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474 24th St, Oakland, CA 94612, United States

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REVIEWS OF The New Parkway Theater IN California

Rachel Silver

Always love coming to the Newpark Way Theater for movies and events like Bingo. The staff is friendly and professional. The food is amazing! Highly recommend the Mexican corn cup!

Wayne Pelkey

Went here with my kids for the Saturday morning Cereal Cinema. When I first heard about an open cereal bar, my skin crawled at the thought of random toddlers (and adults) reaching into boxes of Lucky Charms and pulling out marshmallows before picking an entirely different cereal. Not the case. The cereals were stored in easy to pour covered containers and labeled. The bowls and spoons were very clean with no soap residue. Everyone who was here was very considerate and respectful. The staff very friendly. Cloth napkins showed how green this place really is. Couches and chairs lined the rows with tables in front of them. It was like joining a bunch of friends and neighbors in one giant living room. At 10:30, classic cartoons spilled across the big screen and an instant warm, comfortable, nostalgic feeling overwhelmed me as I was taken back to my childhood. A time before cartoons 24/7 and episodes on demand. My kids and I had a great time, and we look forward to the next time we sit in that nice little time machine of New Park Theater!

Vivian Prater

The seats were comfortable and the movie was great!

Kimbel Welch

Are you kidding me? Greenest movie theater ever, great shakes, good prices, beer and wine if you like and couches!!! AWESOME. Plus Saturday morning cartoons and cereal bar

Jose Villanueva

I simply love this place. Everyone is wonderful. The food is delicious. The people that attend here are for some reason the most relaxing and cool people to be around. Like I said, I love it.

Gabriel Huajardo

Food and seating we're original and creative

Phillip Persley

Truly a gem in the community Great selection of shows and events. Very family friendly and great food options. Staff are very welcoming and diverse. Only downside is that service, particularly the line for concessions is very slow. I recommend being in line for food and drinks at least 15 minutes prior to your showing.

Paul Lowrey

Best priced movies with the best paid movie employees as well as good food and beer. Unorthodox - thinking different in the best way.

Elizabeth Noble

Its a good experience and the food is good

David Elkin

Great neighborhood theater with a personal feel, good food and hangout spot. They support local businesses. We should support them.

Mike Gongzo

What can you say, food made to order, beer on tap. All brought to your couch to enjoy the cinema properly.

Jessica Schaettle

We went for Thursday night trivia. This place is great! Very relaxed and friendly. In addition to movies, they have events every night of the week. Plus the food is actually really good. Definitely stop by for a movie or event.

Christina Wilson

It's like someone's cool basement expanded.

Brook Shelley

This theater rules. Great movies, a really awesome staff, and delicious food. I love the varied seating, and the way they set everything up.

Jeffrey DeFreze

Friendly people, Good Vibes and really comfortable seats that you can fall asleep in LOL

Sally McKinney

You can order up front and have your food delivered to you at your seat. Pretty cool. They have lots of vegetarian friendly and gluten free offerings. Only two screens, but they play a lot of movies regular theaters don't offer--like documentaries and foreign films. There are couches in one theater and a balcony in the other with comfortable office chairs. Fun place, but parking is difficult.

Lloyd Gray

In essence it is a play space for adults. You can have dinner, you can see a movie, they even have karaoke and Legos. If you're ever in the area I highly recommend checking out this awesome arrangement that they have there

Michelle Cockle-Persoff

Amazing food and drinks and LOVE the atmosphere.

Matthew Daniel

A wide variety of chairs, and an unlimited cereal bar on Saturdays (Honey Nut Cheerios, raisin bran, special k, Life, etc) with normal milk, almond and soy. The screen is plenty crisp, and they have normal brunch, some non-brunch options, and even alcoholic drinks to go with coffee and tea

Joshua Lenhert

Movies, couches, pizza and beer. What more do you need? Great place to catch a throw back or a current flick and an awesome place for family movie night (and Saturday morning cartoons!).

Vivi Mage

I love this place. I went to a screening of the North Pole web series, but honestly, I really enjoy their drink and draws on Thursdays! The food is pretty good if you get the right thing and their sangria is everything I need it to be.

