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REVIEWS OF Vineland Drive-In IN California

Juanc Pérez

A place where kids feel like home!!

P.J Simpson

Always fun. Great place for date night or outting with the family.

Robert Garcia

Sunday Swapmeets are always good to visit and do some eye deal shopping... you never know what you gona find. A good variety of things new and used.


Lock your vehicle doors and hide all items that you value

Daniel puga

One of the few still standing i love having family night's here.

Steven Czarnecki

Nice clean place. Drama free. Long lines for food.

Tracy Mendoza

It's really cool but some spots have too much outside light. Hard to see the little details in movies

Tina Sanchez

They hold swapmeet during the day 7 days a week, love it. Great deals. I also sell there.

David Maryniak

It's a drive in.. that's the only cool thing about it. You can't see the movie, it's to dark.

Cat Devil

We been going to watch movies since I was a kid.

Luna Guerrero

Great for date night it was a nice get away


I want to give this five stars because i love the drive in and I've been there so many times but the loud radio static takes away the movie experience. Some cars keep the lights on and the security wait until the very end to tell them to turn them off. It doesnt always happen but there could be some improvements.

Nelly Garcia

I love that you can sit outside on your own chairs & take your own food. Very family friendly

Nicole Lopez

Great place to enjoy a movie outdoors especially for the summer

Faby Jimenez

It was nice and all but it was so hot and I just couldn't stand it.

Rosa Macias

Fridays are no good better to go on saturday and sunday

memory mendez

My mom is so good from the scary movie

john doe

Good place to have dinner and a movie at a decent price. Cleanliness of the bathroom is one downfall at times also cleanliness of the parking area people don't often pick up after themselves but if you don't leave the vehicle during your stay, you will be very happy. Quality of food is fair for the price.

Martha Rodriguez

Great place to shop and bargains

Ron Delbanco

Its everything you'd want in a drive inn. No more, no less. Great inexpensive concessions. Priced right. Not too crowded.

Esarie Romso

They're old school - most definately. I'd enjoy seeing more of a food court setting... food for thought #VinelandDrive-in.

Wendy Ramos

Love that we still have a drive in option. Great price for 2 movies. Its been a go to place for my family for years!

Felicia Lee

Such a great place to enjoy with your family! You don't have to worry about not being loud

lupe cano

Totally love it here l take my kids quit often you can bring in your own food and drinks during the hot summer days you can bring your chairs and sit outside and enjoy your movie. One thing l would like to recommend is a membership l know of a couple of movie theater that offer memberships for a single mother of three is not easy to pay 10 per person every time

Yuridia Chavez

We always have nice walks here with the family

ernesto soriano

Nice mexican mall!

Jack Castro

Friendly atmosphere, staff and parking security along with availability could be improved

Carlos Machado

Great old school experience for the kid's

Mike Ruiz

Quiet under a nice tree

Carlos Martinez

A nice swat meet I always like to go on my sundays off. You'll find tools ,uniform and cell phone accessories..

Lissette Ojeda

Your classic drive in. Great movie selections decent prices I definitely recommend stopping by and catching a movie kid friendly atmosphere. Great place to go

Eddie BroncoGang Gonzalez II

Great place to go watch current releases with your kids

Tyler Ray

One of my favorite places on the weekends! We always bring the dogs and bring snacks - great price as well! The staff inside the concession area are always so friendly and accommodating!

Cesar Ramirez

I love it there the prices are reasonable it's a good time for all the family It gives you a chance to show the younger generation how we use to go to the movies back in the days

Narlee Diaz

I live it, just need to make the screens a little brighter.


Great place too watch two new movies in your own car for a great price!

Taylor M.

My husband and I ADORE Vineland Drive-In. Great date spot! Kinda like stepping back into the eighties in the best way possible! Definitely recommend!

James Moran

Never been a fan of going into a place to watch movies...Best place ever!! Been comming to this joint since i was a youngster. Now i bring my family with me.always have a blast here...thanks#1FAN

Debra Trevino

The Vineland Drive-In is the spot. In the summer you can take your folding chairs and kick it outside of your car. I always have good time there with the family. We like going as a group; the more the merrier, that's what I say

Angie Osborn

ALWAYS an awesome experience here!! Ty!

Lucky Lady 70 Ruiz

It was nice. I enjoyed it with my Family.

Judy Chavez

You can do what yoi do best in yoir car while the movies on.

Rogerio Rodriguez

I really enjoy the violence swap meet it's an excellent place to shop very friendly vendors and excellent quality products

Danny Strawn

The glare from lights in neighboring buildings can make the screen hard to see in darker scenes but it's a drive in so you can only expect so much for picture quality. Concessions are decent but the bathrooms get trashed by the end of the night. Still worth it for a $10 double feature, I usually drive out from Pasadena once a month.

