with blow up swords & coconut clappers!

Darren West

Overall I enjoyed the experience. There is a cute bar where they had some interesting beer on tap. I had a founders bourbon barrel stout which was very nice. The theatre rooms themselves were small and felt private. They take food and drink orders and deliver them soon after the movie starts. I was disappointed they never brought my drink in the 3 hours the movie played, nor checked to see how I was doing. The appetizers were good, I had wings, and the popcorn was very buttery which was fine for my preference.

James Curry

Love the Alamo Drafthouse in Denver BUT we will never go back to the Littleton location. The people working there seemed nice, they smiled and wanted to help, but just failed miserably in their execution. First, we waited what seemed like forever for someone to come take our order, then we were given the wrong order after waiting forever to get it. Receiving the wrong order also came with a side of missing drink. This made munching on extra salty unbuttered popcorn really fun. (I mean really, you screw up the order and put no butter on it?? REALLY?). Of course the first person who took our order came back to check on us after 1 months time and looked really surprised that we hadn't received our drink (It's not like I stashed the cup in my pocket, WE REALLY DIDN'T GET OUR DRINK). After telling him about the drink and the weird unbuttered extra salty popcorn, we received our full order half-way through the movie and it was a little less terrible than the first (How do you screw up popcorn????). So, I'd have to say unless you just go for the movie or you are the type of person that likes extra salty, unbuttered popcorn, head to the Denver location if possible!

Mike Lemus

Alamo is the movie lover’s dream. They’re on top of most new releases and have all manner of special events for classics and lesser-known cult favorites as well. The food and drinks are always great. This is how movies were meant to be.

Heather Lamberson

Best movie theater ever! The no talking policy is great, the food is tasty and the staff are helpful. If I have a choice this is where I will go to see a movie every time.

Jessika Ateal

This place is cool, food is what you'd expect from a bar, definitely way more bang for your buck than traditional popcorn and soda, I like the no talking and no showing up late policies. Seems like I had to wait forever for drinks and server had a hard time seeing our ticket but it was a sold out show so its understandable. All in all pretty cool.

Travis McKinstry

Cool idea, horribly slow service. We got our food and drinks near the end of the movie, even though they took our order before it started. I was overall disappointed

Ryan Duclos

The Alamo Drafthouse was easy to get to and wasn't crowded. It was nice to grab a drink before the show and take it with us while we sat down and waited for the movie to start. The only issue we had, was some of the mixed drinks were absolutely disgusting, I'm not one to send drinks back but it was like they forgot to even add the alcohol. Other than the that, the food was great, comfortable seating and a good atmosphere to watch any new release!

Bambi Molden

This is an interesting concept. Not sure if it would work as well with a full house, but for our visit, it was great! This is a movie theater/restaurant all in one. A table is available for every 2 seats. There is an extensive menu of appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts, and drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic). Patrons write their order on paper & place it in holder. Servers pick up orders & deliver food with such professionalism, you barely notice. They don't interrupt the movie at all! Food was great (vegetarian meals also available), service was excellent. You can order food until shortly before your movie ends. Bills are discreetly delivered & collected before end of movie. Fun experience!

Saralyn Voltz

Saw the lion king! Staff was great and milkshakes were tasty! Brought right to you :)

Carla Marquez

One of the best margaritas. Had one to many. Try the truffle popcorn fantastic. Had so much fun. Service was great.

Adam Harvey

Staff is fantastic, service was spot on and the food is on par for Alamo Drafthouse. My only place I see movies in Denver

Tanya Cardwell

Modern American food that is a steps above your typical movie theater menu items of popcorn, stale nachos and velveta cheese. Order at your seat with blank scratch paper and a pencil and your server will quietly snatch it to later return with your order. If your gastrointestinal tract is up for dairy, try an adult milkshake. And they're good about enforcing the no talking, texting, or being inappropriate rule, which makes for a better movie experience.

Michelle Perez

Anyone who depends on closed caption devices to watch a movie be aware. As a person who is hard of hearing and depends on the closed captioning devices, this is not the place to go. I tried 3 times to get a working devise without luck. When I discussed this with the manager I was told it was because of our choice of seats. We were in the top row and apparently it doesn't work up high. I guess this information was not important enough to tell us the 3 times I tried getting a working device. I was told I should've come down and would've been given another seat. This would have been during the movie of course. It was quite a disappointment since it wad hyped up that this was the best place to watch a movie and have a good meal. One I couldn't understand what was said during the movie and second I couldn't enjoy my meal because I couldn't see it and I was already upset about the number of times we were interrupted with the device. Needless to say.....I won't be back. On a positive note, the wait staff is amazing. It wasn't their job to correct but they were most helpful!