KT biggafigga

Very homely theater love the popcorn is the deal breaker

Metro Metro

Booths and couches, not traditional seating. Real food, great shakes. Beer n wine for those who indulge. Saturday morning cartoons with cereal bar.

Simon Tompson

Only the most interesting movie theater experience I've ever had. Long may it survive. Help it do so by showing up.

Madison E. Martin

Neat theater and atmosphere. Lots of options for snacks and drinks. While we didn't try one, the ice cream shakes looked very tempting! In general, lounge seating (couches, rocking chairs, bean bag chairs) options are good. There are rows of computer chairs (on wheels) that I personally didn't find appealing. Overall, fun place to see a movie!

Becky Chaplin-Kramer

What a gem! Comfiest seating, great menu, I love this place!

Hopey G

Nice spot comfortable will go back

Justin Barker

Such a cute theatre with lots of new and classic/cult movies. Good food and drinks menu and local community activities

Steve Hayes

I can't say enough good things about this theater. From the food which is delicious ( I especially love their Pizza!) To their comfortable seating ( especially the ridiculously comfy couches!) And their amazing assortment of movies and special events for the entire family, I just love coming to this theater. The staff is fantastic as well. It has especially become one of my favorite places to visit to be a kid again for a few hours and watch cartoons and eat cereal until my stomach hurts. Cereal Cinema is one of the coolest ideas I think I've ever seen a theater do. Whether you have children or a just a kid at heart, it is a fantastic thing to do and, for just a little while, forget your troubles and indulge your inner child.

Anthony YOung

Karma day where you pay what you want and a home like atmosphere with open mic WOW

Day P.

Nutritional Yeast for your popcorn! And wine! Need I say more?

Alvaro S

If you Get a comfy seat then you'll be fine, but that's not always the case. They still get a 5 star for showing cool movies and having beer, pizza and their Wednesday night specials. Good job guys!

Bay Walker

Go with friends. Great events!

Ebo Dawson-Andoh

Great place to see movies that aren't currently in mainstream theaters. More of a homie feel than most theaters. Food orders can take a while but still pretty tasty. Highly recommend if you live in Oakland or even if you're just visiting from SF or beyond!

Anh Le

Really comfortable theater. Unlike some theaters with the reclining seats, New Parkway has couches and regular seats, the ones you have at home that are slightly beat up. Great selection of movies and the food they have here are rather delicious. I like their drinks , especially their sangria. Highly recommend going here, even if it's a date for one.

Andrew Rahman

Man, this place is a gem. What a special treat I underutilized during my time in the Bay Area. Such a great venue for art house films, or major motion pictures outside of the big box offices. Great beer selection, food is just fine, couches, bean bag chairs, a totally unique experience. And of course their still handicapped accessible, allowing several of my friends to attend as well. Much appreciate this spot!

Chelsea Stevenson

Best movie theater ever!! Comfortable seating. First come first serve get there early . Food is pricey and small portion. Cereal and cartoons on Saturday mornings

Jake Puzycki

Love the vibe in this place. Great spot to catch the movies you forgot to catch before they left the other theatres. Have always wanted to catch the Saturday Morning cartoon/cereal marathon but haven't quite made it yet. An Oakland gem.

Tim Mannix

Cool place, seating is couches and recliners, they serve food and drinks delivered top your seats, staff had good attitude and you find movies that are not in their first run and are not in other theaters. Not your typical movie house but always a nice night at the movies he

Branden Paris

Jurassic Park. On my birthday. On the big screen. Staff was joyful and triumphant. Food was great. The seating was eclectic but comfy. The sound system (what I'm most picky about) was fantastic. The T-Rex sounded just as tremendous as it did in my childhood. Thank you. Will definitely come back again and again for other flicks and memories!!!

Rick Johnson

Reggie is a very kinda soul. Love that guy!

Dylan Knight

An awesome second-run theater! Very cool, the theater seating is a bunch of couches and loveseats, very comfortable. They have a surprising large menu of food and drinks, and they'll serve your food in the theater. In addition, they have a lot of classic movies and community events every week, including unique stuff like saturday morning cartoons and cereal bar. There's something going on here almost every night of the week. Parking is difficult in the area; take a Lyft or public transport if you can, but it's worth the trip.