Maridza Alarcon

The Price one movies and food is Great. Great experience for being my first time in a Drive in

Richard Wood

It was a cool experience to try, but definitely not my preferred way to watch a movie. Between the people constantly talking and walking around and the long line it takes just to get it, it was frustrating and hard to just enjoy the film. If you do go, plan to show up at least 30 min early or you will miss part of the show.

Heather S.

Love this place!! 1 of 2 drive in theaters left in LA, and this place is great, good space, and pretty convenient. Could have a better concession stand but then again you can pretty much bring whatever you want in. Really nothing bad to say!

Lourdes Buenrostro

Low quality stuff but the food and monchies are good.

Pepe Sndvl

To enjoys a good movie outdoors, Vineland Drive-in is the place to be. You can watch movies within your car or outside your car . It has it's own food court or bring in your own food.

henri valiente

Great place to take the kids.


I went to the Swap meet love to go great stuff.

Martin Vazquez

Obviously the sounds quality is not going to be great, but it's inexpensive for two features. Great when you have kids who can't sit still or be quiet.

Vince Carbino

For $10 a person the best deal in town. Also concessions are priced well and the family specials are a bargain. 4 screens and double features make this the best experience and a bargain

Gary Contreras

One of very few theaters of its type still standing and still providing great family fun. I have been here numerous times and I have enjoyed it each and every one thoroughly! During the day you can hit the venue up to get your fill of swap meet deals, but at night you best bring your snacks and loved ones to enjoy a flick or two.

Celina G

I love hitting up the drive in. It's so vintage and nostalgic. This place a cool, chill spot. I love it.

Marcus Lewis

For sure get there early. Takes a minute to enter due to the long lines. Had no problems hearing the movie without their speakers or using own vehicle. 2 movies at $10 a person is a pretty good deal. Being able to bring your own food and drinks is a plus.

Dian Sesma

I've been to this Drive-in a lot due to convenience. The price WAS better than the local theatres, especially if you got to watch 2 good movies in one. Sometimes you don't exactly get a good combination of movies, which is why people like to switch from one screen to another. Of course, they don't allow that now and the prices have increased. I read a review on yelp from a recent employee who was giving tips on how to get a better experience at this drive-in and to be honest no matter how you look at it people will have their own point of view. To me, the sound quality is horrible no matter where you park your car. The screen seems dark when the movies play and I don't know if it's the quality of the film or the screen. As far as the prices for the condiments I don't buy any because they are overpriced. Hit the 99 cents only or dollar store before rolling in. Other than that I've had better viewing experiences at the Mission Tiki Drive-in. Way cleaner, nicer set-up, but it's a tiny drive.

David Shade

Always a fun outing. $10 adults, $3.50 kids. My wife's new car doesn't allow you to turn off all the lights if doors are open or radio is on, so our battery died. Thankfully the snack bar will let you use a portable battery to jump your car back up!!

Erin O'Brien

Only drive in around. So much fun to go with friends.

Sal Gonzalez

Good deals open everyday


You cannot beat 2 movies for the price of 1.

Ms. Gutsy Mummy

Love coming here.

Lanette Plummer

Always a pleasure. I wish we had one in the A.V.

raymond castaneda

Cool place with alot of stuff fo buy at the swapmeet

Luis Perrez

It's like one of the last of the mohicans

Stop NF Warrior

It was a great experience for the kids wonderful to go back to that old time feeling when you can take your chairs and your kids sit outside and eat popcorn staff was very friendly helpful it's not that far away from the city families go and sit outside the cost is $13.50 for Carlo full of people we saw a Toy Story the radio Sound of the car was magnificent it was a family outing

Daniel Estrada

Great place to watch a show specially 2 for one also take your own food

Sili Misailegalu

Awesome. Old school feel.

From Nothing 2 Nothing

Great drive in theater, not to many options on snacks but I always bring my own. Amazing churros though.

Brandon Martinez

Price has gone up in the last few years but the place is still great and the popcorn is good. Fun place to watch a movie and have a beer.

Carlos Claros

Mark Dighton. You should stay on your side of town. Dont disrespect our culture areas.

Aileene Quinones

It's a good place for the swap meet and to watch movies

K Cristal Bonilla

They charge like $4 for a water bottle... but I love how this drivein works.. they got 4 screens two films for each screen... so if you catch the 7ish film you can catch the 2nd film that may start around 9pm or 10pm :) two film for $9 bucks not bad..

Cristy Garrido

The fact that you can bring your own food and drinks it's a rating of 5 stars for sure! Prices are reasonable and if not cheaper than your usual Theater. Family friendly approved.

