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2855 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050, United States

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Where is Westfield Valley Fair?

REVIEWS OF Westfield Valley Fair IN California

Brian Starre

Huge and luxurious mall. So many top notch fashion stores to shop. Big food court. Restrooms resemble hotel lobbies. Loved that mall and the people there.

Timothy Tran

Great spot to grab stuff for holidays. Parking is little hectic. Wifi is not great..

Kurt Lucas

Myself and my very good friend had a wonderful time. I would like to thank WestField Valley Fair Thank you very much. I love shopping there and i invite those who have not been there go there.

harry brar

High end luxury stores , big food court, lots of parking, a day well spent here

Christopher Lacey

Very large mall with very few empty stores.. Which is getting rare out here.... And the open stores were all well stocked.

Eugene O

Beautiful mall and many wonder shops and dining.

Linda Chou

Very nice mall. Lots of high end brands. You can get good deals here. Very clean and well maintained. Great lighting.

Alan O

Nice clean mall. Pretty big in size and looks to still be expanding. Parking can be a pain on the weekends depending on what time you show up. Plenty of stores with a wide selection for everyone.

S Haddougui

Love this place each time I visit lots of places clean shops and some bargains could be better overall great experience

suman busireddy

Wide variety of store, plenty of options... have Apple and Microsoft store too... goof food but not a wide variety of food options mostly Asian food only... collection in stores is also good compared to other stores. I have walked around 5-6 mils was a nice workout... need full day to cover the mall. Parking is a huge issue over weekends and peak times. Santana row is nice and walkable...

James Jinete

Another Fantastic Westfield Mall! Westfield Valley Fair is an excellent mall that has absolutely everything you will ever need. The mall is kept in a great condition. While parking may be a bit difficult, depending on the day and time at which you go, this mall is perfect for everyone who needs to get their shopping mall. If you're in the area, I highly recommend going to this Westfield for all of your needs. You won't be disappointed. // A former Apple Store Leader at a Westfield Mall on the East Coast :)

James Koay

Haven't been here for years n was treated to a nice surprise with the look n shops in valley fair.

Kari-Ann Sitko

The WORST parking set up. Who wants to sit in traffic for 45 minutes while every one is directed in one inescapable line around the outside of the building!!! Do not attempt to go on the weekend. Painful

Carlos Mangrobang

It's been years since I have visited this mall. Parking lot is high tech. Each row identifies available parking space so collectively, the entrance display which row is full and which one has openings. The shopping mall gets a lot of light from Windows from above. The flooring is shiny white marble. The entire mall looks new and high end. The layout is good with all stores reachable by a reasonable walk. Not too far because of layout. As usual, food court is centrally located. Nice indoor shopping mall.


This place is a freakin' ZOO. Parking is terrible-expletives deleted. Had to go the "Apple Genius Bar" ( which was awesome ) located adjacent to Nordstroms. I have rarely seen such unbelievable pretentiousness and consider that store and the patrons to be a very poor representation of humanity.

Saranya Mitra

All under one roof is what I have think of this place. Great for some weekend brunch and shopping!

Bill Aparisi

This is a nice enough Mall, if you are into that kind of thing. If the traffic surrounding the area wasn't so bad I might not try to avoid the whole area.

Jaden Zhao

Parking is little bit hectic but everything else is great!

Kalpana da

Many Good stores,good food court,well maintained with the added help from a robot .

Neil Ian Milanes

Great looking mall. Good variety of stores for the whole family. Lots of high end stores too for those with the income that can afford it. The food court is one of the best ones compared to other malls with an outdoor balcony area. Has a play area for smaller kids. Plenty of parking and more to come.

Jatish Shah

Peaceful, serene and everything you want is available. You can spend the whole day here, find what you want, get friendly suggestions from the shop owners and shoppers, eat from a huge selection of foods and not get bored.

Xavier Cortez

Very clean.. organized. This was my first time here at this mall.. i going to come back soon

joshua Flores

Great mall to shop at! Good vibes good selections many stores unlike other malls and great parking locations ( ps. Parking garage to block to the sun)

Shubham Patil

The Mall is mostly clean. In some areas there is grime and all sorts of stuff. The bathrooms look fantastic but 2/3 faucets we're out of order though. There is a variety of food from different cultures in the food court. Plenty of stores from clothing to technology. Everyone can enjoy this Mall.

vanushri rawat

Good brands. Nice food court. Must try sushirito in the food court

theartidolizer chayo

Beautifully kept mall. Customer service not very friendly other than the food court but I didn't come for the food.