Kyle Demmon

One of the nicest theaters I've ever been to! They have a great space and super comfy set up with tons of couches. It's like watching a movie at home on the big screen.

karen goldstein

Super disorganized theatre. Which door do you enter from? Which line for tickets? Which line for food? Which doors are the bathrooms? Once you get in the bathroom, which stalls are free? Our buzzer never buzzed and our food was just sitting at the counter. They don’t use paper napkins or towels, but there were no cloth napkins available. The staff had a loud meeting while we were there eating before our movie. Seats and tables are so close to each other in theatre. Chairs not that comfortable . The whole experience was like a confusing Fun House, but not that fun. Will not be going back.

Amber Toler

Sang karaoke here one night. The drinks are strong and the atmosphere is fun and casual. Had a lot of fun.

Jamie Schwettmann

The chillest movie theater of them all. New Parkway is where it's at for casual flicks and food on a random weekday evening. They pay the staff well, they choose the movies well, and they have reusable cups, napkins, and utensils for all the food they offer. The couches are pretty comfy too. :)

Debbie McCann

Great community-minded local business. Charges the lowest ticket prices and pays the highest wages in the bay area. You can sit on couches or beanbags and order real food on real plates. Plus they have cartoons on saturday mornings with an all you can eat cereal bar.

christina Miner

This was our first time going and we had a great time watching old cartoons and having cereal for breakfast, awesome, will go again

Vivek Mathrani

You'll trade the latest movies and AV setup at a movieplex for a community-run, quirky approach to theater-going. The cafe menu is awesome, staff are warm and inviting, and the karma is good. Deals are sometimes available on Groupon and such.

Laurel Baker-Kang

Super fun place. It definitely gets super packed so make sure you show up early if you want to sit with someone. Several times I've shown up late and couldn't sit with my date. But the food and beer is great and the whole atmosphere and concept is awesome.

Megan Jensen

Funky cool spot. Movies are always improved with beer. They bring food to your seat, some is better than others. Also great community events like trivia night and open mic. Always happy to support this spot. And, a great deal to see films before they go out of circulation.

Richard Butler

Great venue and theatre. Had fun last night. Staff was on point, and curtious.

Clara Breeden

Very cute and artsy movie theater. I love their unconventional seating in theaters (a hodge podge of different chairs and sofas) and their selection of films that they show. Big emphasis on reusable materials, bowls, cups, etc. It's always a joy coming here!

Ruth Stroup

Art house style movie theater with couches, real food and beer. Easy date night destination.

A. Blumberg

This is one of my favorite regular haunts in the Bay Area. Their very high prices are quicky offset by their amazingly friendly staff, the free, numerous, and abundant events that run the gambit of variety and schedules. You would be hard pressed to not be able to find something they do, that you like, and in a time slot thay is convient for you. Good job TNPT!

Art Tucker

A great place for a beer and a movie... or monthly showings of MST3K!

Brogan Stich

This place is a good movie theater, and a great community center. While this is a relatively negative review I don't want to take away what this place does really well. If you're coming for a movie and just a movie New Parkway is great. That said I think there is room for improvement on some things, first and foremost the line getting into the theater; we arrived at 6:15 for a 6:40 showing to get good seats, we were told that the doors open at 6:30 and too wait in the lobby till then. We ordered and sat on couches and waited. With no system to check when people arrived the line was soon out the door and people who had online tickets were able to get in-front of people who had been waiting. We were one of the first groups there but one of the last seated. This along with the fact that some seats in the theater have little to no view of the screen, makes it so that when people arrive and how they are seated is important. The other thing that was an inconvenience was the pizza we ordered, while others in our group had delicious food, the pizza was both burned and under-cooked. So ordering food here is hit or miss it seems. Those things said though, The popcorn was good and the drinks too. I like New Parkway and with some changes it would quickly become one of my favorite movie theaters in east bay.

Shandonna Stewart

Great environment with excellent service

Les Vogel

Cozy, like a living room. A place to see things you missed earlier or there isn't a huge market for. Good food

Curt Johanson

I was not able to attend the old parkway in this lifetime or universe, but the new one is incredibly fun and the staff is very accommodating. We saw David Lynch's lost highway here, used a group on, and were 10+ minutes late and were still welcomed warmly and treated like family you actually like. They served excellent beer at our couch and coffee table seating , came back clear and bring more and the theater itself had high end sound, projection, screens and surround sound.