Spencer Pozder

A very nice theater! I loved the quick service and stealth from our server, and the selection is incredible, rivaling a straight forward restaurant! Would recommend to anyone, especially if you want to take a break from your usual theater. Plus, no teens/kids allowed without an adult!

Rex Misken

Nice place, good experience. I recommend it.

Christopher Crooks

Best theatre experience of my life. Every other theatre disappoints me now. (Including the other Alamo locations I've visited.)

Joe Beaman

Amazing just want you to not be going to the way it was a movie tomorrow sometime Tuesday and Wednesday I understand

Christian Beattie

Unique movie experience good food and beer. Best place to go if you want to laugh at your past self for complaining about movie theater ticket and snack prices.

Abigail Najera

The food here always slaps. The special menus for certain movies are soo good everytime! We got the mimosa duo this time and it’s well worth it for the whole bottle of champagne!

Sara Richardson

Nice theater, enjoy the food and beverage service during the show. Popcorn and cookies are our favorites! Entrees are nothing exciting and harder to eat in the dark.

Mister Nine

The only theatre i go to. If you order tickets online theres no hassle. No waiting on lines for anything including snacks and drinks. But the thing i love the most is their no noise policy. You can see the biggest movies here and not have the best parts ruined by loudmouth comedians in the audience.

Ben Armstrong

This place is awesome. If you can get your hands on the monthly pass, do it. Amazing staff, great movie side service. Amazing menu and beer selection. I plan on visiting every week to get the most out of my pass now. Great time place to relax, eat/drink well, and watch a movie.

Jeff gottschalk

I like the concept. Just poor execution. To dark to see your food. And to small a table to have food. Almost better off if it were just in your lap. Just have a few drinks and skip the food part.

Sean Ebel

The entire theater smelled like sour milk. Made us sick to our stomachs! Our food took forever and was cold. We ended up leaving the movie cause we couldn't stand the smell any more. When asked for a refund we were told that "no one else complained " what a waste of $70 on food!!!!!

Angela K

My husband and I have been going to movies at the Alamo for years and we have always loved the theater. I like being able to watch a movie and eat real food at a private table. However, recently we have not been thrilled with the food. Most of the menu consists of items that are difficult to eat in the dark and it seems that the prices are going up consistently but the food portions and quality are starting to slide. Still, bottomless popcorn is pretty great and we love the crazy clips and home movies that are played before the previews at every movie. Also, this is the only theater that I know of that regularly has older movies playing on the big screen.

Michael Kern

This cinema is newer and very clean. My wife and I's go to theatre! Love it!

Neil Pepi

Alamo is a wonderful place to eat and watch movies. They have great cocktails and great food. They do specialty menus for some movies, which is a lot of fun. I highly suggest!

Wendy Anderson

Went to a special event at Alamo Drafthouse. They did a spectacular job! So professional and the service was exemplary! The food was good, the setup pretty and the whole place was clean. I love going there! Can't say enough about the politeness of the servers. A very special place!

Sophie Kosiara

Appreciate the free birthday movie tix if you sign up on their website. I just prefer AMC since the chairs have foot rests.

Michael Selwyn

The Alamo is definitely my go-to spot for seeing almost any movie. You can easily skip the lines and head straight to your seat if you buy your ticket online. Plus, if you sign up on their rewards program, depending on how often you go here to see a movie, you can get nice perks like a free snack, free tickets to a movie on your birthday, etc. The servers tend to be pretty friendly, plus you can order food, drinks and alcoholic beverages. A major plus is the emphasis on no talking during the movie (unless it's a movie party they host at times). If someone won't stop talking, management will ask the offending party to leave. There is a downside in that the servers will run by in front of you to deliver orders to other patrons, but it's usually not too distracting. Price-wise, this place can get expensive, depending on how much you order while there, so you'll need to be cognizant of that. The food is decent. It tends to be your standard pub food. They rotate the menu to match the current movies they have playing, which is pretty fun. Overall, I highly recommend coming here for your movies if you like to combine a movie with a meal and prefer watching a movie without interruptions.

Chris Plant

I never go to movies but went for the Cure concert/movie. It's fun to drink a beer at a theater and not have to sneak it in.

Michelle Hartman

Fun place to see a movie. The food is really good, I especially love the fried pickles. The servers are super good at their jobs, and will drop off and clean up your dish without disturbing your movie watching experience. Definitely one of my favorite places to see a movie

Katrina Phelps

Wonderful place to see a movie!!! The staff is so friendly, and helpful! The food is always great and the beer selection is always changing so I always get to try something new! The no talk no text policy is probably the best! I always get to fully enjoy my movie free from distraction. I will never go anywhere else!