Ducky Momo

Usually around Christmas there’s this Nintendo thing in the middle of the mall where you can play demos of new games coming out soon or competitions like Smash Bros or Splatoon 2 it’s really fun

Daniel Vee

Great shopping and selection but I feel like the construction will never end there.

Sravan Konduri

You will love mall and shopping here. Big problem here is the parking. It being super busy mall parking is difficult, but the management can do lot of improvements on this. The parking way devices shows slots available and you will have spend time in finding the open parking finally you end up learning it was a fault device. I always have difficulties finding my car. I am not sure where I parked but I take picture of where I parked with enough details, I show them to the employees who work their to get help finding way back to parking. I learned that, not even the employees know much about the building structure.

Ricardo Hernandez Rivera

An ideal family weekend would begin with lunch at Santana Row, and later on making their way to Valley Fair for some more shopping and maybe some dessert.

Varoon Karthikeyan

This is a great mall to visit. The mall is a clean and safe environment. A wide array of stores caters to your shopping needs. The food court is pretty good. I would recommend the restaurants as they are more private and more quiet than the food court. Work up an appetite as you wander around this massive structure and catch a movie at ICON Cinema like I did. Great place for spending an afternoon with family or friends


Nice nap to visit. Plenty of parking if you come early enough. Can't wait for redesign transition into a garden mall.

Alissa Marie Cuason

MY CAR GOT BROKEN INTO. ****THERE’S PLENTY OF REVIEWS OF CARS BEING BROKEN INTO AND MANAGEMENT DOES NOT CARE. I KNOW HE WONT EVEN REPLY TO ME BECAUSE HE REALLY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING EXCEPT MONEY. *I parked at the garage right across Nordstrom, L1 Row C* I went to the mall for around 2 hours and when I came back, I looked at my passenger seat to see that my seat was folded down. (Mind you, I never leave anything out for anyone to even break in??!) I realized someone broke my window. I informed the cops and mall security. Toyota told me it is $342 total to fix the TINIEST WINDOW (My car is 2019 as well which is irritating) so I called Valleyfair management and they said "It's not our responsibility, crimes happen everywhere in the Bay Area" Okay?? I've never experienced this before and I've lived in the bay my whole life, I would never expect it at the mall that I've been to numerous times. I asked if they accommodate for anything and they still said sorry not our responsibility. Customers trust management to keep our cars safe, accommodate if damage is done, and have security roaming around but the opposite occurs here. They clearly don't care and are used to people breaking in. The car next to me was broken into as well and the owner works at the mall, a family also walked by and said "Oh you guys too?" Management and security don't care at all, $342 down the drain and valleyfair management isn't affected by it so for your safety and wallet DON'T GO HERE ANYMORE.


Ate at "cheesecake factory" which is in the front of the mall. The mall is a mess...No valet parking when we got there. Very confusing. Cheesecake Factory was very good, but very expensive

Christy Baker

It is your standard mall, but has grown a bit behemoth in recent years making it hard to find things and navigate. Parking is always at a premium unless you park way at the ends in parking garages or use valet. There is a movie theatre, mix of average and upscale chain stores, anchir departnent stores and the ever present food court.

Leng Ooi

Nice mix of stores, part high haute cuture brands, part typical mall selections. Good mix of restaurants and food court varieties. Good mall to shop, walk around, see and be seen in. One of the better malls in the Bay Area. One thing to note, avoid on weekends and holiday shopping season, the crowd is really really bad!

sakon miyako

Many shops to visit, I really like the architecture of the building & easy to go by bus

Sruthi Marneedi

It's a mall with many stores. They even have apple and Microsoft stores opposite to each other. Some high end stores are in this mall. They even have a food court. Great place to Hangout.

Heather Schindler

I would have given it 5 stars but the parking is horrible one of the worst places to park. SF is easier.


Good selection of stores but parking was a madhouse and the mall was way too crowded. I'd much rather shop online instead.

Manny Olguin

Oooo! Lots of people who appear to have money to spend but no kick in anyone's step. Not my preferred place to ship unless it's for designer or specialty it's and even then... I'd rather order it online.

Al Hang

Many shopping stores & lots of great food in food court to pick..

Ayushi Khandelwal

A big no... so confusing and almost every store doesn’t have sufficient collection... yeah all they have nice food options ... I would better prefer sf Westfield for shopping ...