Miles Cooper

This is what all movie theaters should be. Hands down the best theater of it's type in North America. It's a community theater that is both affordable and high quality. The staff are excellent and the food is great! All movie theaters should aspire to be like New Parkway end of story. Definitely a destination in Oakland and the East Bay.

M Tate

It's a nice spot. Never seen a movie here but they hosted for a non-profit meeting. Was a cool place as far I could tell, plenty of popcorn toppings. I would definitely go see a movie... Was refreshing to see tables when I only heard about comfy seating.

R. Scott LaMorte

This place is spectacular. Order food and have it delivered to your seat. Excellent movies. Comfy seating. Super environmentally conscious. An Oakland gem.

Sis Nau T

I loved the old parkway and the New Parkway has done a great job of paying homage while creating an experience that is all it's own. Well done! Great flicks, locally sourced & sustainable practices for supplies, food, adult beverages, family friendly & community building events with a "quirky" decor all under one roof?... C'mon that's a win for sure. The biggest hurdle is parking, more like the lack thereof. The up side? It's close to BART and AC transit lines.

Norvella Tastytopia

Any place that makes you feel like you're in your livingroom is great.

Vassil Vassilev

Charming and quirky. Eclectic collection of seats, couches and tables. Good salads, decent pizza, drinks!

Brittany Harvey

This place was absolutely fantastic! We happened to come on "Baby Brigade" night, so there a bunch of babies there, but it really wasn't a problem. The selection of beers was great and the house kombucha was amazing (we got the lavender lemonade flavor). It was clean, the staff was super friendly, and you can tell that they do a great job of trying to be as sustainable as possible. I highly recommend this place and I can't wait to go back!

Mara Meaney-Ervin

What an awesome spot! Great food and drinks with lots of options for different dietary needs. Love the community focus and the way they give to local non-profits and stand for social justice. Plus you just can't beat a movie on the big screen with a beer on a comfy couch!

Karen Y

Such an unusual experience. Very comfortable seating good screen, good food prices were good. I would go back again and again if I lived in the area

Darren Overby

What a fun community movie theater this place is! If you want a corporate boring movie experience go to AMC. But if you want a fun social experience where you get to play games and socialize with other movie-goers visit the New Parkway!

Artist Temple

Very cozy at-home-feeling theater. Love the couches. Get there early to choose your optimal spot.


This is amazing place to watch movies I feel like I home on my couch whit my popcorn. I really recommend this place very rustic but cozy a new experience too wach movies.. They don't use any paper napkins, paper cups and they bring your pizza too you all that on this theater. Thx for safe our planet. I will be back soon..

Burr Tyler

I love this funky neighborhood establishment. Great place to see a movie or a warriors game. Small but adequate menu and good beers. Had the beet salad recently and it was yummy. Fried plantains are great too. Love the couches in theater 2. There used to be more couches in theater 1, but they were replaced by mostly office chairs. Pretty comfy, but not the same.

adam abela

Quirky and fun local theater. Prices are good and the food is exceptional. The wings have been awesome for years and the do it yourself toppings for the popcorn are a nice touch! I also love the vintage seating and other recycled touches which make the place so unique!

Kathleen Dzubur

Love the ambiance - feels like a community

Kathy Ko Chin

I love the comfortable sofas and the values they have!

Irfan Dama

This is how you do movies. Lounging on a couch, stuffing face with popcorn and unlimited toppings. Great beer selection and good food. Artsy surrounding. Cool vibe. Great place for a date.

Todd Rezsnyak

I love the atmosphere of this place. The theater seating is a series of couches that are (surprisingly) comfortable but can be an eyesore to look at (but who cares in the dark)? The food is good and they have lots of regular events going on that may be of interest to people. You should check it out.

Berklee Sati

This is our favorite theater. Between the delicious food and drinks (delivered to your seat!), the yummy popcorn toppings, the comfy couches, and the laid-back, child-friendly vibe, what's not to love?

Xinmei Cai

This community movie theater provides a unique experience to watch a movie in the most relaxing and fun way. Absolutely love nachos, beer, and pumpkin cheese cake!