Walter Shrubb

Best place to see a movie. Yes, the food is sub par and overpriced, that's obvious. However, I appreciate to the end of the world that you don't encounter loud patrons that talk through the entire movie. Popcorn, one size and refillable, as the gods intended. Service staff are like ninjas, swooping in and bringing you what you want. I guess what I love about this place so much is that it is a throwback to the days when the movie theater was king, and it was a big deal to go. So you didn't disturb people, it was clean, and most importantly, not kid centric. As a kid I remember going to the theater being a privilege. After all movies were for grown ups, cartoons and Disney were for kids. So that feeling of going to a special place, for me anyway, is restored every time I go. I really like this place.

chris carter

Great food and a fun place to see a movie.

Kim Sisneros

Very pleased with this place. We had never been and the staff took great care of us. It's new for me that you can have food and drinks of that caliber in a theater. I was impressed with the adult milkshakes. My new favorite popcorn is the truffle popcorn. Can't wait to go to the theater again!

Cody Petrick

I don't like seeing movies in theaters. That said, Alamo Drafthouse is the only theater I will go to when I do want to see a movie in a theater. I appreciate their strict policies which help keep the theater free from distractions. I also appreciate the ability to order food to my seat to enjoy during the film. I only wish the menu was a bit larger and the food a bit better for the prices.

Serena Weber

Such a fun experience to be served food and drinks to your seats! Tickets were less than I expected, and the food was better than I expected! Get the Veggie Quinoa Bowl/Salad - will not be disappointed! Also, those loaded fries :)


This is the best theater for standard films. I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood here in 35mm for my birthday and it was incredible. The pre-show they have here has a great old time feel and how things work here is incredible. The food also tastes great though it's expensive. This theater gave me the best movie experience I've ever had.

Danette Martinez was my first time there and I had a great time with family and friends

Jill willson

Overall it is a fun idea. I personally would modify the tables so they were closer to the person. In order not to get food in my lap I had to hunch forward. Don't bother with the tofu sandwich. It was quite bland. Drinks are great! Buffalo cauliflower was amazing! Popcorn is very well done. Overall ambience was great. Prices are a bit high, which is why I gave 3 stars. Dinner and drinks for 2 cost us $75. To go to a Red Robin type place would not be that high.

John Hubert

I love the feel of this place. The seats are comfortable and the food options are good. Surprisingly, the prices are on par with any restaurant.

Michael Harris

Been to this location a few times in the past, had no issue. Decided to go watch Spiderman tonight with the wife, and the experience was aweful(7:45 show, seats 1 and 2, top row). Ordered food(loaded fries plus fish and chips) right before the movie started, as normal, and about 20 minutes into the movie noticed all the patrons around us had already received their food. We waited another 20 minutes and still nothing. The wife had to get up to go ask what the delay was, having to miss part of the movie to do this too..... Front desk person brought the manager in duty, and he was incredibly rude and didn't even bother to apologize for the delay or inconvenience. We finally received our food 45 minutes later, and it was COLD. I'm not paying 30 dollars for cold food and poor service.. Needless to say, our dinner and a movie plans were ruined. We left hungry and frustrated with the whole situation. Normally the food here is pretty good and fairly priced, which is the main reason to go here vs the nornal theaters(with bigger screens and better/reclining seats). My ticket fees spent, would have been a better value at Regal cinemas tonight..I won't be back, I can get poor quality food and aweful customer service at almost any cinema.

C Hail

Cool place to see a movie. Food and Bevs are good. But the chairs are a little uncomfortable for long movie.

Margaux Theriault

I love the staff and food is great. I really like the lobby and style. I wish they had reclining seats like the dine in theatre back home had, but it's very clean and nice there. Only issue I had during this visit was that I ordered a specific pizza without pepperoni, which is my mistake. It had bacon. I don't eat pork. I feel like they should have assumed or asked. I was more than halfway through when I was certain it was on there. It tasted good, but this just seems kind of common sense.

Kirsten Martin

Great place to go see a movie. Their food/table service could be a lot better.

Dave Petersen

Great theater where you can get service while enjoying a good movie. Highly recommended. Fun for the whole family

Wendy Arend

So much to love about the concept of these theatres. No talking or texting during the movie, YAY!!! Good food choices, YAY. Service could be a little better. Drinks, talking iced tea for me, are always slow coming. The movies before the movie are always worth arriving early for.

Chris Jones

Cool to get drinks and food brought to you in a movie theater but it took 45 minutes to get food and drinks. With how overpriced it all was you would think they would at least try to get everything you ordered out to you before the movie starts or at least in time so you could order a second round in time before the movie is over.

Matthew Johnston

As a theater Alamo is awesome. Just don't go to the bar there. Sat at the bar for 15 minutes without any service. When I finally got one of the bartender's attention he told me to just wait a minute and proceeded to serve people who arrived after.

Vincent Caterson

Very very well built, organized, and structured, and so so much fun to attend


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