Denise Chavez

BEST mall with shopping center across the street . Your best bet is to go early or later in the evening the parking is the worst part of the mall.

Kirsten Ann

A very swanky mall with prices to match. A very uppercut place that was not comfortable with me. Very crowded place with barely enough parking spaces to accommodate the kind of crowds they have. Great place for a little PokemonGo., but that's about it.

Barbara Lemus-Eassa

Like the new look, more shops and delicious food court.

Poorani Arun

Love this place... we used to take my son to this mall almost everyday... they a nice play area for the kids here... also there is lot of shopping options for everyone... mens, women's, kids and pets too... so i would say its a one stop shopping place... they also maintain the mall very nice and clean which is a gud thing... when shopping makes you hungry there is a lot of food options that too gud food and worth the money

Lisa Kennedy

Lots of choices for shopping. Plenty of variety and you should be able to find something you want, be it clothes or toys or gifts - whatever. The food court has a number of different options, but can be tough to find seating as it's always busy (especially on the weekends). Parking is a bit of a pain - particularly with the latest construction - so go early if you plan to go shopping there.


Great place to go if you feel like spending some money. Shopping here is kind of like shopping during the holidays but it's like that year round. Be prepared to bump into people regularly.

Cynthia Herrera

Went to the Sketchers shoe store. I ended up buying 2 pairs. Our helper was a young guy, very pleasant and good at his job. I went in for 1pair and left with 2!

Suresh Pareek

Large shopping center with over 200 stores for clothing, cosmetics, shoes and lot more. It's fashion iconic Mall with international brands. The Mall is double storied with parking. There may be parking problem despite of huge multilevel parking space.

Albert Chan

Good mall but getting in and out can be really backed up. They improved the parking garage to have red and green lights for space availability, which helps. But still crazy amount of people.

Daniel Long

Very cool mall, just undergoing a bit of renovations at the moment. Still enough to entertain the family for a good 6 hours, however.

Kevin Pham

I visited this mall recently and there are a variety of things to do. Shopping, eating, going to the movie theater, and playing ping pong. The mall is worth going. The place is a stress reliever due to a lot of variety in it. I enjoyed the visit. Hopefully, the mall renovation should be completed at the end of 2019. This would attract hundreds of visitors like me. New stores give the mall new trends.

Iben Rodriguez

We like to break away for a quick couples date snack here every once in a while. It’s closer than Santana Row and less pretentious. There is a full cocktail bar with decent selection of craft beer and good wine list too. As you can see form the pictures the food is wonderful too. Lots of options from large to small plates. Including the ever popular soups like ramen and pho.

Awanish Kumar

It's very big and good. We spend quality time with family

David B

Friendly enough place, great for people watching, great for window shopping, but if you actually want to buy stuff, then the stores are pretty pricey and you better come with lots of money in your wallet or lots of space on your credit card.

Francis Aka

Great place for relaxation and shopping. What I can call a modern shopping mall. Why not try it in one of your weekends. I had a great time during my visit.

pradip Mirchandani

A very nice place to shop

Amit Sen

Large mall. Most of the high-end stores are here. I think this might be the largest shopping mall in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sergiu Dolinschi

Very big Shopping Center. A lot of brands. Right now is under construction. The only problem they have is parking. Peoples is going crazy about parking. Be sure you do not forgot where you parked your car. Is a really big mall.

Anthony Satter

It’s a nice place but the family restroom area that has signs stating specifically that it is reserved for parents and their children are filled with single dudes creating a line. If you are planning on bringing your small kids don’t. It’s gross.

Ramana Babu

Very big mall. 100s of stores including some of the most luxurious brands in the world. Lot of restaurants too. My favourite is the cheesecake factory. Don't miss that. Parking is a little tight, but looks like they are building another garage. Definitely worth visiting.

Daphne Chin

I’ve always shopped at this mall and it’s consistently a positive experience but what really made it worth 5 stars for me is the great family lounge. Not only do they have family friendly restrooms and great diaper changing space, but they have two alcoves with arm chairs that are perfect for feedings, which are closed off with curtains to allow for privacy. This is why this mall is always my go to when I want to take my baby out for some shopping!

himanshu ahuja

Great mall. You can find almost all stores

Susan Stewart

There are so many shop, we weren't able to make it to them all in one day!! It was very clean and the food court was AMAZING.