Cat Stone

I love the New Parkway - comfy seating, vegan food options and nutritional yeast for the popcorn?! Yes, please! They also serve beer and wine if you are inclined.

Kisha Mattox

The atmosphere at the New Parkway is very chill. Plus, they have a variety of food and drinks. And they even have vegan options!

BL Smith

What a pleasant experience. Comfortable seating, great sound and vegan food!

Anokhi Patel

I absolutely love this little theatre! Not only do they offer reusable containers and zero waste options, they have a fantastic lineup of movies for a very reasonable price! I highly recommend checking this place out!

Garys Ramirez

Excellent environment, comfortable, low price.

Heidi Lim

Really awesome local theater with a cozy mismatch of couches and seating. Good food, chill atmosphere, really good selection of new films and old. I attended a screening/talk here and it was a very cozy and intimate experience -- the theater seems to really care about supporting local creatives. The short walk from the BART was worth it. Oh, and the garlic fries are amazing.

Catherine Casallas

What an unique theater! I went for a school event. Feel like in your living room in front of a big screen, with food and drink, and a bunch of people. Every one was conquered, parents and kids.

Amrata Kamat

Great place to visit.. Watched Game Night movie here...The theater look is different it's like private movie theater....The food is yummy..We order potato finger chips and chicken sandwich here...Both were very good...We placed our food order and their staff gave us a token number... They will bring our food near our table...It was a different experience....

jeffrey weiz

So much better than the traditional theater model. They could make improvements, such as better bathroom access, but the rest of what they do is pure innovation

Esther P

One of the best things to do in downtown Oakland is to get a group together to watch a movie at the New Parkway. The main sell is the abundance of sofas to sit on in the theater (which are super comfy), but the NP also has great food & beer on tap, sustainable utensils, cereal (and milk) cinema, and pays their employees living wages (according to their advertising). It's one of the best theaters in the Bay, period.

Lexi Emmons

This place is so cool, warm, funny, and friendly. It's the theater I've been looking for all along.

Kenneth Mau

Go here right now! Pizza! Fun INDY films! Great community space! Get out of your car/house/marriage and go here now!

Mickell Lethco

Staff are friendly but sometimes don't know what they're doing. Waiting an hour for a milk shake and then when we went to check on it they said they just hadn't started it yet.... Wouldnt even admit she was wrong.


I really liked the old parkway, but the new parkway has it's own charm. Same format with food and drinks served and seating is varied couches, love seats, office chairs, benches, etc. The best seats go quick so you have to be on time or early especially if you're in a group. Only problem is if you're upstairs in a corner (theatre 1) you run the risk of ending up next to a surround sound rear speaker which gets super loud. Best seats are downstairs center or in theatre 2

Charmion Brown

Not a typical movie theatre. Used mismatches furniture. The food was acceptable and they delivered it to you.

Tiffany Sakaguchi

This was a fun way to spend a date night. It had a fun vibe and reasonably priced concessions compared to other large movie theaters. Would I come here regularly, probably not. But once or twice a year to catch an old movie I love, sure!

Will Kasten

There is nothing wrong with this theatre and everything right. Want a beer during your movie? They have that. Hungry? They have food too. Want to sit on a couch while you watch? All the seats are couches.

Paige Vidnovic

They're doing some renovations I think? This is a long-standing and time treasured form of art. The old parkway was an honored gift from heaven. The new parkway I haven't been able to see a movie at yet. They have trivia nights, drawing nights, this place has it all!! Movies give me so many feels. I can't wait to see what's next!

Jeremiah Maller

A true Oakland treasure. Reasonably priced and always fun. Food and drinks brought to you in the theater. It has a funky bohemian vibe.

Brian Jalowiec

Saturday morning cartoons and cereal a great way to spend some time with the kids.

P Tufts

excellent indie, art, and second-run local speakeasy theater. good kitchen too!

Justin King

Fun people and great place. Nice food too. I went there on a First Friday where they also had music in front by this hip hop band, Team Zoe. Apparently, they perform there every first friday. Best music I've ever heard and best show I've ever witnessed!

Cristen Esquibel

Cute little theater! Only downside is the parking, it is pretty scarce

Vegan Atheist- Coral

Enjoyed a movie with my dad on Fathers day. I would give five stars just for the kischness of it all, but the food was just ok and the seats were awful. Still had a blast... Visiting from out of town but would love to go again. Next time I am totally sitting on the huge bean bags instead of the lumpy couch.