Joe G

The drive in is nice good for the family they should really charge by the car not how many people in the car but it's not to bad

chris bohannon

I believe Tuesday night is family night their special makes it affordable to catch a movie or two. Great prices

Virginia Torres

Prices are good for driving bless you could take your own food in

Eddie Rodriguez

If your looking for yard sale items this is the place to go. Also good mexican food throught the swap meet. Alot of vendors so expect to walk alot.

TheAshlyn Within

I go here every single week. Or used to. Today I early sat in the parking lot 3 hours before opening just to get my choice of spot to see a child hood favorite movie the lion king. After arriving and waiting for 2 and a half hours gates open. My heart pumps. They are going to open soon and the magic I feel at the drive in is near! Another 10 minutes pass and 4 or 5 cars come up and start cutting in line. A man even got out of his car and knocked on my window asking me to back up after I’d been hear for hours. I decided not to. After the man and a few others wiggle their way in an employee comes and knocks on my window and ask me why I didn’t comply. And when I told him I had been waiting for hours in this parking lot to be first in line he catches and attitude with me and tell me I need to do what I’m asked. Mind you the man who knocked on my window originally was just pulling up to the theater. I thought it to be incredibly rude and I’m very sad to say I won’t be coming back. I wonder how roof top movies are?

Juan M C Navarro

It's a good place to do your shopping especially before Christmas

Judaya Israel

Movie screen bright. Great selection of movies great food good clean bathrooms pets welcome not like paramount drive in im very comfortable there at vineland 3 screens to choose from screens are bright not dark screens I give them a 100 percent and very polite.

Kyle Lopez

Two flicks for 10$ awesome

Oscar Garcia

Nice walk to do during the day at the swapmeet.


Went for their Saturday swap meet and loved it.

Quinese Gardner

We love it there. The whole family enjoys movies and good times everytime we go.

Brian Childers

The screen we watched Pets 2 on is directly next to a factory pumping out horrible fumes the whole time. Not great for kids

Tracy Aubrey

I love going to the drive in movie with my kids we will be going back soon

Guillebaldo Rocha

The food was on point, really hoping on going back whenever a good movie comes out again.

Mark Dighton

Four screens. Good projectors and screens. A fair amount of light pollution. Mediocre snack bar. (should be some Mexican food.) and people here don't know how to control their headlights so you miss a lot of the movie.

Marissa Elaine

It's a nice place, but we had static from radio and like the lights from the factory makes it difficult to see any horror movies. Kind of sucks because it ruined our movie and there was 2 cars being rude with car lights. Wish they had a better station to listen and kick out rule breakers with lights on.

Summer Adams

I love going here because I LOVE the drive in but this place need a serious renovation. Sound system and picture are terrible. There is room for improvement though. I will give it another try one day soon.

Terry Serna

It's been years since I've been to the drive in theater, however they do have a great swapmeet all week deals

Joe Jordan

Probably the city of Judy.normal.Adam is the ultimate goal

Joe Gomez

Oh how I miss the good old days of going to the drive in on a hot summer night with the family to enjoy a double feature. Well, I decided it was time to get back out there and reminisce so took the kids and went to see Toy story 4. The kids enjoyed the whole experience. I definitely have to start going back to the drive in again. This place was clean and while it did take a little time to get in as it was packed it was worth the wait.

Shawn Sickler

First Drive in experience and I really enjoyed it. It also ran smoothly. People leave the back of their SUVs open and it can be hard to find spot with a clear view is only complaint.

Jesse Espinoza

Love it always have good movies, great to be with the entire family and have fun.

Marce Pope

This place is cozy in that it gives me a Korean feel in a LA scene since seats are pre-chosen and there is a little waiting area with televisions before you actually go into the theatre. The movie theatre is smaller than a usual AMC, but I do like that. Best part is the release of Korean movies with English subtitle for someone like me who doesn't know Korean. Remember to get a membership card to save $1 and to accumulate points.


This is a very good, very large swapmeet. Yes they show movies here at night time. I am sure that the swapmeet is the major revenue generator not the movies. You can get just about anything you want or need here. Hot food, cold drinks, clothes, tires, stereos, tvs, jewelry, shoes,candy nuts, soap, dog food you name it you will find it here at a reasonable price. If you have some items to sell you can come here and rent a space and sell your wares. If you plan on selling regularly (More than twice) you will be required to get a resellers license. This means you will have to pay sales tax on the items that you sell. You will have to report to the IRS annually, as well as mailing them a check for the sales taxes collected.

Manny Ruano

I love this place....great movies selection...this is one of the last drive in theater so cal...

GEORGE Campana

Great place to relax and enjoy walking while shopping.

Felicia Wise With Chicken Nuggets

It was fun at the drive in but the screening was a little foggy and I don't like how SUVs have to go behind the cones because it was very hard to see. And some of the best snacks I've tasted especially the funnel cakes were delicious but I wish they had more restroom everywhere because the lines were very long. But otherwise my visits were awesome.