David Caglia

New construction almost done, nicest mall in America, My opinion.

Basavaraj Malagi

Overall it's a good shopping mall but I always get lost in the mall and end up walking in circles. It needs better and clear sign boards.

James Jung

It’s sad to see the dying of malls in the US. I grew up spending many days and hour at the mall, hanging out with friends and family and I have so many fond memories. Well, it’s really nice to witness that Westfield Valley Fair is still thriving and is expanding to many mall visitors. They’ve recently upgraded parking structures and added a movie theater. Their food court has high quality food and service. And this mall has great mix of high end shops as well as everyday brands. I wish this mall continues to do well and outlast online retailers as many people still appreciate going to the mall not only to shop but to hangout with friends and family.

Aneesh Krishna P V

Nice shopping space. We can experience good shopping experience. Food court also really nice.

Ruth RH

Great mall. But it's currently under renovation. Parking is always a nuisance. I hope improving parking is part of their renovation

Spalding Indigo

Modern mall with tons of parking and a variety of stores ranging from lower end department stores to high end pricey stores like Gucci. There's multiple entrances and exits, a great food court and dining area with outside patio with heaters and a lovely view. Mall is 2 tiered and just recently added a very modern theatre. Some stores and parts have gone through recent renovation or are in that process so do mind the dust. This mall is also very close to a much larger Macy's shopping area and Santana Row for a ritzy outlet shopping experience, a phenomenal place trio to visit during the holidays. The mall has paid kids strollers and carts, charging stations, security robots, plenty of water fountains and bathrooms and lounge areas. This mall is definitely one of my favourites in the area. There are some stores that aren't at this mall though like GameStop, but likely due to size and leasing. Lastly, be mindful that as with any large open high foot traffic area there will be pan handlers and solicitors. This mall is no exception and oddly seems to have more of it than others. You may have someone or a group approach you asking for $$$ handouts or to try to recruit you into their cult, so be aware and don't be afraid to summon security. Otherwise I enjoy this mall a lot.

Cyrus Wong

Cleaner after the recent renovation Many different styles of shops, still seem to fit together nicely. However, parking is still confusing, especially during the construction and as parking garages sometimes closed off on 3 of 4 sides. (Can't get out!)

Heather Chow

Great looking mall. Tons of parking.There are lots of stores there. The food court is very good.

Praveen Charles

Nice mall to watch movie and stroll around, good deals

Naomi Pittman

Nice mall. Their food court served different foods and were all delicious. Staffs were friendly and the service was fast. Many shops were available too.

Lawrence Banks

A large souless cavern of retail outlets and generic stalls, not a fan of malls honestly, they feel hollow and without character, on the other hand the cinema is top class, screen was gorgeous and I could feel the sound in my bones. Best bit? Recliner seating. I'd only really go to watch a movie but if malls are your thing there is quite the variety of shops to check out.

Sylvester Hastings

This mall offered ping pong tables as a source of recreation and socializing. If other malls offered this they would find more foot traffic. Also plenty of comfortable seating. And adding more parking. I can not wait till they finish the rest of the remodel.


It's a very nice mall, but sadly most of the stores are aimed for people with larger bank accounts. There's really only one store that I go to the mall for now..and the food court is really nothing to shout about.

Rich McCartney

One more large shopping mall. It's clean and easy to maneuver around. All the major anchor stores. Not really anything to set them apart from most of the shopping centers of the Bay Area. Adequate parking, near many good eateries on the Row.

Marianna Rocha

Dear Valley Fair, I wish so badly you would invest money into your children’s play center. We used to enjoy shopping as a family at the mall and my son would be so good knowing that we would end at the play center. It is currently in deplorable condition. The seating is so torn up, the climbing structures are pealing and breaking apart and I know the carpet could use a replacement. You’re spending so much to expand you mall, but don’t loose a huge audience (families with kids) because you over look your Family Play Space. Sincerely, A Parent who used to love coming to the mall.

Tony C. Moon

Best shopping mall in Northern California in my experience. My daughter is looking for a Macbook Pro 13.3 inch with Touch Bar at Apple Store here. She's got what she wanted. The salesperson was quick & courteous. Great student deals is going on now!! This Valley Fair mall has all the necessary shops / stores inside. The food court is great as well. Ww will shop here again!!

Cynthia Ribay

The cleanest mall I've ever seen. Even the ladies' restroom was very clean. So many different choices in the food court.