David Woodland

Great fun! Awesome date place! Always bring my guests from back home here who say, "I wish they had something like this in NYC!" Love the commitment to sustainability, the selection of art films, the comfortable furniture, eating real food while watching a movie, and--not for nothing--but I'm a native NYer and this place has the ONLY good, real pizza in the entire Bay Area!

LaTanya J

Me and my girls finally saw Black Panther after the hype died down...We chose this theater because we were in Berkeley and the parking and movie selections sucked at the time. Around 7:30pm...So we drove over to Oakland and the parking sucked too but we were determined and we found one a block away. Be aware parking is a problem please allow at least 45min for finding parking alone. The wait was worth it...nice selection of food/drinks/movie selections. Also Wednesday is pay what you want which was a nice surprise for us so we felt super lucky.The employees are friendly, chill, and intelligent. But dont take my words for it visit and love it for yourselves

izzy Mill

Love this theater! Such a fun idea for a movie theater. they do so much community building here. Fun Movies, activities and the food is great. I like how they have some blockbusters but also old films, docs, indie releases, and even panel discussions with the creators sometime. Thanks new Parkway!

Nitya Subramanian

Great atmosphere to watch a movie and make an evening out of it. Everything about this place is unique in a neighborhood-feel way. Unconventional and delicious food options for a movie theater(lots of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options), a living room-esque theater layout, and special screenings make this spot a great choice.

Jemecas Farr

Nothing like the basic, bland theaters I’ve been to in the past. This place is very unique, like having the comfort and privacy of watching a movie in your own home yet maintaining that big screen experience. I love this tucked away lil place, from the welcoming staff and other moviegoers, to the non-waistful attitude on everything in between. Definitely plan on coming back here again and again.

Dean Blackburn

Wish I didn't hear gunshots every time I leave this place, aside from the neighborhood it's one of the best movie experiences around!

Eugenia van Ewijk

It's a cozy place to go to in downtown Oakland. Enjoyed playing bingo on Tuesday night with my daughter. The BLT sandwich with avocado was excellent and I would suggest it.

Celine Li

Cool community theater. Really interesting place and nice people. They have a fun trivia night on Thursdays.

gregory pearson

Very cool

Nabil Alhadithy

Great place. Nice people. Great selection of films. Some seats leave u with pain in the neck (#2). Food..meh! Leave 15 min to find parking.

valerie parker

Beautiful and wonderful!! You just feel good going there! It's really sharing a wonderful experience with good people and you feel like the staff are your friends :)

Michele Mcghee

It was wonderful comfortable very entertaining

alan humbert

It was like watching a movie in your livingroom; if you had a 50 foot screen, 20 friends over, an on demand kitchen with local brews on tap and a passing sound system.


The food was good and the service was good and the people who work there with super nice

Sophie Reiser

Love the vibe at new parkway but not so much for trivia. The upstairs space (where Trivia takes place) is really small / awkwardly laid out for trivia, especially if you have 4 or more people. Definitely get there at least 15 mins early. I also just can’t believe how expensive their food is for what you get. $9 for fries and $19 for cheese pizza is just nuts. I know Oakland is gentrification-center but these prices are not justified.

The Other Jim Hargrove

Funky theater with good food and comfortable seats. No first run shows so far as I could tell.

Jason Moore

Good food and drinks, and a very enjoyable theater. Fantastic for supporting local businesses.

Suzanne Lander

Love their trivia night on the mezzanine (on Thursday), the popcorn is yummy, the movie seating is fun, the prices are good. Plus what a green organization with reusable cups, bowls, and cloth napkins. While some people compare it unfavorably to the original Parkway, that place is long gone, so stop with the nostalgia and enjoy what is an asset to the community.

Cindy G

It changes of traditional movie theaters. I really appreciate the atmosphere. The staff is really friendly. Some couches aren't comfortable but you can always move to others! Some you would fall asleep in!! Food's great so are the drinks. Parking can't be a problem but I never had the issue. I hope to be back soon.