Monica Rios

Bought 2 blouses a few weeks ago for $15 each brought them back they where to big..I wanted to exchange them but the ones I wanted where $15 each..the lady said the ones I'm returning are $10 ,each..I told her she sold them to me for $15 ..she said she has not been to the swapmeet In 3 weeks I told her a bought them 4 weeks i the end they ripped me off not cool carma is a b!-

Curtis Sibley

We really enjoy Vineland, we load up the dogs, snacks and beverages and have a nice time in the privacy if our own vehicle. So e screens are better than others with some suffering from glare if lights from industrial buildings or interruptions from trains passing. The facility is showing a lot if age but is functional enough. People are friendly and we always have an enjoyable experience.

Rachael Acereto

Love hanging out there with my hubby and kids

eric alcocer

The pizza combo under thirty bucks with nachos and 2 drinks that's one 16" pizza it's the size of a $5 dollar pizza but way better in taste..I was surprised

Happy J

This is a wonderful place to bring your family especially if you have little children whom you really can't take to a theater. The drive-in theater experience allows for little children to walk around and use the restroom when they need to. Bringing your family here you can stock up with favorite foods that you and your family enjoy eating. Aside from bringing pizza, we have brought Thai food, Chinese food, Mexican food and home made popcorn. The out door theater experience allows for us to bring what we like. If you plan on watching a movie on the opening day expect delays that's just a common fact, don't knock it just plain accordingly or don't go the day it opens wait a few days. We love this place. It's old and nostalgic, we remember going with our family when we were younger and our children love it. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

Tootie Smith

Its okay for a lay back summer night drive in

Toribio Garcia

I haven't seen a movie in years but it has indoor swatmeet

Harry Solt

Movies are always new and best of all it's a swapmeet 7 days a week

Yvette Manzano

Just as expected..haven't been here in decades . The snack area is the same as then..out dated furniture and broken down building...but did the job..had fun with my grandkids and family with the kids.

vincent rodarte

Always the best. Poepe are friendly.

Edgar M.

I haven't seen the movies there only the sawpmeet and its really fun to go and walk around


Perfect place to enjoy 2 movies for the price of one in the comfort of your vehicle

Alex García

First time in.. great experience

eddie ramirez

Great Place to take your kids or a date on a nice summer night. There is a snack bar or if your trying to save $$ bring your own snacks etc. If you dont want to be in your car set up lawn chairs & bring a portable fm radio.

Monica Guzman

Radio station was really staticky but it was a good time overall.

foreign hairco

I drove 70 miles just for the outdoor swapmeet here. Its the best outdoor swapmeet in cali and I've been to them all

Lauren Edwards

Ok so Friday nights at the drive in were a thing for my family and I. Vineland Drive In definitely sparks up nostalgia as it is one of the few actively working drive ins. The cost for a double feature is 10 for 6 years and up(including adults) and 5 years and under are free. You can bring your own food and make it a family night. Also, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the first feature is shown again after the first.

Monique Regalado

Definitely need to go again. I miss this place.

Vera Ramirez

I Loved the outdoor movie theater, huge parking, lots of people. Great price too

Brittni Bell

Perfect for when you want to see a movie when you have an infant. Very convenient. Will be back!

Adriana Moran

Nice day to get some great deals

Eugene Medina

Childhood memories re lived. IF you have neverbeen, you have too go.

Alondra Romero

A cool place to watch a movie

Michael Risney

Fun place to watch movies with the family

Vechenzo Vazquez

Alright good things, just gotta find em

John Lopez

Latest releases & good family time fun

Cynthia L Lopez

Brings the old days back

Miguel C

Love going to it during morning when it's a swapmeet many different things u can find

Omar Martir

Best oldschool drive in ever, grew up going to the swapmeet. Saw jarrasic park here when its first came out.

Paula Dunlap

I really enjoyed this drive thru we will be back

Wayne Buffin

I love this place this is my comfort zone

henry cain

I prefer to be in my car then in a theater with people talking and babies crying

Sally Corona

Love coming here, if you want to get a good stop arrive 15 min before the movie starts

Rita Norton

We’ve always had a wonderful experience at this drive-in. They have a fine selection at the snack bar, we only usually get candy and soda and bring our own food from somewhere on the way. We’ve brought sandwiches, food from home, and noticed quite a few people with pizza. It’s a great time - people bring their families and there are kids playing ball and stuff before the movie starts. Lots of fun!!

Jose Meraz

The violin is an awesome place to go to it's a swap meet here in San Gabriel valley in Bassett

Yesenia Hernandez

It makes you think of a more simpler time the Golden Era family-orientated I dig it

Janet Montes

I hate this @#%€%® place!! Met my x wife here....she was a demon from hell!!


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