Antonio Maranhao

I like coming to this place, better than Westfield in SF. Here we always get parking and the shopping is not crowded like SF. The best brands are here and a variety of restaurant makes this place a good option for a date or family weekend.

Ken Pyle

Premier Bay Area shopping experience. Convenient location near freeways and across from Santana Row. About to get better with the opening of the new expansion.

Aakshan Lidhar

You can find almost everything here. A great day trip!

Vidhya V

Good food courr, amazing theatre and good shopping for kids clothes.

Mark Fournier

Pretty cool mall! Nice and clean, with a dedicated Uber pickup area. The food court is really crowded, but the dining options are solid so that's probably why! Seems to be something for everyone; Macy's brands all the way to Patek Philippe. Worth the trip for me, got exactly what I needed!

Kelvin Szeto

The shopping mall is so warm or nearly hot.

Devinda Yasas

Lot of shops. Mostly high end brands. But long lines to get into the parking area. Always crowded and not enough parking space.

Jasmeet Kaur

Great mall with a variety of shops, and a good food court. There is a new theatre ikon inside this mall, with flexible chairs and food ordering facilities.

Thomas Goin

In my opinion, this is the best mall in the S.F. Bay Area. If you can't find it here,then it doesn't exist. As a Behavioral Science major, it is a great place to sit back and people watch.

Alex_california_pod_podoshvoi Trofimov

We went there to go to apple store. Popular place through those who lives in here. Plus the have many awesome stores. Like apple store. My friend got his iPhone 7plus exchanged for free! Lucky guy!

Julie Murray

Nice mall, went for Mac make-up at Nordstrom

Anil SGCreek

A busy mall in San Jose and Santa Clara, with hard to find parking, but lots of choices for clothing and other stuff. The food court is much improved and new choices. This place is adding more shops, restaurants and parking, with perpitual construction all the time

Bottle Blonde

Love this mall. Plenty of premium stores, excellent parking that is free and the food! Wish these malls were in East Bay. Santa Clara is my favorite but the San Francisco mall is an easy BART ride and perfect for rainy or HOT weather.

Olivia Hudson

Great looking mall. Good variety of stores for the whole family. Lots of high end stores too for those with the income that can afford it. The food court is one of the best ones compared to other malls with an outdoor balcony area. It was all worth to to hang around.

_disband -Minecraft and other stuff I guess

Great place to go for shopping and all your wants. Best shops in the bay area, I think

Scott Humphrey

Today I loved this place. I've been here before when I absolutely hated it. The parking lot has seen many improvements. Indicator showing how many spaces available, and green / red lights showing open spaces make parking much easier. The true test will come around the Christmas holidays.

Chloe bao

This mall is high quality also great with the food

E Foronda

Ample parking. Cool stores and choices of food at food court is pretty good.

Sridhar Addepalli

Awesome place for every age group, good shopping mall

Rohan Shah

Amazing! Everything at one place! Awesome view! You can find almost all the brands here.!

Cassio Souza

Great stores, but sometimes the air conditioning doesn't work properly.

Karsten C.

Parking is a mess, and there is always traffic trying to get into and out of the mall. There used to be more parking, but they tore down a parking garage and are in the process of building a Bloomingdales. The mall itself is modern and upscale, and there are many high end fashion shops inside. There is a food court in the mall. Valley Fair is still going through renovation, but the parts that are done look pretty good. I’m not somebody that enjoys going to malls and I wouldn’t personally come to Valley Fair in my free time either, but if I were forced to come here then overall the experience would be okay.


High end stores. Tons ofnface and body shops. Great food court. Hidden gem eateries in Nordstrom.


Watched HOBBS & SHAW at the Icon theater. Good action movie and funny. Best part is watching them film in Samoa. Proud to be Samoan!


Some stores in this mall provide extraordinary service and feature quality goods. Other stores sell outright knockoff products of very poor quality. Needless to say if you shop here you will have a very mixed experience.

Tanner Condie

I've been coming here my whole life and it is a great mall. There is a wide variety of stores that apply to everyone. The food court also has great food options, the best being wetzels pretzels because they are so damn good. The new parking structure by women's Macy's is great. Tons of parking available.

David Herrera

The mall is great, had not been for many yrs and started to go lately and have seen the changes that have been made.... all in all, great stores and ambiance but, wasn't expecting to visit asia for a couple hrs.


Great mall. Has aplay ground for kids.