April Morrell

Friday night was karaoke night loved it food was good and fresh sangria was delicious had a ball very community-oriented

Audrey L

Came here to watch the World Cup Finals in 2018! Get here early to get good seats though. They have an interesting couch arrangement, which seats twos and threes, and it gets taken up fast! Pretty cool that you can order all sorts of food from alcoholic drinks to salads and sandwiches at the counter and bring it into the theater. The popcorn is quite healthy -- doesn't contain all that butter -- and you can add your own seasoning like furikake, garlic powder, pepper, paprika, curry powder, etc. in the theater itself.

Helen Duffy

The whole place is full of art and it's mission is to be a fun community centered place with good food, drink and conviviality. Don't expect your typical movie theater (fortunately).

Nicolas Azizian

I was a big fan of the original Parkway on Park Blvd and their second location in El Cerrito. I was sad to hear about them shutting down back in 2009. With new ownership in 2012, the "New" Parkway opened in Uptown. I'm happy to say that I contributed to their fundraising campaign because this place is overall a better theater experience. The concept of the Parkway is basically a small independently-owned theater that plays second-run movies while you sit on couches. They sell popcorn

Peter Spiegel

This place is awesome. Community theater that feels like you are watching a movie in your living room with a bunch of friends. They have cool events like open mic, beer and pizza.

Gwendolyn Reid

Great community spot running good movies with comfortable places to sit. Better food than you would ever see at the big venues.

Mikelle Kliewer

Interesting and unique venue with a casual atmosphere, large menu, and assorted historic seating

Elizabeth Proehl

Every time I️ come here I️ wish I️ came more often. A true community space in spirit and deed. I️ don’t always love their film offerings but I️ always enjoy myself. They also offer bingo, drink and draw, trivia, and interesting film series such as Reel Black Films. The food is delicious and made from all local ingredients by a staff paid living wages. Can’t say enough good things about this wonderful place.

Melinda Rhodes

Words cannot describe how much I love this place. I love the atmosphere and how unique it is. It has a living room like setting with comfortable seating, plenty of leg space and plenty of spots to put any Refreshments you have. Not to mention all the fun events that they have during the week.

Ron Shumway

Interesting place. Definitely counter-culture and out of the ordinary, but not for everyone. Visit and see if it fits your style.

Ellen Colwell

Quirky comfy movie theater with sofas and chairs

Ryan Shehee

They treat their staff well and have great food ootions

Paul Coutu

Great food and atmosphere

Autumn Huey

A true bay area gem! One of the best trivia nights, Saturday morning cartoons with a cereal buffet, themed nights, throw backs, reusable popcorn dishes, pitchers of beer, and fantastic company! There's always something going on here and definitely worth checking out!

Maggie Hughes

This is a fun venue, with an eclectic mix of real chairs for seating in the theater and a bar in the lobby serving a variety of food and drinks that they'll bring to you in your seat. I enjoyed the experience, but the lobby is small and there were long, awkward lines both to get into the theater and to buy refreshments. The latter took longer than it should have, with some people not getting their food until the movie was almost over. Otherwise, a really fun place!

Richard Otter

Good movie selection, funky theatre. The pizza is good. Great pre-show shorts. Always makes me feel good.

Christopher McCatheran

Great venue and family atmosphere. The food is healthy, affordable and very tasty. It was a pleasure to eat and watch basketball at this charming theater.

Scott Mahar

Amazing place that honors the throwback Parkway Hotel they show retro movies, have comedy shows, karaoke, great food and a really really cool staff I highly recommend this place you will have a ton of fun

Jesper Jurcenoks

Come early if you want to snuggle with your sweetheart during the movie. Late comers get individual chairs

Sparks Marie Moore Leslie

I love it. Great environment. Great people.

Rosemary Sallee

Most fun theater ever!

Kevin Minney

Great ambience, nice food, great movies, community events. What more could you ask for?

sharon middleton

Very charming little movie theater.

Mercedes Thomas

My boyfriend and I have come here several times. He even won a year pass of free movies at the birthday celebration. The food and service are always great. I feel part of The New Parkway Community every time I visit.

Deven Parghi

Cosy venue for movies where servers will bring you beer, wine and pizza and you can sit on bean-bags in your pyjamas if you're early enough. Mind the unisex bathrooms, though - one is less unisex than the other.


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