Sunil Agarwal

It is definitely a good mall and I especially liked the family fun space where young children could play under the supervision of one parent while the other could shop in the mall without distraction. Haven't really seen such a thing elsewhere. World's greatest flavoured french fries stall was also fun. However, this is more a place for window shopping as most of the stores are too upscale for ordinary mortals. Stuff is too costly and even stores like Macy's don't have many bargains. Food choices are good though.

Agueda Williams

Been shopping here for over fifty years. Always good.

z dg

Would go back here for high end goodies

Devon Guzman

Easily the best mall in the bay area. Its updated with all of the best stores and restaurants in the food court, parking is adequate and simple, very clean ,and security does a great job at monitoring the facility.

David Hauser

High end shopping mall with super expensive stores but also the regular mall stores, nice and clean

Adriano Moraes

Construction never over... take forever No park space on lanche time and some restaurante charge valet for parking

Celia Spivack

Westfield Valley Fair is in the middle of a huge renovation and growth project. In recent years, they have added a lot of very high end stores to compete with the offerings of the nearby Santana Row and the more distant Stanford Shopping Center. Ultimately they will have a movie theater complex and many restaurants in addition to a large number of new stores. While our California weather doesn't require it, this is an indoor mall that will offer virtually anything you could want to shop for. Additional parking is part of the plan and even the freeway has been updated to handle the traffic better. In the meantime, stores are accessible and open.

Sreenivasa Viswanadha

F u n modern mall with something for everyone. If only parking was easier it would be a 5

brenda perez

I love this place Jamba and bath and body Works macys wish they would give out free samples to try.old navy .too bad no payless shoes. I bought sketchers from macys really good deal.

Adriana Villalpando

For being an upscale mall, the bathrooms were not up to par. Extremely hot, and sinks were dirty. Parking is weird, with a middle floor in between 1st floor and 2nd floor. It's a lot better now that construction is done. The layout is confusing and I see people (including myself) get lost inside. It's a nice mall, but not 5 stars. They stay open late, till 930pm.

Salem Mamo

We went there for my friend birthday, so the food was delicious the service was excellent the birthday chore was excellent

Ana Luisa

High end stores, reasonably priced stores, delicious pretzels, 2 stories, a full theatre, a ramen place that I've yet to try because the line is so long...and so much more. With the new interior design upgrades completed, it's definitely a place to show bay area guests or tourists.

Manoj Tiwari

Good place for shipping and spending time with family. Restaurant to eat food.

Vinvent Shao

It's a amazing mall! Lots of things to buy, tasty food. It's just wonderful!


It's been along time since I've been to this mall and WOW what a change, everything looks great and we'll marked along with plenty of parking and good food. Westfield has done a great job of improving and keeping up with the times. I'm definitely coming back. Cheers.

Samleigh Washington

What I like the most is the unique stores. Everyone is usually helpful, nice and courteous. Parking has greatly improved and you get a sense of an upscale mall, but most people are very friendly.


tough parking during construction but mall is shaping up nicely

alex huang

One of the high end malls in San Francisco Bay Area, next to Standford Shopping Center.

Ms Teee

You can find everything here, plus they have great restaurants.


T-Mobile is a great store. Next to the dining area.

yvonne lai

Very good selection of stores, great restaurants and food court. Can usually find what we are looking for.

Jeffrey Newman

It is a very very nice shopping center. I about the weekends as too many teens swamp the place.

Heather Vina

I might just be too small town for this mall, but the layout seems very confusing to me. It does have something for everyone from high end to more affordable shops. I am sure most other people will love it. Doesn’t have outlets if you are specifically looking for bargains.

Sarah Watanabe

Valley Fair Mall is huge (relative to the other malls around the Bay area). It's a good place to go if you want to spend the day shopping because it has a lot of options but it takes you a bit to walk there. The building is always very clean and almost all of the store fronts we walked by had stores open for business or coming soon. You'd never be able to tell that there is a decline across the country of brick and mortar shops in malls. It's not great if you have one specific store you want to go to (especially if that store is open at other malls or locations) because it takes a while to find parking (even in the off season) and then walk all the way to the place. During the winter holiday shopping season, it's so popular a shopping destination that the freeway exits leading to it get super backed up. At this time it's nearly impossible to find parking.

US SC 87

Find Good Christmas shopping amid posh shops.

Jazz Min

The mall and the movie theatre were great. Lots of great food as well.

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